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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Michael Tony Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author and television personality.

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you can literally be more educated than Trump about Iran by just watching Anthony Bourdain's episode in Tehran...
Bourdain not a fan of Silicon Valley's Bodega vending machine idea
This Is the Most Annoying Thing You Can Do at an Airport According ... - Thrillist
For eating pierogies in Pittsburgh was an emotional experience. Read more in our interview here:
Martha Stewart disses pumpkin-spice everything (don't miss the Anthony Bourdain quote at the end of the article)
Last week, I had the pleasure of relaying the Bodega news to Anthony Bourdain
Watching Anthony Bourdain partake in Jollibee was so entertaining!
Anthony Bourdain reveals biggest pet peeve when traveling -
Anthony Bourdain isnt a fan of Silicon Valleys new Bodega vending machine idea
SICK: CNN "Celebrity Chef" threatens to POISON President Trump if he served him dinner
I just realized that Matt Skiba and Anthony Bourdain are basically friends and I AM SHOOK.
Think I may have just seen Anthony bourdain at the airport??
It's what happens when a fearless chef and intrepid traveler has total creative control.
Anthony Bourdain reveals biggest pet peeve when travelin
Anthony Bourdain reveals biggest pet peeve when traveling via the App who cares you disgusting pig
Shows that if we forget our biases & open our minds,we can see the beauty in things which we may've misse…
Anthony Bourdain reveals biggest pet peeve when
All this coverage of anthony bourdain saying he "liked pittsburgh." WOW do we like to pat ourselves on the back. Signed,. the biggest pgh fan
Anthony Bourdain revealed the most annoying thing you can do at the airport
Anthony Bourdain is a drunk loser chef from food network. He needs to go to jail already,…
How does Anthony Bourdain decide what cities to visit on 'Parts Unknown'?
this Anthony Bourdain episode on Trinidad got me hype for
It’s been decided: I’m going to try and be more like Anthony Bourdain.
.Anthony Bourdain says he would poison President Trump if he were to cook for him.
If he worked for Fox, wouldn't he be fired on the spot?. CNN host Anthony Bourdain says he would poison Trump |
Anthony Bourdain was educated at Vassar College and The Culinary Institute of America. Hemlock! U R an embarrassment to those institutions.
Uproar after Anthony Bourdain says he would cook poisonous hemlock for Trump if he was hired to cater dinner for him https:/…
If you don't plan on letting Anthony Bourdain go (which you shouldn't) for his comment, you should bring back Reza Aslan.
Anthony Bourdain in Conversation with Rocker Michael Ruffino of The Unband via
The places you'll never see on Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown"
Anthony Bourdain sits down with Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, and Nate Diaz via
Anthony Bourdain: London in shock after Brexit vote | CNN Travel ➜
Put Georgia on your travel list, Anthony Bourdain says | CNN Travel ➜…
Anthony Bourdain: Senegal a jewel of Africa, the world | CNN Travel ➜…
Anthony Bourdain soaks in melancholy of Buenos Aires | CNN Travel ➜
Really curious about this new movie by my favorite food rebel Anthony Bourdain...…
We love you Anthony bourdain... your show has helped me get out of sad times and made me smile...😊GOD BLESS!
: Tupig is my favorite suman. If you haven't tried it, you're missing a lot. Kung babalik si Anthony Bourdain, dapat ipatikim sa kanya.
What's up with Anthony 's Parts Unknown? recent seasons hasn't been about food but more of political/cultural mishmash..
"Travel changes you. As you move through this life and the world you change things slightly.". -Anthony Bourdain https:/…
I could watch Anthony Bourdain's shows forever
I NEED TO SIT DOWN: First reactions say Aronofsky "pushes the envelope" in "ways you can't imagine":
THE ASPHALT JUNGLE is showing today at Chicago's named it a favorite crime films.
recent google search: how do i become Anthony Bourdain?
"It pushes the envelope in ways you can't even imagine." The first reactions have arrived:
Anthony and Mike surprised me today with gifts of snare drums and Scotch. Thanks dudes!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's yr boy, awkwardly stumbling past couples making out and Anthony Bourdain
🙌🙌🙌I am so ready to watch that over Anthony Bourdain
Put on Anthony Bourdain Russia episode while washing dishes to relax, my god he's talking dissident, oppo deaths with Boris Nemtsov
Filipino workers travel world spreading kindness, love | CNN Travel ➜…
Anthony Bourdain''s new Wasted! will make you think differently about
Just a few tickets left for tonight's event at with Michael Ruffino and
Have you read stellar talk with about heist films yet? Here's your chance!
The jury has travel channel dude they know…
Just so long as I don't have Anthony Bourdain explaining this to me again like in the Big Short.
Watching Obama have lunch with Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown. I miss him so much.
"It'll be the most controversial movie since 'A Clockwork Orange.'" The first reactions to are truly crazy: https:/…
So excited to debut new EF Education First video with Anthony Bourdain, Raj Patel, Tower Garden, and El Capitan:... htt…
Darren Aronofsky held a top secret screening and the reactions are crazy: "No words can describe this"
Check out this Amazon deal: Kitchen Confidential Updated Edition: Adventu... by Anthony Bourdain 🍱
I think instead of text books this semester I'm gonna buy Anthony Bourdain's 2000 book Kitchen Confidential
Willie Geist ate tongue (in a taco) with Anthony Bourdain at a food truck in Queens, NY. I've never had that.
Anthony Bourdain turns a 3-course meal into a cultural time-machine. Extracts history from wine & cheese. Tony Bourdain.
Check out Kitchen Confidential : Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain via
August 29th, the folks at host an event with and (!!!) https:/…
How come Anthony Bourdain doesn't talk about all the diarrhea he gets from these food trips? We need to know about that.
Anthony Bourdain didn't have a savings account until he was 44.
Anthony Bourdain said it best. To paraphrase, NYers have known for decades what a mi…
Also Hollywood has some of the best Thai food in LA. Go to Sapp Coffee House if you get the chance…
My fav Anthony Bourdain show was this one. My grandmother made the best pork stew like the Backbone Stew A.…
"Are we any less racist now? Some of the laws have changed. Great. But are we any less racist as a nation?"
The food legend shares his thoughts. (via
Anthony Bourdain documents his best moments with tattoos, not photos
Good little read on Anthony Bourdain. Not a ton of financial advice, just interesting perspective on... growing up?
“The Generals think the answer is more war.” No duh! That’s like saying “Anthony Bourdain thinks the answer is for us to eat together.”
When I grow up, I want to be Anthony
Anthony bourdain: I like a little ice but it's just preference . People who are neat purists: you filthy drug addict leftist elitist
Without Trump CNN would be showing Anthony Bourdain shows to a few 100K viewers instead. Lemon and the re…
I agree with Anthony Bourdain when he called veganism is a first-world phenomenon. It's a luxury that few people can ac…
I'm with him:Anthony Bourdain Reveals the City He Would Live in Forever
Anthony is the newest member of Is he going to begin preparing meals for &
Every time I think of Anthony Bourdain, I think of sisig. I love sisig.
Is your friend Anthony Bourdain or Heston Blumenthal?. This inf…
I added a video to a playlist Anthony Bourdain on "Kitchen Confidential" -
Anthony Bourdain: "In a world of gray areas, and ambiguity, absolute: Dishes went in dirty. They came out clean." It's that simple.
Anthony Bourdain travels to Pyongyang and eats 3 year old eggs with Kim Jong Un. First time Jong Un has seen grown man w/ pinky ring.
Recently read Kitchen Confidential, A Cook's Tour, and Medium Raw(all Anthony Bourdain) and Ready Play…
The only time who should put ice in your whisky, according to chef Anthony Bourdain
To ice, or not to ice, how do you drink your whisky? .
When is it ok to drink whisky with ice? Anthony Bourdain reveals his golden rule
Anthony Bourdain reveals his rule on when it's OK to add ice to whisky.
Little Giant Ladders
1am. Sunday morning. And CNN decides on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown which I have not seen before. Ah we…
Was able to make it to La Cevicheria where Anthony Bourdain went when he visited Colombia. The…
Anthony Bourdain really has the best job in the world.
Anthony Bourdain : No Reservation is the best food show ever. Period.
Anthony Bourdain has the ideal job - traveling to eat, eating to travel. Read Kitchen Confidential to learn more:…
i've learned more about the world binging 3 seasons of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown than i have from 12 years of schooling
if anthony bourdain ever gets pulled off of Netflix i might invest in therapy but until that happens im staying emo w flashes of happiness
“Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” . ― Anthony Bourdain
Anthony bourdain and scooby doo...interesting
Bourdain is a total pimp, drinking scotch in frigging Antarctica.
I liked a video Anthony Bourdain tries the Waffle House
Anthony Bourdain wouldn't treat me like this
Is the ultimate cuck' your wife leaving you for Anthony bourdain
speaking Vietnamese & cooking dinner makes me feel like I'm in an Anthony Bourdain episode 😍
I can I just have Anthony Bourdain's job 😩
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Anthony Bourdain is working with the American Craft Council to support the preservation of traditional techniques: http…
Amazing food in Lisbon (even Anthony Bourdain loves this place!)
For meat lovers, It's BBQ done right. Anthony Bourdain No Reservations in Kansas City.
15% done with Confesiones de un chef, by Anthony Bourdain
you know your fun side peaked when ur idea of fun is relaxing after errands watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Spent most of my night watching videos of Anthony Bourdain & Anderson Cooper trying food together-- Anderson is such a lovely awkward man
I feel that way about Anthony Bourdain. Even though I really can't justify it.
Listen to discuss sipping whiskey on 10,000-year-old ice w/
Your like Anthony bourdain but with booze new show idea?
And yet look how much further ahead you are than people like JK Rowling and Anthony Bourdain were at your age.
Anthony Bourdain Prefers His Scotch on the Rocks - Anthony Bourdain Talks Whisky with Dan Dunn
The joy when you discover some Anthony Bourdain on Nerflix that you havent been able to watch before!!…
Mario Batali is filming a secret project with the company behind 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'…
Ruel de Vera shares his thoughts on Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook.
best 3 chars Frank Reynolds for $$, Jessica Jones for protection and sass, Anthony Bourdain to be chill and eat with.
Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern have dope jobs
I would be the most content if I could have Andrew Zimmern & Anthony Bourdain's career
Richard Gere, Milind Soman, Matthew Deblanc and Anthony Bourdain make grey hair look so good or what..
a cis het white dude goes into a bar. . bartender: what brought you in? . cis het white dude: i saw this bar on an Anthony Bourdain show
Anthony Bourdain's show features Oman tonight. One of the few countries in the Middle East where Sunnis & Shias truly get along. 9 pm on CNN
Nadine watching Parts Unknown: Cologne with Anthony Bourdain is that your Cologne???
I was eating sisig before Anthony Bourdain made it cool
This is sisig, the Filipino food Anthony Bourdain says will win your heart
The Senor Sisig food truck in San Francisco would argue that filipino food doesn't have street cred in America.
“No one has ever felt better after eating plane food. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry.”.
Anthony Bourdain visits Western PA and eats what else...pierogies.
Anthony Bourdain is very particular about sushi etiquette.
I made a grave error in putting on Anthony Bourdain while I sort kids' clothes. Now there's drool all over them.
I have all my Omani family going to be watching Anthony Bourdain 2night, so they can bad mouth about what people get wrong
This is the next big food trend, according to Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain on street food and what is 'authentic'
Anthony Bourdain toured Queens on the latest episode of 'Parts Unknown.' How many of these spots have you tried?
Here’s everything Anthony Bourdain eats in Queens in ‘Parts Unknown
Anthony Bourdain: 'We gave it everything we had'. The season finale of "Parts Unknown" was shot in Rome. "It's a
Tune in to CNN on Sunday and see Anthony Bourdain eat his way through in his new episode of "Part Unknown."
Anthony Bourdain will eat his way through Queens in Sunday's episode of 'Parts Unknown'
That moment when you see your cousins Chase and Chad prepare their dishes for Anthony Bourdain...
I'd probably say Bourdain was a lone nutter except I've heard it said by more powerful ppl than Anthony Bourdain
Thats so rad you hung with Anthony Bourdain. Cielito Lindo is the dope spot! Way to go man!
I really like the pro kitchen bits. Endlessly interesting after I read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential years ago.
My obsession with Anthony Bourdain's books. Oh well. . Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain eating a spice bag is the best
Turns out, foodie idol Anthony Bourdain is also a design nerd
It should come with a side of diarrhea. .
Anthony Bourdain urges chefs not to back seal boycott
Anthony Bourdain goes to bat for Canadian seal hunt - Newfoundland & Labrador - CBC News
Unicorn Frappucino… |Subscribe to see entertaining videos!
He's right: Anthony Bourdain's opinion of new Unicorn Frappuccino | Daily Mail Online
Unicorn Frappucino a 'nexus of awfulness' to Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain, Eddie Huang and Matty Matheson are the only people keeping real when it comes to food
Bobby Fisher’s approach to food photography has caught the eyes of Anthony Bourdain and Marcus Samuelsson:
Anthony Bourdain on the worst mistake when cooking steak - VIDEO - The Chef's Circle
In honor of our upcoming trip, check out chef Anthony Bourdain's powerful Vietnam experience:…
You've been making it wrong! Well-known chef Anthony Bourdain reveals how to make the PERFECT scrambled eggs...
You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”. ― Anthony Bourdain, World Famou…
Anthony Bourdain about the best way to cook scrambled eggs
Exterminating the White race is the only hope, according to (((Anthony Bourdain))). For those who question
But really have we ever seen Vince McMahon and Anthony Bourdain in the same place at the same time?
Watching Bae talk to and about food. So hot. — watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Anthony Bourdain: 'We gave it everything we had' -
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Can't go to sleep anymore without Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown on my laptop. Something about food and cynical hosts makes m…
"He can’t believe his luck. He always seems happy that he actually is Anthony Bourdain."
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Bannon, Joan Walsh and Anthony Bourdain all on the same discussion panel. Absolute mind…
Oh Lord, why did you only know let me realize that 2016 libertarian candidate Gary Johnson kind of looks like Anthony Bourdain? WHY NOW LORD
Highlights from my time with Anthony Bourdain and more in the Grand Cayman Islands. featuring o…
I was supposed to have my last hurrah tonight but im watching Anthony Bourdain eps on YouTube
I had no clue how dope Parts Unknown is. Anthony Bourdain gets it.
Feeling down? 2016 too hardcore? Go watch Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown", the world just seems better after that.
It took a couple seasons of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" to realize they were referring to his meals, not the places he goes.
me listening to the Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown theme music written and performed by joshua homme and mark lane…
Tv as in what I watch . 1 Berserk. 2 Food Wars . 3 black mirror . 4 Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. 5 One punch man
Anthony Bourdain: Trump won because people were sick of "privileged" liberals.
How I'm spending NYE:. Watching the trilogy of Prince movies and Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown.
Can't wait for President Trump to go on Parts Unknown and force Anthony Bourdain to eat at whichever McDonald's is closest to Trump Tower.
Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" is good. Love what's they're doing with that show.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" tonight is convincing me I could not eat in Sicily.
Binge watching episodes of Parts Unknown & starting to realize that I have a crush on Anthony Bourdain. If only he…
Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Madagascar show is making me nostalgic.
If you need me I'll be watching Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain all day
As if I didn't learn after the first 10 times, why do I watch Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown on an empty stomach 🤤
I have to admit that I found the end of Anthony Bourdain's recent Houston episode of Parts Unknown to be unexpectedly emotional.
Man, sometimes the editing in Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is really really good.
Anthony Bourdain, a man who has a TV show where he gets to go around the world eating amazing food, thinks a revolution is a bad idea.
Oh yes he did: Anthony Bourdain expertly calls out Trump for how he likes his steak:
Just being lazy, drinking a coffee and watching Anthony Bourdain with my girlfriend... today is a great day.
When did Anthony last cook a meal? Celebrity Chef I think not? Name a recipe by He is a wannabe. He's good at eating!
(anthony bourdain tries exquisite Syrian cuisine such as Bullet)
Anthony Bourdain is something of which I'd never partake, either.
A top chef has revealed the brunch food you should never eat
Anthony Bourdain knows the food industry. Naturally he has some thoughts on immigration.
Yelp reviews tell you a whole lot about what type of *** the reviewer is. Entitled *** Thinks he's Anthony Bourdain?
Anthony responding to whether he'd ever eat at a Trump-owned restaurant.
Anthony Bourdain just shared why he thinks no chef should ever work for Trump.
“We all know that we aren't where we want to be right now.” - Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain's big problem with artificial meat
Post-Christmas blues call for the perfect omelette, courtesy of Anthony
Two people I'd like to hear more from: Dave Chappelle (see monologue) and Anthony (see his suggestio…
[Anthony Bourdain Breaks Down Why He'll 'Never Eat' in a Trump-Owned Restaurant] is good,have a look at it!
.- are you enjoying all your new friends, Anthony? . Merry Christmas! --From Trump Support…
So... we jusy dined in the bun cha place Obama and Anthony Bourdain ate 🙈
Even in the most modern of cities, history is alive.
Like a true New Yorker!! I love Anthony Bourdain and his show!! Followed him for years!!
Post election interview with : there won't be a revolution.
Smtms it's the lil things like watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown w/my parents 4 a few hours that help me appreciate being in the now.
I'm watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and eating an entire shrimp ring by myself. Merry Christmas!
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Now I'm watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown so I can see where has been so far tonight.
Nights consisted of back 2 back episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and the kid ain't mad @ all😌
Only the closest might know Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown like the best travelog ever put on a tv. Even Obama acknowledged it.
Christmas Eve out here watching Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain
Christmas Eve special on Philippines - Anthony Bourdain - very good episode!
I'd love to show Anthony Bourdain my Parts Unknown
Currently vouching it with my pup watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and coughing my lungs out every 5 seconds lol. I'm happy though 🙂
Anthony Bourdain: Trump is Going to Make World Look Like Back of Rick James Van | Hinterland Gazette -
I love Anthony Bourdain. Even though he looks like he may need to be dipped in bleach, I'd still travel the world with him.
Top story: Anthony Bourdain: The Post-Election Interview - Eater see more
Anthony Bourdain pokes a hole in the "travel gives you an inclusive perspective of humanity" storyline |…
Yes! Anthony vows to restaurants at DC hotel
Anthony Bourdain Tony hey whazza matta wit u, I really thought u would stay above the fray of political bs :(
I'll admit to being a fan of his even when I don't always agree with him & this is worth a read
Can't accuse of holding back on his Trump views
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Anthony Bourdain is my favorite person to ever walk this earth
“I’m not saying I know the guy personally, not like I’d hug him, but I’m saying that as a New Yorker, we pretty...
Fantastic interview about food and politics with Anthony Bourdain.
Anthony Bourdain says he won't be eating at new Trump hotel restaurant
Seriously, ripping out the intestines of live ducks is appetizing to Anthony Bourdain?
I love you Anthony. 12 years in restaurants before I became a lawyer and you're my siddhartha guatama.
Chef Anthony Bourdain is boycotting this famous international hotel and restaurant
It would leave a bad taste in Anthony Bourdain's mouth.
Okay in summary: Y'all are ugly! Let's talk about my white daddy Anthony Bourdain instead 😋
I interviewed about the election, and the bleak world we're about to inhabit
Anthony Bourdain vows to boycott restaurants at Trump hotel
Here’s what you should eat when you travel to New York
Anthony Bourdain has some thoughts on our current political landscape:
Always a joy talking to . Even when the subject is grim
Anthony Bourdain slams Trump hotel restaurant owner: ‘I will never eat’ there - -
Anthony Bourdain vows to boycott restaurants at Trump's DC hotel
Anthony Bourdain, Kim Gordon, Chloe Sivigny, Stevie Nicks, Frank Black okay I'm going to try and stop.
I watched SNL and it wasn't as funny as was today with Anthony Bourdain. Good material both, but somehow Peter Sagal does irony great.
I just mocked this up right now. Call me, Dreamworks! We can have Anthony Bourdain voice an older, wiser bird.
My biggest goal in life is to be like Thomas Keller/Anthony Bourdain and no thing or person will stop me from achieving that
I liked a video Anthony Bourdain on the Romania episode of "No Reservations" -
I had a dream last night I did cocaine with Anthony Bourdain, which is definitely a title eligible for an R-rated Dr Seuss book.
Everyday after school I do the same exact thing. I take a two hour nap and then I watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown until midnight
With Anthony bourdain in Oman ,, interview for Part Unknown(CNN) in Oman.
Having a traditional dinner in Bait Alluban with , Anthony bourdain
Photos capturing the inspirational experiences of Anthony
Unfinished business in the Philippines via
New post: "Unfinished business in the Philippines"
adalberto Anthony Bourdain returns to the Philippines with a personal mission. vazquez
Anthony Bourdain is back in the Middle East 👀 My two favorite things together again   10% Off
Did Anthony bourdain suggest roofying santas on the big *** ice cream insta? What is happening?
Anthony Bourdain gets this instagram story thing
The most eloquent sentence. I can say it over and over and not get bored.
Anthony Bourdain's face while being blessed in the cocoa tree forests of Peru by a dude spitting a drink all over him is pretty much 2016.
Tried to have a 3 hour sleep. Instead woke up after 40 mins cause I had a dream that Anthony Bourdain & I were running a busy falafel joint.
I love Anthony Bourdain with the same intensity that I hate Anthony Bourdain
I mean, clearly Anthony Bourdain is. But not Guy Fieri - he really is just very juvenile.
Anthony Bourdain should do the Dos Equis commercials, because he is probably the most interesting man in the world!
Jason Rezaian to write book about his captivity in Iran. Chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain is publishing.
I don't particularly have a preference for men far advanced in years. Yet, I must admit I'd do anything for Anthony Bourdain, sexual or not.
Anthony Bourdain: 'We gave it everything we had'
I loved your family on Anthony Bourdain. Our family name Argento from Agregento later Nono Carabiniere a Roma.
Anthony Bourdain is in one of my fav places right now, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco!He was literally just in Laos too, to much nostalgia!!
anthony bourdain's Insta stories that feature his selfies give me life!!
How NOT to behave at the sushi bar according to
Anthony Bourdain fires back at protestor who claimed Bourdain eats dog meat via 👍 for the Protestor!!
anthony and other tv foodies behind the turkish coup attempt according to erdoğan adviser yiğit boulout.
As says, "Everyone should know how to roast a chicken."
I love food shows: Anthony Bourdain, Iron Chef, Chopped, you nam...
After the American election, the Anthony Bourdain episode on Houston was actually quite lovely.
The best of Pampanga cuisine in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain via
I think tonight's meal will be the thing that Anthony Bourdain raves about. Cacio e pepe.
Shout out to Anthony Bourdain for biting a dying octopus in the brain. I'm trying to do that.
In Podcast: Anthony Bourdain's foodie show wasn't hacked to get banned in Boston.
Hey you would love this one: Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Nine: Rachel Rosenkrantz
Anthony Bourdain: The best way to cook scrambled eggs - YouTube
I love this series. Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Ten: Cobblers via
Anthony Bourdain on Cooking and Jiu-Jitsu: It is not too late to start. Here is a celebrity endorsement. I know of a good place to learn.
is like that ex girlfriend that can't get over it. Trumps done with you cnn. Move on and focus on Anthony Bour…
Jk youdo it's basically just food and Michelle and more food and tea and records and running and reading Anthony Bourdain b…
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“If you’re a cheap tipper or rude to your server, you are dead to me. Anthony Bourdain
Different demographic than Anthony Bourdain (or so CNN hopes)
I liked a video Anthony Bourdain's 3 tips to a perfect burger
Like seriously watching khan academy's vid on youtube and the narrator itself REALLY sounds like anthony bourdain man i just cant 🙌🏼😂
Anthony Bourdain explains why Kobe sliders are the worst dish in America - Business Insider
This may have been an appropriate headline had he been meeting with Anthony Bourdain.
crazy how I still haven't achieved Anthony Bourdain's lifestyle yet smh
Anthony Bourdain--author of our favorite cookbook of the year--tells us what his top reads were in 2016 & why:
I'm with I never eat food. It's almost always "pseudo" with questionable ingredients:
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