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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Michael Tony Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author and television personality.

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Smtms it's the lil things like watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown w/my parents 4 a few hours that help me appreciate being in the now.
I'm watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and eating an entire shrimp ring by myself. Merry Christmas!
Now I'm watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown so I can see where has been so far tonight.
Nights consisted of back 2 back episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and the kid ain't mad @ all😌
Only the closest might know Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown like the best travelog ever put on a tv. Even Obama acknowledged it.
Christmas Eve out here watching Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain
Christmas Eve special on Philippines - Anthony Bourdain - very good episode!
I'd love to show Anthony Bourdain my Parts Unknown
Currently vouching it with my pup watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and coughing my lungs out every 5 seconds lol. I'm happy though 🙂
Anthony Bourdain: Trump is Going to Make World Look Like Back of Rick James Van | Hinterland Gazette -
I love Anthony Bourdain. Even though he looks like he may need to be dipped in bleach, I'd still travel the world with him.
Top story: Anthony Bourdain: The Post-Election Interview - Eater see more
Anthony Bourdain pokes a hole in the "travel gives you an inclusive perspective of humanity" storyline |…
Yes! Anthony vows to restaurants at DC hotel
Anthony Bourdain Tony hey whazza matta wit u, I really thought u would stay above the fray of political bs :(
I'll admit to being a fan of his even when I don't always agree with him & this is worth a read
Can't accuse of holding back on his Trump views
Anthony Bourdain is my favorite person to ever walk this earth
“I’m not saying I know the guy personally, not like I’d hug him, but I’m saying that as a New Yorker, we pretty...
Fantastic interview about food and politics with Anthony Bourdain.
Anthony Bourdain says he won't be eating at new Trump hotel restaurant
Seriously, ripping out the intestines of live ducks is appetizing to Anthony Bourdain?
I love you Anthony. 12 years in restaurants before I became a lawyer and you're my siddhartha guatama.
Chef Anthony Bourdain is boycotting this famous international hotel and restaurant
It would leave a bad taste in Anthony Bourdain's mouth.
Okay in summary: Y'all are ugly! Let's talk about my white daddy Anthony Bourdain instead 😋
I interviewed about the election, and the bleak world we're about to inhabit
Anthony Bourdain vows to boycott restaurants at Trump hotel
Here’s what you should eat when you travel to New York
Anthony Bourdain has some thoughts on our current political landscape:
Always a joy talking to . Even when the subject is grim
Anthony Bourdain slams Trump hotel restaurant owner: ‘I will never eat’ there - -
Anthony Bourdain vows to boycott restaurants at Trump's DC hotel
Anthony Bourdain, Kim Gordon, Chloe Sivigny, Stevie Nicks, Frank Black okay I'm going to try and stop.
I watched SNL and it wasn't as funny as was today with Anthony Bourdain. Good material both, but somehow Peter Sagal does irony great.
I just mocked this up right now. Call me, Dreamworks! We can have Anthony Bourdain voice an older, wiser bird.
My biggest goal in life is to be like Thomas Keller/Anthony Bourdain and no thing or person will stop me from achieving that
I liked a video Anthony Bourdain on the Romania episode of "No Reservations" -
I had a dream last night I did cocaine with Anthony Bourdain, which is definitely a title eligible for an R-rated Dr Seuss book.
Everyday after school I do the same exact thing. I take a two hour nap and then I watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown until midnight
I added a video to a playlist Anthony Bourdain tries the Waffle House
With Anthony bourdain in Oman ,, interview for Part Unknown(CNN) in Oman.
Having a traditional dinner in Bait Alluban with , Anthony bourdain
Photos capturing the inspirational experiences of Anthony
Unfinished business in the Philippines via
New post: "Unfinished business in the Philippines"
adalberto Anthony Bourdain returns to the Philippines with a personal mission. vazquez
Anthony Bourdain is back in the Middle East 👀 My two favorite things together again
Did Anthony bourdain suggest roofying santas on the big *** ice cream insta? What is happening?
Anthony Bourdain gets this instagram story thing
The most eloquent sentence. I can say it over and over and not get bored.
Anthony Bourdain's face while being blessed in the cocoa tree forests of Peru by a dude spitting a drink all over him is pretty much 2016.
Tried to have a 3 hour sleep. Instead woke up after 40 mins cause I had a dream that Anthony Bourdain & I were running a busy falafel joint.
I love Anthony Bourdain with the same intensity that I hate Anthony Bourdain
I mean, clearly Anthony Bourdain is. But not Guy Fieri - he really is just very juvenile.
Anthony Bourdain should do the Dos Equis commercials, because he is probably the most interesting man in the world!
Jason Rezaian to write book about his captivity in Iran. Chef/TV personality Anthony Bourdain is publishing.
I don't particularly have a preference for men far advanced in years. Yet, I must admit I'd do anything for Anthony Bourdain, sexual or not.
Anthony Bourdain: 'We gave it everything we had'
I loved your family on Anthony Bourdain. Our family name Argento from Agregento later Nono Carabiniere a Roma.
Anthony Bourdain is in one of my fav places right now, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco!He was literally just in Laos too, to much nostalgia!!
anthony bourdain's Insta stories that feature his selfies give me life!!
How NOT to behave at the sushi bar according to
Anthony Bourdain fires back at protestor who claimed Bourdain eats dog meat via 👍 for the Protestor!!
anthony and other tv foodies behind the turkish coup attempt according to erdoğan adviser yiğit boulout.
As says, "Everyone should know how to roast a chicken."
I love food shows: Anthony Bourdain, Iron Chef, Chopped, you nam...
After the American election, the Anthony Bourdain episode on Houston was actually quite lovely.
The best of Pampanga cuisine in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain via
I think tonight's meal will be the thing that Anthony Bourdain raves about. Cacio e pepe.
Shout out to Anthony Bourdain for biting a dying octopus in the brain. I'm trying to do that.
In Podcast: Anthony Bourdain's foodie show wasn't hacked to get banned in Boston.
Hey you would love this one: Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Nine: Rachel Rosenkrantz
Anthony Bourdain: The best way to cook scrambled eggs - YouTube
I love this series. Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Ten: Cobblers via
Anthony Bourdain on Cooking and Jiu-Jitsu: It is not too late to start. Here is a celebrity endorsement. I know of a good place to learn.
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is like that ex girlfriend that can't get over it. Trumps done with you cnn. Move on and focus on Anthony Bour…
Jk youdo it's basically just food and Michelle and more food and tea and records and running and reading Anthony Bourdain b…
“If you’re a cheap tipper or rude to your server, you are dead to me. Anthony Bourdain
Different demographic than Anthony Bourdain (or so CNN hopes)
I liked a video Anthony Bourdain's 3 tips to a perfect burger
Like seriously watching khan academy's vid on youtube and the narrator itself REALLY sounds like anthony bourdain man i just cant 🙌🏼😂
Anthony Bourdain explains why Kobe sliders are the worst dish in America - Business Insider
This may have been an appropriate headline had he been meeting with Anthony Bourdain.
crazy how I still haven't achieved Anthony Bourdain's lifestyle yet smh
Anthony Bourdain--author of our favorite cookbook of the year--tells us what his top reads were in 2016 & why:
I'm with I never eat food. It's almost always "pseudo" with questionable ingredients:
Welcome to the 'real' Rome: Anthony Bourdain heads to Italy's capital where life…
My mom's obsession with Anthony Bourdain is borderline unhealthy
My buddy's in town for some research for his I'm taking him on an 'Anthony Bourdain-esque' tour of
.discovers a haven of great chefs in Brazil. "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" airs Sundays at 9p ET/PT
Every time I watch Anthony Bourdain talk, I think "now there's a guy who definitely cheats on his wife."
No thanks, Anthony Bourdain advocates for the extermination of all whites. Apparently you support that.
Remember this over turkey tomorrow: “I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you.” - Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain visited the beautiful and rich Minas Geris! . My home, sweet home...
Anthony Bourdain talking about eggs got me tingling.
3 things you need to make the perfect burger — according to Anthony Bourdain
Anywhere Anthony Bourdain. You're not the only hotshot foodie on the Food network! I'm not surprised your not into cannibalism!
To Anthony Bourdain: remember we all have OFF buttons on our remotes & our money spends any
Anthony Bourdain shares this advice about dinner...
Anthony Bourdain has one of the best jobs in the world
We made Anthony Bourdain's recipe for macaroni and cheese. Then we fed it to him:
Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don't have. - Anthony Bourdain
1. Wrong. 2. Anthony Bourdain is an *** 3. I didn't think that was information that you wanted/needed to know.
I've found it! The thing that can unite this county is Anthony Bourdain!
Thanksgiving preparation and people pleasing with .
I'm watching an Anthony Bourdain show that's from 2013 and he compared Putin to a short Donald Trump... irony
NW: Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Hanoi. Makes me miss Vietnam & the food! I can still remember the tastes. It's that awesome.
Travel isn't always pretty. Sometimes it breaks your heart. But that's how the journey changes you' – Anthony Bourdain htt…
Anthony Bourdain explains, on TV, how fantastic it is "there will be no more White people". He is celebrating
The best way to cook scrambled eggs — according to Anthony
Don’t heckle Anthony Bourdain about eating dogs
Anthony Bourdain, last night: Does bacon make every dish better?. Audience: Yes!. Anthony: NO!
Anthony Bourdain about to take us to to Parts Unknown!
They should have made Anthony Bourdain the new dos Equis man.
Sean I love ya watch you everyday I just want too ask what is it with you and Anthony Bourdain ?
Why Anthony Bourdain says he will never dine with Donald Trump
I want to try most of the meals Anthony Bourdain tries...but the majority are made with egg. Stupid, broken immune system.
I follow Anthony Bourdain on Instagram, & he really loves chucks, black jeans & a black hoodie. I think he listens to the pop punk.
Seeing Anthony Bourdain in Denver Friday night. If he brings up his hatred of craft beer - may not go over well...
As you might expect, Anthony Bourdain has some strong opinions on Trump:
That was Wolf Blitzer... Rumor has it Blitzer, Cooper and Anthony Bourdain are CIA assets
I'm really good at sleeping on planes. I mean, I smell jet fuel ...
So either Anthony Bourdain's new restaurant cooking show is called or there's a punk band called Hunger Tour, I'm not sure.
I'm not for white food critics trying international foods BUT Anthony Bourdain
got any book recommendations? Finishing up Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain and need something thought provoking
I liked a video The Saddest Meal Anthony Bourdain Ever Ate - CONAN on TBS
Just caught Anthony Bourdain Detroit episode, man would I love to see that city bounce back and be restored
Excited to see the Bad Boy of haute cuisine, Anthony Bourdain, at the War Memorial
if you do, I'll hip you to all the great food to have here. *** anthony Bourdain just did his show here. Slim Thugs was in it
Anthony Bourdain and his crew always capture incredible b rolls
I'm watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain while eating Oreos. I feel so sad.
It truly warms my heart how much Anthony Bourdain loves Instagram story
When you find an Anthony Bourdain episode for the next place you're traveling too 👌🏼
Anthony Bourdain's Senegal episode of is great. Like always! What a beautiful message. His show really is the best!
Anthony Bourdain takes on food waste in new documentary
In which I try and express my growing appreciation of in the newest
If you can get it Anthony Bourdain's show in Libya is pretty good. Talking to some of the rebels and what it was like
Anthony bourdain already took your dream job
I just wanna go home and do drugs and watch Anthony Bourdain 😩
grad. On campus Friday. "What's it like to travel the world w/Anthony Bourdain? Zach Zamboni knows".
Very last minute - two VIP tickets in SF to Anthony Bourdain, anyone want them? Show starts at 7:30
Having my fave Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice. Anthony Bourdain's fave, too!
As says, "everyone should know how to roast a chicken. It's a life skill that should be taught at school" https:/…
"I know what I want. I want it all. I want to try everything once.” -Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain on a wealth of topics, including his current jealousy of - listen on your commute! https:…
He's such a rebel..."Whatever people expect me to do, I’m always looking to do the other thing."
Anthony Bourdain’s worst airport meal still haunts him to this day
There's a baby, a dog, and an Anthony Bourdain look alike at Modist Brewing Co. rn.
There has to be something cosmic to Kanye West and Anthony Bourdain both being in on Thursday nite. Not quite what it is but ...
Anthony Bourdain and Harley Flanagan- Hardcore, Life of My Own - Full Length via
Anthony bourdain's next show: travelling across america to find the best cici's pizza
Traditional with Sausage and Rigatoni by Anthony on
After watching Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” episode on Japan, I just happened to stumble upon giant Hokkaido …
It was actually an Anthony Bourdain show that was quite good! Followed by commercials for things only really rich people need
Bourdain gets a taste of the English countryside
Everyone is already bored of your and . CNN is currently running an episode of Anthony Bourdain. So…
Anthony Bourdain is your uncle who shows up late to thanksgiving, and then leaves with a ton of leftovers while Sayin "turkey was a bit dry"
If Anthony Bourdain can eat here, well then...!
Anthony Bourdain reveals surprising favorite hotspot for Japanese cuisine
Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama's inuman sesh is the cutest thing I've seen today
me: I'm not that hungry, I can wait . *climbs onto my lofted bed* *starts watching Anthony Bourdain*. me: dammit.
I had a dream I was in a battle with Anthony bourdain and a really long beautiful fish
Anthony Bourdain is on CNN tonight so there shouldn't be any protesters during their highest rated show.
Can I just be Anthony Bourdain when I grow up? :(((
I'm watching no reservations and anthony bourdain is wearing a lungi around his neck and mum lost her *** mind
Ordello staff checking out Anthony Bourdain at the Fox in STL!
Things to do: Jazz Live concert, Anthony Bourdain, local theater and more - The News Tribune
When interviewed By Anthony Bourdain, Bill Murray lauded the film as unappreciated, with a complex plot and...
Anthony Bourdain is in Japan tonight and for that hour I will be too.
From returning CNN Original Series like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown to new series like "The Nineties"... 2017...
Really need to know Mike Rowe's opinion at this moment. Also Anthony Bourdain if possible. Any baby boomer *** Wonde…
I've spent way too much of this weekend lying in bed under all my blankets watching Anthony Bourdain episodes. It has been perfect. 🙌🏼
Gotta be on TV now to get elected:. Al Roker/Anthony Bourdain 2020.
When is Anthony Bourdain gonna give me his job TBH?
You may be cool but you'll never be "Obama sitting in a vietnamese shop having noodles and cold beer with Anthony B…
You're fulfilling my Anthony Bourdain fantasy right there.. 😉😘
Anthony Bourdain declares its now OK to order fish on Monday.
Watch Anthony Bourdain teach how to make Korean army stew
Anthony Bourdain narrating the UFC fight intro is the best 👌
Anthony Bourdain on His Memorable Meal in Vietnam and the Two Things He Refuses to Eat via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Anthony Bourdain should narrate everything. Like he's the new James Earl Jones for real
This makes sense because Anthony Bourdain rules my world
Young Leonard Cohen looked like Dustin Hoffman and Anthony Bourdain had a child together:
Have Anthony Bourdain and Denis Leary ever been in the same room together?
Anthony Bourdain: craft beer is turning people into zombies
Anthony Bourdain lauds Québec food. Have to agree it's the best. No question.
Anthony Bourdain turns to home cooking in new book 'Appetites' - CTV News
Anthony Bourdain eats Houston: "This is the best of America ... a wonderland of the strange and diverse."
epically hot take on craft from "...microbrewery where they're making some f* Mumford and Sons IPA."
The guy who everyone has a crush on stopped by The Rush, oh & he'll fire you if bop your head to...…
We spoke to Anthony Bourdain about hangover food and the Canadian food scene.
Anthony explains why his favorite destination will always be 😍🍣🇯🇵
Drink whatever beer makes you happy.
No. Love Anthony Bourdain, but let people enjoy beer however they like.
Grisham is king of USA TODAY's list - again
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Anthony on his new cookbook, hangover food, and the Canadian food scene:
'It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers': A top TV chef says craft beer snobs have gone too far
Anthony Bourdain on CBCq is the only interesting interview I've heard yet since the revamp.
you were in a dream the other night. you were sitting at the top of a stone water feature and said the words "Anthony Bourdain"
Anthony Bourdain accidentally helped usher in a "subculture of meatheads" - -
Doc Memo: says "is a movie that expands your sense of what is possible."
New post: "Grisham is king of USA TODAY's list - again"
Grisham is king of USA TODAY's list - again. 'The Whistler' lands at No. 1; Garten, Bourdain have best-selling coo…
Membership has its benefits.  We sent to Anthony last night. Backstage access and a copy of his cook…
We talked to chef Anthony in Toronto -- where he praised food innovators in Montreal: https…
.interviewed Anthony Bourdain and he said the Toronto food scene is insecure and imo he nailed it
Thank you Anthony for shining your considerable light on staggering food waste problem with planned documentary.
I cook, I photograph, I write, I eat. I can't afford to travel, so Anthony Bourdain has got one up on me. Son of a…
Q: Would a food hall with the personality of Anthony Bourdain be so horrible?. A: Yes.
I have fourteen *** podcasts to listen to. Plus Bruce Springsteen AND Anthony Bourdain on Fresh Air. 🙃🙃
So...told me tonight that Anthony Bourdain was in Wolfville once & how am I only just learning this?! Life is such a nightmare.
CNN releases first trailer for 'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown' Houston episode
Anthony Bourdain on his book Appetites, drugs, and Gordon Ramsay
so happy you are going to be on sixty minutes here in west coast Canada its you and then Anthony Bourdain right after
Parts Unknown... Buddhist chef Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain take the heat in ... - Lion's Roar
Yes, I'm 26, eating Honey Nut Cheerios, drinking PBR, and watching Anthony Bourdain.
nothing gets my thirst for Anthony Bourdain going more than late term abortions!
also just fyi Anthony Bourdain is back!!!
I've seen zero evidence of any nation on Earth other than Mexico ev...
Anthony Bourdain on Authenticity, Expectations, and Opening the Country’s Most Ambitious Food Hall
Mr. Anthony calls "a wonderland of the strange and diverse" in new trailer
All I've done tonight is watched Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and it's been pretty *** great.
Anthony Bourdain: Houston is a wonderland of the strange and the diverse
Just bought 1st Hard Cover Book in 5 years. had do the cover.
.may be bringing these surprising, enlightening street foods to NYC:
RelNews: CNN releases first trailer for 'Anthony Bourdain Parts... -Chron - Houston Chronicle-
Bourdain is a fascinating fellow. .
Hot, hot, hot in Sichuan with Anthony Bourdain.
Bourdain blasts the public for being the reason chefs booze so heavily
BOURDAIN ALERT: CNN releases first sneak peek at the Houston episode of Parts Unknown
Obama eats noodle slurp with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam via
I just watched Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 8x03 "Sichuan with Eric Ripert"
Anthony Bourdain: 'I don't need a 10-minute explanation of my food'
There are many logistical questions that remain unanswered about Anthony Bourdain's planned New York food market
London is on my bucket list! Can't wait to experience what Anthony Bourdain will share with us on Sunday.
Anthony Bourdain has got to be a CIA agent over at CNN. He's bashing Brexit this week, while dining in Londonstan.
Buddhist chef Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain got their fill of Sichaun cuisine on last week's "Parts Unknown."
📹 And here is episode nine of Raw Craft (or episode 3 of season 2). Anthony Bourdain visits Rachel...
Anthony Bourdain puts his friend and fellow chef Eric Ripert to the test wit
He and Anthony Bourdain were two of the main reasons I did this.
aye no forreal how do you honestly get a show like action Bronson or Anthony Bourdain where u go around eating
Someone just told me "I think Anthony Bourdain would like you," and I've never been so flattered. ❤️
::Stefon voice:: A stray dog from an Anthony Bourdain documentary;
Anthony Bourdain cooks for his harshest critic: his daughter via
Spend your 20's like Shia Labeouf and your 40's like Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain is on his way to clean this up and remain lonely.
"Perhaps realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go." ~ Anthony Bourdain
stops at Foxwoods on Saturday October 8. Tickets here:
Movie and TV suggestions? I only watch The Voice and Anthony Bourdain. Help!!
"You must fight to be whole, awan ti apple pie." -
This show is so cool been watching it Wish Anthony would Follow me
Henry Rollins and Anthony Bourdain need to stop writing introductions to anything.
"The journey changes you - it should change you. You take something with you… Hopefully, you leave something good behind." -Anthony Bourdain
After a lot of soul-searching and examining my priorities in life, I've determined my ideal job is "Anthony Bourdain"
Anthony Bourdain and President Obama had dinner in Hanoi. Guess who picked up the tab?
Anthony Bourdain gave us his opinion on practically everything.
How Anthony Bourdain came to love Houston barbecue
Beers and dinner w Anthony Bourdain last night in Hanoi.
How Anthony Bourdain came to love Houston barbecue - Houston Chronicle: Houston Chronicle
we feel, "The way you prepare an omelette, reveals your character " - Anthony Bourdain.
Food is everything we are. It's an extension of nationalist feeling...
My Saturday will consist of some Anthony Bourdain, Dale Carnegie and College football.
Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper are the only trustworthy white men
Burns BBQ in Acres Homes. In before it appears on Anthony Bourdain's and hipsters…
I'm very type-A, and many things in my life are about control and d...
I feel like this should go with some Anthony Bourdain -style rant
It's kind of hard not to crush on Anthony Bourdain
I have a crush on Anthony Bourdain GOD HELP ME he's just so MANLY omg 💪😍
Jack White’s label releasing record from epic ‘Parts Unknown’ rager in Nashville
From AMA: He hopes the pumpkin spice craze "drowns in its own blood."
.talks to about appetite and APPETITES:
"Just eat interesting stuff in front of her while completely ignoring her." Solid advice on cooking for kids.
When did anthony bourdain become the hardcore guru
Credit where due: did fantastic work on this accessible, hilarious and sweet cookbook w/
Today's cover story: In his new cookbook, Anthony cooks for his harshest critic—his daughte…
not even Anthony Bourdain has tasted some Persian/Peruvian food after pizza in a matter of seconds…
The one country that completely shocked Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain’s favorite thing to do with instant ramen.
we love Anthony here at chez Abfab, pretty much on every evening.
Anthony Bourdain's Advice on Getting His Job: Do a Lot of Drugs -
Don't know whether or not to trust a cheap cut of meat? When in doubt, do what Anthony Bourdain would do:…
I need Anthony Bourdain to take me under his wing as his apprentice
As I wake&bake this morn, I'm watching Anthony eat [any and everything] and I wonder how he manages to not get upset stomachs 24/7
Ugh. F U Netflix/Youtube/Anthony Bourdain. Its only 6am. I need to wait until at least 7am before I watch videos th…
I liked a video from The Double Life Of Anthony Bourdain
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where you've got great food...
moved down on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "-1". know Y? Goto & tell “Anthony Bourdain's fans
i love anthony bourdain's daily Instagram stories
My ode to Orwell. Be sure to read the excerpt from Down and Out..
Good morning, Anthony. I always enjoy your perspectives on life! May u have a reasonable day. ☮️
That looks like the scenery i saw in Papua New Guinea. Where are u Anthony?
Anthony Bourdain, which candidate acts like a 14yr old, you ever sober up long enough to answer?
Andrew Zimmern, Kristen Kish and More Are Coming to Babson Food Day: Did you catch Anthony Bourdain in town on…
Sandy and I ready for — attending Anthony Bourdain at Foxwoods Resort Casino
Anthony Bourdain answered whether or not he'd actually dine with Donald Trump
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