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Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson (born August 15, 1970) is an American actor, comedian, and writer.

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Seriously how many tv shows has Anthony Anderson been in?
Scott D. Pierce: Talk show with animals latest for Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson and Glenn Close in The Shield 👌 series ending was done perfectly!
I still can't get used to skinny Anthony Anderson
I want to go on Anthony Anderson's diet. He looks so good!
Poll; Would you do Ryan Anderson, Corey Brewer, and a 2017 1st rounder for Carmelo Anthony?
It isn't every day that you go to work and your job is to stalk Anthony Anderson with a camera.
I forgot Anthony Anderson is in this, too.
According to some my style is highly influenced by the 2006 hit movie The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Anthony Anderson
I didn't even realize Anthony Anderson lost all that weight
don't let these fools call you "racist." It was a joke. I can still hear your compa Anthony Anderson LOL to those same jokes.
Anthony Anderson just told one of my execs she was bowlegged and pigeon toed. You know I laughed out loud , stopped and repeated.
They gave Anthony Anderson an Animal Planet show. We really out here you guys.
George Lopez promised if Trump won “we’ll all go back” yet he's back to do Animal Planet w Anthony Anderson
Headed to see Anthony Anderson speak at my job 🙌🏾
The 48th Image Awards are 4 days away! Will you be watching?
Our so-called President got bounced for denying it by Golf Pro Anthony Anderson.
I liked a video from Anthony Anderson Monologue "Black Resilience in Americ…
Based on today's show if Anthony Anderson makes a falcons joke on this interview I'm hanging up on him . I'm kidding right?
it would be ralphie, bert, Anthony Anderson, Faizon, Lavelle Crawford, & Funniest photos ever
a watched movie barber shop last night Anthony Anderson funny 😀😀
Anthony Anderson looks like an old version of Doc Shaw
Please explain if possible for Jet Li to use Anthony Anderson as protection from car landing in Rome Must Die and both survive it
I love this country even though at times it doesn't love me back. . ~Anthony Anderson~.
According to Anthony Anderson, "The Super Bowl LI has Nothing on the Kyra Bowl!" via
Same issue with Laurence Fishburn and Anthony Anderson, no?
Talked to about my story with which was aimed at providing a panoramic of the presidency
omg I get to see Anthony Anderson tomorrow 😍
that's like Laurence Fishburne playing Anthony Anderson's father when he's only 9 years older than him.
Anthony Anderson (Lynn,MA) had 26 pts,7 rebs,2 asts,1 stl in 40 mins in win over Halifax.
Anthony Anderson (Lynn,MA) had 19 pts,5 rebs,6 asts,1 stl in 43 mins in loss to Halifax.
Anthony Anderson (Lynn,MA) had 24 pts,4 rebs,7 asts in 38 mins in loss to Cape Breton.
What about Wale and Toni Braxton at Bowie State or Anthony Anderson at Howard or Shirley Caesar at Shaw or Samuel Jacks…
Titanic tonight that's done , Malibu's Most Wanted *** yeah shouts out to Jamie Kennedy, Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson for the comedy!
Anthony Anderson about to call Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel lol
Jimmy Kimmel is going through Anthony Anderson's phone and calling ppl lol
Anthony Anderson is coming for Jeffrey Tambor's Emmy and I am HERE for it
Speechless. went there. All the awards for for Anthony Anderson and
Anthony Anderson and Jeff Garlin are being criminally underpaid.
btw Reggie Watts is who would play Austin in a movie, not Anthony Anderson. He would need a haircut, though.
At Lynn English HS tonight to see Beverly take on Lyn English. Alum Anthony Anderson played for me on the same tea…
These Alt-Right fake black people pages are like on Malibu's Most Wanted when Taye Diggs & Anthony Anderson faked like they were tough guys
Additions to 'Showtime at the Apollo' Monday special: Jay Pharoah, Anthony Anderson, John Legend, Flo Rida…
We had a great investigation with Linda Walker, Anthony Anderson, Jackie Kleeb, Susan Bernard, Debbie Shully...
Charlie Sheen, Anthony Anderson and Leslie Nielsen carried this film...still not a very good film, but they pulled…
Who was the character on Nation Security?. 1,Jesse Owens. 2,Anthony Anderson. 3,Martin Lawrence. 4,Earl Montgomery.   10% Off
I liked a video George Lopez Shared a Hotel Room with Anthony Anderson
Is it just me who thinks that Tracy Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson should just get married in real life? . Sincerely, Blackish fan.
literally brunching with Debbie Allen, Anthony Anderson, Cathy Hughes and popping SOC alumnus. love my life.
Anthony Anderson, queen Latifa as my sister, Morgan freeman as my pops n the original aunt viv as my mum
Tracie Ellis Ross is making $80k an episode for Blackish. while Anthony Anderson makea 100k & the entire cast of Modern Fam…
"Audience, I swear, I will turn this car around!" - Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper needs to ask Hillary some hard questions, too. Press them both.
"you bragged that you sexually assaulted women" ANDERSON COOPER GOING IN
Anderson Cooper is not playin with Trump
like DUDE Anthony Anderson is experiencing great success on BLACKISH. We can't bring back Law & Order OG
Anthony Anderson so extra dawg lmao
If you respect the art and you have some talent about you, I'm on your team.
Anthony Anderson meets Barbara Brown in I Ain't Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac & Cheese
"This is based on 20 years of studying how to design bodies that are balanced."
Having Anderson Cooper be unbiased tn is like receiving A Snap of a clothed anthony Weiner.
15 seconds in and Ryan Anderson has committed his first foul against Anthony Davis.
You crazy girl,I like the way Anderson & the other guy tilted there head when you mentioned Anthony Weener the other day lol
"Trish! I'm going to find your Aaliyah looking *** Anthony Anderson (Romeo Must Die)
I've been told I play like, KD, Anthony Davis, Jeremy Lamb, Penny, Kyle Anderson, Khawi Leonard, Dwayne wade, and the list goes on😂
why is Anthony Anderson in shameless?
FYI Anthony Anderson is a violent misogynist like He attacked me outside a LA club4 refusing his advances.…
ya thats a really good show and Anthony Anderson I think it is (the dad) deserves an Emmy
Where does this collab rank amongst the greats? htt…
Anthony Anderson in at RB this series. 5-yd run on first down.
Where does this collab rank amongst the greats?
Anthony Anderson, star of joined to discuss the film, his trek and helping vets
I ain't got nothing. I've got this watch, and these shoes, and that's about it.
TOUCHDOWN: 75 yard TD pass and catch, as St. Ge connects with Demetrius Anderson to put the Thorobreds up 26-10 in the 4th quar…
Same pic I took of big bro Anthony 22 years ago. All my guys love this place! @ Anderson Apple…
Black-ish is heading to E4 this autumn: Channel acquires the hit ABC sit-com starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee…
Anthony Anderson freaking out over his Black-ish nom is THE most adorable thing:
I liked a video Anthony Anderson and His Mom Play "To Tell the Truth"
Some of these guys... I've worked with Ice Cube, I think he's an immensely talented rapper
Tracee Ellis Ross making less than Anthony Anderson is ridiculous. They both seem to be underpaid as far as sitcom stars go.
Demian Maia says his most desired rematch is Anderson Silva. Dan Hardy (jokingly) says he wants another go with Anthony Jo…
The weekend is off to a great start! Cole Anderson grabbed the opening night win for Anthony Campi Racing at...
Hey Anthony remember Seth Anderson that's me I definitely remember you do you remember me
I'm not a comedian. I'm an actor who just happens to be funny on occasion.
Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow's fitness guru, loves working out with Jennifer Lopez
Really great interview with Carmello Anthony on The Daily Show last night. Definitely worth checking out.
.on leaked Trump tape: "What Donald Trump needs to do is quit. ... He cannot win; he's irredeemable."
Anthony Anderson lost a lot of weight.
Blackish's Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson make less than half of what Tim Allen and Patricia Heaton make despite h…
Went to HS with Anthony Anderson. We called him Tony. Real solid guy.
Miles Brown, Trevor Jackson, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (in Ralph Lauren) and Jenifer Lewis arrived...
Regina King in Elizabeh Kennedy, . Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren and. Anthony Anderson at…
RBs (and it all depends on who's more productive): Hyleck Foster, Keion Davis, Tony Pittman, Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson of "Black Ish" is in extreme hot water for telling TMZ "We should focus on the fact that Nate Parker is a great guy" WOW
Anthony Anderson speaks up for Nate Parker in the midst of accusations .
Anthony Anderson is standing by "Birth of a Nation" director Nate Parker after rape allegations resurface.
Now people are saying "don't watch Blackish" bc Anthony Anderson said something in support of Nate Parker. Whew. Cmon ya…
Guy at Comic-Con: "Are you Anthony Edwards?". Anthony Anderson: "No. Anthony Edwards is the White guy from 'E.R.'"
I left my barber cause dog gave me a chin strap on the right side and the Anthony Anderson on the left.
Pessimistic ppl are miserable ppl. Reminds me of when Anthony Anderson said "transfer of negative energy." They project & deflect.
Lauren Graham and Anthony Anderson will announce this year’s nominees on Thursday starting at 11:30 a.m Eastern. Here is a cheat sheet for
Jrue Holiday (with Anthony Davis) went to the playoffs with Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, and Omer Asik on his team.
Ms rashad, Debbie Allen, Governor of Atlanta, Anthony Anderson, the list goes on 💙❤️
Emmy for Best Comedy Actor: Who has best chance of upsetting Jeffrey Tambor ('Transparent')?
"he shed that one tear like denzel in glory and i cried like whoopi in the color purple". anthony anderson en BLACKISH.
2016 Emmys: Anthony Anderson and Will Forte Emmy Submissions - How did they do?
Anthony Anderson dropped that weight and dropped his wife. He look good though.
Anthony Anderson put the pressure on us all to cut a big check for our sister…
Bonus Anthony Anderson talks to about his favorite Very Special Episodes in TV history
Anthony Anderson Talks Trump, Scorsese and Emmy’s on “Any Given Wednesday” via
😀 BTW saw your wife and son pass by here on the walkway.
We go all out for big brother's birthday. Would have been better if we weren't sitting directly below the screen.
I liked a video from Any Given Wednesday: Speed Round with Anthony Anderson
.talks growing up amidst an "inferno" of police brutality in 1980s Compton: via
Anthony Anderson on police brutality in Compton (guest blog) -->
I watch you kick *** against Anthony Anderson, last week.😂😂😂 Great Job...
Anthony Anderson deserves an Emmy for Best Performance by a Person Announcing the Emmy Nominations.
New Play coming to NYC Presented by Actor Anthony Anderson and Brother Bless... August 5th…
Melo on KD joining the Warriors: "He made his decision. Anybody to judge that is wrong” . https:…
Martin Lawrence at his peak, Eddie Murphy when he still cared, an unknown Bernie Mac, a REALLY young Anthony Anderson, that movie is great!
Any Given Wednesday: Chris Bosh and Anthony Anderson on Kevin Durant's m... via
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
One year ago...another great shoot with Joseph Bradley
“Witnesses described numerous officers beating West and sitting on his body”
Love how my playlist switched from Anderson .Paak to Anthony Hamilton. All smiles and sunshine...
I can't take Anthony Anderson seriously in law and order lol
*** Anthony Anderson was on NYPD BLUE too??? He did Law and Order, SVU.
Lauren Graham and Anthony Anderson arrive to announce nominations for this year's
Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham announce the nominees
Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham just before making this year's announcements
When Lauren Graham turns to Anthony Anderson and says "Gilmore Girls won an Emmy for makeup."
Lauren Graham & Anthony Anderson are announcing the noms this hope never dies 😎
Will do, just as soon as he calls for one for Freddie Gray, Tyrone West, Anthony Anderson, Maurice Donald Johnson...
Anthony Anderson, Kevin Hart, and Leslie Nielsen are by far the best parts of Scary Movie 3.
Finally caught the and man Anthony Anderson and Tracy are funny as f,that opening parody of 2016's hottest tracks 👏👏👏😱
See Lauren Graham and Anthony Anderson announce this year's Emmy nominations, LIVE!
Lmao, I freaking love Lauren yo! Can't wait til this weekend. We're really like Anthony Anderson and Tyra Banks in that Blackish episode lol
😂 Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross make magic together on-screen. What a great pair
Tori with Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and, Anthony Anderson last night at the BET Awards (06.26.16)
Tori Kelly at the with Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Anthony Anderson.
When white parents seen Lil Jonny and Sarah watching Anthony Anderson shaking his *** on Nickelodeon.
Like I been said, Neyo & Jason Derulo gotta be cousins . Just like Anthony Anderson & Brandon T. Jackson.
Anthony Anderson lost like 100 pounds .. And none of y'all called him a clone .. But Gucci a clone .. Smhhh
Anthony Anderson is dressed like he shot Crispus Attucks
I want Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross to be married for real
Lauren Graham and Anthony Anderson are announcing the Emmy noms on July 14.
Got to meet the big boss Roger Goodell at the Commissioner's Awards today. Anthony Anderson did a great job hosting htt…
68th Emmy Award Nominations to be Announced by Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham via
Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson are really excited to host the
Celebrity battles include Anthony Anderson vs. Toni Braxton on at 10pm
Emmy noms set for July 14 with Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham
Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham and Black‑ish's Anthony Anderson are announcing this year's Emmy nominations
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham to reveal names of Emmy nominees via
Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham will announce the Emmy nominations on July 14 at 8:30 am PST
They're back! Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross will host the 2016 BET Awards.
I saw Tracee Ellis Ross on the flight to LA, and Anthony Anderson at baggage claim!
"Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond" Anthony Anderson.
Ryan Anderson would be a perfect fit for
I'm mad they put Anthony Anderson back in barbershop 3 like he didn't go to prison in the first one. lol
Anthony Anderson really fool for that side
Coogler will soon add Anthony Anderson to that cast.
Anderson Cooper drinks his first Martini (really?) with Bourdain:.
Anthony Anderson is so funny in transformers 😭😭💀 omg
Anderson to quit as Ballinamallard boss: Ballinamallard United confirm Whitey Anderson is to step down as man...
This fool said I'm losing weight so I can still look like Anthony Anderson 😂😭😭😂
If this doesn't give you the chills, I don't know what will. You are a true inspiration Anthony ⚾️
.tells Conan about her previous dislike for Anthony Anderson
My reaction to Anderson Silva pulling out of his fight
BREAKING: Anderson Silva OUT of UFC 198 due to possible gall bladder surgery.
White Sox top prospect Tim Anderson went 4-5 with 4 runs, HR and SB last night for AAA-Charlotte. He's batting .347 in Ma…
oooh catching up on and I see a promo of the new To Tell The Truth with Anthony Anderson.
😳 Wait... I'm hearing Anderson.Paak, BJ TCK, Anthony Hamilton, and 2 other ppl I can't make out. On ONE song. (Blessings [2nd one])
Can Anderson Cooper handle some of NYC's spiciest food?
Our 5th Annual Charity Golf Event is THIS Monday! Here's Anthony Anderson with some of NMM's mentees at last...
Michael Strahan & Anthony Anderson look like they could be brothers.
Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Anderson, Ray Winston are NOT better actors than will smith.
The "heart attack" scene with Anthony Anderson & Jennifer Lewis, funniest scene on TV since Martin is garbage. I don't look nothing like Anthony Anderson or Michael Jamal Warner. FOH!
I can live with Anthony Anderson but Sean Patrick Thomas got me about to research the websites creator.
Conan - Season 6 Episode 45 - Anthony Anderson, Lauren Lapkus is on tonight at 11 PM et/pt on TBS -
"Omega Psi Theta’s primary fundraiser for Relay For Life is creative, to say the least." - Anthony Anderson
Catch Me if You Can is an Amy Adams movie in the same way that The Departed is an Anthony Anderson movie.
I mean you're doing movies, but based on what I've seen, regardless, Leo, Hanks, Anthony Anderson, Keri Russell & Matt Rhys.
I liked a video David Arquette and Anthony Anderson street dance (see spot run 2001)
Anthony Anderson braided Chanelle Nicole's hair. All the way to the end yall and she has long hair.
Adrian Anderson, we're soory. Anthony Anderson, we're sorry.
But why is Jimmy Kimmel Emmy host again? ABC, you've got Anthony Anderson & Tracee Ellis Ross! Constance Wu! McClendon-Covey! Plimpton!
Anthony Anderson recalls getting beat up by police officers:
The pre-Oscar festivities are going down in L.A. before the big show. Peep pics of Anthony Anderson, Marsai...
Wow I forget about this amazing moment with Anthony Anderson, Greg Phillinganes & 1500 Or…
Anthony Anderson just had the realest moment I've ever seen on TV. I was scared when Barack & Michelle got out that li…
I love when Anthony Anderson and everyone else helps Mike Epps say shed
"Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson and "GMA"'s Jesse Palmer go head to head to see who will take the Golden Iron trophy.
David Duchovny, Dakota Johnson, Vera Farmiga, Ty Burrell, Anthony Anderson and Justin Kirk. He gotten one of the leads as Danny Campbell in
The 47th annual NAACP Image awards kicked off in Pasadena, California, Friday night. Anthony Anderson, star of the ABC si…
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, starring the hilarious Anthony Anderson at 7:30PM
Anthony Anderson came off the bench 😂😂😂😂
ESPN's Mark Jones, who is calling the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, with actor Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson is a joy to watch.
Where is the great Anthony Anderson who did a fantastic job hosting the show Friday night
iron chef morimoto and Simon majumdar vs flay and Anthony Anderson in ultimate bar food challenge. give me majumdar and iron chef moriomoto.
Morris Chestnut, Jurnee Smollett Bell and Anthony Anderson at the 47th NAACP Image Awards.…
I don't see how Laurence Fishburne could possibly be Anthony Anderson's father in Black-ish. THERE'S A NINE YEAR AGE GAP BETWEEN THEM
Stacey Dash fires back at Anthony Anderson over NAACP Image Awards jab via
Suited up! Ken Jeong and Anthony Anderson stepped out in style in their dapper suits
"Listen, y'all. I don't mean to sound cocky. The movie's called 'Creed,' not 'Rocky.'" - Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson was funny af in romeo must die lol
Mark Wahlberg, Leonado DiCaprio, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Anderson, Matt Damon, Martin Scorsese, Brad Pitt and you know it is an AWESOME MOVIE!
Michael Bae Jordan as Legolas, Kevin Hart as Frodo, and Sam could be Anthony Anderson. Not sure on the last part.
What has Joseph Fiennes wrought? In the latest casting news, Anthony Anderson to play a young Winston Churchill.
Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson kill on tonight's Lip Sync Battle! Check out a sneak preview!.
Tracee Ellis-Ross and Anthony Anderson to face off on 'Lip Sync Battle': Karen Butler… - UPI
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Romeo must die made it cuz of Anthony Anderson and Jet-li fight scenes. Dim Sum and you ole Aaliyah lookin *** was funny as ***
McKean High school banners, the retiring of Randy White and Anthony Anderson numbers
Anthony Anderson put Donald Trump on Blast for Lying on Samuel L. Jackson.
Brian Urlacher got his hair back, but he's got that same lineup the old dude gave Anthony Anderson on Blackish 😂
In his first game after transferring from Vista, 5-6 junior Anthony Anderson did a great job creating ops for shooters. Underrated true PG
Anthony Anderson is hella funny man 😂
Wasn't Buddy Hield the guy Anthony Anderson played on Hang Time?
Anthony Anderson with a nice crossover and kick to Gladstein. 40-33 Carlsbad halfway thru 3rd
any news on the rumours that WWE are signing Nakamura, Styles, Anderson and Gallows?
tb when the lil bro was with Anthony Anderson on the food network channel
Two new episodes with Dave Anthony, under FOFOP on iTunes or
At the very least I wana end up like Anthony Anderson in Blackish, son ain't a thug, daughter ain't a thot, wife got a fat ***
Ion look nothing like Anthony Anderson tho 🤔😂
Laurie Anderson is honoring 9/11 first responder dogs by putting on a concert for PUPPIES. https:/…
Anthony Anderson plays a serious role in it as a gangster and I realise after that he's a big actor Yano,Forest Whitaker is big too
Moving Ryan Anderson and pairing Anthony Davis with a fellow 2012 Draft Class alum.
Amazing 😂😂 Mate at work has Gary Anderson's old mobile number on the work phone, needless to say he's swamped with texts today 😂😂
CJ Anderson running hard, and right over people
Felipe Anderson has the same attorney as Anthony Martial a good colleague of mine called André Buffard. The deal is very…
And Peyto...we mean C.J. Anderson leads the Broncos to a touchdown!
I remember when I found out Tyler Perry & Anthony Anderson were 2 different people. Lol
BREAKING: Manchester Utd are close to signing Felipe Anderson from Lazio.
BREAKING: Manchester United are close to signing midfielder Felipe Anderson from Lazio. (Source: Sky Sports News HQ)
Anthony Anderson with a huge 3 for SJ; 111-108 with 34 seconds left
Anderson averaged 79 in that set. Lakeside form that.
Anderson does the nine darter and I was there for it! GET IN!
Saints should keep Jordan, Anthony, Kikaha, Breaux and Vaccaro. The rest can go
Just saw your post about Anthony Anderson. Thanks for the laugh. I fell out!!! Don't even know the guy!
Rewatching as my movie for the 2nd. Anthony's chat with his kid sis sums up Anderson's films as a whole. We can never go home.
i think its HU Law to watch anything Taraji , Lance, Wendy Robinson, Anthony Anderson, Chad B, Mrs, Rashad & Allen are…
Watching THE DEPARTED. Loaded with stars: Leo, Matt, Nicholson, Markie Mark, Anthony Anderson, Martin Sheen, plus the Baldwin who can act.
Cindy falls in love with Alexy, who invites her and Nikose to a rap-battle with his rapper friends midgi (Anthony Anderson) and WP (Kevin
On this episode of TERRI HATCHER is going up against Anthony Anderson and Mary-Ann from I'm crying.
Syer wanna be brolic like the roc but with Anthony Anderson face and plays like Eric snow lmfaooo Foh
Anthony Anderson as Robert Capers please and Jeremy Sisto as Diego Rodriguez
Yeah. They drew inspiration for Dre from Anthony Anderson as well. I believe he went to Howard.
Has anyone seen my Anthony Anderson from Barber Shop jacket?
Loved as usual, but how did you and Courtney miss Anthony Anderson's son Nathan as the oldest cousin?
Shout out to Anthony Anderson's real son, Nathan Anderson, for being in this Black-ish episode as his nephew. Dope.
*** watching Big Momma's House and almost forgot how many *** people were in it. Tichina Arnold, Octavia Spencer, Anthony Anderson..etc
Anthony Anderson in the Clinton Portis jersey in Transformers,someone explain to me how he did not win an Oscar please?
Anthony Anderson. Viola Davis. And for the hail mary:
Black-ish star, Anthony Anderson and his wife are calling it quits after 20 years of marriage! --->
Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart kiss their marriage good bye after 16 years.
'Black-ish' star Anthony Anderson is calling it quits with high school sweetheart
Celebrities: Report: Anthony Anderson's Wife Files for Divorce: Looks like Anthony Anderson's marriage is goin...
American actor, Anthony Anderson's wife Alvina Stewart has filed for divorce after 20 years together, stating ...
one time I couldn't tell the difference between Keenan Thompson and Anthony Anderson :(
Anthony Anderson is on TV and my mom goes, "Tyler Perry!" . No
Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson are hilarious in Malibu's Most Wanted. Jamie Kennedy cracks me up also
I remember when Jimmy Kimmel first started and had rotating 2nd bananas. My favorite was Anthony Anderson.
Emmy episode analysis: Anthony Anderson ('Black-ish') is caught in a lie
Anthony Anderson on love, life insurance & the importance of priorities.
Proud to have Anthony Anderson as the 2015 national spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month!
has anyone made the joke yet about how The Weeknd looks like a cross Anthony Anderson and Adam Duritz from The Counting Crows?
I know Anthony Anderson anchors the whole show but HOW DID Tracee Ellis Ross NOT GET AN EMMY NOD for her...
I'm sorry but how did Ross win over Anthony Anderson? This is how you know this is a kid award show because Anthony is comedy goal.
Shawn Thompson, Anthony Anderson, and Shirley Strawberry attend the 2015 Neighborhood Awards Presented by Ford
The host of MTV Africa Music Awards 2015 Anthony Anderson with Xamu Kavinjelwa Danca at Hilton Hotel in...
So its Anthony Anderson . You people calling him Anthony Henderson where did you get that name?
Also, congrats to Anthony Anderson! Best actor in a comedy is fantastic & well deserved!
Why so? And why not also Anthony Anderson, for example?
🎉 took a month to get to this point but it's my 1000th time watching Katie Nolan & Anthony Anderson talk about Kobe Bryant between halves! 🎉
I thought it was a joke that Sam Smith won the Best New Artist Award until Anthony Anderson & the presenters walked off wi…
Anthony Anderson & Traci Ellis Ross are killing me right now 😂
Black-ish star Anthony Anderson missed the chance to meet his idol, and still isn't over it
You had funy with Anthony Anderson and his family
Am I the only one who thought Anthony Anderson and Traci Ellis Ross were the highlights of the
Still laughing at Anthony Anderson mother on Family Freud pull the rabbit from the nuts.I see where he get his craziness from
Anthony Anderson face after his Mama said that was hilarious she's a trip!!
"Sam Smith isn't here tonight cause he's white"- Anthony Anderson 😂😂
Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson were funny hosting the
All-in-all BET didn't disappoint me this year. It was entertaining and Anthony Anderson and Traci Ellis Ross did a good job
Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson did an awesome job tonight.
Traci Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson get a score of 2.5 for being BET Awards show hosts
The BET awards was hosted by Chris Brown feat. Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson way more corny than Nick Cannon son. On God
"Who is dat beech and why she get da awar Steebie?" . "Nah ma, that's Anthony Anderson is a wig. It's a joke." .
Anthony Anderson look like uncle Phil when Carlton put that toupee on him 😂
Word to Charlie Wilson for showing these young punks how to entertain and lol @ Anthony Anderson
*** does this *** Anthony Anderson have on the top of his head 😓😂
Whoever is watching the is missing this celebrity family feud w/ Anthony Anderson, Steve Harvey, and Toni Braxton.
Anthony Anderson looks like a well dressed teddy graham
Don't get me wrong, Steve Harvey has been marvelous, as always. The NFL players were cool/Anthony Anderson. Other than that. WHO? WHAT? WHY?
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