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Things I can't wait to hear more about in 2018:. Ant McPartlin's marriage woes. Brexit. The Furniture Village Sale. Ka…
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong reportedly planning make or break Christmas: - Ant… UK New Entertainment
Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin have got to be the biggest stars of I’m A Celeb. I get that people are excited to…
Articles that are only the headline are pointless.
Ant made another reference to his stay in rehab on
Dec can't help but laugh at Ant's rehab reference on I'm A Celeb
This is why Ant McPartlin covers his watch on
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong to spend Christmas together: ‘She doesn’t want to ruin what they had’
I'm a Celebrity viewers praise Ant and Dec for jokingly referencing Ant's rehab stint again
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly finally share show secret after baffling fans every night with their matching sui…
Ant McPartlin to spend 'one last Christmas' with wife Lisa Armstrong as pair hold off making a decision on their ma…
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong could reunite for their last Christmas
Ant McPartlin to reunite with wife Lisa Armstrong at Christmas as he prepares to return…
Is that Ant McPartlin working on the lift!!
Ant poked fun at himself during the episode
Ant McPartlin had I'm a Celeb fans in stitches after he cracked a joke about his stint in rehab. This is amazing to…
Breaking News Today - Ant McPartlin wants to spend one last Christmas with wife: via
Their marriage is said to have been in trouble over the past few months
I think it's good that Ant McPartlin feels he can talk about his rehab stint; it may encourage other peopl…
Ant McPartlin brings up his 'problems' as he jokes about rehab stint on I'm A Celebrity
Ant and Missus: We will spend xmas together -
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong to reunite at Christmas to boost marriage
Are Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong splitting up, when did they get married and do they…
Ant leaves fans in hysterics following his latest joke on rehab stint
Ant McPartlin planning 'one last Christmas' with wife Lisa as they live 'separate lives'
I’m A Celebrity’s Ant McPartlin has fans in stitches as he makes another joke about rehab stint
I'm A Celebrity 2017: Ant McPartlin has pop at rehab stint again 'They say I had problems' -
There's a strange reason why Ant McPartlin's watch is covered up on I'm A Celebrity.
I'll be writing an autobiography of sorts. I might write a chapter on Ant McPartlin's forehead, and my journey from thinking…
The former politician, 77, told hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly that he was 'gutted…
Ant McPartlin 'won't be moving back to his marital home' after I'm A Celebrity
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong 'haven't decided' on Christmas plans -
When did Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong get married, do they have children and what are…
Ant McPartlin 'not moving home' with wife Lisa after I'm A Celeb
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong relationship: Couple pulled apart AGAIN after rehab dramas as Ant ... -…
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong reportedly spending Christmas apart as the I’m A Celebrity host decides not t ...…
Ant McPartlin facing Christmas alone as he and wife Lisa Armstrong ‘undecided’ on living together when he returns…
Ant McPartlin faces Christmas alone after deciding not to move back in with wife Lisa Armstrong after I’m A Celebri…
Ant McPartlin shows off healthy figure as he frolicks in the ocean with female pal during I'm A Celebrity down time
Ant McPartlin to RETURN to I'm A Celebrity after post-rehab recovery - Sunday Mercury
Caroline Flack ‘favourite’ to replace Ant McPartlin on I’m A Celebrity as he recovers after rehab
I’m A Celebrity filming POSTPONED as Ant McPartlin continues to recover after rehab
I'm a Celebrity 2017 filming delayed as Ant McPartlin recovers from stint in rehab: TV…
I'm A Celebrity bosses delay filming as Ant McPartlin rests after rehab
Production of has been 'put on hold' while Ant McPartlin continues his addiction recovery in LA...
I’m a Celebrity 2017: Filming ‘DELAYED’ as Ant McPartlin continues his recovery .
'He is doing the right thing': Cat Deeley throws her support behind old friend Ant McPartlin... and insists she……
British television presenter Cat insists that she had no idea about old friend Ant's drug…
Cat Deeley speaks out on friend Ant McPartlin's addiction battle - UK New Entertainment
good to see you back on the box. Gives me hope
Cat Deeley thinks Ant McPartlin's addiction will only make people love him more.
has spoken out on friend Ant McPartlin's rehab stint - read more here:
‘I didn’t know anything’: Cat Deeley speaks out about Ant McPartlin’s rehab stay
'I didn't know anything': Cat Deeley speaks out about Ant McPartlin's rehab stay
: Cat Deeley thinks Ant McPartlin s addiction will only make people love him
Cat Deeley "didn't know anything" about Ant McPartlin's battle with addiction
Cat Deeley breaks silence on Ant McPartlin's drug addiction: 'This will only make people love him more'…
Just seen Paul , absolutely fantastic!!! One of them agents looked like ant mcpartlin from ant and dec!!! Brilliant movie !
Cat Deeley had 'no idea' about Ant McPartlin's drug addiction
Cat Deeley reveals she had ‘no idea’ about Ant McPartlin’s struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.
'If you need some help, get some help': Cat Deeley says her friend Ant McPartlin has 'made some sill: via
My god look at that forehead. Surely "Revealed! Secret love child of Piers Morga…
That Ant Mcpartlin or whatever his name is is driving on the new Suzuki advert. Nae wonder our insurance premiums...
so boyfriend offers 2 take me out 1st time in months & my fave Thai is fully bkd 😭😡1st world problem
People moaning that others don’t get the help that Ant McPartlin has received.. whilst probably true, can you not be happy for him?
Thanks to today's Daily Mail for explaining the reason behind Ant McPartlin's problems.
Declan Donnelly spotted partying without partner Ant as stars prepare for Jungle 2017
Ant McPartlin's supportive wife Lisa Armstrong sports wedding ring-she seems twice the woman she use to be.
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong sports wedding ring in defiant show of support to embattled star... after he .……
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong is spotted with her wedding ring firmly on
I don't care whether you're Sarah Champion or Ant McPartlin. There is never ever an excuse to talk to The Sun.
Ant McPartlin interview reaction again revealing large amounts of ill-education and ignorance towards mental health. 1/2
Ant McPartlin speaks out for the first time - 'I almost died'
Ant McPartlin reveals his secret addiction to painkillers almost killed him as he leaves rehab
Prince Harry sent 'best wishes' to Ant McPartlin in handwritten note after rehab via
Ant talking about the depths of depression & desperation can take you to is brave &important
Bull. Ant McPartlin has more money and comfort than over 98 percent of the planet and he gets praised bec…
Ant's first article after coming out of rehab
Ant McPartlin leaves rehab in time to watch the match,. Good luck Ant
Exclusive: Ant McPartlin reveals how he beat his addiction to ‘Hillbilly Crack’
Revealed: Incredible cocktail of drugs and alcohol Ant McPartlin was downing before he…
Ant McPartlin reveals he almost died from addiction to painkillers as speaks for first time since leaving rehab
“But do I want to be on screen? Good God, yes.". Ant discusses how he hopes to return for I'm a Celebrity:.
Ant reveals all about his addiction in an exclusive interview with The Sun:.
Prince Harry sent Ant McPartlin a handwritten note to thank him for speaking out on depress
Troubled Ant McPartlin admits he has put pressure on his marriage after his battles with drugs and depression
'I was at the point where I'd take anything' - Ant gives his ONLY interview on his deadly addiction
Ant McPartlin tells he almost died from a secret two-year addiction to super-strong painkillers
Good to see talking so candidly about his depression & battle with painkillers.
Ant McPartin opens up about his addiction
I'm so proud of Ant. I can't say it enough.
Ant McPartlin going into rehab and battling through it, shows that he is only human, and being famous doesn't take away f…
Ok, so because Ant McPartlin has money it means he can't experience depression. The attitudes of some people are absolute…
People saying Ant McPartlin shouldn't be depressed as he's rich have never been depressed. It affects all social classes…
'It was to the point of hearing things, seeing things in the garden' - Ant McPartlin on painkiller addiction -…
people are saying that ant mcpartlin shouldn't have been depressed because of how much money he earns... what absolute BU…
Ant McPartlin speaks out for FIRST time since leaving rehab
Great to see Ant McPartlin looking so happy and healthy but why must he do his first interview with the worst paper, The…
Ant McPartlin has checked out of rehab and opened up about how 'stupid and reckless' he was with addiction…
Ant McPartlin opens up abt addiction & depression via glad he's spoken out, it'll raise awareness of
Get the violins out. When these talent less so called celebrities do something useful I might give a toss.
Letter from Prince Harry and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge supported Ant McPartlin: Ant…
He reveals how he hid his addiction.
I ❤️ Ant McPartlin . And for anyone talking CRAP about money ~ remember the wonderfully talented Robin Williams ? 💕
Ant is looking so much healthier now! Massive respect for him ❤️ . ↪️ 💫 https:/…
Brave Ant has left rehab & sat down with me for his only interview about drug addiction & depression. Read it here: https:…
Ant McPartlin reveals battle with depression, drink and drugs nearly ‘killed’ him
Ant McPartlin reveals battles that nearly 'killed' him
Great to see Ant looking well and able to speak so openly and frankly about his painkiller & alcohol addiction 👏.
Well done to Ant Mcpartlin for getting through rehab, famous or not famous, depression is depression and it can effect anyone
Unbelievable that in this day and age some people think Ant McPartlin shouldn't be depressed as he has wealth and success . It's an ILLNESS.
Ant McPartlin reveals support from Prince Harry after rehab stint for drug and alcohol addiction.…
Ant McPartlin: "Depression is more common than you think..Men are ashamed of the word depression..speak…
Genuinely shocked at the attitude of people re Ant McPartlin. Money doesn't cure depression. Money doesn't prevent depressi…
The star had been reported to be filling in for Ant McPartlin on
Holly Willoughby to replace Ant McPartlin on The star's reps speak out on reports
Holly Willoughby’s representatives DENY claims she’s set to fill in for Ant McPartlin and…
Holly Willoughby reps speak out on claims she is replacing Ant McPartlin on
Holly Willoughby might be drafted in to cover for Ant McPartlin (Picture: ITV) This Morning’s Holly Willoughby...
Would you like to see Holly Willoughby replace Ant McPartlin on
Ant McPartlin's Byker Grove pals offer support to "lovely lad" after he reveals crippling…
Ant McPartlin's Byker Grove pals offer support after drink and drug revelations
Declan Donnelly 'did know about Ant McPartlin's battle' and was trying to help
Ant McPartlin speaks out about depression and addiction
Alex will be live at 9pm UK time tonight discussing depression and Ant McPartlin's recent admission to rehab. Why n…
Declan Donnelly enjoys sun-soaked break as best pal Ant McPartlin checks into rehab
Please pass on All the love & luck in the world to Ant McPartlin, more people suffering than we know. We…
TV presenter Ant McPartlin, most commonly known as one half of Ant and Dec, has announced he was entering rehab...
Wishing Ant all the best for his Well done for speaking out. .
TV presenter Ant McPartlin revealed that he was going to rehab after becoming addicted to prescription drugs - we d…
When Ant McPartlin went public with his troubles, it was like learning a family member was secretly in anguish
Brave choice to ask for help: Ant and Dec's Anthony McPartlin checks into rehab
TV presenter Ant McPartlin to spend two months in rehab for drink and prescription drug abuse.
Sending my love to Ant McPartlin for a speedy recovery in rehab! It takes a lot to say I need help.
‘Shut up Eamonn!’ Ant McPartlin barks at host as he WALKS OFF This Morning
Declan Donnelly, of Ant and Dec, has jetted away to Lake Como with his wife Ali Astall. (here ok article from 20th)
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Depression is a hidden illness, Ant McPartlin is a prime example of that. You never know what someone is going through, be nice…
Ant McPartlin opens up about battle with and addiction - NME via
Ant and Dec go their separate ways as Ant checks into rehab
Respect to Ant McPartlin for making the right decision. Sometimes we just can't fix things on our own
"Ant McPartlin has been offered a year sabbatical by ITV after entering rehab over the weekend". see nobody's perfect, get well !
Ant McPartlin has no reason to apologise. His addiction is not his fault | Chris Owen
Love ya keith and i live in the us so i just watch u on youtube tell holly and…
It is important it is that addiction is seen as an illness, not as self-inflicted. CBT can help!
Declan Donnelly unwinds with manager ... - -…
re Ant McPartlin:. 1) You don't "confess" to mental illness, you just have it. 2) You don't "check in" to rehab. It's ***
On Father’s Day, a poignant reminder that infertility and childlessness breaks men’s hearts too
Declan Donnelly unwinds with manager wife Ali Astall in Lake Como days after presenting partner Ant McPartlin ... -…
I wasnt surprised to hear how Ant McPartlin developed a drug addiction – NHS advice on chronic pain almost killed me
Declan Donnelly relaxes in Italy after Ant McPartlin heads to rehab
Ant McPartlin checking into rehab is a perfect example of you never know what's happening in someone's life
I see Ant McPartlin's rehab is hitting him hard.
Declan Donnelly enjoys paradise getaway with wife Ali as best friend Ant McPartlin begins rehab stint
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong admits she's overwhelmed by support as husband checks into rehab
Ant McPartlin's wife has thanked everyone for their support
Ant McPartlin previously admitted to drug use but said he was a 'boozy person' – years before checking into rehab
'We just need him better' - Ant McPartlin's wife silence on rehab ...…
'He will be touched': Dec Donnelly breaks silence after Ant McPartlin's rehab revelation with heartfelt message
Lisa Amstrong speaks out after husband Ant McPartlin checks into his rehab
Ant McPartlin ‘banned from having phone or visitors’ as he heads to rehab for alcohol and……
More details of Ant McPartlin's rehab stay have been revealed as he aims to battle alcohol and drug problem
The bravery of Ant McPartlin shows how mental health issues can affect anyone - pls make sure the people in your life know…
Ant McPartlin's and wife Lisa Armstrong's love story as she vows to support brave telly star through rehab
Ant McPartlin's wife Lisa Armstrong ‘relieved he's receiving the help he needs’ as star heads to rehab.
Well he was from Byker Grove...Ant McPartlin checks into rehab for alcohol and drug problem
Britain's Got Talent: Stephen Mulhern WALKS OFF set as Ant McPartlin does THIS to him
Hamilton Collection
There's a yoof on the tube dressed like Ant McPartlin in his Byker Grove years
I'm A Celeb host Ant McPartlin confesses the hardest part of hosting the show - Mirror Online.
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly trapped in freak storm ahead of I’m A Celeb return
The normally clean-shaven TV presenter Ant McPartlin beamed for the cameras with his partner Declan Donnelly in the spring sunshine on
Ant McPartlin joins Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch for Saturday Night Takeaway party
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly 'arrested' over shooting on Saturday Night Takeaway...
Ant McPartlin and wife Lisa Armstrong celebrate his RTS awards
Are Lebedev and Ant McPartlin the same person? Perhaps Declan Donnelly knows.
Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin well and truly let loose on Saturday night, as the beloved pair let their hair down for Dec's stag party.
Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears got a forehead like Ant McPartlin!
Seriously though, I’m playing Ant, man and by that I mean I’m playing Ant McPartlin in Ant and Dec the movie.
TV's Ant slices off tip of thumb: Ant McPartlin chopped off the tip of his thumb as he prepared a Sunday dinne...
Wish they did a charity stunt event for where Felix Baumgartner jumped off Ant McPartlin's stratospheric forehead back to Earth.
Ant Mcpartlin leaves a drunk message for Chris Moyles: via Ant we are human so we can be drunk
Great Geordie day on Jill Halfpenny, the Hairy Bikers then just bumped into Ant Mcpartlin! A Byker Grove reunion!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ant McPartlin looks like Danny Dyer staring into the world's tallest circus mirror, and not realising it is himself.
Anyone else think Laurence Kinlan's Danny Dyer is the bulb off Ant McPartlin?
my forehead is bigger than that of Tyra Banks and Ant McPartlin's lovechild, I don't think you've thought this through
Vincent Kompany looks like a dark version of Ant McPartlin
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