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Anson Mount

Anson Adams Mount IV (born February 25, 1973) is an American actor who has appeared in both movies and television shows.

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Funeral procession yesterday for BBKing, from Anson Mount's FB page.
If i was older, more attractive and had a better beard and longer hair I would literally be Anson Mount.
Thank you! Have a terrific day, Mr. Anson Mount! Looking forward to HOW! God bless you!🙏
The movie crossroads with Brittany spears, Zoe Zalanda, Anson Mount, I love this movie 😍
Look Bray, Anson Mount replied me, but why didn't you?
Check out this article about you. What The Guy From 'Crossroads' Looks Like Now via
I think I found Jason's celebrity doppelgänger! Anson Mount. Yes? Yeasss.
I couldn't find one for the older Ezio until I saw Anson Mount, except for eye
All sympathy not consistent with acknowledged virtue is but disguised selfishness. — Anson Mount
"He's like white haired Anson Mount, but with cat-eyes."
I've said it for years and will continue saying it: Anson Mount should be Bats.
Anson Mount *** on Wheels) wants to play a Marvel character: How bout it? or...
Anson Mount - Calgary Stampede 2014 yeppers this is good stuff!
Before the "Crossroads" kissing scene, Anson Mount ate a "big spoonful" of garlic to prank Britney Spears.
Anson Mount: "I don't care about sympathy. I care about playing a character who's understandable and clear."
If I was Anson mount on h.o.w. I would have rescued kasha before she hung carried her away tell her I love her and live happily ever after.
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Grab a refreshing pop today at Anson St. (12-5) or at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market (3:30-7)!
I'm sure the comparison has been made before, but Anson Mount looks nearly identical to Daniel Day-Lewis
there is only one Anson Mount, IV. And he is it!
SI Now: Anson Mount on growing up with an athlete as a parent via
Mackenzie Porter is absolutely stunning. She plays "Naomi Bohannon" on AMC's *** ON WHEELS. She and Anson Mount,...
Britney Spears' "Crossroads" boyfriend does NOT look like this anymore:
My man crush on Anson Mount just got a lot deeper. Don't tell my wife
That book was recommended by Anson Mount. Written by his friend.
Actors Anson Mount and C. S. Lee talk about trip to Isreal
Anson Mount for Joel please! He's the perfect guy for the role .
Going to try drawing Anson Mount as Cullen from *** on Wheels again tonight for 30 days 30 faces drawing. Home early, might start too!
Photograph by Greg Gerla. An amazing photographer. AND of course the handsome Anson Mount…
Anson Mount is prettier than I am on most days... I don't like admitting that but if it be truth... *sigh*
Minions eat pops too...Come get yours at Anson St. from 12-5 and Mount Pleasant Farmers Market 3:30-7.
~ Robby Benson looks JUST LIKE Anson Mount *** on Wheels. Couldn't be only one thinking this. I remember R.B. from childhood. LOL
I would love it to happen but not too many people say anson mount but he would be a great joel.
how many would like Anson Mount as Joel
*** on Wheels" - Bohanan is an intriguing and complex character played by Anson Mount! It is best if you watch it from the beginning :)
Giveaway - show me your sexy go to man. My Wyatt is always my go to man, I LOVE me some Anson Mount.I will...
Nope, grew up in White Bluff. Appeared at DCHS basketball game 2 yrs in a row now to promote
Finally going to watch Crossroads with Anson Mount. I'm nervous
Anson Mount is the silver fox dad of my dreams. 😛😍☺️
That is a beautiful picture Mount. As is one. me some Sam! !!
According to Wikipedia, Anson Mount went to Dickson County High School. I think that's a myth.
Anson Mount from crossroads still looks hot at 41💜
Wouldn't be surprised if Anson Mount was an actual cowboy who just wandered onto the set of *** On Wheels and they just started filming.
And Anson Mount is one of the reasons
Anson mount and his graying man bun got me feeling some type of way.
Anson Mount is in Crossroads and it's the first time I've seen him I'm a movie without his real live man bun
Anson Mount is a classic country music lover. OMFG just marry me already.
I'm convinced that young- Anson Mount kinda looks like your doppelganger. Just saying.
Sweet sassy molassey might be the phrase of the yr. Anson Mount seems like a really chill guy. He's great on *** on Wheels.
If someone makes an Anson Mount fake and loves me, I promise I won't be as mean to them.
... If someone could have an Anson Mount FC and be with me, that'd be perfect..
That Anson Mount is one fine piece... Wouldn't mind dating a demon wearing that meat suit.
Anson Mount was that hot bad boy everyone wanted, maybe if he goes for short hair ... he'd look better .
can you guys have Anson Mount on the show please with extra pancakes and bacon thank you.
Anson Mount is bae I still can't believe *** on Wheels is being cancelled 😥
Wow totally forgot Anson Mount was in Crossroads with Britney Spears. Yowza!
you are a sweetheart, too, Anson Mount!
Some of Anson Mount's fans are "attacking" me for my comment. Only a few have been mean though.
Who else agrees that Anson Mount is the modern day Clint Eastwood...Helluva producer and actor..
Ugh- Anson Mount I forgot you were in .Crossroads'. I'm so sorry.
is it true it was written about Anson Mount?
Anson Mount has awfa come to bed eyes
CROSSROADS... Never forget. I want Brit Brit to date Anson Mount next.
It's great read! Anson Mount should be lead in movie Just my humble op
Awesome mention from Anson Mount, thank you!
Anson Mount has a video called Dance W/me
I officially nominate a bid for Anson Mount as Batman.
Anson mount in crossroads just kills ya. 😍🔥
Anson Mount will always be my childhood crush. And if you don't recognize him as "Ben"... We can't be friends.
Dear Anson Mount, I forgive you for Crossroads. Sincerely a fan of *** on Wheels.
I've watched three Anson Mount movies and it hasn't even been 24 hours, it's a new found love
Good for you!! Mr.Anson Mount ain't letting no dust settle under his feet.
Anson Mount's new film "Supremacy" will be released in theaters January 30th 2015! Ty
I really shouldn't have mentioned Anson Mount. I'm having dirty thoughts.
*** On Wheels is brilliant! You will love Anson Mount and Commons bromance! Still need to finish the last few episodes
My favorite is Anson Mount but Chris is pretty good. :))
Anson Mount will forever be sexy to me
Anson Mount would've made a really good Rick on TWD
I wonder if Neil Druckmann has considered Anson Mount to play as Joel in The Last of Us movie. Would make a great one, tbh.
The best part of Crossroads is Anson Mount & Zoe Saldana ughhh 😍😩🙌
With the help of Anson Mount raised over $170k for by raffling a set visit to his show *** on Wheels. 1/2
"I love the long-form format of television. I love being a..".
My dad has been talking about his man crush Anson Mount for the entirety of our lunch
Anson Mount was so hot in Crossroads omg
Looks like a relative of Anson Mount *** on Wheels his character is an ex confederate soldier!
I think Anson mount is related to him!
oh my god Anson Mount was my childhood crush.
Anson Mount in Crossroads. Holy moly whyd he have to age?
Anson Mount looks better as Bohannon than this jack character on Nonstop
Anson Mount: , Please tell me this is real. Oh PLEASE tell me.
This is a nice little synopsis on Anson Mount, though it fails to give his Dad due credit.
Yes to all. I also wanted Anson Mount or Emmett Scanlan. Naveen Andrews though, thats a cool choice
We're both behind on *** On Wheels, but big Anson Mount has come a long way from Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror.
Cullen and Naomi - Best of my Love - Anson Mount and Mackenzie Porter via
Anson Mount photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Hehe. Like I said. Lost.!!! I love the walking dead too. Also SOA and *** on wheels. Anson Mount is fine!!!
Anson Williams played Potsie, not Anson Mount, who is currently the star of *** on Wheels
Anson Mount great actor in *** on wheels the best show since breaking bad in my opinion and voice acted in the evil within watch out Troy
"In the last 20 years, we have not gone through a sexual revolution as much as a revolution in our search for intimacy." - Anson Mount
I just want hair like Anson Mount's
not a fan of the man bun but I'd look the other way for anson mount
HOW do we talk Anson Mount into playing Lander AND Mr. Dade? ;-) Perfect casting in my world ^_^
I don't agree with all this reviewer said, but he's very complimentary of Anson Mount and Kasha Kropinski in...
I don't care what anyone says Anson Mount is just 😍
Great show,sad to hear it's only two more episodes:(( Anson Mount & crew are all terrific!!have really enjoyed;))
kudos to Tom Brady, Kasha Kropinski, Anson Mount on my favorite episode of the season. Agree with you all re: Emmy talk!!
Ma ain't the only one who's got a crush on Anson Mount.
Not bad. I love Liam Neeson. Good flick, good plot (and there is the gorgeous Anson Mount!) — watching Non-Stop 2014 movie
I tell ya that Anson Mount is just WOW
*** on Wheels. Got to check out Anson Mount. Thanks to for the recommendation!
You know you've arrived when the credits say "...and ANSON MOUNT" Congrats Anson!
Hmm I thought that a few wks ago when Anson Mount was in NO. He would be great in that role.
Cool little bar chat with Anson Mount, aka Matthew Mark. The interviewer clearly doesn't know much about him
I think Anson Mount from and Andrew Lincoln from should have a beard competition.
Yeah, Jackie Earle Haley is good so far, Anson Mount never sounds fazed by anything.
Those of us who have followed *** On Wheelshave said for years what a fabulous actor Anson Mount is. He's able...
*** on Wheels: Anson Mount Finally: a reviewer that rightfully praises Anson Mount's bravura performance as Bohannon
I used to think Anson Mount was the hottest 50 year old white man
: Anson Mount gears up for Season 4 of *** on Wheels' via
I wish I was as cool as Anson Mount.
Don't want to miss Marisa Tomei, Anson Mount and Sister Hazel at Hop on the ferry down to
Anson Mount looks really weird without a beard
Talking 'bout King David's handsome and ruddy features during family dev. Anson Mount as Cullen Bohanon somehow made it to the conversation.
I know what you like Jami. Some Anson Mount. 😉
I love this show! Bring out more episodes so I can look at Anson Mount! 😻
I hope Anson Mount knows how good looking he is.
that's true - we could use Anson Mount & Colm Meaney at Thanksgiving dinner
GREAT interview on Acting with Anson Mount conducted by Stephen Ananicz produced and edited by Mindfull...
Anson Mount is an actor. Cullen is a character.
love Anson Mount. Once school is over I'm marathoning jt
If they ever adapt "The Dark Tower" books into a set of movies...Anson Mount would be the perfect Roland!
Anson Mount is the most underrated character on television.
that was one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Anson mount best actor hands down.
Anson mount for Joel in the last of us movie
Vodka & *** on Wheels. God I love me some Anson Mount.
Max from Catfish is okay, but I rather hook up with Anson Mount from *** on Wheels. He's hot!
Oh and Anson Mount how I've missed you
Is it wrong to spend the entire day watching *** On Wheels and Anson Mount? If it is, then I don't want to be right!
He was great as Potsie “I think anson mount is 1of best and most interesting actors on TV and in film.”
*** ON WHEELS runs all day today, starting at 8:00am Central Time on AMC. . Anson Mount and Sara Ann Brings...
Still, I will miss Cullen, I realize, as much as weekly Anson Mount. Our brooding Mississippian, turned to legend.
Okay I just checked the credits, I don't know who Anson Mount is but I know Jennifer Carpenter and Jackie Earle Haley. RORSCHACH!
All about Anson Mount Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
*** on Wheels renewed! WOO My enthusiasm has nothing to do with Anson Mount's face. NOTHING...
Watched the Anson Mount Spotlight On, loved it! Will afterbuzz be doing a show for *** On Wheels? Please say yes.
WAIT TLOU MOVIE? But richard doesn't seem like Joel. Anson mount would've for the role better and looks like him more …
They canceled *** ON wheels but I get one last season of Anson Mount
AMC Renews *** on Wheels for a Fifth and Final Season: The Western drama starring Anson Mount and Colm Meaney...
AMC's *** on Wheels' to end at five: Add comment Reprints + - Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount, in a s...
I started my day watching Anson Mount on and a few moments ago I knew renewed What a day!!!
Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon in Beyond good and evil!
*** On Wheels Anson Mount Vest (London Borough of Merton, England): *** on Wheels is an American televisio...
Actors that either or should get for future films: Lee Pace, Eva Green, Timothy Olyphant, Natalie Mendoza, Anson Mount.
Exclusive Interview with Anson Mount of *** On Wheels" S4 last 3 episodes have "jaw dropping events in HoW history
Anson Mount's photo "This was the last take of the last scene yesterday. on WhoSay S4
The last scene of the last filming for Season 4, posted by Anson Mount
He wasnt in the massive list of possibles, but I hoped that maybe Anson Mount would be Stephen.
Yeah, oh wow. I never thought of him. I was hoping for a few. Anson Mount being one, and I could see Keanu in the role too.
If anything bad happens to Anson Mount b/c of a substance abuse issue, may it rest upon each & every one of you who encouraged him to drink.
Did anyone notice the photo credit is for Anson Mount? Is this the same Anson Mount that plays Bohannon on *** ..
Anson Mount - block me, ban me, I don't care, only PLEASE get some help. You're killing yourself. : (
You need to help Anson Mount. He's drinking himself to an early grave & this behavior is gross
Bourbon. Anson Mount. *** on Wheels. . Sounds 'bout right. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
Exclusive Interview with Anson Mount of *** on Wheels’ - Breaking Television News "The most jaw-dr
I'm sure you'd love it. Anson Mount from *** on Wheels is in NOLA right now. He's enjoying the city he said. I'm sure!!
Anson Mount's photo, Okay, can someone explain to me why I don't LIVE here???
Anson Mount Kim Lenhardt-Schultz Martin Jacob Wenzel I know you all believe in the sacrifice veterans have made...
I thought the main character of The Evil Within sounded familiar. Its Anson Mount!
WHO is this Anson Mount they speak of?!
I have been meaning to ask you if you could help me find Anson Mount. He's filming in Nola now.
If I were Johnny Depp I would've picked Anson Mount over Amber Heard. Obviously he didn't see All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.
I wish Anson Mount didn't know he was so ridiculously attractive, he'd be so much MORE ridiculously attractive.
Anson Mount's photo, Weird window on the street.
“The Law” as performed by Anson Mount from Eric Bogosian's
xD . Side Note... I do love that Anson Mount does the voice. Dude is a great actor and that adds to the game for me
I've voted for People's Choice Awards by writing in *** on Wheels and Anson Mount every chance I could!
"Anson Mount & *** on Wheels Fan Group" fans ~ New Most Interesting Man in the World. http:…
Cowboy v. Cowboy - James Garner v. Anson Mount . Wow! Yesterday was unanimous! James Garner, on the left today,...
Fall in love with Mac Mount (Anson Mount's adopted pup) just as much as we have with these 19 videos.
And since Anson Mount(Cullen)is directing or producing these episodes he's not going anywhere...
Of course the story is interesting however Anson Mount is easy on the eyes too!
Check out Anson Mount's fundraising page for on
OMG!! OMG!!! Anson Mount is the main character of the game his voice is awesome fits it totally WHAT A GAME!!...
I can't take it when men cry. I REALLY can't take it when Anson Mount cries. 😢
Its like Anson Mount going from god awful Britney Spears movie to *** on Wheels.
My brother wants me to marry Anson Mount or Charlie Hunnam 😂
The voice actor for Castellanos in Evil Within is Anson Mount. Pretty cool guy and actor if you ask me .
BRAVO to u anson mount! well said! So refreshing for an actor to use his celebrity for good instead of shameless self promo
Anson Mount cant see me. I totally understand him. He will lose precious children that are like family to him. I can't imagine. . PRAY.
So I came here on recommendation from Anson Mount. Says you're good judge of scripts. But I'm newbie to it. *** at it.
Deadline on Anson Mount's New Movie Role; HuffPost Talks Villains of *** on Wheels via
note : All movies reported by Anson Mount on iTunes. Please let me know of any others
So I have turned into my husband. *** on Wheels has become my new obsession. Anson Mount I is one good...
I had no idea that Anson Mount and Jennifer Carpenter were in The Evil Within.
“Play today! i give it 8/10 im on chapter 12 i have to say impeccable gameplay anson mount👎
ah k; apparently the VA is Anson Mount, star of such films as Urban Legends: Final Cut and Crossroads with Britney Spears
The main character of The Evil Within, is Sebastian Castellanos (voiced by Anson Mount). He is aided by
"I don't go to movies for redemption - if I want that, I'l..".
Fun times at Palmer Hotel..for with Anson Mount & wait until next season & fundraiser :) http:/…
when will you post the Anson Mount video interview? Thanks.
The Evil Within has Anson Mount *** on Wheels) and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) as it's primary voice actors. What!?
is dead serious. If Zachy G gets any more ruggedly handsome, he'll show up as Anson Mount's sexy younger brother on
you're a real life inspiring Anson Mount. :-)
I had a dream I lived in like the railroad days and I had sex with Anson Mount it was pretty good 😋
Anson Mount is the voice actor of the main character in Can't wait to get it tomorrow
Happy to see you're getting more support! My question; Have you set a date for your Spring Charity Event with Anson Mount yet?
Anson Mount from *** On Wheels hands down one of the best shows ever! 🔫🌾🌵
Anson Mount and Andrew Lincoln are the same *** thing. You know what i mean if you watch all AMC TV Series
and Katie Nehra join our Mr. Right cast!
announces cast for 'Mr.Right.' inc. our brilliant as Johnny Howl.
Anson Mount. He's on a show called *** on Wheels.
Anson Mount does not get enough credit for his work as Cullen Bohannon on Fantastic acting that draws me into each episode
You just sent me down an Anson Mount rabbit hole!
I will marry Anson Mount one day. Idc.
Anson mount would be great and ellen page would be good for ellie! Follow us for a follow back! (:
Anson mount is the star n producer of *** on wheels n AMC series he lives in NYC teaches at Columbia n would be a great guest
Anson Mount's photo, Director Adam Davidson regaling us with a story.
Anson Mount: , Didn't really have a chance to ask what everyone thought about episode 408. When I first read it,...
I love Westerns and this is Anson Mount on the left and Colm Meaney from Star Trek TNG on the right.…
Naomi def hurt Cullen, it was all over his face. Anson Mount portrays CB perfectly!
hi anson mount love you in *** on wheels. I think you are an excellent actor.
literally all I want right now is to watch the last scene of Safe where Anson Mount gets shot in the face.
As much as I want to do dirty things to Anson Mount, him crying sounds like someone getting raped.
If they ever make a film on Red Dead Redemption then Anson Mount would be perfect as Marston.
This is Anson Mount's latest philanthropic endeavor
Anson Mount's "Stillness in Motion"; or "The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Westerns"
best season ever, can't believe the epicness. Also Anson Mount is just a badass.
All purpose parts banner
my latest movie out 2012 take a look also stars Anson Mount and Chris Sarandon!!
"Anson Mount Bohannon from *** On Wheels. Just into this, great substitute if you miss Deadwood.
Did you know there is another Anson Mount,in Chicago and he's a pilot? Its such a unique name.I like it.
*** on Wheels’ season 4, episode 9 preview: Anson Mount’s new mission in ‘Two Trains’
Anson Mount's photo, The table has been set for this evening's dinner in the Palmer Hotel.
Anson Mount's video, Rosalie shooting the 20 gauge Smith single shot. Beautiful gun.
Our journey through the Great Plains continues…want me to save you a seat? Enter here:
Enter by tonight for a chance to raise *** w/ on the set of htt…
Join final push to help & he might even give you the hat off his head...literally.
Need to do a Anson Mount aka Cullen Bohanan portrait!
Dreamed that babysat my 9y.o. niece; let her call him Anson but made me use Mr. Mount. WTH?!?
Sure works for me. There are some guys who can made rode hard look good(Viggo Mortenson). Anson is one of them.
Anson Mount would be a perfecto Deathstroke.
Check out Anson Mount's fundraising page for Team Rubicon on and help if you can!
19 adorable videos of and his dog Mac
Join Anson Mount and key crew members on a tour of Cheyenne, the new set for Season 4 of *** on Wheels.
Y'all wanna go to the set of to support the foundation
(2) anson mount | Tumblr Anson will be the voice of the main character, in "The Evil Within" video g
anson mount | Tumblr Episode 404 "Reckoning" Cullen comes home after being badly beaten by Campbells
You, and a day in the Wild West. Enter to win the ultimate experience:
Who else would like to see Anson Mount of *** on Wheels as Jim Raynor?
VO cast for The Evil Within revealed: Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Carpenter, and Anson Mount. Watch the video here:
Let's see what you're made of. Enter to win a day in Cheyenne w/ & help support
"Listen to Anson Mount read a scene from 'The Breakfast Club'" via
reach R goal 4 the FIGHTING DUCHENNE FOUNDATION Pls donate & share this link
Anson Mount should play Joel in movie
Go here for good causes world. Or at least my 10 followers!
Hey Anson...if I won fundraiser lotto & had to forfeit could I give visit to someone else?
Pls RT: Visit w/ on set. Help his charity you might even see him get th…
PLEASE RT, y'all. Final few days of fundraising:
Help my brutha out! RT! “PLEASE RT, y'all. Final few days of fundraising:
Anson Mount, Jackie Earle Haley, and Jennifer Carpenter headline the star-studded voice cast for The Evil Within.
You should have put Anson Mount's name at the top, as he and Jennifer Carpenter are voicing the lead characters.
Jackie Earle Haley, Anson Mount and Jennifer Carpenter to voice characters in 'The Evil Within'
Oh my god, Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon) and Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan) are doing voice work for The Evil Within!
Anson Mount should have been Christian.oh my.
Anson Mount aims a shot at Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with his trusty “raffle”. (say it out loud)
I have the fattest man crush on Anson Mount
check out Mount’s top seven reasons why you should board a train with him on set offor a day.
The only reason Mount and Olyphant aren't movie stars is because they're not Australian or British. Sad, but true.
Enter to Win a Trip to the *** on Wheels Set to Spend the Day With Anson Mount via
Shoot whiskey with Bohannon and support a great charity Here's how:
It's a great drama set in post Civil War US about the building of the Pacific Union Railroad, stars Colm Meaney and Anson Mount
Anson Mount, *** on Wheels. (Not Warren Wagon Train, but close enough)
I supported a great cause for the chance to join on the set of via
Michael Dunaway, C'91, talks to *** on Wheels' C'95, about Sewanee and much more for Paste Magazine,
Tayden Marks and Anson Mount in 2011. Tayden originally played Cullen Bohannon's young son in Mississippi who was...
Look at this lucky dog!! This is Mac, Anson Mount's dog. Who else is watching the Season 4 premier tomorrow...
Anson Mount was just on to talk about this amazing cause and raffle!
If you missed the Anson Mount interview this morning with Hunter and Michaels, it's here- mean I could have DONE something w/ my liberal arts degree?? who knew? . … via
Anson Mount talks *** on Wheels, Supremacy and the importance of a liberal arts Education
After reading this I'm sure would have a huge following as a writer, much like his writer Dad.
If you're not familiar with 's always keen, usually unique & often surprising take on things, u should b.
“Local actor gears up for Season 4 of YUM!
Anson Mount is the only man that can make smoking a tobacco pipe look
Best show on TV-Proud to call him a Tennessean MT Actor gears up for Season4 of
Local actor gears up for Season 4 of
Friday on The Frank Show: It's the return of the handsome Anson Mount from *** on Wheels.' Another chance at...
Hi Barry :) Saw your post on FB re:Anson Mount. Very cool ;). Need all the promo for we can get!
on the masculinity and beauty of the western. One of the better essays I've ever read from an actor.
An Alfonso Cuarón or Danny Boyle directed w/ Anson Mount or Clive Owen as Joel would be amazing. Not sure about Ellie casting.
A photo from Anson Mount on WhoSay. Need one of these for our dogs!
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