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Anson Mount

Anson Adams Mount IV (born February 25, 1973) is an American actor who has appeared in both movies and television shows.

Cullen Bohannon Serinda Swan Black Bolt Britney Spears Kirsten Cohen Timothy Olyphant Happy Birthday Colm Meaney Iwan Rheon Clint Eastwood

I dunno about Boromir but I would love to see Anson Mount as Aragorn..or I’d love to see ANY of the S…
it occurs to me that the Inhumans TV series' issues were telegraphed by casting someone like Anson Mount as a character who doesn't speak
Anson Mount is so good as Black Bolt
Lordy my brain thought you said anson mount and I was all “two please”
I added a video to a playlist The Mutuals Interviews: Anson Mount
Anson Mount shaved clean for next ex agent to work Harold?
Anson Mount created a language, actually. The producers said he didn't have to, but Anson chose to cr…
Shoot dudes, I didn't know Anson Mount voiced Sebastian in the first Evil Within. Really wish he was in the sequel...
Lockjaw's pretty great, yeah. I'm really liking Black Bolt as well, Anson Mount does a good job in the role.
I sorta liked *** on Wheels but Anson Mount Deserves Better.
In my fantasy Little House remake, Anson Mount is Pa
Once Inhumans gets cancelled someone needs to get Anson Mount on a better show.
Nope. I prefer Anson Mount and Jennifer Carpenter by A LOT. They made Seb and Juli sound like real people.
Great cosplay...too bad Mr. Anson Mount wasn't in this one...
|| And now since I know Pictures from Anson Mount... I totally need to watch *** on Wheels!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The cast has been revealed for Mankind at
Also. Sidenote: Anson Mount was fine af as Cullen Bohannon
Anson Mount is the best actor in the show
SUPER excited for the next collaboration with Robert Ohara at Playwrights Horizons!
Check out the latest interview with Anson Mount, Black Bolt from Marvel's Inhumans:
West or 2A West?. I must admit I'm unfamiliar with any of the teams in the 2AA East…
Any casting announcement including Anson Mount that does not mention his Greatest Role of all Time can GTFO.
. I LOVE Anson Mount from *** On Wheels, but he's not that great at playing a deaf person. PLEASE let him talk, so I can watch.
"I think all of us have a hero and a villain in us.". - Anson Mount . Picture: Adam West Batman villains
.Andre_DeShields , Bobby Moreno, ansonmount cast in phnyc's Mankind
performance is great in 's . Well done
Anson Mount is the greatest thing to come out of Inhumans for me.
on a scale of anson mount III to anson mount IV how woke are you
Anson Mount's father had two sons and named them both Anson Mount
Sooo...I watched last night and...I didn't completely hate it?? I really enjoyed Anson Mount, Serinda Swan and Ken Leung. 🙂
Inhumans wasn't horrible as the critics said. I was entertained. I thought Anson Mount, Serinda Swan and Iwan Rheon were great.
Man, Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, and Iwan Rheon try their best to jerk this limp script off, and give it life.
Anson Mount, very good so far. Like the alien sign language. Serinda Swan, also pretty good.
Truth. Adrienne Padalecki deserves better. If she can't go back to…
If you're a BCS fan, there's a GREAT interview with Rhea Seehorn on the podcast. And I think one with my TN buddy Anson Mount
Anson Mount is a god *** Legend. Let's get and get them brainstorming ideas on how to sort the worl…
Discovering Anson Mount has saved my wicked soul.
OMG! Anson Mount played the guy Charlotte slept with in the Hamptons! I KNEW "crabs guy" looked familiar! 🤣🦀
Life fundamentally does not change depending on work or fame or success. - Anson Mount
Anson Mount’s height, weight and fitness routine -
An excellent episode of Pseudopod Podcast coming out a bit later today. Just finishing it off now. *cough* Anson Mount is narrating *cough*
wait a second... Sebastian's not voiced by Anson Mount anymore???
My sister's fav actor Anson Mount *** On Wheels) shared their GoFundMe and donated this morning, and Im crying at how…
Check out the interview did recently w/ his old buddy for
actor on the physical obstacles in portraying Black Bolt & working w/
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I often confuse Anson Williams, Anson Mount and Ansel Adams and, I suppose, always will.
Netflix, you have to cast Anson Mount as Geralt for The Witcher! Just look at the haunting similarities!
Anson Mount’s expressiveness will wreck your feels. It takes a special kind of actor to say everything w/o speaking a word.
Anson Mount running in a suit in Inhumans
Anson Mount's character doesn't speak AT ALL in What? AND there's a teleporting dog. But was too exp…
How 'bout statues to the glory that are Thomas Durant's and Anson Mount's beards?
Just found out Anson mount is a liberal. All hope is lost.
On the lighter side…Anson Mount should be on people magazine's top 50 sexiest!
Alright I'm just gonna say it. I don't care if your car climbed Mount Washington
Anson Mount's role in 'Inhumans' won't speak. He says that's the only way they would let 'redneck play a super hero.' He'…
do i tag anson mount when i reveal my tattoo next Saturday
In ABC/Marvel's Inhumans, Anson Mount (as King Black Bolt) will never have dialogue. All things considered, he's the luc…
RETRACTION: The "You're making me feel like Ben Affleck right now" quote from the TCA panel was from Anson Mount, NO…
Spoiler: Anson Mount is what happens when Daniel Day-Lewis and Jean Claude Van Damme have a baby together.
Happy 44th Birthday to actor Anson Mount! 1 of more underrated actors in the biz today!
Every actor you hate is one performance from becoming an actor u like.. but maybe not Anson Mount
I'm surprised you're watching it on HBO when it's in that Anson Mount box set I got you for Christmas
Last night I had a dream that Anson Mount (AKA the sexiest man alive) was in love with me and wouldn't leave my...
And Anson Mount from Sewanee was Britney's love interest!
don't know what to do dig fallout shelter Covert to Christianity Go to Synagogue Call Anson Mount and tell him I want him
Anson Mount is the manliest name in history.
Interesting rumour about Affleck Jon today, Anson Mount would work if true
It's fun (and there's a great turn from frequent EA narrator Anson Mount too:)) but not super essential
Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning and Anson Mount at the "Crossroads" Premiere in Los Angeles 15 years ago toda…
So. What in the world is Anson Mount up to? Knee deep on snow?
I would love to Mr. Anson mount, play the role of Joel in the film,"The Last of Us."
Anson Mount is so fine. Long hair and all. Good gracious. 😍😈🙊
When you watch crossroads late at night and you remember that Anson Mount was such a babe but then realize he still is 😍😍
Why is Anson Mount not staring in a major motion picture right now?
If The Witcher 3 was live action Anson Mount would HAVE to play Geralt.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Cast Anson Mount as Joel for the on screen role in "The Last of us." Only way to go guys
Anson Mount in *** on Wheels is my soulmate, great actor
I might have gone for Anson Mount...
it's a pretty bad pool film "Poolhall Junkies". Has its moments, and a young Anson Mount. And that speech of course...
I grew up in the South, so a huge part of our American History educatio...
I like my work to stand on its own as much as possible.
Hey Anson Mount thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. Tim
I can't claim I'm truly a man's man, I'm just as much of a dork and ...
Friend Kyle with the start of an awesome euro mount. Anson County, NC
I don't care about sympathy. I care about playing a character who's understandable and clear. by Anson Mount
You don't need to like your protagonists.
I don't know how to put on any tough guy pretensions.
Anson Mount - You don't need to like your ...: via
When you're in school until you're 25 and you get out and suddenly str...
About once a year, I do these long-distance relays with some friends ...
In the last two or three decades, there's been a feminization of the ...
I know this says Anson Mount, but no one shld look this good after an operation, I think he's an imposter. LOL Get better asap.
The whole cable-TV original programming just changed the nature of te...
For me, acting is play. It's just play and it's playing make believe ...
Cuba you Google tengok sendiri. His name is Anson Mount.
Rare pix of britney and Anson mount goofing off set of crossroads in 2001. So cute
Dear Whoever this is,. I saw that your senior pic was at the top of mount Vesuvius. I took it off the sign. One day…
Can we just take a sec to admire Anson Mount aka Cullen Bohannon ( watching HOW start to finish for the 3rd time) 👅…
PLEASE battle Colm Meaney vs. Anson Mount from AMC's *** on Wheels!!!
Exactly how was the bikini ? Too funny! What's next for Anson Mount's projects?
I totally forgot Anson Mount was in this episode. He plays an ***
Even star actor Anson Mount *** On Wheels) agrees with me that he'd be a suitable actor for…
is so cute 󾆷. Love your doggie vids Anson Mount 󾬓!
Anson Mount [Quick Quiz] - Graduated from the University...: via
it's shaping up as great finish to HOW led by the legend Anson Mount.& the cast nails it as you would expect from that lineup.
It was the episode five years in the making: on The Swede's fate:
Good acting as usual from Anson Mount&Christopher Heyerdahl. I'm drained!
*** on Wheels marathon on Netflix. Anson Mount is one fine man.
[The FC is Anson Mount, by the way. 🙈]
Anson Mount does not need anyone to defend him. He is quite capable of defending himself.
Anson Mount Looks Back on the Biggest Moments in *** on Wheels History: The actor talks… http…
I'm gonna be bitter about Anson Mount shaving off his Cullen Bohannon beard & cutting his hair short FOREVER.
Anson Mount, thank you for making me fall in love with Cullen Bohannon, whom I did not like at the beginning! I will miss him so
Anson Mount was a wonderful Kirsten Cohen today
Anson Mount as Kirsten Cohen is some inspired casting.
Anson Mount is Kirsten Cohen, because sure. Ashley Williams is Sandy.
I grew up hunting with shotguns and rifles, and we had a gun in every corne...
I love Anson Mount. What a cool cat.
Anson Mount is so pretty and I'm so sad.
Anson Mount is another actor I'd like too see in the DCEU
Very cool of to talk to the DCHS seniors today!
returns to Dickson Co. High stage via
Anson Mount returns to Dickson Co. High stage: I want to stress h...
Any cool thoughts about today's session with Anson Mount share here and I will share with him!.
Anson Mount on FaceTime with our Seniors this morning
Happy Birthday to a very talented and awesome actor, Anson Mount🎁🎉
With today being Anson Mount's birthday, we conclude super hot guys birthday week.
Happy Birthday Anson Mount​! is one of the star actors in my cult film
Happy Birthday to you, Sally SJRaphal , Anson Mount,Justin Berfield,and last but by no means least, myslef.
Today is birthday of actor Anson Mount famous by the movie Crossroads and series *** On Wheels AMC.
updates Anson Mount for rank 819 to 657
Wanting to wish Anson Mount a very Happy Birthday!
I love getting paid to ride a horse.
Anson Mount was originally reluctant to play Ben, but was encouraged by Robert De Niro. Who is a fan of Britney.
Good and bad are really arbitrary words when it comes to character.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I enjoy watching *** on Wheels, but I'm not convinced Anson Mount is a great day!
So for some reason I'm watching the Britney Spears 2002 movie Crossroads because I found out Anson Mount is in it and am morbidly curious...
//so, if we were to do a Dr. Strange movie directly from the animated movie, I choose Anson Mount
Anson mount for ghost rider Netflix series?? All in favor?
I'm an enemy of exposition. I feel there's no need to overstate.
Women are 2.8x more likely to vote for Anson Mount on the Celebrities Who Should Be A-Listers list. Vote
Anson Mount. What a man, how have I not heard of him until now!!
just donated 500.00 Donation 2 Fighting Duchenne Foundation Receive an exclusive tumbler set signed by Anso…
the power of AM."Our world is empty without you, Anson mount"!
Anson Mount being into Shearwater is worlds colliding in terms of things I think are awesome.
I thought the movie was fine, but I picture Anson Mount as Reacher
Please god, don't let him comment on it. I don't need a repeat of the Anson Mount self-googling disaster.
I would really get into having a long well deserved vacation like Anson Mount. But, I would want it to be paid vacay Carry on
I need to check my mailbox! I think there's a shirt with Anson mount on it, and a signature. I'm so excited I can hardly breathe! 😳
A merger of my two favorite shows Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon in *** on Wheels & a Walker from The Walking Dead😀
...with all the remakes, what about Tomestone??with Anson Mount,Timothy Olyphant,Walton Goggins,Robert Taylor, Sam Elliot ❤️
But have you heard Anson Mount narrate it before! Excellent read, Mr. Mount!
my picks were Anson Mount or Timothy Olyphant
I liked a video Anson Mount's video on Sep 12...
*** on Wheels' stars Anson Mount and Common take EW's Pop Culture Pers... via lol these two are great
I mean, good Lord. Just look at Anson Mount... 😍🙌🏼
Anson Mount must be Joel . He's Joel , that's him .
You have to watch *** on Wheels.Anson Mount is a sleeper star!
Ok so I've binge watched 3 seasons of *** on Wheels. Anson Mount is my new favorite actor. What a gift to be able to play this amazing role
Anson Mount should be the next James Bond and he should have been Jack Reacher!!
re-watching *** on wheels, anson mount is like a western joel. Would be perfect for TLoU movie
Anson Mount as joel for TLOU movie.
Anson Mount needs to play Erron Black and Erron Black needs his own movie
I'd probably still watch the show if he weren't on it, but I wouldn't like it NEAR as much!! (Anson Mount as...
Has anyone ever seen Anson Mount and circa-1982 Michael McDonald in the same room?
Anson Mount Still gets my vote for Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower.
hey Anson Mount should jump on this one and ride it
Gather round, ya’ll. We’ve got the latest updates on before the final episode this year.
Received my letter to join movie Cook County, starring Xander Berkley, Anson Mount. in book.
i only want anson mount to play Jesus on twd so he doesn't fade into obscurity after *** on wheels
Could Anson Mount be any more beautiful? Seriously. He's so hot. 😍🔥🚂
I wanna take an acting class with Anson Mount where we pretend HE'S the tree and I climb him.Ya know?
I wish I wanted anything as bad as I want to blow Anson Mount.
Costs mount for Ford Theatre renovation; the rush is on to beat El Niño
Same here but we plays the Vols. I trashed talked with Anson Mount. Big Vols fan.
I'm not a fan either, but some men just rock them (e.g. Timothy Omundson & Anson Mount).
It's a daggum for me too!! Love my Anson Mount & now learn I won't be in Calgary on set! Missin' my date tonight!
Forever wanting Anson mount and Britney Spears from crossroads to get married😭
Started watching *** on Wheelz... Anson Mount is SO hot! And I totally…
You guys, I'm gonna be pretty sad when is over. I mean, Anson Mount, amirite?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Forgive me if this has already been said, but name could really use a comma and an exclamation point. Anson, Mount!
ANY chance to look at Anson Mount is heaven!
Anson Mount...think Im gonna start watching this show just to look at this beautiful man! -
I still dig me some Anson Mount in *** on Wheels!" Season 5 now playing on AMC.
Already donated and I am getting the "Mount Anson" tee shirt.
Former 1st NYC Cabaret friend Bryan here. Met you w/Anson Mount at Twilo Please support my film
Ron...Ron... ANSON MOUNT "IS" the epitome of the gunslinger. OMG... No one else can begin to pull it off.
*whistles* We’ve got news, ya’ll!. The complete fourth season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.
And good morning to you from Johnson City, TN. We love Anson Mount and HOW here.
Just found *** on Wheels with the scrumptious Anson Mount as Cullen Bohanan. It constantly makes me think of this
Was going to get up and work out.but then I thought about Anson Mount and decided to watch instead
was again a thoroughly enjoyable trip to our past..Anson Mount is the new Clint Eastwood, for my same look
Mr. Anson Mount, I think Mac is checking his "p- mail." He is one adorable little man!!! LOL!! Have a marvelous Monday!!!
Watching *** on Wheels. I have all the love for Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon!
Love his voice, especially on the Dodge commercial, the way he says "Ram"! I'm a suckered for a southern accent.Anson Mount! 😉
Little Giant Ladders
is one of those shows Anson Mount will never get a serious award nomination for. He deserves it tho. He is the show.
I love a great western and I love *** On Wheels. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Anson Mount. 'nough said.
In 15 minutes i have a date with Anson Mount... i will NOT be answering the phone!
I have a crush on Anson Mount to the point where its a little unhealthy. My obsession with this show is too real
Don't even get me started on Anson Mount uggh
Just wondering if any Anson Mount fans agree that he just may fall under the definition of 'Lumbersexual' !
Anson Mount's photo, Guess who helped me do my satellite interviews this morning.
Today on The Morning Blend, Heather chats with Anson Mount from the hit show *** On Wheels! We look back at an...
Anson Mount on Instagram: “When your best friend from high school (who was a better actor) comes...
My palm reading of actor Anson Mount is now up on YouTube
Psyched for a new episode of Check out piece on ht…
*** on Wheels' Season 5 takes Anson Mount for one last ride via
I would very much like to steal Anson Mount and his dog tbfh
Ahead of its release next month, a new poster and trailer have arrived online for Blumhouse Production’s Visio...
Still working on my plan of marrying Anson Mount. I'm thinking I'll go the traditional route and trap him with a love child. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm loving the 'Mac' and 'Mount Anson' tees available at Omaze! . You've got a big heart Anson! Love your work
It was rough. Twofold for me. The story was hard, but ended up beautiful. And I'm mad crazy about Anson Mount, but he was horrible!
We just saw that they put new *** on Wheels on Netflix. Anson Mount. Just wow
Enter to win a day with my favorite cowboy, while raising $$ for a great cause! Fight DMD
Anson Mount's photo, A moment between takes during the shoot if episode 502.
Anson Mount as joel, have u seen him on *** on wheels? Would fit perfectly
oh god can I see Anson Mount and Timothy Olyphant in a new bad *** series
Patiently waiting for Anson Mount to fall in love with me
Anson Mount is seriously one of the best actors I have ever seen
I definitely enjoy some surprise Anson Mount but wow, playing the dumb playboy does diminish the pleasure.
Anson Mount totally deserves to join Hey Girl via
Anson Mount totally deserves to join Hey Girl
Support and earn a chance to spend the day on set with Anson Mount!
*** yeah!! 😃 Cannot wait, Anson Mount . It's been way too long.
Just read your gutless ATTACK on HoW in What to Watch/EW current edition re: Anson Mount. Save snark for Bullseye.
Seriously though, one day I'm going to run into Anson Mount and his cute little french bulldog and we're going to live happily ever after.
What flavor are you craving today? You can catch us at Anson Street 12-5 or at Mount Pleasant Farmers Market 3:30-7
Glad you answered that way. Love McQuenn but you're ANSON FREAKING MOUNT. Totally unique.
Need eyeglasses girl. Check out his Anson Mount fan page for some young Anson I just posted. Hm
When I watch *** on Wheels, Anson Mount's accent makes me homesick. Turns out he grew up about 20 minutes from me.
How come when Anson Mount wears a west it helps him look more manly, but when I do people keep asking for their hors d'oeuvre
That's crazy talk! Anson Mount is crazy hot & sexy always regardless of his hair👍
Yes. I love Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannan. Literally in love. No, imbeing dramatic. Lawdamercy.
I don't care what anybody else may think. I love the cinematography on and I love Anson Mount ;)
[US] *** on Wheels (2014): Dark and gritty Western tv show from AMC. Starring Anson Mount and Colm Meaney. Se...
yes he did. Thank you, Anson Mount! I love it that thru him, we have all made friends all over!
That's the truth. I've made great friends through *** on Wheels. mount brought us together.
to be your first guest amount vwith Anson Mount!
It's good. Anson Mount is also above ground cool and sexy. I didn't use a translator either
"Anson Mount is also sometimes above ground cool and sexy"
almost forgot how good *** on Wheels is.. even when his eye is all messed up Anson Mount is still pretty *** sexy
Why did no one tell me Anson Mount was so hot?!?!? 😍😙
Thank you, Sir! . Generous (and, might I say, beautiful) words from an American Gentleman: Anson Mount.
*** on Wheels starring Anson Mount as Cullen Bohanon begins its 5th season on July 18 on AMC. I've never missed an episode. Check it out!
can't wait. Love it, love Anson mount, :)
We are indeed fortunate to live in the land of the free. Happy Independence Day Anson Mount. out to the Macster!
You have trained Mac well Mr. Anson Mount! I think you may have some competition!!!
Mac is very multi-talented just like his daddy! Thank you for sharing Mr. Anson Mount!!! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!GB🙏
Totally love it, glad Netflix offers it. Anson Mount plays the tough hombre Confederate, who after the war got...
and icecream. Could anson mount be any hotter?! 😍
Funeral procession yesterday for BBKing, from Anson Mount's FB page.
If i was older, more attractive and had a better beard and longer hair I would literally be Anson Mount.
Thank you! Have a terrific day, Mr. Anson Mount! Looking forward to HOW! God bless you!🙏
The movie crossroads with Brittany spears, Zoe Zalanda, Anson Mount, I love this movie 😍
Look Bray, Anson Mount replied me, but why didn't you?
Check out this article about you. What The Guy From 'Crossroads' Looks Like Now via
I think I found Jason's celebrity doppelgänger! Anson Mount. Yes? Yeasss.
I couldn't find one for the older Ezio until I saw Anson Mount, except for eye
All sympathy not consistent with acknowledged virtue is but disguised selfishness. — Anson Mount
"He's like white haired Anson Mount, but with cat-eyes."
I've said it for years and will continue saying it: Anson Mount should be Bats.
Anson Mount *** on Wheels) wants to play a Marvel character: How bout it? or...
Anson Mount - Calgary Stampede 2014 yeppers this is good stuff!
Before the "Crossroads" kissing scene, Anson Mount ate a "big spoonful" of garlic to prank Britney Spears.
If I was Anson mount on h.o.w. I would have rescued kasha before she hung carried her away tell her I love her and live happily ever after.
Grab a refreshing pop today at Anson St. (12-5) or at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market (3:30-7)!
I'm sure the comparison has been made before, but Anson Mount looks nearly identical to Daniel Day-Lewis
there is only one Anson Mount, IV. And he is it!
SI Now: Anson Mount on growing up with an athlete as a parent via
Mackenzie Porter is absolutely stunning. She plays "Naomi Bohannon" on AMC's *** ON WHEELS. She and Anson Mount,...
Britney Spears' "Crossroads" boyfriend does NOT look like this anymore:
My man crush on Anson Mount just got a lot deeper. Don't tell my wife
That book was recommended by Anson Mount. Written by his friend.
Actors Anson Mount and C. S. Lee talk about trip to Isreal
Anson Mount for Joel please! He's the perfect guy for the role .
Going to try drawing Anson Mount as Cullen from *** on Wheels again tonight for 30 days 30 faces drawing. Home early, might start too!
Photograph by Greg Gerla. An amazing photographer. AND of course the handsome Anson Mount…
Anson Mount is prettier than I am on most days... I don't like admitting that but if it be truth... *sigh*
Minions eat pops too...Come get yours at Anson St. from 12-5 and Mount Pleasant Farmers Market 3:30-7.
~ Robby Benson looks JUST LIKE Anson Mount *** on Wheels. Couldn't be only one thinking this. I remember R.B. from childhood. LOL
I would love it to happen but not too many people say anson mount but he would be a great joel.
how many would like Anson Mount as Joel
*** on Wheels" - Bohanan is an intriguing and complex character played by Anson Mount! It is best if you watch it from the beginning :)
Giveaway - show me your sexy go to man. My Wyatt is always my go to man, I LOVE me some Anson Mount.I will...
Nope, grew up in White Bluff. Appeared at DCHS basketball game 2 yrs in a row now to promote
Finally going to watch Crossroads with Anson Mount. I'm nervous
Anson Mount is the silver fox dad of my dreams. 😛😍☺️
That is a beautiful picture Mount. As is one. me some Sam! !!
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