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Another Planet

Another Planet is an album by Alien Sex Fiend, released in 1988 on Anagram as LP (GRAM 38), cassette (C GRAM 38) and CD (CD GRAM 38).

John Sayles Joe Morton

Hey Ladies the arrangements have been made Boy's Bar and Grill 2596 West Loop South They have good food especially The Dumpster Fries,Live Music,karaoke,and Comedy( I might get up there and Do My Thank-Comedy or the Karaoke you never know about Miss"C").So come on out and lets have some fun so The People would say"Who are those Beaitiful Black Queens,they must be from another Planet they are Gorgeous".March 28,2014 from 7:00 until YOU leave. Hope to see YOU there.Love The Black Queen Miss."C" s
I wonder what life would be like on another planet when we travel to it in the near future? I bet it will be hard to make financial transactions through space. Sending my cousin over $100 and the transaction gets stuck in a black hole. BOA will find a way to charge you to retrieve it. NO IM NOT DRUNK BUT THESE ARE SOME REAL FUTURISTIC QUESTIONS WE NEED TO ASK, WHEN TIME COMES.
People wanna go fly to another planet when they cant even be here in this planet, integrate ground yourself! You ain't going nowhere if you can appreciate being here now.
Looks like I flew to another planet today. Lots of cool shots ffor these guys.
Libral suggestion on traffic congestion, " we could make it so freight can only be moved at night when then road network is empty, i know this does not happen now because of penalty rates but we could make it this way." let alone the mental cost of asking, sorry, telling a whole industry from now on you can only drive at night and not see your family. get another planet you ffools.
Messi is great , might be from another planet but cr7 definately from this living planet and I proud to support my planeterian. I respect ur hardwork.
Vonleh going pro would be like me playing at Bay Hill, Another planet
who up? Might inbox ya ah lil sum dis Barton got me feeling good too im on another planet
Guess I need to move to another planet then.There is power in prayer though! :-)
Albuquerque looked like another planet.
NASA...NASA trips me out. First off, human beings will never be allowed to live on another planet because it is forbidden. NASA and their arrogance is out of hand thinking we can live on Mars because we're unique to Earth only until God makes it anew. I don't know if NASA already knows this, I don't know if we went to the moon or not I just know there's a high rank of Angels in space that have orders from God to prevent us. The Lord showed me in a dream that Earth is sending out vibrations to these other there are other planets out there alive like Earth, some of them are freggin ginormous..I dunno if they have living beings on them but the planets know about Earth that it's hurting. At first they were upset with us humans for doing this to Earth but then it got they began to stare at us and wonder at us and then they wanted us to live in their hostile environments but it was forbidden because they wern't granted life in the way Earth was so we couldn't go with them. Everything ...
Evening photo shoot in Big Bend National Park, WOW! This place is like bring on another planet. Captured some beautiful sunset images. Can't wait for sunrise shoot.
What ever happened to telling the truth? Being true? Respect for others? MORALS? .smh sometimes I feel like I'm from another planet!
Who remembers when People acted like people? Didnt run around all crazy and stuff, killing they kids, each other, stealing everybody elses stuff, making crazy demands on everything, wearing all kinds of crazy clothes, speaking all different Hanging out with weird kinds, doing things you would never do. WHAT? Oh Im sorry, I got Earth mixed up with another planet. You all have been this way from day one.
This is so Harold Little.see men are from another planet!!
Okay so we can block out transmitting signals we have airplanes and other stuff we travel to space to look for resources and for science i feel it's very possible we one day will be the aliens attacking another planet the way we portray aliens in movies if science goes that far
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Chase: Mom, today was the BEST day ever! Me: Awesome! Why? Chase: I felt like I was on another planet cuz I got kissed ON THE LIPS BY A GIRL! I LOVE her Mom!! .oh boy.
45 years ago on July 20, 1969 at 10:56PM Neil Armstrong steps out of the Apollo 11 lunar module, he descends the ladder and plants his foot on the surface of the moon, the first human to step foot on another planet. Over half a billion people watching on TV hear him clearly proclaim: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." 45 years and massive amounts of technology later, I still can’t hear my sister clearly on cell phone between Bayside and Flushing! *** ... Good luck Mr. Gorsky.
So I am going through some old wedding images for a wedding I second shot in AK. Although the main photographer delivered images long ago, I am just now getting around to editing some of mine. I will share as I edit and hopefully will have a blog post in a week or so :) These two could have been on another planet and they would have NEVER known! They didn't take their eyes off each other :) So much love!
Now me posting at this hour feelin lyk am frm a diffrnt tym zone. Sho it luks lyk am from another planet coz nobody can hear me. Yah ama post til i comment. Secrets
Does anybody remember a sci fi movie back in the 60's about jet airliner that was going to crash and right before it crashed the people were taken out and sent to another planet to populate it.
When I die I want everyone to wear messed up clothes and ripped stuff with a sign that say dont talk about fight club or act lik aliens from another planet either way looks cool to me or just dress up at an FBI agent
We have all this technology and such. We can find another planet millions of light years away but can't find a plane in our doorstep!
Ever felt like you just wish you can go to another planet where everything🙌 was perfect👌 ughh a massage is def needed💆😌
G A W D.i didn't know i was ninety two.oh you mean in dog years ??? i thought i was only i'm confused!!!...oh you mean because of the birth year i posted...that was on another planet that had a much more RAPID orbit around it's sun a year was about 180 days...
For you people that know that Braveheart Bear came to me Yesterday - How ironic that i also found 2 swords in my sharehouse that im currently in swear my lifes a comedy on another planet hoping I meet Mel Gibson in a Kilt 2day at my Eyes wide Open Chakra Swing gig in Mandurah :-) Fredom :-)
I want to live in another planet, where I can walk and see a three eyed bunny. A planet I can go around just by swinging calmly on a swing and the sunset lasts an eternity, giving away colors we have never seen. I also want Pokemon to be real... :p
THE SUBSTANCE OF SPIRIT IS LOVE...AND THE SUBSTANCE OF MATTER IS FEAR You must use your Mind consciously in a way that is constructive and stop using It in a way that your Father did not create It to be used, which ends up causing you damage, heart ache, injury, illness and ultimately death—a death that’s not real because you immediately find that you haven’t died at all and the whole thing was a farce . . . you see? And that you didn’t need to be as afraid of it as you were. In fact, you could have challenged it if you had known that it couldn’t really kill you. You know, when you’re studying in school, biology or physics or whatever, you go into the classroom and you have book-work . . . book-learning, and then on a couple of other days during the week you have a lab class where you do lab work where you have practical hands-on practice regarding or implementing the book-learning that you did in class.. Well, we’ve been doing a lot of book-learning for a long time. And the last couple of w ...
There is a repeat of the most extreme drug addiction show I have ever seen tonight. On Nat Geo at 9pm. I'm not watching it again but Puerto Rico (Zombie Island) is on another planet when it comes their dope use. 871 on Comcast.
This man. Incredible. From another planet. Like no other. 1 in a mill. Silliest mofo. Best human. A-team. CAN communicate. LRCFL. Week and a bit to go and the next chapter begins.
I'm die-hard supporting RED !!! I'm so proud of RVP who scored hat-trick today !!! that's guy is a man from another planet !!! the storm has gone the sun will rise again !!!
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Ugh migraine won't you just go away. I've been putting off taking my meds I don't like how they make me feel. Well I broke down after 4 days of this and now I feel like my body is on another planet. Yuck
my acid reflux is from another planet today and I haven't even done anything to irritate it 😩
I'm confused about last week's Cosmos. Tyson said that the moon and Earth formed simultaneously with each other, but I thought the most current theory was that another planet collided with Earth and the resulting debris formed the moon; and, that is also why its rotation is so slow that it mirrors that of the Earth which is why we always see the same side of the moon. anyone? clarification?
well.almost a week ago my 93 yr old mother fell and most dreadedly broke her hip. she seemingly was on another planet till TODAY!!! YAY!!! she had a soft landing back to earth this afternoon and sat in a chair 2 times and now knows where she is and is pretty aware. THANK GOD! it has been a really rough week but looks like she is on the road to recovery! dottie got her groove back. you rock dorothy!!! we all love you.
You ever wonder if we are a species from another planet? Like what if a different planet was dying and they went out to search for another planet to live on, reproduced and then left? Lol
Ok so it's great everyone's taking no make up selfies for "cancer".. But are you actually going to be donating money for the organisation to raise awareness? If you're passionate about raising awareness, surely a march or even doing race for life etc would be more appropriate? Or do I live on another planet?
For the first time in years I am traveling on an airline not Delta. It is like being on another planet.
So originally I wasn't going to be a big wuss and blah blah blah, but I lied. My brother from another planet moved back home, and while I'm incredibly proud of him & couldn't be happier -- I'm still going to miss our dinner adventures, diablo adventures, and reckless adventures. And a clean kitchen. And dinner. And weird pancakes. So - yeah. Here's the mushy gushy dedication post. Miss you & Love you! ♥♥
Um world when r we going 2 find another planet 2 live on. I think we need more space. dont u think world
Although, another planet, it most highly resembles the Medeval times in Europe.
Degea your the best in premier league...Rio you experience has saved the night...Rafeal bravo...Evra real hero...jones for the first time I liked your game...Carrick the midfield meastro...woow Giggsy your on another planet fantastic...Valencia moyes to give you his daughter...welbeck heko...Rooney the golden boy...van persie job well done that is real you...GGMU.
MANCHESTER UNITED played as if they are from another planet wow can't believe my eye's its UNITÉD the come back KINGS.
the older I get the more rest feels like good sex ! .yeah that niggah said that ! signed, the brother from another planet on level13 ya"digg
If we were able to move to another planet I'd be gone by now
I was made for another planet altogether. I mistook the way.
At the risk of being politically incorrect - My kids think I am old as dirt and from another planet when I tell them stories of how the Beacon had a white only side and a "colored side" and how Sears had the 4 restrooms and especially how the movie theaters were segregated. Seems so surreal now.
John : " Mom. who's this ?" Me : " That was mom's uncle but he is now in heaven ! " John : " Where is heaven mom , on another planet up up in the sky !? " :)
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT | 5 Questions For . . . Gio 1. How long have you worked here and what do you do? I've worked for the company for 2.5 years (Sunny Spot and A-Frame) and at Alibi for 2 of them. 2. What is your favorite thing on the menu? There isn't just one thing! You can't have favorites at Alibi! Buuut if I had to pick I'd go with the Pacman Sandwich (all 3 meats, salsas, onions cheese and slaw). It's like a burger from another planet! Or the Sour Cream Hen House bowl (grilled chicken, rice, fried egg, Chinese broccoli) because it has a little bit of everything and the fusion of flavors; you just can't go wrong! 3. When you're not here you're . . . ? I'm riding my motorcycle, hiking, mountain biking . . . I don't relax very much! Or I'm with my daughter; she loves to sing so I take her to karaoke. She sings, I don't! // yeah, sure 4. Do you have any other favorite local spots? Rutt's down the street has great authentic Hawaiian food. I also love Vees Cafe on West Adams. Their greens are all organic. 5 ...
There are dozens of theories that try to explain the things that take place in the Bermuda Triangle. Many of these theories are quite eccentric. For example, some people believe that ships have disappeared because of creatures from another planet. Others say that the triangle is a door to other planets. Some people believe that ships and planes are transported into a different place in time. Still others blame the advanced society of the “lost city” of Atlantis. Because of the unusual things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle, this part of the ocean has been nicknamed the “Devil’s Triangle.”
ALIEN The immigration say I'm a illegal alien as if from another planet, arrest me putting me in confinement. This is the nation of Aztlan de mi gente, we roamed the desert no matter how calente. We searched beyond your imaginary boarder, now you enforced these laws by a new world order. We didn't arrive here by ship, we are of this land of which we lost a grip. The natives of the Americas roamed free, now were we suffer racial profiling and identification the authorities want to see. This was our land of many generations, your the invaders of ethnicity that cause frustrations. We're not the alien of this nation, you can't put your problems on us of the government's failing situation. Brown Boy Poetry Tony S Pinedo
What if earth is a test? How you live your life determines where you go. Heaven or *** being lament terminology. When we die we go to another planet in a another galaxy with other people that lived a similar life.
So I got to take me son to the ER (hospital) he is getting worst and his temperature is so high he ain't even his self he acting like he in another planet oh god please help him he is just helpless right now
I have no word for Giggs. He is just from another planet. Giggs=Class
Thinks that we should just let missing flight MH370 go. It's obvious that it's gone through a Stargate, and through a wormhole in time and space has ended up on another planet millions of light years away. It's the only logical explanation.
This boy de gea is from another planet !!! Class goalkeeping
If only i lived in another planet myb izinto ngezihamba according mna.fellow frnds
I'm in Dayton tx. But i feel like I'm on another planet altogether. I'm with people who care about me, but I feel so utterly alone.
"You are as likely to be an alien from another planet as you are to have ADD". -Grant Cardone
Rich Tingue There is a Profundity in here in this timespace, and it is where friends of a feather come together to have a good time! (at least i hope so... for all of my life, (i am 64 as of 12.23.2013. [STARDATE] ).and for all of that time until up to near this Moment, I have been Pushed Here and Pushed There, and Tugged On, and Pulled at, at Least a THOUSAND TIMES.and yet it seems at this Moment as Though it were Only, a Mere Day Gone BYE, and yet i retain a detailed memory of each one, if i but give it a "Push", i will Find it, as i am Reading this material today, and thinking about little granddaughters visit to me today with their Mommy, my First Born, and I call her (sometimes to her bemusement), my First Valentine... from my Wife, now of near 45yrs, come April 19, 2014, or alternatively as a STARDATE of [04.19.2014], if you were Guiding a Starship, and Searching for Another Planet to LAND ON! Question? WHO Is Moving toward the "Other"?... Is it that the Earth is Approaching Another Plane ...
can really dig into a speech, but he's equally amazing not saying a word in The Brother from Another Planet.
Joe Morton "Handled" it last night if you've never seen John Sayles "Brother from Another Planet" with Scandal on Hiatus now is the time!
I want everyone to watch Brother from Another Planet. Joe Morton directed by John Sayles.
Watching 'The Brother from Another Planet' on by one of the most criminally underrated directors; John Sayles.
During 'Scandal' Hiatus, Morton Will Await Fate by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS December 12, 2013 6:26 AM LOS ANGELES (AP) — It's going to be a long, cold winter for the gladiators, and perhaps even longer for actor Joe Morton, who plays the debatably diabolical dad Rowan Pope to his political-fixer daughter, Olivia (Kerry Washington). After the "Scandal" episode airing tonight, the series won't return with fresh installments until late February — a scheme to avoid holiday-time ratings doldrums and also dodge competition from the upcoming Winter Olympics. When last we left "Scandal," Sally had killed her own husband, Huck was torturing Quinn, and Liv was sending her evil mama to a continent far, far away. Oddly enough, Morton said that wacky world feels like home. "I was looking (to play) a really smart bad guy," said the 66-year-old actor, whose Hollywood credits include director John Sayles' revered art-house classic "The Brother from Another Planet" (1984) and the blockbusting "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" ...
Next up :: Another Planet: In Memory Of John Peel Show (Zaph Mann) :: tune in at
'The Butler' is from Another Planet, By Michael Reagan · August 22, 2013. There you go again, Hollywood...You've taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies. You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986, and turned it into a clichéd "message movie." "Lee Daniels, The Butler'" stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a fictional character supposedly based on Eugene Allen's real life. But let's compare the two White House butlers. Guess which one grew up in segregated Virginia, got a job at the White House and rose to become maître d hote, the highest position in White House service? Guess which one had a happy, quiet life, and was married to the same woman for 65 years? And who had one son who served honorably in Vietnam and never made a peep of protest through the pre- and post-civil rights era? - That was the real one! Now guess which butler grew up on a Georgia farm, watched the boss rape hi ...
Seems like I'm in another planet, I can't understand their language.
Some people love planet Earth so much they sound like they'd rather want us live in another planet and leave...
Hubble telescope huh, we'll never get on another planet *sigh*
Bizarre For those too old to colonise another planet?
I believe Prof Cox has described them as being found on another planet
I added a video to a playlist Smooth Jazz Instrumental Music-Another Planet by Marcus Johnson
It may look like another planet from fiction movie, but its real! This is Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines
When I'm with my boiz I feel like I'm in another planet. Its just so fabulously unreal♥
BLA is used to being on another planet - where do think he is now?
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"We need space" could mean one of you needs to go find another planet.
I know I'ma alien, I know I'm from another planet :8
Feel like I'm on another planet I don't plan on landing☁
LMAO people be like they jus came from another planet LOL BUT Tho
Stunning cool car: must be from another planet !
What if .. When we die.. We get transferred to another planet for souls... O_O
10 Sea Creatures That Belong On Another Planet: If you were a movie producer and somebody pitched a film about...
they seem to be living in another planet... the planet of "Faz de conta".
Let us go to another planet. Promise you. This time no regrets.
. Shurrup!! Lol I'm from Yorkshire!! - you guys are on another planet over there :P
Maybe this world's another planet's ***
I really do think Gerry Kelly is from another planet. Please stop referring to the murdering campaign as a conflict.
What if another planet crashed into ours? That'd be pretty intense.
So wise even I don't know what I'm talking about man I'm on another planet
It's possible that I could have been on another planet during that time.
I might as well be in another aisle or another planet. That's how far away I feel.
yeah I think I do. These ppl are like creatures that came from another planet sometimes.
Not being on social media sites all day makes me feel like I'm on another planet
Reading books takes me to another planet.
Bob Simon (“He makes goalkeepers wish they had chosen another career, on another planet.”
I think I must be living on another planet cuz I don't know about all these updates. Goodness knows what version I'm on!
Almost 300 of us at The Greek Sat night to see Placido Domingo, a great event. Thanks to Another Planet for the tickets. Perfect summer eve!
Tue 6/11: Another Planet! Explore the musical universe with DJ Dave Roberts till 4am. Come enjoy the weather with us!
I'd like to see Will Smith, Tyler Perry and Joe Morton team up and work on an update of Brother from Another Planet.
I added a video to a playlist Jawan Harris - Another Planet ft. Chris Brown
Im on another Level, Somewhere Outta State or Another Planet. Im in Control like Janet, Dammit
Psst: DJ Dave says he's gonna be screening David Bowie's new video on the big screen tonight at Another Planet!
Next episode of Ultraman is called "The Brother from Another Planet". Gonna be disappointed if Joe Morton doesn't have a cameo.
I'm on another planet right now and watching the disney channel playing w a dog
Today was a fairytale, you've got a smile that takes me to another planet
Breast Cancer Awareness
The pyramid is a sentient being from another planet or maybe made by scientists themselves. It is persuading hsi mind to...
As long as God "came to be" through evolution on another planet, that's okay with Dawkins and Shermer. It's not a far-fetched notion at all.
Dinosaurs are like totally thriving soon, on another planet, right?
I can handle myself I don't need any help I'm frustrated yet I stay calm and don't complain my mind on another planet stress keeps rising
This Harlem Shake thing needs to shake itself to another planet tbh.
So another goes by, I'm still the happiest man on the planet
Another day on Planet EARTH. God spared my life and gave me opportunity/grace to see another day. Indeed I am Grateful. God is L♥VE
Its a good thing, oxygen only exists on earth right now.. I would have been on another planet with my bike. :D
im really staring to wonder why i was born on earth.. i think my soul is from another planet its all staring makes since now. WakeUp
I don't do anything to impress another human walking this planet
Happy Lunar New Year to 25% of the world...and anyone else who just wants another reason to celebrate life on this planet :)
If I wake up in a few hours and I hear about another meteor hitting our planet; I'm gonna build my own capsule to Mars.
I hate when people say "oh you look or remind me of somebody i know" no sorry there will never be another person on this planet like me!! 😒😏
Watchin this hard *** movie this man ben on another planet for 40 yrs
I cant discover you in this planet, cause you're not here. You're in another place; my heart :D
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Lol. I want to move to another planet.
"Maybe this world is another planet's *** ."
Thomas looks like he's from another planet! Ugly *** fool
I own this planet but I am no ruler. I am creator, gardener, house keeper and guardian. Kill Ur selves i care not. Extinct another animal?
Would love to see Rees win but that ain't gonna happen! Broner on another planet to Rees but hope he doesn't get ko'd!!
"I was in his planet before he found another world".
Be it for living or for thrill Another shot - another kill A lonely psychic placed in space Will see our planet's sparkling face!
Can I just gtfo from here & visit my dad. Hate being stuck here with relatives from another planet.
I'd really like to move to another planet and get away from everyone else, just send me some food and oxygen and I'll be good on the moon
A stranger comes to the door, wants to leave his motor outside. We agree, confusedly, from another planet.
"Zidane was 4rm another planet. Wen Zidane stepped onto d pitch, d other guys jst gt suddenly better. it is dt simple" Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
I swear bus drivers are from another planet!!
If I could, I'd go to another planet.
Ever wonder what it all means ? Do we die and start life over on another planet ?!
Since every form of life on the planet is dependent on the presence of another form of life, maintaining an ecological balance. Help Recycle
Dat awkward moment when I say لا in de class my instructor look at me like I'm coming from another planet like what de hill u'r saying girl.
Orale! My homie with another great performance in "Escape From Planet Earth."
The woofers in this jav must be from another planet!
Im on the planet right next to you "-im really in another galaxy"
Hutch seeing a guy on TV without his shirt on is like a dog seeing another dog on animal planet
Dunno if I woulda been able to live through Heavy Metal Lover though. That song just lifts my soul to another planet💃
This has been another veRy FULFILLING WEEK of affectionate thoughts in action. :))) i say, beautiful souls are YET roaming the planet earth.
If aliens comes to earth and watched Harlem Shake's videos .. I'm sure they will look for another planet.
Yay, was offered (and accepted) an additional year of CAASTRO and MWA goodness at USyd - I look forward to uncovering many more of those low frequency polarised sources - they can't hide from me now! :-)
Just found out the award for my degree is a "Pass with Distinction"! All the stress and hard work has paid off - now if only I can find work, lol.
11 YR OLD SHOOTS ILLEGALS thanks FOX NEWS for reporting it. BUTTE , MONTANA Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders...Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resin...dez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11-year-old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home. It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay-shooting champion since she was nine.Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun. Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee-crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the ...street where he bled to death before medical help cou ...
I will never give my heart to another woman...
I can love you with my eyes closed I see your heart through a blind fold I ain’t never ever met another better So my baby ain’t no way that I’ma let go From the north to the south pole On the east or the west coast Every area code, all over the globe Ain’t nowhere on the planet you can go that I won’t From sun up to sun down I’ll always be around, Every minute of every hour Still it ain’t enough time Cause I got days and days of love, for you boy And I don’t wanna have to rush But 24/7 ain’t enough Cause I got so much love for you boy I need another hour and a day So I can love you 25/8, 25/8
These are just some the critical life issues we have to deal with before the world ends: 1) How to make funeral parlors think out of the box. 2) How to keep airline pilots feet on the ground. 3) How to tell blind masseurs to never lose sight of their dreams. 4) How to tell off hackers to mind their own business. 5) Why we are not offended by urologists who tell us below-the-belt comments 6) How to believe an astronaut claiming he's been feeling under the weather 7) If we wanted to buy a pet snake, would that cost an arm and a leg? 8) If curiosity kills the cat, why do lazy ones die, too? 9) How much thought we'll get if we paid an expensive consultant a penny for his or her thoughts 10) If we drop it like a hot potato, how would we drop it like a cold potato? 11) If we were to discuss about the Pope, and suddenly the Pope barges in, would it be correct to say "speaking of the devil..."?
Idc wut ppl say but Lebron James can beat Michael Jordan in der prime. It's not going to be any blow out like everybody is saying
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If someone ever saw the snapchats between me and saige. I would move to another planet
I be mugging these ppl like they're from another I need to stop. Smh
don't do that !!! At least I get PHONE CALLS . Your phone be on another planet
Is it only me who thinks Harry Styles is the ugliest thing on this planet?
Awesome new GIF of poking holes in rocks on Mars - drill, baby, drill!
exactly! Loool confused weirdos canjeero is another planet tbh
If you were a car, what kind of car would you be? — from another planet!! :D
There is another way... Simon Jordan shows how on One Planet, One Place
Funny how you can go to a different town and its like been on another planet
Lol I am "chev thinking he on another planet bihh lmaooo"
oh yeah I forgot you were from another planet 👽👽👽
I sometimes thought my supervisors must have come from another planet.
I'm in class, but I'm on another planet.
We're adding another great Planet Cosmo clip later today for everyone, keep a lookout!
I'm another girl on this planet. HELLO(:
If we find 'another Earth' would humans be able to survive the viruses & germs of a new planet?
Zak was a warrior from another planet. Aimee was a clarinet player in the marching band.
I moved to another planet no telescope can see me I'm to far gone
Jordan is the greatest brand ever in basketball, but as far as player.LeBron is on another planet!
Trying to talk to in choir but she's on another planet.. ):
If you could travel anywhere in the world, fictional or o... — Another planet because this world is full of ***
I done went to another 👽
From another planet. Available on this one Friday.
We have a visitor from another planet at SB HQ
Photo: Here’s another Agile Planet robot controller, this one’s for the big Motoman SIA50s. It’s hard to...
Another Detroit Hip-Hop bomb unearthed from the Planet-E vaults, y'all! This is a previously unreleased effort...
another Paganistic celebration. Well at least it helps boost our economy while we are mortals on this planet.
Two types of People are there on this Planet...One who owns an and another who does not. I want to own Audi
another world, another planet, another life, and being a part of it was indescribably amazing. Thank you
All on another level, but Jah Warriors from 7:50 is on another planet!! Roots Manuva & The Invisible need to tour.
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I think I'm on another world with you, I'm on another planet with you
I find people who dont like weird... are you from another planet?
I can not spend another minute on this planet
I want to go to another planet where there's no hypocrite people, fake people and less drama. I need to go out from this world u_u
I don't know why these people think I came from another planet !
If I see one more person asking for help on the simplest puzzles invented by man kind I will move to another planet. Somehow.
Sorry but Ibrahimovic the person and player will never be repeated in the history of football. IBRA is just from another planet.
I must either be mad, or living on another planet...
Being black & going to a predominantly white area just gets you stared at like you're from another planet.
Another year, another has gone by! Stay focused on what's important, what matters, what will make life better on this planet 4You
We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to
Feelin like I'm on another planet .
why is she some from another planet tht she Wudnt knw?
He was my world, until i found another planet. :) 💋💛🔫
Thank you Father for allowing me another day on this planet.I will remember to SMILE
to you my fren, feb 2013 First, let me thank you for being here. I appreciate everything you do even when it you have made a mistake.and im also too I know you’re learning, and learning is always good.You have a big heart and this is why things bother you. Your heart is what makes you so special; never lose your heart to another. Keep a bit of it for yourself,,my friend... you know that I will always love you as what ever.. even when you hate me. I know you are passionate, andthat is something I respect. Just don't hate me for too long,that pleases too.. .Change is necessary part of life. If humans did not change then we would not have survived as long as we have upon this planet. Change is important, even essential, but while key that change does not need to be something huge and momentous. Small changes are often daunting enough and can still lead to big rewards., That do their best to come true. And appreciation. Of all the wonderful things about you. the memories. Of all the yesterdays.A brig ...
God’s playlist The argument that singing is ill suited for morally acceptable life baffles you. Music gives an aural sense of universe. It is an amazing thing, far more personal and primordial than any botheration about God. The ability to play music and the ability to enjoy music provide a private connection to the vibes of the universe, the ultimate home where no earthly exclusions work. It’s where you belong. Styled as religion, the same becomes a pursuit of universe through an organised set of human beliefs. Its effect is more earthly huddle than free spirit soaring to the cosmos. Escaping hare Religion is an acquired taste. In direct proportion to its diminishing spirituality, religion has become the stuff of book and ritual. In contrast, music comes easy. We are born wired for music; any music. With a bit of dance, you get the groove. With a bit of abandon, you get the trip. In terms of direct connectivity, the language of music is superior to the language of religion, particularly religion with ...
"Science moves“ - Marinus scratches his thick neck, "year by year toward a new state of being. Where, in the past, man was the subject and science his object, I believe this relationship is reversing. Science itself, gentlemen, is in the early stages of becoming sentient.” - "Science, like a general,is identifying its enemies: received wisdom and untested assumption; superstition and quackery; the tyrants' fear of educated commoners. and. most pernicious of all, man's fondness for fooling himself. Bacon the Englishman says it well: ‘The human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it. - "Science is still learning how to talk and walk. But the days are coming when science shall transform what it is to be a human being. Academies like the Shirando, gentlemen, are its nurseries, its schools. Some years ago, a wise American, Benjamin Franklin, marveled at an air baloon in flight over London. H ...
Twelfth of never t’s already the 12th of February 2013. Many things have to be done to put my ship on an even keel. Maintenance is prohibitive – I have guests and I love them. Chloe, Andre and Niels are the reason to keep me at buoy. With my kind of work and the fee I get from it, offhand, it is under-supply – money cannot last forever. My boss is okay and job is the kind I like doing. It was the deal brokered by Tess, giving the man a favor for the talent he sought. We love working with our kind from central UP, that is just an expression of associative pride for those who are fond of fanaticism. Tess herself was a great fanatic. And for me, being Thomasian has long been a thing of the past. There was nothing in it. Then I fondly recall how Tess got me out of a promising military career. I was special disbursing officer – almost made a tool for a commanding general to siphon off money. No thanks, I am getting out. What did Tess say anyway those last moments together – “Family is all ...
today we talking the black you know Pope Benedict XVI has just resigned. What are your thoughts on the black pope or it might never happen!
Do you read Consumer Reports to find out which vitamins cause you harm, which olive oils smell fragrant, or which blenders crush ice the best? Do you read labels to see if food contains high doses ...
Cars should come with two horns: one that’s like “Hey guys!” & another that’s like “I will end you!”
Lol *** naw these pictures just have my mind on a another planet
these are killing me right now. Laughing too hard. Vegas is like another planet.
someday I hope I meet you... Everytime I see he got game or clerks I think man she is just on another planet of beauty
Every living human being on this entire planet should be grateful that god kept them alive day after another
I came with nothing but thoughts from another planet, a heart that you never break and a dream that you can't imagine.
I'm not racist, but the way black people eat wings is from another planet. Stick the whole thing in your mouth... Wiggle... Bones.
Yes, I think you are living on another planet...
Seriously, I volunteer to be the first resident of another planet
Applying the latest technologies to create the fastest propulsion to reach an Earth-like planet in another solar system!
I'm considering moving to another planet.
If sucking on tampons becomes the next cinnamon challenge I deleting the internet and moving to another planet.
Nevermind your from another planet.
“My new looks like it's from another planet TMNT
this means that POSSIBLY life on earth originated from another planet before traveling.
My new looks like it's from another planet
You've got a smile, it takes me to another planet 😊
I actually think transformers cars look like they have faces; who knows, when I'm sleeping my car could fly to another planet
Girl In Frankie's to another girl, "you always wear the same socks and it really worries me" on what planet would that be cause for worry??
I want another season of Friday night lights!
We r the only species on the planet that continue 2 drink milk after the weaning age & also the only that drink the milk of another species
Triple double tonight 31pts 11ast 10 reb and a W just another day at the office for the best player on the planet
Walking in to class late and everyone stares at you like your an alien from another planet...
If you don't know what workaholics is.please just fly to another planet or something.
LeBron with another triple double... 31 10 11... Best player on the planet.
Of course the King with another Triple Double good ... Best player on this planet
yeaaa we will just have drunk convos for hours again lmfao I was gone like another planet
Is there any real ladies on this planet or are they all fried out from another ***
right. Your daughter *** you're annoying, she needs to just face plant on to another planet.
Looking into your eyes takes me to another planet
'If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a…
yes but I just meant that I wish I was from another planet
I should live on another planet or something because the human race just stresses me out
Another girl who sucked her tampon & she actually showed it being pulled out of her V... I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
That's only fit for Philistines. I'm operating on another level, 'Planet Earth' by David Attenborough.
A girl just ate her own tampon I'm done. I'm going to live on another planet now
Urban Dictionary: Carli-- "A person who doesn't really belong in this world. Their mind is in another planet".hmmm
Who would you take to another planet?
The loneliest place in the world is one in which God nor other people care about you, others or the planet. Not another soul to be seen.
Thanks for the convo about Cornel West's post election, post yet another election overt challenging of obama and his recent strategic manipulative utilization of MLK's bible, Joshua Esmanuel-David Slater. :) T.j. Bryan: Sad thing about people like Cornel West is that they were mesmerized in the beginning. I remember watching and reading so many of them when obama first threw his hat in the ring, way back in the days of hilbama when it was just about the leadership race. I was like.. *** no. This man's a fake. So many Black leaders and intellectuals were all like..."wooHOO!! Finally, someone we can vote for and trust who looks like us." Even if they were leveling critiques at that point and I don't remember any who were with the exception of a couple of outliers, their critiques were so tentative, subtle, fearful, inadequate. They abandoned people who looked to them for leadership in a moment when crisis was at hand. We're now living in the aftermath of that intellectual, critical void they let flourish .. ...
Have you seen the video that led to the lockdown of Albany High School last week? Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.
On Sunday, February 17, thousands of Americans will head to Washington, D.C. to make Forward on Climate the largest climate rally in history. Join this histo...
Some 375 million years ago, a unique fish existed with features in its head that helped pave the way for vertebrate animals to live on land, scientists said on Wednesday.
The Earth electromagnetic field resonates 6-8 Hz frequency... the human body resonates the same in accordance with our planets... scientest have produced a 7.83 frequency within water to create DNA... HOW??? I'll tell you... The electromagnetic field current activates particles in the water (charges them) creating a new current within these particles... as they create their own EMF and begin to attract one another from electromagnetic attraction.. as they join together through that attraction, they create the DNA strain... just by adding a frequency to charge the particles... utilizing different frequencies activates different particles and the dna strain will differ from frequency to frequency... THAT is how life started on Earth and the constant Gamma Photons from our sun and deep space pelting our planet have caused more reaction within our planet, changing the frequency of Earth which in turn changes the frequency resonation within man as well... evolution!!! pretty simple yet it is easier to say "NO ...
The Fed’s Plan B “How do you solve a problem when you’re running a 10% fiscal budget deficit? You are not going to get growth without private sector credit demand. The government’s idea right now is that we’re going to export our way out of this, and when I asked a senior member of the Obama administration last week how are we going to grow exports if we will not allow nominal wage deflation? He said, “We’re going to kill the dollar.” Kyle Bass interview. Last week, amid growing rumors of a global currency war, the Fed’s balance sheet broke the $3 trillion-mark for the first time in history. According to blogger Sober Look: “For the first time since this program was launched (QE) it is starting to have a material impact on bank reserves … which spiked last week. 2013 will look quite different from last year. The monetary base will be expanded dramatically as long as the current securities purchases program is in place. ‘Money printing” is in now full swing.’” (“Fed’s bala ...
The dome sounds a lot like my life.Why? To make war??? Well.It does not matter if I was thrown to another planet.soon enough.They be at the door again. nosey.then wanting to control again.I am not Muslim but praise there actions on the dome...What's going to be so new.that's right.fighting for the same things.
Thoughts Following the Inauguration of Septimius Severus by Fred Reed We're Screwed January 22, 2013 I’ve been thinking about fault lines, and fractures, and diversity, and when it’s all going to implode. I hope I’m still around because it is going to be one gorgeous show. Few things are as entertaining as a truly good disaster. What is going to kill us is diversity. It isn’t working well. By diversity I mean here the intermixing of large groups of people holding utterly differing and opposed values. There is too damned much diversity in America. It isn’t getting better. The current donnybrook over guns is not a political question, like whether to raise or lower taxes. It is a clash of civilizations, a confrontation between two groups who seriously don’t like each other and hold irreconcilably different views of life. The two would be happier in separate countries, an idea that has occurred to them. It is that bad. The Constitution no longer being in effect, the gun-controllers may be able to ...
Could do with some more weight though...
Feel like muvim frm tis planet to another planet.she flies away frm me 2 another country! F a safe journey dear!!!
Goodbye Goodbye Sun, another day is gone. I'm terrified, night is black velvet Perhaps over broken glass. Wonderful, as was The time I spent with you today. I am so very sorry, there were this many clouds. Perhaps I couldn't see you that well. As always you were, You are beautiful now. To me watching you slowly disappear beyond the hills. Perhaps the world will end tonight. For you to reappear, I can not wait forever. Though I will really try, Just thinking of you on the horizon. Perhaps forget the end of the world. Someone wise did once tell me, "The sun is just another star!" I don't just live for any starlight. Will I wake up to a different star? Perhaps only if I move this planet far away. I cling to the hope, that when the sun rises it is still you. I've made my clouds disappear, You're too beautiful to always miss. Perhaps I will still for any rising star. You should just in case, Remove your clouds too. That way I'll always see you. No matter if it's night Perhaps I can light paths by your memory. ...
share it to your wall. Thank you. Satan's short time to rule, is up to us. Please Help us, to Help yous. Do you not Love, your Loved ones. Then stop passing the buck with this. Humanity's number one public Enemy are the Rothschilds of Satanist, and Rockefellers, the Elitist are Satan's Blood line of Humans called in are Bibles Demon's, and we used to burn them at the stake, now I know why. For War Crimes Against Us Humanity. Please Help in any way possible that you can. Are Bibles talk about how we will be Judged for the Lack of Helping to take Satan down over the People. Be for Warned. Walk up to any tree, and pull its bark off, and tree's give you the very air you need to stay alive, so just do nothing, and the trees will do nothing soon to give you oxygen. There is nothing wrong with your Soul's, poisoning's do nothing to them, so wake your very Soul up to start Helping your man kind. Satan Hates you to, so its just a matter of when its your turn. As soon as Satan the Devil Lucifer's Father that I call ...
I had THE MOST AMAZING time at the LA Season 5 premiere party! Thank you to all my sisters on the race! Thank you LA! Thank you universe for making so many dreams come true at once! Speaking of which, I'm now heading back to Seattle to perform once more, the amazing show Hedwig and the Angry Inch! xxoo
Another great song I was terribly missing on youtube, so I decided to post it here ;). This time it is Another Planet from Siouxsie (The Creatures) from the ...
I think I have just about had it.seriously. The rant that is pushing on the inside of my skull right now is about equal to a small nuclear device. Between the photo shopped pro gun/anti gun "humor" that is half truths and bad grammar on both sides, to continuing "scandal" of Beyonce Lip Syncing the national anthem, to people who claim to be too busy to get things done but spend HOURS on social media a day, I have had it. To the whiners who claim to have nothing, no opportunity, no solutions, but when ones are offered they are too hard or not enough or not as good as the guy down the street or might take to long to get, I have had it. For those that complain about the downfall of America and the threats to their rights (as if they are the only ones who have any, deserve any) take a page from history, do what the first settlers of this country did: before revolution, they left. So find another place on the planet to go, and go there, I will help you pack, ya know what, I will even help you look, thr ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
wow Rush is ON today spelling out Hillary and more .. wow!.
The Sun has been emitting heat for around 5 billion years as a result of the constant chemical reactions taking place on its surface. At a moment determined by Allah in the future, these reactions will eventually come to an end, and the Sun will lose all its energy and finally go out. In that context, the above verse may be a reference to the Sun’s energy one day coming to an end. (Allah knows the truth.) The Arabic word "mustaqarrin" in the verse refers to a particular place or time. The word “tajree,” translated as “runs,” bears such meanings as “to move, to act swiftly, to move about, to flow.” It appears from the meanings of the words that the Sun will continue in its course in time and space, but that this motion will continue until a specific, predetermined time. The verse " When the Sun is compacted in blackness " (Surat at-Takwir, 1) which appears in descriptions of Doomsday, tells us that such a time will be coming. The specific timing is known only to Allah. The Arabic word "taqdee ...
Watched this new show on MTV called Buckwild. After about 10 minutes of it, I Realized what ANOTHER great show for young Kids to watch. It teaches you how to be a hoochie! Watch a little bit of Buckwild followed by Teen Mom, what better way to raise your child?
Some of you haters in different countries think you are slick with your language. You come on here saying monkey, the n- word, and things like die. Hm google is at my finger tips. I can translate your evil comments. We are not new to this. Get a life lol
W-O-W! Is what anyone makes it. Hang in there with me it is a little long but...I believe someone else will agree with this. WOW. I used it on the Thrift Store advertisement-indicating great prices...great items. So now I will use this as "Words of Wickedness" which is a big subject I know. Have you ever had untrue statements about you from people who themselves are wicked, yet with excitement want to wreck other peoples lives, character, and business? They spread untrue things , knowing all along what they are saying is not true? Saying to all people everywhere they go and knowing what they are doing and are happy about it! Even to higher authorities in high places and are happy because the they believed them!! I am writing this for the innocent who are hurting people and have no voice. It never ceases to amaze me how we just grab ahold of statements people say without ever checking them out. I say, a one side story is a lie! In my book there are 2 sides to every story which make a "whole story and wh .. ...
“Breast is best.” I knew this. I know this. And I planned to. I really did. But things didn’t quite work out how I expected. Rather than use this post to tell you why it didn’t work, or how much I tried or how many tears were shed and how much pain I felt, let me just cut to the chase. It didn’t ...
Frontman wants to perform YouTube hit 'Psychosocial Baby' in real life
WALK THE TALK WEDNESDAY” Reminder and 3rd Chakra Activation: Many people talk a great story of how enlightened they are, how patient they are, how forgiving they are. Why not just let your actions speak for you? The truth is this: Conduct reveals character. You can say anything you want about yourself, but what matters most is what you DO. Acting in accordance with our higher awareness is a lot more challenging than it may seem, and most of us give ourselves a free pass by saying something like, “I’m usually a very forgiving/patient/loving person, but what you just did….” And then we rattle off all the reasons why we are justified for not being that person right now. You have been accumulating a wealth of spiritual wisdom for a reason… to USE it when it matters! There are many religious teachings from all over the world concerning this, but Jesus explains this concept so clearly when he said, (to the effect) “What good are you if you are only happy and kind when things are going well…. Any ...
Manchester United FC are willing to let David de Gea leave the club this summer after losing patience with his erratic form [ESPN]
Really love my child with all my heart, soul and God for another beautiful frozen day to have here on this wonderful planet to embrace her in.
( Most of you who are Deaf and did not have closed caption from you tube that have been looking for... Well this lady name Sue Jackson found with closed caption and you can read what Obama said .. below .. Thanks Sue for sharing with Deaf people ) President Barrack Obama's Inauguration Speech, Jan. 21, 2013 Each time we gather to inaugurate a President we bear witness to the enduring strength of our Constitution. We affirm the promise of our democracy. We recall that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. What makes us exceptional -- what makes us American -- is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Today we continue a never-ending journey to bridge the meanin ...
The President is a good man. He has the most difficult job on the planet. I'm glad he's the one there today. I'm proud to be born here. For as many Rights we claim as citizens it remains a far greater PRIVILEGE to live in this country. I'm not afraid of the future as I look upon a better day and keep another one in sight. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
another day on the planet. THANK U LORD.
I could sit around all day watching cats/kittens play/sleep/investigate ect. all day everyday :) This Too Cute show on Animal Planet makes me want another orange baby :D
Another Northampton knacker looking at a citing. Do they ever have a point in their season when someone isn't suspended?
Tue 1/8: Another Planet! DJ Dave Roberts spins the music of David Bowie + Elvis Presley on their birthday, till 4am! Julian at the bar!
August current affairs... SPORTS & GAMES Olympics 2012 The 30th Olympics 2012 held at London on 27 July and ended on 12 August. This is a 17 days Festival of Five Rings. There are 204 countries and more than 10,000 athletes participated in 300 events. US secured top place in medals of acquiring 104 medals in total, 46 gold, 29 silver and 29 bronze. the next place occupied by China of 99 medals. Britain stood at 3rd place of acquiring 65 medals in total. India stood at 55th place by acquiring 6 medals in total, 2 silver and 4 bronze. India got 6 medals among 81 athletes who participated in London Olympics. The next Olympics will be host by Rio De Janeiro on 2016. The Winter Olympics 2014 will be host by Russia, Sochi. The name of the Indian Medalists are 1. Gagan Narang won the bronze Medal in the event of Men’s 10m. Air Rifle shooting. 2. Vijay Kumar won the Silver Medal in the event of individual 25 metre rapid fire pistol. He was awarded Khel Ratna by the Government of India of his performance inLon . ...
What if this world is another planet's *** ?
If I see another punk edit of Zayn in gonna sob so hard ill drown the world and everyone will have to evacuate to another planet.
Maybe our planet is another planet's ***
hey, how can santa deliver all the presents to every1 on christmas night when it's not even night or Xmas in another part of this planet?
September 2012 Current Affairs Study Material INTERNATIONAL China to shut hundreds of coal mines this year The State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) said the country(China) aims to close another 625 small coal mines this year in an attempt to reduce the number of deadly accidents, as the death toll in latest coal mine explosion mounted to 43, raising concerns over safety Smita Shah first Indian-American to serve as DNC parliamentarian Smita Shah a close supporter of US President Barack Obama, is vice-chair of the Chicago Plan Commission, become the first Indian-American to serve as a Democratic National Convention parliamentarian on 5th September 2012.As per the publically available documents, Smita has been an applauded donor to the campaign of the Democratic Party and Obama. US strikes Nepal Maoists from terror blacklist On 06th September 2012 US has lifted sanctions and removed the Communist party of Nepal(Maoists) Organization of Nepal from the list of designated terrorist organisation,years afte ...
I'm going to another planet when I get off work
We're back w/ another Giveaway! Up for grabs is a $50 Best Buy giftcard—RT this msg to enter, we'll draw the winner at 5PM ET!
oiy lucas I am the special one alright I'm obvs from another planet never doubt it :P
Good morning world. Thank God for another day on planet earth. Stay bless ppl. 🙏.
Swear I hear em saying lets get it from another planet 💵💴💳💸
mate did I see u Saturday? I was on another planet but think I remember
Man should colonise another planet. Terrforming ftw
My daughter insists she will see another planet up close and in person some day. I'm so proud of my little astronomer.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
God Never retires, "When Sachin Tendulkar traveled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will." Although I still maintain my belief in GOD, i also believe tht in d world of cricket, there was, is, n will e ...
Jesus of another planet probably doesn't believe in outer space
Oh wat is Another girl another planet van the only ones toch een fijn lied.
“The year 1968 was one of the most discouraging in modern U.S. history. The Vietnam War dragged on. Despite major civil rights bills, many people feared the country was turning “increasingly separate and unequal. The nation grieved over the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kenne...
An absolutely true notion! You're right. It seems as though the GOP are from another planet.
# Look now, look all around, there's no sign of life. Voices, another sound, can you hear me now? This is planet earth #
I am convinced that cats are aliens from another planet.
Another habitable planet has been found - this one around a star just like our Sun!
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