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Another Planet

Another Planet is an album by Alien Sex Fiend, released in 1988 on Anagram as LP (GRAM 38), cassette (C GRAM 38) and CD (CD GRAM 38).

John Sayles Joe Morton

there are many cases that were truly ACCIDENTAL. RH case was NOT. She is from another planet
Been given another day on this planet 🙏🏻
Deploy from another planet with really fancy server racks that catches on fire.
"12 Asian men rape a 13 yr old girl in Keighley and some of the Muslim community in that area blame her" have I woken up…
whew! You like me... I live on another planet
Canada sounds so much like another planet, where everything is just peace and love 🤔
turned out to be Venus I think? Or Another planet. It's 3am I can't remember/think at the moment.
The second half of Self Control takes me to another planet 👽
Pluto.Yes Pluto!The poor thing was a planet and just woke up one day to discover it was another object in the sky.
I won't threaten anyone, but I would encourage Donald Trump to follow his hero Hitler and spear this planet another bankruptcy.
Very moving. Is this another planet.?
"Maybe this world is another planet's *** : Huxley
is really on another planet today...Music. Hip-Hop in the house.
Wasn't the win a big enough wake up call to anti Globalism! The Est'ment r on another planet
Sure let's just slap another pipeline in the ground! Dam fools are destroying our planet!
Jeezus, *** .. like I woke up one day on another planet, liberals are nuts.
Good morning world!! Welcome to another day on beautiful Planet Earth!!
Agreed. One Way Ticket to another Planet sounds like a good plan.
I'm a really different person, you won't find another Oscar on the planet.
I feel like I'm on another planet speaking French when I'm with new people sometimes
we'll find another planet to destroy don't worry JP
You've got a smile that takes me to another planet. 😝🚀
Another delusional Leftie. 8 years as the most powerful person on the planet and what has he achieved? NOTHING!.
Professor Stephen Hawking: Humanity will not survive another 1,000 years if we don’t escape our planet
. yeah I'm going to move my whole family to vote for a career politician. lolz. Dude is on another planet.
I was legit on another planet during that set, easily top 3 sets there
"We can't control the on our own planet so we should consider whether we can terraform another planet yet" -
What was I supposed to tell the DMV? That I’m from another planet?! I'm not exactly a citizen, Steven!!!
I really got no respect for nobody no more son. I swear to god Im never trusting another person for the rest of the time I'm on this planet
What do you mean listening to us? They gave a game where you literally can go to another planet. MWR was an escape 90% of you all came to this flippen planet to analyse another person's life?.. They must be paying you a fortune heh!
No. I continually find myself in messed up relationships. I'm pretty much convinced I'm from another planet and 1/2
Truly. Makes me feel like I'm on another planet lmao
I am so high I'm legit on another planet
I wanna go to Mars so I can be the first to say I jerked off on another planet. That'd be so hilarious and bad ***
I doubt we'll ever know for sure how life started on this planet. We may find it on another first.
here we go with the - gearing up for another amazing week live & direct on Planet Earth :)
Timely work by the Hamburglar to further his status as the new Blease style visitor from another planet 🍔👋
not sure if you can get in the states but BBC planet earth 2, just took wildlife doc to another level
45 years ago, Mariner 9 was the first ship to orbit another planet. It's still there, expected to burn up in 2022.
compared to the duration of life on this planet and once we're gone, another will rise to replace us. Life will endure.
Maybe I'm from another planet, because I don't see the purpose in obsessing over who is racists and who isn't. There's…
Theme of my dream.Going out to another planet!
Has he been living on another planet the last 30 years?!
I rated Being from Another Planet an 8.5 ("Great") on
He said free Eze, no need talking to that one. He's in another planet.
Why are we intent on the and we live on. It's not like we have another one to go to !!
When I was younger, I looked to actors like they were from another planet. ...
Today is another chance to affect planet earth. Challenge accepted!
I feel like I never belonged here... get me to another planet smh 😪
I did and I was like this is sooo weak it's not working ate the rest hour later I was in another planet
and he makes them more often. It's another planet
how is joey down to earth if he came from another planet I mean he is an alien Cat-man afterall
Planet Hollywood alumni supporting one another
I'd say 50,000 years is generous. I don't think that settling another planet will ever be the answer, though.
I wonder if we were some kind of experiment from another planet.
Really interesting post (and cracking imagery used on this too) about the tech needed for a colony on another planet
is on another planet right now. He doesn't even know what a bad song is, wouldn't know how to make one if he tried
"We already have much of the we’d need to start a colony on another planet."
I thought you was from another planet or something
Don't understand why Trumps gets so many votes. Like why ? . I don't want him to win until we found another earth so I can leave this planet
whilst I'm at it id love to fly to another planet too
You know all those rich people can have themselves frozen and on another planet where human cloning is legal and perfected.
Maybe this world is another planet's *** 🔗
I heard was on another planet Saturday ..😂😂😂😂
Here's how humankind could colonize another planet -
I need a new life. Preferably on another planet. In a different body. Also without my brain.
Morning my delicious & welcome to another glorious day Europe. And HAPPY MULLET MONDAY WHEREVER YOU ARE…
Derek Ramsay as alien? Abangan sa Wattpad Presents My Soulmate is from Another Planet this Saturday, 9PM KSA,...
Indie pop enigma The Captain Of The Lost Waves releases video for Another Planet
yet another lame Scientology attempt to save the planet via celebrity super powers. The culties ❤️ her
Beats from another planet by epic for all time.
Harry is the most annoying person on our planet. I can't stand another minute of her. I miss Marc.
On my way to another planet. Who is coming with me?
Yah know, it was probably spring, fall, or I could have been on another planet without seasons.
When you have nothing to wear & ur about to fight an alien from another planet
You send me to another planet deep inside my brain
If some people really think sophiam is a pr stunt I'm blasting off to another planet
May be this world in another planet's ***
.Episode165 - High: ♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode165...
Feeling Emotionally Disconnected - - Trying to Connect Again on Another Planet
yea like me! Yo attitude is on another planet 😂😂 but thats good cause u a keeper lol
You send me to another planet, get inside my brain 👽🔩😐🎤
Enough I do not care if I come from another planet or who knows who I am or if you're my big brother
Had a blast recording new episodes for Another Planet 🌍 Kelly Jones joins us to find out what…
.spent part of his MacArthur "Genius" grant to write, direct & prod The Brother from Another Planet for $35…
GoldenPubes is spinning 'Another Planet' by Marcus Johnson in the Chillout Mixer:
THE HAND OF GOD- I started watching football when I was in elementary while everybody watches basketball, but during those times in the early 80s,you cannot watch it as often as you want.You have to wait for The Gillette World of Sports being shown in RPN 9 and mostly,they were replays of classic matches.We dont have Skycable yet that time.Skycable came in only in 1995. In 1986,The World Cup was held in Mexico City.The Quarter Finals was between Argentina and England.But the Finals was also between Argentina and West Germany Diego Maradona,my idol,and the icon of World Football in the 80s made a great strike apparently using his head and Argentina won 2-1 over England.Maradona scored both goals for Argentina. I was in Grade 6 that time.Me and several classmates wanted to watch it Live but we dont know where because while the world is playing Football,The Philippines was dubbed as a "Country from Another Planet" because of our liking for Basketball which we cant win because of height. One classmate has thi ...
At 7am Caller 9 at 800-400-FM97 will win a pair of tickets to see Bastillei, on November 17th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco courtesy of Another Planet! Tickets go on-sale FRIDAY at 10am at ape concerts dot com!
Uninvited from the most knowledgeable fans on the planet. Watch Dogs Wiki - Another mission update via
.congrats Maria love you . greetings from Asgard :D ( another planet )
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I want to stay with you .. away from the eyes of humans On another planet Not even for lovers But us .. us alone We live together And fed with her love you I hear you and pulsing beau
Oh man. Spechless. Hard to say but this equals RG12. She is amazing. From another planet. Just a special person
Boy fae my work lives on another planet so he does. Absolute heider
Scientists found traces of another planet on the Moon, confirming it was created by a collision between Earth and a planet c…
Don't think this is happening on another planet ! THE GRING=SLAUGHTER ! Help Sea-Shepherd to stop it !
"I dont even have memories of being a boy Im not sure I was, I think I might have arrived here from adolescents from another planet"
Sharapovas grunting is ridiculous no need. Never heard graf do that and she was on another planet
*** I was on another planet 😒 .. I guess that's a yes I saw you !
Down da line/ end of da line so your way u gone have to find/ im on climb to better gold mines/ I dont get much sleep so diz whole rap thang is mines/ I will have it no other way holmes now check da time/ mark dat when I share diz but stop and rewind/ remind da entire population of mankind/ dat im an anomoly just getting by/ taking things one day at a time/ da beam on dem things for da protection of the King, shine/ go with me to another planet and witness me speak to another kind/ KING WORDPLAY
Zeljko Obradovíč is the best basketball coach in this world but Ergin Ataman is from another planet. . Phil Jackson
So much injustice on this earth. What do you say if we move to another planet? (:
You are hard-working, creative, intelligent, persistent, confident, optimistic, and you make your own luck. You are also slightly inhuman and may actually be from another planet. You are almost guaranteed to become a millionaire.
1/4 of an inch, seems tiny right? How about 1/4 of human existence? 50,000 years. How about 1/4 of the earths existence? 1,000,000,000 years! We are a minuscule bit of time on a plant of, probably trillions of planets in the universe! What makes us so *** special? Why do you get mad driving to work? Why do we think gods supposed one and only son just visited earth? We aren't the center of the universe! The chances of other life on another planet is astronomical!! What happens to that life when they die? My point is we don't really don't know what happens when we die. So why does our ego get in the way? Why do we think we are above the universe? Why do we believe a book written thousands of years ago, written by humans? It's not like we don't lie, or embellish the truth now. What about thousands of years ago? All I'm trying to say is, if you don't believe a story told by a friends, friends, friend. Why do you believe a story passed down by untold amounts of people over thousands of years? Are they wrong? . ...
Or Pluto 'cos he's on another planet, one billion miles away!! xx :)
Missing my 4 eyes, not so much that pimple tho .. Geez, another planet on my forehead.
They make me OUTRAGED everyday I wake up. I get up in the morning and wonder WHAT LIE they will spin today !!! BUNCH OF LUNITICS from another planet !!!
Scott Thompson – Arcana I was not as familiar with Thompson’s output, but this sprawling magic carpet of an ambient album on the Relaxed Machinery label won me over at hello. Arcana is a combination of various kinds of ambient, from the experimental, like the opener, “Liminal Worlds”, to the more traditionally ambient, like “Waning in the Glow of Unknowns”. Arcana is one of those mysterious-sounding ambient albums; the artist has thrown all kinds of interesting sounds into the mix, such as the rattling percussive sounds on “Night Has a Thousand Eyes” and “Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”. There’s even a sort of zithery piece, “Waning in the Glow of Unknowns”, like the traditional music of a species from another planet. The album’s kind of combination of the pad mastery of a Thom Brennan with some of the nocturnal, experimental percussive sounds of Alio Die or Roach’s Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces; in other words, a perfect combination of pure ambient and experimental sound a ...
There's one person on this planet who could EVER put me in my feelings. Any other mf is just another mf lol. RMFT
Prophet Henry wrote: If you dont wan to be gossiped kindly move to another planet where you'll be hurt free and all alone...
Aliens, and the moon. ... must be another planet. (live at
Last nights 'Holler If Ya Hear Me' w/ was on another planet amazing.
Stop comparing Ryan McDonagh to Drew Doughty. Doughty is the best defenseman in the world right now. His play is on another planet
for anybody that literally wants to enter another planet.. Listen to this
in my eyes he was, his scrummaging is on another planet to Cole
I had a dream a really long time ago with the doctor and all I remember is bright purple and thick walls. we were on another planet i think
Man I was on another planet last night😂😏
Hearing voices in my head i think im schizophrenic , swear he sayin lets get it from another planet. BIPSTIICKZ.
Did the moon spin off from another planet? German scientists say 'yes': There...
7 billion ppl on this earth... Smh I gotta find another planet Breh . Y'all taking up all the resources
Bout to smoke this dope n hope it just take my mind body and soul to another planet been up since 8am yesterday so my body on cruise control rite now
May we just need to create another planet and have more beer ! Lolll.
Another new pic, credits to valeria_st via instagram. Tnx
Hello fb friends. I will b gone for 5 weeks.going to check out another planet.
Onew already explained to the aliens and convinced them to drop him ..if possible in brazil. He made good friends in another planet.
I may have been on another planet last night 👽
bento is from another planet tbh hhe! Teriyaki-nim I hate you for helping me
I am enjoying this..Amanda is from another planet
. Do we have another planet to live?
“What if fungus came from another planet?” I believe it's what jump started biological life.. Paul stamets
ik they'd never do it but if blink played another girl another planet live i would DIE
Go for it! Get a bigger car!Make another little character the happiest dog on the planet.:-) xxx
R Giles Gallon our alien technology has finally arrived! We got to find another planet to invade!
The kids who are going in to the army just got a standing ovation. Trimble Co. MY is like another planet.
Kush strong from another planet. Couple hits from the bong now I understand it. 💨💨
We're desperate to find a single microbe of life on another planet, yet are blithely destroying all life on our own: htt…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ok smart people what are these,,no they are not from another planet lol!
Broods world class..Ellie from another planet - so sh'cool - photos Adam Jones
I wanna shift to another planet becoz the hot chilly weather of earth has become intolerable for me.
Getting tired of this human life.. always waiting for some miracle to happen.. wish I can get a pathway to another planet like mars and become a queen of it just like that happens in john carter movie ;) that would be great :-D
Let me pick your brains a bit. There's this anime I used to watch when I was a kid. There we're 2 brothers. Futuristic world. They got lost somewhere, another planet probably, and the older brother had this blue knife, like a lightsaber. Can someone please name this anime :|
My mind is so blown tonight!! God is so mindful! He knows all and see's all. He is truly a deliverer!! Nobody on this earth or from another planet (lol) can tell me God is not real!! God is not dead he is alive!!!
Kim Milliner in the top hat, with Paul Hess on tuba, Skip Rohrich drumming, and John Southard on piano. What fun! Great to see Southard featured here, in front for a change. If you have not played with John Southard, you must have been living on another planet. He played with the Adapters for openers! Love these guys.
Sometimes I just dont understand a lot about life! Either I am not normal or the other person is way out there on another planet.
Think about this for a second. If you are religious i kindly ask you to throw away your beliefs on where you go after death just for a second and think about this (not saying you are right or wrong its just a experiment/excise). Sit down, dont touch your phone or computer, turn off your tv and think about what could be out in the solar system. Aliens, another earth, anything etc. Think about what could happen after you die. Could you die in this life and wake up on another planet as another being ? Could you be transformed back into the earth. Just think. I do this at least twice a day. Not because i think about death but because it amazes me how little we are in this vast universe. The possibilities of what comes after death are endless. Every living thing is energy, Einstein theorized that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where does our energy go ?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry when people gravely talk about "pest species" who must be "controlled" to "protect the environment". If someone from another planet was watching they would think it was a hysterically ironic comedy sketch. Sadly its our reality. ~ Vegan Smythe Too True!
I swear I must be from another planet or maybe just old..but rsvping to a party the day before at 9pm is just rude.
Wow. How much fun. Kids danced all night. But I must admit, central Florida might be on another planet :) lol.
I fell asleep in Washington. I woke up on another planet. Eastern WA makes me want to play Stoner/Doom music. Plumeranian: a small fruity dog.
According to the Dr that saw Ladybug at Cape coral hospital ... The state of Florida doesn't have brown recluses or black widows... So the 2 puncture bite on ladybugs arm is an ant bite.I think not. That Dr must have been from another planet.
a review of Bill's book:... Honkies From Space Free Cover Art Poster The other day, I took a few hours to read Honkies From Outer Space, a cartoon-style adult graphic novel written, drawn, and hand lettered by Wm. J. Krupinski. As sort of a warning, some parts of the storyline and scenarios are more mature than the art itself, but it all seems to come together in a neat and tidy, well-drawn, decently written, silly masterpiece. It seems to draw an interesting parallel with several historical events involving the invasion unto a people by another, specifically the invasions upon the African and Native American peoples. In fact, the title, Honkies from Outer Space, leaves little to wonder about the population represented by the alien invader (if you catch my drift). Like the cover says, "they are so rude and crude they must be from another planet." The honkies don't care for preservation, they don't care who they might hurt, and they don't care what happens when they eat up all the resources. This graphic n ...
2pac was the best rapper whoever live on earth, his lyrics was incredible his mind was on another planet pple hated PAC because he spoke the truth. Even Tho his life was cut down as a young rapper his legacy still live on through us up coming rapper!!!
My theory is we came from another planet, killed off the dinosaurs with nuclear weapons / or radiation. we lost our technology, and had to start all over on earth. this knowledge was lost because we had to adapt to a new planet and the new elements of this planet. And ever since we've been striving to perfect these elements trying to reach the technology we had before, meanwhile we slowly adapted to this planet. and no I'm not saying god doesnt exist. We can still have evolution/adaptation and a god.don't be silly now lol.
I'm fine. Everything is fine. I said "thank you" to someone at a fast food place and they said "my pleasure". THEN. GET THIS. THEN, a woman came around, asked us if we wanted drink refills, AND took our garbage. This is another planet.
It was big fun at the film shot for Meret Becker´s new album. Lots of friends were there and an amazing cast from Ben Becker, Jochen Arbeit, David Bennent, Volker Hauptvogel, Miron Zownir, Max Raabe, to Wim Wenders and many more. We´re all looked like from the underworld or from another planet. It was great and Meret so lovely !!!
OK calling out the NERDS IN YOU ALL im on a personal quest to find the super hero form Marval or D.C. that is not altered by spider bite or nuclear explosion government testing or form another planet what super hero is only human not enhanced in any way i can think of one there's got to be more help me out please
The mercenary Royce; the military Isabelle; the Russian soldier Nikolai; the San Quentin criminal Stans; the Sierra Leone militia Mombasa; the drug lord Cuchillo; the Yakuza Hanzo; and the Doctor Edwin awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. Soon they discover that they are on another planet an
I refuse to talk to anymore females again there not human there from another planet
Hey Fellows, We are stoked to announce that the American-Swedish-French quartet Blues Pills will perform their very unique, intense and extraordinary heavy-blues-rock on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3RD 2014 !! With their driving bass lines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet, harmonized and tied together with such easiness, such delight, by Elin’s incredible voice, BLUES PILLS are one of the rising stars within their genre. Get ready for an awesome heavy blues experience that will take you right back to the time of BLUES PILLS’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin... Tickets for UP in SMOKE indoor festival in Z7 vol. 02 : or (80 CHF, 65 € + taxes) - UP IN SMOKE FESTIVAL / OCTOBER 3rd & 4th 2014 KONZERTFABRIK Z7 / PRATTELN (CH) / - Kadavar / Blues Pills / Brant Bjork Presents Low Desert Punk Dozer / Conan / Mars Red Sky / Lonely Kamel / Greenleaf Interscotal / Wardhill & many more! -
We went to red rock canyon last night to celebrate Alan's birthday and Caleb and Hannah's anniversary. There was a live band there, which we didn't know or we wouldn't have went, but we had too wait an hour to get a table. As I people watched I'm so thankful for being raise to dressed modest and serve The Lord. It amazes me how old women try to dress like their teenage daughters so they can fit in. I think of the song my daughter has sang since she was two. I dare to be different in a world a compromise . I'll stand for you Jesus though I might me criticized.for me you were ridiculed, mocked and crucified. So I'll dare to be different set apart and sanctified. We got stared at like we was from another planet lol oh we'll still enjoyed times we my children
Mother Earth is waking up. Sadly not enough people are taking action to help her heal. My fear is we will find another planet and destroy it too. $, Greed, Control, is not the way.. What will it take for us all to learn this, and for us all to take action. Simple steps can be made. Recycle, gift to others what you don't want instead of throwing it away. Plant something, help something live. Stop using deadly chemicals and throwing ? in the water & oceans.
Ya Know My Lovelies.for those of you that say, "I forgot to eat," I'll just assume you come from another planet.
People from another planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have much things around us ...
So the moon was created by another planet hitting us, do we think that's where our water comes from?
In SA there will be those who want to deny SA is a religious country for all the faiths that live and breath in SA. This absolute minority of so called non- believers or non subscribers of a faith whom we can safely call secular - humanists really want their belief system to dominate us as a majority They want to deny our Faiths which dictates a morality that can and should help us with our challenges we all admit in SA no different to any other democracy. They want to keep us carceral to their ideas and by so doing superimpose their non believe as the order when we know they do believe. To deny the religious context of our society and its role exemplified in all spheres of our society, is to be very dishonest with a necessary debate. Those who deny the role religion play and can if not should play in our constitutional frame must live in another planet. Why must a secular humanistic paradigm be considered correct when the essence of who we are is fundamentally religious. We must ask why we have denigr .. ...
Tomorrow is my last day with CDW. Almost seven years. I don't even know now if it has really hit me. I am not sure when it will. With everything that we have going on, its hard to say 'when things settle back to normal it will hit me'. Tomorrow ends my time at CDW, which covers nearly my entire time living in Chicago. Seven years of Chicago. Its pretty cool to think about. I am really excited for what happens next. I get asked what I am most excited for, my answer always seems to be; I am most excited for the fact that I have no idea what to expect. It's the closest thing I have to traveling to another planet. I can't wait to soak it all in.
Granulated Silica Aerogel. Clearly from another planet. Almost massless - 1 liter weighs 3 grams. Will probably just sinter into virtually nothing little bits of glass. But hey - who knows? Not me...
Well, today destroyed my entire season! I had one tiny keeper and my partner had 3 tiny ones. Felt like we were fishing on another planet. Guess there's always next year. Gr
Mpiyakhe's wives come from another planet.They are discussing plans to get their husband another wife.and you can see there is no hint of jelousy in them...of it was me...he'll no that discussion would have not taken place neither would there be a second wife.
The Lebron of rap hands down my brother on another planet Chad Sims
Many of The Members Choice for Selecao's Shirt No.2 instead of Daniel Alves is None Other than Douglas Maicon.Because of That Little Piece of "Football Magic" from Another Planet!Roberto Carlos Should be Proud of that!:)
Fans of the Disney XD series 'Lab Rats' will be able to watch an all new episode this Monday night, April14th at 9pm ET/PT entitled "Principal from Another Planet". Leo is determined to record the bizarre events he believes take place during a lunar eclipse. Davenport is skeptical until it appears t
Really? Another Planet of the Apes film? Why, why does Hollywood think this is in anyway a good idea?
You may say the past isn't solid, but ur present isn't either. Visitors from another system of reality would see nothing but a barren planet
Just feel like taking off n a rocket to another planet cuz sometimes it's just to much on this earth man
Yep and taking along implicated Ministers with the architect would design another Nkandla in other planet.
One President was awakened one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon. "Mr. President," said the four-star general, barely able to contain himself, "there's good news & bad news." "Oh, no," muttered the President, "Well, let me have the bad news first." "The bad news, sir, is that we've been invaded by creatures from another planet." "Gosh, and the good news?" "The good news, sir, is that they eat reporters and pee oil."
Dream are always another planet I guess scientists forget to discover this
Maybe this planet is just another world's ***
appears to live on another planet. I have relatives in big business in UK, Aus and Switzerland all nervous of
I be gonee on another planet , I be in my own world not a worry in the world ,
The surface of a Cheerios is like te surface of another planet. Craters ™
are you living on another planet? What's great about this? Obviously all 'they' do is play bingo and drink beer.
That awkward moment when people keep reminding me that im getting married tomorrow. Ud swear my calendar is from another planet. Hm and no im nt scared im just fine.
could this be the first sign of life on another planet. Aliens??
DC is on another planet. Probably URANUS
poptarts are way better right out the package! Austin you're from another planet! Lol
Sincerely not to offend the people still conducting mankind's biggest search and rescue operation; if we're so complacently advanced that we go look for life on another planet, shouldn't we be able to find one big plane in a known radius of area?
...and move to another planet. And take Alberta jerk-workers & their cheap oil *** wives with you.
So a district nurse was being interviewed about what the budget will do for her - she said as she was a rural nurse at least the potholes where going to get done, but she couldn't think of anything else, now that sums up our government !!! Also she said that last year anyone earning 5 million pounds a year got a tax break which equates to £200,000 they would be better off, so back to the nurse - see what's wrong with this picture. CONSERVATIVES / LIBERALS, you really live on another planet because your not in touch with with the rest of us at all.
Austin Diary I: You realise (or realize) that you're visiting another planet when ...
Wish I was on lived in another planet.
yeh, they deliberately ignore the manager. Moyes clearly lying about his relationship with Giggs. He's on another planet
Animal planet..forget surprisingly human..its mostly human..I miss the old animal planet..alot of these shows can go on another channel..
So this is what a fever feels like. I'm on another planet.
- Loving these ! The whole issue is so incredulous. Another planet !
do& how insulting bingo & drink not going to help Poor/needy & especially NHS there on another planet I fear
Amazing RTPerhaps we Earthlings need to learn some lessons from inhabitants of another planet.
Her bum is seriously from another planet
Chiemelie please go to another planet where you belong. Cheat.
Imma Dreamer, and I'm Living on another planet ^^/
It's very possible that there's a planet somewhere in another universe that is totally inhabited by only cats
In our planet we don't kill one another. We don't take love for granted, it's a gift from the mother land,.
Osborne lives on another planet, ppl finding hard to save,he replies that they are building more new homesafford to save
I don't get it. I can squish spiders in my hand. Whatever. But let me even see a roach, ill move to another planet.
wait till it turns out to be wreckage of a plane from another planet! (I'm a conspiracy theorist fo *** // you in Delhi?
Baffling how clubs like Villa and Newcastle continue too attract better sponsorship deals than Everton...Spurs on another …
Some mornings I feel my kids are sent from another planet to destroy me, with the constant questions and arguments at 6am! Fighting over a bowl when all the bowls are the same! As if I could self combust at any minute with the screeching sounds they make and the wines that are so high pitched all the dogs in the neighbourhood start barking! Sh children !
I am impressed by the Chinese's smartphone Xiaomi Mi3. A table in the picture uploaded is the comparison that I have made by referring web information. It obviously shows that Xiaomi and Samsung Galaxy S5 are nearly same as each other, but there is a big difference in retail price --- RM850. Then, a question we should ask is "why do Malaysia consumers still prefer Samsung to Xiaomi?" 1. Not much smartphone sellers in Malaysia are selling Xiaomi; 2. "Because it is a Chinese's piece, it looks cheap, prices cheap, and it is really cheap. I feel cheap when I use cheap phone". (Most houses in Malaysia are built by using imported Chinese raw material, do you feel yourself cheap when staying in your house?) 3. Because Samsung is Korean product and 都敏俊 is from Korea. (Sorry, 都敏俊 is actually from another planet and you can only visit him every 400 years)
Chris Are you looking forward to returning to Japan? Yes it's always great to see Japan.Its like another Planet. This will be your biggest show in Japan – are you looking forward to it? Very much. We'v not played here for ages.Too long. Can the Japanese fans expect any surprises to the shows? I think there maybe one or two and possibly even three ! What is next for Beady Eye? A Rock Opera.on Ice. What do you like about playing to the Japanese fans? Well your a very nice bunch of enthusiastic people.I like it when it goes quiet between songs and then loud at the end It's Weird !! The fans are very excited for you to return, do you have a special message for them? Your mother called and wants to know what time you'l be home?? See you at the gigs.
Many people think I'm from another planet and you know what? It is true
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Hi... I like to introduce myself to you all. While my photo shows me as the 2000 vintage (that's because my pal Wilfred couldn't locate any photos of me from recent vintages or that he was just to lazy to find a picture of one). I know he has enjoyed more recent years of me. I am from a very special part of the Côte de Nuits (in Burgundy) and carefully made each year. I won't bore you with my flavor profiles, but when you what happens to Wilfred when simply sniffs my aromas (he actually gets this strange look in his face as if was from another planet. All I am telling you is that if find on a retail listing on in some quiet out-of-the way restaurant you should bring me home or order me for the table. Hey I am also good on off vintages too. Ask Wilfred, I know he has enjoyed me in some lousy vintages.😏
Those afternoon naps that leave you feeling like you've woken up on another planet.. 😣😣😣
I wish we had another planet but more than that I wish we loved we love our mothers.
Stress isn't gud 4 me(so they say)bt can't avoid xana ndizokwazi novuka ngenyembezi worse being accused of sumthng u clueless of,wish da ws another planet dat i can go to n be away 4rm all of dis.
What if they deport me cause my name sounds Spanish? What if I’m an alien that’s from another planet And they erased my memory and no-one there remembers me? Like when they send the mother ship, no-one even mentions me And I am left to die with ya’ll, a humanoid in misery
Taken from my weekly devotion. Just thought I'd share My Lighthouse I have a lot in common with E.T. , the Great Gonzo and A.L.F. Hopefully it's not so much in terms of a physical resemblance. But rather because we are all aliens, born in the 80's. I feel the need to clarify that I am not from another planet (despite my wife's suspicions!) but rather I am an Irishman living in Atlanta, Georgia. There are a lot of things I love about my new home: my local Octane barista, the ambient jazz music in Houston's, the wonderful people of Passion City Church and the pleasingly "Netflix-ready" speed of my Wi-Fi connection. (Yes, I am that shallow sometimes!) But for all of Atlanta's urban sophistication, I still miss my "wee" coastal home in Northern Ireland. I miss the salty ocean air. The sing-song cry of seagulls. And I really miss the lighthouse, which rests in the brackish waters of Donaghadee. The lighthouse has always been a picture of constancy, steadfastness and hope to me. In all weather it radiates its g ...
Hey Ladies the arrangements have been made Boy's Bar and Grill 2596 West Loop South They have good food especially The Dumpster Fries,Live Music,karaoke,and Comedy( I might get up there and Do My Thank-Comedy or the Karaoke you never know about Miss"C").So come on out and lets have some fun so The People would say"Who are those Beaitiful Black Queens,they must be from another Planet they are Gorgeous".March 28,2014 from 7:00 until YOU leave. Hope to see YOU there.Love The Black Queen Miss."C" s
I wonder what life would be like on another planet when we travel to it in the near future? I bet it will be hard to make financial transactions through space. Sending my cousin over $100 and the transaction gets stuck in a black hole. BOA will find a way to charge you to retrieve it. NO IM NOT DRUNK BUT THESE ARE SOME REAL FUTURISTIC QUESTIONS WE NEED TO ASK, WHEN TIME COMES.
People wanna go fly to another planet when they cant even be here in this planet, integrate ground yourself! You ain't going nowhere if you can appreciate being here now.
Looks like I flew to another planet today. Lots of cool shots ffor these guys.
Libral suggestion on traffic congestion, " we could make it so freight can only be moved at night when then road network is empty, i know this does not happen now because of penalty rates but we could make it this way." let alone the mental cost of asking, sorry, telling a whole industry from now on you can only drive at night and not see your family. get another planet you ffools.
Messi is great , might be from another planet but cr7 definately from this living planet and I proud to support my planeterian. I respect ur hardwork.
Vonleh going pro would be like me playing at Bay Hill, Another planet
who up? Might inbox ya ah lil sum dis Barton got me feeling good too im on another planet
Guess I need to move to another planet then.There is power in prayer though! :-)
Albuquerque looked like another planet.
NASA...NASA trips me out. First off, human beings will never be allowed to live on another planet because it is forbidden. NASA and their arrogance is out of hand thinking we can live on Mars because we're unique to Earth only until God makes it anew. I don't know if NASA already knows this, I don't know if we went to the moon or not I just know there's a high rank of Angels in space that have orders from God to prevent us. The Lord showed me in a dream that Earth is sending out vibrations to these other there are other planets out there alive like Earth, some of them are freggin ginormous..I dunno if they have living beings on them but the planets know about Earth that it's hurting. At first they were upset with us humans for doing this to Earth but then it got they began to stare at us and wonder at us and then they wanted us to live in their hostile environments but it was forbidden because they wern't granted life in the way Earth was so we couldn't go with them. Everything ...
Evening photo shoot in Big Bend National Park, WOW! This place is like bring on another planet. Captured some beautiful sunset images. Can't wait for sunrise shoot.
What ever happened to telling the truth? Being true? Respect for others? MORALS? .smh sometimes I feel like I'm from another planet!
Who remembers when People acted like people? Didnt run around all crazy and stuff, killing they kids, each other, stealing everybody elses stuff, making crazy demands on everything, wearing all kinds of crazy clothes, speaking all different Hanging out with weird kinds, doing things you would never do. WHAT? Oh Im sorry, I got Earth mixed up with another planet. You all have been this way from day one.
This is so Harold Little.see men are from another planet!!
Okay so we can block out transmitting signals we have airplanes and other stuff we travel to space to look for resources and for science i feel it's very possible we one day will be the aliens attacking another planet the way we portray aliens in movies if science goes that far
Chase: Mom, today was the BEST day ever! Me: Awesome! Why? Chase: I felt like I was on another planet cuz I got kissed ON THE LIPS BY A GIRL! I LOVE her Mom!! .oh boy.
45 years ago on July 20, 1969 at 10:56PM Neil Armstrong steps out of the Apollo 11 lunar module, he descends the ladder and plants his foot on the surface of the moon, the first human to step foot on another planet. Over half a billion people watching on TV hear him clearly proclaim: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." 45 years and massive amounts of technology later, I still can’t hear my sister clearly on cell phone between Bayside and Flushing! *** ... Good luck Mr. Gorsky.
So I am going through some old wedding images for a wedding I second shot in AK. Although the main photographer delivered images long ago, I am just now getting around to editing some of mine. I will share as I edit and hopefully will have a blog post in a week or so :) These two could have been on another planet and they would have NEVER known! They didn't take their eyes off each other :) So much love!
Now me posting at this hour feelin lyk am frm a diffrnt tym zone. Sho it luks lyk am from another planet coz nobody can hear me. Yah ama post til i comment. Secrets
Does anybody remember a sci fi movie back in the 60's about jet airliner that was going to crash and right before it crashed the people were taken out and sent to another planet to populate it.
When I die I want everyone to wear messed up clothes and ripped stuff with a sign that say dont talk about fight club or act lik aliens from another planet either way looks cool to me or just dress up at an FBI agent
We have all this technology and such. We can find another planet millions of light years away but can't find a plane in our doorstep!
Ever felt like you just wish you can go to another planet where everything🙌 was perfect👌 ughh a massage is def needed💆😌
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G A W D.i didn't know i was ninety two.oh you mean in dog years ??? i thought i was only i'm confused!!!...oh you mean because of the birth year i posted...that was on another planet that had a much more RAPID orbit around it's sun a year was about 180 days...
For you people that know that Braveheart Bear came to me Yesterday - How ironic that i also found 2 swords in my sharehouse that im currently in swear my lifes a comedy on another planet hoping I meet Mel Gibson in a Kilt 2day at my Eyes wide Open Chakra Swing gig in Mandurah :-) Fredom :-)
I want to live in another planet, where I can walk and see a three eyed bunny. A planet I can go around just by swinging calmly on a swing and the sunset lasts an eternity, giving away colors we have never seen. I also want Pokemon to be real... :p
THE SUBSTANCE OF SPIRIT IS LOVE...AND THE SUBSTANCE OF MATTER IS FEAR You must use your Mind consciously in a way that is constructive and stop using It in a way that your Father did not create It to be used, which ends up causing you damage, heart ache, injury, illness and ultimately death—a death that’s not real because you immediately find that you haven’t died at all and the whole thing was a farce . . . you see? And that you didn’t need to be as afraid of it as you were. In fact, you could have challenged it if you had known that it couldn’t really kill you. You know, when you’re studying in school, biology or physics or whatever, you go into the classroom and you have book-work . . . book-learning, and then on a couple of other days during the week you have a lab class where you do lab work where you have practical hands-on practice regarding or implementing the book-learning that you did in class.. Well, we’ve been doing a lot of book-learning for a long time. And the last couple of w ...
There is a repeat of the most extreme drug addiction show I have ever seen tonight. On Nat Geo at 9pm. I'm not watching it again but Puerto Rico (Zombie Island) is on another planet when it comes their dope use. 871 on Comcast.
This man. Incredible. From another planet. Like no other. 1 in a mill. Silliest mofo. Best human. A-team. CAN communicate. LRCFL. Week and a bit to go and the next chapter begins.
I'm die-hard supporting RED !!! I'm so proud of RVP who scored hat-trick today !!! that's guy is a man from another planet !!! the storm has gone the sun will rise again !!!
Ugh migraine won't you just go away. I've been putting off taking my meds I don't like how they make me feel. Well I broke down after 4 days of this and now I feel like my body is on another planet. Yuck
my acid reflux is from another planet today and I haven't even done anything to irritate it 😩
I'm confused about last week's Cosmos. Tyson said that the moon and Earth formed simultaneously with each other, but I thought the most current theory was that another planet collided with Earth and the resulting debris formed the moon; and, that is also why its rotation is so slow that it mirrors that of the Earth which is why we always see the same side of the moon. anyone? clarification?
well.almost a week ago my 93 yr old mother fell and most dreadedly broke her hip. she seemingly was on another planet till TODAY!!! YAY!!! she had a soft landing back to earth this afternoon and sat in a chair 2 times and now knows where she is and is pretty aware. THANK GOD! it has been a really rough week but looks like she is on the road to recovery! dottie got her groove back. you rock dorothy!!! we all love you.
You ever wonder if we are a species from another planet? Like what if a different planet was dying and they went out to search for another planet to live on, reproduced and then left? Lol
Ok so it's great everyone's taking no make up selfies for "cancer".. But are you actually going to be donating money for the organisation to raise awareness? If you're passionate about raising awareness, surely a march or even doing race for life etc would be more appropriate? Or do I live on another planet?
For the first time in years I am traveling on an airline not Delta. It is like being on another planet.
So originally I wasn't going to be a big wuss and blah blah blah, but I lied. My brother from another planet moved back home, and while I'm incredibly proud of him & couldn't be happier -- I'm still going to miss our dinner adventures, diablo adventures, and reckless adventures. And a clean kitchen. And dinner. And weird pancakes. So - yeah. Here's the mushy gushy dedication post. Miss you & Love you! ♥♥
Um world when r we going 2 find another planet 2 live on. I think we need more space. dont u think world
Although, another planet, it most highly resembles the Medeval times in Europe.
Degea your the best in premier league...Rio you experience has saved the night...Rafeal bravo...Evra real hero...jones for the first time I liked your game...Carrick the midfield meastro...woow Giggsy your on another planet fantastic...Valencia moyes to give you his daughter...welbeck heko...Rooney the golden boy...van persie job well done that is real you...GGMU.
MANCHESTER UNITED played as if they are from another planet wow can't believe my eye's its UNITÉD the come back KINGS.
the older I get the more rest feels like good sex ! .yeah that niggah said that ! signed, the brother from another planet on level13 ya"digg
If we were able to move to another planet I'd be gone by now
I was made for another planet altogether. I mistook the way.
At the risk of being politically incorrect - My kids think I am old as dirt and from another planet when I tell them stories of how the Beacon had a white only side and a "colored side" and how Sears had the 4 restrooms and especially how the movie theaters were segregated. Seems so surreal now.
John : " Mom. who's this ?" Me : " That was mom's uncle but he is now in heaven ! " John : " Where is heaven mom , on another planet up up in the sky !? " :)
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT | 5 Questions For . . . Gio 1. How long have you worked here and what do you do? I've worked for the company for 2.5 years (Sunny Spot and A-Frame) and at Alibi for 2 of them. 2. What is your favorite thing on the menu? There isn't just one thing! You can't have favorites at Alibi! Buuut if I had to pick I'd go with the Pacman Sandwich (all 3 meats, salsas, onions cheese and slaw). It's like a burger from another planet! Or the Sour Cream Hen House bowl (grilled chicken, rice, fried egg, Chinese broccoli) because it has a little bit of everything and the fusion of flavors; you just can't go wrong! 3. When you're not here you're . . . ? I'm riding my motorcycle, hiking, mountain biking . . . I don't relax very much! Or I'm with my daughter; she loves to sing so I take her to karaoke. She sings, I don't! // yeah, sure 4. Do you have any other favorite local spots? Rutt's down the street has great authentic Hawaiian food. I also love Vees Cafe on West Adams. Their greens are all organic. 5 ...
There are dozens of theories that try to explain the things that take place in the Bermuda Triangle. Many of these theories are quite eccentric. For example, some people believe that ships have disappeared because of creatures from another planet. Others say that the triangle is a door to other planets. Some people believe that ships and planes are transported into a different place in time. Still others blame the advanced society of the “lost city” of Atlantis. Because of the unusual things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle, this part of the ocean has been nicknamed the “Devil’s Triangle.”
ALIEN The immigration say I'm a illegal alien as if from another planet, arrest me putting me in confinement. This is the nation of Aztlan de mi gente, we roamed the desert no matter how calente. We searched beyond your imaginary boarder, now you enforced these laws by a new world order. We didn't arrive here by ship, we are of this land of which we lost a grip. The natives of the Americas roamed free, now were we suffer racial profiling and identification the authorities want to see. This was our land of many generations, your the invaders of ethnicity that cause frustrations. We're not the alien of this nation, you can't put your problems on us of the government's failing situation. Brown Boy Poetry Tony S Pinedo
What if earth is a test? How you live your life determines where you go. Heaven or *** being lament terminology. When we die we go to another planet in a another galaxy with other people that lived a similar life.
So I got to take me son to the ER (hospital) he is getting worst and his temperature is so high he ain't even his self he acting like he in another planet oh god please help him he is just helpless right now
I have no word for Giggs. He is just from another planet. Giggs=Class
Thinks that we should just let missing flight MH370 go. It's obvious that it's gone through a Stargate, and through a wormhole in time and space has ended up on another planet millions of light years away. It's the only logical explanation.
This boy de gea is from another planet !!! Class goalkeeping
If only i lived in another planet myb izinto ngezihamba according mna.fellow frnds
I'm in Dayton tx. But i feel like I'm on another planet altogether. I'm with people who care about me, but I feel so utterly alone.
"You are as likely to be an alien from another planet as you are to have ADD". -Grant Cardone
Rich Tingue There is a Profundity in here in this timespace, and it is where friends of a feather come together to have a good time! (at least i hope so... for all of my life, (i am 64 as of 12.23.2013. [STARDATE] ).and for all of that time until up to near this Moment, I have been Pushed Here and Pushed There, and Tugged On, and Pulled at, at Least a THOUSAND TIMES.and yet it seems at this Moment as Though it were Only, a Mere Day Gone BYE, and yet i retain a detailed memory of each one, if i but give it a "Push", i will Find it, as i am Reading this material today, and thinking about little granddaughters visit to me today with their Mommy, my First Born, and I call her (sometimes to her bemusement), my First Valentine... from my Wife, now of near 45yrs, come April 19, 2014, or alternatively as a STARDATE of [04.19.2014], if you were Guiding a Starship, and Searching for Another Planet to LAND ON! Question? WHO Is Moving toward the "Other"?... Is it that the Earth is Approaching Another Plane ...
can really dig into a speech, but he's equally amazing not saying a word in The Brother from Another Planet.
Joe Morton "Handled" it last night if you've never seen John Sayles "Brother from Another Planet" with Scandal on Hiatus now is the time!
I want everyone to watch Brother from Another Planet. Joe Morton directed by John Sayles.
Watching 'The Brother from Another Planet' on by one of the most criminally underrated directors; John Sayles.
During 'Scandal' Hiatus, Morton Will Await Fate by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS December 12, 2013 6:26 AM LOS ANGELES (AP) — It's going to be a long, cold winter for the gladiators, and perhaps even longer for actor Joe Morton, who plays the debatably diabolical dad Rowan Pope to his political-fixer daughter, Olivia (Kerry Washington). After the "Scandal" episode airing tonight, the series won't return with fresh installments until late February — a scheme to avoid holiday-time ratings doldrums and also dodge competition from the upcoming Winter Olympics. When last we left "Scandal," Sally had killed her own husband, Huck was torturing Quinn, and Liv was sending her evil mama to a continent far, far away. Oddly enough, Morton said that wacky world feels like home. "I was looking (to play) a really smart bad guy," said the 66-year-old actor, whose Hollywood credits include director John Sayles' revered art-house classic "The Brother from Another Planet" (1984) and the blockbusting "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" ...
Next up :: Another Planet: In Memory Of John Peel Show (Zaph Mann) :: tune in at
'The Butler' is from Another Planet, By Michael Reagan · August 22, 2013. There you go again, Hollywood...You've taken a great story about a real person and real events and twisted it into a bunch of lies. You took the true story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986, and turned it into a clichéd "message movie." "Lee Daniels, The Butler'" stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, a fictional character supposedly based on Eugene Allen's real life. But let's compare the two White House butlers. Guess which one grew up in segregated Virginia, got a job at the White House and rose to become maître d hote, the highest position in White House service? Guess which one had a happy, quiet life, and was married to the same woman for 65 years? And who had one son who served honorably in Vietnam and never made a peep of protest through the pre- and post-civil rights era? - That was the real one! Now guess which butler grew up on a Georgia farm, watched the boss rape hi ...
Seems like I'm in another planet, I can't understand their language.
Some people love planet Earth so much they sound like they'd rather want us live in another planet and leave...
Hamilton Collection
Hubble telescope huh, we'll never get on another planet *sigh*
Bizarre For those too old to colonise another planet?
I believe Prof Cox has described them as being found on another planet
I added a video to a playlist Smooth Jazz Instrumental Music-Another Planet by Marcus Johnson
It may look like another planet from fiction movie, but its real! This is Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines
When I'm with my boiz I feel like I'm in another planet. Its just so fabulously unreal♥
BLA is used to being on another planet - where do think he is now?
"We need space" could mean one of you needs to go find another planet.
I know I'ma alien, I know I'm from another planet :8
Feel like I'm on another planet I don't plan on landing☁
LMAO people be like they jus came from another planet LOL BUT Tho
Stunning cool car: must be from another planet !
What if .. When we die.. We get transferred to another planet for souls... O_O
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