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My favorite day of the year is April 2nd because that means it's a whole 364 days until the next annual celebration of unfunny liars
good product. Marketing needs help, A "Get well" is not an annual celebration.
Our annual Cinco De Mayo celebration will be on Sunday, May 4 at 1 pm. Mark your calendars!
Proud of my dad for being Volunteer of the Year! He is a wonderful example of how business owners can give back
"is the 14th annual celebration of Texas Trash Off w/ KBB working w/ hundreds of local volunteers!
This Thursday, April 3rd, Wakulla High School will host The 13th Annual Celebration of the Arts. This special evening, coordinated by The Wakulla ARTS Coalition, begins with a silent auction at 5:30pm, followed by student performances from every Wakulla school, elementary through high school at 6:30pm in the auditorium. The funds raised from this event will be used to support a WHS art student scholarship. Adult tickets are $5 and student tickets are $2. The Wakulla County Arts Coalition has worked hard to organize this program and spotlight Wakulla's talented students. I hope you have the opportunity to support our Band, Chorus, Drama and Visual Arts Programs this Thursday evening at Wakulla High School. 5:30pm: A silent Art Auction of Student Artwork 6:30pm: Concert with student performers, including musical groups and drama performances Door Prizes will be given away during intermissions! TICKETS: $5/adult, $2/student
Wakulla Co. Schools to host 13th annual Celebration of the Arts
Thank you, Dude On The Corner With Sign. I was unaware today was the annual celebration of our Lord and Savior King Stephen Harper.
Check out exclusive pics from the after-party in celebration of women in food.
Governor's Proclamation for the 6th annual candlelight vigil and unity celebration.
Happy annual celebration of a great escape from the mother's womb.
Join us for a blowout celebration of the arts! The third annual U-Nite will showcase original works from the...
Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Zajaczek Dance Ensemble's 9th Annual Celebration of Music, Song and Dance in Warren, Michigan.
Help support the 2nd Annual Heather Gabbi Memorial Celebration of Life if you can't attend:
Another way to support the annual Heather Gabbi celebration.
Our FREE momstown Community Celebration this April featuring our local sponsors, Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and... http…
June 1st is NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVOR DAY! Are you interested in helping put this event together? Want to know more about it? Come out this Thursday at 5 to hear more about it. If you can't make it Thursday, we will have an alternate meeting on Friday at 5. Please enter the Hope Center door. Hope to see you! Don't miss out on this 1st annual celebration in our town!
SOUTH KOREA. South Korean tobacco products company KT&G is preparing to launch its new ESSE Black and Silver cigarettes to travel retailers at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes this October. ESSE Black and ESSE Silver 84mm super slim cigarettes are "very important" launches for the company, according to Kelly Song, who is responsible for KT&G's overseas brands as a senior manager in the global headquarters. The company has just finished developing the cigarettes' advertisement image (pictured above). ESSE 84mm slim sets out to offer a distinctive and different image from the ESSE mother brand, which is especially popular among women. ESSE 84mm super slim is equipped with a super-activated filter and targets stylish and modern male/female smokers who are aged in their late 20s to mid 30s. Besides exhibiting the new range at Cannes, KT&G will host its annual celebration dinner party for global business partners at the Carlton Hotel on the first day of TFWA week. This year's TFWA World Exhibition will mark ...
Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration supporting education in
Sixth annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration supporting education in
Join at its Voices of Conscience annual celebration in SF:
Back from annual celebration. All for a great cause. http:…
Unanimity Lodge 418 - Hilton Head Island Annual Installation Master's Banquet and Celebration of The Festival of...
We'll be at 17th Annual celebration in this weekend! For more info:
The IMAM Mahdi Association of Marjaeya presents its annual Takleef Celebration. In honor of the birth of Sayyida...
Join us this weekend for our annual New Vintage Days celebration. Be the first to try the wines from the new harvest!
Graduation is nearing! The communication department will be hiding its annual Spring Celebration to honor graduating seniors May 9th, 6-9pm!
Join Health Pillar partner at their 2nd annual in DC 4/6- 4/8
My Radio 3rd Annual Celebration is streaming right now via Electric Area! Listen w/ a free trial:
SCC's annual week-long celebration of world languages is here! Students, employees and the community are invited...
Everything is set up and ready to go for the 2014 Annual Varsity Reds “Celebration of Excellence".
The only desire I hath for the annual celebration of my birth, is a wench with a large buttocks
We couldn't forget Thanks for all of the support w/ Celebration of Leadership! h…
A Personalized Easter Celebration - One of our favorite holidays is Easter. We have been hosting our annual Jolly ...
Bring the family along to our annual Easter celebration at Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park!
Today marks Hudson Valley News 5th anniversary! In celebration of launching on April 1, 2009, our annual edition...
Art for the People: The 6th annual Art at the Capitol celebration. HPR's Noe Tanigawa explores:
Photos from Friday's celebration of the third annual Caregiver Recognition Day in Manitoba.
THIS WEEKEND! UMOJA Village at the 25th Annual Celebration of the African American Child. Sat, Apr 5 in |
Come remember the life of Josh Hernandez on Sunday, April 13th at 10am at for the 2nd Annual Live Like Josh Celebration! …
ACES - The University of Texas at Arlington - Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES)...
On April 1st, 2014, the brothers of Beta Theta Pi, along with the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta, will host the 4th Annual Celebration of Life: A Tribute to Kyle Craig, a benefit that honors the memory of our Beta Theta Pi's brother Marcus Kyle Craig who took his own life in May 2010. The event has ra...
ATTENTION any mommy's and mommy's to be interested in participating in a "Mommy and Me" themed cookout this summer Please inbox me for further details!!! I will be hosting a small get together to provide information and get new ideas to make this event a huge success and possibly turn into an annual celebration!
The ?4th Annual Celebration of the Military Child? will be held on Saturday, 5 April from noon until 3 o?clock at the beautiful Pinehurst Arboretum.
Oh boy! I'm so excited. I just saw a commercial for the annual celebration of "how many ways can you bend one single solitary note?" I think they call it the ACM awards.
April 1 - The annual celebration of the ability to exploit another's trust for the sheer fun of it.
Thursday, April 3, 2014 is pay what you can night! Two of my One Acts will be presented! Alleyway Theatre’s 23rd annual celebration of new one-act plays!
With my best friend at Annual celebration of the company
Still looking for more vendors for the upcoming Coney Island USA Congress of Curious Peoples. Please email me at debi.ryanif you are interested. The Congress of Curious Peoples is Coney Island USA's annual celebration of Oddity and Oddities. It begins with the Sideshow Hall of Fame induction event and continues with a 10-day series of performances and lectures on Curiosity and Curiosities, featuring notable faces from the sideshow world and talks by international scholars. The final weekend of the Congress includes a 2-day symposium and performances by some of Coney Island's most important sideshow stars. Now in its 7th year, the Congress is meant to build a community of scholars, practitioners, vendors, and enthusiasts; centered around a field with its home in Coney Island. It is quickly expanding to become an important gathering of people who are interested in the past, present, and future of sideshows, dime museums, cabinets of curiosity, 19th and 20th century spectacular culture, and the obscure A ...
Did you know that April is the Month of the Military Child? PTC and the Hampton Military Affairs Committee is so excited to say THANK YOU to all of our Military Children who serve along with their families at our annual Celebration of the Military Child event on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 11 AM - 2 PM.
I'm having one of those months where it seems as if every other time I watch the news or pick up a paper I read a story that causes me to pause, look around, and see if I'm on a hidden-camera show that's some new spinoff of The Twilight Zone. Just recently, Live Oak High School near San Jose, Calif., banned American-flag t-shirts every May 5th, which is the date of the annual celebration Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the 1862 Battle of Puebla -- a day that currently has come to represent the very best of Mexican culture, heritage and pride (although it's mostly just recognized in the United States, not Mexico). Over the past few years, some jerky kids at Live Oak High School purposefully wore American-flag t-shirts on May 5th just to rile up their classmates of Mexican descent. Violence was threatened, and ultimately the school prevailed in the ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that instead of mandating lessons on tolerance and respect for all students and cultures, claimed the solution was to outright b ...
Happy annual celebration from the escape from the womb
For those of you who are planning to play tricks on 1st April should contemplate on this event. The Fall of Granada, Spain and 1st April. After centuries of Muslim rule, the Moors were overwhelmed by the Christian Army. However, the Moors were fortified in their homes. The Christian armies wanted to get rid of the Muslims somehow. They told the Muslims that they could leave their homes safely and could take only the necessary things from their homes. They were told they could sail away in the ships anchored on the quay side. The Muslims did wonder if this ploy was a trick. The Muslims were requested to go to the quay side to check the ships. They did so and were convinced. They then made preparations to leave. The next day, 1st April, they took their essential belongings and walked towards the quay side. The Christians looted their homes and then set fire to them. Before the Muslims got to the ships, the Christians had set fire to the ships as well. The Christians then attacked the Muslims and killed all ...
Happy annual celebration of the escape from the womb MissBody2! May you stay blessed to see many more Sgcebhe sam! Love you so much. Mmmbaaah!
Walking stick are on sale for people who were born on this day in 197*. You also qualify for a discount "as my sister" & please FEEL FREE TO BUY ME A PRESENT for sending you my best wishes on your special day Happy Annual Celebration of your Greatest Escape from the Womb mam' Zandile \☺/ Stay as beautiful as you are my sis. Lots of love :-*
EFF is taking over, no doubts, ANC is finished. We'll go and make our annual celebration in Nkandla once we take over this government. Zuma is the last presidential candidate in the ANC, EFF is taking over and will deliver all other presidents including Julius Malema. Asijiki.Akujikwa... JUJUNATION...ASIJIKI DEFENCE FORCE!!!
Gearing up for Broward Education Foundation's annual celebration, this year Motown themed event. Join us May 2, Westin Diplomat Hotel and Spa Resort, enjoy the tunes from Hicksville USA!
Apparently the annual celebration of my gullibility started 3 hours early this year.
TCNJ's Haitian Student Association presents our 10th Annual Celebration of Haitian Culture --AMBIANCE!!! **Doors open at 6:30 and the CELEBRATION begins at 7:30!!!** Ambiance includes: 1. food 2. live entertainment (Harmonik and Buddy Billz) 3. performances --singing, dancing [Mikerline Dance Troupe] and poetry 4. giveaways 5. LOTS OF FUN!! Its a CELEBRATION that you will NOT want to miss! Email us at hsato be put onto the guest list. ALL ARE WELCOMED!!! FREE for TCNJ students and $10 for the general public. **SAF Funded
International Table Top Gaming Day Saturday 5 April 2014 11 am to 9 pm (you are welcome to bring food and drink with you) Easter Egg Hunt 5 – 21 April 2014 Collect your map and 10 stickers from shops around Huntingdon Bring your completed map to Niche Comics for your certificate and chocolate egg (Eggs provided by Fairtrade for Huntingdon) World Book Night Wednesday 23 April 2014 7 – 9 pm Refreshments provided Free Comic Book Weekend 3 & 4 May 2014 From 11 am on both days Come in your Superhero T shirt or dress up Comics for all ages Find Wally Hunt 28 June – 5 July 2014 A trip round 10 shops, collecting stickers, badges and entering the competition Lots of great Where’s Wally prizes to give away. Books, Comics, Art Our annual celebration of local writers and illustrators A wonderfully diverse range of books for all tastes Limited edition and original art from £3 Refreshments provided
O4-03 I kick off my BDay events with my annual celebration at Cookie Dough's The Monster Show :: Diana Ross Tribute. Gonna be a lot if Diva going on!
Announcement: Margaret Wrinkle will be honored at AAUW/Montevallo’s 2014 Annual Celebration of Alabama Authors. whose works address issues of special concern to AAUW’s Members and their Families. The Adelante Special Book Group Event, Wednesday, April 9, 4:00 at Eclipse Coffee and Books, Main Street Montevallo will feature author Margaret Wrinkle, who will discuss her award winning book Wash. AAUW/Montevallo’s Annual Celebration of Alabama Authors is co-hosted by Cheryl and Michael Patton of Eclipse Coffee and Books. Birmingham bred author Margaret Wrinkle will focus on Wash, an impressive first novel about the tangled relationship of a Revolutionary War soldier and a first generation slave named Wash. Wrinkle’s female characters are equally powerful. Wash’s shamanistic mother and the woman he loves are Wash’s inspiration and guides as he grows and matures, under very difficult circumstances, into manhood. The book juxtaposes the contrasting perspectives, as well as the shared humanity, of the ...
This Sunday is going to be fun! It's our Annual Celebration where we are going to have a "Tonight Show" format to...
Redlin Art Center 2011 8th Annual Celebration: Three Dog Night sings "Liar" Three Dog Night has been performing over 40 years and still do over 80 concerts a...
Want to join me for the Club Life Radio 3rd Annual Celebration with SiriusXM Electro during the Miami Winter Music Conference? Comment with a track you want to hear on the next episode of Radio for your chance to win tickets!
From now until April 16th, 2014... I am requesting that all members of Denver's House of Worship United Pentecostal Church 1) consecrate and 2) celebrate in preparation for our Annual Celebration of The Lord's Passover, which we will have on April 16th, 2014!! 1) Consecrate: spend time in prayer... repenting, rededicating, reconsecrating, and interceding for the Lost. 2) Celebrate: spend time Rejoicing in the Lord in prayer, praise, and worship for the Lord's Salvation, Deliverance, and our resulting Freedom and Victory!!! ... looking forward to The Coming of the Lord Jesus!! ALSO: Please plan to bring a robe, staff, and sandals to this service!
Jaal Jeha Abdi, a co-founder of OLF, speaking on Annual Celebration of Oromo Liberation Army, London, 25Jan14.
MARK SAVITT REVIEWS CARRIE'S REVENGE: Beautiful Soup's Annual Celebration of Flops: Carrie's Revenge seemed to have a cast of thousands singing songs from shows that for one reason or another flopped. Steven Carl McCasland sang verses from Noel Coward's Why Do the Wrong People Travel? at the beginning middle and end of the show. It's hard to believe that great song came from a flop. Dorothy Stone lent her lovely operatic voice to the lovely sad ballad "Everybody's Got a Home But Me". Considering it was from a Rogers and Hammerstein adaptation of a Steinbeck tale "Pipe Dream" of a whorehouse, that show had doom written all over it. Death Takes a Holiday, a more recent flop was represented by "Roberto's Eyes", a song about the death of a WWI pilot sung by Mario Castro. Humor was provided by Barnaby Edwards' rendition of Elliot Garfield Grant, from The Goodbye Girl,about a demanding landlord's vision of his generosity. Morgan DeTogne did Low Down Down, a hard life girl's explanation of her life from the Mich ...
We are less than a week away from our 76th Annual Celebration! Have you registered yet? You won't want to miss U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham & Tim Scott's question and answer portion of the evening!
“On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ), we are proud to announce that John E. Harmon, Sr. AACCNJ, President and CEO, will address Congregation Torat El, 301 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, Ocean, New Jersey at the Ninth Annual Celebration of the Life and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to take place on Wednesday evening, January 15, 2014 at 7:30. The invitation was extended to Mr. Harmon, by Jeff Donner, Esq. , Co-Chair of the Annual Celebration of Dr. King after reading the August 25, 2013 Article in the Sunday Asbury Park Press, written by John Harmon. In the article, John Harmon expressed the view that “The ultimate strength and competitive advantages of New Jersey, and America, can be realized when we collectively acknowledge that our true power stems from commonality and unity.” Mr. Harmon, stated "I am humbled at the invitation to be the Keynote Speaker at the Ninth Annual Celebration before the Congregation of To ...
KC to Host Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration! Kaskaskia College is proud to announce that on Tuesday, January 21, it will host its Annual Celebration honoring the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Keynote speaker for the celebration will be former Centralian Dr. Clara Rouse of California. The morning will also highlight entertainment from Kaskaskia College students and staff. The public is invited to join the students and staff at Kaskaskia
The first awards at the 74th Annual Celebration are the Manufacturers of the Year. This year's winners are Georgia Power, Shaw Industries, and Toyo Tire North America. Congratulations to each of them.
Veronica Mars Kicks Off PaleyFest 2014 The Paley Center For Media has announced the first shows to be spotlighted at this year's PaleyFest (which they are styling as PALEYFEST in the press release). BELLStarting in March, Veronica Mars is one of the first shows announced for the event, which will be held in a newer (and surely easier to get to!) venue. Here's the press release: PALEYFEST MOVES TO HOLLYWOOD! 31st ANNUAL WILLIAM S. PALEY TELEVISON FESTIVAL MOVES TO THE FAMED DOLBY THEATRE AT HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND MARCH 13-28, 2014 American Horror Story: Coven, Pretty Little Liars and Veronica Mars Are Amongst the First Honorees Revealed Citi Named the Official Card of the Annual Celebration of Great Television BEVERLY HILLS, CA, DECEMBER 17, 2013 - The Paley Center for Media will honor TV's best at the iconic Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland for the 31st annual PALEYFEST from March 13 to 28, 2014. Citi is the official card of the two week festival. PALEYFEST's robust schedule of programs will include ex ...
Looking forward to attending the annual celebration gala tonight!
Match for Milan IV - Don't miss this annual soccer celebration that raises funds for Milan & "Safe Sidelines"
Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs 2013 Annual Celebration and . Presentation of the Iris Newman Award
Special happy annual celebration of the escape of the womb and independence of the placenta to . have a blessed one
WICO will hold its annual Christmas Tree Lighting on December 11th at 6p. Come join the celebration!
Don't miss SWW Concert Choir celebration tonight to benefit the Partnership Program more:
Honoring our caregivers at our Annual Conference is a celebration symbolizing the end of a year of successful...
All grandparents are invited to join us for our Annual Grandparent's Day Celebration on Tuesday, November 26th at...
Free business networking event and annual celebration… come and be inspired!
Say to for - Hull’s annual celebration of the Arts, a lasting legacy of the Wilberforce 2007 campaign.
Passed my annual review with flying colours after a presentation and interview. Celebration: wine: check; Dr Who: check; sleep: che...z
Will you be in attendance this year?! 3rd annual Unwrap a Gift Celebration: via
Hilal wrote Annual Celebration of the Maulid of Sheikh Abdullahi Maikano Venue : Accra New Town highway Time : 9 : 00 till day break
A few (free) tickets remain for our annual event next week! Drama and creative writing abound, come celebrate!
Do not forget to announce early enough the annual of declaration of !
New venue for old favourite that heralds the festivities: The annual St Luke’s Hospice Service of Celebration ... http:/…
It's the annual holiday struggle—just what do you do with all that leftover turkey once the celebration is over? Wel...
The 2nd annual du Social Media Awards, held in celebration of UAE National Day, recognise the UAE’s most...
Ginnifer at the 4th Annual Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration in Los Angeles, March 10.
Black people abamnyama 21st ayo annual event it is a celebration of the age 21 fike umntu esenza i21st kodwa...
For the birds; Farm Sanctuary's annual cruelty free Thanksgiving celebration
Farm Sanctuary's annual cruelty free Thanksgiving celebration
Today's annual choir day celebration at Bryant Baptist was everything!!! They can SANGGG! Our choir…
So next month is my annual celebration of my escape from the womb..😂
Well, we had an awesome time for our last day of our 3rd Annual Pastoral Celebration. Our spiritual father,...
The Native American Student Association hosts the 9th annual “Celebration of the People” Nov. 20 at
Medford’s annual holiday celebration will be held Saturday, November 30! The schedule is a bit different this year…
Mikie on top form at the Gin Goblins' annual Winter Solstice celebration at Henry's 6 years ago! . Sad news today,...
3rd Annual Hartford Tennis Celebration this Saturday from 6pm-10pm at Simsmore Tennis Club.
Hubby signed up for 's 13th Annual Fall 5K Celebration to run with our favorite girl.
Celebrate with us at the gorgeous on Nov. 18th for an evening of song, refreshments, & prizes!
chinvember? Sounds like some kind of annual Chinese celebration. I didn't know you went Asian. Tell me our secrets?
Perkasie Borough will hold its annual tree lighting Dec. 7. Its celebration is the oldest of its kind in the U.S.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Church Promotion for Tickets to the 15th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration
Stooge Fan? Join us for our the celebration of our 16th annual film festival. Alex theatre Nov. 30th 2pm & 8pm
Meet the 3 new Fellows at the Annual Celebration Gala on 11/18. Hear more about their companies.
WLC's Celebration is TOMORROW! Do not procrastinate any more, get your tickets now:
SWW Concert Choir sings celebration Mon. 11-18 to benefit the DC Public Schools Partnership Program more:
Just arrived in Boston for the 6th Annual Green House meeting and Celebration! With a record number of Peer...
SD 3-Day to conclude with celebration at Petco Park: The annual Komen San Diego Three-Day Walk fundraiser is s...
The World Read Aloud Day Calendar is out! Download at & help make the 5th Annual WRAD celebration …
Celebrate Veterans Day at the Annual Celebration at Civic Center Park on November 9th, 2013
� At our Annual Celebration on Saturday, April 26, 2014, South Africa Partners will be honoring Justice Albie Sachs and Temba Maqubela with our Desmond Tutu Social Justice Award If you would like to receive an invitation for the event, please contact Brenna DeCotis at
Darren Criss & Jane Lynch will attend the 12th Annual Celebration of Dreams Gala this Saturday.
Dream Foundation's 12th Annual Celebration of Dreams Gala - Dream Foundation, the first and largest national...
Kings County invites you to our 5th Annual Celebration of Multiculturalism & Diversity. Click for details
Tonight is the COLT Annual Celebration - give thanks for the year we've had and pray for blessing on them in the year ahead!
Manhattan’s world-famous Carolines on Broadway comedy club for Ringside Fest. The annual celebration not only offers
Taste of Downey 2013: . Tonight was the annual celebration of the restaurants of Downey called "Taste of Downey...
Have you heard? Our 12th Annual Celebration of Life Golf Tournament is SOLD OUT! We are so excited to kick off...
Another great walk to choose from during the annual celebration of our grand backyard, the Festival of Walking.
I created this animation as the introduction for two videos I worked on for SCOPE's annual celebration - stay...
Great to hear challenge us at St Louis Metro Baptist Association Annual Celebration "Church As a Movement"
The best parties are always with Love & support them at their annual celebration fundraiser this Sat 9/21
Pics from our 4th Annual Celebration Dinner, happening now —
14th Annual Creek Week: . September 21st through 29th. Creek Week, an annual celebration of our local watersheds...
Almost ready: Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ begins Friday: The annual celebration of music and food will take place in...
At our partner's, Annual Celebration. starting the ceremony.
Thank You to Celebration of Excellence Wine Sponsor Click here for ticket info.
there aren't many, but this show is FREE on Fremont Street.
View pictures from Senior Citizen Day 2013 held on September 10. The 4th Annual Celebration of Seniors in our...
The Kolb Studio is alive with the 5th Annual Celebration of Art!
The 20th annual celebration of National Public Lands Day is Saturday September 28th. Make plans now to join us in the celebration.
Electronic Device Insurance
We are proud to host The Portrait Project: Courage & Cancer tonight for their annual celebration and portrait...
,mawlid is the annual celebration of the Prophet's pbuh birthday by some,
Locust Moon Comics Festival - msgier: Second annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday,...
Cheers, it's National Wine Week! What are you pouring for this 53rd Annual celebration?
Avast!!! Tis be the annual celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day! May the winds carry your...
Summer Grant Program 2008 alum, Emily Duda will also be showing her artwork on Saturday at our 2nd Annual Celebration of Emerging Artists.
Honored to be recognized with other leaders at Annual Celebration last week.
You guys have a parade? I love it. I live in a city that's known for our annual celebration of a pirate invasion, and yet we
Join us on Sunday, September 29 for LST's September Celebration - a free, annual, celebration of the work of...
World Student Day is an annual celebration of all that God is doing, through IFES, amongst students…
Through the Eyes of a Child - MAC's Annual Celebration and Auction
"Speed Week 2013 promises a memorable Eid Al Adha holiday with exciting new shows and activities for the entire...
Have a big show tonight w and band! Very excited to play for annual celebration!
You are aware that anniversary is an annual celebration, hence the "anni" in anniversary, which means yearly. 3 months isn't an anniversary
my favorite annual celebration of life. I think this is the best aftermath vid yet.
Little Giant Ladders
Quality, upbeat songs about hope that we should consider for our Annual Celebration on 20th October...?
can't forget the best annual celebration! Check
The zoo is closed for Christmas and to rejoice the animals take over for Kidsmas; their annual celebration. Don't miss the Penguins @ 1145
Ladies and gentlemen it's that time again...TSWA DA 2ND Annual Celebration...the dope event of the year,bringing...
Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all our Chinese fans! . 'Zhong Qiu Jie' is an annual celebration of a bountiful...
Hope to see our Eastside FC families, players & coaches at 4th annual Celebration Day, Sun, Oct 6, 3-6 pm at Preston.
Get ready for the annual celebration of designs! promises an exciting lineup of
Happy fourth anniversary, Join us at our annual celebration, Saturday Sept. 21 from 12–5pm.
It's not too late to register for our 17th annual Celebration Run on Sept. 21 in Havre de Grace! Information at... htt…
The 5th Annual Celebration of Art is going on now at Grand Canyon!...
Hey Tallahassee! Do you have your tickets? Adrianna Freeman to Perform at Celebration of Women and Girls, 9/27 -
Allotment holders get ready to show off plots: Gardeners are getting ready for an annual celebration of food g...
Attn Foster & Adoptive Families: Celebration of Families Night is on Sept. 20 at 7:00 PM at the LHS Stadium. http…
The Shanghai Tourism Festival took off on September 14, 2013, marking the start of the annual celebration of the city’s dynamic offerings!.
Arms of Mercy 7th Annual Celebration Service. Come and join us for some good food, singing, and fellowship. We...
Don't have your DISH ticket yet? Have we got a deal for you!: DISH, Westword's annual celebration of the Denver...
Medium. What annual celebration was in the dinner theatre?. a)28th. b)27th. c)26th. d)25th
Honored to be at Women in Medicine Annual Celebration "View from Above the Glass Ceiling", Ddr Luanne Thorndyke
Happy annual celebration of your escape from the womb!! :)
Keynote studied her own stroke as it happened. Annual "Celebration of Life" Dinner
Birthday celebrations haraam bcos: 1. Innovation of an annual celebration which the Prophet didn't sanction 2. Imitatio…
Week of prayer and Annual Celebration fast approaching. Check website for more details
Where shall I begin? While I was a student at East Stroudsburg University of PA, one of my professors distinguished himself by utilizing actual author composed books to teach his course rather then the conventional text books clinically written and designed to be frequently “updated” so students would have to constantly purchase the new editions at the inflated prices. The professor began his course by assigning us to read the preface of the books before venturing into their first chapters. He answered the unasked question of “Why?” by explaining the preface of a book often creates the mood of the work and allows the reader to explore insights he or she may never had considered without the additional passages introducing the words one was about the read. So, I began my adventures of  the 36th Annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz and Arts Festival held in Delaware Water Gap, PA on the weekend after Labor Day from Friday September 6th through Sunday September 8th not with the official beginni ...
The 14th Annual Celebration of MN Children's Authors & Illustrators will be held September 21st in Red Wing.
The 6th Annual Celebration with Isaac Carree, Anita Wilson &more! Purchase your tickets now
Celebrate with the 17th Annual Celebration of Leadership honorees Carrie Mae Weems, Antoine Fuqua & Tananarive...
List of performers at Globalquerque! New Mexico's Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture.
Annual Celebration of Life and Legacy of Anna Pauline Murray Monday, July 1, 2013 @ 7:00 P.M. St. Titus' Episcopal Church, 400 Moline St, Durham St. Titus’ Episcopal Church will host the annual celebration of the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray on Monday, July 1 @ 7:00 p.m. at 400 Moline Street, Durham, 27707. The celebration will be the second one to honor Pauli Murray as a saint since the Episcopal Church voted in 2012 to include her in Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints. She will be honored every July 1 on the church calendar. She is honored as a saint for her advocacy of the universal cause of freedom and as the first African American female priest ordained by the Episcopal Church. The Rev. Stephanie Yancy, Interim Rector, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Durham, will offer the sermon and will be the celebrant. A choir composed of representatives of congregations in Durham will provide special music. Also present will be drummers from St. Cyprians’ Church Oxford. Everyone is i ...
The 9th Annual Celebration of Life at PeaceMine Homestead was a joyful event of life and love let loose when friends gather. This Celebration was made even more joyous and special when it was revealed it was also Devon's and Joyce's marriage night! They had a beautiful Celtic binding ceremony. And to put the icing on the cake, Fran was there, and I was reunited with an old friend from the 70's, Thérèse (I hope I got the accents right!). What a wonderful evening and night!
So I don't forget to go the major post tomorrow and since it's my chapter's 4th Annual Celebration of Fatherhood today, let me tell yall about my daddy. I don't go telling him all the time because we wasn't raised up to talk all soft, but I love my daddy. Granted, there were times in my life where he wasn't my favorite person to be around, but when you look back on the totality of it all... he's really been my biggest supporter. Every night when I was a little boy, I'd crawl my way out of my crib and hit the floor, I'd hop in the huge rocking chair that they put in the opening to my room (I didn't have a actually room with a door back then) and I'd rock the chair until it fell backwards and go running down the hallway to my parents room. BAM! "Hunny!" I'd shout... and he'd throw me in the bed with them. My dad has his own life story of trials and tribulations, stories of football lore (I've seen men run across a stadium just to speak to my father), fighting (only when he had to), how he met my mother (SW ...
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Ok everyone, here's some events going on this weekend, but we need your help, if you know more PLEASE let us know and we'll add them to our list. Thanks! 5th Annual Wild West Show, Saturday starting at 12noon—El Rancho Manana, Richmond Foley Bicycle Rodeo, Saturday starting at 9am – Lion’s Park, Foley 7th Annual Celebration of the Arts, Saturday from 9am-3pm – Wobegon Park, Avon Freedom Days, Friday and Saturday – Becker Rum River Festival, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Princeton Family Fun Fest, Friday and Saturday – Waite Park Foley Fun Days, Friday and Saturday – Foley Summertime in Minnesota, Saturday and Sunday – Great River Arts Center, Little Falls 2013 Lady Slipper Nature Ride, Saturday – Wobegon Trailhead Park, Avon Uncle Sam’s New Deal Exhibit, Saturday and Sunday – Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud
Carly Lyster sibgs at the Annual Celebration of the Sojourner Truth Memorial Statue
Just finished giving my keynote at the Annual Celebration at the Sojourner Truth Memorial statue.
NSP 2nd Annual Celebration & BarbecueJoin us on Donner Summit for a day of fun activities with family and friends as we celebrate our campaign to protect the beautiful northern Sierra Nevada. The day will begin with guided hikes and tours, mountain biking, and other activities. Explore the inviting...
On Wednesday, May 15, 2013 please join the The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare in celebrating women in healthcare, here in Watertown at Tufts Health Plan. The 11th Annual Celebration of Women in Healthcare recognizes the important role women play in advancing the delivery of compassiona...
You can find sister in law selling her photo book "Through the Eyes of a Widow" and (me?) selling "Two Terrible Eaters" at: Come and check it out! March 23 2013 WAVE: Women, Artists, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs 6th Annual Celebration of Women Festival Saturday, March 23, 2013 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Franciscan Center Commons, Lourdes 6832 Convent Blvd., Sylvania, OH 43560
Monte Jones with Commercial Bank and Trust Company, the Business of the Year (1-49 Employees) award winner from the 2012 Annual Celebration.
University of Southern California on The Pretty team Annual Celebration of the Arts…
Congratulations to Siobhan Dennehy, Division 18 LAOH member and 2009 AOH National JFK Medal winner on being named by The Speaker of the New York City Council Christine C. Quinn and the Members of the New York City Council at the Annual Celebration of Irish Heritage and Culture in Council Chambers, City Hall New York Also honoring Academy Award Nominee, Liam Neeson with the Thomas Manton Irish Man of the Year Award and Deputy Chief James McGovern, New York City Department of Sanitation, as well as Peter J.F. Meijer, Team Rubicon. The City's recognition of the Irish Day of Action to be accepted by Siobhan Dennehy, Executive Director of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center The event will feature a Performance by the Cast of Once Tony and Grammy Award Winning Broadway Musical
Annual Celebration, 2012 | Check It Out - We are so blessed at Shoreline Community Church to be in a very...
It's amazing how productive I am on a work day when I don't have to be at work. If we have school tomorrow we will be presenting or 3rd Annual Celebration of Black Song and Dance: this year's theme.."Black to Basics" know, some Peabo Bryson, Zapp Band Classics, Ol' School Hip Hop/Rap, Dance Battles...The Chorale will take you way back with "In His Care-O" (all time favorite William Dawson arr.), Lift Every Voice and Sing (Roland Carter arr.)...and the cutiest presentation from my first year all girl chorus...A Medley of Whitney Houston's classics. It's also Senior Night for my soon to be grads...3 of which have partial Dance Scholarships...ITS ALL FREE! Donations for the Arts and Education Council will be accepted..and plenty of concessions! 6:30pm Viking Hall
The 17th Annual Celebration of Life kicked off the year with a big bang! Over 250 Pediatric Cancer patients, survivors, family members and supporters of The Periwinkle Foundation and Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center…
Had a fantastic first Annual Celebration for Cell Life Church which ended with dinner for the Church Council at...
Join us for the 6th Annual Celebration of Caring Gala benefitting Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent! Manning will be back in town and guests will enjoy a private performance by Luke Bryan! Get your tickets today!!
✨Beautiful night at PGA Tour Wives Association 25th Annual Celebration at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel
Lovely night at the PGA Tour Wives Association 25th Annual Celebration. The Starlight Ballroom at Fairmont Miramar Hotel is spectacular!
Annual Celebration of Excellence dinner and awards at Cowboy Stadium tonight. Working for Park Place Mercedes Benz has perks lol
10th Annual Celebration of Abraham preaches the 'Golden rule': By JIM SMITH Living by the Golden Rul...
Join us at the Eastern Shore Literacy Council's Annual Celebration! In the Workforce Development building at ESCC, Tuesday, January 22 at 6 p.m. Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our Learners, Tutors and Volunteers. Entertainment and desserts are being provided.
In Sheffield, the Council of Mosques holds an annual celebration to mark Milad Un-Nabi and this year Madina
on now! “Join us tonight at for our Expansions Party w/ & Masa!
Tomorrow is V2SG BIG DAY as the Volunteer Host Committee for MLK Annual Youth Day Celebration & I will Judge the competition.
Please like our FB page to find out about the MLK events going on this week! You don't want to miss it.
At the 10th Annual Celebration of Dreams honoring Donna Karen, Amber Riley wore her extended…
Tomorrow night! It's our Expansions Party at with & Masa!
Hope to see all of you at the 12th annual UNITY celebration tomorrow at 9am at UT's Savage Arena! The program is Spectacular!
I'm so proud of my second mom (Mary)!! She was honored tonight at the Kennedy Center's 11th annual MLK "let freedom ring" celebration!!
(@ The North Door for 2nd Annual Celebration of Martin Luther King + more)
It was a pleasure to join the Virgin Mary Ethiopian Church for the annual Timkut Celebration
At the 31st annual MLK Jr Celebration at the Pilgrims Congregational Church.
All purpose parts banner
MLK Jr. Celebration Week! Meet at the BC Main Campus roundabout at 10:00AM tomorrow for the Annual March and Rally in Seattle!
Hapy Annual Celebration of the Escape from the womb, :)
Off to the Civic to keynote the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration on the topic: What Happens to a Dream Deferred?
Was as 27th Annual Northside Ministrial Alliance Celebration...congrats to my friend and colleague..the Voice Of...
Glorious time 2nite at the 7th Annual Celebration Event Honoring The Life of D
Looking forward to 33rd annual MLK celebration at the capitol tomorrow noon ..then city/county celebration later
Check it out! All Rise: 2nd Annual Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. at on 1/20/13:
.presents the 3th Annual Expansions at starts at 8pm tonight!
Pls arrive early: 12p. Handwanding may be required. And you'll want to see the pre-game award ceremony.
Join us tonight at for our Expansions Party with & Masa!
I'm now at a the Kennedy center for The 11th annual Martin Luther King, Jr " Let Freedom Ring Celebration"!
All are invited to attend the 26th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration at
Lowriders: Missed the annual MLK Jr Peace & Unity celebration parade. Did not think to check time parade started,...
January 21st is our Annual Martin Luther King Jr.Celebration Food will be served No Cover Elks Lodge 1011 Engman St Clearwater
I'd like to interrupt your timeline to announce that the 25th annual KT birthday celebration is Tuesday night in Denton at Lucky Lou's
I'm at the 27th Annual MLK Celebration at the Chenery Auditorium in Kalamazoo. This has been an awesome observance thus far.
Counting down to another annual Celebration. Festival of Yoruba Arts 28th July, Clissold Park, Hackney, London.. See you there!!!
You're invited to the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce's 2013 Annual Celebration on January 25th! Find out more!
In November, Aurora held their Annual Celebration, which recognizes the contributions of caregivers and volunteers to our patient’s lives! The South Market branch (includes Walworth County as well as portions of Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha and Jefferson counties) had 4 nominations for Aurora VNA volunteer of the year. Jean Brogan, Marie Howe, Laura Manley and Patricia Platts were nominated for their exceptional commitment to our volunteer program. Patricia Platts was named VNA Volunteer of the Year for 2012. She considers doing hair for terminally ill and bedridden patients her mission field. Everyone wants to feel good about how they look and nothing makes you feel better or lifts your spirits more than having your hair done! Her years of experience has made it easy for Platts to donate her services to the needs of the patients. Ignoring the ravages of the disease or working around the confinements of a bed or wheelchair she is able to cut, curl, do perms and coloring. Conversation easily flows as ...
CTE's 3rd Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence starts today! Share ideas and learn what's new and what works.
Stay in the know! Singer Emeli Sande on why *** love her; *** couple featured in Ebony magazine's “Annual Celebration of Black Love”; and more news relevant to YOU.
News Musicians jam at TCF schools ..more Indiana Group supports TCF 'Campus of Hope' ..more SF Chapter Fund Raiser 2013 ..more Houston supporters top Kilimanjaro ..more TCF-Houston Gala 2012 ..more Annual Celebration in Indiana ..more Austin supports TCF-USA ..more Fundraising Gala in St. Louis
Thank you, Patty Clary for posting pictures from our 2012 Annual Celebration of HEALTH in Columbia County.
ST. NICHOLAS CELEBRATION, 15 DEC. 2012 -- All Parishioners are invited to attend the Annual Celebration of our Patron Saint on Dec 15, 2012. The Festivities start at 9:30 AM with Divine Liturgy. Following Divine Liturgy, please come and join us for a fun-filled day that includes a Special Lunch to mark the Saint’s feast, Nativity Preparation Craft’s for families, preparation of Christmas Stockings for St. NicholasShut-ins; and a visit by St. Nicholas. The gift corner will be open during the celebration for you shopping convenience. The cost for the Lunch is $10 per adult – all children are free. Come and join us on this special day!
Calling All YAS Alumni (11' & 12') Join us next Saturday, December 15th for our 3rd Annual Celebration of Nia with Scholar Mzee Dr. Iya Adjua & other Special Guests. We look forward to you sharing your college experiences with our newest members. Location will be at the Lenfest Center 3890 North 10th Street 9am-1pm. Peace & Power!
Playing music until Noon for The Women's Building 34th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen at Fort Mason Herbst Pavilion
May need to check out Annual Celebration of Craftswomen @ Fort Mason too.
26h Annual Celebration of Lights will be TONIGHT at 6:00 p.m. in front of Overstreet Hall! Come out and enjoy the Christmas festivities!
The 9th Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK is proudly Brought to you by Safaricom, Audio Visual Engineering Limited, Standard Group, 1FM and HomeBoyz Radio; and Supported by the KISS 100, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, the Creative Enterprise Centre, Xtreme and Dotsavvy. The 9th Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK; scheduled to run from next Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th December 2012, is Sold Out. The four (4) day Annual Celebration of Kenyan music; held at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall in Westlands – Nairobi, has been held ev ery December since 2004. KENYA MUSIC WEEK is an annual Platform for the Kenya Music Industry to Trade (i.e. exhibit), Learn (i.e. workshop) and Showcase (i.e. perform). Participation is Confirmed from the following Industry players; as well as Suppliers to the Entertainment Industry (in alphabetical order): - @ Live (i.e. home to Anto & Paragasha Band and Jemedari). - 1FM (i.e. Radio Station). - Africa is a Planet (i.e. Communication firm that produces Multi-media Arts & Crafts). - Audio Gear (i.e. Au ...
We're 1 week away from the 4th Annual Celebration of Giving Benefit Concert!!! Do you have your ticket yet? No.why not? This is a celebration you don't want to miss. All proceeds go toward scholarships and the purchase of coats and toys. Musiq, Avery Sunshine, Anita Wilson & DJ Toure.If you're interested in purchasing tickets inbox me I have 2nd row tickets for $60!!! It's the Season of Giving...Be a blessing!!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Katy at the 11th Annual Celebration of Dreams Gala -
Gov. John Lynch and Alex Drago of Loudon have their picture taken before the start of the Easter Seals New Hampshire 2012 Annual Celebration of Giving Dinner at the Radisson in Manchester last Tuesday. (MARK BOLTON/UNION LEADER)
Katy Perry and Nigel Lythgoe were guests of honor at a special charity event on Friday night. They were presented with the Founder's Humanitarian Award as part of Dream Foundation’s 11th Annual Celebration of Dreams gala at the glitzy Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, California. Your source for the...
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Well, ALL OF YOU COLLEGE STUDENTS who used to be my students in 6th - 12th grades. You have volunteered as my faithful Elves / Helpers for Breakfast with Santa for the past 8 years with dedication second to none. I know you are all grown up now and college comes first because that is what I have said all of these years... Mama Dee really needs your help again this year... So if you can find the time to come help out one more time.. This is the 9th annual program and then next year will be our big 10th Annual Celebration. We can do this together again this year too! :) Please let me know ASAP if you can come help out this year. I will be happy to write a letter for your college / Scholarships / Jobs/ etc. Love you all and so apprecaiete all of your dedication over the years.* If you are a newby and want to join this dedicated team, please let me know!* You will not find a more memorable few hours in your life! — with Tyler Dewayne Walker and 12 others in Perry
Make-A-Wish Georgia announced Friday the recipients of its Annual Awards, which were distributed at the 8th Annual Celebration of Wishes Gala on October 20, 2012.  The awards were given to individua
Creative Arts Workshop hosting the 44th Annual Celebration of American Crafts:
8th Annual Celebration of the People Pow Wow will be Wednesday, November 14 from 10 am to 5 pm.
The 2nd Annual Celebration of the Spoken Tale Series. All the Actors from Spoken Tale 101-170 are on hand in anticipation to see who takes home the Awards fo...
I must be doing something right! ;) a friend just called to thank me . . . because of my Baker St Networking Event she connected with another friend of mine & as a result it will create $12,000 of income for her! That's what it's ALL about join me for the FUN PACKED 4th Annual Celebration of Faith Young's Networking Event!
The City of Gaithersburg and the Kentlands Citizens Assembly present the 21st Annual Celebration of Oktoberfest at the Kentlands, Sunday, October 14, 2012, f...
It is time to have some fun. It's "Election" time & we would love to earn your vote for our personal favorite...The Sheraton West Des Moines. :) And, it is so simple to the link below. Plus, those who vote could win a cool prize package. Voting is now open for the 2012 Greater Des Moines Visitor Choice Awards! The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Des Moines Area Sports Commission are asking visitors to vote for the Hotel of the Year, Restaurant of the Year and Attraction of the Year. Each person that votes will be entered to win a Greater Des Moines prize package. Voting ends Friday, October 19 and the winners will be announced November 13 at the GDMCVB/DMASC Annual Celebration and will also be posted on our website. Thank you for your time and consideration from your entire Sheraton West Des Moines team.
New Generation Harvest City Church-Annual Celebration at Cinnodalle Centrum,Burger Street.From thursday 2Satarday.transport is free,Squarsh courts &is available from 17:30...
A Special Request and Invite to You & Your Church Family. Our Annual Celebration of Appreciation & Love to Our...
The Iwaszewski Family spent the evening at the Annual Celebration, hitting all of the rides and than having a nice dinner together at the Farmers Market Square..Enjoy!
Teen Feed's Annual Celebration is on Sunday, Oct.14th, 1-3pm at Neptune Theatre! RSVP today at
Hey gang The Harper Brothers will be at Old Plank Road Baptist Church this Friday night at 7:30pm along with Pure Heart, The Pickerings and South Georgia Quartet for Pure Hearts 12th Annual Celebration! Would love to see ya!
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) announces the 16th Annual Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts awards. This year’s honorees are Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones, gospel artist; Kenny Leon, theatrical director; and Tayari Jones, author. Dr. Jones, best known as the host and executive producer of Bobby Jones Gospel which has aired on BET since 1980, performs all styles of gospel music. The Bobby Jones Gospel Radio Show and The Bobby Jones Gospel Countdown, are favorites of gospel music lovers. In 2010 award-winning director Mr. Leon’s Broadway show ‘Fences’ garnered 10 Tony nominations, including Best Director, the most nominations ever for a play revival, set box office records and received the Tony award for best Revival of a Play, Best Actor and Best Actress. Past Tony nominations include, his Broadway productions of ‘Radio Golf’, ‘Gem of the Ocean’ and ‘Raisin In The Sun’, starring Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad and Audra McDonald. Ms. Jones first novel, Leaving Atlanta ...
You're invited to TRM Annual Celebration - Click here to RSVP
Look what's coming to an Annual Celebration near you... goodies up for auction! and to benefit BHA programs to empower homeless families.
The Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville performed the traditional Lion Dance at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's 161st Annual Celebration on Oct. 1, 2...
The 8th Annual Celebration for Peace in Bridgewater, Massachusetts will take place Friday through Sunday,...
The 2012 Havana Nights 3rd Annual Celebration will take place on Saturday, September 15th at the City Park Pavilion from 4:00PM to 8:00PM in Denver.
Mom 2 Mom 58 Foundation will host their 6th Annual Celebration of Life Breast Cancer Awareness Event October 19 & 20th at the Hyatt Hotel downtown Miami. If you would like to become a vendor or place an ad for a love one or your business in our booklet inbox me for more information.
Jazz it up! The 35th Annual Celebration of the Arts Jazz Fest opens Fri. 9/7-9/9 in Delaware Water Gap!
Join the Kings as we celebrate our Annual Celebration and Thanksgiving Service, comes up on the Sunday 9th Sept. 2012 @ Apostolic Revival Assembly. By 12noon. At okofilling, Kajola, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Polo Da Don Celebrates 5th Annual Celebration 4 A Cause: Atlanta celebrities like Keri Hilson and Toya Wright at...
Heading over to Gibbstown, NJ today to visit with Joseph Magazu and Amy Magazu and to enjoy St. Michael's Mutual Club's Annual Celebration. Roast pork sammies, fun, games, and other sociable activities that as a hermit I generally avoid.
Shalom! Please note the venue for No Limit Mime Ministry's 3rd Annual Celebration has been changed to Ekklesia Church, located at 1124 W. Washington St. in Petersburg. The time is 5 pm with special guests the incredibly anointed Devoted Praise from Fayetteville, NC! Join us won't you?
I hope you all enjoyed this year's Indiana Black Expo, Inc. 42nd Annual Celebration! Gladys Knight Outdoor Concert was off the hook and the weather was great; The Fresh Music Festival was popping and the All White Party was a blast! There were so many events going on this last week that I did not get any sleep but it was all worth it. I can't wait until next year! Get ready for the Circle City Classic!
Thomas Mapfumo from Zimbabwe performing live at New Mexico's 4th Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture, at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in A...
Here they are! Your pictures taken in the I Advocate, I Volunteer, I Give photo booths from our Annual Celebration 2012.
It is with great enthusiasm that we would like to invite you to attend the 48th Annual Celebration of the Virginia State DanceSport Championships.
Awesome Event Today, July 11th, from 2-8 the Rockrivervalley Bloodcenter will be at Sullivan's Foods in Lena for the 7th Annual Celebration of life for Brian Peight Blood Drive. Come out and donate blood. Our goal is 50 units, which equals 150 lives saved! We are also having a bake sale for Katy Lartz.
Native American performer captured at New Mexico's 3rd Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture. For more info, visit Video by Je...
2nd Annual Celebration of People Power with Alice Walker, Frances Moore Lappé, and Makana Photos by Jake Warga and Ben Guss
The Children with special needs of Danao City Central School -Special Education Center are going to celebrate the 34th Annual Celebration of the NATIONAL DISABILITY PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION WEEK on july 17-23,2012, here in Danao City. Lots of activities have to be done to make this week long celebration fruitful and meaningful on the part of children with special needs. In this connection may we ask to those who have a benevolent heart to share your blessings to these children, to help defray the expenses for their meal and snacks.GOD BLESS US ALL.
Annual Celebration of the Church of Aghia Kyriaki in Vlychos:
Speaking at the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare's 10th Annual Celebration of Women in Healthcare.
Just finished listening to the Calvary Baptist Church youth choir bring amazing melodies to our Annual Celebration.
We are SO GRATEFUL to everyone who came out to support the 3rd Annual Celebration of Fatherhood. We would like to also recognize the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority for supporting us this year. To the friends and family who came out we enjoyed you today and love you.
5th Annual Celebration of Life - A ride for the fallen riders on two's in 2011
United Way of Greater Union County will host its Annual Celebration “Evening of Excellence” Dinner.
4th Annual Celebration of George Town as UNESCO World Heritage Site via
We had an amazing evening last night during our Annual Celebration. Honored our partners Cook Children's Health Care System, Coca-Cola Refreshments and Nick and Lou Martin. Also announced our 2012 Youth of the Year, Denzel Bailey, from North Fort Worth Branch.
New Jersey City University 20th Annual Celebration of Andean Culture and Arts FREE and OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY- The festival will be held on June 17, 2012 11:00am to 6:00pm. 2039 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City. There will be lots of entertainment. Andrean music, arts and crafts, live llamas, picnic area, folk dancing, sales area native clothing, shurnken heads replicas, artworks, jewelry, pottery wood and stone carvings, fun for the whole family.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
BCHS will celebrate its Revolutionary War Loyalist heritage with the 3rd Annual Celebration of the King’s Birthday at Historic New Bridge Landing. To mark the occasion, HNBL will host reenactors from the 22nd Regiment of Foot and the 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, two corps which served exten...
Slow Food Seattle will be at YES! Magazine's 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power, with Pulitzer Prize–winning...
Come join me at the 28th Annual Celebration of Black Writing Book Fair Sat June 2, 2012 from 11am-5pm on Cecil B Moore between Broad St & 13th st Phila Pa
The United Way of Central Massachusetts held its Annual Celebration last night in Mechanics Hall to recognize several community difference makers.
Congratulations to CASA for raising more than $1 million at its Annual Celebration of Children "Black & White Ball" on Saturday evening. All the money raised goes to helping our OC foster youth.
Save the date! 9/27/2012 CEO Rick Fedrizzi will award the new Foundation its Platinum plaque at our Annual Celebration.
The Palmetto Concert Band invites the public to a Free Memorial Day Concert on Monday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m., in the Koger Center for the Arts. This is the 14th Annual Celebration in honor of the men in women who have served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces. A varied program of concert music will be provided including light overtures, marches, pop and patriotic music. The members of this 80-member concert band and their conductors rehearse and perform without remuneration, through their desire to share enjoyable music with an audience who wish to meet together, in comfort and at no expense, to commemorate the sacrifices and services of our military.
Watch International Star MAURICIO HERRERA take the Stage at the Barnes Park Amphitheater in Monterey Park, CA. It was the 30th Annual Celebration of the Cinc...
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