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Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a 1977 American romantic comedy directed by Woody Allen from a screenplay co-written with Marshall Brickman and co-starring Diane Keaton.

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I love it when versions of that scene with Marshall McLuhan from "Annie Hall" get played out in real life
I literally never see "Commentary" mentioned without thinking of the dysentery joke from "Annie Hall." Am I alone?
Not Peter Sellers - it's George C. Scott, FFS! Annnd, not Shelley Duvall. Also, Woody Allen movie is Annie Hall.
As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, “Don’t worry, we can walk to the curb from here."
Cate Blanchett was spectacular but Blue Jasmine is still a typical Woody Allen film aka knock off of Annie Hall
I'm the biggest Dateline fan in the world. But one hour is its organic form.
If you can change it, why worry? If you cannot change it, why worry?
I would love nothing more than to punch Multiple Sclerosis in the face via
Like when teenage sis & me intended to see Annie Hall w/ father & rented Looking for Mr Goodbar by mistake. Oops
I wish Pablo Larraín had shown up, Annie Hall-style, to set the record straight. Jackie was a great film.
Put me on How can you resist that Girl-Next-Door-meets-Annie-Hall vibe Bailey had?
He's so talented! Now going to be in the Hall of Fame!
Good Question. The last time a comedy won the Acad Awards was Woody Allen's 'ANNIE HALL' a top 10 fav. of mine. Dra…
Blade Runner is one of those movies that didn't warrant or require a sequel. It's as weird as Vertigo 2 or Annie Hall Rides Again
Just Announced: big time Leonard Cohen tribute show w/ tons of special guests / solid participants!…
Did you see Ilvermorny entrance hall in 360º? It's stunning!
You trying to play me baby no not at all, she's Annie Hall 🎶🎶 💯🔥🔥
Annie Hall is his favorite Woody Allen movie ffs
362. Annie Hall: the movie was great but the DVD was terrible. It was just the worst aspect ratio. I wish I'd watched this movie years ago
"I WILL look cute in the winter, dammit!" she screamed, as the wind blew her Annie Hall fedora off her head.
Tickets for our feb 4th show @ Monty Hall in Jersey city will go on sale this friday at 10am EST. looking forward to playing…
terrible, and in such small portions (HT Woody Allen, Annie Hall)
📷 Annie Hall is one of my all time favourite films. I love Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in this flick.
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Hey Annie Hall thanks for the follow!
Annie Hall these guys your video to over 150,000 followers
Weekly round up: liked Annie Hall ok, thought Manhattan was so-so (w great…
Any Tweeps seen: "Annie Hall"? Admittedly I have not. I feel this is a movie that I should see/know! Coming up on SunDance in a few mins.
I'm thinking a book by Marc Maron, or Annie Hall on bluray.
wins Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote!. Thank you to the fans who voted for us, we appreciate you! h…
The 50 funniest films… chosen by comedians | enjoyed this but no Duck Soup, Airplane! or Annie Hall???
wow nobody asked me. I think they meant the worst female characters except for Elle Woods & Annie Hall.
that's what I call a successful trade. Now,if only the Phillies could follow suit :)
Sorry . he is NOT ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille
I love that Annie Hall is on there.Mainly because it seems so unusual to imagine him watching it.Also it's a classic.
Come to the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame this evening for the big Christmas party concert from 5-7! There will be a...
movies offer an unrealistic view of romance; what happens after the credits roll? I really like Annie Hall for that
50 best female characters of all time: Leia, Buffy, Scully, Ripley... Only DC entry? Felicity Smoak
I really liked annie hall, not sure why you grew the beard.
Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.-- Woody Allen, "Annie Hall"
Suspect from this list that comedians laugh at stuff much less than the rest of us do. Where's Annie Hall? The Nake…
+1. Another Annie Hall clip evoked by this nihilism.
all the "X=scam" (x=prec med, prev med, HC cost containment) evokes this from Annie Hall
I love Diane Keaton's style in 'Annie Hall,' but I like to think ...
Watched Annie Hall last night and Diane Keaton was lovely. Woody Allen always makes me uncomfortable though.
The movies that I love and model after, like 'Annie Hall,' 'When Harry M...
Hamilton Collection
1. That scene in Annie Hall where Woody has Marshall McLuhan to argue his point with the *** behind him in line?…
"that's really how I would describe my sex life up to this point"-Woody Allen-Annie Hall
yes! C&M, Midnight in Paris, Hannah & her sisters, Decon Harry, Play it again Sam, Manhattan, Annie Hall. Those are my favs.
w/o inflation Blue Jasmine ($25m) is now Woody Allen's 5th highest grossing film after Midnight in Paris, Hannah, Manhattan and Annie Hall.
Had an Annie Hall moment in drinks queue at show last night. Sadly Marshall McLuhan not available.
I wish there was a parody of the Marshall McLuhan scene from Annie Hall but with Yoda. "Know anything of my work, you do not."
Once I made a boyfriend dress up as Woody Allen from 'Annie Hall.'
For us, this is like when Woody Allen pulls Marshall McLuhan out from behind a poster & exposes the "expert" in Annie Hall.
Is US Open a "major" or "Slam"? Like Woody in Annie Hall ("I happen to have Mr. McLuhan right here") I ask Rod Laver
Godfather, Annie Hall, 54, Wall Street, A Bronx Tale are a few for me!
Woody Allen with Jonathan Munk, who played the 9 year old version of him, on the set of Annie Hall, 1977.
As much as I love Annie Hall or Midnight in Paris I can't watch them anymore cause of what Woody Allen did.
Vicky Christina Barcelona, Annie Hall are the ones I've seen that I adore. I quite like Irrational Man as well
I think Ned.2 is going through a Woody Allen retrospective thing. Last week Manhattan - and tonight - Annie Hall.
I don't know if you have ever seen the Woody Allen film 'Annie Hall,' ...
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“Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's, yes.” . ― Woody Allen, Annie Hall
Annie Hall and Manhattan are great movies. However, Woody Allen is still disgusting.
I'm doing Annie Hall and Manhattan Murder Mystery by Woody Allen to tackle my cold tonight!
"My grammy never gave gifts. She was too busy getting raped by Cossacks." -- Annie Hall
loved Annie Hall and Before Sunrise, will add the rest, thanks a ton
I think I just figured out that my favorite genre of film is lonely white dudes: Her, Annie Hall, Forgetting Sarah Marshall,…
Ever see "Annie Hall"?. LOVE the scene with Marshall McLuhan.
He was actually in Annie Hall too. I think my 1st memories of him might be Biloxi Blues.
some folks just really like Annie Hall.
Woody Allen is one of the best american filmmakers ever, Annie Hall is a masterpiece as well as Crimes and Misdemeanors .
Not sure he's quite right saying there isn't culture that represents relationships in the long term: Annie Hall, Buried Giant, Rita Dove
Olvídense de Annie Hall. Katharine Ross is the real deal.
Getting some serious Annie Hall vibes this morning @ Portland State University
Annie Hall for the first time. I've discovered Woody Allen, and now no one will see me for a week. My favorite comics r…
Could any of the Lethal Weapons be in The Canon? Loved hearing the discussion on Annie Hall. Problematic 80s cheese?
"you know how you are always trying to perfect things in art because it's real difficult in life..." -Alvy Singer, "Annie Hall"
When you can't decide which character you recognize more of yourself in: Annie Hall or Alvy Singer.
Intellectuals prove you can be absolutely brilliant and have no idea what's going on. --Alvy Singer, Annie Hall
On This Date: April 3, 1978; At the 50th Academy Awards, "Annie Hall" a film by Woody Allen beats out the...
mmm Big fish, Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
My attempt of an Annie Hall reenactment. We only had this guy and yabbies to work with.…
This exactly like joke about the portions in the Catskills in Annie Hall. Food is terrible, and portions too small.
❤️ his movies mucho!! Spec Annie Hall!! / Best Woody Allen movies of all time from Annie Hall to Match Point
Just got HBOgo. So many good movies but Annie Hall is on there so yeah
Yah, Annie Hall wrecked my night's sleep last night...
at these times Subspec Podcast 003 with Annie Hall by Subspec Music on
Muses: Jerry Hall by Annie Leibovitz. This was one of my favorite shots of Jerry Hall...fierce, protecti…
I'm about to finish watching Annie Hall for the first time and I just wanted to document that; I felt it was important
Not even sure I'm gonna go to his panels. The merch hall sounds more interesting.
I just watched Annie Hall eat a beet.
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So I watched a movie called Annie Hall today and omg it was AMAZING, one of my Top 10 now. Just thought I'd share
I forgot how great Christopher Walken is in Annie Hall. What a phenomenal lunatic. Best part of the movie.
Copycatting Hollywood is now planning the following:. Annie v Annie Hall. Mall Cop v Robocop. v Pretty Woman
It's Friday, that means another post from The Casual Reviewer. This week it's Deadpool, Run Lola Run and Annie Hall.
Annie Hall is a boring movie but I have to finish it. I'm bored by Woody Allen acting like a GOAT with it.
tenho de me ir arranjar mas guess what vou ver Annie Hall
Annie Hall is this month's very special guest on our Subspec Music radio show, featuring her latest release on...
Woody Allen is my guess - searching I find it's from a film I have seen! - Annie Hall
I'd like to thank the Brothers for the Annie Hall
Thank you all for being part of my journey. Such talented women
I lose my mind when it starts raining. I have to clear my empty schedule because I must watch Annie Hall and playwright!!!
Remember that scene in Annie Hall when Annie breaks up with Alvy and he immediately starts running down the street, asking how it went wrong
Happy birthday Annie, study hall wouldn't be the same without you :)🎉🎉
I must return again to the Annie Hall scene, w/the two households, the Singers and the Halls. Alvy's parents are discussing..
get them. Got to be fast, Ushuaia ones go in 20 mins that's all. Annie Mac announces it nearer to July
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Congratulations to Dr. Annie Norman on being inducted into the Hall of Fame of DE Women! The 1st Librarian! https:/…
just caught a bit of ANNIE HALL last night. one of my all-time favorite films.
“I don’t think you like emotions too much.” - Annie (Annie Hall, 1977)
Diane Keaton's aesthetic in Annie Hall = life goalz.
I'm such a weeaboo that I thought this movie was called "Anime Hall" but it's actually "Annie Hall"
OH YES! Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniver... via
(2of2) . Then the doc says, why don't you turn him in? The guy says, I would but I need the eggs. . - Woody Allen . Annie Hall
Annie Hall is on HBO Signature at 9 pm Pacific.
haven't seen Blue Jasmine yet but Annie hall is pretty spectacular. His use of dialogue is criminally underrated.
I swear to god I will get a picture of this couple they look identical to Annie Hall and Woody Allen and the tensions are identical too
Ok, I am now going to watch Maryland-Kansas. But "Annie Hall" is simply the best movie ever.
Crazy yeah. He followed Love & Death with Oscar winning Annie Hall. It's my most favourite of his films. Comedy+Tragedy.
At Sanders rally, just heard a guy opining at length about time at Harvard. Felt like Marshall McLuhan scene in Annie Hall.
Times like these I wish for a scene like the Marshall McLuhan one in Annie Hall where Reagan sets Trumpers straight
Annie Hall came out the same year as the original Star Wars... So where the heck is Annie Hall episode 7???
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Judges always say it's not like the movies. It's a lot like the movies but it's more Ben-Hur than Annie Hall from a running time perspective
I've watched that and ANNIE HALL back to back to cope with a breakup years ago...
Can't sleep so I'm watching Annie Hall, and I'm starting to think the film carries a different meaning for me now. htt…
you watch Annie Hall and i'll conteplate the Force Awakens thingy!!
Diane Keaton is doing a meet and greet at Lee's Discount Liquor, you heard me right, Annie Hall is signing bottles!
I get messages from Annie Hall through a messaging app with the default *ding* alert that many people use on their phone. This is a problem.
Rockabilly Hall of Famer Linda Gail Lewis (is serenading her way to tomorrow night:
Forgot young Christopher Walken was in Annie Hall. I subsequently fell of my chair...
I've put Annie Hall on. it better be worth the inherent terror I have of films I've never seen
I'm liking Annie Hall poster that he did for & .
Here is the 2nd variant of our collab with & for Annie Hall.
When you realize how deep the final scene of Annie Hall is 📽
Kosher Movies: Annie Hall: I recently went to a physical therapist in Israel. Knowing of my interest in movies...
I still find their awarding of Best Picture to Annie Hall disturbing.
yep..that says it all. Bernie is making inroads but afraid the big bad political machine with win out
re-watching Annie Hall leads me to ask the question; when will Woody Allen die?
Day 2 of MS Awareness Month... MS is also known as the "Snowflake Disease". Everyone's experience is different.
Gave my cat a pile of cat nip, she promptly sneezed into the pile like Woody Allen in Annie Hall
The 1st time I saw Annie Hall I don't think I had the right frame of reference to be able to see it for how good it was
a family ticket to Annie at the Royal Concert Hall on Monday 21st March
Got your tickets for Annie? Opened last night , great reviews. Don't miss it.
Annie Hall was such a great moved and it ended like crap. Utter crap.
"They did not take me into the army. I was 4P. In the event of war - I'm a hostage". -- Woody Allen (ANNIE HALL).
The last comedy to win a best movie Oscar was Annie Hall in 1977.
Take a look at the metallic inks on our Annie Hall print. These are being released tomorrow at 2pm.
I took 'What Movie Is Your Love Life Like?' and got 'Your Love Life is Like Annie Hall' via
So no one wants to talk about Sammy The Turk or Annie Hall?.
There are quite of few Academy Award winners that do it too. ANNIE HALL, THE BIG SHORT, AMERICAN SPLENDOR…
As we're both laying in our beds in our rooms down the hall from each other
The references to WILLY WONKA and ANNIE HALL in 70s Show are truly delightful!
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So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky, to be miserable. - Annie Hall 1977
The best thing he did was in Annie Hall, footage of Bella Abzug, whom many have forgotten by now.
Annie Hall is such a beautiful film.
Somewhere backstage at a convention hall Carson is lost, tangled up in a bunch of stage curtains
.*almost* just quoted Woody Allen from Annie Hall,
Rubio candidacy reminds me of Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall" that won Best Picture while Star Wars (Trump) wins civilization.
Where do you stand on Annie Hall references?
Now Alvy gains his DA powers from the fact that he is played by Woody Allen (the writer and director of Annie Hall)
Great pick manz.i think Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall" is a solid pick.
Helen Ludlam, Diane Keaton, Woody Allen and Colleen Dewhurst on the set of "Annie Hall."
yh it is, i dno i thought the character he built in Annie Hall for a 1977 were brilliant, same for Midnight in Paris tbf.
revived Annie Hall as a fashion icon in his New York Fashion Week show.
Best romantic comedies, that what gender is called. Four Weddings And A Funeral or Annie Hall, that my choice
Just for the record, Diane Keaton's Annie Hall is not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
absolutely, although sometimes actors get awards for them, e.g. Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda, or Diane Keaton in Annie Hall
domain names
Three thoughts on Simon and Garfunkel: 2. If you haven't seen Woody Allen's Annie Hall, you should.
One of my favourite movies is 'Annie Hall' because it's about the silver li...
Also one of my favorite scenes from the Zack Snyder remake of "Annie Hall."
In the 1977 hit Annie Hall, Alvy (Woody Allen) Singer stops his new cabaret singer crush Annie (Diane Keaton) Hall on the street, in an
And unlike that scene in Annie Hall where Marshall McLuhan shows up and explains his own writing, you don’t get a chance to do that
I never forgave Annie Hall for winning best movie Oscar in 1977!! Grr. Gnash. *shake fist*
best movie with mayonnaise scene. Annie Hall. Mocking Pastrami with White bread and mayonnaise
Neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer falls in love with the ditsy Annie Hall. — watching Annie Hall
"Everything our parents said was good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat... college." -Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) in Annie Hall
Eisenberg shoots scenes for Woody Allen's first time since Annie Hall -
Remake "Annie Hall" as an action film starring Christopher Nolan, Stephen Amell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Happening outside the Oscars as ANNIE HALL beat Star Wars & dumb Vanessa Redgrave mouthed off re "Zionist hoodlums"
Just reminded me of that Marshall McLuhan scene in Annie Hall
19. My favorite movie is The Godfather and sometimes All About Eve and sometimes Annie Hall and sometimes ET and sometimes Raging Bull and s
Annie Lane & James Hall 2nd in Junior SUPAdance 2015 Blackpool Finals wearing your dress from strictly, can they get a RT.
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The thought of being able to go home and finish Annie Hall Is Legit The Only Reason I Got Through Work Today. Shout out Woody Allen.
"A relationship is like a shark... You gotta keep it going or it just dies.". - Annie Hall
I just read your blog about the Dragon's Loyalty Award-CONGRATS my new friend. And thank you for mentioning ME😘 *Blushing*
Annie Hall is no longer on Netflix so I guess this is the end for me. There's nothing keeping me here anymore
Join THE CHICKS, Jane & Tosha and get Chickafied on chitchatchicks will air 12/15.
My favorite memory was watching a bunch of sober *** read a script for Annie Hall 2 written by and
racing bent remember how much was riding on Annie hall last year and it decided to go over
Annie's vintage on St Mary's street. They had this too. Great hall decoration to greet people.
Ive attempted watching Annie Hall thrice and fallen asleep each time!
I never thought "Annie Hall" would be so labored! the Woody Allen films I have truly loved are Midnight in paris and Blue Jasmine
This reminded me of Annie Hall I'm crying.
So Annie Hall is only the first intimations of the complexity achieved in Stardust Memories. Because it has a lot of jokes to carry along.
One of Sheremet's critiques of early Woody Allen was that he was still trying to get through stuff like Annie Hall one joke at a time.
Beginning with Hall almost all title sequences & credits of films use the same
TOP FIVE is essentially Chris Rock trying to do Annie Hall? Sure. Whatever. 6/10.
Preparing for the new Star Wars. Time to rewatch ANNIE HALL.
That's exactly what happens in 1977's "Annie Hall"
Just back from Annie Hall at the I can see why people love it so much.
Walking around NYC in this weather feels like that L.A. Christmas scene in ANNIE HALL
Sandra Brown from The Mack is so fly flyer than Diane Keaton in Annie Hall so I just like 70s chicks because Jane Birkin on point AF too
whenever I hear Annie by Neon Indian I think of Woody Allen's movie Annie Hall... Neon Indian LIVE !!!
Since you've chosen Midnight in Paris, what other Woody Allen m… — Manhattan, Annie Hall, Vicky Christina Barcelona
Screen Actors Guild says Woody Allen's Annie Hall is the funniest screenplay ever written. In related news, that's the most SAG thing ever.
Comedy is subjective, but the 3 Monty Python films were funnier than Annie Hall, and I think the funniest Woody Allen movie was Zelig.
.you joke, but the guy who wrote and directed it worked on Annie Hall and Manhattan and Manhattan Murder Mystery.
What are you guys Christopher Walken in Annie Hall, who wants to crash his car into oncoming traffic?
[GET AROUND TO THIS] The boys talk Annie Hall and more with David Phillips!.
Diane Keaton's style alone in 'Annie Hall' should've received an honorary Oscar.
I would pay good money to see Quvenzhané Wallis play Annie Hall in an Annie Hall remake.
Moving senior year was awful but led me to Jennifer Fuller Snyder. She introduced me to Annie Hall, Pam Tillis & Lloyd Dobler. Lurve you!
"I like this $99 skinny-rocker/'boho' jeggings thing in the Chico's catalog. I can look like a cross between Annie Hall and Waddy Wachtel."
The history of breaking the fourth wall -it's not just Annie Hall.
Apropos of Paris and Best Picture winners I like a lot:. All About Eve. Lawrence of Arabia. Annie Hall. All Quiet. Amadeus. GWTW
"Best Picture" Oscar winners I like:. 1. Annie Hall. 2. It Happened One Night. 3. Lawrence of Arabia. 4. The Apartment. 5. Silence of the Lambs
Been given a Woody Allen box set and replaying them all. Annie Hall, don't you just love her. It. Him.
I shouldn't engage in FB debates but did have to engage a "Which is a better movie: Annie Hall or Ace Venture When Nature Calls" discussion
I rank Manhattan second to Annie Hall, but Blue Jasmine is my favourite he's done in years.
Blue Jasmine is my second favourite Woody Allen film. Second only to Annie Hall
Diane Keaton's tennis outfit in Annie Hall is flawless. Which is followed by her epic tie & vest ensemble.
on Netflix? Fargo, Glengarry Glen Ross, Annie Hall are some of the ones I recently watched they're all great
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: when we see Kathryn Hahn later on in the film, her character is auditioning for Annie Hall, right?
I hope when Frere-Jones rolls out at LAT he gets all Tony Roberts-in-"Annie Hall," "New York's dead, Max," etc
Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, or Patti Smith” – Alexandra Carl tells about style icons!
Woody Allen using Joaquin only until he can clone his Annie Hall self and get back to acting opposite beautiful young actresses.
1970s NYC was a very good place for cinema . Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, The Panic in Needle Park
TCM had Annie Hall on last night I was excited! and the had peggy sue got married the other night looove!
Sounds like latter day version of Annie Hall when Woody brings out Marshall McLuhan to shut up that loud mouth in the movie line.
Annie Hall is on now, followed by Dog Day Afternoon. The latter is one of only five films Fredo Corleone appeared in.
I used to watch Poltergeist , Annie Hall, and Trust ( Hal Hartley) and Goodfellas over and over.
Just lost my Annie Hall virginity on a First Great Western & I wanna discuss but my seatmate doesn't look like they'd appreciate it.
Mulholland, of course, is supremely high, but Blue Velvet before Annie Hall, and Eraserhead before Manhattan! Crazy!
this is like the opposite of the Annie Hall joke: "the food is terrible, and such small portions."
"I don't want to belong to any club that will have me as a member", jf. også Annie Hall :-)
I liked a video twenty one pilots: Forest (Live at Newport Music Hall)
Question for ya: what's Woody Allens best movie, sans Annie Hall.GO!!ha
Woody A in "Annie Hall" said it best- "Milk, meat, college and the sun are all bad for us!
Woody Allen is the worst boyfriend in the world. I'd shoot myself if I hated his character in Annie Hall.
Annie Hall is just making me wondering why girls in the 70s never wore bras. Not that I'm opposed. But, you know, curiosity, cats, etc.
Have you seen the new website? It is, as Annie Hall might say, pretty neat.
I'm watching Annie Hall because someone told me to. . I don't know though.
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All I can think is various scenes/lines from Annie Hall; where surely Woody Allen has already explored this?
ended up watching Manhattan AND Annie Hall. Who am I.
I have to wait a full day for my town hall to upgrade. Great.
I look forward to living in an overpriced studio apt. with the charm Woody Allen's childhood home in Annie Hall
Should I finally get around to watching The Flash or watch Annie Hall (which I've never seen)?
If Annie Hall and Alby Singer tickled each other during The Sorrow and the Pity they'd still be together today.
To quote Woody Allen in Annie Hall, "If only life were like this":
okay, I would say Annie Hall as well. Right. I'm sorry
Who Knew Wednesdays A: True! Star Wars was nominated for Best Picture but lost to Annie Hall.
Step 1: Tell your boss she looks like Annie Hall. Step 2: Profit. cc:
Annie Hall. Hannah and Her Sisters & Crimes and Misdemeanours are close second/third.
"what else can I add burger dog to? how can I add burger dog to the annie hall scene?" (
yeah. I was accused of being a rape apologist by someone I considered a friend cause I said Annie Hall was a good movie
Hear St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) perform tunes from album 'Marry Me' in this 2009 solo set.
& doesn't Claire in her boy clothes look like Annie Hall?
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just started Annie hall and I'll probably watch the conversation tonight I owe you my life
As Woody Allen said in the movie Annie Hall: "I'll walk to the curb from here."
Oh dear. Now I have to find an Annie Hall hat :/
I wonder how many passengers had open ended tickets & would not be on a passenger list
is your bio a reference to Annie Hall?
Join me in honoring our veterans. Watch my new music video
Woman at the next table is sounding exactly like Annie Hall, tone and content...
I love Annie Hall. Breaking the 4th wall like a champ.
she's like what annie hall would be like if annie hall became a mother I'M SMITTEN!
Yeah, the first cut of Annie Hall was legendarily 4 hours long, doesn't mean it was all gems or worth saving
I feel NYC's lost a lot of its charm -- probably because, I, too, am stuck in the world of Annie Hall & Taxi Driver.
If Marshall McLuhan is be seen as a reviewer (and he sort of is) then his cameo in Annie Hall counts.
I love Vicky Christina Barcelona, Annie Hall, Manhatten, and Blue Jasmine, but there's so many great ones!
Momentarily forgot the name of Diane Keaton's character in Annie Hall, so I think it's about time for bed.
Annie Hall wins over Star Wars, Ordinary People over Empire Strikes Back, Chariots of Fire over Raiders of the Lost Ark
Top Five is Chris Rock's Annie Hall. Funny, smart, and heartfelt.
Christopher Walken's line in Annie Hall never fails to give me the heebie jeebies
Not digging new yet. Matthew Perry hamming it up. Laugh track unbearably loud. Like Tony Roberts at the controls in Annie Hall.
I assume if you'd have known Allen was there it would have felt like that Marshall McLuhan cameo in Annie Hall. Right?
dudes name was Jack Chenault, played by Tony Roberts of Annie Hall fame. She almost moved to Alaska! ...
I’ve seen people do it to win arguments, like Woody Allen dragging in Marshall McLuhan in Annie Hall. Not cool.
I would love to find Jesus kind of like Woody Allen found Marshall McLuhan in Annie Hall
MY RUNDOWN OF THE Best Picture NOMINATIONS: Folks… I’m calling it right now. Boyhood is unstoppable on its march to the podium to win Best Picture at the 2015 Academy Awards. Nominations in all the important categories: acting, screenplay, director… and believe it or not Film Editing… it has been a VERY LONG time that any film has WON Best Picture without getting a film editing nomination. Films have proven to win without a directing nomination (i.e. Argo / Driving Miss Daisy), a screenplay nomination (i.e. Titanic) or an acting nomination (LOTR:ROTK, Slumdog Millionaire)… but to find a film that won Best Picture WITHOUT a film editing nomination you have to go back 37 years, all the way to 1978 when Annie Hall took home the top prize. The Best Picture doesn’t necessarily win in film editing, but it definitely needs to have a nomination in this category to reveal a more clear-cut prognostication of its chances in taking home the biggest prize of the night (along with a combination of the o ...
Melissa McCarthy seems to be channeling Annie Hall, and calls it a "chop shop from my closet." She's not wrong. That's not good.
Maybe it's Allen's creepy life combined with decades worth of people ripping it off, but I'm not enjoying Annie Hall.
how do I justify watching Annie Hall when Woody Allen is the trash of all trash, help
Lorelai just sneezed onto a chalkboard and said "I'm like Woody Allen in Annie Hall."
Looking out tonight I can't help but think of the Woody Allen move Annie Hall. Love NYC! We just cast off.
Annie Hall. Stroke of genius. Woody Allen wins again.
Annie Hall - Woody Allen tries cocaine and accidentally sneezes.
Watching, for the bajillionth time, the great and perfect Annie Hall.
So, i decided this season to watch at least a Woody Allen film a day during the holidays. Watched Interiors on Xmas eve (not a great idea), Annie Hall on Xmas, Manhattan (loved!) today i think Scoop with Hugh Jackman.
- 12/31/14 Closer PDX presents: Annie Hall, Bryan Zentz, Camino Acid and more!
Everyone on the "Doug Loves Movies" 12 Guests of Xmas is very funny, but I've known the answer is "Annie Hall" for about 30 minutes now.
The Rocketeers - Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Upbeat indie pop-rock tune inspired by the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall.
contemporary adaptation of the Marshall McLuhan scene from Annie Hall is 2014's best performance art. Good writing, too.
brilliant! it's like the Annie Hall scene whn Woody Allen pulls Marshall McLuhan out of line.
Anyone know why Woody Allen chose Chippewa Falls for Annie Hall's hometown?
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