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Annie Cresta

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Finnick Odair. -The love of my life. Well maybe not but kinda yeah. First teenage fictional crush ever. -Ship: OTP…
"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.". -Rol canon. -Experiencia en RP. -Shipp Ann…
"My love, you have my heart for all eternity." . (Finnick Odair / Annie Cresta - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013) https:…
and Annie Cresta was supposed to have brown hair not red hair.
The fact that Finnick loves Annie Cresta somehow makes me emotional.
Stef Dawson who played Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games Series in Sydney to promote the Hunger…
Why cresta not odair — because abbie is almost annie and im madly in love ...
☆ ғιnnιcĸ odaιr ☆. • if you're not crying WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU. • babe af. • his love for Annie Cresta I cry
Poor Annie cresta Finnick is gon forever 😭
i still wish they would have casted astrid berges-frisbey for annie cresta like remember the 2012/2013 thg fandom we A…
"What do you think about Annie Cresta?". Me : Strong woman.. 'If you know what I mean' ;). --PeetaNiss--
The story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games is so under appreciated
-Annie Cresta moves forward, enveloping the younger woman in a comforting and solaced embrace. “You're the strongest woman I-
Annie Cresta to the living room. It looks really nice. Everything is on order. There are pictures of Finnick and her son--
-- you Annie Cresta are a teacher." He tells her looking her dead in the eyes showing he is telling nothing but the--
-- tells her as she claims she has no idea where she, Annis Cresta is. "Annie! Open the door! Don't make me come in there!--
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Annie Cresta-Odair and Finnick Odair (this one still breaks my heart seriously I'm literally crying)
-- loved back. And that was Annie Cresta. "I never was like that Capitol puppet. I always thought of you, of us together--
Happy Birthday Stef. You are a wonderful Annie Cresta!! Enjoy your day with your beloved ones.
Happy belated birthday to the best Annie Cresta we could have hoped for!
Dear great Annie Cresta, a beautiful Stef Dawson, happy birthday. Greetings from Turkey. Say something for us, we love you!
A happy happy birthday to our perfect Annie Cresta , , we wish you a happy birthday babe💋
Especially thanks for being Annie Cresta, you crept on me, thanks always
Happy Birthday to our beloved Annie Cresta! Have a wonderful day with your family & friends.
Stef Dawson named an an empowering female in her role as Annie Cresta via
I'm so hype to RP Annie Cresta. . Specially pre THG and Post-Mockingjay cuz feels. . You know what I mean those who read the book.
// I RP Annie Cresta and a Finnick tried to stab her with his trident once???
Photoset: ilarina: Annie Cresta: mad girl the only person on Earth Finnick Odair loves
we need a still of our Annie Cresta (
*Annie chuckles caressing her 9 months belly.* .. At least I know it's just one tiny Cresta in here.. --
I hope we get more of Annie Cresta in the movie than there seems to be.
-myself a drink. Annie Cresta notices my drinking so early in the day and places a hand on my wrist before I can lift the-
. You are my one and only Annie Cresta for Mockingjay , you are perfect as Annie and you looked amazing in the trailer :)
Teaser Mocking Jay Part 2 is out Now, arrghhh can't wait to see Finnick Odair Wedding with Annie Cresta
Finick Odair and Annie Cresta are beautiful and deserve happiness :'( :'(
for being the perfect Annie Cresta. 👏🏻👏🏻
Me:*patiently waits to find someone who’ll love me as much as Finnick Odair loves Annie Cresta* xb
Annie Cresta marries Finnick, that is so sweet and sad.
I refuse to accept Annie Cresta as Finnick's wife!
i love she plays the most perfect annie cresta, an amazing match! Can't wait to see her more in 💗
The wedding scene looks perfect. Thank you for portraying Annie Cresta!
Stef Dawson is the perfect Annie Cresta lets be real here
I just wanna thank you for being adorable Annie Cresta. I love you.
// And since Annie Cresta season will be upon us please remember that she IS NOT crazy. She has a severe form of PTSD. That does not -
. Finnie Odair and Annie Cresta are just perfect together ok?
Effie Trinket is Queen & Annie Cresta is Crown Princess. Bow down.
omg. For me you are the best Annie Cresta we could have!
Enobaria from 2, Beetee from 3, Annie Cresta from 4, Johanna from 7 and Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta from 12
someone talk to me about Annie Cresta
Thanks for being Annie Cresta,were the best Annie ever 😉✌ http:/…
If you still cry whenever someone mentions Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta clap your hands -...
.All Roles Open but Annie Cresta DM for role 18+no minors.Rules are on the site.
tbh the Norway singers reminded me of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta
“Mi Familia stef Dawson aka Annie Cresta with her family today❤️
thanks for the vote of confidence but I reckon I'm more likely to turn out Annie Cresta mad victor
I could very easily pretend that this is a love song between Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. Not bad, a tad surreal.
"Annie Cresta, the girl Mags volunteered for." - Johanna
Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta mean the world to me
“Well our time is up. It's been a pleasure meeting you. Give a hand for Annie Cresta of District Four!" He yelled at -
There is this chick at the gym who would play an amazing Annie Cresta.
--myself the day I got you back I would do this, *he takes a deep breath* Annie Cresta, I love you so much, with all my--
is my Finnick Odair and I'm his Annie Cresta
Annie Cresta. Guys I graduated yay but 😭😭. -.
And hi's beautiful wide Annie Cresta 😍. Omg she must be dying in the movie 😪. Her poor man 😍. And her daughter or Son 😍
Annie Cresta. . "She won because she was the best swimmer"
[Open Roles]☾| Annie Cresta | OCs and other characters are welcome [RT]
[Wait. A. Second.] Finnick Odair, IS THAT YOU [Throws myself at all Annie Cresta like.]
ANNIE CRESTA my fave character from the Hunger Games annie is so a+ i love her
you did a phenomenal job portraying Annie Cresta! Enjoy the holidays:)
[The sponsors are crazy about Annie Cresta; the female tribute of District Four. And I must say, I do agree. But,-
I just saw Mockingjay another time today and I just wanna thank you for being my perfect annie cresta
“It’s all Annie Cresta. Everything he does is for the love of his life.” - Sam Claflin
Finally getting a chance to watch my girl aka Annie Cresta kill it in Mockingjay
I saw Mockingjay Part 1 again today. I've been looking forward seeing you as Annie Cresta…
annie cresta aka the bae with a sMOKIN' HOT HUSBAND.
I need someone to layan my obsession towards Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta🌚🌝
|| if I had to play a role I'd play Annie Cresta
OK but imagine if Karen played Annie Cresta
why wasn't Laura Haddock cast as annie cresta WHY
Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair) and Stef Dawson (Annie Cresta) at the Mockingjay premiere in L.A.
Annie Cresta looking for other Hunger Games role players .Must be willing to join non-site family 1 and over no minors Audition Required
Brazilian fans do not come forward to seeing Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair Together. Love you annie
Annie Cresta layout in honor of Mockingjay. Holla.
If we don't get Annie Cresta in part 1, I will jump off the chasm.
Once I made this design as something that maybe Annie Cresta would use, I am a fan of th...
i don't know about you but I want annie cresta pls
epic-artist-nerd: Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta-Odair (cuz they got married in Mockingjay hehehe) from The H…
VIDEO: on Annie Cresta, on set trickery and her fellow cast members http:/…
. you are the perfect Annie Cresta :) could i have a picture of you in costume please ???
Also no Enobaria or Lyme in Part 1, we will see them in Part 2.. But Annie Cresta will appear :)
"Finnick finds out that the love of his life, Annie Cresta, has been kidnapped alongside Peeta and Johanna,"
|| Fan casting Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Annie Cresta is the biggest no, and stop.
. Brakes. Gives up. Try's to figure out what is happening to Annie Cresta . Practically lives in the hospital. Am I close?
beautifulcresta: People who hate on Annie Cresta…
Things it is NOT okay to talk to me about this week: 1.) Oberyn. End of discussion. Absolutely not at all. 2.) Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair. 3.) Season 9 finale of SPN or any member of Team Free Will. 4.) The cast for Freak Show. That is all. Thanks.
Finnick Odair radiated life after marrying Annie Cresta.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) Lionsgate has just revealed that Stef Dawson has been cast as Annie Cresta, Finnick's (played by Sam Claflin) love interest, in the final two chapters of the... Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...
Augustus Waters has Hazel Grace. Finnick Odair has Annie Cresta. Tobias Eaton has Tris Prior. I have pizza and books
Annie Cresta: "She Won Because She Was The Best Swimmer." · 544 like this 14 hours ago · Okay so for anyone who's unsure how to play this game. I will type a letter and someone will comment a word related to the Hunger Games the winner I'd the person at the end with the most words in the alphabet, ready lets play. -Little Finnick A: Annie B: Berries C:
rues-bouquet: I could totally see Laura Haddock as Annie Cresta though. I mean, look: Plus, her and Sam...
Someone please explain to me, What happened to ?
Annie Cresta will NOT be played by Zooey Descahnel what dafuq I'm so confused she can't play Annie Cresta NO
"When life leaves us blind, . love keeps us kind" -The messenger
idgaf if anyone famous follows me Sam Claflin said i could be Annie Cresta *** YEAH
I mean I have also thought she would be a good Annie Cresta too:)! And they can have the marriage scene too
Do you have any specific wishes concerning the actress who is gonna play Annie Cresta?
Finnick (Sam)— Who would you fancast to play Annie Cresta?
To Sam: Was finally chosen the actress who will play Annie Cresta? What do you think about her?
Wooow! this picture is very beautiful and . Laura Haddock for Annie Cresta please!!...
Sam: who would you to cast as Annie Cresta?
"Sam Claflin Married to Laura Haddock! would see it as Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta
so it's official, you are already married with your Annie Cresta, huh? :-)
I'll be there for you no matter what Annie Cresta, I promise {I look at you, smiling}
{Relief. Yes I was relieved to know that my tribute, Annie Cresta, had survived. Troubled about how she had reacted at the ~
I want Laura Haddock to play Annie Cresta! Ah c'mon people, that would be.awesome
Hi. i´m a tribute, and i have a question: you will be Annie Cresta in Mockinjay?
// I'm sorry, I will be deleting this account. It's been a great experience for me. I truly loved rping as Annie Cresta, such an -
Sam's wife is the real life version of Annie Cresta. Just saying.
How awesome would it be to have as Annie Cresta?!
Join us on AUGUST 31 for 3 screenings exclusively on RT!!!
So you're .. saying I can eat Annie Cresta.
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will Annie Cresta be in the Mockingjay movie? If she isn't then imma cry and Finnick will be lonely ...and that can not happen!
And despite the fact that I was an Annie Cresta RP account, I hate the beach.
I wonder if Annie Cresta was already casted
They should cast her as annie cresta
Annie Cresta!! Her expression suit the character so nicely.. :D
had a dream you were Annie Cresta. Anyway of making that actually happen because you would be amazing!! 4
I would love to see Selena play Annie Cresta on the Hunger Games Sequel. can you make that happen, Nick? :)
Photo: 65thvictor: "He looks just like him." Annie Cresta, Caspian Odair, Johanna Mason. RIP Finnick. :(
Nope, it's true Annie Cresta. [A small grin forms along my lips catching sight of tainted cheeks]
Hey If you want to cast me as Annie Cresta that's fine by me
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey for annie cresta... she's perfect.
- of his one true loved one, besides his family, of course.] Annie Cresta. I dreamed of losing you, and there is no way -
{Annie Cresta. She was half of the reason why he's living, but Annie was merely a standing figure (cont)
Who are your picks for Annie Cresta?
She won because she was the best swimmer. ANNIE CRESTA.
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I'm dying to know who will play Annie Cresta
The casting for mockingjay has begun, omg, Who will be Annie Cresta?
Their already starting casting for Mockingjay part 1 that means we finally get to find out who Annie Cresta is
The casting for Mockingjay has started. WE WILL FIND YOU ANNIE CRESTA.
All in favour of casting me as Annie Cresta
Anne Hathaway would make a great Annie Cresta, I'm just saying.
What if Annie Cresta was a born killer and won her games coz' she was a career? what about Fannie?
Anonymous asked you: Finnick Odair, annie cresta, and their kid which finnick never got to see :)
Annie Cresta is NOT adorkable, OK? Enough with it. She's broken. I'd rather they cast an unknown.
If I see one more fanart with Zooey Deschanel as Annie Cresta, I swear I'm going to scream. Jabberjay style.
Can you be my Finnick Odair? And treat me like I'm your Annie Cresta? And love each other like they do?
Just reminding you all.. The definition behind perfection isn't "Finnick Odair." Believe it or not. It's actually "Annie Cre…
- never come back." He only holds me to him tighter. "I wouldn't lose you for a second time, Annie Cresta." His words bring more tears -
I'm sure you would hear this a lot but... Do you have any interest to play Annie Cresta in the mockinjay?
I'm Annie cresta as well and she tries to be her instead of me
{Isabella's face lit up, her eyes grew wide as her crimson brims played a large smile.} As in, the *real Annie Cresta?!* (
*I snap my attention back to my smile never wavering* I'm Annie, Annie Cresta! *I nod excitedly* its nice to meet you!
breaking news. Ansel Elgort has been officially cast as Annie Cresta, President Coin, Rory Hawthorne and the entire popu…
Who should play Annie Cresta? Let us know your choices and we will post them on the fansite :)
Pick your dream cast for President Coin and Annie Cresta now!
Ok i got my likes so here is 59 random facts about me! Spoilers 4 the Hunger Games and harry potter. . . . . . . . . . 1. My role model is Evanna Lynch. 2. My all time favorite fictonial character (female) is Ginny Weasley 3. My all time favorite fictonal chatacter (male) is Ronald Weasley. 4. My favorite Hunger Games book is The Hunger Games. 5. I don't like twilight. 6. If i had to choose Jacob or Edward, Jacob 7. Im team Peeta. 8. My favorite thg character is Annie Cresta. 9. My favorite ship is Hinny. 10. My favorite THG ship is either Clato or Fannie. 11. My least favorite ship is Drapple 12. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. 13. My favorite color is green. 14. I am in two fandoms. 15. My favorite Movie is Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows 16. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the order of the Phoinex. 17. I am district 7. 18. I love reading. 19. If I could meet one fictional character i would pick either Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy. 20. A shipp I d ...
man I just remember that everyone and their dog fancasted Zooey Deschanel as annie cresta and I was like will u stop
I said yesterday that Sam should play Annie Cresta in THG, and now everyone's hoping for it
{I nod at .I am going to try my best to be nice to this person} Annie Cresta? {I look at her trying to have a less hostile--
Oh yeah, I heard about this... You don't even know how *** much I want this to be untrue. CAN'T YOU JUST KEEP ANNIE CRESTA!
I'm sorry to hear that, . I only know one thing about my past, I have one biological sister, Annie Cresta. I used to--
I'm geussing she's ether Annie Cresta in the Mockingjay movie(s), or in Star Wars Episode VII?
I can seriously see a younger Zooey Deschanel or her now being Annie Cresta idk why
~alive, I will make sure she comes home, however I may do that. The fact is, I love Annie Cresta and I am not losing her}
{I take hold of arms lightly and look you right in the eye} You're not going to die Annie Cresta. I swear I will get you~
Sarah Bolger as Annie Cresta, the victor of the 70th Hunger Games *pre-Games era*
Once someone told me I'd make a good Annie Cresta though. *** right I would. ~Padfoot
Heat F Chris "Birdman" Andersen meets his much smaller and younger counterpart, Baby Birdman.
  “Marino, in Campidoglio con la bici” titolano in giornali. E a me viene in mente quando Rutelli andava in motorino facendo, all'epoca,
Finnick : I love you annie cresta. Me :
Also, finished watching again today. To say I'm excited for November would be a huge understatement!
I dunno if I want her as Annie Cresta or Tessa Gray. Probably both.
There's nothing you can say that make me leave you - Annie Cresta.
due to recent Mockingjay castings, the Hunger Games fans would like to ask u to hire Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Annie Cresta
The kids of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, and the son of Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair
Astrid Berges Frisbey for Annie Cresta. if you want.
please ask Astrid Berges-Frisbey to audition as Annie Cresta. She's the best for this role
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Taken from the 1991 album Testimony of the Ancients Line-up: Patrick Mameli - guitar, vocals Patrick Uterwijk - guitar Tony Choy bass Marco Foddis - drums Ke...
**Katnick fanfic I wrote. ((It's not really Katnick, its more Fannie. Its hard to explain. Please just read ok.)) Since the ones we truly loved were being tortured in the Captiol, Finnick and I were trying our best to keep each other okay. Okay as in mentally okay. Finnick and I were unhealthy, and I knew Finnick was starting to loose himself at times, not knowing what he was doing, and having a short temper with everyone. His thoughts might be driving him mad, because I know all he thinks about all day is what is happening to his beloved Annie Cresta in the Capitol. And I feel the same way about Peeta. One night, we kept ourselves busy by tying knots. We were facing each other, and staying silent which was unusual since we always talked. But Finnick was having a rough night tonight, and I wouldn’t push him or speak to him unless he spoke first. “What do you think they’re doing to her?” This was the question I heard almost every night from Finnick. Finnick looked strong, but on the inside, he was ...
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when Pompeii is played on the radio
I because of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta's love. And again, Finnick. Who wouldn't love Finnick?
Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Annie Cresta. because she is just perfect for it! ♥
Who's your choice to play Annie Cresta?
Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair from District 4. *la gente se vuelve loca*
"Hope. It's the only thing stronger than fear." ― The Hunger Games
Is it too weird that I picture lily as Annie Cresta
Forever wishing I was Annie Cresta so I could claim Finnick
A thousand times that I have said today.
Oh man! It's and birthdays!! I love you both so much. Have an amazing day!
If I could be anyone it would be Annie Cresta 😊
7. How does Annie Cresta win the games?
Aw, wee Annie Cresta, twirling about in her wedding dress.
The fact that Annie Cresta will not be in Catching Fire is really depressing 😒😔
Stormers are literally some of the nicest people I've spoken to
sending out big love to everyone. thank you for the continued support! It means the world to me! :)
Smooth Criminal was blatantly about Annie Cresta when she was captured by the Capitol. Oh my god I'm on to something here.
"I just need my heart, head and imagination to create" on
If there is ever a casting call for Annie Cresta, you should tell Astrid Berges-Frisbey to audition.
4. Annie Cresta's sister at your service. (I chuckle, smiling, a smile playing on the corners of my pink / very / -
Happy Glee Thursday! All new episode tonight. Should be a good one
Can I make the roll of Annie Cresta so I can meet the cast and be Jennifer's best friend and then fall in love with Josh?
SO *** HOT... but still, he's gonna die, he have a pretty wife named annie cresta and a omg i spoiled it..
Bruno, do you love Italy, real or not real?
Wondering the whole story of Annie Cresta
//I'm debating an Annie Cresta account because I love Astrid. But, I only do well with the super badass characters.
If they cast Joshua Brand as Augustus Waters I may have to kill someone. Preferably Joshua Brad or the casting director...
U.S.!! Tune in to TONIGHT for a sneak preview clip from our new video for Demons!!! check local listings..
Congratulations France on becoming the 14th country to legalize marriage for all couples!
Lol if we gonna be honest the whole friggin world loves Mars :)
1 broken wrist. Last time Dan punches a drum. Surgery tomorrow. Doing whatever it takes to not miss a show.
The fact that my favorite song is Annie by SafetySuit and my favorite female character is Annie Cresta, had nothing to do with each other.
this is a picture i drew of Finnick Odair & Annie Cresta - I hope you like it ❤ please reply - Amber ❤
you Finnick im Annie Cresta When Marry me?? Im mexican sorry for my english xD
My ultimate dream: getting the role of Annie Cresta, getting best friends with Sam and Jen and falling in love with Josh.
Who's most likely to play the role of Annie Cresta? Me so curious
-Kind of want to make an Annie Cresta account- *** me and all my RP planning.
Tonight on Finn goes to college.. Rachel auditions for Funny Girl and there's a very sweet phone call :)
so mockingjay's casting is starting.. tributes, we're getting our Annie Cresta
This is the rhythm of the night, the night!
Allegiant means: Loyal, Faithful, Steadfast in Devotion! So much insight to the last book!
Can someone please tell me if Annie Cresta is really not going to be in Mockingjay pt 1?
My life defines as a continuos dilemma between listening to Bastille or The Lumineers.
-gets on one knee and pulls out a ring- Annie Cresta will you marry
for you who will be annie cresta is it Astrid berges-frisbey??
Actually petition for me to play Annie Cresta.
Lionsgate are putting in a f**king 'madge cresta'. No. You don't make up for missing out madge by mixing her with annie! ASDFGHJKL I CANT.
Foto: fourfinick: THG Meme ♔[4/5] OTPs Finnick Odair & Annie Cresta Is this a moment to remember or just a...
Annie Cresta was a great character flawed but great
I volunteer to be your Annie Cresta
Saoirse Ronan should play the role of Finnick's lover Annie Cresta :D
I wanted to hear the screams of Annie Cresta and Primrose.
So thrilled to announce my friend Katey Sagal is playing Artie's mom on Glee! There is nothing this woman can't do!
A casting call went out for a Mockingjay movie character, Madge Cresta. Who is Madge Cresta? Oh my, Madge + Annie Cresta??
Hurry up! Stop looking at me like I'm Annie Cresta, *badumtiss*
made an April fools joke about Annie Cresta ("MADGE" Cresta) and you actually sparked tears in my eyes.
WHERE?! PS I think Sam would have been the perfect Annie Cresta!
Annie Cresta replaced as "Madge Cresta" in MOCKINGJAY casting call?!?! You guessed it: another prank headline -
Thank you all so much for all your love, support, and encouragement. It's means the world to us..
jenrihames: Annabel Lee Maris (Annie Cresta) This cut the already scarce time he had to steal away to visit A…
I'm also Annie Cresta and am a lunatic
I've never really liked Annie Cresta... Even though she seems nice and innocent, she was a career, she may have volunteered to kill people..
I'm still waiting for an Annie Cresta casting joke.
"I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this. I am grateful and proud he made this decision." - Lea Michele
hrodens: AN ANNIE CRESTA MIX ► [ for the love and madness that consumed her lovely soul and the demons she fi…
Why the *** would Suzanne Collins give Annie Cresta the best *** husband, get her pregnant, then KILL HER HUSBAND, FINNICK TO DA ODAIR?
You have to play Annie Cresta in Mockingjay!
Normal people: I need to read Catching Fire before the movie comes out. Me: I need to re-read it for the 50th time before it comes out...
I got: Annie Cresta. Read books: Yes. Cried: Yes, I thought it was horrible how Annie lost her one true love; Finnick. First --
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