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Annie Clark

Annie Erin Clark (born September 28, 1982), better known by her stage name St.

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Julia Clark made the most perfect Annie! That girl has an amazing voice! And 👍👍 to Ally Biggs who was Sandy!…
Interview | Annie Clark, 'XX' and the Significance of the Toilet Costume
I like Cara. (If you're good enough for Annie Clark you're good enough for me.)
Can't want to see this little tiger in the Annie Belle Clark book…
how did I not know this existed... my life has changed. annie clark rocking that jazz game
Our Ambassador made her first movie. It's a scary good one, we're told.
Annie Clark/St. Vincent is such a rad guitarist
im screaming I hadnt got a good look at your icon until just now i thought you were annie clark for the longest time
.Annie Clark doesn't like horror films. Here's how she made a great one
XX (2017) - an all female horror anthology featuring works from Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, and Jo…
Anyone else out there loving annie clark more than life?
turns out I had a St Vincent album downloaded so I navigated walmart to the sweet sounds of annie clark
I liked a video from CLAIREVOYANT Teaser | IPF Trailer | Created by Annie Briggs & Natasha
Don't miss an empowering and informative lecture by Annie Clark and Andrea Pino on Tuesday, March 7!…
You're invited to Annie Clark's (St. Vincent) macabre Birthday Party. starts Saturday
Annie Clark is just so beautiful I'm crying
I hope to one day be as talented w/ guitar as Annie Clark. Her style is just so different from others I've heard an…
Fancy a little afternoon reading? Check out my interview for morning rituals, calorie counting + more!
Ronon's Reviews latest is on the female fronted and directed check it out here 👉
Annie Clark aka has empowering advice for all the other female artists out there:
I guess the Carrie brownstein and Annie Clark beef is over?
Diane Clark has a super cute annie. Pm her directly for info
it's the person u thought was Annie Clark
I weirdly own a guitar that looks just like Annie Clark's in this Nirvana tribute
Annie Clark is the greatest musician of our time
who is Annie Clark? She's SOMEONE I guess due to the blue checkmark...
Speak now Annie Clark is patiently waiting. 😂🌈
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I grew up with Frank Zappa but then I grew a brain and a heart and switched to Annie Clark for Frighteningly Wonderful Guitarist
PP goal for Badgers: Annie Pankowski from Emily Clark and Mikayla Johnson at 14:19 of the 3rd. Mavericks trail 6-0. Badgers are still on PP.
Badger goal: Sarah Nurse from Emily Clark and Annie Pankowski at 14:45 of the first. Mavericks trail 2-0.
Badger goal: Emily Clark from Annie Pankowski and Sarah Nurse at 00:32 of the 1st period. Mavericks trail 1-0.
Also Ariel should be Annie Clark and Prince Eric should be Cara Delevingne.
Cara Delevingne Suki Waterhouse and Annie Clark at the airport in Barbados
Read why Annie Clark of St. Vincent looks like no other rockstar out there:
Emma Stone with Kristen Stewart, Kate Perry and Annie Clark at CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party on October 26th, 2016. https:…
You "get" me, mister?. Nope. . Billie Holiday, Amy Lee, Julie London, Annie Clark, and Toni Childs get me.
I didn't put up w/ Annie Clark dating Cara Delevingne for her to then start dating Kristen Stewart. I'm a good person Annie stop testing me.
Annie Clark + David Byrne + Wind orchestra. Sometimes it's hard to believe this perfect album even happened
July 03: Cara Delevingne with her girlfriend Annie Clark and Karlie Kloss in Rhode Island!
When your on Annie Clark's old website and THIS pops up 😂
Cara with her girlfriend, Annie Clark leaving the heading to the Avenue Restaurant - Oct 06, 2015
NEW - Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend, Annie Clark with a fan in Dallas (Dec. 26)
NEW - Cara Delevingne spending christmas with the family of her girlfriend, Annie Clark.
I want Annie Clark to strap me to the hood of her car and use me as a blood bank in an apocalyptic wasteland.
Update your maps at Navteq
I want Annie Clark to hit me over the head with her guitar then flex over my lifeless corpse a la Hulk Hogan.
omg annie clark describing hallucinations while on ambien is literally me! im in Love
I spent the week before my finals gazing into Annie Clark's lovely doe eyes so.. 😳
[New/Old] Cara Delevingne with her girlfriend, Annie Clark. {Credits to
📷 carah0lic: Cara Delevingne with her girlfriend, Annie Clark  and Jonathan Yeo at ‘Jonathan Yeo...
"I'm not one for gender or sexual absolutism in the main" - Annie Clark /
He and Annie Clark both send these occasional, lovely little messages for no particular reason
User-centric design at its best :: redesigning the electric guitar by Annie Clark of and
ICYMI you can hear conversation with on & the here:
Last casting for now: needs to feature prominently in the film, and be played by Annie Clark.
Jan. 3/01 - Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark out in Barbados
Jordan Henault and Riley Clark collide hard enough to knock the penalty box door open. Scoreless 8 minutes in.
Is This the World's First Female-Friendly Electric Guitar?: When I first heard that the musician Annie Clark, ...
"Because I went to UNC, I got to stand next to Lady Gaga," - probably spoken by Annie Clark or Andrea Pino.
📷 jerketc: Annie Clark of St. Vincent Prints and more available at Society6. A while back, I looked...
"Annie Clark, in her own small patch of the pop landscape, is close to redefining the rock star." -- Sneak Peak
This is an RSS feed from Mencap annie clark - First name:  annie Last name:  clark Tell us who you are:  Other
Rooney Mara and Annie Clark are pals that's freaking awesome
(28/02) - Cara Delevingne with her girlfriend, Annie Clark at ‘Charles De Gaulle’ Airport in Paris!
Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark arrived at 'Charles de Gaulle' Airport in Paris, France.
remembering that Annie Clark and cara delevigne dated just personally gives me a lot of hope in general
Cara with her girlfriend Annie Clark arriving at 'Charles de Gaulle Airport' in Paris, France. (20-02-2016)
Anything Jack White can do Annie Clark can do better :o. Except be a moody pretentious pansy I guess :P
December 27th: Cara with Annie Clark spotted at the airport in Dallas, TX
NEW - Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend, Annie Clark on their way to the LOVE Christmas party in London (Dec 18) https:…
best I've ever seen live are Annie Clark and Ritzy Bryan tbh
Top 5 people I wanted to meet with. Annie Clark, Kalmia Traver, Daniel Radcliffe, Julian Casablancas, & Nicole Kidman
Just another reason to love Annie Clark!
Cara with Annie Clark & Karl Lagerfeld tonight at Saatchi Gallery in London for Mademoiselle Privée Party (Chanel).
Cara Delevingne & her girlfriend Annie Clark on the Chanel show Paris Fashion Week October 6, 2015 in Paris.
Cara Delevingne with her girlfriend, Annie Clark and Suki Waterhouse out and about in Paris - October 07, 2015
you know kind of reminds me of Annie Clark (aka vs
Happy Birthday Annie Clark. may police officers have strange mercy on you today
Cara Delevingne, Annie Clark, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller at the Burberry show ! [21.09.15]
Cara Delevingne creates the perfect London love nest to share with Annie Clark
Annie Clark stuff me in one of those crunching recycling trucks
Closing a Gate. : done elegantly somehow by Annie Clark
Leah, dont act like its a bad thing to fall in love with Clark. PRETEND NO MORE!.
If I'll travel halfway across the country to meet Annie Clark, I'll travel to another one entirely for pizza.
I liked a video Annie Clark of St. Vincent and Nirvana - Lithium [HD]
I liked a video Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero: Annie Clark
Annie Clark bc she's a beaut and I'm sad I'll never play guitar as good as her and her music is dope.
But then we wouldn't have Annie Clark. What a heinous world that'd be!
Petra Collins's photo set of Annie Clark will always b my fav
Cara Delevigne is everything i want to be. >hot. >rich. >dating annie clark
Sometimes I am Naomi Clark and other times I am Adrianna Tate-Duncan and occasionally I'm Annie Wilson but mostly Naomi
Relieved that I followed queen Annie Clark on Instagram so as to not miss gems like this
Fiona was seriously one of the most amazing characters ever. / Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero: Annie Clark
"Mr. Tuxedo Pants" "And then you let him free," Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero: Annie Clark via
Thank you, Annie Clark. I love you too.
My lovely, living soulmates: Irène Jacob, Björk, Annie Clark, and this toilet after eating that hamburger.
Splat or Spurt? - Rc-Annie's Fake S'blood - looks great and washes out. Order yours here -
swords and t-shirts - Check out our Weaponry and Rc Wear for sale.
Reenacting Rattlesnake ... But I think my favorite thing is 'Annie Clark opens a gate like a pumped up kid.' Also coffsicle.
I think I'm saving that one for when Jessica does Annie Clark
Remembering the tragic death of Anne Le six years later.
In the words of our savior, St Vincent/Annie Clark: help me
I just liked "St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, returns home to Texas - NOWNESS" on
started to say "'Bout as much influence as Annie's parents." Then thought of Clark singing "The Sun will come out tomorrow"
My friends who dont even like St Vincent use annie clark - isms because i use them *too* much
I could talk about Annie Clark for days
Omfg 😱 I need to see my Bae Annie Clark again
On my daily "lurking Annie Clark's social media" adventure, I saw this comment & laughed harder than I should have http…
can crb and Annie Clark stop reading the same books it hurts
Hey don't miss at the tonight, FOR FREE! Read all about the band:
My interview with Austin's heavy psych-prog trio Playing 9/15 at
OMFG Annie Clark continues to prove that she's the love of my life 😂 xx ❤️
Photoset: teenage-talk: Annie Clark aka St. Vincent by Richard Saker for the Observer 
Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark make me hyperventilate
All I want is to be Margot Tenenbaum. And Kim Gordon. And Annie Clark. But I suck, so that's not going to happen.
Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein were an item at one point
Annie Clark's voice sounds bad and her songs like knockoff Jim Carrey's The Grinch soundtrack songs
Annie Clark absolutely smashes it - T in the Park, 2015: St Vincent: via
May 20: Cara and Annie Clark leaving a restaurant in Cannes.
Keep ur fvckin mouth I'm so happy for you, Cara Delevingne. You can now marry Annie Clark aka St. Vincent
I'm pretty convinced that Annie Clark is an alien or a robot or both
If Cara Delevingne is actually dating Annie Clark. I.will.combust...
Cara Delevingne is dating Annie Clark?! What an unlikely pairing!
Annie Clark might be the most beautiful woman alive.
Bought two more fish today. Named them after (How to Destroy Angels) & Annie Clark ()
-Never did I once think of Annie Clark sexually but now 69 has taken on another HOLY meaning.
Fashionista_com: Why Annie Clark (AKA st_vincent) looks like no other rockstar out there:
I need to stop staying up until 5 AM thinking of Annie Clark but it's not illegal if I do, so back off.
I was clearly mistaken as it's now an Annie Clark morning.
Michelle Rodriguez gushes over her ex Cara Delevingne and her new love Annie Clark
This is a really wonderful piece, but it's Angaleena Presley who's the brunette Pistol Annie, not Brandy Clark.
I'm happy for Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark (St Vincent) but I'm also sad because they're my 2 gfs 😕
Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark walking in London tonight holding hands. ♥
Feel compelled to profess my love for Jack White, Annie Clark, James Murphy, Anthony Bourdain, and Louis CK. All heroes of mine.
"Annie Clark is too perfect of a rockstar, but she will do..." // Indulging on Jessica Hopper's…
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Sueño con maquillar a Annie Clark: St. Vincent, an Experimenter in Music and in Makeup
Cara Delevingne today with her girlfriend Annie Clark in Cannes, France. 🇫🇷 (19-05-2015)
my look is "junior high obsession with cry baby" so I think me and Annie Clark should be friends
Am i Annie Clark yet, k not rly but I showed the hairdresser some 2007 st v photos when explaining what I wanted ahah
Annie Clark and Cara Delevingne are my favorite couple that I do not know and probably will never meet.
Hear St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) perform tunes from album 'Marry Me' in this 2009 solo set.
Annie Clark won a Grammy this last year. Can we also give her an award for this eye makeup?
The masterful Annie Clark and will receive our 2015 Vanguard Award:
John Mayer, Blake Mills, Annie Clark, Dan Auerbach and Albert Hammond Jr. Jack White just barely misses the cut.
who do I have to sell my soul to so I can become Annie Clark, asking for a me.
Work in progress of Annie Clark and David Byrne. Off into the the computer for colouring. A3 in size…
So now Annie Clark has almost kicked me in the face, and Amy Millan has done the whole "kiss her…
Annie Clark dropped by the Museum of Contemporary Art's recent 'David Bowie Is' exhibit... 👏🙌👏
If everyone could stop talking about David Bowie and give him back to me thanks @ Annie Clark @ Matt Schultz
What I wouldn't give to have watched Annie Clark discuss David Bowie
Pretty great! Kind of meandered a bit and, understandably, a bit more Annie Clark than David Bowie but engaging discussion & Q&A.
"St. Vincent" This is Annie Clark's magnum opus. Her masterpiece. The culmination of her whole career.
"super power words. .Annie Clark like Wonder Woman
I love seeing people like Annie Clark being named album of 2014. That girl could not be more deserving. She's brilliant!
This week, Annie Clark hung out with Danny Brown, and Amy Schumer hung out with Tilda Swinton so I guess you could say I'm gonna die happy
I love St Vincent. i love Annie Clark.
Is it just me or does Annie Clark (St. Vincent) look a lot like Scarlett Johansen.
I want 's Annie Clark to sing me to sleep with the help 's Matt Berninger . Right now!
So Bill Murray's new movie St. Vincent *isn't* an Annie Clark biopic?
There's a movie called St. Vincent and it stars Bill Murray, but it doesn't involve Annie Clark. This is a problem.
Video: 893thecurrent: In the upcoming film St. Vincent (no relation to Annie Clark), Bill Murray smokes and...
Bill Murray stars as the titular character in St. Vincent (no relation to Annie Clark or the island), a new film where he plays a retired curmudgeon with a
St Vincent on crowd surfing, champagne and David Byrne's boiler suits - (UK)
what if i meet annie clark and she tells me to study hard? guess i will have to get As in everything
Our Monday MUSE is Annie Clark, the wispy candy haired beauty and front woman & creative genius behind St...
domain names
Happy annie clark's bihday to happen right from down.
im gonna get to hear annie clark sing "YAAA" live. life is amazing
LOVE’S THIRD CHANCE Can the third time really be the charm? Enjoy!
It's Annie Clark's birthday I just wanna go to Brooklyn and drink with her
It's Annie Clark's birthday, so it's .all day. Which isn't really different than any other day.
Just realised Annie Clark is a September baby, a libra as well 💝. That makes me very very happy
28 Sept is the birthday of Annie Clark aka St Vincent.
Why the heck isn't Annie Clark my wife yet???
Okay I might be done. But anyway Annie Clark is a magical lyricist
A ridiculously Happy Birthday to my world conquering queen and living life goal Annie Clark aka
HBD to Annie "St. Vincent" Clark and my friendship with Cristina "Daddy" Siguenza. 💕
I'm celebrating Annie Clark's birthday today by only listening to her music and crying over how perfect she is
Chloe Rose and Annie Clark's friendship is what I live for~
Happy Birthday to the massive babe that is Annie Clark!!!
Happiest of birthdays to the goddess herself, Annie Clark! You are simply the greatest!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Happy Birthday Annie Clark! you deserve all the happiness and all the guitars and all the wine 💕
I hope you have the raddest of rad birthdays, Annie Clark. YOU MAY HAVE ALL MY LOVES!
Happy Birthday to my future wife Annie Clark ilysm
Happy Birthday Annie Clark. I love you
Happy Birthday Annie Clark you are such an inspiration Blessings for you!!
A big Happy Birthday to one of my favorite musicians, Annie Clark of St. Vincent!
Happy Birthday to the baddest shredder of rock, Annie Clark
Happy 32nd birthday to Annie Clark, AKA "Digital Witnesses," what's the point of even sleeping? E… ♫
Why is there a movie called St Vincent that's not about Annie Clark
I would have cast Bill Murray to play Annie Clark, but he is pretty versatile.
The happiest of birthdays to one of the coolest women on earth, my favorite saint: Annie Clark (aka…
Annie Clark and friends live at KCRW circa 2010. Just wow:
Clark is kind of a boring last name but if i married annie clark it'd be ok i'd take that last name
Annie Clark (St. Vincent) and Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) are the only theremin players I know. . And that's all that needs to be said.
Regram from .Annie Clark of sings the National Anthem in the sandlot.…
and redux: My rad former student and contributor on HER attempt to report
The divine Annie Clark of singing our National Anthem. elcosmicomarfa never a dull…
Annie Clark (St. Vincent) w/ the National Anthem at the Texas Playboys vs. Marfa Gallos in Marfa.
Best made plans don't always work. Love's Plan! Latest in my series
Photoset: Inspired by St Vincent (Miss Annie Clark) song ‘Cruel’, i’m making this series of photography.
Finally got tickets for St.Vincent. I can't wait to see Annie Clark performing live, she's so insanely talented!
This ought to get the weekend off to a good start. Local gem Annie's Clark Brunch.
Like I'm saying I would morph into Steve Harvey in like 3 seconds flat if I heard Annie Clark say she loved Steve Harvey.
I would be like a street lamp if Annie Clark was into street lamps.
i'd be perfectly okay with marrying Annie Clark
Shout out to Annie Clark for being a bad *** babe who knows how to make a *** good album.
need to go visit my aunt Annie Bell Clark
Wonderbra. V Annie Clark winky face! I feel you. But eh.. the opposite
Forever reliving performance at Pitchfork whenever they come on spotify. Annie Clark is just too good.
Annie Clark fronting Nirvana at the 2014 RRHOF. Please, and thank you.
do you ever think about Annie Clark and just... 😍 💞 🌌
agreed; there are tons of schools like that...also, here's why Clery aren't super useful data:
Wait, no: Why are people other than Annie Clark allowed
Why are people other than Annie Clark allowed to do guitar solos
completely in love with Annie Clark after last night's gig, regardless of 40 minutes silence due to a power failure
eons-nd-eons: I think that Annie Clark is the head of our cultural revolution, she doesn’t care what people...
be lucky I love you guys... I'll leve 2 pieces in mrs abbots room for you guys
Thanks for the RTs YOU should follow these AWESOME folks! :-)
Just listening to Annie Clark talk is an enigmatic experience unlike any music professor out there.
my Mii is 84% compatible with Annie Clark in Tomodachi Life. if we don't make beautiful babies within a week I'm never playing this again
Annie Clark is better at guitar than you
Also I don't want to be all sexist and objectivey (if that's a word) but oh my Annie Clark is utterly beautiful up close
I could watch Annie Clark play guitar for a month straight.
will Annie Clark play a guitar solo on my back again? can't wait.
There is no better guitarist in the game than Annie Clark
girl in my astronomy class looks almost exactly like annie clark and I want to talk to her
Lol does Annie Clark know drake already did it
Gonna conclude this night by watching vids of Annie Clark shredding goodnight y'all
I don't care what people say.. This ALS ice bucket thing is hilarious!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, w... — annie clark danielle haim lauren jauregui
I thought Bill Murray might be on stage with Annie Clark.
Annie Clark is a better guitarist than pretty much anyone I can think off. Amazing talent. Great show in Cambridge. Thanks! x
Annie Clark you're cray but when you shred it's like heaven on earth
I liked a video Nirvana with Annie Clark - Lithium - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014
REDDIT: "Annie Clark: polite but assertive in moments of conflict." : on /r/AnnieClark by /u/fake_again.
Annie is home safe and sound! Thank you all for RTing and helping
In their third time round together, St Vincent’s Annie Clark and producer John Congleton commit early to make a perfectly quirky album.
Behold-Annie Clark from a band called St. Vincent.
So not only am I a huge fan of St St. Vincent/ Annie Clark but I love everything she wears too.. EVERY single thing!
I want Annie Clark to kick my teeth in and play guitar over my body
Trying not to be like my freakier but I will go on record that Annie Clark is a Pretty Lady (super talented too, I mean ***
ok yes I see ur point, but have u seen annie clark's late night outfit?
Actually, Annie Clark is my dream girl.
Annie Clark from is literally 40 minutes away from me in Santa Barbara 😭😭😭
not even kidding I was so confused 😂
Just woke up from a nap and had no idea what day it was
."My duty as an artist is to give everything I have to the record or the show."
Annie, and YOU HAVE 24hrs to DONATE &/or take the challenge!
awesome choice's love Sharon and Annie Clark :) both amazing albums
"Striving for 'A' but coming out 'Z'" -Annie Clark
i love Annie Clark...huge crush. HUGE.
Is it too late to be Annie Clark when I grow up?
kinda look like Annie Clark...a little bit lol
Love the way she wore...Annie Clark in THAT Cèline dress.
Thinking of Annie Clark playing guitar turns me on
I turned it off; he's unbearable. only was watching cause annie clark is leading the band as fred films portlandia
like the top queens in my life are JK Rowling and Annie Clark
the concert was 3 days ago and I can still feel the adrenaline from it wow Annie Clark is a queen
Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) rocks my socks off. I have an intense love for her music and her mind. 😍🎧🎶🎸
Annie Clark is my favorite person at the moment.
late night with Seth Meyers is too lame but the bae Annie Clark is on there tonight so I'm watching anyways
Marnie Stern playing with Annie Clark is super rad
Dane dehaan and Annie Clark are gonna be in the same room
Seeing Tori Amos tonight w/T for the first time since the early 2000's. Saw Annie Clark outside.…
Annie Clark sighting! (at for Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines Tour in New York, NY w/ 60 others)
Annie Clark just walked by me. Please give me your beauty and talent.
What is the German word for being within 50 ft of Annie Clark and feeling like you might throw up & die but also fangirl without meaning to?
She is from LH. Annie Clark. My BIL is married to her sister.
Annie Clark has impressingly graceful hands on guitar
Watching last nights episode of and between Annie Clark and being on...idk if it gets any better than that
I can't stop watching interviews on YOUTUBE...Annie Clark seems like the dopest girl ever!
Try to spot leading the house band on last night's
My hair color is definitely at that Annie Clark status rn
Annie Clark in this months Wire mag. SUCH PRETTY.
Allergies can just go die in a hole
"Not sure naming your show Impact Wrestling presents I Love You, Annie Clark is going to add much interest."
Guys I'm getting my hair cornrowed by my new friend Gionna :)
But coffee is the incentive, at the very least.” - — Annie Clark
current mood: Annie clark smacking her head against the bass drum
Annie Clark on Portlandia got me feelin very heart eyes emoji
Had a dream that Annie Clark and I had pineapple *** at the Ankeny Outback Steakhouse last night. It's a sign.
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Bird & Annie Clark - Lusitania
“Yep!!! and Toko doin that weird little step moonwalking thang!! Annie clark is a genious
I love Annie Clark but this was not a good live performance she should've chosen a different song from the album
Totally rocking out to "Krokodil" right now. we need to listen to listen to some Annie Clark on our road trip.
We spoke to St. Vincent's Annie Clark and their record producer about recording & mixing the self-titled album
Awake with the face of a melted and scalped sworn enemy. This just in - Annie Clark is the best guitar player on the planet.
Guys idk if you know this but my birthday is the first day of school. Like that's a whole new level of suck.
Imagine Annie Clark and Danielle Haim playing guitar together
Annie Clark is cute and cool. My kind of combi.
didn't know who Annie Clark was until just now but you're right, they do resemble eachother. It's mostly in the eyes
she reminds me of a more cracked out looking Annie Clark
Why can't I have an Annie Clark in my life :(
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