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Anne Romney

Here we go...Anne Romney's blouse, remember? Criticized by MSM...Michelle O? Never a word by MSM..always drooling.
Your words re:Anne Romney & gov funded medical research you're discovering the difference between government & a corporation?
Attn: Democrats FLIP New Hampshire state House seat that went 51-44 for Trump and 56-43 for Romney. First R->D flip of Tr…
Why has Anna Wintour been made a Dame when she was so horrible towards Anne Romney (Mitt Romney's wife) I have no respec…
Anne "Romney's My Man " Coulter is afraid of not being mentioned in a news cycle. Good or…
Anne Romney still looks fabulous despite her Life of Struggle™. --.
with Carrie odors and Panthers 17; MLB: Mitt Romney is outhouse? YOU HAD Anne Rice Ragu Hot Dogs beef POKER chips solo just jump
I have no clue. How did it go from Anne Romney and Laura Bush to a foreign plagiarist super model?
It is Romney pulling his strings.He can't let go of Romney.he is his hero
Yes.especially after media mocked and insulted Anne Romney for her $1000 blouse.
Remember the outrage over Anne Romney's $1000 blouse? Look it up, media was brutal
who do u think the people listen to & believe, Paul Ryan(Romney's puppet) or Donald Trump?
did Anne Romney pretend to hate being rich?
and Anne Romney shirt and Edwards haircut. Every 4 years this happens.
But the comparison to Anne Romney is a legitimate one if only to show the hypocrisy in MSM & left!
I'm old enuff 2 remember when Anne Romney's clothes were extravagant slap in the face to working people. /sarcasm
I think so also.Mitt Romney is pulling his strings
Strange, I can remember the New York Times thought an expensive bloused Anne Romney wore was worthy of a front page story.
...Democrat bashes Ryan still hoping a Romney /Ryan ticket in 2016... Ryan worth $$ 1…
Who advised Romney to play nice when Candy ripped his balls off? The same people who are telling Trump to tone it down…
Look back at 5 minute rant in 2012 on Anne Romney's $1000 blouse! And other MSM attacks on Mrs Romney re blouse.
look back at all the MSM who criticized Anne Romney for her $1000 blouse in 2012. Will they do the same with HRC?
his refusal is worse than Anne Romney's.
.Why does MItt Romney hate America? Why does he want Hillary to make us North American Union? He has no US…
Romney and Kristol are both nut case losers,with money
Absolutely fascinating to see people who forced McCain and Romney on us now acting like Hillary is prefera…
MITT ROMNEY? Really?? He had his bite of the apple and failed us miserably no second bites!!
Bcuz group named Trump as Man of Yr once, says Trump shl not hv vetted them...What an *** Charlie is like Romney, male envy
I've never met Anne Romney, but I Did have Mrs. Wenning for a Whole semester, so I mean it's basically the same thing ???
How to be a freakin' awesome Grandma (tips from Anne Romney): (h/t
Anne Romney and a Kanye 2020 sweater. Does not compute.
Anne Romney: Sharing Her Story: Multiple sclerosis has been a tough teach... : Neurology Now
What hope have we really got?: One of our female members here, Anne sent me a video on SkypeMitt Romney Style ...
But you haven't escaped the title until you're living off stock options in grad school, a la Anne Romney.
So Mitt Romney, & his buffoons who couldnt beat a weak, inept obama, doesnt like THAT is only more reason to …
It now sits at the peak of Mount Ogden, gazing over the Wasatch Front & Mitt Romney.
Anne Romney put it clear and looks like POTUS Donald Trump is going to be elected. Sweet!!!
Paging Mitt Romney: Kremlin 'openly mocking the White House' by releasing secretly taped meeting -
So...I had a dream with Anne Romney having a fight with Marie Osmond over Donny Osmond. I didn't know I knew Mrs. Romney's first name.
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