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Anne Rice

Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien; October 4, 1941) is a best-selling American author of metaphysical gothic fiction, Christian literature and erotica from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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She gon eat this molly like it's rice 🍚
Anne, Akasha, Lestat, Louis, Marius, Nicolas, Gabrielle (after Anne Rice & 6 of her awesome characters) :)
Reading anne rice it hits me again how history is written by the winner (or opposition) how many stories excluded...
no shame in that, I had a huge Anne Rice phase as a teen, sometimes you need trashy vampire novels. Lol
Evil is a point of view ~ANNE RICE, Interview with the Vampire 👈 such a nice book and movi…
Anne Rice Talks Erotica, Feminism, and 40 Years of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE - All of this...
On page 441 of 708 of Lestat el Vampiro, by Anne Rice
Can I just recast all the Riverdale folks for a series of Anne Rice movies?
57% done with Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice
Okay but Trevor Stines (Riverdale’s Jason Blossom) be PERFECT Lestat for remaking Interview With the Vampire or any other Anne Rice book
We are at the point where Anne Rice speaks sense. Needless to say, this is not normal.
5 of 5 stars to Prince Lestat by Anne Rice
“Step on my foot one more time and I’ll scramble your brain until you think you’re in an Anne Rice novel.” http…
A 'deplorable' doesn't know who Anne Rice is. Sorry you were trolled, Anne...but that just made my day
"I went to an Anne Rice coven party once"
RTing political opinions from Anne Rice. I could not have predicted 2017. (I hella love her tho)
I'm listening to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so far it's really good. So I'll have that up soon, too.
"I'm neither a first-rate reasoner nor a first-rate novelist," Anne Rice said, when questioned about her fallacious reasoning.--JKTJr.(TM)
Stephen King, Anne Rice, Joyce Carol Oates, Meryl Streep, and cultural elites: crybabies who never grew up.--John Kennedy Toole Jr.(TM)
On page 18 of 1269 of The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice
“Give me a man or woman who has read a thousand books and you give me an interesting companion.”―Anne Rice . True!
Never. I'd be an Anne Rice vampire. Stephanie Meyer can kick rocks.
"I lived like a man who wanted to die but who had no courage to do it himself." — Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
If I ever start getting too big for my authorly britches, just drop a few names at me: Anne Rice. Stephen King. Madeleine L'Engle.
Pls go to IGG to support my project w/ Tim Burton, Joss Whedon, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice:
...It's Anne Rice, people, not King James. "Ye of detestable name and virtue, false apostle!"
He would make a great vampire. But, I think he would be great as Lasher in the Mayfair Chronicles of Anne Rice.
Some of my things - Books... The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice -
have you read any Anne Rice or James Patterson
The Apothecary's Curse “Anne Rice meets Michael Crichton in this fever dream of a fantasy. " via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Anne Rice vs Chris Roberts in the NEW STATESMAN. Anne loses, brah.
I love Anne Rice & it would likely film in NOLA. Maybe if there's a non Vampire role? But, he needs to shift
Anne Rice is plotting TV series adaptation:
On page 355 of 512 of Los Lobos del Invierno, by Anne Rice
"To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself." . - Anne Rice
I read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
"I feel it welling up inside & Robert Smith lied Boys do cry & with blood tears n my eyes im an Anne Rice novel come to life"
Interview w/the Vampire by Anne Rice, Dust 2 Dust by Tami Hoag, anything by (fiction)
What would favorite book be on an Agatha Christie for Anna & an Anne Rice for cath mayb
Just imagine The Avengers, but by Russell T Davies with Anne Rice.
Harper Lee, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Anne Rice? I suspect they should count.
Lestat returns in Anne Rice's new novel, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis via EW.c…
.Also, before that other Anne Rice went public, I assumed it was Anneka who wrote Interview With The Vampire!
Anne Rice, Lucille Clifton, Eileen Gunn, Atwood of course; but honestly less about fit than what came up in the course of Q&A.+
We are not damned. We never were. Who under the sun has the right to *** any living breathing creature?. Anne Rice - Prince Lestat
I'd pay £300 to watch Anne Rice take a running start and kick Stephanie Meyer right in her talentless flappy flaps.
“None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.” . ― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat
Selon Reddit. "In one of later Anne Rice's Vampire series book, Lestat admits to liking drinking period blood."
“Lestat was never the vampire I am. Not at all.” - Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire   (via...
I added a video to a playlist The Vampire Lestat Audiobook : Vampire Chronicles Series - by Anne Rice
"“I never lie,"" I said offhand. ""At least not to those I don't love.” . ― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat"".
I really dug Concrete Blonde; they were like feel-good music for the Anne Rice set. With an alt-rock guitarist who wasn't afraid to play.
anything Anne Rice, The Celestine Prophecy, anything Stephen King (Dr. Sleep is good asf but a sequel to The Shining)
It's very tricky to write fiction about music. "Heart Shaped Box" pulled it off well. "Violin" by Anne Rice, not so much.
Got some Anne Rice, Paolo Bacigalupi and Terry Pratchett at the today. It's going to be a good week.
have you ever read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice?
After finals: Beloved by Toni Morrison, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (again), Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. And...?
“Let the flesh instruct the mind.” . ― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
A Bernie supporter has seen the light. Anne Rice is now supporting
Just about to finish reading Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice for the 2nd time. An absolute classic.
Wow. Just wow. It is one thing when the candidates go at each other but Bernouts (not the same Sander's...
Legendary Writer Anne Rice, regrets supporting Bernie because his Supporters (dude bros)are worse than Republicans.😂
Bernie has a talent for attracting some of the most despicable people .
The Bernie supporters are turning into the left version of the Tea Party.
Author & past Bernie supporter Anne Rice announced support for Clinton. She was then attacked on social media.
Last night famed author & Bernie supporter Anne Rice announced support for Hillary Clinton. Afterwards she was... https:…
Anne Rice, a Bernie backer just called for the Dems to unite behind Hillary Clinton. We need more people like her.👏🏼 htt…
Legendary writer Anne Rice regrets supporting due to his wreckless followers. https:…
In honor of prolific, legendary author Anne Rice, on regretting that she ever supported Bernie...
Anne Rice, Robin Cook, Dean R. Koontz and Sophie Jordan would be my favorites so far
Director says movie was made on faith: Based on the novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice (who atte...
'The Young Messiah' movie opens, based on Anne Rice novel unveiled in Alabama
I'm not a huge fan of Anne Rice but didn't exactly hate that movie. plus, Stuart Townsend was kind of beautiful in that one
*** 🤓 Did you finish the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice?
Anne Rice, - Vampire Chronicles 1: Interview with the vampire
as a kid...Amelia Bedelia (misspelled?) teen H.G Wells and Anne Rice and Stephen King and Koontz...and everyone else.
Women authors in horror: Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice, Mary Shelley, and more lay the foundation for fave films.
Chris Columbus directs a film about young Jesus written by Anne Rice. Wha?...
I've had a complete break with Joanne Harris after watching her sic her minions on fangirl Jeanne. Anne Rice is another one who
...and Robert Smith lied, boys do cry and with blood tears in my eyes I'm an Anne Rice novel come to life!
[giggle snorts] It’s complicated. Our witches are freaky little deviants. We have Anne Rice to thank for that. (^_=)
Oh, haven't read those, Rachel... Used to love Anne Rice's vampire books!
On page 200 of 342 of Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice
I highly recommend Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Marked as to-read: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
I will say that I definitely prefer Stephanie Meyers' vampires who love to do it over Anne Rice's vampires that can't do it.
Anne Rice. But i also picked Requiem couple of weeks ago, for the tribute to Ikey Owens.
In retrospect, I was way too young for most of Anne Rice's books.
just finished Anne Rice's latest, Prince Lestat. God I missed her. . Noticed that she writes really long sentences... but who cares. LOL
It is about vampires!! We have interviewed Joss Whedon, Tim Burton, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice etc
Breast Cancer Awareness
On page 406 of 581 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice: All my struggles, my triumphs, my losse...
Anne Rice. Disappointing news involving The Man in White and bigoted "fake saint" Kim Davis, the clerk who sought...
Reliving my teenage years by devouring Anne Rice's 'Prince Lestat' tonight!
Now that has made my Day. I have a Lestat following me. Love the Anne Rice books of "The Vampire Chronicles" Morning to all Lovelies.
3 of 5 stars to The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice
A word about writing from Anne Rice. ~ Megan :)
"A" MONSTER: The title character in Anne Rice's "Queen of The Damned", she's a really old vampire
Anne Rice and the rules for writers https:via
Why isn't there a giant omnibus of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles?
But seriously, I read so much Anne Rice that hating the stupid world you're forced to live in seemed like a very normal way to be.
If you could meet any author in the world (fiction or non-fiction), who would it be?. I'm torn between Anne Rice,...
you deserve it! Please check out Anne Rice's FB page where she asks about a writer that transcends his many say you.
This Book > Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice, Stated FIRST EDITION Hardcover/…
A beautiful weekend in an extraordinarily gorgeous room named after "Anne Rice" a regular guest when…
Anne Rice wrote Inter. with a Vampire while working all nite and sleeping all day. I gave her the proper perspective on her dark protagonist
Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Charles Dickens, Hemingway and so many more.
[PIC] 150915 Rice Wreaths from Sungyeol's fansite to JTBC D-Day Press Conference by Dreame
I'm giving away: Lasher by Anne Rice. Check it out -
YA vampire and supernatural author Greg Wilkey discusses UndeadCon and friendship with Anne Rice
I bet Hyde had been so fascinated with Lestat. He reads Anne Rice.👹
There's a guy that comes into work all the time that looks like Chase Rice and every time I think of
reading some other weird twisty book, probably Anne rice and being cussed by my grandma about being morbid
Just purchase four Anne Rice books and two for other series.
isn't that Anne Rice's pet misogynistic ***
Picked up Anne Rice's Witching Hour at the library today. It is a brick.
Oh and visit the area where Anne Rice (Interview with a Vampire) lives. Beautiful, historical homes.
I love her books as well. Vaun, have you read The Mummy by Anne Rice? Very good book as well.
wow love Anne rice witching hour and queen of *** as well
Anne Rice Blasts Kim Davis as Someone with ‘Little grasp of the Belief System She References’
"When I'm writing, the darkness is always there. I go where the pain is." ~ Anne Rice
I'll probably rock with Anne Rice for the entertaining ones
Part of the fantasy of Anne Rice's literary world is how wealthy everyone is.
Evil is always possible. Goodness is a difficulty.Anne Rice
We spoke about South East Asia, Balinese rice fields, Angkor Wat and travel tips with the LA based jewelry...
Dripping blood from her vampiric mouth . ice cold skin ... I read alot of Anne Rice, ok ...
Go ahead, get trampled by a healthy dollop of Anne Rice.
yes! I'm slowly buying all Stephen King and Anne Rice books!
Anne Rice. Another novel I devoured while out sick, was Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher, "Make Me." I think it is...
Anne Rice is the Vampire Queen, Stephenie Meyer the Vampire Princess, and until Nightfall, L.J.Smith has been the Vampire C…
Trying to read an Anne Rice novel. I used to call her a cheap Tanith Lee, but she's more like a pseudo-slutty Richard Matheson.
Faulkner, Welty, Twain for classics. . Thomas Harris, Anne Rice and John Grisham for modern times. . A few writers from the south.
Did you know that the famous author Anne Rice gave James Purefoy and 'Solomon Kane' excellent reviews on both...
Daniel about to be up there with my Anne Rice and James Patterson collection.
my favourite vampire tales have always been The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Such amazing writing goes into the series.
Have you ever read something taken from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice?
Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in a nutshell: . - Everyone: Lestat no . - Lestat: Lestat yes
I've read all Harry Potter books, All Mayfair Witches and Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.
Anne Rice, author of Interview With A Vampire, explains why reviews like Randi Harper…
"It was enough to make an old world monster go back into the earth..." ~ Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat
According to I Write Like, my fiction is a mix of Stephanie Meyer, Dan Brown and Anne Rice. Not what I was going for, really. :/
the only Anne Rice novel I've read was the Interview with the Vampire.
“He sneered with the impatience of people listening to the obvious lies of others.”. ― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
. *Anne Rice!. *Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series. . *Bram Stoker's DRACULA scared the crap out of me.
What actor did author Anne Rice first denounce, then praise in the role of her beloved Lestat?: Tom Cruise.
[Ok i've been reading Anne Rice practically all day. I gotta watch Interview with the Vampire now cause Tom Cruise is my Dream Lestat😍]
I don't write as much these days myself, of course, but: Joyce Carol Oates, Toni Morrison, Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice.
Top 10 writers who have inspired you. — // Sidney Sheldon, Carolyn MacCullough, Anne Rice, Alan Moore, Ilana Tan...
I love horror and SciFi, paranormal whatever you call it. I get big bigs from like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Justin Cronin+
if i had to list all the writers who've truly impacted me with their works, they are surprisingly few-Oscar Wilde,Anne Rice,LKH, Scott Lynch
Also, how Anne Rice has the time & energy to troll Amazon reviews of her books..listen, I need that kind of time in my life.
I remain convinced Anne Rice has no friends. None.
LMAO I'm pretty sure this wasn't what Anne Rice had in mind when she made her announcement but it so much better
I cry when I have to eat rice cakes too...
if Anne Rice had her way the entire history of literary criticism would read "the author was right" and "everything is awesome"
LRT: Anne Rice still doesn't have one good friend to say "oh honey, no" to her.
*sniff sniff* smells like burning hair and patchouli. Must be Anne rice ***
Anne Rice announces she will climb right up on that cross and not get down, thank you very much:
Oh god Anne Rice is writing a booklet about her experience with "notorious gangster bullies." aka "anyone who doesn't agree with me."
My Hair Dyed Plate will look good Hideo. Match with Anne Rice.
you have a 3 year old, so you are supposed to be home on Saturday night. But rice cakes- no...try pizza & beer/wine
“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank 12 June 1929 early March 1945 ☼
Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. Book one of five in the origi
what flavor of rice cakes? Then i'll let you know if your a blast or not!!
But ... actually Jim Jarmusch's vampires all looked rather healthy ... compared to those by Anne Rice.
To Anne Rice Lovers. Enjoy!. Anne Rice in conversation with Christopher Rice at Live Talks Los Angeles: via
(1989-05-06) The Mummy or Ramses the Damned, Anne Rice, Ballantine Books, Paperb
I'm over hearing about Ugh. Poor writing and poor Go Rice's Sleeping Beauty series.
On page 374 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
With the combo of this hair and this shirt I feel like an Anne Rice Vampire. Or a female men's…
"Master" finally done and dusted. Again, thanks to you and Anne Rice for some great summer reading. Really enjoyed!
Also the toasted rice as a snack on it's own (also suggested by Yunomi) is soo delicious!
This is 1 of my favorite books ever... introduced me into the 'worlds' of Anne Rice. :o) ❤️
Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour" made me transform into a Mayfair witch anytime i read it.
"Oh, the lies that I have told myself and others. I knew it yet I didn't know.". - Anne Rice, Blood and Gold
Glad I didn't buy the new Anne Rice book, but took it out the library. It sure is bad, I can barely stay awake...
Anne rice is good what's your favourite movie ? :)
On page 200 of 404 of The Wolf Gift, by Anne Rice
On page 127 of 308 of Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice
very much so! Anne rice is my favourite author x3 so.
Discussing musicality of Anne Rice's writing and modern day violin playing on tonight's live Prince Lestat chat! .
Oh my god Anne rice actually gave a backstory to the mysterious pianist lestat kept visiting in New Orleans?
Anne Rice isn't the only one who can tell a story about vampires - GO HERE!
I have taken to mentally describing things like Anne Rice, since the smallest thing sounds so grand with her
"Strong women are absolutely unpredictable.". -Anne Rice. Thank you,
My favourite Anne rice book, definitely better than interview with a v
"What famous person would yo like to speak to?" Noam Chomsky and Anne Rice.
I really enjoyed this book. Something about Anne Rice's gothic romanticism is incredibly appealing,…
"Once again, I retreated into my deepest mental hiding place.". - Anne Rice, The Vampire Armand
Check out The Queen of the Damned Bk. 3 by Anne Rice (1989, Paperback, Movie Tie-In) via
“The earth here is And it still belongs to the . Rice
"I'm committed to myself till my dying day. But I don't like myself.". - Anne Rice, Memnoch the Devil
Stephanie Myer didn't get castrated for ripping off Anne Rice so...
Try made "The Wolf Gift" by Anne Rice into a comic and this is what the werewolves look like...
On page 43 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
For Xmas I received the book Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. I've read 3 chapters and I love it, but this is like book or in The Vampire Chronicles... My OCD won't allow me to not read every page of this series before I turn one more page of Prince Lestat. My evenings for the next 5 months are spoken for... lol
On page 92 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
On page 50 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
On page 264 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
Anne Rice fans: visit and enter the drawing to win a copy of 'Prince Lestat.' Enter by 01/31
On page 128 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
At work reading Prince Lestat by Anne Rice and listening to
Finished reading Anne Rice's Prince Lestat. What a richly woven tapestry of individual stories culminating into a new history for vampires!
Our next review is Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice. . Anybody interested in guest reviewing, let us know. . You MUST...
On page 316 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice: Chapter 19: Rhoshamandes "Murder Most F...
On page 365 of 481 of The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice
Going to read all the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles bc I'm in love with the character Lestat 😍
I'm picking up the new Anne Rice book Prince Lestat! Love her vampire novels!
Although I've still not read Prince Lestat yet I'm so excited that even more Vampire Chronicles are to come. Anne Rice, you grant wishes.
“The prince is never going to come. Everyone knows that; and maybe Sleeping Beauty's dead.” Anne Rice -The Vampire Lestat
My current winter-read is Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. I must've read Interview with a Vampire in the…
Anne Rice on Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, & potential new movies for The Vampire Chronicles
On page 155 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice: 3 times now, a Black vampire names Davi...
On page 484 of 599 of The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice
My sister was hungry, so she begged me to go to Jollibee. Ordering:. -chicken w/ rice 🍗. -spaghetti 🍝. -jolly hotdog🍞. -yum w/ cheese🍔. -sunday 🍨
Memnoch the Devil.. Good book, so good.. I know it's old, but still love Anne Rice.
The Interview movie: Interview with the Vampire: In the now-classic novel Interview with the Vampire , Anne Rice refr
Gave away bags of rice to 105 indigents in my place. Always remember that the true spirit of Christmas…
On page 331 of 474 of Le don du loup, by Anne Rice
How can you leave from that list Anne Rice Prince Lestat?
If you're really trying to lose a wight take a look at this:
// By the way for all those who wondered, "Eudoxia" is a name i was inspired to take after reading "Black And Gold" by Anne Rice.
Ditto! Wouldn't change it for the world though, huh? Stephen King & Anne Rice made my teenage years memorable!
Anne Rice. “Oh Lestat, you deserved everything that's ever happened to you. You better not die. You might actually go to *** ”
Idk why I keep reading Anne Rice. Her books are impossibly boring.
The perfect gift for that special Anne Rice fan .
Electronic Device Insurance
At the time, Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches. I had crazy nightmares!
There aren't vampires but it's good. Oh, and if you look a good vampire book, try "Interview with a vampire" by Anne Rice
Steamed rice and hot links and hot diet tea plain. . ««anne»».
On page 241 of 368 of Interview With the Vampire, by Anne Rice
Finished with El don del lobo, by Anne Rice: En una palabra: introductorio.
Photoset: heart-attackles: "If I am an angel, paint me with black wings." - Anne Rice quote suggested by...
“playing when pretty sure it was Anne Rice.
Anne Rice, I really fall in love with her stories and I really love her work, she's a great and cute writer!!!
On page 300 of 458 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, and Grimm's Co
dang you dress like the vampires in Anne Rice novels. Super rad coat.
your attitude is unacceptable, Anne frankly I won't stand for it
Samantha - (as we are watching Vampire Diaries & reading Anne Rice's 12th novel of The Vampire Chronicles) "I'd...
The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco based on the book written by Anne Rice
Bet Anne Frank never put milk in her Rice Krispies
The fact that John Goodman lives around the corner from Anne Rice allowed me to be extremely…
I mean, I've been addicted to Fall Out Boy's most recent album for over a week now. It just coincides with me reading Anne Rice.
I recently reviewed Prince Lestat by for Then something really nice happened:
On page 381 of 550 of The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice: "What I don't understand about you...
Who forgets to bring rice to a Filipino party?
I fancy some nice peppery snail and rice.
Now I am going to have to wait again. I’d forgotten how much I love Anne Rice’s writing & have devoured her most recent books in a week.
“Memory was a curse, yes, he thought, but it was also the greatest gift. Because if you lost memory you lost everything.” ― Anne Rice, B...
Check out our signed books...Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Drew Barrymore and others.
Dan Brown is a good author for mystery and suspense. Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, John Saul and Guermo Del Toro's Strain trilogy
Francesca Lia Block and Stephen King are still on the list! I mean, you never know -- I never thought I'd get to meet Anne Rice!
I wanna be a voice actor too but. I wanna be Anne Rice. And friends with Matt Mercer
Why didn't anyone tell me that Anne Rice is going to be at the Harvard Book Store tomorrow?
Anne Rice's new book Prince Lestat is amazing! So worth waiting for even though it has been 13 years! This is the way a vampire novel should be written!
Anne Rice drinking game: absinthe every time she uses the word preternatural
Go inside 's hotel suite without getting arrested in this free PODCAST of
"During my exile in California 25 years or so, I would have dreams about -Anne Rice
Anne Rice revives vampires in new book - Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Making the modern vampire: Anne Rice to speak at the Chicago Humanities Fest
A little bit of dnb and VORHEEZ along with the new Anne Rice novel?? Don't mind if I do!!!
Just finished Anne Rice's Prince Lestat. It was really fun reconnecting with characters that I'd fallen in love...
My friend Millie Ball says may move back home to New Orleans. Do it!
Such a great story by Millie Ball: With Lestat revived, Anne Rice eyes return to New Orleans via
So uh...I would totally Borderlands, but...those *** Anne Rice books call to me...arrrgh...
Anne RIce is going to be in Chicago at UIC this coming Saturday for a book signing...
Anne Rice more th 1ce sed she wants RA 2play her vampire.She just posted selfie w asst *cougar*?.
So the book tour for "Prince Lestat" has brought me to Boston, and my signing tomorrow will be at Harvard...
Just saw a photo of Anne Rice sitting in a chair her cat scratched up; I'm even more impressed with her now.
On page 225 of 464 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
I stopped reading Anne Rice's books when she 'found god' and decided to stop writing about vampires...
Anne Rice: The Interview with the Vampire novelist on her daughter's death, living through her own funeral and the dangers of Oxford:...
MT Anne Rice will speak at the Chicago Humanities Fest.
On page 140 of 464 of Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice
Catch up with author before she visits Santa Rosa later this month .
Anne Rice, maker of the modern vampire, will speak at the Chicago Humanities Fest.
Matthew MacFadyen's fantastic reading from Prince Lestat by Anne Rice at last night's launch:
With Matthew MacFadyen after his impeccable reading of Anne Rice's last midnight at the…
Ah, my pre-order of Anne Rice's latest, Prince Lestat will be arriving today. Very much looking forward to...
I mean, at least Anne Rice has sales, but Deborah Smith is a complete nobody. Does she think this will help her sales any?
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