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"(When) you look at a man, you look at the way he leads and there are things you can learn: how to project in...
4women 2AchieveEquality.. MustPlace+Value on in gen'l by investing in professional, high-qualitycar…
Why men& women should more about 4OneAnother.
Interesting perspective on female style via
"We’re not connected to the right people. Sometimes we’re not connected enough. Sometimes we’re too connected."
I liked a video Indra Nooyi in conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter
alum K. Himes and cover Science and International Development Policy for
Basic economic infrastructure of connectivity falls into physical travel and of virtual travel. via
Being a great leader, is exactly like a being a good parent - you have to accept that you simply won't be liked at t…
It's critical to 'find your own style' if you want to lead successfully as a ... - CNBC
B/c we are hot-taking + she is in the press, Anne-Marie Slaughter is another candidate who belongs on speculation lists
How Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article in The Atlantic transformed her life trajectory
World Economic Forum: 3 responsibilities every government has towards its citizens
It’s critical to ‘find your own style’ if you want to lead successfully as a woman, says Anne-Marie Slaughter
.advice on leadership—for women and men alike: "You can't lead in someone else's clothes."
I liked a video Anne Marie Slaughter on masculinity and feminist double standards
Brilliant talk by Anne Marie Slaughter equality what it really means via
care is as important as career, heart is as important as head, family is as important as fame -Anne Marie Slaughter
Currently watching interviews of Anne Marie Slaughter & can't help but laugh @ ppl calling her "stupid" in the comment sections
"I'm enjoying getting older because there is still so much to come." Anne Marie Slaughter
"when the choice is between action and inaction... she’d rather be caught trying.” - Anne Marie Slaughter
A week ago I was honored to be Barnard Commencement speaker; here is text of my address -- feminism as humanism.
The US gives Egypt $1.3 billion in annual military aid, but just $250 million for civilian projects and programs
Will the 2016 contest change the Democratic Party's platform on Israel? Peter Beinart and Anne-Marie Slaughter...
Women - take constructive feedback from other women without taking it personally.
Closing the deficit: Middle East should be armed with pens, not just swords
Join webinar with Anne-Marie Slaughter discussing men, women and work on June 9.
thanks for sharing Anne-Marie Slaughter, have a great Friday :) (🆓 Insight via >>
Excellent piece by and - if only education was as sexy as terrorism.
"We never saw a revolution here" - & I on the importance of closing the Middle East’s education deficit https:…
Listen to my chat w/ Google’s Laszlo Bock about mothers, fathers, and how we can better support care
Please join Us for Special Conversation w/ on Women, Men, Work, & Family! via
Education deficit: families spend over $1bn on private tutoring--up to 25% of household income
You will grow & learn & develop by investing in others just as much as by investing in yourselves. ~Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne Marie Slaughter : Can we have it all , I encourage everyone to go watch the video . Great speech
Great piece on featuring Anne Marie Slaughter & Stew Friedman on challenges to parents in the workplace
I added a video to a playlist Hillary Clinton ally Anne Marie Slaughter talks about her camp
Don't forget to secure your tickets for the talk by Anne Marie Slaughter on Tuesday 26th January…
.I could listen to Anne Marie Slaughter all day! Worthwhile conversation, thank you.
compared to when women are sexualized/gendered, their work is forgotten about. ie Anne Marie Slaughter
Many factors are compelling the US and Europe to change course with regards to a No-Fly Zone for Syria
War advocates like Anne-Marie Slaughter demand that you forget the past via
War with Iran is the only alternative to a deal: Anne Marie Slaughter via
I just bought: 'Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family' by Anne-Marie Slaughter via
Acc to Slaughter, the flood of refugees has convinced Europe not to oppose "intervention" and no-fly zone in Syria
Does this make it sound like the Kurds have been thrown under the bus? (again) .
Another recent one. "We Asked Anne-Marie Slaughter: What Should Be the Purpose of American Power?".
The aptly named Slaughter is back, says full steam ahead w/ same crazy bombing policy she mouthpieced in 2013 bec R2P.
Since January, 34% of refugees arriving in the are Syrians fleeing the conflict at home.
Anne-Marie Slaughter on her new book, "Unfinished Business," and the barriers women still face at work and at home.
I don't believe Obama will do anythng abt Syria or,more callously,allow anythng 2b done.thinks otherwise
Important read: For both moral and strategic reasons, the time for a no-fly zone is now
Tired of being described as by folks who should Here again
Anne Marie Slaughter: War with is the only alternative to a Nuclear deal.
Feminist neocon Anne Marie Slaughter of the famed "Women Can't Have It All" say war with Iran is a gift to Islamists
Anne Marie Slaughter in USA Today: " it takes a tough nation to accept the reality of limited power." (1/2)
War with is the only alternative to a : Anne Marie Slaughter
Martinez and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan being interviewed by Anne Marie Slaughter, President of the North American Union.
Seeing her always makes me laugh because she looks so much like Anne Marie Slaughter
Anne Marie Slaughter on 'having it all':
Anne Marie Slaughter on 'having it all'
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
'Having it all' about women AND men: Anne Marie Slaughter, former Director of Policy Planning for the...
as he was passionately tuchalekking the aptly yclept Anne Marie Slaughter on Hayes in 2012, not unexpected
lavishly praises Anne Marie Slaughter who's saying the destruction of Libya was a mitzvah, but he no-platformed Agnes.
"We have very little infrastructure of CARE." Anne Marie Slaughter.
I warned Anne Marie Slaughter in 2012 on Arctic tussle heating up; she agreed; said it wasn't on Administration's radar
with Anne Marie Slaughter - on Ukraine: ask Ukrainian people what they want...
Next on talks to fmr Obama foreign pol adviser Anne Marie Slaughter on Obama's record on the world stage
"Real (workplace) equality means valuing family as much as work & and understanding that the two reinforce each other." Anne-Marie Slaughter
This articles recounts some of Anne Marie Slaughter's urban secessionism that went on display at New America recently
great speech by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Thoroughly enjoyed!!
"It is not ordained that women know how to raise kids and men don't." Anne-Marie Slaughter
Men are not being allowed to be the best they can be according to Anne Marie Slaughter at
Anne-Marie Slaughter is killin' it at the luncheon.
Enjoying lunch with the Economic Club of Indiana. Anne Marie Slaughter speaking.
Numbers of women in leadership have not changed in decades according to Anne Marie Slaughter at
hosts Anne Marie Slaughter on the next phase of the women's movement must be a men's movement.
Just met one of my policy heroes, Anne-Marie Slaughter at luncheon for
At the Economic Club lunch about to hear Anne Marie-Slaughter.
So happy tone at the luncheon of to hear Anne-Marie Slaughter of Princeton University!
We are at the luncheon with speaker Anne-Marie Slaughter!
Sherry Seiwert, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Jamie Merisotis at our head table.
Tomorrow's the big day! Spend your lunch listening to Anne-Marie Slaughter. Reserve your ticket today!
"If family comes first, work does not come second. Life comes together." Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter you're an amazing inspiration.
Excellent Q&A with on women and and that big thing called confidence. Via
Four great reasons to come hear Anne-Marie Slaughter lecture this Thursday, Oct. 23rd!
The great Anne Marie Slaughter writes:. "These policies seem completely unrealistic and downright inhuman when we...
Don't miss out! This Thursday Pres/CEO of Anne-Marie Slaughter takes the stage. Reserve your spot today!
Thanks - loved this stimulating TED talk by Anne-Marie Slaughter. "True equality does not just mean valuing women on male terms"
Anne-Marie Slaughter has written more extensively and clearly on this:
Anne-Marie Slaughter, this hack and David Graeber sitting in a tank, W H I N I N G
MT on Obama failure to see coming ht
Anne-Marie Slaughter on Obama's failure to recognize ISIS extremism
.on the biggest mistake Obama made in the Middle East via
"Patriotism demands the ability to feel shame as much as to feel pride." - Anne-Marie Slaughter
Retail Latin America: Anne-Marie Slaughter on Obama's failure to recogni...
"In the Middle East game of thrones, Obama is playing his hand as well as he can.” in .
yes, Anne Marie Slaughter would be in that group, as would Lisa Martin and Beth Simmons. But if you are looking at a 1/2
Why is Iraq more vital than Syria asks Anne Marie Slaughter in the via
Anne Marie Slaughter on why the US hasn't intervened in Syria and how ISIS/Iraq is changing the debate
Anne Marie Slaughter is good on the contradictions of Obama's policies in and
My comment on Anne Marie Slaughter: Don’t Fight in and Ignore - NYTimes | Blog |
On GPS this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN: What were the most significant moments of 2013? Who were the year’s big winners and losers around the world? Fareed convenes a panel of leading analysts including Anne Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, The Economist’s Zanny Minton Beddoes, and Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the Eurasia Group. Then, the case for British austerity and Britain’s relations with China: a one-on-one interview with U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. Later, a preview of the new GPS special “India at a Crossroads,” looking at how Bollywood's Tom Cruise is taking on some of the country's biggest social ills. And finally, still looking for holiday gifts? GPS has a new travel mug available online at:
Tom Pickering, Lee Hamilton, Anne Marie Slaughter, Ryan Crocker all agree: Sanctions in Iran are backfiring.
"Next time a man says his wife is expecting, ask him how he's going to manage it" Anne Marie Slaughter .
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I thought New America would struggle to replace someone as good as Steve Coll, but Anne Marie Slaughter is perfect.
For some reason the whole Sheryl Sandberg/Anne Marie Slaughter/women in the workplace debate really bothers me, and I can't figure out why.
She and Anne Marie Slaughter should combine their genes: bionic woman
Anne Marie Slaughter speaking to the guests at the Women's Resource Center's luncheon.
I dream about whatever I was reading last, so > Anne Marie Slaughter, Cheryl Sandberg and David Foster Wallace on a cruise ship. Sigh.
How fitting, I'm rushing to find a sitter for baby E on Sat morning so I can go to Anne Marie Slaughter's panel at
Sheryl Sandberg and Anne Marie Slaughter are advocating for the same thing: to keep and elevate women in the workforce. It ain't no catfight
Princeton Professor and former Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State Anne Marie Slaughter spoke Thursday in Spangler Auditorium at Harvard Business School. Slaughter's talk, which was sponsored by the HBS Women's
"We don't live in 1962. We co-parent, contribute in equal measure."-- Ann Romney as Anne Marie Slaughter ...
This is a very good write up by Anne Marie Slaughter on women and their careers. Every upwardly mobile woman pls read
Very encouraged by recent discussions on flexi-work arrangements by NTUC's Cham Hui Fong. As much as woman would like to echo the call of Sheryl Sandberg and strive to become executives at C-suite levels, Anne Marie Slaughter has pointed the way forward on the necessity for a mindset change at the workplace. With active discussions on areas where government cannot legislate, for e.g. mindset that workers who go on flexi-work arrangements are not as productive, Singapore can be a better working place for woman and still attain work life balance.
This Anne Marie Slaughter interview on Fresh Air is pissing me off. She's complaining about how hard it was working for the State Dept & maintaining her family while HAVING A NANNY?! Puhlezeee.
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