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Anne Frank

Annelies Marie Anne Frank (12 June 1929early March 1945) was one of the most renowned and most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Anne Frank House Anne Frank Center Bergen Belsen Barbara Walters Helen Keller Martin Luther King Jr Van Gogh

Mayflower by Faisal Iqbal Khan. Jkjk. . The Great Gatsby was quite short, the Diary of Anne Frank, Perks o…
In the preview episode our host, Josh Campbell, discusses this picture of Anne Frank.
I am resigning My candidacy starting immediately; nothing to do with alleged "Bridget Jones/Anne Frank diary mixup"!
3Novices:Anti-Semitic stickers of Anne Frank appear in German soccer Anti-Semitic stickers of Holocaust victim Ann…
Definitely. Aside from the outstanding Anne Frank House it’s also a wonderful city.
In the search for new leads, he and his team are digitally combing through millions of pages of scanned material...
German rail operator Deutsche Bahn defends its decision to name a train after the Holocaust victim Anne Frank…
30 October 1944. Anne Frank was moved from German Auschwitz- Birkenau camp in Poland to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp…
Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. - Anne Frank.
I wrote about exactly this kind of Dutch hypocrisy in my paper `"Saint" Anne Frank of the Green Guilders' in the 1990s.
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Row over German high-speed train called Anne Frank -
On October 30, 1944 Anne Frank is deported from Auschwitz to Belsen
My "Sexy Black Anne Frank" costume is already bought and paid for. I am NOT taking it back.
Someone really thought naming a train after Anne Frank was a good idea? I just... what. How. WHY.
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” . ― Anne Frank
I’d like to pay a visit to Amsterdam one day and see the Anne Frank House.
A former F.B.I. agent brings modern forensics to try to solve an old cold case: Who betrayed Anne Frank?
Actors in Residence started today with “The Diary of Anne Frank”
Bad PR of the day: Anne Frank train.
Anne Frank should be honored & treasured as a reminder of why we mist fight against fascism. . But not on a train. .
Imagine Disney making an animated movie about Anne Frank and it completely glossed over the horrors she went through.
30 October 1944 – Anne and Margot Frank are deported from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen where they die.
Anne Frank was deported from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 73 years ago today…
German train company plans to name train after Anne Frank, who was transported by train to Auschwitz in 1944.…
German Railways name a train after Anne Frank. Question is, will it take you to Auschwitz?
Ok, so what if they called it 'Frank Anne' instead?
German plans for 'Anne Frank train line' raises eyebrows: Anne Frank Foundation says that the connection of……
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." . — Anne Frank
A German railway company is receiving backlash after trying to name a train after Anne Frank
Anne Frank diary to be read at Serie A games after Lazio fans’ antisemitism
Serie A’s emphatic response to vile Lazio racism
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It’s been another year since No Asylum The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank has been out.💙
Best thing I read today was an Italian ultra upset because they are honoring Anne Frank at the games and not earthquake victims
Yeah - they're going to boo Anne Frank tomorrow.
Racist supporters of Rome club Lazio distributed stickers showing Anne Frank in the jersey of local rivals.
will you be the Anne Frank to my Hitler costume
A minute’s silence will also be observed before this week’s games after incident that has rocked Italian football
Anne Frank passage to be read before Italian soccer games in response to anti-Semitic acts via
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the people who turned in Anne Frank talked like.
has now banned public reviews of its re-named "Anne Frank" Halloween costume. Tell them to remove this horrific item!
Wearing an Anne Frank t-shirt during the game does not absolve your Antisemitism - it takes real work to unpack cultural hatred.
"In Italy, pictures of Holocaust victim Anne Frank dressed in a Roma uniform...leading to excerpts from her diary b…
My favourite rpdr theory is that trixie was kicked off of drag race purely to stop her from doing Anne Frank during sn…
“We are not trying to point fingers or prosecute. I am just trying to solve the last case of my career.”
umm useful in story to mention Anne Frank was actually murdered by the Nazi's, she didn't just keep a diary
‘Diary of Anne Frank’ passages to be read at all Italian soccer matches vía
She said that she's afraid that I.C.E will come at any moment to take her. The situation very m…
Anne Frank (second from the left in the dark dress) celebrating her 10th birthday with her friends, 1939
Prez of soccer club promises to send 200 yng fans to visit yearly after anti-Semitic stickers of Anne…
Italian giants Lazio to wear Anne Frank on their shirts to tackle anti-Semitism
Reading Anne Frank in stadiums with mostly right-wing fans, what could possibly go wrong
Anne Frank’s diary to be read at Italian matches after antisemitic display -
They photoshopped a footie kit on Anne frank
Moment of silence announce after soccer club distributed stickers showing Anne Frank in rival team uniform https…
"In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.". Frank 1942, htt…
ROME (AP) - Passage of Anne Frank's diary to be read at all soccer matches in Italy this week in reaction to anti-Semitism.
Let the, er, punishment fit...hope at least a few will learn something from this.
Gross, anti-semitic Anne Frank stickers found at stadium.
Following Italian soccer orders part of Anne Frank's diary be read before games
Ya so Anne Frank, let’s hit the attic and hideout for bout 2 weeks
Sports - Anne Frank passage to be read before matches>ROME - The...
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Well, I was trying to figure out an Anne Frank costume, so I may have you beat
It’s a favorite book but it pulls on the heart strings. Only other book that sent me through that many…
The entire West has been indoctrinated with Jewish fake Jesus & Anne Frank lies to only speak the…
Lazio club to take fans to visit Auschwitz after Anne Frank incident | News | DW | 24.10.2017
(Italian futbol social media team meeting). "How can we pay respects to holocaust victims". "What if Anne Frank play soc…
I love who you are, I love who you ain't — you're so Anne Frank
I am sure the Juventus ultras will have a reasonable and not racist response to the reading of Anne Frank tomorrow.
Rangers* fans' website reacts with hilarity at teenage girl murdered in Nazi extermination camp…
I’ve added him to anniversary reminders for CS Lewis, Christopher Hitchens, Anne Frank, and Bill Hicks.
Jeff Mangums love for Anne Frank is tragic.
I love who u are. I love u who u aint. Ur so Anne Frank. Lets hit the attic & hide out for bout 2 weeks.
Why did a costume store remove Anne Frank costume who is offended by that I don't understand
'Disgusting' Anne Frank kids' costume slammed - but not everyone sees the issue.
Retail has the audacity to sell Anne Frank halloween costumes like her entire life wasn’t a tragedy and struggle. Wow, the wor…
What a tasteless stupid advert. I first heard about Anne Frank from Nelson Mandela. After researching about her I h…
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My thoughts exactly. If a little girl respects Anne Frank enough to want to dress like her,…
It's not even an Anne Frank costume.
I’m amazed. How can Anne Frank be a Halloween costume? Crazy!
Retired FBI agent opens new investigation into Anne Frank's betrayal
"Who betrayed Anne Frank to the Nazis? Cold case investigation reopened" via FOX NEWS
Why is JVL member (& suspended member) promoting somebody who claims the Diary of Anne Frank…
I wish I could say the same but your avi is giving me Anne Frank vibes
"Try to recapture the happiness within yoursef" — Anne Frank
Someone just told me a girl got kicked out of her sorority for calling Anne frank a gassed up shawty. I don't think I've eve…
Our exhibition, Anne Frank: A History for Today, will be in the Old Library in Anstruther Town Hall from 7th-21st Oct.…
I’m not gonna be the guy who tells another guy NOT to get an Anne Frank face tat. But I am the guy who will post it and sa…
The Diary of Anne Frank is also the result of disrespect is known that Anne didn't write all of it..t…
Whoever is happy will make others happy. ― Anne Frank
Do you see the beauty? "I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains." Anne Frank
Graphic Diary of Anne Frank by Folman & Polonsky continues rich tradition of comic book adaptations
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam has opened its archives and supports the new probe
Ex-FBI agent opens cold case review into who betrayed Anne Frank
in love with the history about the hiding of Anne Frank & her family. wish I visit the secret annexe one day! 💓
Martin Luther King Jr and Anne Frank were born in the same year. 1929
Define 4 me what makes someone powerful? Ruth Ginsberg? Janet Yellen? Heck, Anne Frank is more powerful (at least…
Anne Frank was a dreamer - she dreamed of a kinder world. Anne and her family were denied entrance into America. Wha…
3 September 1944 | The last deportation train to left with 1,019 Jews. Anne Frank, her sister &…
You know what Anne Frank, Barbara Walters,and Martin Luther King Jr have in common~?. They were all born the same year~!
Stan Lee, Andy *** Tim Allen, Anne Frank-- nevermind, think I just talked myself out of that eccentricity!
Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. - Anne Frank
Anne Frank's diary is fake news. Shocking isn't it?. ((THEY)) have always been so honest and good to us…
The story of Anne Frank: Hitler’s antisemitism Great article since talking Nazis today.
There is blame on both sides, Anne Frank was being a very loud and rude houseguest
Barbara Walters and Anne Frank were born the same year. Frank should be alive today. These lessons…
Anne Frank Center is not affiliated with Anne Frank
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sad that the Anne Frank Center is run by disingenuous liars
How insane can you get! Smh. Anne Frank Center is nut job city.
Anne Frank is a hoax. That center has nothing to do with this discussion. Disgusting.
Reminder, the Anne Frank Center has no relation to Anne Frank.
The Anne Frank Center has nothing to do with Anne Frank.
Anne Frank shed many tears over Brexit and hopes we can come to our s…
Wut? Anne Frank holed up in a house with fam for awhile but was ultimately found and sent to a gas chamb…
To be clear, you have no connection to or the Anne Frank House. You simply…
The real Anne Frank wouldn't want an organization named after her to MAKE PROPAGANDA like Goebbels did. Have you ev…
You mean like the real Anne Frank House?
Shout out to me for booking the Anne Frank House for September and not August
Anne Frank (House)has ZERO to do with this political hack group, they just DISRESPECT…
That's the house where the only existing footage of Anne Frank was recorded. Such a powerful experience.
Little House series . Little Women. A Fine Balance. Devil in the White City. The Diary of Anne Frank
they never met her father nor do they have anything to do with the real Anne Frank House. they just ride on her coa…
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As a Jew who grew up next to the Anne Frank House these people make me irrationally mad every time I see them.
Reminder that has no affiliation to Anne Frank House or...Anne Frank.
This "center" only coopted the Anne Frank name. They have nothing to do w…
To the trolls who tell us not to comment on current issues: In her diary, Anne Frank stood for justice & hoped future…
I think this guy has more in line with what the Anne Frank House stands for than you.
That's because the has nothing to do with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
This is not the legitimate site for the Anne Frank House of Holocaust Fame. Do not confuse them!
The line for the Anne Frank House is 3 hours long ... I hope it's worth it
Just visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
School children go to house at around the same age Anne Frank was, here. When they study WW2, they…
This is a disgrace, extremely unfair. When I visited Anne Frank House there was no political a…
New recording of the premiere of A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, song cycle by Juliana Hall on Anne Frank.
Brown's been megged, as much use as Anne Frank's drum kit
8/4/1944: The Gestapo discovers the hiding place of Anne Frank & her family. Later, they are deported to Auschwitz. ht…
Anne Frank's 4/5/1944 entry is incredible. Wanting to live even after death and doubting her talent or if she'll ever wr…
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is an incredibly remarkable piece of literature and history. I can't recommend i…
73 years ago, Anne Frank & her family were arrested while in hiding. We will their struggle & the…
On August 4 in 1944, Anne Frank was arrested, after two years of hiding with her Jewish family. Her last diary entry, da…
in 1944, Jewish diarist Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis after her secret hideout in an Amsterdam building was disc…
4 August 1944. The Gestapo raided a house in Amsterdam and arrested 8 people, including Jewish teenager Anne Frank.
After 25 months in hiding, Anne Frank & her family were captured by the Nazi Gestapo on August 4, 1944. The lessons of bigotry are clear.
On 1944, Anne Frank and her family are captured.
ON AUGUST 4, 1944, 73 years ago, the Nazis found Anne Frank. In 1941, the U.S. denied the Franks immigration.
Nazis found Anne Frank on August 4, 1944. In 1941, U.S. denied entrance to Frank family. Reasons refugees hear now.…
Aug 4 1944 – The Gestapo find & arrest Jewish diarist Anne Frank, her family & four others after being tipped off about t…
On this day in 1944, Anne Frank is discovered & arrested...she will later end up the Bergen-Belsen death camp, her final des…
how much would Anne Frank's drum kit sell for?
What do Ulysses, Doctor Zhivago, Anne Frank's Diary and The Long Walk to Freedom have in common?.
I just realized that Felicity Jones plays Margot in the Anne Frank movie
Sean Spicer - The Diary of Anne Frank. Ben Carson - Roots. Trump - Any book regarding the history of the Civil War.
Bergen-Belsen, the place where Anne Frank and her sister died. . Read about the hiding place in Amsterdam…
12 June 1942 - Anne Frank was given her diary for her 13th birthday, a symbol of the fight for human dignity.…
Get to "Anne Frank in the Gaza Strip" at 9 tonight or you will have to answer to Mr.
What Anne Frank’s diary can teach us about the modern-day refugee crisis
Also this statement comparing someone, anyone to Anne Frank is wrong on so many levels, I think.
Frank and Anne Foster, Carla Connor and a very drunk Peter Barlow 😂
We all live with the objective of being happy;. our lives are all different and yet the same. — Anne Frank…
I loved the Rijksmuseum. So much art I could've stayed in there for a week. Anne Frank Huis also a must. Canal boat if u can
*** can't tell me Anne frank wasn't a poppin *** writer. At such a young age too?! Shorty had that work.
Check this one out. Using it would be a new low though. it's called "Anne Frank's Fun House"
Say hello to Anne Frank's house for me
“I can shake off everything as I my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”. – Anne Frank.
Anne frank is my favourite drag queen
"See it's so hard for me to sleep when I'm fully aroused. And that's why I can't watch movies about Anne Frank anymore." -Sam Huisinga
Tell that to Anne Frank. And lots of people who are struggling with multiple minimum wage…
"A lot of people never graduated high school! Einstein! Bill Gates! Anne Frank! I'm gonna take back that last one." - Schmidt, in New Girl
see Trinity in Amsterdam visiting the Anne Frank Museum. So proud of our students
Frank Trust - signing the book at the Anne Frank museum
75 YEARS AGO TODAY Anne Frank wrote her first diary entry after she and her family went into hiding. to a…
Visit Anne Frank: A History for Today at the Fort la Reine Museum. Included in museum admission.
No one has ever become poor by giving. -Anne Frank . On this day in history the Frank family are forced to take refuge.
Holocaust Museum Launches Kickstarter on Anne Frank's Birthday to Digitize 200 Holocaust Diaries and Refute Deniers. https…
The german currency 'Franks' was named after Anne Frank. -
Anne Frank went into hiding 1942. Her father on what reading diary was like for him: .
7/6/1942 Anne Frank and her family took refuge from the Nazis in Amsterdam. . Life Magazine 1958 Anne Frank's Diary…
Ball Park Beef Franks and Auntie Anne's pretzels have more to do with Anne Frank than does. Ausch…
Seventy-five years ago this month, Anne Frank's "The Diary of a Young Girl" was published. Great feature from https:/…
Today in 1876 President Gerald Ford signed the Paris Accord with Anne Frank ensuring a lasting peace between Canada and Nicaragua
Audrey Hepburn in Amsterdam with Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank, and his second wife Fritzi, 1957
Otto, Margot and Anne Frank.probably about 1932.Otto was the only survivor of the family and returned to Amsterdam…
otto frank was sued in court by the ghostwriter ⚡️ “It has been 70 years since Anne Frank's diary was published”. https:…
Come and see the powerful Staged Reading of The Diary of Anne Frank at the Center for Spiritual…
Meryl Streep quoting Anne Frank and spreading her message on behalf of the 70th anniversary of Anne Franks Diary 💞
in 1942, on her 13th birthday, Anne Frank began her Diary, a symbol of the fight for human dignity
On This Day in 1942: Anne Frank turned 13. For her birthday, she received a diary and then began writing in it. https:/…
in 1942, Anne Frank received a diary for her 13th birthday. Hear Miep Gies tell her story:…
Miep and Jan Gies with their son Paul, and (father of Anne Frank), circa 1965. Miep and Jan helped t
Your mcm doesn't know the difference between Anne Frank and Helen Keller.
I'll make my voice beard, I'll go out into the world and work for mankind..." . Anne Frank
Anne Frank statue behind the church
It's the year 2045 and the kids are reading Anne Frank's timeline in History class (sponsored by Standard Bank, moving forward)
Unfortunately, Anne Frank even fell victim to the dreaded typhu…
Premier visits Anne Frank exhibit organized for Jewish Heritage month. Journal kept by a Anne an inspiration for 20…
More anti-Semitic vandalism found on Anne Frank memorial | The ... - Salt Lake Tribune
Sneak peek inside middle school English class to start the day as students discuss Anne Frank's diary in Ms.
Who should I read? Erich Fromm or Erica Jong or Carl Jung? Viktor Frankl or Anne Frank or Frank McCourt? Endless exciting choices.
The Diary of Anne Frank. I know that ends tomorrow.there is also a free show to the Beaker Brothers at Shakespeare's so I'll probably go
I cry at George Stevens' Gunga Din. I think The Diary of Anne Frank (1959). Was better than Ben-Hurr.
Who knew? A little sibling of Anne Frank's chestnut tree is growing here at the in Seattle
"What is done cannot be undone, but at least you can stop it from happening again." -Anne Frank.
The Diary of Anne Frank. Textbooks in high school didn't teach the trut…
15 April 1945. British troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. Anne Frank had died there a few weeks e…
Spicer, listen up: Anne Frank and millions of other Jews weren't killed in "Holocaust Centers." Most offensive press s…
Rent a bike and cycle through Old Town! Shop at the 9 streets! Visit the Anne Frank House, Rijks Muse…
Went to the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Banksy/Salvador Dalí exhibit, and saw the fault in our stars bench today IM TIRED
I went in the Anne Frank House and almost fell *** Anne
are you gonna visit the Anne Frank House?! Bc you totally should😋
Lovely day in Amsterdam; Anne Frank House, walking tour and conversations with local Dutch students. Memorable day…
Morning view of Amsterdam on our way to Anne Frank's House
Meet me at the Anne Frank House at like 8
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Today I'm thankful for my external battery & free WiFi. I'm waiting half an hour in a three hour wait for the Anne Frank House
So buzzing for Amsterdam in July, Cana wait to finally go to Anne Frank's house 🤓🤓🤓
A moving visit 2 Anne Frank House.Seeing her postcards & pics still up on her bedrm wall where she put them was hea…
Van Gogh museum. Anne Frank's house or simply just explore it's such a beautiful city
.please don't listicle the holocaust. Also, it's known as the Anne Frank House/ it's not "interactive"…
LTMS Students at the Anne Frank exhibit at Brookdale Community College.
Anne Frank at the British Library. We’re publishing a new illustrated book on Anne:
I hear next ad is for coppertone at the Anne Frank House.
Waiting to get into Anne Frank House.
--go to Amsterdam and saw the Van Gogh museum and went to the Anne Frank House. And yesss it's my dream to go back.
My goal is go to Amsterdam and visit Anne Frank's house. I want to know how it was for her to lived in that time.
Renting a bike and Anne Frank House is top of the list!
I got accepted for my study abroad trip and I am going to get to see the Mona Lisa and the Anne Frank House and I'm already crying about it
when your last name is Frank and you have an uncle Frank and an aunt not Anne Frank or Frank Frank
This time last year me and James were in the Anne Frank House
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Flat Paige has just arrived in Amsterdam, Netherlands on her way to meet her cruise in Italy! Anne Frank'…
The SS officer who captured Anne Frank and her family bought her book to see if he was mentioned in it. He wasn't.
Pete: he said she looked like Anne Frank. Mom: so she was blind?. Pete: that's Helen Keller?
Harriet Tubman; Marie Curie; Anne Frank; Mother Teresa...These are women who inspire me bc they didn't flaunt who they we…
Paul Ryan is the audience member in The Diary of Anne Frank who yells out to the Gestapo in the final act, "She's i…
I asked someone in WH Smith for the Diary of Anne Frank. She came back with the Diary of Mad Frankie Fraser.
The only known footage of Anne Frank, leaning out of a window in 1941.
What we're reading in J K Rowling, Anne Frank, Ian Rankin, Oliver Bowden, Virginia Andrews & Darren Sam
it reminds me of when Justin Bieber said Anne Frank would've been a belieber
Picking a fight with Anne Frank over antisemitism is what I'd call a career low.
This, from the same guy who wants praise from the Anne Frank Center. Also: .
"picking a fight with Anne Frank" is so obviously the next step yet also still somehow unbelievable
A Sunday without a roast dinner is as pointless as Anne Frank's drum kit.
Anne Frank is hiding in us today. Read the op-ed by our Executive Director Dr. Ellen Kennedy
watching FREEDOM WRITERS made me want to read Anne Frank hmmm, but where can i find motivation?
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piers Morgan would support Hitler and tap the phone of Anne Frank if it got him publicity. Pathetic ***
Imagine being so bereft of shame that u'd add your logo & hashtag to Anne Frank, Rosa Parks & Maya Angelou's words as Daddy burns the world
Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again. Anne Frank. Pic Anna Ovatta h…
.How many "Anne Frank" refugees are suffering today, turned away by the US, and will be killed because of US failure to help?
.Wow, you all have a lot of nerve to quote Anne Frank, a REFUGEE who died in the Holocaust. No help from US for her!
"Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery." . -Anne Frank .
How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world. - Anne Frank
Anyways it reminded me of when I pixied my hair too short in beauty school and brittaney would call me Anne frank 😩😩😩
Hey & her family were denied entry as refugees to the 'land of the free' too !!
This is looking at Anne Frank and her diary as historical document - might be of interest to some of you!
"Anne Frank was a wonderful woman. She did many many great things. Very smart. Looking forward to her next novel.". -Dona…
"The Diary of Anne Frank meets War of the Worlds" ~ THE MOONBEAM RIDER by Carlton Holder (Affil…
Feel sad about She & her family died because blocked them.
No one has wver became poor from giving. - Anne Frank.
can you tell me, what race was Anne Frank?
Anne Frank exhibition delivered by students. Visitors from the local community.
is it just me or does geko slyly look like Anne Frank
“Because paper has more patience than people. ”. -Anne Frank.
PC Wakefield PC Taylor & PCSO Burford enjoyed the Anne Frank exhibition delivered by students. Thank you
Rollin up this blunt for Anne frank
There's an Anne Frank in Syria right now:
Thank you to all who pledged to support The Anne Frank Declaration during Holocaust Memorial Week at our libraries.
Donald Trump’s refugee policy is being compared to the Nazi persecution of Anne Frank
You can be lonely even when you are loved by many people, since you are still not anybody’s one and only. — Anne Frank…
Think of allvthe beauty still left around you and be happt. Anne Frank
People are really good at heart, wrote Anne Frank in a diary entry. Just respect them in their differences.
My 14 y.o. is reading "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". Next up "The Diary of Anne Frank". So he knows what's next.
America turned away Anne Frank in her hour of need. She died in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. She was 15.
We turned Anne Frank away in 1939 because of "national security." She died in Bergen-Belsen at 15. HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DA…
Anne Frank? More like the 'Incubator baby girl' who lied to garner public support for the '93 desert storm charade.
"I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart" - Anne Frank.
🇺🇸 . She knew:. "What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again” Anne Frank.
Believe it or not I've never read the Diary of Anne Frank. I have read all the Judith Kerr and Karen Levine though.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day: never forget that the U.S. denied Anne Frank & her family entry into America as refugees…
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