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Annabel Croft

Annabel Croft (born 12 July 1966 in Farnborough, Hampshire) is a former professional tennis player and current radio and television presenter.

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Sending warmest greetings to Annabel & all the journalists from My f…
“Thank you Love my white crochet dress look fab!
modelling our white Moocher in the Daily Mail today!
It’s been a stressful start in the commentary box for after a run-in with some white-tack! 😂…
SUE, SUE, look what Hacker's been up too!
you are a shameless tart... don't think this won't get back to Sue!
Oh you little two timer, any excuse for a kiss.🙄
Loving your work cocker! We just know that you brushed your canines to make the best im…
Hi Hacker. When r u meeting up with at Wimbledon. Wud you please refollow this account Please.
Looks like has found a new friend in at . He even got a cheeky kiss!
You've got to stop making me jealous, Hacker...
I'm celebrating with at . But don't tell Sue Barker.
Heard there was a invasion of insects. Did you do your part? Our dog catches them.
I have never been convinced with Laura's game. touch of the annabel croft there. technically talent…
Not as good as Sue Barker, mainly because she didn't win the 1976 French Open & the thi…
Ask her to call Keith and get a trip in her chopper! .
'Vamos' works for Portuguese as well.
Oh please can we please get rid of that inverdale chap as a commentator??? and many others would be fine alone!
I've corrected commentators a lot today, I need to be 😃🎾
It's not a stop clock Next Gen Finals in Madrid, it's MILAN
Be careful Hacker, Annabel might have a helicopter lurking nearby and whisk you away
"Oh Crofty, oh Crofty.. On top of your house is a lofty.." Top of the charts!! Number one right there!!
.on the need for rapid response under Centre Court pressure
It's not often you are out shone Annabel but Hacker is the dogs do da's! 😀
Do not be tempted by another!! There is & always will be only one Susan Barker 😊🐾🎾
That is trying to steal me away from Sue Barker. Ooh she's a crafty one (or a Crofty one).…
So pleased to hear this. You might want to tell as well.
Johanna Konta and Andy Murray will reach Australian Open semi-finals, says Annabel Croft
Oh you'll be putting on testcard next,still I agree better than Annabel Croft ,there's another one…
You have made every parent and others around the world smile and laugh out loud today ! Amazing com…
And the full story of how this went viral (and my peripheral role), via I'll leave…
I will be on / in 10 minutes to talk about the Korean impeachment.
Annabel Croft had the superior *** and incredibly was posher tottie than Anneka Rice.
Awesome training day with Let's get started! htt…
Only just made it after 16 hrs traveling but a great day at Thanks
Great course today in Oxford, always nice to meet some stars amongst the sport 🙂🎾
can't wait to get started. Great to meet and share ideas with and Jonny Marray…
Great session this morning. Thanks to and the team 🎾💥👊
great day! Thanks to you and JM for your help and expertise
Awesome training day with Let's get started!
day 12 in Oxford 🎾 another great group of coaches trained to inspire 20,000 kids!
Great to have you down Ashley and we can't wait to see more 📸 's! 😀🎾
and Alfie Hewitt Bronze medallist at Rio Olympics wheelchair Tennis, with our Head of Te…
Great day training Tennis For Kids coaching with Bring on the…
Was a great pleasure to work alongside you today too ! Great speech !!!
Club coach and manager Rob sheath meets Leon Smith Davis Cup coach and captain and Annabel Croft ex British no.1...
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Great to be back with the team to help with the camp…
Training today with these guys 👌🏼. Pumped to get started with in May!!.
back 4 First wave of coaches enjoy training with &…
Inspirational training with my friends at
Mr E learning from GBs best at the tennis for kids training day
Great 📸 and here's to another great year of
Just chatted with about — can’t wait for our bloggers to get stuck in & hear their experiences!
Amazing training day at today with and 100 quality coac…
Meet the latest member of the network! 🎾.
Another year of this fantastic initiative.
You think comeback last night was good.check this out from &
Since Annabel Croft won Wimbledon juniors, three winners have gone on to become world number 1 - who are they?
You know you are getting old when Annabel Croft is your ideal woman.
Annabel Croft couldn't identify this player on Question of Sport. Can you?
A Question of Sport next on BBC One HD: With Annabel Croft. (23:45 in Wales, 0:10 in Northern Ireland)
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Make sure you watch tonight on to see with and
What do you think ? Judy would be ideally suited to the position IMO.
I think u need2do Ur research a bit betta,cibulkova has been in a slamfinal ag li na oz opn
Playing Tennis with Annabel Croft as Part of & Watching the Davis Cup via
I liked a video Kids Play Tennis with Annabel Croft & We Watch Andy & Jamie Murray Play at the Davis
Thanks for your brilliant article about how you created with
And suddenly it's clear why Voegele is ranked where she is. It's all mental.
Some inspirational words from British tennis star and co-founder of for
Becoming a father has affected Andy Murrays form in recent weeks, says former British number one Annabel Croft.
Work meeting😁 Some people just don't get there's tennis on!😏
Join and me first 2 matches and then Babos WTA Katowice then starts 12.30
Me with former British No1 female tennis pro Annabel Croft at the launch of the
Novak Djokovic shows why he is with his fitness regime. Visit for more great tennis vids ht…
Tennis star and TV presenter team up and tackle with
I interviewed former British No1 tennis player Annabel Croft recently with 7 other bloggers about how YOU can get...
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might go and watch Wimbledon this year you guys are tempting me 😃
Love this shot of Oliver! It's not every day your kid gets a tennis lesson from former no 1 Annabel Croft but that'…
Final training day at with Such a great finish
Youhave to answer a couple of questions first. . Carol Smilie & tennis star Annabel Croft team up to tackle incontinence
I'm sure I f & had a say, they would have covered it 😊
the way players climb all over 2nd serves nowadays wouldn't it pay off more to just go for 2 1st serves a la Giorgi?
By the way, It doesn't even matter how cheap the tickets are. Who would pay to see Cornet? This is awful.
Official site gives the prices in Polish Zlotys, not pounds. It's 20 Zlotys= only 4 euros...
Annabel Croft has some job if she wants to find the "next Andy Murray" in England. He's Scottish. Maybe I should look.
Hi. Shouldn't Hawkeye be mandatory on the WTA tour?
The tickets aren't that bad. Under 10 euros and you'll get in.
Day 2 WTA Katowice 11am join and me for full day's play.
Annabel Croft is almost as annoying as Andrew Castle!
Check out the views of Annabel Croft and Barry Cowan on the Australian Open
Annabel Croft just described Andy Murray trying to win the Davis Cup as "a rebel with a cause" 🍀
Would you add some "Tennis Chic" to your wardrobe? Check these outfits you could buy right now from the high street
A reminder to join us at 1200 on BE2 on Friday for LIVE w/ Tennis
congrats to Ward and congrats to u for the great job u did during the tournament on livebig fan!
Congratulations to for breaking inside top 100 -(89 th ) first time in career - fantastic news! Can't wait for
ANNABEL CROFT models the High Street outfits inspired by Wimbledon via
Our guests ahead of the Men's final yesterday being entertained by Annabel Croft & past…
And congrats to Tina for winnig 2 doubles titles, after her protege won Eastborune !
I'd like to think my car park buddy will make light work of today!
Thank you and all the team for making it so much fun working on !
Ladies Final day calls for pretty dresses - thank you from and I x 👗
WATCH... Night Fever dance for champions and
agreed! Apparently he was offered a tie and suit, confirmed by Annabel croft that they do that for everyone, why refuse?
Hi just wondered if u could pick a track please for us to play at our July Charity Marathon. Thanks Camelot
Some excellent analysis on today's final from on w/ Mats Wilander and Annabel Croft
happy birthday and happy 22nd wedding anniversary!! 🎉And thanks for this pic at RG, so nice of you! 😊
That's the key, not biased and her genuine intrigue to keep learning.
I like her, she is accurate in assessment, not biased & to the point
perfect way to finish off two great weeks. Have a great evening x
Is he grumpy because he didn't get a bouquet of flowers or has he got a bit of trapped wind?
he really is but don't undersell yourself Annabel really enjoy your punditry
hi Annabel. Hope you enjoyed the final - many thanks for all your help over the fortnight, it was much appreciated
Thank you to everyone for Birthday wishes& to for my beautiful flowers ! Been an amazing two weeks - off to celebrate 🍸🎾🍓
Happy happy birthday, Annabel! Sorry about Roger's loss today, from one RF fan to another!
TV: coach live in studio reacting to the victory with and
A little premature to write off just yet. What a great final! 👏🏻👏🏻
Djokovic is nearing his 9 th slam which means he would overtake Agassi Connors Lendl Perry and Rosewall who all have 8
Compare 90 mins of women playing yesterday with today's men's final. How on earth can women deserve equal pay
Happy Birthday I hope to look as good as you when I reach your age.
instead of Djokovic having one squash and one water bottle drink, why doesn't he dilute more the squash?
Our guests ahead of the men's final entertained by & past Wimbledon champ
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
is there ANY chance you could pop out to meet the guys at some point today after they arrive?
Raising money for and they will be knackered and sore, but elated too!
Nothing sums up UK tennis' failure better than asking Ginny Wade and Annabel Croft for their views on women players (1 of 2)
First edition of Tennis for Evert was on Eurosport w/ Chris Evert & Barbara Schett. No sign of Annabel Croft (yet?).
Annabel Croft just said Carla Suarez-Navarro was a dark horse. Backs up what I said for Last Word.
Yesterday, Annabel Croft tried to get Peter Fleming to say that >
Nope, Greg Rusedski, Andrew Castle, Jamie Baker and even Annabel Croft! Suppose they were selling tennis instead of cars!
Annabel Croft and Andrew Castle... I don't know, folks, what do you think?
Just won a bottle of Moet off Andrew Castle and Annabel Croft! Never give me the opportunity to answer a sport question, bad move!
It's dog crazy this weekend. Arrived at Primrose Hill just in time to witness best in show hosted by Annabel Croft.
I wonder if Anneka Rice and Annabel Croft have met. I like to think that Kenneth held boozy soirées on the Isle of Wight well into the 90s.
.knows how to do red! Looking fab in our Argyll dress on tonight.
Always enjoy with on Great reviw show of the day's action
Game, set and Mats with and Nice way to finish a great evening with tennis
you looked fab in lace at the euro sport presentation this morning. Just saying...
Great watching ur take on tennis on sky sports. Ur thoughts & knowledge is spot on. Always a pleasure watching you!
Still going strong out on Suzanne Lenglen court Murray up 2 sets 0 . Got a bit cross with overhead camera ( few expletives)
Exceptional 1st set from - outplayed his opponent in every department and putting ball in uncomfortable places 6-1
thanks for weather update.just at manc airport waiting for flight RG thurs,fri,sat
Bardot lookalike Mladenovic upsets 2nd seed Li Na - Dimitrov also out to karlovic - seeds look vulnerable on cold day in Paris
Amazing isn't it? By the way, looking great on Game, Set & Mats :-) Excellent show.
What has stan done since winning the
We are about to lose both Aussie open champs in 1st round of French Open - wawrinka yesterday -Li Na match point down to mladenovic
If Interceptor was revived, who would you want to present it and who would you want to be the Interceptor?
Former British tennis player and current radio and TV presenter Annabel Croft speaks exclusively to GiveMeSport.
You'll be nicking hard boiled eggs next. It's the only thing which got me through the day in Sochi.
"Hey Annabel check out Gaels dancing, absolutely outrageous!" Brilliant!
.stealing the show as usual on Game, Set & Mats.
Annabel Croft presenting Roland Garos tennis. Today she's in the black 'pants. You cant say fairer than that.
I love GSM but tonight's production is all over the place!
“I use homeopathy to treat everything from early signs of coughs and colds to sports injuries..." Annabel Croft
Didnt see, but Annabel Croft and Mats Wilander agree that Stan sure never gave up.
my nephew made it for a ballboy at Wimbledon, you and your daughter know his sister can't wait to see him!
mute and just look at Annabel Croft then !
Wars started well but experience of Robredo is showing x
He does have a lot of years on his back though :)
It's taken over 2 hrs for last yrs Q/finalist holder of 11 clay court titles Robredo to look comfortable against Brit Ward! Set all 5-1 up
Love the tennis knowledge shared on game set and mats with and
why did gs&m report Nadal as third on Chartier when RG website shows him on Lenglen?!
Every time I see Annabel Croft on Game, Set and Mats I sit there waiting for the Interceptor to chase her away in a helicopter.
Game, set and match: A perfect family holiday at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy in sunny Cyprus: Jeremy Dani...
"Game , set & Mats" - i missed you and ! It's so good to see you again on :-)
Yes and what a pleasure to have gracing our screens again!! ;))
Catching up on question of sport. Fair play Annabel Croft has still got it.
Annabel are you aware that it is day today? Many protests worldwide :).
Splendid, as ever thanks for the RT.
Have you heard ‘Annabel Croft speaks exclusively to GiveMeSport.MP3’ by on
Annabel Croft exclusive: Serena Williams hungry to win French Open title - Read more:
Friday May 23rd means exactly 1 month until Wimbledon and more importantly
You can get the same odds on Annabel Croft/Billie Jean King being Murray's coach as James Corden/Alex Ferguson. Bit of a kick in the teeth.
Annabel Croft exclusive: It's Novak Djokovic's time to win French Open - Read more:
"Still having fun? and thank you for wonderful evening!
Former British tennis star and TV presenter speaks exclusively to GiveMeSport
YOUR French Open experience!. 2/5: The best expertise thx to Mats Wilander,
Tristram Hunt was crap after Annabel Croft took over.
Did you know that: *.Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Twiggy, Caprice, Susan Hampshire, Tina Turner, Louise Jameson, Gaby Roslin, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Nadia Sawalha, Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Roger Daltry, Annabel Croft and Meera Syal, as well as The Queen and Prince Charles, are all users of homeopathy. *.An estimated 5.75million people a year in the UK go to see a complementary practitioner for treatment and it has been estimated that one in four members of the public would like to access complementary medicine on the National Health Service.(1) *.In a survey conducted by One Poll, 78 per cent said they would like to access both conventional and complementary treatment on the NHS. (2) *.In April 2007, Mintel published research on complementary medicines which showed that public interest in the UK was growing. Over-the-counter homeopathic treatments, such as arnica cream, had seen a 24 per cent growth over a five year period from 2002-2007.(3) *.Homeopathy is the most frequently ...
I say lucky but is Annabel Croft still playing? Really? What about Anna Kournikova?
Andy getting a coaching session with Ivan with a hit about with Ross Hutchins. Then Judy and Annabel Croft dropped in. That's all before the match even begins! Fabulousness!
Not played on better greens in 2013 than at West Byfleet Golf Club - sumptuous, just like Annabel Croft and Sian Williams...:)
So, uh, Interceptor was actually a really bad show. Annabel Croft incessantly shouting “listen to me!” like a posh version of Navi.
Annabel Croft thinks Laura Robson GB No1 lady is one to watch - she has beaten 4 previous Grand Slam winners
And the same applies to Greg Rusedski and Annabel Croft. I am almost wanting Sue Barker and Tim Henman back!
Annabel Croft to Treasure Hunt to Crystal Maze to Ed Tudor-Pole to Sex Pistols to Tony Wilson to Steve Coogan to Alan Partridge
hey Jess, take a look, for sportswomen everywhere! Annabel Croft and I have found the answer!!
John McEnroe into Legends final! Stunning 6-2, 6-4 win over Guy Forget. Finished with smash winner from the backboards. Will face Mats Wilander in the final. Asked by Annabel Croft after the match how his body is holding up, John said, 'Unbelievably well. I don't feel a day over 52.'
Greg Rusedski and Annabel Croft consider what Andy Murray's victory could mean for the future of British tennis:
Oh no. Boris Becker is in the same area as Annabel Croft. Don't go into the cupboard if invited to Annabel!!
Missed Big Summer of Sport? Head to - Annabel Croft on Wimbers, Stockport's Olympians, Kriss Akabusi and more
Join Mats Wilander and Annabel Croft tomorrow for exclusive analysis and preview of the Gentlemen's Singles Final
Exclusive: Annabel Croft on how Heather Watson and Laura Robson will handle the pressure in future Wimbledons
5 live at Wimbledon captures all the action from the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Join Pat Cash, Jana Novotna, Jeff Tarango and Annabel Croft for expert analysis, get the latest news from Mark Pougatch, Clare Balding and Richard Bacon. Plus, John McEnroe and Tim Henman umpire your views and Alistai...
The Spanish Marches On Semi-final in Roland Garros 2012. Men's Singles - Rafael Nadal and David ferrer/ Novak Dyokovic and my favorite Roger federer. Ladies single-my favorite Maria sharapova and Petra Kvitova / Errani and Samantha Stosur. And Now in Eurosport Game/Set and Mats with Mats willander ang Annabel Croft.
Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are back in form for the French Open, say coach Nick Bollettieri and ex-British number one Annabel Croft
flip. Annabel Croft and Pat Cash show how good tennis is for you!
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