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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, OBE (born November 3, 1949) is the British-born editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a position she has held since 1988. With her trademark pageboy bob haircut and sunglasses, Wintour has become an institution throughout the fashion world, widely praised for her eye for fashion trends and her support for younger designers.

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If George Osborne can become Editor of the London Evening Standard, I can become editor of Vogue. Move over Anna Wintour.
Zayn, Gigi Hadid and Anna Wintour attend the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund ‘Americans in Paris’ event in Paris (via GHD) h…
Zayn with Gigi Hadid and Anna Wintour at the Vogue Cocktail party in Paris, March 3rd.
| Zayn, Anna Wintour, and Gigi Hadid at the Vogue Fashion Fund event in Paris. (
"Even if I am completely unsure, I'll pretend I know exactly what I am talking about and make a decision.". - Anna Wintour
If I really am that intimidating... then is it more like Anna Wintour or Beyoncé... for those who don't know.
Not sure if Anna Wintour would be front row of a Cricket All-Star Weekend Fashion Show though...
Fun times: Hillary Clinton joined her longtime friend and celebrity backer Anna Wintour (together above) on ...
is hilarious. The amount of Anna Wintour/Joanna Coles/ Robbie Myers wannabes is exhilarating.
BAM. Take that, Anna Wintour and every other snot fashionista in the world. Karl Lagerfeld be tellin' it like it is.
my bio teacher has an Anna Wintour cut.
Listen to Anna Wintour Every Winter by Deezie Brown on slow numbers but we satisfied with the growth
Why do people come from love island/ TOWIE thinking they're the new Anna Wintour? Get out the front row pls 🙄
It appears Her Highness is only in hiding to the commoners who voted for her. To the wealthy, however...
When you aim for Anna Wintour and end up looking like Brian Jones
Anna Wintour. Editor Of US Vogue, a long meeting for her is anything lasting than more than 7 minutes. Mesyuarat...
All are long range lies and life styling problems. Anna Wintour is another pathological liar here as well.
I've always wanted to be Anna Wintour but now it's life or nothing 🙏🏽
Nice representing upon the issuance of stamps.
I know we have already established this, but Anna Wintour is out of her element. She needs to step down or fix the mess tha…
SPOTTED: Blake Lively and Anna Wintour front row at Michael Kors.
Hillary Clinton and Anna Wintour attend the Forever Stamp dedication ceremony in NYC
Anna Wintour and Selena Gomez at the fashion show.
Anna Wintour is releasing the putrid air that is white supremacy through the pages of the publication which defines her…
Selena & Anna Wintour at the fashion show today
Anna Wintour and honored legacy with the
also, wore this $590 necklace to the ODLR tribute today with Anna Wintour. hi…
Emma Roberts has also liked this photo Selena posted with Anna Wintour on Instagram earlier today!
Anna Wintour, Leelee Sobieski and more at the Calvin Klein FW 2017 fashi... via
Karl Lagerfeld takes his ritual Chanel walk, accompanied by Lily-Rose Depp, as Anna Wintour and Wendi Deng applaud htt…
The fashion world pushes this idea, led no doubt by Anna Wintour. Many regular Americans believe her taste to be atrocious. Who cares?
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Morgan Fairchild's portrayal of romance author in PERFECT ON PAPER is both hilarious & insulting. Like the Anna Wintour of romance authors.
Anna Wintour came to my office at Trump Tower to ask me to meet with the editors of Conde Nast & Steven Newhouse, a fr…
VB & Anna Wintour are to be honoured by The Queen
Magic Johnson, Anna Wintour, James Taylor, Bradley Cooper just pulled up. Asked Wintour about her meeting with Trump, no response
Katy Perry will co-chair the 2017 Met Gala with Pharrell Williams and editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.
Anna Wintour remembers Franca Sozzani, the Editor in Chief of who died at 66.
Anna Wintour: "Franca was also no ordinary friend."
Anna Wintour has never worn a ponytail. . - André Leon Talley. Via
Andre Leon Talley is in Chapel Hill, and I haven't run into him. 😩. Monsieur Vogue Is Leaving Trumpland, via
He said "she was the most fastidiously groomed and exquisitely moisturized person he’d ever met" on
Wondering if this is the one & only time the future Trump WH is referred to as "marzipan"
First of all,” he says, well aware of my fashion ignorance, “this is a Norma Kamali sleeping bag coat.”.
So many good lines: "I voted for Hillary Clinton.Quite frankly, I thought she wd have brought back the pantsuit."
I've always thought it was Anna Wintour.
Who had Anna Wintour out here bopping to Timmy Turner
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
- “It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” ― Anna Wintour
Peak Dowd. On and on and on and on. What is becoming of the
André Leon Talley gives you all his thoughts on the Trumps.
He helped Melania choose her wedding dress. But he won't pick out her inaugural gown.
My Aunt Joyce and my Uncle Troy! Aunty slayed this picture. I need to call Anna Wintour and get…
“We all dress for Bill" -Anna Wintour on Bill Cunningham in --Bill Cunningha…
Melania: "How do I schedule my own First Lady cover of Vogue?". Michelle: "I can't really be giving Anna Wintour's number out like…
Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Karlie Kloss, and More Host the Book Party for Phyllis Posnick’s Stoppers: Photographs F…
Alexa Chung, Kiera Knightley and Anna Wintour show us how to dress for Christmas party season
Kanye West Invited A Ton Of Local Teens To His Rescheduled L.A. Concert - West has made up for cutting an L.A. co...
Follow the top Anna Wintour stories for Nov 17 on our topical page:
omg do you know Anna Wintour. ARE YOU ANNA WINTOUR
'The September Issue' is really a film about Anna Wintour's relationship...
Have you met the florists Kate Moss and Anna Wintour have on speed dial? Let us introduce you...
Surely we can keep all the undocumented in exchange for deporting Anna Wintour.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Kanye West offering free tickets to rescheduled Los Angeles show - West has organised a seventh show at The Forum...
Anna Wintour and Miuccia Prada bonded over the Devil Wears Prada.
⭐️ • These are the London florists the fashion set have on speed dial: From foliage bouquets for Anna Wintour……
Has Anna Wintour crossed the line or how marrying politics and fashion is not a great idea
After declaring its allegiance to Hillary Clinton, how will fashion handle Donald Trump?
Anna Wintour is on my flight to New York. Aka I feel ashamed that I didn't bring a Vogue magazine with me and that I'm in…
WOW, Anna Wintour is such a Aquarius! I heard they noisily fastened a pen...
This piece I wrote that ran over the weekend has provoked a lot of ire from Trump supporters -
CELEBRATING _ Anna Wintour is 67. Roseanne Barr is 64. Dennis Miller is 63. Adam Ant is 62. Dolph Lundgren is 59. Colin Kaepernick is 29.
Helen McCrory chose a palmer//harding shirt to wear to Anna Wintour's private dinner and screening of Franca,...
lol this documentary on the Met Gala's Chinese themed exhibition made Anna Wintour look made dumb to me
Why Kanye West Just DOUBLED Next Year’s Grammys Ratings - West is now threatening to boycott the Grammys because ...
I think possibly what people working for one hate the most is indecisio...
Katy, Pharrell Williams and Anna Wintour will be co-chairing the 2017 Met Gala party:
I just want to work and plan events with Anna Wintour.
Finally getting around to watching The First Monday in May. Is it too late to want to be Anna Wintour when I grow up?
Kate Hudson, Michael Kors, and Anna Wintour at God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards. Look at all the love... https…
"Everyone should be sacked at least once in their career..." . -Anna Wintour
Im the Anna Wintour of the industry
"If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better". Anna Wintour.
shares stories of titan Anna Wintour and her tough façade as he speaks about…
Transform your home into one that's Anna Wintour-approved.
north west crying front row in New York Fashion Week next to anna wintour, and beyoncé
I'm dead. Lay me to rest. Kendall is riding a hover board in her editorial. This is too much. Rip Anna Wintour https:/…
I know my emails have gone over well with Anna Wintour or im sure my head would have been ripped off my neck by noe
I love that i can direct message Kylie, text Kris, and email anna wintour but i cant reach Kendall lol
In case you were wondering, this is what Anna Wintour looked like in the '90s:
Anna Wintour just trashed GOP fashion. That was awesome.
Only person I want with my nudes is Anna Wintour.
Do you think Anna Wintour has ever eaten a Reese's peanut butter cup
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Think you've got a sartorial eye to rival Anna Wintour's? Bring it to Dr. Gill's AFR 372E, Fashion & Desire in the Afri…
"You either know fashion or you don't" -Anna Wintour . -
Next Year's Met Gala will be co-chaired by Katy Perry, Anna Wintour and Pharrell Williams.
Fashion should be celebrated when it touches people, moves people. What more can you ask from art? ~ Anna Wintour
Why do we spend so much time psychoanalysing relationship between & Anna Wintour? They're businesswomen
Chanel Iman, signed with Ford at 12, "a model from day one", caught Anna Wintour's attention and was named world's next top m…
'It's purely professional': Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman breaks her silence on her rivalry with Anna Wintour.
The Met Gala will be co-hosted by Anna Wintour. And she used to be called as the "Miranda Priestly" right? 😐
The Met Gala will be co-chaired by Pharrell Williams, Anna Wintour and Katy Perry.
A Farewell to Bill Cunningham Well over 1,000 people, including Michael R. Bloomberg and Anna Wintour, gathered at…
Anna Wintour, Ralph Lauren and other big shots remember legendary at Carnegie Hall on Monday
Celebrating Bill Cunningham at Carnegie Hall with moving speeches, swing dance & a poetry reading by Anna Wintour:
Anna Wintour, Michael R. Bloomberg and hundreds more paid tribute to Bill Cunningham at Carnegie Hall.
well I don't see the baseball editor or Anna Wintour as a problem. Or Carole Simpson.
I don't care about Carole Simpson and Anna Wintour but others should be more prudent.
UNIVERSO PARALLELO: Yeezy by Kanye West: black pride da Anna Wintour a...
Anna Wintour, Sofia Coppola and Martin Scorsese and the 1990s
Nancy, send this? Anna Wintour & Huma Abedin at Paris Fashion Week - Oct 1 -
...some go to NYFW & act like they are Anna Wintour and Tom Ford's baby but they dress like Ronald McDonald on LSD
WWD calls out Vogue for being biased, Anna Wintour for being an "honorary Kardashian-West" https…
BBC documentary exposes weird world of British Vogue & ruthless editor Alexandra Shulman’s rivalry with Anna Wintour
What British Vogue did at the end was appalling. But I think that's cos I love Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington
Watch as Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer job swap
. In the TV series 'Gossip Girl', Serena's style was based off Kate Moss and Blair's off Anna Wintour and Audrey…
The garden Miranda Brooks created for Anna Wintour on eastern Long Island is just beautiful http…
even more badass, Anna Wintour's apparently styling her
New York Fashion Week Fall 2016: Vogue’s Anna Wintour on All the Top Shows This is the best clip that i have e ... -
Cara Delevingne and Anna Wintour just got their own Pokémon characters:
Anna Wintour is obviously drinking his kool aid
Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour try to do each other’s jobs; only one succeeds
Watch what happens when Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour trade jobs!
Amy Schumer swaps lives with Vogue editor Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour swapped jobs with Amy Schumer and it turns out Wintour’s got jokes
In this current global madness provides some welcome light relief taking on Anna Wintour's job:
What happens when and Anna Wintour switch lives for a day? Watch to find out:
Amy Schumer swaps lives with Anna Wintour -
Watch as attempts to play the role of fashion editor and Anna Wintour does a set at https:…
Amy Astley was named to edit the new magazine in June 2002 by Anna Wintour, .
Anna Wintour is the Colored or Black possibly skinny Woman in the IMF International Monetary Fund. Bank Thief. ABritish BankThief onceagain
I saw The First Monday in May last night and have come to the conclusion that I could work for Anna Wintour. We speak the same language
“Fashion goes in only one direction – forward – and I am a firm believer in thinking that way too” – Anna Wintour
Forgive me Anna Wintour for have sinned and entered McDonalds.😐
The one and only Anna Wintour wears fringe at the What will the have to say?
Who overcomes when you discuss with Anna Wintour? Well, I am older than she is.
How do you work with Anna Wintour and not get intimidated? I'm older than her...
Best of Entertainment: Anna Wintour & Colin Firth on the catwalk for Tom Ford in London, part of ...
Detergent Bar Allison williams joins ashley graham and anna wintour at Met Gala ... -
Anna Wintour Style i love the dress but it's not the right necklace with it nor the good shoes
Why fit in when you were born to stand out (Anna Wintour)
Sitting front row @ Mr. Relay has me feeling like Anna Wintour... Where are my sunglasses?
Anna Wintour begins every edition of vogue with a personal essay, so MY WORK WILL TOO, DAMMIT. I wonder if she actually writes those though
Create your own style... let it be unique for yourself & yet identifiable for others. - Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour is still using a flip phone. This explains why her fashion taste is crap
People respond well to those that are sure of what they want. - Anna Wintour
Everytime I wear black on black, I have an undying need to apologise to Anna Wintour. I'm so sorry, Ms Wintour, I am so sorry
Queen Anna moves food trucks for red carpet on
That moment you realize that Mrs. Hogenson from the incredibles is Anna Wintour
Watching "The First Monday in May" Falling in love with Anna Wintour all over again.
I prefer Grace Coddington to Anna Wintour. But that could just be me 🤔
*Anna Wintour voice* the font is so large and obnoxious, its looks like its for blind people
It's Ana's world She replaces editors like we replace our unmentionables
Previous first ladies seemed to feel the need to wear a sort of unifor...
Pulled an Anna Wintour tonight; rsvp-ed yes to a get-together then left after a short while.
I'm very good at delegating - people work much better when they have a...
Anna wintour picked me up in the hood
well Anna Wintour chooses the designer/brand they wear but yeah & it seems like Nicolas genuinely likes her
Love your snapchats of Lexi and Harley. And their haircuts are too cute! Anna Wintour!
Anna Wintour puts editor of Teen Vogue in charge of Architectural Digest. No, this isn't a satire pie…
Anna Wintour is my role model, her and Naomi Campbell
Thank you for my card&pressie Loved meeting mini Anna Wintour & 💕 https:…
the next Anna Wintour. I think her and Saint are gonna be fashion legends❗️
Wow. This is an interesting switch...
Anna Wintour replaces editor at Architectural Digest via
The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be ...
Anna Wintour told Seth Meyers she got lost at a Kanye West fashion show
When you publish one article for and become Anna Wintour
Private View: Bradley Theodore. The NYC street artist gets under the skin of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld
Anna Wintour is my great Aunt in my head.
But wait Kimye are 2 of the most influential people in the fashion industry and Anna Wintour is snubbing them? She's kinda ridiculous.
Tom Hiddleston attends a pre-Met Ball dinner at Anna Wintour's home in NYC on Sunday. Via Torrilla
Anna Wintour's Met Ball demands are endless via
Taylor dining in NYC with Anna Wintour as they are both co-chairing Met Gala, this year!
Taylor leaving Anna Wintour’s house last night in New York City, New York!
.dined at Anna Wintour's home before tonight's Met Gala!
Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston casually hang out at Anna Wintour's home:
When you play trivia & get the Anna Wintour question correct. Thanks for the shout out CC:
Throwback to when Anna Wintour threatened to ban celebs from the bc they were taking selfies
Co-chairs Anna Wintour, Idris Elba and Taylor Swift get ready for tonight's
Taylor dined with Anna Wintour last night, they are both co-chairs at today's Met Gala!
Met Ball maestro: Andrew Bolton on designers, daleks and dealing with Anna Wintour
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Taylor was seen leaving Anna Wintour's home in NYC last night! They are both co-chairs for today's
Listen to what Anna Wintour of said about and shoot. https:/…
fabulous doc by - props to the tour de force team of Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour - a must see film
How interesting would it be to hide Suzy Menkes & Anna Wintour away for a whole season and get them to judge collections entirely on merit.
Reminder that Taylor is a co-chair of the 2016 Met-Gala on May 2nd alongside Anna Wintour. What will she be wearing?
Anna Wintour's new film "The First Monday in May" tells the story of the 2015 Met Gala
Anna Wintour says the Met Ball dress code will be "tech white tie"
Invited to a documentary about Anna Wintour's Met Ball. Described by Jacques Hyzagi as "insufferable" and I'm suddenly interested
Vision in white! Allison Williams wears chic cape ensemble as she joins Ashley Graham and Anna Wintour at Met Gala
Anna Wintour already has some awesome tablemates picked out for next month's
Anna Wintour cried at show, but not for the reason you think:
That Taylor Swift commercial where she's rapping on a treadmill in an Anna Wintour wig is the worst thing I've seen in a while
Taylor really out here looking like Anna Wintour with that haircut.
“It is important to remember the art of fashion.” Anna Wintour chats with the Andrew Bolton:
Anna Wintour should sue Taylor Swift for copying that Coconut Head *** hairstyle
Anna Wintour has her own sun, so yeah, she's wearing sunnies whenever wherever..
Hillary fundraising in Mexico, Africa with Chelsea, Anna Wintour, Tony Bennett by Paul Bedard via
"There is now finally a new wave of French fashion designers." Anna Wintour shares her thoughts on
So I interviewed Jony Ive and Anna Wintour. I can now die happy.
Somehow 'working on my dissertation' turned into spending 40 mins reading interviews with Anna Wintour and Alexandra Shulman
What were Anna Wintour, Nicole Farhi and Sir David Hare doing in Suffolk this week?
Anna Wintour, Nicole Farhi and David Hare at Gainsborough’s House: There was a celebratory mood at Gainsboroug...
Anna Wintour funded a bronze bust of the artist Thomas Gainsborough, as part of what the director Mark Bills...
Want to work for Anna Wintour? If yes, make sure you have these qualities:
I'm mean how can u deny . the 1 non-smiley mofo . who can make THE, Grande Dame of. non-smiley, Anna Wintour: smile (full stop)???. You can't!
Be on the look out for these two scenes:. Naomi Campbell's and Anna Wintour's. I just choked.
An elegant gold skirted look glides by David Lauren and Anna Wintour today.
Bill Cosby is innocent...I want to be in charge of wife is ugly yet sits next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week...who am I?
(Taylor Swift's new bob was basically Anna Wintour (
Taylor Swift's new bob was basically Anna Wintour
Kim, Khloé, Kendall, North and Anna Wintour at the show at Madison Square Garden in NYC
Fashion Week show was too loud for Anna Wintour: Spies said that at Public School's New York Fashion Week show...
Manolo Blahnik on his love for Anna Wintour and British women | via
Jenna Lyons + Anna Wintour! Two of my personal heroes ruling New York Fashion Week side-by-side!…
Anna Wintour accosted by prankster Vitalii Sediuk at PFW -
damselindior: Anna Wintour seems to be feeling the new jcrew collection.
Anna Wintour seems to be feeling the new collection.
I've never seen Anna Wintour so uncomfortable
Is it just me, or does "Petite Barbie" look a lot like Anna Wintour, but less mean?
Through mitosis, Anna Wintour has split in two. With refreshed stamina, they will helm Vogue another 900 years.
Anna Wintour is seated next to a blonde Kim Kardashian at (more on the rackeddotcom
my friend just posted a photo of her and Anna wintour sitting next to each other and my heart just broke.
It's all true.. Well written article and very striking & expressive photo. Anna Wintour looks confused and lost.
Anna Wintour is British.I honestly did not know that.
Anna Wintour "looked diminished, like a Kardashian accessory." talks
Anna Wintour and Cara Delevigne: the new faces of Madame Tussauds
Does sitting next to Anna Wintour at nab you a cover?...
Anna Wintour front row at Rihanna's Fenty for Puma show.
Beckham family brave New York's big freeze to support Victoria at Valentine's Day Fashion Week showcase
Seen front row at HOOD BY AIR: Anna Wintour, Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith.
All the looks, front row guests and review of show
If Kanye can present this skirt at his show with Anna Wintour's support then I can be a fashion designer too.
Anna Wintour wears sunglasses to Fashion shows so people can't see her true reaction.
"When you live with intention, you create the space to achieve true excellence" Anna Wintour
Introducing TWO more stars of our brand new Fashion Week experience...and Anna Wintour
Here we have Anna Wintour, my dad, Kanye West, and my history teacher , Jimmy Shipe
You weren't offended by his complete dismissal and denial of racism once Anna Wintour let him showcase his terrible wares…
Lol the anna wintour unbothered face
Kanye West thanks 'the boss' Anna Wintour for always supporting him. via
"Oh look it's the White Witch from Narnia, oh wait it's just Anna Wintour."
When someone bashes Anna Wintour and Andrea Riseborough in one session. Suddenly lost all my interest.
Students and graduates from show off their designs to American editor Anna Wintour
Out and about this weekend: Anna Wintour, Grayson Perry, Tom Daley, Sir Lenny Henry, Arthur Smith, Gary Barlow... https…
i'm so couture, i even got a coat made of Anna Wintour's pubic hair
If you say you dream of being an international fashion designer and you've never heard of Anna Wintour, nobody is taking you seriously. FYI.
Anna Wintour: 'Grace Coddington is a genius.'. The behind the scenes people usually are, but in life you choose how you'll use your 'genius'
Trump's daughter got put on with Anna Wintour off top
Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and David Beckham attend the British Fashion Awards 2015 at London Coliseum
It really bothers me when people claim to follow fashion but don't know who Anna Wintour is.
ODB hanging out with Anna Wintour and the fact that I know who Anna Wintour is is hilarious to me
Wow! Front row? Soon you will be the Dutch Anna Wintour! 😄
Kobe said on a conf call w Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Anna Wintour
Who doesn't feel Anna Wintour is amazing? Learn her secrets!
I'm sick of Anna Wintour trying to appeal to the younger crowd
Fashionably lame: Anna Wintour pimps dinner with President Obama
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
By the time you go to St Barts and ua saying hi to Anna Wintour or those bikini clads and reminiscing on the yacht. What is match-losses.
Do you think Anna Wintour became the editor-in-chief of Vogue by being nice?
Derek Zoolander to grace the cover of February Anna Wintour with a sense of humour, who knew..
Anna Wintour 😉 cynfotos07 thanks and niamh.alana I thought you'd…
for today makes me look like a slightly dishevelled but chirpy Anna Wintour.
I don't even know what to say about that. I have liked some.TDWP w/Meryl Streep as thinly-disguised Anna Wintour is priceless.
I've just seen Anna Wintour in tesco
In today's world you have to interact... Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour’s best career advice ever, right this way:
Paging Madame Anna Wintour, can i work at Vogue now? 😄
Indispensable from the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour:
Setbacks and other learning strategies from Vogue editor Anna Wintour via bi_strategy
Night Crumbs: Anna Wintour must’ve gone on some kind of sabbatical and put someone with real taste in charge o...
Rihanna and Anna Wintour out for dinner tonight. (Jan. 15)
Cruz made the mistake of suggesting Trump is a snooty New Yorker. But Trump is no Anna Wintour. He comes across as a blue-collar worker.
Tea with Anna Wintour & Chelsea Clinton next Tuesday in NYC? Absolutely! RSVP
Will you strategically choose your signature style to convey authority?
It's as icy as Anna Wintour's stare ⛸❄️ @ Rockefeller Center
13 crazy facts about the iconic Anna Wintour: …
13 crazy facts about the iconic Anna Wintour:
Table for one, fortune for a quarter? Watch our January cover star’s fated run-in with Anna Wintour.
.Anna Wintour, Adrian Brody watch a basketball game vs at AAA arena in Miami
Anna Wintour, Timbaland, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adrian Brody are at the Hear game. Wonder who would go to a winter game in Cleveland...
Okay but I'd love it if the judges for Fashion Police was Ross Matthews, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, and Alaska as Anna Wintour
You are the Ray Mears of the fashion world *pages Anna Wintour*
Tim Gunn, who's not afraid of Anna Wintour, shares his views on Kanye's fashion line and the Kardashians.
Taylor will be hosting The Met Gala on May 2nd, 2016 with co-chairs Anna Wintour, Idris Elba, and Jonathan Ive!
Just chillin' with Anna Wintour's brother. Not Patrick; the other one. Our families grew up on opposite sides of the St John's Wood tracks.
where would we be if it weren't for that Christian Lacroix jacket and Guess jeans in Anna Wintour's 1st cover at Vogue? happy birthday mum❤️
There are Scorps who wear fur and relish red meat a la Anna Wintour and there are Scorps such as Joaquin Phoenix, who ar…
Anna Wintour doesn't seem impressed with your Halloween jej costume
Anna Wintour admits that she has never worn a hoodie:
If I wasn't into music I would want to be Anna Wintour.
Meet the stylish artist who hangs out with Anna Wintour:
I want to be rocking skin tight Alaia like Carine Roitfeld or running the world like Anna Wintour!
Anna Wintour ain't got no time for this subway nonsense. 💁🏼🎃
Mugatu and Anna Wintour have entered the room lady and gentlemen!.
Starting to understand why Anna Wintour would go off.
is killing it. Brooke Astor meets Anna Wintour meets whoever...
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