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Anna Sophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb (born December 8, 1993) is an American film and television actress.

Austin Butler Carrie Diaries Soul Surfer Chloe Grace Moretz Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker Josh Hutcherson Emma Stone Sam Rockwell Toni Collette Liam James Zooey Deschanel Dakota Fanning Witch Mountain Emma Watson

I think I’ve been sad ever since Anna Sophia Robb had to die in bridge to terabathia and also kourtney and Scott breakup
how dare anyone call Abigail Breslin irrelevant. she is THE icon of our deca…
Action/Adventure with Chloë Grace Moretz as me, Tom Holland as my husband, Liza Weil as my sister and Kierra…
Anna Sophia Robb films should have "may destroy your emotional wellbeing" warnings
YALL Anna Sophia Robb goes to nyu & is in gallatin aka THE SCHOOL IM IN
The best part of my morning was perhaps walking down park avenue with Anna Sophia Robb
I'm picturing maybe Anna Sophia Robb for Sabrina? Loved her in Carrie Diaries on CW, and I think she wou…
Trying to do your best is important, but loving yourself and others should come first. ~ Anna Sophia Robb
Ken thought that Anna Sophia Robb was the real Soul Surfer
Looks like where Anna Sophia Robb died in bridge to tarabithia
DAT MOVIE THO 😭 Anna Sophia Robb was my childhood crush
i got to the part in Bridge to Terabithia where Josh Hutcherson squeezes all of the paint Anna-Sophia Robb bought f…
I hope she will grow to be Abigail Breslin, Anna Sophia Robb, or Dakota Fanning. Not Kristen Stewart.
Your very welcome Donna. Anna Sophia Robb was a surprise how well she is acting in this.
Anna Sophia Robb dyed her hair red and I'm so happy😍🌹
ohh no wonder lah ada anna sophia robb. Alright alright, thank you babe!!
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.can Anna Sophia Robb get anymore sexier, I mean"legally"
I want to be treated like Anna Sophia Robb is by Austin Butler in The Carrie Diaries.
If Sam weren't married then I would so totally ship him with Jen!! I've always shipped Josh with Anna Sophia Robb sorry
I don't get why Chloe Grace Moretz gets all the "hot new Hollywood" hype when Anna Sophia Robb is obv the better 3-name young blonde actress
Anna Sophia Robb can get it without prejudice
I love Anna Sophia Robb and her messages
the fact that Anna Sophia Robb is two years older than me blows my mind
ur icon looks like anna sophia Robb
Wow this restaurant is playing Keep Your Mind Wide Open by Anna Sophia Robb. Perfect.
On another note - I'm so totally crushing on Anna Sophia Robb. Idk guys she's kinda cute
Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler need to get together like now pls forget Vanessa she needs Zac
Does anyone not have a crush on Anna Sophia Robb?
my first bae. Kau google Anna sophia robb. Dia berlakon the bridge to terabithia. Fall in love since umur 12 tahun k.
•bridge to terabithia . •one of my fav movies ☺️. • fun fact me and Anna Sophia Robb h... (Vine by
Anna Sophia Robb is my homie. Forever wishing I could be her
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I had a very very real dream that I spent an afternoon at the beach with Hillary Clinton and Anna Sophia Robb
Anna Sophia Robb is my spirit animal
when I fell in love with Anna Sophia Robb
Anna Sophia Robb is my ultimate goals
Madonna who? Katy perry what? Lady gaga where? Anna Sophia Robb is the queen of pop 💘💅
When u see Anna Sophia Robb at chipotle & think its rude to ask for a pic so u just take a pic of her in the window:/
In chipotle and Anna Sophia Robb is right next to us
Anna Sophia Robb is so pretty that I just can't look at her entire face. I have to look away and stare in intervals and at different parts
forever wishing I could play Anna Sophia Robb's role in the Carrie Diaries :')
Ok keep your mind wide open by Anna Sophia Robb is playing in pharma right now
I'd probably go *** only for Anna Sophia Robb. She is one of the most beautiful people ever.
Anna Sophia Robb is definitely one of my girl crushes
Anna Sophia Robb showing some legs and lookin' so sexy at movie premiere. (GALLERY)
Race to Witch Mountain again because why not? Anna Sophia Robb 😍
Anna Sophia Robb I'll give you like five dollars for you to even think about considering hanging out with me for five minutes
to when Anna Sophia Robb and Josh Hutchinson broke ur heart in Bridge to Terabithia
Anna Sophia Robb and Dr. Reed enjoying a cookie at Reed Orthodontics. . She starred in Soul Surfer
The fact that Steak 'n Shake still plays "Eyes Wide Open" by Anna Sophia Robb. You don't even remember that song do you?
Anna sophia Robb is just a great actress period.
I think anna Sophia robb or smthng lol
My goal in life is to look like Anna Sophia Robb
Anna Sophia Robb my love was at red rocks w walk the moon last night what is my life
Am I the only one who sees that Anna Sophia Robb, and Lilly-Rose Depp look like literal twins. Omfg.
Anna Sophia Robb was at WTM too 😭 I'm jealous of you on so many different levels
And guess who's back in Denver...Anna Sophia Robb...When I'm not there anymore obbiously duh
Walked right by Justin Bieber at church tonight and also talked with Anna Sophia Robb☺️ Could say I'm lucky. What a birthday gift👌🏽💕
Anna Sophia Robb. Remember that girl from bridge to terabithia? Puberty hit her hard. Deym she hot!
When lily rose depp and anna sophia robb take a photo together I will be the happiest person on earth
lily looks exactly like Anna Sophia Robb tbh and her insta is boring I don't see the appeal
Anna Sophia Robb was in my dream too I remember bc I was like *** look at her butt
When u and Anna Sophia Robb could be sisters ???
Yo but how did they film Soul Surfer? Anna Sophia Robb has both arms? What kind of magic was that?
Is it just me or Johnny Depp's daughter looks like Anna Sophia Robb
I just realized the actor who plays Cato did a movie with Anna Sophia Robb before THG. Who else did a movie with her? Josh Hutcherson.
//Bridge to Terabithia. Josh Hutch's breakthrough role and Anna Sophia Robb 😍😍
every Anna Sophia Robb movie is way too good and emotional wow
Anna Sophia Robb is absolute perfection in my opinion
I want to bury my face in anna sophia robb's *** img
Ooh Mary Desmond is following me . How about Emma Watson or Indiana Evan or even Anna Sophia Robb's . OR EVEN Josh Hutcherson
Am I the only one that thinks Lily Rose Depp looks like Anna Sophia Robb
For Marlee: Anna Sophia Robb(my fav💕), Elle faning or Chloe Grace Moretz
you should be Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler are on my screen as we speak 😍
Anna Sophia Robb seems liberal enough to date a chick. Maybe one day💞
I don't understand the appeal of Lily Depp she literally just looks exactly like Anna Sophia Robb
she's like a better looking version of Anna-Sophia Robb
You're telling me this isn't Anna Sophia Robb??
OMG Johnny depp's daughter is totally like a smal (Anna-Sophia Robb)
Anna Sophia Robb is like the cutest human I've ever seen
Anna Sophia Robb for Lacey, Emma Roberts for Bex, Freddie Fox for Freddie, Max Irons for Nick
Rebecca runs down railroads like Anna Sophia Robb in Bridge to Terabithia
BTW I have no idea who this is, looks like Anna Sophia Robb or the girl from the miserables poster (didn't watch it, don't know her name)-V🌻
Danielle practically was the thirdwheel on Anna Sophia Robb's date today... Why don't I go to nyu?
i used to think Chloe Grace Moretz, Anna Sophia Robb, and A*l * were the same person
Watching the Carrie Diaries just because i think anna sophia robb is hot
Anna! I just started thinking Anna Sophia Robb would be an amazing Tessa! :)
is the best!! Especially Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler..!! 😘
So according to my soccer team at camp today I look like Anna Sophia Robb 😂😂but I don't see it
some dude just asked me for my autograph because he thought I was Anna Sophia Robb and then proceeded to call me Winn Dixie lolz
"You've got to live with your eyes open. Believe in what you see". -by: Anna Sophia Robb. ☆Bridge To…
"You don't look like Anna Sophia Robb - she's so much prettier than you" - a mother to her daughter at the dentist
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Anna Sophia Robb is perfection in every possible way
I mean lets be honest Anna Sophia Robb is the definition of perfection
Anna Sophia Robb just had to get that nose job! Ffs
Phil came into my work and said he remembers me cause I look like Anna Sophia Robb but like the prettier version 😭😭💗
Anna Sophia Robb she's in my favorite movie Soul Surfer.
“18 Years Old Madonna. doesn't she look like Anna Sophia Robb from Carrie 😩
He seems to be dating Anna Sophia Robb (actress from the cancelled show The Carrie Diaries.) She posted two pictures on her IG, one from…
How am I supposed to believe that Anna Sophia Robb morphed into Sarah Jessica Parker?
I have a serious girl crush on Anna Sophia Robb
honestly all I want in life is to be Anna Sophia Robb
Anna Sophia Robb, watch Soul Surfer and bridge to terabthia
someone told me i look like Anna Sophia Robb yesterday and it made me miss
Getting tagged on Instagram in a picture of Anna Sophia Robb and then receiving aprox 20 new follower requests😅
Watching the Carrie Diaries on Netflix. I now have a total girl crush on Anna Sophia Robb.
forreal, I'm addicted, I just wanna live Anna Sophia Robb's life...
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Anna Sophia Robb is only 5 feet tall
Obsessively fan girling over Anna Sophia Robb wbu?
"Anna Sophia Robb does NOT get enough credit 😍😏👌 i been sayin this
Anna Sophia Robb does NOT get enough credit 😍😏👌
Anna Sophia Robb and Cassie scerbo are long lost twins. Both so beautiful.
I'm gonna be working on my new luke fanfic all day tomorrow fav if you're excited 😏 the main character is gonna be Anna Sophia Robb -Yas
Yo I think Anna Sophia Robb is great in Soul Surfer but hottest Anna Sophia of all-time!
I know man that movie messed me up. I just saw a gifset for josh and Anna Sophia Robb's character a little bit ago actually
yh it ends well, they'd so much to continue with though!! Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler are otp
Anna Sophia Robb is still only 3 years older than me. She's obtainable by social standards. Now I just gotta get her to love me. SENPAI!
[V] Anna-Sophia Robb as a celebrity in SYCO. Status: solo. Dollar:$400. Welcome to the fast lane, welcome to BehindCameras!
follow me I want to talk about anna sophia robb she followed u
I've only watched the pilot and I'm in LOVE. Anna Sophia Robb is so gorgeous in it, and it's set in the 80's so it's classic.👌
I wanted to try it since I heard about it from Bevan and Anna Sophia Robb.
I definitely just saw Anna Sophia Robb outside my dorm
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I want Anna Sophia Robb's hairstylist for the Carrie Diaries because I know that's not her natural hair and its perf
Anna Sophia Robb is so pretty I hate my life
Anna Sophia Robb is the definition of perfection.
Anna Sophia Robb or something like that. she's a great actress tbh
Anna Sophia Robb literally just walked right past me. Like slowly enough where I just stared and long enough that I processed it.
CVS was playing Anna Sophia Robb's "Keep Your Mind Wide Open" from Bridge to Terabithia and that's why CVS is my drugstore of choice
I think Anna Sophia Robb from 'Soul Surfer' would be awesome as Evie. :) I like your choice too though
“We love our November cover girl, Anna Sophia Robb! Get your copy of seventeen today ... that cover👌
Spending my night sewing and stalking Anna Sophia Robb's Instagram
most beautiful girls pt. 121. Anna Sophia Robb
Why can't I be Anna Sophia Robb and get to kiss Austin Butler for my job
Anna sophia robb really looks like a girl who used to come to my school..
Russian Percy and Annabeth (they look like young Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb for me tbh) :D
Anna Sophia Robb starred in one of my favourite films. Guess which one. Loool
Anna Sophia Robb is a fetus and Austin Butler isnt the greatest actor at all how is this working out
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Anna Sophia Robb needs to get out of my face
Anna Sophia Robb should play a role in the Looking for Alaska movie
I know envy is bad but *** do I envy Vanessa Hudgens and Anna Sophia Robb for getting to kiss the fine specimen that is Austin Butler.
Okay but really Anna Sophia Robb is probably one of the most gorgeous human beings on this planet how can I be her 💘
In the first episode of the second season of Carrie Diaries, Anna Sophia Robb majority channeled Sarah Jessica Parker. I was impressed.
Almost walked right into Anna Sophia Robb in Williamsburg.
Why is Anna Sophia Robb so sexy in the way way back
remember when Anna Sophia Robb died in a movie featuring Zooey Deschanel
remember when told me she knows Anna Sophia Robb
I knew Sebastian would cheat on Carrie and then, I couldn't help picturing him as Austin Butler and Carrie as Anna Sophia Robb lol sorry
really like it was probably all Anna Sophia Robb's fault. its not like she has anything better to do.
so its *** to look at Anna Sophia Robb in a bikini?
wishin i looked like Anna Sophia Robb or like Danielle Campbell or somethin
Got to give it to Anna Sophia Robb for
Anna Sophia Robb is so pretty in the Carrie Diaries
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Anna Sophia Robb is so hot in the way way back???
|| Ugh. Dang you Disney Dreamcast. I want to make a Rapunzel that I can use both the animated version on and Amanda Seyfried or Anna Sophia Robb for the FC. Hmm. ||
Anna Sophia Robb (the girl from Soul Surfer) lives in my building, everytime she passes by me she gives me a dirty look😐 Ok thx girl
Leopard trend As a skirt, a dress, on a clutch, leopard is everywhere ! We saw it on the last season of Fashion Week, now all the actresses in Hollywood are wearing it. From Reese Witherspoon to Miranda Kerr passing by Anna Sophia Robb and Jessica Alba, leopard is super trendy !
Soul Surfer Movie Comes to Cowra 2pm Sunday Feb 23rd Cowra Civic Centre - $10 Soul Surfer is the inspiring true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, inspiring millions worldwide through the love of her family, her sheer determination, and her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. The film features an all-star cast, including Anna Sophia Robb and Helen Hunt, with Carrie Underwood in her film debut, and Dennis Quaid. Bethany (played by Anna Sophia Robb) was born to surf. A natural talent who took to the waves at a young age, she was leading an idyllic, sun-drenched, surfer girl's life on the Kauai Coast, competing in national competitions with her best friend Alana (Lorraine Nicholson), when everything changed in a heartbeat. On Halloween morning, Bethany was on a typical ocean outing when a 14-foot tiger shark came out of nowhere and seemed to shatter all her dreams. In the wake of this life-changing event that ...
It’s not all black and white for this zebra… he’s going to have to earn his stripes! Khumba is now available on DVD at Walmart! Starring : JakeT.Austin, Anna Sophia Robb, Liam Neeson, Loretta Devine, Joey Richter and more. Get your copy here:
I guarantee nobody knows who Anna Sophia Robb is :p
My mom told me I look like Natalie Portman and Sam looks like Anna Sophia Robb so I'm positive I'm the favorite daughter.
The on screen chemistry between Austin Butler and Anna Sophia Robb is unreal
Anna Sophia Robb is the best actress on the face of this Earth! She's also a great singer and has the voice of an angel! Hear it for yourself! ^^
Is that Anna Sophia Robb on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as Violet chuchu?!
New found Gem :) I love The Carrie Diaries :) Anna Sophia Robb acts so much like Sarah Jessica Parker...makes me love it even more :)
I miss you too!! Can't wait to see you... Even though you call me Anna Sophia Robb. 😂
Anna Sophia Robb is so freaking pretty. I hate it.
Anna Sophia Robb is perfect can I be her
loll *** I only watched one episode of the Carrie Diaries only because I think Anna Sophia Robb is like a mega babe
you remind me of Anna Sophia Robb in The Carrie Diaries
Alright but Anna Sophia Robb got thick tho WHAT
OMG Carrie Diaries was so good today i think i almost died bc Austin Butler and anna sophia robb
it is magnificent anna sophia robb is everything I wanna be + more
Anna Sophia Robb really got a donk tho.
A girl crush over Anna Sophia Robb is forming
Anna Sophia Robb is so stunning ugh
stupid Anna Sophia Robb swinging on ropes and dying
Perrie Edwards and Anna Sophia Robb could be sisters
Someone told me I looked like Anna Sophia Robb one other time lol
lol it's an awesome show though. Austin Butler with his smirk and all. Anna Sophia Robb is perf for a young Carrie too.
Is the girl who turned into a blueberry is anna sophia robb?
Wait wait wait is violet in charlie and the chocolate factory anna sophia robb?
Anna Sophia Robb was such a cutie :3
Anna-Sophia Robb?! She's in the Carrie Diaries I love it!!
every time I watch a film with either Dakota Fanning or anna-sophia robb in I get confused between them /:
Anna Sophia Robb looks like a 12 year old until you look at her hips and thunder thighs... *** half woman half child?
If you're not emotionally destroyed after anna sophia robb dies in bridge to terabithia . do u even feel emotion
Can Austin Butler and Anna Sophia Robb date for real? They are so adorbs together!
Anna-Sophia Robb is in Wellington hah bye
OMG, just saw a piece being worn by Anna-Sophia Robb on 💕💕💕
I just stared at anna sophia robb's butt for the past 2 minutes
Anna Sophia Robb Green Eyes Blonde Model Outdoors Wallpaper is a awesome background wallpaper. How to set wallpaper on your desktop? Right-click the wallpaper, select Set As Background.
Anna Sophia Robb gle real name mo ha?.. Nice acting in the movie of Bridge to terabithia.
Sarah and I finished "The Carrie Diaries" in one day. Granted, it was only one season, but still, our break has only barely begun. My thoughts: - The show, overall, is really cute. I do not like how big Anna Sophia Robb's hair is, it looks terribly unnatural, but she does play a pretty fierce younger Carrie Bradshaw. - The clothes are DIVINE!! I recognized many Yves Saint Laurent and Diane von Furstenberg inspired ensembles. The fashion of the 80's was truly magnificent. - Although the show has you wanting to hate Donna, I've yet to truly dislike any of the characters, minus Maggie, but even then I just feel sorry for her. Walt is by far my favorite, and I really hope to see some development in his direction.
// Name: Harlow Marie Fc: Anna Sophia Robb Age: 16 House: Hufflepuff Personality: She is very proud, unwilling to show her feelings to anyone, she looks very young when she wants to and use's her youngnest to get things she wants. She is very carefree aance, even though she doesnt really dance around others, she has a brother but he doesnt show up often. She knows that she isnt perfect but aims to make her parents proud one day. Whenever she goes to a party she drinks a lot and doesnt really care if a guy has a girlfriend if she is drunk. Theme Song: Perfect- Simple Plan
Chris Mitchell The hard part is going to be narrowing it down to just eight, but I'll try. In no particular order, the eight celebrities who make me feel inferior are: Jessica Biel Kaley Cuoco Alicia Keys Beyonce Natalie Portman Taylor Swift Eliza Dushku Anna Sophia Robb 10 minutes ago · 1 Chris Mitchell is inferior as a Eunuch... Correct!
So i wonder who else i look like? Ive been told nicki manaj,Dakota Fanning, and anna sophia robb.
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I think Anna Sophia Robb may be the greatest new actress of our time
Carrie Diaries is so cute but Anna Sophia Robb is such an awkward kisser to watch ..
I have serious growing obsession with Anna Sophia Robb tbh
Anna Sophia Robb in the Carrie Diaries is so perfect & beautiful. 😍
//So, in my top five pngs, Troian Belliario still holds onto first with 39, though Miley Cyrus threatens her lead at 38. Anna Sophia Robb is still hanging out in third with 33. And fourth is a tie between Maisie Williams and Taylor Swift with 28 a piece.
Just got told that I looks like Anna Sophia Robb ☺️🙊
can Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb date plz
Sooo Shaphan is friends with Anna Sophia Robb, the famous one. Like this is the sort of thing you tell me at the beginning of our friendship
Am i the only one who think that anna sophia robb looks like a little *** on Carrie Diaries?
Photoset: rufffn: Didn’t know Anna Sophia Robb from the Carrie Diaries had an *** like that! Might need to...
The fact that Anna Sophia Robb has a cleft chin like me doesn't make me as self conscious of it
I don't need easy. I just need possible. - Soul Surfer (Anna Sophia Robb)
Anna Sophia Robb will forever be my girl
Anna Sophia Robb grew up to be so pretty. Im jelly . :c
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ok I actually watch it cos I find Anna Sophia Robb like super cute
Anna Sophia Robb is somehow not very pretty while also being incredibly pretty
I am scared to see liam with someone else or with Anna Sophia Robb
Aw Min was being so cute towards me XD . She sent me many Anna Sophia Robb's pictures. Thanks yaww :* ily :') lol
Anna Sophia Robb is actually so pretty
when Austin Butler and Anna Sophia Robb exchange the Bradshaw Kydd thing it melts my heart
When I search Carrie Bradshaw on tumblr, I do not expect to see Anna Sophia Robb, let's just put it like that... 😠
I used to have the hugest crush on Anna Sophia Robb.
mine is Emma Watson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Evanna Lynch, Elle Fanning and Anna Sophia Robb she's a really good actress
I think Dakota Fanning and Anna Sophia Robb are the same person.
I share my birthday with Nicki Minaj,Ian Somerhalder, Anna Sophia Robb,Dwight Howard and Dominic Monaghan :D
Anna sophia robb can do me anytime. Like foreals why are you so hot.
can I be Anna-Sophia Robb to be completely and utterly honest
Joshie poo was so sad when anna sophia robb died & I cried. The end.
I have a huge girl crush on Anna Sophia Robb, it's not even funny.
My cousin met Anna Sophia Robb at the gym. Uh. Can I be you
Anna-Sophia Robb and Austin Butler make such a cute couple.
Dreams girls include Anna Sophia Robb, Blake lively, Taylor swift and ariana grande
well you got the Sophia part all you need one is Anna and Robb.
I bet Anna Sophia Robb squeals inside every time she has a kissing scene with Austin Butler
I can't decide between whether I want to look like or adopt Anna Sophia Robb.
Only just found her name. Anna Sophia Robb is the love of my life!!! 🔥
I want to start watching The Carrie Diaries because Austin Butler and Anna Sophia Robb are both hot
Anna Sophia Robb has such beautiful eyes 😍
Caylie looks like anna sophia robb from the Carrie Diaries in her new avi
watching The Carrie Diaries for the first time. I love Sex and the city and Anna Sophia Robb so like
anna sophia robb is in the Carrie Diaries
typing a pretty long paper isn't so bad when you love writing/talking about your love for Mod fashion, Anna Sophia Robb, Zooey Deschanel, and Lauren Conrad.
Anna Sophia Robb and Bailee Madison in Bridge to Terabithia makes my all time fav movie.
Anna Sophia Robb My love you too 2013-2014
omg Anna sophia robb i miss you terribly ... i've been MIA
Anna Sophia Robb is the definition of perfection
Anna sophia Robb is an absolute beauty
and anna sophia robb and diane sawyer and cheryl crowe and 800 more. Die of jealousy.
Who is your fav actress? — Anna Sophia Robb wow you have a lot of q's lololol
Tay Jardine, Demi Lovato, Anna Sophia Robb, they fit, nothing wrong with me saying that.
We don't want to say bye to quite yet please, totally love this floral look on Anna Sophia Robb
Anna Sophia Robb in Into The Woods is the 3rd most disappointing casting ever. (1st: Karen as Marilyn) . (2nd: Karen in Hi…
yeah it's with Steve Carrell and Anna Sophia Robb and rob coddery and yeah
Kim Cattrall In Talks To Join the Cast of The Carrie Diaries: Did you catch any of The Carrie Diaries last sea...
why my hairs are not curly like Anna Sophia Robb's hairs ???
Fotoset:  favourite outfits of anna sophia robb on the Carrie Diaries set.
I totally ship Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia robb. they're so cute
Exactly! I pictured someone more like Anna Sophia Robb as Tris.
Whenever I say Anna and Sophia in the same sentence I think of Anna Sophia Robb
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Yea my celeb crush is Anna Sophia Robb AKA the girl from bridge to teribithia LOL
So normally people tell me in photos i look like Emma Stone, Perrie, Anna Sophia Robb. I don't think I do thoughh
In the past week I've been told that I look like:. Anna Sophia Robb. Drew Berrymore. "A sophomore in my math class"...
I'm convinced I cut my hair short in fourth grade because Anna Sophia Robb had hers short in Because of WinnieDixie
Check out our current cover star hair history. (Warning: serious hair envy inevitable) -
We're totally crushing on The Carrie Diaries star Anna Sophia Robb's hair:
i just realised who you look like you look like Anna Sophia Robb 😁👍
when Anna Sophia Robb cries in Soul Surfer. it gets me everytime. 😭
its Jake dressed as anna sophia robb
I watched that in the cinema when i was 9.I cried so hard then i was obssesed with Anna Sophia Robb for 5 months
The girl who Anna Sophia Robb played in Soul Surfer is getting married.
I saw Anna Sophia-Robb's doppelganger in the hospital today
I'm probably a little late on this, but The Way, Way Back is a fantastic movie. I might've just fallen in love with Anna Sophia Robb.
No excuses bin off reading and watch them Lol. bridge to terabethia is good, it has Zooey Deschanel and anna sophia robb in it.
I'm going to see it tomorrow. Liam James is my favourite and Anna Sophia Robb is so pretty
NO STOP YOU ARE WAY TOO PRETTY you look like anna sophia robb & she's my fav person ever bc she's perf. 1d: niall. 5sos: luke
I would just like to remind everyone that I have a mutual friend with Anna Sophia Robb. They're both from Colorado.
Anna Sophia Robb is so adorable in The Carrie Diaries, Aw.
Photo: virginity-sex: the fact that she kind of looks like Anna Sophia Robb makes her so much hotter.
Theyre filming the "Carrie Diaries" at my job. Anna sophia robb is within ten feet of me. lol
Oh my god I just realized that Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate factory is played by Anna Sophia Robb 😂😂😂
There's this Taiwanese actress that looks like Anna Sophia Robb (did I spell her name right ?)
now you're taller than anna sophia robb? Xx
“Theres a brief moment when you first wake up, where you have no memories. A blissful blank slate, a happy emptiness" Anna Sophia Robb
If I looked like Anna Sophia Robb would guys actually like me??
Emily Blunt does look like Alexis Bledel and Anna Sophia Robb!
Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell, Amanda Peet, Maya Rudolph, Anna Sophia Robb, and more big names all in...
but the Carrie Diaries had Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler!
Anna Sophia Robb as Rapunzel, Andrew Garfield as Hiccup, Emma Stone as Merida and Logan Lerman as Jack Frost?
The Way Way Back doesn't open in Kansas City until July 19, but here's your chance to see it early! First-come, first-served. Starring Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, Sam Rockwell, Anna Sophia Robb and Liam James!
i have the May one and it's Anna Sophia Robb :P
Hi! Were you in a movie w Anna Sophia Robb shes pretty 2 & was in th Chocolate Factory. I love you & Katie Holmes
Get like and Anna Sophia Robb with two of our seasonal obsessions by
I know right?! All those child actors who have grown up so much! I loved JHutch and Anna Sophia Robb in Bridge to Terabithia!
well I love your magazine! The swimsuits in the Anna Sophia Robb issue are fantastic
I don't care what anybody says, Anna Sophia Robb will NEVER be Carrie Bradshaw
i really love the Carrie Diaries because Anna Sophia Robb is so cute aw
It seems as if no one else thinks Anna Sophia Robb and Dakotah Fanning look very similar 😞
Quick search reveals that Anna Sophia Robb is 19 & I can resume image browsing guilt free.Can't watch "Because of Winn Dixie" ever again tho
Anna Sophia Robb got sexy. I knew she had potential ever since I saw her chewing that gum in Willy Wonka.
heheheh Anna Sophia Robb was not fit to be in that movie
Soul Surfer is so much emotion, emotions! I believe that Anna Sophia Robb cope with this role perfectly well!
I never watched 90210 or any of the CW shows. But the SATC angle drew me in, and Anna Sophia Robb made me stay.
Anna Sophia Robb an American Film n TV actress who gained prominence in 2005
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