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Ann Maguire

Corpus Christi Catholic College is a secondary school located in Halton Moor, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

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Boy who stabbed his teacher to death said he would have done it for £10
Schoolboy, 15, who murdered teacher Ann Maguire 'also plotted to stab his head of year in the throat and knife a pr…
Sister of murdered teacher Ann Maguire speaks of her loss
The teenager who killed teacher Ann Maguire 'regrets what he did' says his dad
Ann Maguire's killer 'regrets what he did', father says
Covered day 2 of the Ann Maguire inquest today, a difficult listen
Ann Maguire's schoolboy killer planned to kill two more teachers, inquest hears | Read: by Telegraph
Ann Maguire inquest: Pupil wanted to stab pregnant teacher
The father of Will Cornick who killed teacher Ann Maguire has told her inquest that his son 'very much regre…
An inquest into the death of Leeds teacher Ann Maguire has heard from the dad of the teenager who killed her saying…
Ann Maguire inquest: Will Cornick tells dad he regrets what he did
Teenage killer of teacher Ann Maguire asked classmate to film attack
Teacher Ann Maguire ‘stood absolutely no chance’ in classroom stabbing by pupil, 15
Murdered teacher Ann Maguire 'stood absolutely no chance' via
Will Cornick who murdered his teacher Ann Maguire told his dad he regrets what he did, inquest hears
Michelle Leadbeater told inquest in statement everything was 'completely normal ' with her son the wee…
Will Cornick who murdered teacher Ann Maguire told his mum: 'I can't stand Mrs Maguire', inquest hears
An inquest into the death of murdered teacher Ann Maguire's heard 15-year-old Will Cornick had also spoken about st…
A schoolboy offered to pay a friend “a tenner” to kill his teacher, Ann Maguire, four months before he fatally stabbed…
.acting in the Ann Maguire inquest for her husband and children.
Murdered school teacher 'stood no chance' in pupil stabbing attack
Inquest hears how schoolboy who killed teacher Ann Maguire held a 'deep-seated grudge'
Today we said farewell to our dedicated General Manager, Ann Maguire. Ann has been with the Wesley since 2011,...
and you have every right to decline.. I just think ever since the stabbing of Ann Maguire, schools do need more security in place
Applications open for Ann Macguire Arts fund, helping young people get involved in the arts:…
tonight 6pm & 9pm can the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund help you ?. Repor…
The fund set up in memory of teacher Ann Maguire is open for applications at
Ann Maguire's death report says Will Cornick's actions could not have been predicted 
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'.
Ann Maguire murder Attack on teacher "not predictable"
More NEWS on last link. Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
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Todays News. Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
BBC - Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable' via
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable' Whizzy_Walexzy
Now- Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
Ann Maguire murder could not have been foreseen, review finds
Schoolboy murdered teacher Ann Maguire in front of horrified classmates after being told he…
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable': No-one could have predicted or prevented the murder…
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable' Via (Harradox)
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable' -
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable' Latest Update
"Willie Hackett with his parents Bridget and William Hackett" ... 1936 Thanks Ann Maguire
I hadn't seen this before. Like Ann Maguire, Philip Lawrence deserves to be remembered.
OMG I'm loving it even more than I thought I would! It is so good!
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I don't know about the B Gwynne case, but this is quite good on the mechanics of naming Will Cornick
no SP means I have no life no cash 2 do anything so iso…
Family's fury at 'gagging order' after teacher is killed at school via
Thanks to Karen Lawson, Judith-Ann Ainsworth, Hayley Nash, Martha O'Brien, Jan Maguire and Mark Hampton for the last 25 years!
Female vote will decide the outcome of the EU Referendum and more women will vote to stay
The family of murdered teacher Ann Maguire claim officials put up 'walls of secrecy' to hide full details of the crime. The popular
Ann Maguire: Another knife incident at school where teacher was stabbed, has the exclusive report
Awful that a life has been taken and sad that knife crime is an issue in all countries.
Fantastic £8250 for Ann Maguire arts education fund ... Fantastic !! great night !!
And is Chris Spivey being made to keep silent about Ann Barnes being Ann Maguire? I think we should be told!
Dancer daughter of murdered teacher Ann Maguire will join Darcey Bussell for gala night
Darcey Bussell will host gala night for murdered teacher Ann Maguire
Ann Maguire killer to appeal sentence
A tribute concert is being held in Leeds tonight in memory of school teacher Ann Maguire murdered in her classroom . http:…
Let's go back to Mary Bell in the 1960s so we can write male violence out of the analysis of Ann Maguire's murder http:…
Ann Maguire murder Boy jailed for life 20 IS 20 years - no good behaviour reduction..A waste of …
FULL STORY: 16-year-old boy jailed for murder of teacher (with links to Cavan) Ann Maguire in Leeds. Read more:
Boy given life for murdering Leeds teacher Ann Maguire. Full story BBC1, 6.30
the coverage ann Maguire is rubbish, interviewing people with tenuous links and no objective fact. Harry should be ashamed.
William Cornick unmasked as boy who stabbed Ann Maguire to death - Daily Mail
Jeez:"Everything I've done is fine & dandy." Boy winked at fellow student before stabbing teacher to death
Dignity & bravery of Ann Maguire’s family & friends in stark contrast to brutality of her murderer
Discover the most featured content of Ann Maguire in -
A boy, 16, has been sentenced to life with a minimum term of 20 years for murdering popular teacher Ann Maguire
I feel really let down by our UK Society and the Law we live by. I think that the pupil who killed teacher Ann Maguire in cold blood should have faced the death penalty. One definition of a Society is "Like-minded people governed by their own norms and values" well if we don't have a death penalty for the worst crime of premeditated murder then I feel it weakens our Society.
I feel emotionally drained & rather sick after hearing about Ann Maguire's killer's comments. How does society make such monsters?
William Cornick 'may never be released' from prison for the murder of teacher Ann Maguire
Pupil who killed Leeds teacher Ann Maguire named as Will Cornick after reporting restrictions lifted
I agree that the justice system is bad and Ann Maguire's killer should be away forever, but what do people expect? Been like this for years.
A 16-year-old boy is given a life sentence after admitting the murder of teacher Ann Maguire at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds in April. featured in NBC s Science of Love
People who knew Will Cornick say there was nothing in his background to suggest he would go on to murder his Spanish teacher Ann Maguire. Fellow pupils at Corpus Christ Catholic College said he was a bright student, albeit "quiet" and "a bit weird". Yet the court heard how he dev…
On this sad day, perhaps it is worth sharing the Trust Fund set up Ann Maguire's memory:
The Face of pure Evil the Killer of Ann Maguire's absolutely disgusting rot in *** Will Comick,
Leeds teenager pleads guilty to murdering teacher
The boy who stabbed to death dedicated teacher Ann Maguire in front of her class has been named after the judge ruled it was in the public interest to do so.
A TEENAGER who stabbed school teacher Ann Maguire to death in the classroom of a school in Leeds can now be identified at William Cornick.
Feel so sorry for the family of Ann Maguire, no teacher deserves to be stabbed
A judge at Leeds Crown Court has ruled that the 16-year-old who murdered teacher Ann Maguire can be named as Will Cornick
Of course he'll be released, and Ann Maguire's poor family will have to deal with it.
Ann Maguire killer wanted to get caught and go to jail and planned to celebrate with bottle of whisky afterwards
It still breaks my heart, what that *** did to Ann Maguire. So so sad
Boy (16) admits murder of teacher Ann Maguire in classroom.
Tragedy that Leeds killer of Ann Maguire named in court -naming benefits nobody since vilification likely to hamper rehabilitation
Teacher Ann Maguire's 16-year-old killer 'may never' be released, judge says.
The defendant was arrested after Ann Maguire, 61, was stabbed to death as she taught a lesson at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, on April 28.
The Ann Maguire case has been on my mind all day. What possesses a person to do such a thing, without ANY remorse or even any self-concern?
Ann Maguire would not have wanted metal detectors, says school head on
What a terribly sad time for Ann Maguire's family, colleagues, pupils and friends.
on the sentencing of Ann Maguire's killer:
Ann Maguire murder: boy, 16, sentenced to 20 years in prison via
let's hope prison is brutal for the lad who killed Ann Maguire
Ann Maguire murder: Inspirational teacher and 'rock' of her family remembered
I feel so sad for the lovely lady teacher Ann Maguire and her poor family and friends, what an utterly cowardly and evil …
The 16-year-old boy who stabbed teacher Ann Maguire to death has been named as Will Cornick.
Judge lifts secrecy order on the name of teacher Ann Maguire's teenage killer"iwunga ke le"
fank god ann maguire has finally got justice but dat poor family wot thier suffering i hope dat scum n vile boy rots in He'll
Feel physically sick after reading that news story about Ann Maguire. Hard to believe people can be that evil...
An inspiring is always remembered so for those she taught Ann memory will live on
That kid who killed Ann Maguire is a little *** absolutely vile
The 16 year old who killed Ann Maguire is so disgusting it actually makes me sick ✋😷
Hope this *** gets raped, molested, whatever torture in jail after what he did to Ann Maguire. So so sad
My thoughts go out to Ann Maguire's family, and the students who had to witness that. So so harrowing
'What I've done is fine and dandy' (News)
Sad day. My thoughts are with the family of Ann Maguire and everyone else affected by the awful tragedy in Leeds.
Teenager who murdered teacher Ann Maguire may never leave prison:
Hope that little scrotum who murdered Ann Maguire gets that smirk properly wiped off his face in prison.
A youth has been jailed for life for the murder of his teacher Ann Maguire: .
The most upsetting article I've read in ages. Will Cornick: a model student who planned murder for three years.
There's no public interest in naming a child who's committed a crime, the publicis interested, but that's different http:…
BBC News - Ann Maguire murder: Will Cornick sentenced to life
Ann Maguire murder: Schoolboy killer is named for the first time as 16-year-old Will Cornick - Telegraph
The teacher killer had planned to murder the teacher RIP Ann Maguire
The words of Ann Maguire's killer make my skin crawl, absolutely disgusting
Killer of Ann Maguire named as judge lifts reporting restrictions
"everything I've done is fine and dandy" says convicted 15 yr old killer of Ann Maguire teach killer, WIll Cornick htt…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Not sure what "public interest" there is in naming the 16yo murderer of Ann Maguire. Seems only to the benefit of the media t…
Who is Will Cornick? A chilling portrait of the pupil who killed teacher Ann Maguire
This Ann Maguire's killer wants killing himself!!! Hope he kills himself inside! Disgusting. Horrible people in this world!
What drives a child like Will Cornick to murder? I will never understand. RIP Ann Maguire
Ann Maguire murder: Evil schoolboy Will Cornick winked at pal before stabbing teacher to death http…
This stuff on the Ann Maguire murder case is chilling. Can't fathom this teenager's attitude. Such hatred.
Ann Maguire killer said he 'hated her and wanted her dead', court hears
My thoughts are towards Ann Maguire's husband and family for their unbelievable loss. What they are going through for the rest of their lives is, for me, impossible to comprehend. I wish them well and do hope they will all find some sort of peace, eventually. I would also extend the same thoughts and sorrow to Cornick's family. How on earth will they coup with it all? Because of their son's madness he has taken a life and destroyed theirs and many, many other lives. I would give him the death penalty. With him dead, maybe others can start to live. RIP Ann Maguire.
Inside the classroom where William Cornick stabbed Ann Maguire to death .
William Cornick detained for life with 20yr minimum term for murder of Ann Maguire. Sentencing remarks now available. …
Listening to the Ann Maguire story is horrible, just unbelievable that a teenager could do that
Ann Maguire's killer had been talking about killing her for 2 years. So why didn't someone act on it?? Scumbag deserves 2 die in prison.
RIP Ann Maguire. What an evil world we live in sometimes.
The teenager who fatally stabbed teacher Ann Maguire in a school classroom can now be named as Will Cornick.
"We shall never recover from this pain & anguish" - family of murdered Leeds teacher Ann Maguire
Will Cornick, who was 15 when he walked up behind Ann Maguire in a classroom at Corpus Christi Catholic college and stabbed her to DEATH !! will be happy with his new cushy ROOM / CELL The *** should be allowed to join Ann Maguire, IN THE LIFE AFTER DEATH ALTHOUGH HE WOULD BE ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL & the taxpayers wouldnt have to feed IT. & provide all the goodies these scumbags get wonder the sentences are no deterrent I'm sure the hardened few wouldnt care but the majority would think twice ...
Seeing and reading all the news surrounding Ann Maguire is actually breaking my heart. There are no words to describe that sick, vile animal who took an innocent life. I hope he rots in prison (in my eyes he doesn't even deserve prison where he'll have a roof over his head and be fed, never mind the minimum of 20 years) now his name and picture has been released I hope he gets what's coming for him. May she now rest in peace and her amazing memory live on! ❤️
So the killer of Ann Maguire the poor teacher stabbed to death in her classroom has said "I had a sense of pride. I still do" yes clearly rehabilitation is really gonna work on him, lets send him to an open prison with games and maybe he can do some gardening while he's there. Or we could send him to Syria with an "I hate Isis" mask on...I know which I would prefer.
I would normally hesitate before calling anyone 'pure evil' but I cannot think of any other way to describe that revolting boy who murdered Ann Maguire. The details which came out in court today were truly horrific and he has shown no remorse whatsoever. He has none of the usual 'excuses' because he comes from a good home and loving family. In his case, life must mean life.
Will Cornick today pleaded guilty to stabbing Ann Maguire to death in front of a classroom full of students
Calender is heartbreaking poor ann Maguire RIP xx
Boy, 16, chased and stabbed Ann Maguire as she tried to escape then sat down at his desk and told other students: "Good times"
There's no suitable justice for the murder of Ann Maguire, God bless her, but pass me a rope and i,ll hang the *** that took her life.
Reading about that boy who stabbed Ann Maguire, the teacher. I wish we had the death penalty.
It's a shame that when I heard the Radio 4 news about a boy who "repeatedly stabbed a teacher to death" my immediate thought was you can't do that. You can only stab someone to death once. And it should never happen once at all. RIP Ann Maguire. Forgive my being a grammar nazi.
I have been reading about the murder of the teacher Ann Maguire. God have mercy on her. Poor woman, and her family i just can't imagine what they must be going through. But i have to say, my heart aches for the boy who did it and his family too. God help us we never know what's going on in other people minds. It's obvious that the boy is mentally ill. I hope and pray he gets the help he so obviously needs.
That bxstard who killed ann maguire! 20yrs get him locked up for life bcos *** is where he belongs! Clearly showing no remorse 4 the crime he commited shows just wot kind of a person he is! Life means life ffs!
A SCHOOLBOY has today pleaded guilty to murdering Leeds schoolteacher Ann Maguire.
There is not one reason why Capital Punishment should not be bought back in for the likes of Will Cornick, the 'thing' that murdered the school teacher Ann Maguire. He should not be allowed to take another breath on this planet! Pure evil scum.
Reeva Steenkamp may not have had justice but today Ann Maguire did.
That was a wonderful tribute to Ann Maguire today. Great coverage from What an inspirational teacher she was.
Ann Maguire: Family pay tribute to 'beautiful, hardworking' teacher stabbed in classroom Rip miss gonna be a sad day
At 7: A 3rd of parents have seen a near miss on the roads near school and a memorial service for Ann Maguire is later
Its murder that simple? & he should get LIFE! Ann Maguire stabbing: Student 'admits killing teacher'
UK: Teenager admits unlawful killing of teacher Ann Maguire
a wonderful world Teen admits killing teacher Ann Maguire
A boy of 16 admits killing teacher Ann Maguire in her classroom:
Ann Maguire stabbing: Schoolboy admits killing teacher who was attacked in front of her class
Student admits to stabbing to killing teacher Ann Maguire
Refreshing my web browser. The cheerful smile of fatally stabbed teacher Ann Maguire segues into an angry George Clooney.
Teenager 'accepts responsibility' for stabbing Leeds teacher Ann Maguire to death: The 16-year-old, who cannot...
A SCHOOLBOY has accepted responsibility to the unlawful killing of Leeds schoolteacher Ann Maguire.
Teenager accused of murdering teacher Ann Maguire accepts responsibility for her killing
Needs to be Hanged no excuse , murder is murder .Teenager Admits Killing Teacher Ann Maguire. A 16-year-old...
Poor Ann Maguire - and her killer - deserve better than a culinary fest. Let's be grown up.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, then and now .
Teenager 'unlawfully killed' teacher when did murder become 'unlawful killing' & is 'lawful killing' aka Abortion?
Apparently, there are lawful killings in Britain:
UK teenager accused of killing teacher Ann Maguire "has accepted responsibility for unlawful killing", defence says http:/…
Teen 'accepts responsibility' for Ann Maguire killing
Teenager admits unlawful killing of teacher Ann Maguire
Well done to Stephanie O'Hare & Maisey - Ann Maguire rep St Wilfred CCE who qualified for All Ireland fleadh at all Britain's in Glasgow.
This knife crime law won't work After the killing of Ann Maguire, we must resist headline-grabbing but self-defeating solutions. That's why the Lib Dems oppose these proposals Share 38 inShare0 Email Nick Clegg Nick Clegg The Guardian, Wednesday 7 May 2014 21.30 BST Jump to comments (192) Ann Maguire public memorial with balloons More than 500 people gather in Leeds to remember teacher Ann Maguire. ‘It was especially poignant because she was clearly such a widely respected and loved teacher.' Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA I have always believed that the key to reducing crime is to focus on what works. It may sound obvious, but politicians can easily end up chasing headlines, trying to sound tough but actually making the situation worse. Instead of this, we need to focus on firm, practical solutions that address the root causes of crime and stop people offending in the first place. The continuing fall in crime is one of the biggest success stories of this coalition. Many people predicted that in tough econo ...
Family of teacher Ann Maguire in court to see 15-year-old boy charged with her murder remanded in custody.
Rest in peace Ann Maguire - your family and community of Corpus Christi Catholic College are in my prayers as we say goodbye to you today
Funeral to be held for stab teacher: The funeral of teacher Ann Maguire, who was stabbed to death in front of ...
The family of teacher Ann Maguire have said her funeral will be held this Friday at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Abominable what happened to Ann Maguire - but - folk even asking ridiculous questions re: airport security in schools?
Mile 1,061 was just dedicated to Ann Maguire!
Read the latest Calendar stories, Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards pays tribute to murdered teacher Ann Maguire on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Calendar news
Troll, 42, who posted messages praising killing of teacher is jailed via
NEWS: A football match to honour Yorkshire teacher Ann Maguire - who was stabbed to death last week - will be held today.
Is there any evidence of a link between violent video games and murder? | Pete Etchells and Chris Chambers
Man sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for offensive online comments
@ 12pm take on a Corpus Christi xi in a memorial match 4 Mrs Ann Maguire the teacher who was tragically killed ovr a wk ago
Balloons released in memory of Ann Maguire Pupils and those...
True story, your tax dollars are funding this:
If you only read one thing about Ann Maguire read this
Tomorrow is the day guys.the fundraising event in memory of mrs ann maguire, we expect hundreds of people to turn up after all work me and Nathan Valentine put into this. The details are; £3 minimum donation on the gate...but feel free to donate more of you like :-) Yorkshire amateurs AFC (bracken edge) Roxholme road, Leeds, LS7 4JG I hope to see you all there :-)
Ann Maguire's death spells out an important lesson: teachers matter | Yvonne Roberts
- tragic murder of Ann Maguire is not about knife crime but more about youth mental health
Provincetown's Ann Maguire to be honored for creating breast cancer research ... - Wicked Local Wellfleet
Audience at fall silent in memory of Ann Maguire
Balloons of every shape and size go up in tribute to Ann Maguire. Wonderful. More 92.4FM
Knife terror for teenagers at Northumberland school just days after teacher Ann Maguire is stabbed to death
Already having achieved legendary status for her work as a *** rights activist, political strategist and public servant in Boston, in 1988 Ann Maguire found a new mission. Or, perhaps, a new mission found her — Maguire was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Provincetown's Ann Maguire to be honored for breast cancer research institute
A minute's silence to remember teacher Ann Maguire at awards. Total silence in room of over 600 women. Then stan…
Ann Maguire nominate for a special award. Tribute with a minutes silence and no specific award for education! Hankies definitely out now.
A football event will be held Saturday 10 May to raise money for a permanent memorial at Corpus Christi Catholic College for much loved school teacher Ann Maguire.
Here`s a question... who has been charged with the school teacher Ann Maguire`s murder ?
Just heard that oxygen thieving scroat who made the sick comments regarding Ann Maguire has been jailed for 8 weeks. Horrible trolling little turd, see how big he thinks he is now.
A third person has been arrested following complaints to police about offensive social media messages regarding the murder of Leeds schoolteacher Ann Maguire.
The sad death of Ann Maguire raises the question: how dangerous is teaching?: It's one of the mo...
Coming up on the programme... Mgr Paul Fisher reflects on prayers for the murdered schoolteacher, Ann Maguire
The Catholic Diocese of Leeds has written to around 90 churches urging them to pray for Ann Maguire
Prayers have said in school for teacher Ann Maguire, her family, friends & pupils of Corpus Christie Academy in Leeds.
Don’t forget we will be holding a minute’s silence ahead of the game in memory of Leeds schoolteacher Ann Maguire
New post: ". Teachers like Ann Maguire transform lives - and I'm proof: Education Secretary MICHAEL GOVE pays an...
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On a more serious note, happy we got the chance to pay respects to Ann Maguire before the game tonight..wonderfully observed. RIP Anne x
Second pupil arrested over Ann Maguire murder | via
Boy accused of murdering teacher Ann Maguire has trial date set.
Pope Francis sends condolences to family of Ann Maguire - Catholic Herald Online
Teenage student charged with murdering teacher Ann Maguire in Leeds appears in court:
We will be holding a minute's silence ahead of Saturday's game in memory of Ann Maguire
Prayers also said for Ann Maguire and the community at Corpus Christie at Minster tonight
CPS: Boy, 15, charged with murder of teacher Ann Maguire in Leeds
I'm glad to see that will hold a minute's silence for Ann Maguire. The kind of teacher we all would have wan…
A minutes silence for Ann Maguire before ko on Friday night. What a lovely touch, and a chance to pay respects.
Headteacher and senior staff looking at tributes to Ann Maguire outside Corpus Christie college in Leeds
Both leaders pay tributes to those who have lost their lives including Ann Maguire, teacher at Corpus Christie in Leeds.
A letter from Ann Maguire - following my letter to hear re the Badger Culls about to take place in England. I do have her permission to publish this on FB. Dear Ms Hunt Thank you for contacting me concerning the Government's proposal to licence badger culls in order to control bovine TB. I appreciate that bovine TB is a very serious problem for some famers and rural communities and I understand the desperation of farmers affected by this devastating disease. 26,000 cattle were slaughtered in England in 2011 because of bovine TB at a cost to the taxpayer of nearly £100 million and the problem is particularly bad in areas such as the South West of England. I appreciate that opinion is divided on the best way to tackle this problem. I, however, oppose badger culling as I do not believe it is the most effective, appropriate or humane method of controlling bovine TB. I also believe that badger culling is bad for taxpayers, bad for farmers and bad for wildlife. Indeed, the Government's own impact assessment ha ...
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