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Ann Curry

Ann Curry (born November 19, 1956) is an American television news journalist, photojournalist, and co-anchor on NBC's morning television program Today.

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I just ate curry udon and onigiri (and two beers) but I feel like I could still eat more.
Sir Patrick meeting Sir Bernard at Jodrell for 50th ann'y was classic. And sharing an extremely hot c…
That is the question of the day, can the Today Show be the bigger person and be friends with Ann…
"You guys make this a true home court advantage for us.". Steph Curry thanks .
what is wrong with who you have why can't Ann Curry come back if you just need someone?
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She is so OVERRATED. NBC were is ANN CURRY
HBD to the 1 and only I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to not only play w you for a year, but be…
True and Ann Curry. Shame on them for treating people that way
You guys lost me for good over the way you treated Ann Curry. Besides, you and ABC both are l…
Did you borrow that dress from Ann Curry?
is making a homemade curry tonight for me and . Im very excited.Fran's is still asleep
Today in 1865: Ann Alexander Bowie Curry, wife of J. L. M. Curry, dies.
Going to MSNBC was his second chance & he just blew that for me. Ann Curry didn't do anything wrong and was exiled
sent and I a message from beyond. He said he knows where Curry is!!!
I love Ann Curry. Haven't watched that "other" channel since they treated her so badly. You go girl.
Ann Curry and "meaningful reporting" are two things that don't go together.
Steph Curry had 42 points last night. More than half of them came in the first quarter.
.and Ann Curry have been added to the lineup
Ann Curry, IMAJ and Linkin’ Bridge added to Festival of Faiths lineup
Ann Curry, Linkin' Bridge, added to 22nd Annual Festival of Faiths via
One time mi eat curry chicken and mi nail dem never yellow after.
Drake is a Jamaican curry goat I use to say he's a goat he's too savage I'm adding some curry😂 he's a great artist I give him that much
. Ann Curry. Always in sensible pumps. And minding the coffee machine during interrogations.
I've said before I stopped watching NBC's Today Show after they screwed Ann Curry, kept douchebro Lauer & reduced d…
I had chutney once which was curry flavour and it had raisins…
Rough as guts. I'm so sorry Ann Curry, you didn't deserve that.
Leadership revisits from Today Show departures of Ann Curry & Jane Pauley
she. Stinks@ the Today Show, bring back Ann Curry, Please!
NBC, Today Push Out Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly in Grand Tradition of Ann Curry, other Deals via
Megyn Kelly is part of a long history of dubious staffing decisions, just ask Ann Curry and Deborah Norville
I hope Ann Curry sends Billy Bush a single black rose, with no note
Billy Bush and Ann Curry: Compare and contrast. . Melissa Harris-Perry and Goldie Taylor too, also. .
Reasons Matt Lauer isn't as nice as he seems He's a woman hater! Now I know why Ann Curry is gone
Ann Curry reading this morning's headlines about
"Lauer's worst day on the air since Ann Curry tearfully signed off?"
There was also the Ann Curry thing and the Anne Hathaway creepiness.
Ann Curry should have gave the Ryan Lochte interview.
I have NO IDEA what Lochte told Matt Lauer. I quit watching TODAY after Ann Curry got shafted.
You're not the only one. I am so sick and tired of him, in general. Esp. after his treatment of Ann Curry.
curryMatt Lauer is a *** Ryan Lochte hurt no one. Can Matt Lauer say the say Ann curry
Matt Lauer, I still want justice for Ann Curry. C'mon.
Ann Curry would have been a better interviewer.
My father used to say, 'Well, Ann, maybe the best thing you'll ever do, you haven't even thought
I'm so done with NBC. I didn't think they could go lower than Ann Curry.
I've noticed the change since the Ann Curry incident.
Leigh Ann is making mango curry. And first off, I HATE curry and I'm not even in the kitchen and my eyeballs are watering
ever since he backstabbed Ann Curry
Why couldn't get this animated over how dirty did Ann Curry? Perspective.
this is reminiscent of his tea during the Ann Curry days. I love this
It's NBC wants to tank Today. Billy Bush is the worst addition since promoting Ann Curry.
sold Ann Curry down the river, so it's perfect he talks with Lochte, who left his teammates in the lurch.
Women have demanded and gotten better jobs and more power. But the one thing we deserve is a bett
Kinda like the Savannah Guthrie and Ann Curry deal!
My playlists on spotify are a better diary than my diary.
Another great meal in Ann Arbor ✅ Green Curry Udon w fried tilapia and homemade chili oil 😋
What a scumbag you are! First you backstab Ann Curry. Now you steal Billy Bush's story! 1 liar interviewing another liar.
Can't stand after the incident with Ann Curry's dismissal. He's an egotistical *** is 100% more likeable
I choose to fill my days with what I'm passionate about, and live with purpose.
People close to me called me 'Curry in a Hurry.' I was moving through life at 100 miles an hour t
Why the ain't very kind to me? . 28.)Ann Curry canned from Today Show. 29.)Conan O'Brien got screwed by NBC. 30.)Cops moved to Spike
"Yeah Curry is a great ball player and better than most in his position, but pretty sure it's his sneakers…
agree chili, chicken noodle soup, etc... I've also had good luck with turkey curry.
NBC's Lauer says Ryan Lochte changed his Rio robbery story on 2 key details We can do without Matt's comments, old news. Get Ann Curry back
This is lowkey wild. Also, I miss Ann Curry.
Matt Lauer is never loyal look what he did to Ann Curry
Billy gonna have to watch out or he might get Ann Curry'd.
In the end, I want to be able to say, 'My life was what I made it.'
Journalism is an act of faith in the future. - Ann Curry @ ESPM
We love Ann Curry, our volunteer coordinator! Meet Ann in this month's
This is probably a joke, but seriously, WE NEED BETTER CANDIDATES!. How about ... Condoleezza Rice -Rep. Ann Curry -Dem
We cn certainly tell who u are supporting. Where is Ann Curry? U come off as mean spirited during interviews of Democrats.
..& i turn the channel everytime they show Lauer's ugly face
yeah Matt Lauer is still an ahole 4getting Ann Curry kickd from the 2day show 4 no reason
Not just Curry, but Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, even Lesley Ann Warren--who can replace them?
Great report on Portland's newest arrivals from professor Ann Curry-Stevens.
love this! Plus I love Ann curry way more than Matt Lauer! Lol
Me after watching Skins once: "Oi bloody 'ell ya wankers. Who can do us a curry?"
NBC should just do an Ann Curry and take Brian Williams off television.
Double Durant, double Curry, put a big body on Draymond, and put your best lockdown defender on Klay, it's not rocket sci…
“..and there I sat, front row, when that THUG Steph Curry hurled his mouthpiece at me..”
Where IS Ann Curry's voice of Truth?! We could sure use her!
Celebrate with some Curry Cauliflower Tacos from Plant Food and Wine!
Seth Curry is better at basketball than both Tim Curry and Ann Curry, so the Mavs have that going for them. 👍🏼😐
Yo Curry, Klay and KD smh, that's mad jumpers Ann
There aren't enough shots to go around between KD, Thompson, and Curry 😅
thereallisaann: Durant joins Curry, will sign deal with Warriors
going hard at Curry. They think Ann will be a great addition.
Beauty doesn't matter because in the end we all lose our looks and all we have is our heart - Ann Curry
I wanted to tell I think you and Ann Curry should do a show together. Truly 2 of the best voices in tv. Just sayin
My local branch (St. Ann's, just passed a resolution in support of Jeremy
I liked a video from How to Make Basic Curry Rice (Vermont Curry)
One of my biggest takeaways from the ESPN OJ documentary is the revelation that Ann Curry had much better 90's hair than Katie Couric.
Curry looking at this girl like she crazy for being vegan 😂
So, Ann Curry is on my flight to New York. If that's not a good omen I don't know what is.
Together with Hillary Clinton and Ann Curry, His Holiness is also set to appear at the Indianapolis event.
Today I left Ann Curry a voicemail. Even though her outgoing voicemail said please don't leave a message, just text me
What do you think of our June cover with Riley, and Ryan? 💛🏀👍 h…
have you seen Ann Curry crying and avoiding Lauer? She took 1/3rd of the audience with her.
somewhere in the NBC offices, Ann Curry is trying to dig a tunnel to freedom
Ayesha Curry out here holding it down for her hubby.. She would probably wash the rest of NBA wives
I haven't applauded so hard at morning TV since jilted anchor Ann Curry sobbed through her last episode of "Today" just to spite NBC.
bull tiki-go spin some other silly arc story. NBC *** bring back ann curry and david gregory
Last year was stew pork , curry chicken , Mac pie , red bean rice & veg .. This year I ain't in the mood to cook all tht
NCAA reverses satellite camp ban, the reaction from Ann Arbor
I will never like or forgive Matt Or Savannah for what they did to Ann Curry.
🙄 Coming from the guy who alienated fans by getting Ann Curry fired. thy name is .
Shared by Lizzy Ann . "Made shrimp panang curry last night for dinner w/ my lime & lemongrass essential oils and,...
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "12". know Y? Goto & tell “Ann Curry's fans
Lmao made curry rice, totally forgetting that Louis HATES curry 😂 Oh well, he gon eat whatever the *** it is I cook 😭 Idc
Curry chicken and plain rice for dinner. 🎉🎉
Here's another wrinkle to what I was talking about regarding Kelly Ripa yesterday.
not sure why that article I just read compared Kelly Ripa to ann curry. apples and donuts—not even apples and oranges.
Re: Rat feedback and NBC's poor transitions, so true--Ann Curry to Savannah Guthrie another example
NBC News did a story yesterday about the whole Kelly Ripa thing and whether or not she was disrespected. Somewhere Ann Curry is like LMAO.
Matt did you get Ann Curry fired? Seriously can do better then Matt.
you just read my mind. I used to love Matt until the Ann Curry debacle.
I love Willie more; have never looked at matt the same since the Ann Curry debacle. @ least Wilkie has sun AM show
...great job, the reason why I watch...missing Ann Curry, though..
Tell me how you got rid of Ann Curry!!!
I am still upset about NBC'S decision about Ann Curry!! So, good for Kelly Ripa!!
"Operation Bambi" re: Ann Curry - I can just see the pasty old suits proudly giggling about the name they came up with 🙄
I totally understand and respect your choice! I did the same thing when I felt Ann Curry was mistreated by NBC brass. That's when
I can't believe took down his Ann curry shrine. Morning good morning good morning it's morning
"What Kelly Ripa's situation says about TV and women stars"
I have a personal vendetta against Matt Lauer. Any man who dares slight Ann Curry is not worth any of my warm regards
Because of Matt Lauer I stopped watching Today years ago because of how Ann Curry was done.
Savannah has got to go. Bring back Ann Curry. Why not get Hillary on and ask about her ties to Wall Street
When sounds more like a shrill housewife than a hard hitting journalist Ann Curry never said "yeah but..."
highlight of my year was the curry shirt I just bought
It was a pleasure to talk with Ann Curry again! Such an inspiration. Super stoked we got a…
I'll make a meal 😋out of It ,might curry it too I'll have a go tomorrow spice 🔥veg 🍠🔥
Ann Curry just casually walked past me in Allen
I'm going to Denzel Curry at Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI - Apr 12
Hey guys! I cooked up a delicious vegetable curry last friday and have since reviewed it on my blog! Check it out at
she was guilty of melanin crime. Even Ann Curry was treated like crap bcz she wasnt white. is a White Only Zone
That last shot of the third quarter was Steph Curry like 🔥🔥🔥
Steph Curry would be proud of this...
Congrats to legends Ann Meyers, Denise Curry and Natalie Williams and to all the other players named to the All-Century Team
Top shooters of all time. 1. Steph curry. 2. Police
Steph Curry is insane, but 2K might be giving him a little TOO much credit
Stephen curry looks like a teletubby
who cares what U 2 say. bring back ann curry and david gregory. U 2 hit the roaD!
Ann Curry, David Gregory, and now Melissa Harris-Perry...What gives NBC? Bullet holes in your shoes?
Today is the first anniversary of me meeting Ann Curry at the Today Show and Jackie Collins. I hope nothing bad has happened to them since
Some of Steph Curry's best 3's this season
I watched this whole video of curry just making 3's. I was not disappointed
So kool. All the Glory goes to God. Thank you Steph Curry
Even if I hate Matt Lauer and what he did to Ann Curry
give it time. We saw what happened to Ann Curry.
Dude it's the commentators that got me so hype with that shot last night too. "Bang! bang! Oh what a shot from cur…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just caught up on weekend sports news. Dang Steph Curry can shoot. .
Screw NBC (remember how they & a**hole Matt Lauer treated Ann Curry)? U are in the BEST company. Boycotting NBC ever since.
Steph Curry is a real life cheat code
Steph curry probably the only real life player that's better than his 2k player
MUST-SEE: Stephen Curry with the ridiculous OT game-winner from way downtown:
oh . Ann Curry will have more rings than LeBron
Can y'all let curry have his moment! Kilode! If Kobe this, if Kobe that. Stfu!!!
Steph Curry is a government experiment gone terribly right
Here is the Steph Curry game winner
Stephen Curry is the first player in NBA history to hit 10 threes in consecutive games
Lucifer is gonna be coming to collect on Steph Curry soul at some point. That's the only way he can be shooting this f…
Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in an insane overtime game 121-118 with a crazy shot by Curry htt…
Wohho!!!. That 3pts shot by our MVP Step Curry!! I was like 😱😱😲😁
And on the 8th day God created Steph Curry's game... And it was good
Steph Curry greatest shooter of all time
I forgot all abt Ann Curry, NBC doesnt want any color on their networks.
is correct; outspoken "N" Loving Liberals like Ann Curry & Melissa Perry only get 1 chance at Conservative MSNBC
SportsCenter: Steph Curry says the criticism of the Warriors from retired players is "starting to get a little ann…
this is like when Ann Curry Periscoped The Who concert
Remember Ann Curry tv networks don't treat women with the respect they treat men. Hence: ABC Williams.
when ur feeling much better you and Ann have to come to ours for curry from Kipling's. Just had takeaway and it was amazing!
Lack and Griffin suck. What they did to Ann Curry was ridiculous. I'm still mad about it.
but no, she can't, nope! Only light curry chicken and seasoned veggies for Ann. OR SUSHI that's IT
:NBC's latest racist BS to HIT THE FAN / "BLACK-CEILING" as done to Ann Curry!
And we all send how NBC treated Ann Curry... Notice a pattern when it comes to women
I didn't like the Ann Curry clubbing by Matt Lauer. I quit after that, watch CBS instead.
Louise, hope your 'diva' cat loves my curry too like Ann's cat! 😀😂
I really miss Ann Curry. She's the best you had.
I try to do stories that make a difference - stories that affect the way pe...
Because CBS had a genius in Rick Gentile, while NBC hired the guy who destroyed the Today Show's ratings & screwed Ann Curry.
go back to watching the super bowl where Stephen curry is about to hit a home run for a strike
It's that same joy when I open up my lunch and start eating my curry chicken and Stacy-Ann from legal says. YAS the pot sweet. And I smile
From one MVP to another. Steph Curry congratulates Cam Newton on winning the 2015 NFL MVP!
Channa curry and roti. Happy times.
Curry coconut shrimp and potato salad for dinner. Mommy gets whatever she wants.
Seven threes. Bryn "Steph Curry with the shot boy" Forbes will be the mayor of Ann Arbor by 4 pm.
Perfect! Listen to Hillary lie to Ann Curry too:
Yum!where's the chicken (bones in)curry? Feeling for the bajun food right now. Ann Hampton what is that stew...
Here's a video of Steph Curry scoring 51.. Enjoy .
If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember in the 2009 draft the Timberwolves could have had Stephen Curry, but…
Steph Curry explodes for 51 Pts (11 3's) and 7 Reb! . Warriors defeat the Wizards in DC, 134-121.
Steph Curry's 36 points are his most ever in a 1st half. He went 13-14 from the field. Insane.
Steph Curry went OFF in the 1st quarter with 25 points!. He's on pace to score 100 tonight.
curry already has 25 points in the first quarter I'm so done lol
It's time to get back to some serious journalism, dump the Trump loving Lauer, bring back Ann Curry!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Here's the excuses why pollster got it so wrong. such arrogance. Dvorak-Curry Polling Group
I don't think that's ridiculing her looks. That's a Muppet of Ann Curry.
Family of Ann Curry supports elevating victims' rights to state constitution - Columbus Ledger
Hey how did that "Frienemy" at work thing work out for Ann Curry?
got something on CJ of local CBS tv news perhaps now a shakedown on Julie Chen who Linda knew here as Ann Curry.
Never, ever, ever, ever give up even when, and especially when, there is no chance of winning. - Ann Curry
Everyone is hating on Diane Sawyer for being hammered on TV but nobody ever complains about Ann Curry and all her reptilian s…
Hillary told Ann Curry that she would never run for President in 2011. 4 "no's" in a row!
Another horrible analogy but it's just like Ann Curry and Today Show. She was available to take the job but we all knew it wasn't her forte
Ann will cut you up and throw you on a beef curry if you disrespect her like that again 😂
This is like Ann Curry all over again.
Random thought of the day: Where is Ann Curry?
The travel agency and history of the jape are other faves, plus the "lemon curry" sketch. Oh, & Miss Ann Elk!
thanks for 11 great years Joel. You brought me many laughs. Can't believe I didn't see any Ann Curry last night.
Update: I cried so much about immigrants and family traditions and Ann Curry during that show that I'm going to have to re-watch it.
To our fans in Ann Arbor: Stop by the Crisler Center tomorrow for A noon start vs. UM-Dearborn.
why is Gary Williams still on TV. He's the Ann Curry of the golf channel. There must be some new talent in the pipeline. Please
.is SI’s Player of the Year. Read stories on the MVP
Check out this quote from Ann Curry!
Steph and Ayesha Curry hung out with Drake at In-N-Out Burger, because obviously:
Big hello to Ann Marie, Courteney Bartlett, Martin Curry, Shanna Harper, Ann Duff & Sally Street.if there is...
"Outside scoring point guard is great...I feel like Steph Curry" -Daniel Dall. 😑👍🏼.
Was this scripted? Does Ann Curry really think the Ewoks can drink in those suits or is she keeping family friendly?
It's obvious that Savannah was a good choice on the show-what happened to Ann Curry-I thought she was a great reporter for also
Did anybody even ASK Ann Curry how she's been ~ did she land on her feet?
ers and chocolate and TCU and Richard Nixon for inspiring me to get involved in politics and Ann Curry and the chances I've had to travel an
someone's dancing in the Curry household... Riley maybe? ;)
At the Richard Salant Lecture in New Canaan where this year's speaker is Ann Curry. Looking forward to getting her…
Al Roker finally made it to the booth, saving us from Fake Ann Curry & her evil captor, Matt Lauer.
Fake Ann Curry should not wear yellow or work with the human terror that is Matt Lauer.
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Rumor has it , he made Ann Curry's life unbearable
"You should have been in drum core." Also my dad just found out Ann Curry got fired.
Ann Curry didn't wake up at 3AM today, so who's laughing now, Matt?
Ann Curry is drinking her third martini, listening to Matt Lauer tell "cool" facts about the Power Ranger float, and she's smiling...
Someone ought to write a musical about Ann Curry just so Matt Lauer has to throw to it one more time during the
Matt Lauer looks like he is riding the struggle bus. But Ann Curry still looks young as ever...🐸☕️
and, and, and well, and the computer said Miss Ann Curry: Chaucerian, uhhh for thot thar matter Canterbury Tales; vedi, vedi, vedi
I'm going to "Leadership Breakfast: Ann Cramer, Coxe Curry & Associates". See you there? via
Please fund me to remake lord of the rings where every character is played by Ann Widdecombe? Maybe cameo by Edwina Curry?
When you want to play defense on Steph Curry but the only way to stop him is to pray to jesus that he doesn't score. ht…
. Guest: where's the turkey?. Mom: we have curry goat, oxtail and saltfish..
I quit Lauer after he backstabbed Ann Curry.
You're a coward. Ann Curry rules you piece of crap
Clark Medina is a Warriors fan btw. Did you see those Steph Curry posters on his apartment hahhaa
I'D say Neil Everett (ESPN; & Ann Curry are among our most notable.
Update your maps at Navteq
Make sure not to miss Using a Rubric to *** Skills and Competencies of Students presented by Ann Curry Nov 24th @ 1pm in LY610
Rice and peas , curry conch with mix vegetable and raw veg. From st Ann's bay. Tun up or bun up
Now it's an episode of Dateline so old it's not in HD and co-hosted by Stone Phillips and Ann Curry.
"Ann Curry'dFired without merit or reasonSentence: We got Ann Curry'd from our job, but its cool we got that unemployment doe!"
Steph Curry can flat out play. But Harrison Barnes is as clutch as can be.
How to bring the house down, by Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala (CSNBA & ESPN)
to SOJC journalism student Shirley Chan receiving the Ann Curry Endowed Scholarship
used to be my fav until they were awful to Ann Curry, won't watch again
Steph Curry out here dressed like he about to drop the hottest R&B album of 2004. 808s and Fastbreaks.
I know you're talking about curry but I'm taking this as a compliment too 😄
This Warriors team is very special.Don’t know how else to put it,Got some fighters who refuse to lose,Curry still a beast
Curry got fouled 2 times when it was his possession.😤😩
Wow your guests this holiday with these delectable chicken dumplings in a curry sauce
Shout out to Aunty Shelly Ann who came through with the curry chicken.
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