Ann Coulter & Rachel Maddow

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist. Rachel Anne Maddow (born April 1, 1973) is an American television host, political commentator, and author. 5.0/5

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Anne Ann Coulter - Columnist on Rachel Maddow: * * That MSNBC routinely, almost compulsively, mischaracterizes what conservatives say is nothing new. It’s what makes the network so adorable.
Rachel Maddow has lost it and is now lying all the time on
How about a steel cage match between Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow vs Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter?
Confirmation bias is a filter through which you see a reality that matches your expectations. It causes you to think selectively, but the real trouble begins when confirmation bias distorts your active pursuit of facts. Punditry is a whole industry built on confirmation bias. Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck and Arianna Huffington, Rachel Maddow and Ann Coulter – these people provide fuel for beliefs, they pre-filter the world to match existing world-views. If their filter is like your filter, you love them. If it isn’t, you hate them. Whether or not pundits are telling the truth, or vetting their opinions, or thoroughly researching their topics is all beside the point. You watch them not for information, but for confirmation.
So I get a wild hair up my *** to read something by Hume today, anything really. Especially the book that was printed posthumously. Of course, I don't want to BUY it. Because that would be ridiculous; I mean, seriously, who actually pays for books when you can get them for free at the library or online right? So I decide to go and check out our local Mt. Dora library. I figured they would at least have a philosophy section and in the event that I don't find what I'm looking for, maybe there would be something else interesting. Might as well get something out of this ridiculous property tax we are paying, right? So after a while I find their "philosophy" selection. I kid you not, it was nothing but Ann Coulter, Rachel Maddow, and all of these political hacks. There was one well worn, dogeared copy of Plato's Republic in between neo-con hacks like Mark Levin and sociopathic garbage by Hillary Clinton. So yeah. Thanks a lot Obama!
My boss just equated Rachel Maddow with Ann Coulter in terms of political pundits. Before I could even finish drawing the breath I needed to respond, he said "We don't have time to debate this now." LoL. He knows me all too well...
I would so love To see a debate with Elizabeth Warren , Rachel Maddow & Hillary Clinton on one side & Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann & Ann Coulter on the other. Must bring pop corn & fact checker!
If you can relate to Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, Martin Bashir, Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr, or Glenn Beck you are a fringe extremist and therefore part of the problem!
We have Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow, & Hillary Clinton. RW has Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann. & Ann Coulter. Things look good 4 us
MSNBC firing Tingles Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Melissa Harris-Perry and replacing them with Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and Newt Gingrich Yeah,right. Believe it when I see it.
There is no difference between Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Keith Obermann, Ann Coulter, or Alex Jones. These are pundits. Not bringers of news nor truth. Their job is to spread propaganda and present it in a way that resonates with this or that segment of the herd. The purpose of their work is to keep us locked into our pens of thought and, periodically, stir up a pen so that they bray, bleat, and squeal loudly enough as to get the other pens to start squawking at the first pen goin "STFU!!" And meanwhile, while we're all penned up and lifting leg upon one another. we're not paying attention to the thieves running off with our liberty. Like fat old women at slot machines, we just keep plugging in our lives, one vote at a time, praying to hit a big one that will never come. Oh, and those of us not IN any of those pens? We are in a pen, of sorts. it's called "outside" and we'd rather die than come in with you. It's bigger, weirder, and it smells different out here and every one in thos ...
One of the better bits of satire I have read lately. This is almost as biting as pretty much everything Rachel Maddow says. For once someone is willing to turn the left's tactics against them. His references to courage are similar to Ann Coulter's: exactly how much courage does it take to support leftist causes in front of cheering crowds & with the glowing praise of thousands of media outlets?
I get a lot of e-mail. Okay, I get a lot of POLITICAL e-mail. I get it from the left, from the right, and even some from the middle. Somehow I got on a list from some outfit calling itself "Better Georgia". Last week, they were attacking one of my favorite groups, Tonight, I received the straw that broke the camel's back --- an email inviting me to "Spend The Night" with Rachel Maddow. After I tasted my own vomit, I requested they take me off their list. Holy moly!!!
Thursday’s episode of “Stossel” on the Fox Business Network featured a taped portion of a debate between libertarian host John Stossel and conservative columnist Ann Coulter on war, drugs and sa
I'm totally loving the fact that Rachel Maddow just referred to Ann Coulter and many others as trolls! LOL
Something has changed in me because I'm concerned with Rachel Maddow's bias.
My favorite conservative commentators are Alex Jones, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and The Great Rush Limbaugh (I listen to them religiously). All three possess the omnipotent abilities that can make even the infamous Ann Coulter blush. They provide me with guaranteed facts that are available nowhere else. Each day it's a new, incredible, underlying, hidden conspiracy that I'm commanded to adhere to for the sake of National Security. They tell me when the end of the United States of America is sure to come- and explain in detail exactly what will happen. Luckily they've been wrong every time- but they've helped me to be ready for each one of those dark, dark times. When I watch Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews on MSNBC all they tell me is obvious things that anybody could figure out- they cannot offer me exciting secret stuff; albeit, all they tell me are simple straightforward things that are easy to understand with no real imagination at all. Aren't they aware of all the bad government people that have hidde ...
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter says that if newspapers are going to publish the names of people who have gun permits then they should also publish the names of women who had abortions because “mothers might want to know what other women on their street might be willing to murder a child.”
110712 One of the last Emails I received yesterday was from *** Morris predicting Romney 319... As my TV popped on this morning, I was greeted by a different reality. 'Ryan Seacrest' was on screen with a program called "Eye Opener" interviewing 'Rachel Maddow', (played by a 'man'), 'Ed Shultz', '2 Chainz' somebody or other and an almost totally bleeped 'Ann Coulter', you know, because she punctuates every preposition with two expletives, right? What did they say? Nothing, absolutely nuthin. Stay tuned folks and cling to your God and your pocket constitution, 'cause this is as good as it (Hopeless Change) gets. _Chuck, from the Great State of Texas
Would love to see Rachel Maddow take down Ann Coulter on air.
What is the difference between Ann Coulter and Bill Maher? Actually, there is no difference. Both are provacateurs who say out rageous, unorthodox things for fame and money. They, like Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity and Ed Schultz, are entrepenuers of the extremismist economy. If we ignored them all, maybe they would go away and we would all be better for it. From the heart of a flaming moderate with too much time on his hands.
Forget the Presidential debates...the debates that I really want to see are: Chris Matthews - Bill O'Reilly Ed Schultz - Rush Limbaugh Keith Olberman - Sean Hannity Al Sharpton - Pat Buchanan Rachel Maddow - Ann Coulter (not really that much of a contest...but just stylistics) I don't even want to sic Chris Hayes on anybody. That's all for now.
How about this for a final debate, after the presidential one Monday night? Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow. First of all, Ann won't feel the need to wear her "minimal attire" to express herself as a woman, and we'll get to see a real humdinger of a fact-checking-on-the-spot debate between intelligence and emotion. Of course, I'm certain A.C. wouldn't have the courage to go up against R.M., so it will never happen. Too bad, would be well worth watching/taping!
Rachel Maddow given all expenses paid trip to Guantanomo Bay where she is water boarded by Ann Coulter.
Let's see. Rachel Maddow aka "Madcow" vs Ann Coulter? No question who the smart beautiful one is here! And not a Lezbo!
I want to promote a PAY PER VIEW POLITICAL DEBATE EXTRAVAGANZA featuring the following: Ann Coulter vs Michael Eric Dyson Rachel Maddow vs Sean Hannity Bill O'Reilly vs Lawrence O'Donnell Al Sharpton vs Rush Limbaugh Mike Huckabee vs Min. Farrakhan Voting would take place similar to American Idol for each match. And voters would then determine how the winning debaters ranked 1-5. The PPV fee will be $20.00 and I expect at least 5 million viewers for a $100 million gross with all event profits going equally to the charity of the debaters choice. Who would win each matchup and who would be the best of the best?
Ann Coulter says MSNBC has 'pockets of racism', names Rachel Maddow -
I’d love Ann Coulter to meet Rachel Maddow in an arena of intellectual debate. It would be a meeting of a mind and an ideologue. A Rhodes Scholar versus a demagogue. Yet it is people like Ann Coulter who are destroying the minds of many Americans on the right. What do I mean? One of the latest polls offers the following troubling results: 1. 2/3 of Republicans, 63%, still believe that there was Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq! 2. 37% Republicans hold that President Obama was not born in America. 3. 1/3 of TPGOP believe that the president is a Muslim. 4. 50% of TPGOP believe that global warming is a hoax. The question then is: Why this high level of illiteracy, lack of enlightenment, among Republicans? The answer is: Most of them consider people like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Beck or Palin as their intellectual gurus, and Fox News as the source of their cultural and spiritual enlightenment. The party of the great Abraham Lincoln is gone, descended into an intellectual abyss.
The main story on this episode emphasizes the problem with American broadcast journalism. I became a big fan of old school network news anchors and even sample my style from Walter Cronkite (deep voice not included). Now news is driven by two polar opposite networks - Fox News on the Right, and MSNBC on the Left. Instead of information, you get screaming partisan assassins. Bill Maher and Ann Coulter; Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow; Lawrence O'Donnell and Glenn Beck. You either need to watch both or hope CNN takes enough of a break from that British Larry King knock-off to get a sort-of full picture. Oh, and the saddest irony: NBC doesn't keep two sites up apparently, so this is on the MSNBC video site. The epitome as screaming as you're dragged into the fire
Dan Rather on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight..."Mitt Romney is too brittle, too awkward,, too inauthentic and not ready to be president of the US." Watch the whole tape on you see the extent of Mitt's lack of preparedness to govern.When Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter, and Bill Kristol (the Conservative right) are amazed and disgusted with Romney, and his mismanaged campaign, the Republicans are in trouble.One can only hope.
Anyone else wanna put Rachel Maddow and Ann Coulter in a jar, shake it up, and watch them fight? How about Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann?
Fox News and MSNBC should start a fight club. I’d love to see Ann Coulter vs Rachel Maddow. Two dudes, one champion.
After tonight. I don't know which one I can't stand more. Shawn Hannity or Laura Ingram. I can stomach Ann Coulter(Geist), but those other two I can put in a trash can with Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow
Can they please make a Celebrity Deathmatch between Rachel and Ann Coulter. Maddow would totally win...
If Walker wins, it will encourage Republican governors to enact more laws diminishing the power of public worker unions. Ann Coulter on the right and Rachel Maddow on the left agree Wisconsin’s vote this Tuesday on recalling Gov.
you follow Rachel Maddow AND Ann Coulter? That's one crazy 3way.
"This is about two people on the opposite ends of the spectrum -- Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow, maybe." --Hayes Carll
Sext: I'm Rachel Maddow, armed only w/ a stone-tipped spear. You, a wild Ann Coulter, bend to drink of the stream. I move in for the kill...
I have a recurring Rachel Maddow, Ann Coulter menage' trois fantasy. They're debating the Iraq War. Our safe word should have been *** .
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