Ann Coulter & Chris Christie

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist. Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. 5.0/5

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3/ Ann Coulter backed Romney in 2012. She loved Chris Christie. She is a hack...Chickened out a couple months ago at Berkeley.
can you fill in the faces? Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Ben Carson, Giuliani... Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, Marco Rubio
if you remember, Ann Coulter said Romney was the greatest thing ever, then she said Chris Christie was super-great
What do these people have in common?. Ted Nugent. Sarah Palin. Ann Coulter. John Rocker. David Duke. Alex Jones. Paul LePage. Chris Christie
Remember when Trump joined Ann Coulter in mocking Chris Christie? Pepperidge Farm remembers
I lost what little respect I had for Ann Coulter during the 2012 election cycle when she was pushing Chris Christie to run.
Ann Coulter supports Scott Walker. Last time she supported Chris Christie followed by Mitt Romney. Good luck Scott.
Ann Coulter also LIKED -> CHRIS CHRISTIE --> who cares what she likes or doesn't like!!!
If Presidential elections were a circus (not like the aren't), the clowns would be the Republicans. Some famous clowns would be played by specific conservatives, like: Ann Coulter as Pennywise Rush Limbaugh as Krusty G.W. Bush as Bozo Chris Christie as Ronald McDonald Bobby Jindal as the joker Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann as Insane Clown Posse
I do not like Ann Coulter. If she were drowning, I'd give her f8 at ISO 400 and shoot in burst mode. If she were on fire, I'd hold my *** till the next rest area. Okay? I do not like her because she's a political attention *** She says what she says and does what she does to annoy people. She's in it for the money. But I just defriended two people for suggesting she looks like a man or that she's a "trannie." (I apologize for repeating the offensive word, I just want to call attention to the nastiness of it.) Sorry, but if we're going to be the good guys, we have to act like it. We don't get a free pass to behave like *** just because we're the good guys. Because everybody thinks they're the good guys. The only way you prove it is to act like it. Appearance shaming is wrong. It's not just bad manners -- it's a deliberate dehumanizing of the other person. It's arrogant. It's ugly. It's offensive. I won't insult Chris Christie for his weight, but for his corrupt behavior. I won't insult John Boehne ...
Good insight into the Tea Party mindset can be gleaned from the CPAC conference held last week in which all sorts of people from Ann Coulter to future Republican presidential candidates get together to speak to right-wing audiences. Chris Christie wasn't invited last year because he had worked together with some Democrats to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy had torn up New Jersey. But this year, he had the bridge scandal where his administration screwed up everyone's commute in order to *** off some Democrats. To summarize - be a team player and get things done - you are persona non grata with Republicans. Be a petty vindictive *** and make things harder on everyone to no benefit - future presidential candidate! They have similar criteria for electing Congressmen which is why Congress behaves the way they do.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got a surprisingly positive response from the conservative base as he delivered a speech to CPAC on Thursday. Ann Coulter weighed in on Hannity, assessing whether this marks the beginning of a political comeback for Christie in terms of support from conservatives.
Ann Coulter should run away with her first love Chris Christie and spar us all!
hack Ann Coulter wants to talk to a liberal. Why not ask her hero Chris Christie? an absolute joke! 4
Ann Coulter returned to CNN Wednesday night for another lively debate with Piers Morgan over a variety of issues, from Chris Christie and BridgeGate to Glenn Beck opening up about his role in hurting the country. Morgan asked Coulter if she's ever self-reflected like Beck and come to regret anything...
So here’s to you Chris Christie, and to you John Boehner; here’s to you Tony Perkins, and Rush Limbaugh, and whatsisface, Glenn Beck. To Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher. To you Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry, to Mitt Romney and George W. Bush. To all of you, from the bottom of my heart I say: Bite me.
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I wonder if Chris Christie is related to ol' Ms. Christie from Arroyo Grande High School, is this why Ann Coulter all of a sudden dropped her support for him?
While the fraud Ann Coulter (Bill Maher's ex, Chris Christie-lover, and sports an Adam's apple), uses sensationalism, revisionist history, and Newt bashing to promote her new book... *** Cheney's new book recollects a reality he witnessed first hand!
Ann Coulter explains that Rand Paul (and Rubio) can’t be president because “they are as tall as my iPod.”By Nick Sorrentino on June 30, 2013 Rand can’t be president because he isn’t tall enough. That make’s sense.But she does support Chris Christie, Obama’s Republican BFF.Short is terrible. Obese an...
Back before the last Republican convention, Ann Coulter, Repubican analyst extraordinaire, gushed over Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) and begged and pleaded with him to run for president, because...
Ann Coulter, who had been one of Gov. Chris Christie's biggest cheerleaders, is a fan no more.
HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW? – Over the past few years, Chris Christie has developed a fan following because of the manner in which he conducted his ‘In Your Face’ news conferences. He came across as a fiscal conservative. Christie’s name came up regularly as a potential GOP candidate in 2012. He was the darling of syndicated columnist Ann Coulter. She could NOT say enough good things about him, sometimes almost swooning with affection. Oh, how times have changed! Oh, how his true strips have been revealed. After Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Jersey Shores, Christie jumped into bed with Obama, and began singing his praises about how responsive he was, how much he cared about New Jersey! There have been so many Photo Ops with those two walking arm-in-arm that one might have gotten the impression that they were soulmates. The death of Senator Frank Lautenberg meant Governor Christie had the opportunity to appoint his replacement – a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN – to finish out Frank Lautenberg’s term. Ch ...
Which, liberals, you do too. Ann Coulter is not a horse, Chris Christie is not a fat slob, and Michele Bachmann does not "look crazy." Thx
So the big mouth RINO Chris Christie is now kissing the butt cheeks of N0bama. Where is Ann Coulter?
Sorry... I am not a fan of Ann Coulter or Mitch Mcconnell. Or Chris Christie.
Why would Republicans listen to Ann Coulter re repealing Obamacare when she's made losing choices: Chris Christie, Mitt Romney
Why would Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin speak at CPAC and not Chris Christie?
.But, but, "If we don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be our nominee and we'll lose" ~ Ann Coulter
After Rove next person who has no credibility w/me is Chris Christie lover Ann Coulter. Get some new conserv talkers.
I think one of the major problems with the REPUBLICAN PARTY is it's been infiltrated by too many Liberals. Frankly, I don't trust any New England Republican and especially those elected in BLUE STATES. How can Ann Coulter be so fooled by Chris Christie, She's supposed to be a SMART CONSERVATIVE. I think Mitt Romney fit into this category also. just sayin
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), who is widely expected to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, may have just harmed his chances by signifying his support for the policies of ultra-liberal New York governor – and possible 2016 Democratic opponent – Andrew Cuomo. Talking with union lead...
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You know I like Ann Coulter but if she mentions Chris Christie's name one more time for being a good candidate for 2016 I think I'm going to puke!
Feb. 5: Stephen Colbert talks immigration and highly suspicious beans; Chris Christie eats as good as he gives on David Letterman; we visit the soundstage where they faked the moon landing and Obama’s *** shooting; Bill O’Reilly takes issue with that GoDaddy Super Bowl kiss; and Ann Coulter talks…
What am I to make of people like Ann Coulter, who back the likes of Romney and Chris Christie? Can't continue to trust these types.
Wow. 4 months later and still belly aching. Obama won, get over it. Ann Coulter told you it would go this way in 2011. There are so many things that Obama is doing which Reps could be attacking (gun control, drones, foreign policy) but instead they stick to the same tired mantras that just seem like veiled racism. We built this, really? That was a speech by Elizabeth Warren that Obama stole for his campaign, coz it's a good speech. So good that Romney stole it too, and used it at least twice. Only when Obama uses it, it's wrong. And Obama didn't raise taxes. What he did was allow a Bush era tax cut to expire, you know the smoke and mirrors thing they did to draw your attention away from them shipping our jobs overseas. OMG, but we're the uninformed. LoL. Shoulda nominated Ron Paul, or even Chris Christie, but you didn't. So QQ more.
14 - Michelle Bachman, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, the Tea Party people and Ann Coulter. Their stupidity makes me laugh.
I was worried when she was the first Conservative commentator to endorse Mitt Romney,but after her appearance on Sean Hannity's show yesterday,I'm really worried about Ann Coulter. I not sure if Ann's bucking to be Megan MCCain's BFF right now or what,but for Ann to suggest that the GOP give in to the dems on the 'fiscal cliff' negotiations so they don't lose the PR war,is the worst suggestion I've heard a Conservative make since the Romney endorsement. 'You sound like Obama' was Sean's response to a unusually defeatist Coulter, who was more concerned about the Party's image than fighting for the bedrock anti-tax message that's united most Conservatives & Libertarians since the Reagan Presidency. I don't know what's happened to the once courageous & outspoken Ann Coulter in the last 12 months,but I want her back.This one sounds like she's applying to be an intern on MSDNC. tb
Ann Coulter, the uber-Lover of Chris Christie. And Romney is so great fame. Good bye Ann. And keep taking your Meds!
Good riddance. She can support her Rhino pal Chris Christie now MT Ann Coulter resigns from Conservatism
Chris Christie won’t implement ObamaCare making him too conservative for Ann Coulter.
Going from being the darling of conservative commentator Ann Coulter to winning the affection of HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher is quite a feat. But for Chris Christie, the Republican governor of
Ahh but he and Karl Rove sure tried...I'm sort of eager to see what the plan of attack will be in 2016. Record spending, gerryrigging, and voter suppression didn't work...what will they do this time? Will they put up another cast of circus clowns to run against Hillary or will a creditable Republican candidate emerge. Paul Ryan doesn't have the personality...Marco hasn't been vetted yet...Chris Christie might be a consideration but is he conservative enough to get Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh approval? Bobby Jindal is a consideration too but is he ready for the big stage? If so, then why didn't he play a prominent role at the RNC? The best guy they had this time was Jon Huntsman and they ran him out of town in two weeks. It will be interesting for sure.
"If we don't get Chris Christie in this race we're gonna be stuck nominating Romney & we're gonna lose in Nov" Ann Coulter - the truth hurts
I don't know who the author of the following is, but I found it quite worthwhile reading... I never expected to ever say, "Poor Ann Coulter." But - poor Ann Coulter. I really feel badly for her, in a manner of speaking. But not for the reason you think. Not because Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States. Rather, I feel bad for her because of her responsibility in that victory. Remember the famous video where Ms. Coulter says, "If Chris Christie doesn't run we'll nominate Mitt Romney and we will lose"? Now, I'm sure that many people, Ann Coulter included, think that this statement was prescient and shows her to be oh-so wise in her election prediction. Except that it doesn't. It shows her culpability. Mitt Romney probably came closer to winning the presidency than any Republican could have this election. If Chris Christie ran, he could never have gotten the Republican nomination in this Republican atmosphere -- compared to today's radical far right, Chris Christie is a moderate. That wa ...
Trending DOWN on the "Bart Meter" in 2012: - John Roberts - Ann Coulter - Chris Christie - The Drudge Report - Chris Matthews (Yes! Lower than before!) - Karl Rove - The Republican Establishment - Arrogant Ron Paul supporters (Not ALL RP supporters. I LOVE some of them. Just the arrogant ones, which makes up... aw, nevermind. Don't want to get myself in trouble.)
Oh, my GOSH! Ann Coulter just said "we may run Chris Christie in 2016". WHAT?! NO WAY! Ann, put a sock in it. Don't you EVER learn??
I just had the opportunity to listen to Sean Hannity interview Ann Coulter for a few minutes on the way home. Things they blamed for Barack Obama's victory: Chris Christie, Hurricanes, Incumbency, the ghost of Ted Kennedy, Immigrants, and the fact that Mitt Romney isn't Ronald Reagan. I am so enjoying this.
As a former Republican and now present-Democrat, it comes to my attention that the GOP, and those who endorse the right, must *** what ideals are to actually be cherished by the conservatives. Based on the election, I would suggest that creatures like *** Morris, Ann Coulter and the ever-whining Sean Hannity must be eschewed like Herpes; the kind of poisonous vitriol emanating from those intellectually handicapped corners is never needed and is never helpful. Almost without saying, likewise, the mentally deplorable far-right loons like Todd Aiken and Robert Mourdoch must be consigned to 'teeth-gnashing' *** of biological immutability and the realities of the *** and sperm swimming upstream. Last, while some of my friends characterize themselves as Evangelicals (which is fine), those who linger in those far-right halls of craziness AND who fancy themselves as politicians, must also be excoriated through silence. The GOP must look to the younger blood of the likes of Chris Christie and Marco Rubio ...
Newly irrelevant or dangerous people: *** Morris, Michael Barone, Chief Justice John Roberts, Chris Christie, and sadly, Ann Coulter.
After New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie toured the damage left by Hurricane Sandy with President Barack Obama last week, political observers wondered: How much damage did that do to Republican challenger Mitt Romney? Ann Coulter, the conservative columnist and author, had a clear take on the impact of a Romney supporter praising the commander-in-chief. “I don’t think he really has done any damage at all,” she said on “The Kudlow Report.” “If anything, I think Obama touring with Christie made the president look small.” I think Chris Christie touring the Solar System makes Jupiter look make up your own joke... And in my informal poll of people who I though were going to vote for Obama for sure, surprisingly to me Mitt "Mittens" Romney might just win tomorrow night despite all the help the republican party is giving him...good thing he has that "magic underwear" though, can click his butt cheeks together and say "There's no place like Wolfeboro, There's no place like Wolfeboro..."
Ann Coulter: "Touring next to Chris Christie made Obama look small." Yes. Yes it did.
Chris Christie has offended me on more than one occasion, most notably... the way he barked at that mother inquiring about the quality of NJ state v. private schools, and why Christie chooses private for his own kids. He can be a real bully sometimes. But he is a brutally honest Jersey kind of guy, and being a NY raised girl, I can identify. Unlike Phoney Romney, Christie cares about real people, in a deep and sincere way, and if he decides to run in 2016 that would not be a bad thing. But I'm not so sure Ann Coulter and the other rabidly loyal Christie fans still feel this way. Christie may be a conservative, but he is also smart, ambitious and practical. If Grover Norquist thinks for one NY minute that Chris Christie will be his puppet with "enough working digits to sign" all his freaky fringe legislation, Mr. Norquist has another thing coming to him.
Chris Christie for Pres OBAMA.put that in your pipe & smoke it Ann Coulter~
Ann Coulter said her initial support of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for the Republican presidential nomination was like an ill-advised fling with a biker, but that she returned to make the “responsible choice” with Mitt Romney. “Briefly I admit I ran off with a biker, I supported Chris Christie, I came back to the responsible choice,“ Coulter told Bill Maher on his HBO show ”Real Time” Friday. Asked about Romney’s move “so far to the middle” for the general election, Coulter said that wasn’t true and that he “flipped on one issue his entire life and he flipped in my direction and I’m happy about it…abortion.” When an astonished Maher insisted Romney had changed positions on many other issues, Coulter blamed MSNBC for his confusion. “You’re watching MSNBC and I would not trust them to give you the truth,” she said. “That‘s why you don’t know what Mitt Romney believes. The motto of MSNBC is ‘in other words’ and they’ll tell you what they think Romney believes ...
Thomas Sowell really is a National Treasure. Ann Coulter was on C-Span early morning last week but I saw the rerun and I'm going to buy her book today. The Hard Left will say "don't listen to her or Chris Christie because they must have an eating disorder. Well, so does Larry Summers and Michael Moore so that's neutralized. Liberals: All ad hominem all the time. If we win, there will be no Show Trials.
At long last on Wednesday, Romney had the etch-a-sketch moment we all knew he needed as he switched from a "severe conservative" to a bleeding-heart moderate. Before he did so, he of course needed the permission and approval of the Republican operatives - Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Chris Christie, et. al. - who guaranteed they would give him cover from the rest of the lunatic right - tea partiers, etc. Notice that Chris Christie predicted that Romney would turn the campaign upside-down at the debate and that no criticism has been received from Ann Coulter, Rush, Sean, etc. who before the debate would have cried holy murder if Romney offered a hint of being moderate. Obama was sandbagged and he didn't know how to deal with it. Obama did indicate that Romney was essentially saying "never mind" to all the previous positions Romney had taken. Still Obama was stunned as he struggled to understand. He may also have been shaken by the extreme violence Romney exerted on his etch-a-sketch board in order to ...
"We don't nominate Chris Christie we get Mitt Romney and we lose" The 'more honest Ann Coulter"
I received a PR pitch to have Ann Coulter on my radio show to talk about her new book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. Remember that Ann Coulter spent most of the year swooning over Chris Christie as the great Conservative savior for President. Should I have her on the show or not?
We must get off our *** and make an asserted effort to VOTE, and encourage others strongly to exercise their constitutional right despite the crooked Un-American tactics of the people on the other side. They are amoral wholesale crooks who will stop at nothing to steal an Election. Mitt is a clueless *** He is not the choice of his party to be in the presidential race, quoting the poorly drawn stick figure Ann Coulter an outspoken voice in the Republican talking machine: “Chris Christie, if you don’t run Romney will be our nominee, and we’ll lose.” Peggy Noonan another warrior for the right recently stated: “The Romney campaign has to get turned around. This week I called it incompetent, but only because I was being polite. I really meant rolling calamity.” But we must be aware, and beware that the Republicans are not to be written off so quickly as losers in this election, and that is because of their all out assault on VOTERS. Their strategy of suppressing the vote because of virtually . ...
I don't know what to make of this, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 132 times. I haven't been that surprised since I learned Ann Coulter is a huge Grateful Dead fan.
Favorite Books: Lard of the Onion Rings by Chris Christie ~ The Old Man and the Semen by Todd Akin ~ My Friend Flicka by Ann Coulter
An oldie but goodie: Ann Coulter speaks candidly about Mitt Romney and Chris Christie.
Still no one has been able to answer the question ... Where was NJ governor Chris Christie when people turned out in support of Chick-fil-A appreciation day? He's supposed to be the darling of some conservatives (Ann Coulter comes to mind) who still don't know he's a RINO. If he is truly a conservative (or even a libertarian) who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of religion, why wasn't he prominently out there standing on a Chick-fil-A line Wednesday?
Ann Coulter just lit a cigarette. MT Report: Chris Christie to Give Keynote Address to RNC Convention
Ann Coulter : "if we don’t run Chris Christie for President, then Romney will win the nomination and we’ll lose in 2012."
Still haven't Ann Coulter on her man Chris Christie and CAIR. Oh, and Obama DreamAct's CAIR ties.
Ann Coulter says Chris Christie has an ethnic appeal
Conservative Republicans knew they were in trouble when one-time conservative Ann Coulter suddenly refocused her swooning from Chris Christie to Mitt Romney.
Conservatives do not buy what Ann Coulter is selling. Seriously. Chris Christie is a flaming moderate!!!
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