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Ann Coulter

Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist.

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Got the attention she wanted. I doubt she ever intended to speak. . Ann Coulter cancels her speech…
The group Ann Coulter is promoting is literally trying to make a business out of bringing violence to protests.
And yes, they're planning to go to Ann Coulter's speech in Berkeley. And yes, they're talking about what types of weapons to b…
Oh look, here's Ann Coulter celebrating one of the alt-right groups who promotes violence at protests.
Conservative students fight for first amendment rights
Ann Coulter's backers at UC Berkeley have filed a lawsuit. . Read more:
That police force already has a job to do. Let them do that job. They shouldn't have to protect Ann Coulter. Waste of tax dollars.
UC Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter to speak on campus file lawsuit against university: https…
Glad to see on the right side of free speech. Senator, still would love to sit down:
Ann Coulter is not sane. They shouldn't exploit people in her condition.
Sanders on Ann Coulter: "People have a right to give a speech without fear of intimidation"
Two conservative groups sue Berkley over Ann Coulter lecture
People, her talk wasn't canceled because she is Ann Coulter. It was canceled because they had info sta…
Ann Coulter, Richard Spencer and Based Stickman have accomplished more in "the first 100 days" than Trump
The solution to the Ann Coulter problem is really simple. Let her speak, and for God's sake, stop speaking about her. T…
Two groups who invited Ann Coulter to speak file lawsuit via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ann Coulter's backers at UC Berkeley file lawsuit
This isn't even a close case. Berkeley is going to lose bigly.
Bernie Sanders Says Ann Coulter Has Right to Speak at Berkeley ‘Without Fear of Violence and Intimidation’
I stopped reading at reference to as "favored by the Koch and DeVos families." .
Warren says opposition just gives Ann Coulter a bigger platform: "My view is, let her speak and just don't show up"
Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Bill Maher have condemned potential protesters of Ann Coulter. Nothing on neo-nazis…
Ivanka, HATEFUL Ann Coulter, dim witted Sarah Palin, I could go on & on. It speaks volumes. This is white man's las…
Ann Coulter will not be intimidated!
Leftist friends—WHY are you making me defend Ann Coulter? PLEASE stop making martyrs of people who don't deserve it. htt…
UC Berkeley sued over Ann Coulter's planned visit
Ann Coulter's backers at UC Berkeley file lawsuit
Ann Coulter never promotes violence. If a crazy person (You) interprets her words that way, its not her fault.
Unlike Ann Coulter/Berkeley this actually violates the 1-A but you won't hear a peep from any free speech warrior. https:/…
Organizers of UC Berkeley event featuring Ann Coulter sue the school over efforts to reschedule her April 27 talk…
Some young Americans are fighting ISIS meanwhile UC Berkeley Snowflakes freak out over Ann Coulter from the...
Breast Cancer Awareness
The battle over Ann Coulter speaking at Berkeley is going to court
Bernie Sanders supports Ann Coulter's right to speak - Fox Business
So Bernie Sanders has thrown shade at Ossoff, endorsed an anti-choice mayoral candidate, and stood up for Ann Coulter.…
Willie Brown sticks up for Ann Coulter -- "Free Speech at Berkeley was youth vs "the man." Now youth wants shutdown, the man is outraged."
Censorship "is a sign of intellectual weakness." Bernie Sanders on the upcoming Ann Coulter speech at Berkeley. FYI I…
You know Bernie Sanders is a foe not a friend when he defends Trump supporters & Ann Coulter more than Democrats & Jon Osso…
UC Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter threaten to sue university if it doesn't give her a venue to speak https:/…
Students who invited Ann Coulter to speak are threatening to sue if university doesn’t find time & venue for event https:…
Bill Maher defends Ann Coulter in free-speech fight
Bill Maher lashes out at Berkeley over Ann Coulter cancellation controversy
May God help us with the hate mongers Bill Maher and Ann Coulter!
Conservative group threatens UC Berkeley over Ann Coulter appearance
Ann Coulter may wind up speaking at Berkeley anyway
Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley's bid to reschedule speech
UC Berkeley threatened with lawsuit over Ann Coulter speech
Conservative group threatens over appearance
But Berkeley DID change the date Ann Coulter could speak. Ann is NOT changing the already announced date to speak. Bravo to you, Ann Coulter
Yes, but Ann Coulter speaking at Berkeley is not to threat against anyone. She is just nuts, not dangerous.
Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Ann Coulter at Berkeley. Free Speech Under Attack by islamo fascist. h…
Berkeley admins are not having a fun Friday: threatens lawsuit if Ann Coulter is not allowed to speak
Ann Coulter! the most compassionate human alive! She is so young looking and pretty! So sensitive…
call to action, the Commies are gearing up for Ann Coulter at Berkeley April 27th, they think your free speech req…
If you believe in the 1st Amendment, you must tolerate views you don't agree with. .
It is the duty of protesters on all sides to reject violence; if they'd do so dilemma would disappear http…
Canceling Ann Coulter's speech wasn't about censorship. It was about preventing orchestrated violence. . cc:
Yuge Rumor: Ann Coulter has hired ACADEMI (ex Blackwater) to help "control" for her return to . https…
Now Ann Coulter is cancelled from speaking at Berkeley. If you can't allow free speech & control your campus, then shut…
Student groups threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit.
Only shills would pay Ann Coulter to filibuster them for 2 hrs. She's not Don Rickles her hate is real.
Battle for Berkeley: Will Ann Coulter spark another clash?
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Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley's proposal to reschedule her speech by via
Judge Jeanine on Campus Backlash to Coulter: 'Political Agenda to Shut Down the Right'
Detestable though is, Berkeley was right to reverse its decision to disinvite her:
Agree with her or not, free speech wins this one:
Date doesn't suit her, so they sue? Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley's new invite; GOP students threaten to sue college
I hope Ann Coulter invites some friends to take a road trip with her to Berkeley.
Ann Coulter was right on immigration. We can't continue importing 3rd world & be a strong country.…
Berkeley faces two battles: one with Ann Coulter, one with protests that could turn rough.
"Berkeley Is Being Tested on 2 Fronts: Free Speech and Safety" by THOMAS FULLER and STEPHANIE SAUL via NYT
Berkeley has become the place where political extremists come to throw punches
Berkeley reverses decision to cancel speech by conservative pundit Ann Coulter
Richard Dawkins, Ayan Hisri Ali, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Germaine Greer, .. ALL of them are proponents of hate speech?
I'd enjoy Ann Coulter more if I could decide whether she is friend or foe to my President. One day she loves him, next she…
You lefties are delusional. It was the violence of the left that stopped Ann Coulter not the fr…
Ann Coulter's speech at UC Berkeley canceled due to 'active security threats'
This (below) is why Ann Coulter's speech at Berkeley was canceled. It's called provocation. Let's hope others wise up to what'…
O'Reilly out. Ann Coulter out. Jason chaffetz out. . It feels like Christmas 🙌🏼
FAKE NEWS! also claims Berkeley working assiduously working to set up an alternate date!!!
Berkeley: Ms. Coulter you can't speak here because our students are *** Ann Coulter: Deal with it Snowflakes, I'm…
UC Berkeley cancels speech by Ann Coulter, citing security concerns. This is what Berkeley looked like this weekend:
conservatives are all about let the market decide, until the market rejects Ann Coulter/hate speech. And then they want…
UC Berkeley canceled Ann Coulter's speech, but she plans to speak anyway
The fact that Berkeley "can't guarantee the safety" of Ann Coulter speaks volumes about the state of free speech on college cam…
Some background info on the alt-right agitators who were planning to instigate violence at Ann Coulter's speech 👇.
Here's the real story about Berkeley -- WHERE I WILL BE SPEAKING NEXT THURSDAY:
If I were going to Berkeley to get an abortion, this would be a national scandal -
Top story: Ann Coulter Vows to Speak at Berkeley After University Cancels Her A… see more
Ann Coulter is the Kim Kardashian of politics. She doesn't actually KNOW or DO anything. She's just famous for no rea…
EXCLUSIVE: Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter lecture, but she's coming anyway
Liberal tears. Wait, Ann Coulter will be upholding her 1A right at Berkeley?. nvm
I acceded to Berkeley's every silly demand (never made of lib speakers). Called their bluff & they canceled anyway. https:…
Berkeley didn't cancel the Ann Coulter speech because of Ann. They canceled because liberals are so violent. Can't pay…
Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter speech over fears of more violent protests
Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley despite cancellation (from
Ann Coulter is human garbage but I'm sick of this crap
Ann Coulter is willing to stand up to liberal fascist thugs and communists. WE MUST SUPPORT HER.
They go to events like Ann Coulter's speech for the purpose of instigating violence. Then, they whine abt censorship.
Liberals are very tolerant people. Unless you are:. White. Male. Pro Life. Christian. Republican. Police. Trump Supporter. Ann Cou…
do these Nazis keep trying to speak at UC Berkeley? Is there no other spot Ann Coulter can spread her BS hate propaganda? 🤔
Ann Coulter’s appearance at Berkeley canceled, as university cites security concerns following last week’s violence. ht…
No school accepting public funds can ban free speech.
So someone in Berkeley phones in a threat and they cancel a conservative speaker. That's not how it works.
Free Speech Defenders Don't Forget: Ann Coulter once said: My only regret w/ Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New…
Ann Coulter Tells 'I am giving the speech in Berkeley anyway. What are they gonna do, arrest me?.
Ann Coulter photographed riding her bike to blow off steam after Berkeley cancellation   10% Off
Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter's speech instead of dealing with the violent leftists who riot every time a conservative goes to…
You don't have to be a fan of to wonder what has happened at the birthplace of the free speech movement https:/…
I find Ann Coulter to be an awful human who's profited off hate & ridicule. But threatening violence to shut her up is e…
Just because Ann Coulter is a transsexual, they can't cancel her speech
Conservative Ann Coulter says she will speak at UC-Berkeley despite event cancellation for security reasons - AP
The University of California, Berkeley canceled an Ann Coulter speech over safety fears
UC Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter speech because she's Ann Coulter & no one wants to see her speak about anything. 🇺🇸.
Liberals deny citizens their right to free speech but support illegal immigrants who have no right to be here. Ann Coulter
Instructing Berkeley student group to spare no expense in renting my speaking venue - part of...
Maybe if the police would actually arrest the rioters and terrorists, instead of ignoring them, then Ann Coulter could speak…
Oh man. I really wish I could be there for this.
hits . Berkeley is now Ground Zero of our current . Ann Coulter | Tucker Carlson |…
Why was UC Berkeley having Ann Coulter speak in the 1st place? That'd be like Westboro Baptist Church asking the Dalai Lama to do a podcast.
UC Berkeley orders cancellation of Ann Coulter speech. via
Berkeley cancels conservative firebrand Ann Coulter's speech over fears of more violent protests
Ann Coulter to speak at UCB at end of April, invited by college group. Pattern of planned protests-->viol…
People voted Trump for his ideas ( mostly taken from Ann Coulter's) book & Tea Party patriots voted because of Bannon.
Ann Coulter speculated that Republicans & Boris Johnson were bankrolled by The Kremlin to create TERFs.
*** has always been a vaguely attractive proposition to us sinners - made less so by the fact that Ann Coulter will certainly be there.
Guy in the park sez, "TRUE FACT: Ann Coulter failed the Turing Test."
Johnny Cash autobiography, Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer. Don't own full book but read sample of Ann Coulter books on iBooks❤
Report: Ann Coulter is dating Jimmie Walker from 'Good Times' via
Make Obama silent, unseal ALL his records, America deserves no less. JUSTICE.
CNN has a racial discrimination suit against them and Ann Coulter, "the raci…
Ann Coulter can hurl a harpoon with the best of them. GOP blew $140 mil on Jeb. Sad
Mr. Pres. Listen to what Ann Coulter said. There are ways of dealing with Syria, that will get the…
In not so Dyn-o-mite news: Legendary Norman Lear reveals that Jimmie Walker is dating Ann Coulter: htt…
Did you hear that Jimmie Walker is going out with Ann Coulter? DYN O MITE
Michele Bachman, Judge Judy , Ann Coulter and Judge Pirro need to go to Eashington!!
Today I learned that Jimmy Walker dates Ann Coulter and the universe both collapsed and suddenly made sense.
did rape women. It's as shocking as finding out that Ann Coulter licks 's *** after every show
45 is president. JJ from Good Times is dating Ann Coulter. Extraterrestrial disclosure is coming.
"Best of friends, love him, no romance," Ann Coulter. There's a big smile on her face when she's with…
Best of friends, love him, no romance. Anne Coulter is dating star of Good Times Jimmie Walker
Also, no "e" in Ann, 'Dy-no-mite!' Anne Coulter is dating star of ...
Not Ivanka: an extreme leftist Democrat in world view; but she loves her daddy & genuinely wants to help him. ANN COULTER FO…
Wait, Jimmie Walker is boning Ann Coulter? She must be Dyn-Inside!
The bombshell explains why liberals won’t stop BABBLING about Russia.They need to FALSE FLAG their…
Love her or hate her, this-> Ann Coulter: The Russian Emperor's New Clothes via
Ann Coulter Predicts EXACTLY How Obama Will React to Rice Scandal . 1st obama heard about unmasking was in the media. http…
Yeah but Ann Coulter dating Jimmie Walker is old news.
Ann Coulter Dating Jimmie Walker! The Media Will FREAK But how can that BE? Libs tell us she's a "…
Ad for David Horowitz book that says Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh call it a must read-sigh & eye roll-I'll get right on that lol!!!
I love you Ann Coulter for speaking up for America!!! You get Patriot award!
Shame on you for following Paul Ryan off the healthcare cliff, . Ann Coulter has a much better plan.
Kremlin propaganda machine has been very excited to promote Ann Coulter's piece embracing Russia.
Ann Coulter got some words for Refugees who are coming to America
Ann Coulter prefers authoritarians to democrats, and enemies to allies. Also, her ignorance is breathtaking.
Ann Coulter is going to be speaking in Modesto, CA on April 28th as a guest of honor for the Stanislaus County Republicans
A bit off topic but today I started reading Silas Marner and saw this line mentioning Ann Coulter's id…
Oh, I dunno Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Bannon, Miller, Trump. THey're all just about as awful as one another IMO
Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, at least you're in good company! Along with Ivanka Trump, Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan...
Ann Coulter gets the Last Laugh on Real Time with Bill Mahr
Ann Coulter predicts the election on Real Time with Bill Mahr and gets booed for it.
nothing makes me more happy seeing you laughing at Ann Coulter on Bill Mahr's show. Your Sad!
it is happening here - media won't cover it - read Adios America from Ann Coulter
the "immigrants commit less crime" canard has been debunked by Ann Coulter. Read Adios America for more.
shocked Pam Geller and Ann Coulter didn't say he's obviously an under cover Muslim
No!! You were having a nice day and I pushed Ann Coulter into your life. You should sue me for a million dollars and I hope you win.
Ann Coulter has said Peter Brimelow was a mentor, so yeah, fitting her book is next to his!
Hmmm. Who has shown more integrity: NPR, Donald Trump or Ann Coulter? I'd go with NPR.
Laura Ingraham & Ann Coulter to the WH, Death Blow to fake media.
Why is anyone surprised that Stephen Miller looks older than 30? You age faster when you're a racist. Look at Ann Coulter (55) looks 117.
I mean, he has Charles Murray and Ann Coulter on there. I don't Milo is that big a leap.
It should be added that Milo is wittier than Rush Limbaugh, funnier than Dennis Miller, and prettier than Ann Coulter.
Quote by: Ann Coulter "As the leader of twelve apostles, even Jesus had more executive experience than Obama."…
Ann Coulter was channeling Phoebe from Friends & Cruella De Vil on Lay off our Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Cruella.
Eminem normalizes violence against women by rapping about sexually assaulting Ann Coulter.
Who is Milo and why does he look like Caesar Flickerman and sound like Ann Coulter? We destroyed a perfectly good Starbucks over this dude?
IMAGE: Ann Coulter: Cruz and Walker are the ONLY palatable candidates
Dafuk is Ann Coulter on besides bath salts with a combination of cocaine & gun powder? Professional troll
5/ Would love to hear someone like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson, or Kellyanne Conway go 'round w Dean Richards.
the only way I'd watch is if Ann Coulter and Kelly Ann were locked in for a caged fight!
aliens kidnap Ann Coulter and force her to have sex with John Edwards Alien double. "Now that's a headline."
In the same vein, Ann Coulter and Kelllyann Conway are also the same person.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
CNN quit beating yourself up with this mouthpiece. You can't win. She's Ann Coulter all over again.
Remember you laughed at Ann Coulter for saying Mr.Trump would win??.HA!! Ann is laughing at YOU!!! RACIST MONKEY! !!!
Now MSNBC has hired Greta Van Susteren. They should just give Ann Coulter a show too and call themselves Fox.
if that works can we tweak it for Ann Coulter?
she's like a baby Ann Coulter with all the charm of an angry Bill O'Reilly
Say what you like about Ann Coulter, but she has very kind eyes.
Math is too hard for Ann Coulter, apparently. But no surprise there.
Ann Coulter comes do on They AM makeover. Radio get. A.
Sad truth is that every Big Five house has a conservative imprint. Michelle Malkin. Ann Coulter. Name your awful. He or…
LIZ: Crunch on the outside, right-wing nut job on the inside... / JACK: Like Ann Coulter's underwear... (SE05, EP07).
I ultimately agreed w/ you on that!But Ann Coulter's take seem really sarcastic to me w/that "NOTHING"
Origin is tumblr, got doxxed to the nth degree, is now an alt-right "writer" and all-round snark target. Ann Coulter with memes.
Ann Coulter and Sean hannity never in my lifetime seen such praise for another human being talking about Donald Trump.slaves make him coffee
Getting Trump as President after having Obama is like banning Maya Angelou and making Ann Coulter required reading. With…
Ann Coulter can't even spell her own name despite writing it in blood on bathroom mirrors every day.
I thought she was gonna be like Ann Coulter or Tamika Lahren. She ain't THAT bad
Yes, the racism is a feature, not a bug. . Megyn Kelly is a younger, less angry Ann…
Ann Coulter: What happens to children of single mothers, according to statistics.
Is Ann Coulter a real person? (Trick question answer is absolutely not)
USA-"We have taken in one quarter of the entire Mexican population."
I swear Kellie Leitch is Ann Coulter in Canuck version.
Ann Coulter was sarcastic there or am I reading to much into it and am wrong?
Plus as Ann Coulter exposed, he wasn't even making fun out of a disabled man.
It's a great formulation that Ann Coulter is a drag queen impersonating a fascist, and Milo is a fascist impersonating a drag q…
Um yeah sure. Let's ask your heroes Ann Coulter, Paul Watson, and Milo if that changes anything.
I am not surprised Ann Coulter is spending Christmas in a 7-11 men's room.
Ann Coulter attended Christmas party by white nationalist group, 2nd time @ event promoting racism in last 3 months.
probably shouldn't take a new year's resolution from an Ann Coulter, Eva Braun wannabe, waterbrain like you, either, comrade.
I used to think Ann Coulter was the ugliest white woman alive.she is clearly in 2nd place now
Advisor 4 Jeff Sessions "worked with Michele Bachmann and is beloved by Ann Coulter."
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Don't know who Steve Miller, but I trust Ann Coulter's judgement 👍🏼😃
In the past month I've found myself agreeing with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, & Joe Walsh. I resent this enormousl…
Charlemagne, Tomi Lauren, Piers Morgan, & Ann Coulter are one in the same. They only exist to get a rise out of people…
Watching was OK. Van needs to bring hard core bad *** people like Katrina Pierson, Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos. 😊
‘Don’t ask me to play nice’: Bill Mitchell is going after Ann Coulter over Trump and immigration
Would never believe I would agree w Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. Chicken Little right!
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter's takedown of Paul Ryan on Medicare privatization...I almost applauded. Strange times.
Natalie would probably be super happy if someone like Ann Coulter won the presidency bcuz women
Let's not make these Bratz doll versions of Ann Coulter even a little more famous, shall we not?
I'm sure you would also be thrilled to know that there is an episode of the Milo Show with Ann Coulter!
she needs Ann Coulter tips next time she walks into the lion's den
I agree but have you heard Ann Coulter
Donald Trump's biggest fan is worried he won't follow through on immigration 'promises'
Sounds like Ann Coulter is right. Women have it bad everywhere (with the possible exception of the US)
I guess people thought they knew Kellyanne Conway, but she’s just a vulture waiting to pick the bones. A barely nicer version of Ann Coulter
Tomi Lahren is like Ann Coulter for Millennials who don't know s*** about history & have never read an actual book.…
Little girl, you were owned by Trevor Noah on last night's Daily Show, you Ann Coulter never be.
Ann Coulter getting owned always feels good
str8 up when she said that I was like GET MY NAME OUT YA MOUTH ANN COULTER PROGENY
. Well played, but no one wants to be close to Ann Coulter. 😷
If you saw the young Ann Coulter at work, the only difference is the shininess of the hair.
Ann Coulter looks so hurt throughout the entire roast of Rob Lowe
She's like Ann Coulter's pathetic sister who grovels after her discarded boyfriends.
Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Katie Hopkins... the three sisters of White Hate & Racism..i mean conservatives.. Gotta get my labels right.
I didn't think anyone was uglier on the inside than Ann Coulter...I was wrong
Pretty sure when she grows up she wants to be Ann Coulter
Q: How vile is Kellyanne Conway?. A: Ann Coulter Vile. Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides
Why is Ann Coulter such a hateful woman?
Ann Coulter is already criticizing Trump and he isn't president. Yet she virtually never criticized George Bush over his eight year term.
Why is there always at least 1 person who isn't EVEN REMOTELY funny during an . *see "The Situation" and Ann Coulter*
I wish Ann Coulter Jr. would shut her hate filled trash hole.
Ann Coulter's part on the Rob Lowe roast is easily one of the cringiest things I've ever seen
Also if you've never seen Ann Coulter getting shredded at the Roast of Rob Lowe, you're missing out.
are you still laughing at Ann Coulter from when you were on the show.
Just now seeing roast of Rob Lowe and I just really have no clue as to why Ann Coulter was put on the roaster's panel.
Why is Tomi Lahren trending when there's a perfectly good Ann Coulter stomping around causing false Slenderman sightings?
"Guys, Tomi Lahren makes really good points and we should all listen to her" -Ann Coulter, probably
Have you seen the list that recreated his feed? Piers Morgan, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly are all over it
or let me save you the trouble. its Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Drudge and Trump Trump Trump. oh, and Piers Morgan.
That's a lot of Piers Morgan, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly. Wow
Ezra Klein's dearest wonklord Paul Ryan is such a Randroid supervillain that even Ann Coulter is forced to defend welfare…
I would pay to see you do a 1hr interview with Rudy Guiliani or Ann Coulter. You are the queen of leashing hostile guests.
can't wait for the day Ann Coulter chokes to death during an interview
I hear Scott Baio is available. Also, this analogy is classic Ann Coulter. Obama is a summer guest, abusing the rig…
It's going to fun when Trumps hands Medals out Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity & Scott Baio.
Instead of DeNiro, there'd be Scott Baio and instead of Ellen, there'd be Ann Coulter 😞
Ann Coulter is some kind of protected undead. Rick Scott is an alien. Can't trustem.
Are we absolutely positive Kellyanne Conway and Ann Coulter aren't the same horrible blond person
The more unhappy Ann Coulter gets, the happier I get. - Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC
Get rid of it now and Scott Baio, Ann Coulter, and Lee Greenwood won't ever get theirs.
. Trump's choices: Pepe, David Duke, Ann Coulter, Scott Baio, and the people who hosed down Standing Rock protesters
In contast, a list of the president-erect's medal winners for 2017: Scott Baio, Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, & his new…
2nd time - where i can i find the full interview with Michael Isikoff and Ann Coulter?. its not here:.
No one should forget that Ann Coulter is a phony. Like this:or
Ann Coulter is Tila Tequila's drunker, even more racist aunt
she is an original Clinton haters. She worked for Todd legitimate rape Aiken. Add to Ann Coulter trash heap.
"Why is Ann Coulter here tonight? Because the right-to-lifers wanted everyone to see what an abortion looks like up…
Trump won because celebrities mocked Ann Coulter at the Rob Lowe roast. . Nah just trying to think of something crazier than MSM ideas.
Ann Coulter at Rob Lowe Roast. Despicable abuse. They all laughed and clapped like villagers at a medieval execution
Why are the only Conservative female stars smoking hot blondes? This one, Megyn Kelly, Ann Coulter in an evil libra…
I just want to see her get roasted so hard like Ann Coulter did at Rob Lowe's Comedy Central Roast.
*** I despise Coulter. Watch the roast of Rob Lowe. It totally turned to a roast of Ann Coulter 😂😂
Not sure why Ann Coulter was even at the Roast of Rob Lowe, but I’m so glad she was.
They should have really burned every single bit of Ann Coulter at the Rob Lowe Roast. What a witch.
Remember when Ann Coulter was on the Rob Lowe roast?? Good Times, Good Times.
Ann Coulter at the Rob Lowe roast is a textbook example of this.
Remember when these women lovers called Ann Coulter the C-word over and over at *Rob Lowe* roast.
I think I'm going to fire up my dvr recording of the Comedy Central Roast of Ann Coulter..err..Rob Lo…
Ann Coulter dishing it on social media but a sad soul during Rob Lowe's roast. Hide behind your computer because yo…
Let's personality-shame Ann Coulter. AC, did you watch the Rob Lowe roast?
Ann Coulter's face through the entire Rob Lowe Roast is 😬
remember watching the clip from the Real Time when you laughed at Ann Coulter saying Trump would be president in 2015. Wrong again!
. If you want to see a really great reaction Ann Coulter deserves, see Roast of Rob Lowe on Comedy Channel-Towards the end!
Watching everyone destroy Ann Coulter on Rob Lowe's roast is phenomenal 👍🏼
Joy rememeber when you laughed at Ann Coulter on the Bill Mahr show? Not laughing now.
Any one that's watched the Rob Lowe roast of Ann Coulter
Remember the A-holes at the Lowe roast? Ann Coulter has unfinished business!!
I tried to give Ann Coulter the benefit of the doubt when she was on the Rob Lowe roast but she is truly disgusting. I can't believe her.
Ann Coulter, rising to the occasion and proving she deserved every single joke made at her expense at the Rob Lowe roast...
Tonight's a great night to rewatch the roast of Rob Lowe to see Ann Coulter get ripped a new *** hole
Ann Coulter told to 'kill yourself' at Comedy Central Rob Lowe roast | Fox News
Why is CBC having Ann Coulter commenting on anything? Undermines CBC credibility. Surely better representation ca…
Remember when there was The Roast of Rob Lowe and everyone roasted Ann Coulter instead lmao
Shame on Mansbridge & National giving Ann Coulter legitimacy by giving her airtime tonight confirms media complicity in election result.
"If the Left wants a street fight, bring it on. We (mainstream Americans) have the men and we have the guns" ~ Ann Coulter
If only white men with four grandparents named Ann Coulter were allowed to vote I'd be winning all 50 states!
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