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Animal Steele

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I would proudly display this next to my Jack Kerouac bobblehead and George "The Animal" Steele action figure.
I'd rather own a George the Animal Steele commemorative gold medal. I would actually wear one.
I look forward to seeing 60,000 fans all waving at the Hixson-Lied Small Animal Hospital on Saturday…
Looks more like Trump's hair on George "The Animal" Steele's face, IYAM.
Anybody that thinks George the Animal Steele is hairy never saw Sunshine nekkid.
George the Animal Steele is dead, bro
George the animal Steele would be a great addition
George Foreman is the George "The Animal" Steele of boxing and product endorsements.
Any normal walk of life and animal abusers would be rightly…
George the Animal Steele eating the turnbuckles
I thought George the Animal Steele was dead??
That might be the real George The Animal Steele
When McMaster and Munchkin (Animal Steele & Sgt. Bilko) put Venezuela first in their joint briefing, it was…
I found a box of '80s wrestling magazines in the garage. This one has a centerfold of George 'The Animal' Steele br…
Just like Munchkin Bilko and McMaster the Animal Steele, Tillerson is a globalist with the same ties…
Hey, is hot! I believe the punchline you were looking for is '…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The love child of Macho Man and George the animal Steele!
Turn buckle stuffing in their eyes from George the Animal Steele.
Royal Rumble styles, may George the Animal Steele win
George the Animal Steele vs Pedro Morales for WWE Championship @ MSG Steele acts like a scolded dog when the red reprimands him
RIP George the Animal Steele, awesome person and great in my favorite Tim Burton movie Ed Wood.…
Sorry to here that one of your legendary heroes has died - Jim Myers , AKA George the Animal Steele. One of your best pieces!!
Just realized.Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth & George the Animal Steele are all dead. Remember they had a storyline together back in the day?
Imma watch Wrestlemania III match between Macho Man w/ Elizabeth vs Ricky Steamboat w/ George the Animal Steele in his honor.
I added a video to a playlist MGTOW RIP Nicole Bass and RIP George the Animal Steele
First Chavo classic, then Nicole Bass and now sad to hear George the Animal Steele has passed away.
Just watched Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat from Wrestlemania III in honor of George the Animal Steele. RIP Animal
Snuka, Chavo Sr., George the Animal Steele. Jake the Snake and Ricky Steamboat should be worried.
It's Ricky the Dragon Steamboat the real surprise of George the Animal Steele!
Even George the Animal Steele said it properly in an interview and he wasn't allowed to speak in sentences.
Why is Ellsworth basically George the Animal Steele now though?
George the Animal Steele had a green tongue
Kamala - John Studd - King Kong Bundy - George the Animal Steele...did someone ever tell these guys they don't have that look ?stop being C
can't you get George the animal steele on instead?
Thank you very much. Worked for George the Animal Steele, didn't it?
who would have been the best fighter in history? George the Animal Steele?
Andrea Leadsom says she'll bring back fox hunting to improve animal welfare 🐺🐺 https…
First time seeing George "The Animal" Steele ever and he's such a fun, over-the-top character! Love it when he chases Randy!
Time for Macho Man Randy Savage to defend his WWF Intercontinental Championship against the odd George "The Animal" Steele.
are you hot for Tor Johnson or George the Animal Steele?
All scorpions glow under UV light. They are the underground party people of the animal world.
George the animal Steele denying he eats turnbuckles is
is that the son of George The Animal Steele or The Great Khali? 2 stars!
When George The Animal Steele used to eat the turnbuckle!
my favorite ice cream to eat is definitely the very hairy George The Animal Steele
Catching a piece of the ring stuffing from George "The Animal" Steele.
George the Animal Steele eating a turnbuckle
pffft this *** got a cripple as his avi and he looks like George the Animal Steele. I aint worried bout nuffin
This male gray and white pit bull was picked up on Steele Ave. on 7/1/16. His Kern County Animal Services ID is...
📷 That one time when George THE ANIMAL Steele was Alpha, The Ultimate Mutant - Defenders
decided that he needed human companionship. He has moved on to George the Animal Steele... YOU YOU YOU
Hall of Famer George the Animal Steele is doing well after his recent surgery.
In WWE a feud brings ratings. George the Animal Steele kidnaps her in the next interview, followed by Trump rescue.
and George the Animal Steele. Have to get rid of them
I sure hope it was easier for you to work with my HS football coach Jim Myers aka George the Animal Steele than us,
Watched Bruno Samartino, George the Animal Steele, Jumpin Johnny Defasio. I was 7-10. Fun, but I've thought it ridiculous since
“George the Animal Steele or Big John Stud?” 2 good ones here . won the strap I think
It's an original and in the infamous words of George the Animal Steele, MINE!
yours looks like George the Animal Steele
George the Animal Steele? Always looked like he had a chance until he started chewing the turnbuckle
I imagine it would be similar to when you first heard George the Animal Steele in an interview.
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I'm close to making Mike an unofficial ambassador. George the Animal Steele
I support animal edibility and chicken nuggets
thought you'd turned into George 'The animal' Steele
That's when it was cool to look like George 'the animal' steele
The mean nasty grandson of George The Animal Steele returns to and leaner more vicious Animal if that is possible.
cookie ? Lmao. That animal cookie blow. I faced a blunt of that one day and broke out in a sweat
Sounds good to me. I was the George "The Animal" Steele of hockey writing: bald, fat & a 3 word vocabulary. Ask
Heads up & watch for animal carcass on the roadway if you're traveling on Hwy 378 by Shore Rad Dr
no wait, check that... George the Animal Steele!
don't judge all 80's wrestlers appearance on how George the animal Steele looked
Matt Taven on talk n shop.talks about almost killing George The Animal Steele by mistake with a dive.ROH hated him
Next catches up with Karyn Steele from Bees Animal Foundation who help elephants live a free life in Thailand charity dinner Nov 21st
looks more like WWE Hall of Famer George the Animal Steele than Chappaquidick Ted
do you remember George "The Animal" Steele? Used to CHEW the padding of the turnbuckles in Wrestling Rings. ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.
That officer should've been shot down like the animal he is
He was on Talk'n Shop today. Talking about that 1 time he almost killed George 'The Animal' Steele.
Via - the time Matt Taven almost killed George the Animal Steele as discussed on today's Talk'n Shop...
Pleasure to have the former tag team partner of George "The Animal" Steele stop by MPS for a visit ! Bring your Bat !!
Fink, speak with about almost killing George The Animal Steele!
Matt Taven comes to the shop to Talk how he almost killed George The Animal Steele, and more!
Butchie & George the Animal Steele he gave me some great pointers for my career
I keep having this dream of Barrack in the Squared Circle w George the Animal Steele. Lmfao. It really is a BRUTAL BEATDOWN. :)))
I added a video to a playlist Hulk Hogan V George the Animal Steele
I'm too busy following the George the Animal Steele diet: turnbuckle for every meal
Snuka's a murderer, Hogan's a racist, Savage and Piper are dead...I fear revelations about George the Animal Steele and King Kong Bundy.
thankful they never tried that with George the Animal Steele. That would have been a full ball-forest
Is it just me? Or does look like George the Animal Steele when she sticks out her tounge.
A guy at my gym wears a singlet and looks like George the Animal Steele. I unconditionally love him. We're going to be best friends.
Join us Wed. on BTR as we are visited by WWE Legend, George "The Animal" Steele. Should be a fun time. 8:00 pm.
any hot takes from George The Animal Steele?
I'm giving away: GEORGE THE ANIMAL STEELE CARD. Check it out -
Switching gears the Asylum way on Wed. June 24th at 8:00 pm. Join us as we bring in WWE Legend George "The Animal" Steele! Don't miss it!
my sweetheart has decided that George the Animal Steele is her favorite wrestler ever.
Quite the impressive lineup! Snuka!!! George "The Animal" Steele!!! Amazed some of those guys are still alive.
I liked a video Hulk Hogan V George the Animal Steele
For some reason I think every old man with a bald head looks like George The Animal Steele.
"Backed up against the wall / George 'The Animal' Steele takes his final stand..."
I've been vegetarian since age 25. I'm biased, obviously, but surely the only concern should be animal welfare - no suffering?
Stay Strong Charleston. Stay United. Bring this cowardly animal to justice.
Puppies and kittens are always popular to adopt, but older animals need love, too
just like 1992, Republican dirty tricks ruined George the Animal Steele's wedding to the Lovely Elizabeth
Ever notice how Steele is just an animal form of Gaston?
You of all people should appreciate this: I'm watching Demolition vs. Animal Steele & Billy Jerk Haynes. It *** Lol
Andre the Giant and George the Animal Steele at the beach.
how about the Psycho team for Survivor Series Dean Ambrose Psyco Sid George the Animal Steele
Otherwise you would have been billed as the son of George the Animal Steele.
is the new George the Animal Steele
George the Animal Steele used to eat the turnbuckle pads... And it was kind of awesome.
George the Animal Steele in the days when he was managed by Classy Freddie Blassie . . .
Liz Power is going all George the Animal Steele on that waterbottle
I'll be praying for you! At least you're getting the sponge bath and not giving one to George the Animal Steele! :)
I LOVED in the 80's. George the Animal Steele, Jake the Snake, Macho Man, Earthquake. Legendary wrestlers.
Met George "The Animal" Steele & picked up some Rad Dude trading cards today at
So I was talking to George the Animal Steele about what a sinister *** WWE mogul Vince McMahon is. George said being from Detroit I can honestly say that Corey Beaubien is a bigger *** hole than Vince. George was so upset about what a royal *** hole Corey is that he ate a turn buckle
The answer was George The Animal Steele - Finally figured it out but someone else got through before me.
Anyone have questions for George the Animal Steele? Going to a q&a of his at a con here in 3 hours.
At the steel city con in monroeville, just met one of my idols, Parker Stevenson and waiting to meet Bruno Sammartino and George "the Animal Steele"
Day 2 of ! Worked out at 7. Now time to work with George the animal Steele!
George the Animal Steele born Jim Myers was raised in Madison Heights, Michigan. During high school, he found success in track running, baseball, basketball and football. In 1956, Myers entered Michigan State University as a football player for the Michigan State Spartans, but his career as a football player was immediately cut short as a result of knee problems. After gaining a bachelor of science degree from Michigan State University and a master's degree from Central Michigan University, Myers became a teacher, amateur wrestling coach, and football coach at Madison High School in Madison Heights, Michigan. There he would eventually become a member of the Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame. Looking to supplement his income, he got into the world of Detroit-area professional wrestling, but in order to protect his privacy, he wrestled using a mask and the name The Student. Scouted by World Wide Wrestling Federation champion Bruno Sammartino, he began working in Pittsburgh in 1967 on the popular Studio Wrestlin ...
Learn the proper way to say and pronounce the name George The Animal Steele in English. George The Animal Steele WWF WWE Wrestler Wrestling ...
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I'm surprised that George "The Animal" Steele isnt in the last Countdown episode
I laughed. Even though you've drawn me as George The Animal Steele.
vs went to a no contest. One of the agents to come pull them apart was George the Animal Steele.
Another one was George "The Animal" Steele. His dinner was always the turnbuckle!
Looks like an animal from a Dr. Seuss story!
Bruno takes on George the Animal Steele at Madison Square Garden, May-1977.All rights owned by WWE Entertainment.
George "The Animal" Steele and The Beast walking the halls of academia or in the lab
Came to a comic con with my client and was super excited to meet George "the animal" Steele. He's only here Saturday and Sunday. Day ruined.
Perhaps have better things to do than debate a convicted animal rights extremist from the
Safe to say George the Animal Steele's death will be caused by steroids and not his penchant for turnbuckles or his age.
George the animal Steele used to eat the TURNBUCKLE Fam!!! The turnbuckle.
Please tell me it was Abdullah the Butcher or George "The Animal" Steele that porked her!
George "the Animal" Steele is looking good for his age.
here it is.. The "Animal" Jim Steele... Drummer for "Blind Side Thunder" .. Awesome interview how Jim is moving...
Well here it is... the "Animal" Jim Steele, Drummer of Blind Side Thunder.. Rebel Rock Band that's Bad *** and...
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I thought the 'George The Animal 'Steele' look went out with him in the 80s. I'm convinced people don't look in the mirror b4 goin out.
you're right. You should spend more of your time shaving the back of your neck. You look like George the animal Steele
that is definitely a way back playback, George the animal Steele was still bad ***
Stay tune FB Friends... I will be interviewing "Animal" Jim Steele .. The new Drummer of The Kick *** Rebel Rock...
Did you guys know that George "The Animal" Steele is my client? He is the sweetest, most articulate guy imaginable.
George The Animal Steele was and always will be the most crazy/awesome of all wrestlers.
I don't think I've watched pro wrestling since George "The Animal" Steele couldn't beat Bob Backlund for the...
Oh this is is George the Animal Steele who died?
Dougie looks like the illegitimate child of George the Animal Steele and Wendy Richter
she told me growing up that George "The Animal" Steele was a college professor I couldn't believe it
I remember seeing an interview once with George the animal Steele. He was actually super smart and the whole thing was a great act.
mine too-also the undertaker, dusty rhodes, junkyard dog,george the animal steele, the Von Erichs, greg "the hammer" valentine
or George the animal Steele my man was eating turnbuckles
Heads up!! John E Wilde and the Animal Jim Steele of BST with Gunnar and Cord of THC!
Did you see George "The Animal" Steele sneak out from underneath the ring and eat the turnbuckle last night? Cray-to-the-z!
The 60+ year woman wearing her nightgown all day everyday is my spirit animal
when George The Animal Steele body slams KoKo B Ware, somebody call me. until then, I'll be over here with baseball.
None of them could carry George "The Animal" Steele's jock, when wrestling was real.
Batista: there is only one animal in wrestling: George Steele.
who's left in the ring? Randy Savage and George the animal Steele?
Thought cena was gonna eat the turnbuckle like George the animal Steele just now
channeling his inner George the Animal Steele!! Or are you to young to know who he is? jw
John Cena almost turned into George "The Animal" Steele for a moment by biting on the turnbuckle.
I wish John Cena had chewed up that turnbuckle George "The Animal" Steele style
*** now Cena is eating turnbuckles! Nice tribute to George the Animal Steele!
Why is John Cena biting the turnbuckle like he's George The Animal Steele? too, Andre the Giant, George the Animal Steele, Macho Man, Iron Shiek, JYD.
When did Hacksaw Jim Duggan get George the Animal Steele's physique?
Now we have IC Title Match - Savage vs. George The Animal Steele at WM 2
I like Bruno Sammartino or George the Animal Steele, but they're not wrestling.
Hamilton Collection
Watching George the Animal Steele speak like a regular person just blew my mind. (Not because he's GTAS, but because he's an ex wrestler.)
My entire wrestling knowledge is based on theLegends of Wrestling game. George the Animal Steele was pretty cool
When gave an moonsault too george the animal steele. Right
ESPN Sports Center just ran a 10 min segment on WWE & Vince McMann. Hope you saw it. George the Animal Steele, Iron Sheik, etc.
Video: lol George the Animal Steele is snoring.
My Superstar of the Day is:. George "The Animal" Steele. *** was he a hairy guy. .
George the Animal Steele might not have been a great wrestler but he was a fine Tor Johnson in Ed Wood
Dude, Lou Ferrigno, Nicholas Brendon, George the Animal Steele and Bruno Sammartino are all going to be at Steel City Con, this needs to happen
Saturday Nights Main Event 11, 1985 at Uniondale, New York - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Matches Ricky Steamboat and The US Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda) (w/Lou Albano) defeated Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, and George Steele (w/Fred Blassie) ***Entrance of Ricky and US Express with Capt Lou was Born in the USA, (so sweet!) versus The Evil Iron Shiek and Nicoli Volkoff, with the confused and crazy George "the Animal Steele, with thier manager Classy Freddie Blassie. Poor George gets pinned when Volkoff and Shiek bail on him. The Shiek and Volkoff jump George who fights back and makes his face turn! Lots of action, lots of fun! Pipers Pit - Aftermath of Wrestlemania 1 Piper with Bodyguard Orton interview Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Wonderful gets jumped by Orton (and his cast) and another Face turn! Hulk Hogan (w/Mr. T) (c) defeated Bob Orton (w/Roddy Piper) via disqualification to retain the WWF Championship *** Hogan and Orton, have a good back and forth, orton using heel tactics the ...
you know *** well with all that body hair you would have to be George the Animal Steele
Tommorow at Dutchess Stadium I get to hang with George the Animal Steele and . Epic way to start the weekend!
I met Paul Roma, George the Animal Steele and Bobby Heenan today. Great day.
The fact that people pay George the Animal Steele, Kevin Sullivan, King Kong Bundy, etc. etc. for Indy shows blow my mind.
Pedro Morales, Stan Hansen, or Animal Steele? Not sure WWE and Zbysko get on.
Butterbean looks like George the Animal Steele had a kid w Michael Chiklis.
who would win in a bar fight? Hillbilly Jim or King Kong Bundy? George teh Animal Steele or KoKo Beware? Leapin Lenny Poffo or Adrian Adonis?
no he just said he confuses George the Animal Steele w/ Junkyard
George the Animal Steele is still freaking cool! I love this guy!
George the Animal Steele throws out first pitch at Fenway Bruno Sammartino Pedro morales Chief Jay strongbow unavailable ??
Jim Ross & Alicia Fox will b participating in the Kendrick Perkins Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma. Geroge the Animal Steele threw out the 1st pitch for the Boston Red Sox yesterday. He tried to take a bite out of the ball b4 throwing it
In a matchup of weird characters as the Adorable 1 Adrian Adonis takes on the Unbelieveable 1 George the Animal Steele.
Just Awesome, use to have the set, George the Animal Steele & Macho Man Randy Savage were gold dust, loved my WWF
aaah.. AJ is playing the part of George the Animal Steele, Miss Elizabeth AND Macho all in one
and are like a new Macho Man and Elizabeth. Does that make Kane George the Animal Steele?
The best first pitch of a baseball game - WWE's George the Animal Steele's at the Rochester Red Wings game
George the Animal Steele on throwing the first pitch at the Rochester Red Wings game after eating the skin off the ball=Amazing
Rex is planning our "boys day adventure" tomorrow. Wants to go to Mudlick, Ky to meet the 1 & only Hillbilly Jim!! Then to Animal Steele's
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