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Animal Planet

Animal Planet is an American cable TV specialty channel that launched on October 1, 1996. It is distributed by Discovery Communications.

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"Today on animal planet, we have a distressed Brian fighting a wild bush"- Cade
I hate when men refer to women as females like sorry but this isnt animal planet!
That's what I'm talking about! Turned it on to animal planet and went out to protest!
. Good! Glad to see my dedication to watching Animal Planet all day paid off!
Little fact about me: I can watch Animal Planet all day. Nature amazes me.
ws: omg I just saw maknaeline on tv. sy: really, which program?. ws: animal planet
. Animal Planet is OVERRATED. Watch in 4 years how I kick Animal Planet in the ***
What's your favorite shows and movies — I think it would be like animal planet and romantic...
Great episode of Guardians tonight on Animal Planet. Homeless vet given an RV so he could keep his dogs. I cried.
it's true across the board everybody though. We're reluctant to slow down and nature shows it. Turn on animal planet.
My saturday night consists of watching Animal Planet
Almost every animal planet show is too sad to watch
Inspired by the women's marches today, perhaps there should be others lined up (i.e. human rights, animal rights & saving the planet)
My 4yo friend told his dad that he is not eating tonight because its & he wants to do something good for the planet.
watching animal planet more like how many times will I tear up over a dog
Me: Carly I saw you on t.v. Carly: Really, where?. Me: On animal planet. Carly: really?!. OHHH
Is it Really Worth the Convenience? 6 Ways Plastic is Harming Animals, the Planet and Us https:/…
Pit Bulls & Parolees on Animal Planet has me like 😍 Dogs are one of the best parts of life. So happy people are dedicated to saving dogs.
Eliminating animal products (meat and dairy) from our diet can not only transform our physical and mental health but also h…
Mtv don't even play music no more and animal planet barely show animals like ***
Watching The Guardians on Animal Planet. If you want to know more about what they do, here's a link to their...
I feel like I'm watching animal planet 🙈
Kinda got a thing for animal planet
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why do they call it Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet when they NEVER EVER caught anything on camera!
I am so excited!!!Just saw "Finding Bigfoot" schedule on Animal Planet. Taping 8 shows in next 2 days that I had missed within last year.
While everyone else grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I was watching National Geographic and Animal Planet.
The National Geographic channel is awesome. Like old school Discovery Channel or Animal Planet before they both sucked.
Right next to Animal Planet and National Geographic there's now a Science Channel. I may never leave the house again.
I love Planet Earth and related stuff like that, miss when National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet were filled with it
If you say you don't like Animal Planet or The History Channel then you're lying to yourself
I forgot how much I missed Jeff Corwin until he was in Animal Planet today
Growing up with wildlife shows from people like Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin was so awesome, Animal Planet was made by those guys
Animal Planet is marathoning The Jeff Corwin Experience. I miss this guy's show. He was fun.
Cecilia and I watch so much National Geographic and Animal Planet. This girl is already obsessed with animals.
Three men from take their 100-mile adventures to Animal Planet for new series [VIDEO] http…
Okay, so the Baha Men are performing Crocodile Rock, on the Animal Planet float, and STEVE'S NOT EVEN THERE. Helluva oversight.
Left the TV on Animal Planet all day. Kept waking up to stories about the Villalobos rescue center. ;u;. Yay, cute dogs.
Excited for the new live action Lion King movie AKA: Animal Planet
Filming a Monsters Inside Me show for Animal Planet yesterday & today. In Paterson NJ today. Airs in November! Scary stuff!
Terri I'm watching your Beloved Steve on Animal Planet they are showing re runs of the Croc Hunter..
Animal Planet. Why is a sick, abused dog a welcome part of your show Yukon Men? They're not men. Primates, maybe. Shame on you
Keeping the line of cellphone providers; Nextel, Sprint... Next, maybe The Cricket Cup? The races will be on Animal Planet.
Top rated animal sanctuary. Featured on Animal Planet.. They have room to expand!
It's finally here! Tune-in to Animal Planet for an all-new episode of Treehouse Masters NOW, EST/CST fans!
So sick of being sick, but thank goodness for Animal Planet's "Treehouse Masters." Even with bronchitis that show makes me smile 😊🌲
If you're not watching North Woods Law on Animal Planet right now you're doing life wrong
Animal Planet channel is okay for Grandpa and then that Dirty Grandpa commercial aired. .
Me either. There's nothing in the ocean that I need to see up close..that's what Animal Planet channel is for lol
"When we come back from commercial we take a look at the East w/ CLE and TOR..." - Molly Querim. *changes channel to Animal Planet*
Why is Miami ink on Animal Planet please
why is Miami ink showing on Animal Planet??
PHOTOS -- Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin brings his animal friends to Chapman with 'Tales from the ... -
I love watching River Monsters on Animal Planet! I am actually really excited for monster week. 😆
Help Fish or Die become a full time series on Animal Planet. . Share this post, and spread the word!
I used to watch nothing but Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, a little Cartoon Network, and Discovery Channel/Animal Planet.
Here's some more Mile Square Park lake duck action...just for you Animal Planet types
lined up there to get in. Linda watches a show on Animal Planet network where a cat behaviorist Jackson (played by Dillion Gee) bring cats &
and Animal Planet has a bunch of videos still posted :) and Ocama are living what yall watch on "The Travel Channel"+ " Animal Planet" + "Sons of Anarchy"+ *** LIFE
Fun fact: I was obsessed with Animal Planet's show "Meerkat Manor" and that's why they're my favorite animal look it
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Animal Planet: To ... via
"I'm so *** lonely not even Animal Planet does it for me anymore."
ASPCA's 'Second Chance Dogs' Premiering on Animal Planet April 16! via lotsa huskies on it this sat 9am!
Wah I'm so sick & tired of the stupid dog filter. Ya I get it you look like a dog or even like animal planet. Congratu…
Why Dog and Cat Rescue Shelters Are Taking Meat off the Menu at Fundraisers | One Green Planet
Celebrate Earth Day at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Party for the Planet from this weekend: Jimmy Cric...
Animal Planet is showing cute animals. And they are very cute
When I watch these animal videos I realize how us humans are the aliens destroying the animal's planet.
Royce will be featured on an episode of Animal Planet's TV show "Tanked" sometime later in this season!
Remember when MTV was all music, animal planet was about animals, and CNN was about news? Pepperage farm remembers
They are managed by Animal Planet, not us, so maybe is the only place reliable. :-)
I could deadass watch Discovery Channel or animal planet all day
+ I used to like animal planet and National Geographic wild more than I liked Disney and Cartoon Network
I can watch the history, National Geographic and animal planet al day.
Watching people eat on the lightrail is like watching animal planet; like a tiger eating a gazelle!
Is the Animal Planet channel just like Babestation to people into beastiality?
I liked a video Real Mermaid Caught on Camera (Seen on Animal Planet )
The search for menehune; Animal Planet filming documentary on Big Island about legendary ancestors
Celebrate Earth Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Party for the Planet
Can't wait to see the end result! I'm positive it will be beautiful. I've just watched to many Insane Pools on Animal Planet!
listen.. I don't push vegetarianism and veganism for fun. Animal agriculture is destroying the planet.
I've been at the fire station for two hours now, and so far all I've done is take a nap (which I'm not supposed to do) & watch animal planet
Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Celebrate Earth Day with Party for the Planet -
The one thing standing in the way of our health and planet, is ANIMAL AGRICULTURE. Period. Stop lying to the public!
"If Kanye and Pharrell had a baby in *** watching Animal Planet that was kidnapped and raised by the alley mechanic That'd be me."
Don't you think giving up animal products is worth it to see a happier, healthier planet? The earth is our only home, let's keep it clean.
" if you're going to leave the TV on for the dog, leave it on Animal Planet " lol ok mom
There should be a vigilante that rides across the county and erases animal abusers from the planet. I'd fund them.
Animal farming tortures animals while ruining our only planet. .
"Humans on top of food chain bc we are the smartest". *planet being destroyed by animal agr so we can have bacon*. Me: https:…
they are only adding one Sony ESPN HD and no other hd channels like Animal Planet etc. Better you switch.
Lol animal planet trolling SRK by showing empty theaters.
"Because I'm so *** lonely not even animal planet does it for me anymore."
Buy Animal Planet Forest Collectibles-Orangutan Online at Low Prices in India -
My boyfriends not allowed to watch animal planet.. He might see his ex on there!
apparently you haven't watched Snoop Dogg on Animal Planet 😂😂😂
it's about the game wardens in Maine, I think it's on the Animal Planet.
me: remember that show on Animal Planet called Meerkat Manor??? . : no bc you were the only freak that watched Animal Planet
Animal Planet is good, but the Discovery Channel is even better because Shark Week
bear from wins a Hydrant award for best supporting animal on Animal Planet channel award show.
My dog just grabbed the remote and changed the channel to Animal Planet
Watching Revenant is like watching National Geographic, Animal Planet & History Channel at the same time. Animated grizzly is t…
Yall remember when Animal Planet was *** near the best channel out
I want to travel with the Animal Planet/ Discovery Channel crews.
It lowkey upsets me that I have to watch Planet Earth on the BBC channel and not Animal Planet
River Monsters Season 8 returns on Animal Planet to explore ocean mysteries - River Monsters
Ahhh and these Bigfoot shows catch his big *** or get off Animal Planet!
When you get a text from Colleen saying that the Bake Off and Animal Planet recordings have clashed on the Sky+
Dr Jeffrey Young and SpayFirst fixing animals on Animal Planet at the Rosebud Reservation!
I stopped watching a lot of different shows after a while. My TV stays on either TLC, Animal Planet, TNT, or Cartoon Network after 9.
how has Animal Planet not done Puppy Oscars yet
I really want cable but only for Cartoon Network, Animal Planet & CNN
70. Animal Planet is the best channel on television
Today's the day! XII kicks off @ 3ET & everyone can watch with the Animal Planet free preview on now. https:…
A3 Yes! All the time! We're huge Animal Planet fans.. Pit Bulls & Parolees + Animal Cops AL DAY! lol
daghan man lain. :) HBO, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery Science, Animal Planet and many many many more
Why is Snoop Dogg narrating the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel not a thing already?
Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet my new guilty pleasure: sort of Most Haunted in woods but with more colourful cast -never find Bigfoot obvs
Discovery Communications, parent of Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, goes after more...
DON’T MISS OUT! We are back! All New North Woods Law tonight at 8/7c only on Animal Planet
Law limiting foreigners' share in Russian media to 20% takes effect: Discovery Communications (Discovery and Animal Planet channels) ...
Animal Planet: Animal Planet Network...Please remove "Yukon Men" and other programs that appear to... via
So I still see very great upcoming documentaries on Animal Planet being advertised but the channel no longer exists. Why?
Ig that's what happens when you're raised off of Disney Channel and Animal Planet 😭
Im always either watching the Food Network, Animal Planet or Cartoon Network
treehouses by Pete Nelson | Interview with Pete Nelson of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters ...
"Monsters Inside Me" mini-marathon all day today on the Animal Planet channel. Yes!
I never watch Television on weekdays 😂😂. On Sundays i watch only Cartoon Network, POGO or Animal Planet.
having issues with audio signal for certain channels: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, etc. in Ortigas Center
You never really know how amazing animals are until you watch Animal Planet or The National Geographic Channel
Well it looks like a big mud pit of Red Ants to me,i saw it on Animal Planet
Topeka child feataured on Animal Planet: According to Animal Planet, “Monsters Inside Me” is a series that “showcases everyday people...
Topeka child who got botulism to be featured on Animal Planet's 'Monsters Inside Me': A Topeka child who found…
If you watch Pit Bulls and Parolees tonight at 10pm PT Animal Planet will donate for every viewer watching to their organization. So watch!
Been watching Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet for 9 hours straight..
For every viewer, Animal Planet gives to Pit Bulls & Parolees so make sure to watch tonight @ 10/9c !
Tune into Pit Bulls & Parolees on Animal Planet and for every viewer they will donut money to this amazing shelter 🐾
Watching the special episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees; for every viewer that tunes in, Animal Planet will donate to Villalobos rescue centre!
To my near and dear...PLEASE don't forget to tune into Animal Planet and watch Pit Bulls and Parolees TONIGHT at...
You watch, Animal Planet donates. Tune into Pit bulls and Parolees now to help.
Pit Bulls & Parolees You watch and Animal Planet make a Donation! On right now! Thank You!💜🐾🐾
Man Found Over the Limit for Bass, Trout - North Woods Law - Animal Planet: via
. on the fake science hole Animal Planet is trying to dig itself out of:
Panel: Binging Losing Its Cool: ... Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel Rich Ross said at the Paley Center for Media...
I added a video to a playlist Deep Sea Discovery Giant Squid Playset by Animal Planet with King Crab
Shaq gets 'Tanked' again: A preview from Animal Planet: "Retired NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal asks Wayde King and Brett Raymer to b...
SCJ News: Animal Planet introduces world to 'Dr. Dee, Alaska Vet': Dr. Dee Thornell bought the first heated su...
Should be a special on Animal Planet.
of - keep an eye on our page for updates on new episodes coming this Fall on Animal Planet !
The animals of the planet are in desperate peril. Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.AWalker
Narnia. It has magic, bad and good and the most beautiful creatures in the animal planet. Plus, I don't mind fighting badies!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Animal planet proving the existence of mermaids
Wonder why parties like nobody else on the planet?. Look no further:
slim down as owner of tv channel ANIMAL PLANET & as Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon but Harvey was sent to until Maria Spig said
Send photo of your furbaby dressed up this Halloween with to get a chance to be on Animal Planet.
yeah but animal agriculture is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, so I'm helping the planet in the biggest and best
Photo: Squirrel is about to jump. on the
.Blood Lions is on DNA Animal Planet Taiwan 9-Dec-15. One NOT to be missed!!!
.Join the world and watch the powerful documentary exposing canned hunting in SA: DNE Animal Planet UK 2 Nov
.Please show the full length Documentary of Blood Lions on DNE Animal Planet Turkey 9-Dec-15
DNE Animal Planet Russia 9-Dec Thanks for showing Blood Lions in Russia PLEASE show the full Documentary
.Tune into DLA Animal Planet Latin 6-Dec-15 and see the appalling use of lions in SA
Share your pet costumes using for a chance to be featured on our site! >>
Cat - laziest yet most cherished animal on the planet 🐱
This is the most dangerous animal on the planet responsible for millions of deaths every year. That near is a lion!!
I just saw a cat trap and kill a huge rat. Who needs animal planet lol
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Today isn't animal planet but I'm gonna look like a panda cause of morning practice 😭🐼
The dog can, without doubt, read us better than any other animal on the planet
Worst news ever for the planet and for animal welfare...
This is the result of watching animal planet with my dad growing up
A quick reminder of exactly how impressive the largest species of animal on the planet actually is.
News Flash: every time you are bad to someone, a baby animal stops being cute. Please be nice and stop making our plane…
The Sea. Larger than land. They say less than 50% has been explored. Do mermaids exist? Planet
I'm watching another one of these "documentaries" but this time it's about mermaids animal planet wyd
Still would have loved to put her in a little bee outfit or one of those stegosaur outfits Animal Planet sells
.Thanks for screening Blood Lions on DNE Ani Planet Europe 9 Dec: please now show full length Documentary
oh snap, that stupid show Lost Tapes on Animal Planet right now, I used to watch this all the time😭😭😭
Re-watching that old Lost Tapes show from Animal Planet and realizing they use the same screeching effect for ever monster...
you need to drop out so we can start our own fishing show on Animal Planet
ORBS to conduct ghost search at railroad museum: ORBS has been featured on Animal Planet's series “The Haunted”, Bio Channel's hit se...
Now on Animal Planet "Treehouse Masters". I want to become a treehouse builder. How I gonna do that?
Discovery opts not to replace Phil Craig: Kaplan, who previously ran US cable networks Animal Planet and TLC, relocated to London on ...
Something extraordinary is coming to Animal Planet when Treehouse Masters starts up again with new…
Animal Planet show to feature Jimmy Butler's new boombox aquarium
It's never too late to have a treehouse: Last year, after watching "Treehouse Masters" on Animal Planet, a TV channel, Johnson sugges...
I watch Animal Planet's Big Cat Diary in the U.S.. I so enjoy you. Can you tell me what projects Jonathan Scott is up to?
Falcons Eagles. Its the Bird Bowl, man. This stadium is like a giant bird cage. Wouldnt surprise me if the Animal Planet w…
Whale wars is like one of the best shows on Animal Planet .
Watching Whale Wars on,Animal Planet. If you are interested in saving our whales around the world follow the Sea...
Check out Animal Planet: Dogs 101 Miniature Schnauzer by Tammy Gagne, our 3rd featured frontlist title for Fall 2015!
Whale Shark, a Descendent of the Greatest River Monster to Ever Live? | River Monsters | Animal Planet
Separating the grain from the chaff: ... “The Crocodile Hunter,” “Call of the Wildman” and “Fatal Attractions” on Animal Planet; “Ult...
Gator Boys is the best show on Animal Planet. Bondi Vet who?
Knukle Energy and the stars from Animal Planet's Pit Bulls and Parolees: via
BUY ALL THE CATS and become the Caesar Milan of cats omg Elliot Milan u can have ur own show on Animal Planet
Loro Parque, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal Planet: Por favor, liberen la... via
'Pit Bulls & Parolees' returns Sept. 19 on Animal Planet! Dog lovers should watch, the show supports a lot of Dog rescues!
Bridget's Happily Ever After Story is being featured on Animal Planet's website and shared by Pit Bulls and...
Animal Planet: Do not bring Pit Bulls and Paroles back on air via
I hate fake documentaries like this "Finding Bigfoot" in Animal Planet. No one will ever be so stupid to believe that.
Ellis Library Set for Re-Launch: ... and domestic and international Discovery Channels and Animal Planet), the programs have been see...
PSA: watch "Treehouse Masters" on Animal Planet (for some reason). Pete the treehouse builder is the king of goobers
"I'm Pete Nelson and treehouses are my life." Now there's no way I'm not gonna watch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet.
John Casey & his K9s in Flight will be at the They've performed for Animal Planet, ESPN, NBC + more
Canada's annual 'commercial seal hunt' is the biggest marine animal hunt on the planet, during which the government allows the killing of
and with donations help build a nano brewery at Buckley's with Animal Planet...
I been watching animal planet all day
Animal planet was like the first 48 back in the day 😂😂
I was thinking more like animal planet
animal planet, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel is better than BET
@ the eight other people watching the cat live stream on animal planet's website, I want to be your friend
Bollywood music for new Animal Planet show on India's wildlife - The Hindu: A new multi-lingual song by Bollywood music composers Mee...
Bollywood music for new Animal Planet show on India’s w ... -
Theres this documentary explained or some s on animal planet or nat geo spoken by Morgan g freeman
Does have his own show on Animal Planet now?
Poll: Worst planet? Hot or not! Best Transneptunian object and Worst Animal ***
yes, you're 100% right. But in this part of the animal planet. They don't just like the truth. We keep saying it any way!!!
Last time I saw a video like this was on animal planet
I watch animal planet with my dog bc I think it's funny
God be with her and with everyone animal nd human in pain... It's such a cruel planet.. No? Just testing us and testing us
As it turn out, every animal on this planet already energy efficient, we must learn to apply it to our technology.
Never knew my ex is on Animal Planet w his Girlfriend 😬
She looks like an animal I seen on animal planet last night dead *** 🌚😭
Planet of the Octopuses: What Animal Species Is Most Likely to Rise Up and Overthrow Humans?.
It's simple, because there are people on this planet who will kill them willingly (or any animal for that matter)
word. Animal planet just straight up needs a new ceo or something. Someone who actually likes animals instead of people.
Infatuated w the birds I watch animal planet
Like seriously. Animal planet is trash now. They hardly ever have any sort of animal interaction in any of their shows anymore.
why do shows like "tree house masters" get aired but no more environment/animal kingdom shows like Planet Earth do?
If you hurt an animal for your own enjoyment you are the scum of the planet and I will never have a shred of respect for y…
Woke up this morning with Charles laying across my feet watching animal planet, and coop sleeping on my head.
Animal planet has --or had--a dog finder for people based on your needs/preferences and matched a dog to you.
y'all ever been to the zoo? watched Animal Planet? looked at a National Geographic magazine? read Zoobooks?
Ancient Aliens on History, Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, Reel Rivals on Weather Channel? What happened to the TV that I used to know?
Have you seen Tree House Masters on Animal Planet or Hulu?
Dave Salmoni: Tormenting Lions for TV. Animal Planet still to broadcast shows with this guy. Dave Salmoni is a...
The new season of Redwood Kings premieres Friday 10th July 9/8c on Animal Planet. Check out this exclusive...
. i watch Travel channel,History Channel, Animal Planet ,etc. and News about the world. and few cartoons,drama,sports etc. .and
Animal Planet's Dave Salmoni On Nearly Being Killed by a Tiger, in an interview in the program Larry…
What lurks in Walker County's woods? Animal Planet follows 'Patient Zero' in search for answers via
oomf trying to be the next special premiere on Animal Planet🌎
so I'm watching Finding Bigfoot on animal planet the episode is from up your way! Who knew S, Mo was so squatchy!
I love watching animal planet w my mom
They should change Finding Bigfoot to Comedy Central instead of Animal Planet bc it makes me laugh so hard... Like So realistic dude... 😂😭😂
I see this show on animal planet called "Finding Bigfoot" and I think more people would watch it if it was called "Found Bigfoot."
My dad gon sit here and turn to animal planet
Jesus H Christ. Who came up with this week's opening--a millennial Animal Planet intern? .
I was gonna apply to be a narrator on animal planet, but then I realized I'm not British, or boring, or two steps away from…
Why is everybody watching animal planet?
'Road to Puppy Bowl' is kicking off its second year of adoption events! >>
Animal Planet needs to make America's Next Top Dog Model, exact same competition but with dogs lol 😂
well, i must say BRAVO to BBC. animal planet, time magazine, Discovery Channel and many others should expose it too
I guess I can't watch animal planet anymore...
celebrating my new cat by watching animal planet with her.. She doesn't seem to be a fan
Cannot believe I just watched crocodile's mating on Animal Planet with my dad..
Okay who watched Animal Planet Zooventure back in the day??? 🐗🐯🐧
Meet one of the most dangerous animal families on the planet now on Destination Wild:
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