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Animal Man

Animal Man (Bernhard Buddy Baker) is a fictional character, a superhero in the . As a result of being in proximity to an exploding extraterrestrial spaceship, Buddy Baker acquires the ability to temporarily “borrow” the abilities of animals (such as a bird's flight or the proportionate strength of an ant).

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Man I am really on top of the cute animal pix today
How about the darkside of DC getting movies. Animal Man. Swamp Thing. Some characters from Justice League Dark. Any of it.
finished Moore's Swamp Thing and moving on to Morrison's Animal Man. this cover
Animal Man artist Steve Pugh to draw new adventures of THE FLINTSTONES: Media Release -- Writer Mark Russell (...
When I approached 'Animal Man,' I approached it as if it wasn't a reboot, a...
. I know! - tells you all about his mad upbringing here. Have you heard Animal Man? It's erm, interesting
If I was able to form a new DC Team I'd get:. -Animal Man. -Simon Baz. -Jaime Reyes . -Rocket. -Batwoman
4 of 5 stars to Animal Man, Vol. 5 by Jeff Lemire
Keep a man in a cave and he'll act like an animal, give him his freedom and he'll remember his humanity
chill! Ain't nobody's couples goals involve a man looking like he got a nest made out of a dead animal carcass on his head.
[WP] For decades man has tried to keep species from going extinct, except for one, one well known animal that we a…
I was shocked to see a soft spoken classy looking man who can be such an animal! I guess that's the fire within 😈
Why that man got blood on his shirt, someone call animal control pls
Dave Grohl is a man not a spirit animal
S.I. man arrested for cruel unlicensed wildlife trapping
Does ENDANGERED mean nothing?An animal struggling to survive due to slaughter by man
Bonnie Raitt has definitely stabbed a man, which makes her Ericka spirit animal
Stephen Marley is my spirit animal .. Or man.. Or both.
Dear thank you pointing out this hypocrisy!!.
Moose rescue gets hairy when frightened animal attacks man
when a man tells me he loves me. my spiritual animal kicks in. like...NO...RUN
These animal documentaries can get emotional man 😢
No man should ever wear animal print.
Animal Control looking for pitbull who bit man...
This is how Animal Control officers are transporting man’s best friend! Do you agree? via
If you could be half man half animal, which animal would you choose? — Bird. I want to fly for sure.
Can't believe Heath got you into Animal Collective, man. That's so rad man. That's one of my favorite bands.
STARTED WITH A STICK - man is the tool making&tool using animal -u hav 2 hav talent but the right tools help -
I have one stuffed animal that I've had since I was a few hrs old. For being a old man he doesn't look too bad yet lol
My MCM was a actual dog, I saw no difference in posting the man , or the animal so I went with the cuter one . The dog 😍
Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man is out of this world amazing
Clubber punched man still should have gone down, but I would have too, the animal deserved a kicking
The most entertaining land animal to examine is a man whose just been asked, "Notice anything new?" by a woman.
Ah. So presumably it didn't give milk most of the year? So torn by this man-animal conflict 😞
Heating pad on, hot tea on my hand, watching tv at 830pm on a Saturday night, man I'm a party animal
IF I could I would take this stick & make this Man into a roman candle🔥 NO animal on Earth deserves this
The animal rescue league has this cute bunny that looks like an old man! Please adopt him before I do
My personalty in one sentence. I am a calm man until you disrespect my women, i am a wild animal.
Aaw man. Wish there was a way to make all animal shelters no-kill.
lol chickens are wonderful man. Best animal ever 😂
Plus the animal mascot thing in the bed and breakfast episode oh man lol.
good lord man. you were aces in Animal Kingdom, but The Gift is just insanely good. it's gross you have muscles + brains.
And I'm ready for her man! (She told me he's big and F's like an animal) ;)
Filthy animal of a man beast angry mammoth boyz unite in solitude
how life has changed since I met my Goddess 😍from wild animal to her pet&now I can't live without her htt…
i'm trying man , im also up to any ideas just reply . I can do anything
Myerstown man charged with animal cruelty
Leaders of the US believe a man built a boat 3000 years ago & saved 2 of every animal from a flood but don't think there'…
Jordan reed is an animal man lets go
It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions. Mark Twain
this man is disgusting. Casually discussing his animal abuse I hate that I am related to u and I am glad I never see u
"Angel Catbird is described as a weird hybrid of Animal Man, Will Eisner's The Spirit, and Marvel's Squirrel Girl." Sign me up!
Oh man just made GoT joke, "in the animal kingdom game of thrones, you either win or you die" 😂 bruh
meets Wanting is like wanting diarrhoea💩. h…
meets Wanting is like wanting diarrhoea💩.
He bringing back the white Rb... he's a animal man
yes, very true. A genuine, decent, modest man, who was never crippled by pride or ego but was an animal on the track
Wow! Animal??? C'mon man, your mum raised you better than this. Haba!
Man if me and chewy could have a fictional animal as a pet, I'd probably choose a mogwai, yeah there's like 3 rules I got to follow...
How come a man who has lived in Nigeria all his life will now decide to call Nigeria a Zoo.. Such a person must be an animal
who ever did it is an animal not a lover, that's not cool. My man *** them well, never leaves a mark.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If dogs never existed, which animal would take its place as Man's Best Friend? — NOTHING
My new man is a snuggling machine! Never met an animal that snuggled better! Perhaps we should…
LOLYes I do! believe in animal rights don't believe man is lord over all living things. Animals have feelings
Watching home alone 2 with the lil man merry Christmas you filthy animal
I see man buying their chicks animals as xmas presents.. The animal aint just for xmas you know 😂😂
don't forget to bring your favorite stuffed animal and pack your favorite snacks in your little Spider-Man lunchbox 👶
B. J. Gupta Man is a social animal. Without society he is nothing but animal. Yet many consider themselves self made. :-)
Once upon a time I killed everybody on earth except the man most worthy to live: an obsessive-compulsive animal hoarder who heard voices.
Man is a tool-using Animal. Nowhere do you find him without tools; without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all. Woo…
I agree, the man who attacked that innocent commuter should be dubbed "The Wild Animal" of
--with the face of a ruthless animal. It was terrifying, even for the man who slaughtered countless numbers of people just--
'Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad o
A pit bull that attacked a 3-year-old boy last month has been euthanized. The unlicensed pit bull belonging to...
In this picture you can see a wild animal who is clearly chained and forced to work by"the man" n a horse named bety
Man FIGHTS monkey after the animal urinated on his motorbike
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will h...
Animal control confiscates legally blind man's pit bull after house fire
Girls that say "I need a man that can handle me". Listen you're a female not a zoo animal!
"That man was a wanted animal rapist "
"A man recovers best from his exceptional nature - his intellectuality - by giving his animal instincts a chance”
Free State man fined R4 000 for animal cruelty
Reminiscing upon my man slick. We from the jungle the grimiest animal a pig 👮🏻
Should we trust you, a man who raised an animal torturer and thought that pedophile Josh Duggar is a nice young man?
"May no man, woman, child, nor animal walk a lifetime on God green Earth and not expect to be tested"
Bears & Chargers tonight. Lightning vs. big furry mammals. I don't know if this should be on The Weather Channel or The An…
All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal.
Oh man you know when you see these fans you finna be in church for awhile
Raccoon shakes hands with a man. Photograph from Animal Clips.
You say every man a dawg but then you say you a animal lover
See the Weird Wild Animal a Man Was Entertained With in the Village (Photos)
Ray Ray Armstrong could face 7 years in prison for "taunting a police animal". They are trying to charge this man for BARKING AT A DOG!
I never thought that an Asian man would be my spirit animal
I tend to write an Animal Man played in turn by Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Idris Elba.
Free children's events on Sat, 31st October! Light Party here and Animal Man at Dawley Baptist Church.
sometimes i forget that the Wolverine is an actual animal and not just a short grumpy canadian man
Rosengren admitted he had shot the dog from 60 yards away when it was on his property.
why PM sd speak on a law breaker. This man killed a animal, now u want sympathy. u got 45 lacs go & enjoy.
Beefy Man's story is one of caution. Don't force your animal friends on roids until they're an unstoppable killing machine and turn on you.
Remember this man's face and name. He is an animal abuser. Record jail sentence for animal abuser Michael Whitelock -
it makes me sick man, gave me food poisoning back in March, animal style messed me up, I just can't look at it or eat it
Man the only animal who fouls his own nest
Minn. man charged with animal cruelty for chasing deer with his boat until it drowned
Man in Montana survives bear attack by shoving his arm down the animal's throat:
Jealous man accused of pummeling Chihuahua next to Applebee&gets animal-empathy counseling
totally agree man, I think the royals edge out the stros. I picked stros to best yanks but royals different animal. Hungry. featured in NBC s Science of Love
If you see someone being swept away or drowning during El Nino, save a life (man or animal)
What s lovely man Theoklitos Proestakis – known in the community as Takis – gave up almost everything …
MISDEMEANORS??? - Moorhead pontoon driver charged with animal cruelty in deer's drowning death via
Man rescues dumped dogs as Greek pet owners struggle to make ends meet via
Puppy snatched from homeless man by animal-rights group
I am not worried about a thing! Cause.When JESUS says YES no man, animal, thing or being can say no.
Should inner man strikebreaker thy animal spirits insurance broker actuary in order to straight a range twist?: Qqa
Man who shot neighbor's dog has animal cruelty charge dismissed - Grand Forks Herald
Narrating People's Lives: In the Aisles! (This man is my spirit animal XD) 📖 (Vine by
Man who shot neighbor’s dog has animal cruelty charge dism...
Man, I'm small with a soft voice, I'm an animal, I'm telling ya. Soft voice that got power, like Hannibal Lecter.
Homeless man wails as 'animal rights activists steal his dog via
Do we need another Fela to address this "Animal talk".. Do we need to resurrect Fela before we address this" craze man talk".. . ...
The corpse of a man who went out for some fish. He was ripped to shreds! Not like any animal marks! I swear I heard it's --
I feel like Grant Morrison's Animal Man right now. I don't want to face my own fictionality.
Grant had some great stuff once, Animal Man, Doom Patrol...
So we lose the great Manhunter/Stargirl + Arrow/Animal Man dynamics for Ivy, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and Mera? Bad trade.
The JLU team now consists of Alanna Strange, Equinox, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Poison Ivy, and Mera. If that interests you, get
Why a Poison Ivy monthly? 2. has an enviromental message; Animal Man and Swamp Thing need help.
Heck, consider the first new JLU team: Animal Man, Stargirl, Equinox, Alanna Strange, Mera, Etrigan, Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy.
the cover to Animal Man by Brian Bolland …
Foto: the cover to Animal Man by Brian Bolland
Photo: the cover to Animal Man by Brian Bolland
Comic recommendations that are not X-Men:. -Grant Morrison's Animal Man. -Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. End of list.
Mana man came from the jungle, wild animal I've never been humble
A 26-year-old man from San Francisco is facing felony animal abuse charges for starving his friend’s dog to death. htt…
When a man forget or doesn't have a clue to his history,He is reduced to the lowest form of animal,That's what they become now
If you think attending the best schs takes the animal out of a man, just take a look at FFK.
Man vs.nature. Can you see through camouflage? Test your skills and spot these hidden animals!
a religion carefully protected by elitists using the State ... that think the blacker the man the closer to animal .
Update your maps at Navteq
Chisholm man charged with animal cruelty - Hibbing Daily Tribune
can't wait. Dog may b man's best friend but Noel is best friend any animal could ever wish 4
I've used BTO ringing data with my A Level Biology students as well as some ringing field trips. Will use ringing with L3 Animal Man.
The Church sees sex as a necessary evil because it is rooted in man's version of animal nature 'the beast' which needs to be transcended
"Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them." 😔. ~ Samuel Butler
So what are we banning next?. India:Man has Sex with Injured Cow Using... via
Can't deal with SPCA adverts man. Animal abuse makes me so angry!
Arrest by police saw man explode like an animal. A MAN resisted police when they went to arrest him...
Man arrested for torturing animals he found on Craigslist
Man has Sex with Injured Cow Using Coconut Oil as Lubricant. Mash-up of all headlines we have read this week
How it SHOULD be... Alex City man sentenced to 99 years for animal cruelty charges
Earlier : Man is a Social animal. Now : Man is a Social Networking animal..
Just see how Police is dragging this man on the road as is he is an animal.
Petition | Arizona man drags pony behind his truck for miles! ‘It’s just an animal’ he told police!
My big manly man cuddling with a stuffed animal. 🐵❤
SF man faces animal abuse charges after dead puppy found
"The last thing I expect is consistency in an animal of such contrary instincts as man." - W. Somerset...
Man is a rationalizing animal, not a rational animal. ― R. A. Heinlein
San Francisco man faces felony animal abuse charges after starved, dead puppy found
It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could (cont)
Yeah! I seriously not get how can a man rape animal ?
Na craze world be dat,Na be outside- Buhari dey,Na craze man be dat, Animal in craze-man skin-i
Why Boq was tin man. Why the Glinda and Elphaba were friends. That animal teacher they had
Pervert twerking in street, little furry animal, man riding elephant, and man business suit. Which one do YOU use to buy YOUR insurance...
The dog is a Yes-animal, very popular with people who can't afford to keep a Yes-man. - Robertson Davies
Looking at the new Animal Man collections over Swamp Thing because lets face it Jamie Delano (of that period)> Alan Moore
Hmmm...Fawkes. Peter Milligan (is he still at DC?). Lemire went to some dark places on Animal Man.
I got the Animal Man omnibus from the library. Word. Grant Morrison is comic book god.
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Animal Man and Flex Mentallo, in their comments on the industry, still had something to say about the real world too though that commentary.
H Bday to "Animal Man" KIM FOWLEY. Starmaker of the RnR sewer. stayin' alive at 75.
SPEEDWAY ANIMAL RESCUE has an angel out there and his name is CALEB and this is what this fine young man did for...
Wagga man charged with animal cruelty for twice tying horses to a vehicle before driving - both animals died.
if you see a cute aquatic animal that resembles a salmon flopping around in the streets today it's me, come say hi I'm a c…
I LOVED in the 80's. George the Animal Steele, Jake the Snake, Macho Man, Earthquake. Legendary wrestlers.
Cuz u wasn't man/woman animal enough to address me yourself
Praise Arrest of Man Who Killed Four Horses: A man is charged with animal cruelty after authorities found four...
Photo: The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think. ~Aristotle
Every man wants to howl like a wolf or a lion so everyone knows he is king. He is an animal. He is an alpha.
Man is the cruelest animal. Friedrich Nietzsche RT
Man pours beer over tiger as London Zoo Lates parties get out of hand via
Man is the cruelest animal. Not enough compassion or humanity these days,too many selfish people A…
Finally got to see my man after 7+days of not seeing him. BEYOND happy...the hippogriff stuffed animal he got me ain't bad either. ☺️💞
Is this all leading to the RhodesDust brothers pulling an Animal Man on the WWE audience?
Never had to put a animal to sleep before. You were a great horse Little Man, and I know you're no longer in pain.. rest easy.
Hamilton Collection
Saw last night. Phenomenal film. why won't u admit that the cause of man made
been listening to nonstop for nearly 3 days now. Sam Smith is now my power animal + addicted to this man’s voice
Fort Wayne man sentenced in animal cruelty, additional case ..LocalNews FortWayne
William Hazlitt~ Man is a make-believe animal - he is never so truly himself as when he is acting a part.
Wagga Wagga man charged with animal cruelty after 2 horses die, 1 tied to a moving truck, the other a tree
Got tha mind of a humble yung man but act like a wild *** animal
I volunteer to be the driver who ties this *** behind my car. Man charged with animal cruelty near Wagga
how you tellin me i love it when you call me Nay Nay like man is some farm animal horse ting kmt
When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild? — Omg I can't even remember man I wanna go on a safari
agree with that one my man. Rollins is an animal
Any movie where a grown man cries or an animal dies makes me cry
bet. We gotta get up man. Dying to shoot some stuff
Conservatives have man on man and man on animal sex on their mind. What happened to just fantasizing about boobs?
Idk if this Man carrying a baby or an animal but it's movie and creeping me out.!
Got the Animal Man Omnibus by Grant Morrison. It’s huge! But I hate that cover. I don’t like monkeys.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Reading through The Last Days of Animal Man and I'm ticked at Buddy Baker right now.
Lockhart man charged with animal cruelty after death of horses - Daily Advertiser
Di man goodly leff yuh fi one animal Sam Smith..
Man pours beer over tiger as late night London Zoo parties get out of hand
Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey ..
R.I.P James Garner.Such a lovely man I had the pleasure of working him in 1989 in My Name Is Bill W with James Woods. http:…
What separates man from animal is that we can change the nature of our minds..
I could see Doom Patrol inhabiting a similar place as Lemire's Animal Man, the weird edges of the DC Universe.
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Doom Patrol is fun dada superheroics, Animal Man and Flex Mentallo are more serious deconstructions of the form.
I love The Invisibles but it's an acquired taste. He made his rep with Doom Patrol and Animal Man.
Coming Wednesday- reserve your copy today! JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED COMICS (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Mike McKone In Canada, the team of Animal Man, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and Stargirl is joined by Adam Strange to fight an unstoppable forced called the Unimaginable. This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.
Interview with chatting about the Animal Man run and looking ahead at Justice League United
Here's a look at some of the new comics coming out this Wednesday, 3/19/14! Dark Horse B.P.R.D. *** on Earth the Vampire Slayer Season 10 -- The Slayer is back in a brand new season! Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows 5) Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Force War 5) Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy 6) DC American Vampire: Second Cycle -- After a year hiatus, Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones are back! Like your vampires scary, not sparkly? This one is for you! Animal Man -- Final issue! Batman '66 and Aquaman -- Batman teams up with the king of the seas! Batwoman of Prey Lantern: New Guardians Quinn -- The craziness continues! Red Hood and the Outlaws Squad Unchained of Sin: Pandora -- Forever Evil tie-in! Wonder Woman Publishing G.I. Joe Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Jack -- The Scotsman is back! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire 3) Transformers: Regeneration One Robots in Disguise -- Continuing Dark Cybertron! Image Aphrodite IX Ghosts 6) Zero Dexter: Down Under 5) Iron Man Knights: Hulk 4) . ...
My opinion on Grant Morrison: a man whose whole writing career can be broken down into good and crap: Animal Man, Arkham: A serious place on earth, Doom Patrol and JLA =good , where as X-men, and everything he's done for DC right now=Crap
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Marvel Comics have released a preview of the second issue of All-New Invaders, from Starman writer James Robinson and Animal Man artist Steve Pugh. The issue, which is due in stores on February 5, sees Robinson doing what he does best: building a new structure within the foundation of an interconnec...
If the Sandman movie is a success do any of you think we will see lesser know DC character films? I'd like to see Swamp-Thing and Animal Man
I woke up, read Animal Man, watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, ate greasy food, watched more Curb Your Enthusiasm, and have a selection of cheesy sci-fi movies for the night lined up. I expect the rest of this year to pale in comparison.
Swamp Thing, the world has never needed your brand of swamp justice like it does now. If you need back up then Animal Man might be available. He can't be happy about the duck abuse.
Boring list alert: The best I read this year was Sweet Tooth Also good: Mind MGMT, Fatale, Saga, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, etc.
'Batman And Two-Face', 'Rogues Rebellion', 'Harley Quinn', and I'm most excited for 'Animal Man' and 'Wonder Woman'!
Reclamare Gallery and Custom Tattoo would like to invite you to come in and check out our current showcase. Timothy Green II is a California based comic book illustrator. He’s worked in the industry for over ten years. He got his start working with a French publisher and eventually found his way to DC and Marvel working on a variety of titles such as: Star-Lord, Rush City, Iron First, Ender’s Game, Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Animal Man, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Aeon Flux. To view his work please click the link to our website or come in to the gallery and see Timothy’s amazingly intricate illustrations. Current showcase: exhibited through February 2013 Reclamare Gallery 2737 Riverside Blvd Sacramento, CA 95818. We are open Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 7pm
On Gregg Hurwitz's blog. Animal Man's sales have been very solid. Guess they only want Jeff writing him.
Hi Ken! Been reading thru some old Barbelith/Nexus threads recently and saw one where you said you have some DP/Animal Man scripts...
Amy has asked me to pick something for her to read on the plane. Do I go with the first trade of Grant Morrison's Animal Man?
Reading New 52 Animal Man directly after Grant Morrison's Animal Man run. I have a feeling New 52 isn't going to contend.
Can't argue. But some great 80s stuff to seek out would be Suicide Squad, Grant Morrison's Animal Man & Peter David's Hulk.
I'm leaning towards Beast Boy would be hard to do (Animal Man instead). DarkSeid will be saved for
Batman/Superman, Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man are all good. Batwoman is really good. Wonder Woman is outstanding.
I've been interested in Animal Man (and Swamp Thing), but haven't read them yet.
buzzing for Urban Animal man, defo going to support :)
Kyle larson is a freaking animal man. What a wheelman it's stupid
Blood, whiskey, and betrayal in this month's Animal Man and Swamp Thing.
I have been reading DD, and I love it. But I would argue that Animal Man is of comparable quality (minus Rotworld).
If I had the time, I'd RP- Swamp Thing, Constantine, Animal Man, Batman, the Joker, Scarecrow, Brainiac.
The white fox is a beautiful animal man
Catching up on Animal Man the quality of this book just gets better & better. It'll be unstoppable once joins
lol, that's not a made up word , that's a real animal man ! Kml
Animal Man is my favorite superhero
and a quality story can lead to better than expected sales, ala Swamp Thing and Animal Man.
Never read this, cannot wait to buy it.
Watch & check out the tongue twisting maniac "Animal Man Gal Dem Predator" on YouTube -
Yo we need to hang out again soon because Captain Marvel. I've just finished Animal Man and am poor so need comic lending.
Scribblenauts unmasked has Justice League Dark and even animal man?! something tells me I'm gonna enjoy this game a lot
Animal Man is awesome. Very dark and intriguing. Makes you want to read more. I love the art in them both.
I still have to read Hawkeye. My oldest brother reads Swamp Thing and Animal Man. He loves em. They're his favorite heroes now.
all I got out of that story was something about an Animal Man space adventure, to which I say “shut up and take money”
this is my current pull list Batman Batwoman Animal Man Swamp Thing Justice League Dark (cont)
Characters put in the game that would likely cause me to buy the game outright are Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Black Orchid.
introduced through Animal Man or Wonder Woman (for some reason. It just sounds right).
Petition to give Animal Man his own rogues gallery. I'd sign it a thousand times.
Which was hilarious. Agreed, I'd trade him in to the non-existent Animal Man roster in a heart-beat.
Almost said he was an Animal Man villain but remembered Flash. The only Animal Man-specific villain I can think of is Morrison.
Mirror Master got kicked in the crotch by Animal Man's wife and went flying down their stairs.
Animal Man can borrow the second Mirror Master from Flash any day. I loved when those two fought.
At this rate we're going to get an Animal Man movie before WW
Animal Man & Justice League Dark, from the mind of are incredible reads month in and out. Love these titles!
Tears literally ran down my face typing that.. I love that animal man.
Currently reading Animal Man vol. 2 by Grant Morrison. It's pretty great stuff. Weird, but great.
kid is really a animal man, I know all about y'all lil ***
so much for quietly dropping Animal Man...those pages are incredible!
Animal Man interview and preview, for NEWSARAMA!
Fans of Animal Man/Swamp Thing: I seem to remember that Rotworld dragged on for too long and you could just skip it with no problem. True?
you should draw an issue of Animal Man someday.
PS: if you haven't done yet, I strongly recommend you to read Grant Morrison's Animal Man (DC Comics)
i'd give you all mine, but i suspect 'Animal Man' will be worth a few bob in the years ahead LOL
I just sang a little song about Animal Man. This is my life at 29.
In the beginning God created man..Man was lonely...So God Created animal...Man got bored..So God created woman..Man went back to animal..
I went to my shop yesterday and picked up Animal Man issue 22. Thank you & this issue was fantastic!
daredevil: born again, batman: year one, starman, saga of the Swamp Thing, runaways, animal man by Morrison
*** Lebeau is goin turn Jarvis Jones into an animal man.. Just watch
the monsters in animal man 22 are truely cringe worthy. I mean that as a total compliment.
Animal Man and Ambush Bug have now popped up in Scribblenauts SDCC previews
We go 1 on 1 with the writer behind Animal Man, Justice League Dark and Green Arrow, Comics
I'll probably get Batman,Aquaman,Phantom Stranger, Animal Man,Swamp Thing villain issues.
Update your maps at Navteq
Its the second day of activities week. Snowdon are rock climbing, bungee running, gladiator duelling and Laser tag. Bredon are in STEM including Zorbing on water, the Animal Man, Butterfly chromatography, Nanobots and F1 races. Malvern are in Art, costume design, art printing, animation, dance and drama workshops. Clent are in SMSC Pot Noodle creation, Graffiti Art, and the American Diner.
How to make a JLA movie work: Concentrate on your core franchises( Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and for argument's sake Vixen, this is my movie...) Why Vixen ? She has a powerset that's unique, she's female and she's black. I know Animal Man has the same powers roughly but we need another woman dammit. We also don't need John Stewart or any GL frankly. I would actually "Borrow" elements from the "Legends" miniseries and the justice League opening episodes. Superman has sown the distrust of superhumans with the partial destruction of Metropolis from Man of Steel and whatever transpires in the proposed sequel. A very popular firebrand T.V. Pundit, G. Gordon Godfrey with the backing of Lex Luthor, starts a smear campaign against the burgeoning superhero community as more heroes pop up everyday. Batman tracks Clark Kent down, tells him he knows he's Superman and threatens to take him out. Clark can barely wrap his head around the idea that The Batman is alive and real when they tussle and Batman ...
Wound up in a car by myself after the fireworks. I was able to read Final Crisis and half of Animal Man on...
"[Comics] hasn’t had anything approaching this since Grant Morrison’s Animal Man chickened out" Liberator …
if you haven't read it yet I urge you to do it soon. Dial H written by China Mieville and drawn by one of my favourite artists Alberto Ponticelli is THE BEST comic out there right now. I don't remember the last time I read anything like this besides some Grant Morrison epics like the issue of Animal Man with the Coyote. it is serious world-building and also can be read as a stand-alone oneshot-like issue. anyway congrats to this amazing team and thus I wonder how comics like this get cancelled. ;-(
Why isn't Animal Man in DCUO? Why has Swamp Thing such a tiny cameo? I would love to see a storyline build around The Green...
I hope all you Animal Man fans out there appreciate. what a tight pair of buns I'm giving him. Buddy Baker= Best *** in comics!
Starting with The Death and Return of Superman story in 1992-93, I've been a hardcore DC Comics fan, so much in fact, that in some circles that my name is synonmous with the company.    But lately, I just can't get behind them. It's not that the books themselves are bad--some, like Snyder's Batman and Lemire's Animal Man, are quite good. My disillusionment stems from recent decisions that have been made at the company.    Some background:   DC Comics, for as long as I can remember, has been owned by Warner Brothers. This didn't bother me--it led to some great (and not so great) movies and some truly amazing cartoons. But in 2009, Warner Brothers began to take a greater interest in DC. They rebranded the company into DC Entertainment, with DC Comics being a part of it. There were change-ups in both the business and editorial ends. Again, change is normal, and I had no problem with this. As a matter of fact, I was excited to see what would happen.   In August 2011, DC "rebooted" their entire line of c ...
By the way, thanks for the suggestion, Animal Man vol 1 purchased ^_^
the death of 'Wile E Coyote' in the original series of DC's Animal Man, haunting issue
*** RIP Carmine Infantino. With his work on The Flash, Batman, Adam Strange and Animal Man, the man *** near created The Silver Age.
that time in Animal Man when Buddy Baker was a weird lion hybrid thing
Now a twisted genetic experiment version of Wile E. Coyote has appeared in Animal Man. This comic has it ALL. Actually quite inspired.
I've heard that from a lot of people. I've only read Swamp Thing and Animal Man actually. My library is getting New52 trades soon
We've got an early look at DC's solicits for Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Constantine, Pandora, and more!
Animal Man would be killer. He and Swamp Thing could kick ***
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