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Animal House

National Lampoon's Animal House is a 1978 American comedy film directed by John Landis.

National Lampoon Stephen Furst John Belushi Dean Wormer Pearl Harbor Kevin Bacon Delta House Faber College Delta Tau Chi John Landis John Vernon Blues Brothers Bruce McGill Christmas Vacation Delta Chi Karen Allen Peter Riegert

I can attest 2 the fact that Christi never saw Animal House. FAT and stupid is no way to go through life or run a…
"Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? *** no!" (Animal House)
This week on GLT's Animal House: How to protect your dog from the highly contagious and deadly
Helpful assurance in House of Lords that our high UK farm animal welfare standards are to be upheld
Never saw Animal House??? C'Mon man! If you haven't, it's worth the 24 seconds.
T: Why did you invade Pearl Harbor?. M: That was Japan. Not us. . T: Come on, Bluto said it in "Animal House". M: Stop. T:…
My husband just asked: "Know what animal can jump higher than a house? None. A house can't jump." *Goes to burn lunch*
The "gun control" movement is virtual signaling. It is Animal Farm pigs: "2 legs good, 4 legs bad"; whi…
No animal on the planet runs faster than a dog running for a piece of food that accidentally got dropped on the floor…
I bought a used Animal crossing new leaf for my DS yesterday and the previous owner didn’t clear their save file. w…
4. Anyone saying Sessions is using some double secret probation "Animal House" BS and is actually going after Clinton is ALSO Lying.
Don't care how old they are but if my child strapped a firework to an animal they be booted out my house instantly
And Mrs Doughtfire is about stalking, Caddyshack about white supremacy, Animal House about campus...get a life.
I hate Dean Wormer. Nedermier deserved to be shot by his own men. — watching National Lampoon's Animal House
I'm switching back and forth between Erin Brockovich and Animal House. Any suggestions before schizophrenia sets in?
I had that with my dad and Animal House, he's laughing and looking over at me and I'm…
What would Karen Allen call a sequel to National Lampoon's Animal House? Was it intimidating having Joan Anderson...
Sound like Dean Wormer is trying to shut down Animal House again.🎓
I thought Eric Schneiderman was trampled near the end of 'Animal House'. Maybe I'm thinking of Eddie Haskel by mistake...
2 years probation.. not even house arrest or anything for taking a life of an innocent animal. I hate humans.
A cat welfare study for shelters, research facilities, catteries etc., who house cats in kennel environments >…
Thanks to goPuff, a new startup, you can have animal *** and BBQ Fritos delivered to your house.
Wild goat taken in prank found at house in Ullapool - The animal is thought to have been removed from a free ro...
things kids dont get anymore' was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. TOGA TOGA TOGA TOGA' ANI…
If i see ANYONE leave their animal behind when they evacuate I will save them then promptly set your house on fire🔥
a cold house. The walls are decorated with red glass. Note on the door: "You are an animal."
Another court date has been set for the former owner of the Animal House pet store in Okotoks.
are the problem. Since they only cause 20% of green house gases. It’s mainly the animal agriculture industry. They create over 51% of ...
That Irish bat video is great but let's make sure to never forget this, the Casablanca of animal-in-the-house videos
Getting prepared for Hurricane Irma. Gonna be tons of people in my house. 10 people and 7 animals maybe more animal's but not sure 😥😥😥😥
new app on at 'Animal House Design - farm games - kehou xu'
Trump Administration and Key House Republicans Push for Aerial Gunning of Grizzly Bears and Wolves
When I am at someone's house and they don't have bottled water. Am I supposed to drink Luke warm faucet water like some sa…
Chui Village, and the house of the chief which are famous for the animal trophies and the 60 married wives of the c…
SeaWorld faces MORE accusations of animal cruelty as ex-trainer makes staggering claims about how whales are treated
Our Westall House residents loved getting to see lots of different animals during their recent day at Ani…
Put the *** house up for sale and MOVE! WTAF kind of law is that? That's animal cruelty and I cannot believe tha…
Fun game ... nearly as good as scouring my house last night for a favorite stuffed animal - kids -…
Have u ever allowed a single animal to ur house,they are categorized in they will then allo…
Got a little animal lover in your house? You can start your own zoo!
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a house dropping on a animal's pinky — forever
Read about my venture into the vet industry. Thank you to and for their amazing support.
There's a really creepy stuffed animal in my old room at my mom's house and I seriously can't stand it. RIP to me
why does every animal within a 10ft radius of my house live in the walls of my bedroom?? I'm just tryna sleep but they're throwing a party.
I'm animal/house sitting, & I'm thinking they like me a little bit.
We are asking for an Animal Abuse Database! Plz sign: ✉
Animal House: Slothrust are ready to bring the ‘silly’ to Allston
Stephen Furst nearly shoots Chuck Borris at the beginning of this movie. He is playing his Animal House character in an action movie.
Ever been a white guy walking into a bar on Blue Hill Avenue? It's like the scene in Animal House at The Dexter Lake Club.
Animal House, Vegas Vacation and Christmas Vacation top 3 National Lampoons
Good Memory. Peter Riegert from Animal House was the head of the Waterfront Project, Councilman on The Sopranos.
Stephen Furst, 'Flounder' in 'Animal House,' dies at 63 - Lowell Sun Onl.. Related Articles:
Toga toga!! Introducing the movie Animal House in A tribute to the late , great, Harold Ramis. ht…
Stephen Furst, Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies: Stephen Furst, the actor who played the…
Stephen Furst, who played the character "Flounder" in the hit movie "Animal House," dies at 63.
Stephen Furst, best known for playing Flounder in 'Animal House,' has passed away.
Stephen Furst, who played hapless frat pledge Flounder in 'National Lampoon's Animal House,' has died
Stephen Furst, actor who played Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies at 63
RIP Stephen Furst, actor best known for Flounder in Animal House, but I will remember Harold in Midnight Madness
RIP Stephen Furst - known forever as "Flounder" from Animal House. Thanks for the laughter.
RIP Stephen Furst. Others are mentioning Animal House, but I'll always remember you as Harold, leader of the Blue Team…
Stephen Furst, best known for his role as Flounder in Animal House, has died at age 63.
After ANIMAL HOUSE every high school or campus comedy of the HAD to have a Flounder character, such was his influence
Sad to hear that Stephen Furst has passed away - we loved him as Vir in as well as "Animal House," "St. Elsew…
Fans and friends mourn 'Animal House' and 'Babylon 5' actor Stephen Furst who passed at 63
Be honest: did you know there was an ANIMAL HOUSE sitcom starring several of the original cast members and a young Mic…
Sad to see Stephen Furst aka Flounder in Animal House has passed away at 63 from complications due to diabetes. He was perfec…
RIP Flounder "Stephen Furst" legacy pledge from the greatest comedy movie Animal House
I always wanted to be Bluto from Animal House. In reality I was mostly Flounder. RIP Stephen Furst
Well done last night, Byron. I still maintain you are secretly Niedermayer from Animal House...
Wasn't Derek Sanderson in a movie with John Vernon (Dean Wormer fr Animal House) as his coach. Had to have been horrible.
“We have an old saүing in Delta House: don't get mad, get even.“ - Animal House
Reminds me of the scene in Animal House where Dean Wormer is reading the Delta GPAs lol. ZERO... POINT... ZERO!
As John Belushi said in Animal House, "it's not over till we say it's over, OK who'with me???"
Gotta love John Belushi from Animal House, needed that laugh at 12:15 AM.
Has there ever been a picture taken of Kris Kobach where he doesn't look like one of those guys from Omega Theta Pi in "Animal House"?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Only George Will can intelligibly navigate from Duke of Marlborough to Animal House in the same short column.
Greaek would be John Belushi in the Pearl Harbor scene from Animal House.
In the words of Kevin Bacon in Animal House: "Remain calm! All is well!" Or Leslie Nielson: "Please disperse! No…
Comey looks like he would be a member of the goody 2 shoes fraternity Omega Theta Pi in "Animal House". Self righteous smug ***
“Dead Ringer For Love” kicks off like Jim Steinman’s theme for Delta House, a 1979 TV spinoff of Animal House
triva,the frat house used in "Animal House" was the old Phi Sigma Kappa house at the University of Oregon, Eugene.
Fun is good.TM Just put a claim on that saying. Takeoff off Animal House opening scene of Faber College statue. To…
I thought blue collar America supported all those Animal House and Adam Sandler and Big Tr…
I never noticed in Animal House they put the head of the founder of Faber College on the hood of the Deathmobile
Perhaps Stork from Animal House (who was actually one of the writers, the late Douglas Kennedy).
Trump does dumb, a line from Animal House springs to mind; ESPECIALLY when his supporters are shocked
I celebrated my 15 minutes of uninterrupted bathroom time until I came out to a house that looked like Animal House me…
Thomas Edward "Tom" Hulce and wonderful Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I remember him from Animal House as Larry "Pinto" Kroger
There's an Animal House ➡️U.S. House joke here. But, it's not funny because capping or cutting health care for poor peo…
Brennan reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House-hazing
...Bruce McGill plays the sheriff in My Cousin Vinny. He was D. Day Simpson in Animal House. The things you learn at a trial.
Caddyshack, Animal House, and the Blues Brothers aren't good.
I just keep thinking of the Delta Tau Chi hearing in Animal House and them coughing *** *** at the court.
. Tues: Caddyshack. Wed: Blazing Saddles. Looks like my weekly planner in college. Animal House tomorrow?
So kind of like the Delta Tau Chi fraternity from Animal House, Iran is now on "Double-Secret Probation"!
Katy (Karen Allen) from Animal House will always have a special place in my heart. Babe and a half.
And as Bluto said in Animal House, the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
RVT Laurie Williams joins Dr. Clayton Greenway tomorrow from 10a-11a on Animal House to discuss One Health, CE, RVTs. Tune in!
I'm guilty of only watching the last 10 minutes of American Ultra so I wouldn't miss the first 10 minutes of Animal House
noticed that Animal House is available on Netflix as of 12/1. Maybe now people will FINALLY get the Pearl Harbor reference.
Babs in 'Animal House': 'Memba Her?!: Martha Smith is best known for playing the exposed Barbara Sue "Babs" Jenson…
ah Animal House. It's about time I re-visited, how about that The Blues Brothers and American Werewolf triple bill?
And I know The Blues Brother sketches were huge on SNL then & John Belushi had a cult following from Animal House, but bruh...
Let's see what's leaving netflix. A lot but nothing I care about. . What's coming in. Animal House, The Rock, Lucky Number Slevin, Cap: CW
Bob Diaco looks way too much like Neidermeyer from Animal House.
in the next 7 days your boy is seeing beach house and animal collective, turning 22 and working/voting for the first woman POTUS 💞💞
Come out tomorrow for ΑΤΩ's Puppy Pumpkin Patch at 5:00 beside the house! Admission is free and all donations will…
An older pic of a rainbow over my Animal Crossing house!
with my niece. She's an but my house isn't an animal shelter.…
1s a bit House of Cards the others a bit Animal House. Would you still vote Johnston despite his brain farts?
Ill pay someone $15 dollars to scavenge my house and find my animal crossing game
From the beginning, every U.S. president has kept some type of animal as a companion via
The worst is when you say the Pearl Harbor quote from Animal House and everyone attacks you. I have seen that a number of times.
Adorable! As a kid we once rescued a hurt sandpiper, it got loose in our house before we re-caught it and took to a…
He's the type of boy I'd make a sandwich for. Contact Tara's House Animal Rescue, Inc. to fill out an app.
. I refer you to John Belushi's character in Animal House, when it comes to guitar players
And I hope that's not because we killed off all animal species with green house gases.
Animal Abuse Committed By the Brazilian Army. Sign this Petition Here ▶ Follow us on...
Just ordered a Hyrule wall and Zelda floor from Ganon, my Animal Crossing house is gonna look great. 👍
Wallace were the winning house last term. Come to school with your play clothes on tomorrow for your Animal Fun Afternoon!
The Animal Crossing update is out, but I can't do any of the new stuff with Wisp because my house isn't fully upgraded...
Lifting floorboards searching for the animal that must have died somewhere in the house. Turns out it's Mrs H's spe…
*** pig wouldn't be up in my house. Smh. That is an animal ment to be kept outside.
Get this t-shirt today for 20% off. Use discount code Preorder20 during checkout.…
Dad: "You're staying in Ethan's dorm, I don't want this to be Animal House." . Me: "Ok but I'm wearing my COLLEGE sweatshirt."
UPDATE: the animal shelter is at my house
*** yeah...let's elect this family to the White House...said no animal lover anywhere.
May I submit Animal House and Blues Brothers for consideration
My AC makes my house smell like a dead animal so I don't use it and I only have a light on when I'm in the room. Lol
The pics R adorable. NOW please watch the video 🎥 💚 . 💥This is NOT a shelter. 💥 Memphis Animal Services = Slaughter Hou…
Learn more about the 21st Century Animal Health Academy at an Open House on Thursday, Nov. 3 at Olathe North. 6-8:30 p.m…
I know it! I keep trying to tell myself some other animal snuck into the house and did it, he's just too cute to be mad at :(
Breeding bunnies again.I've been a little (totally) negligent to the other animal sockies at Sock Monkey House...
Happy Halloween! Let your trick-or-treaters know that animal cruelty is not on the menu at your house.
The and Animal House opening had be busting out laughing in my office
Tony Stewart as John 'Bluto' Blutarsky in frat house comedy 'Animal House'
To the guy that just used Animal House and Meatballs as a reason that misogynistic jokes are okay, please don't watch Revenge of the Nerds.
imagine David Spade and Jeremy Piven in a remake of Animal House with George Clinton doing a performance for some reason
Director John Landis, Bruce McGill, and John Belushi on the set of National Lampoon's Animal House, 1978.
Frat's entertainment: why Animal House is still the king of college comedies
TOMORROW NIGHT. We're back again at Animal House (UNTZ UNTZ) from 10pm for your holiday vibes
56. National Lampoon's Animal House (1978). Keep forgetting I went to see this, it was an…
Back to School Part II National Lampoon’s Animal House (dir by John Landis)
you're the spitting image of Flounder in National Lampoon's Animal House.
It was 39 years ago we got the call for a location inquiry from re 'National Lampoon's Animal House'.
"National Lampoon's Animal House" The episodic storytelling of the film perfectly encapsulates the college experience
National Lampoon's Animal House. Which cost more than a normal screening, too.
Wait, so is showing National Lampoon's Animal House tonight? That seems like the kind of thing to get me out of the house.
On a more important note. National Lampoon's Animal House is in theaters tonight!!
Head back to campus when National Lampoon's Animal House returns to the big screen August 14 & 17 ONLY! Tickets...
And Dean Wormer of Animal House had "double secret probation"
“I call it extreme, extreme vetting."-Drumpf. Another great leader, Dean Vernon Wormer, called it "double secret probation" in Animal House.
The pic is of "Dean Wormer", Dean of Faber College in the movie "Animal House". A man hostile toward stupidity.
the signs as comedies // leo: Beverly Hills Cop, Animal House, Ghostbusters
It starts today folks! Fourth of July Weekend is finally here! Animal House all wkd! . Today at On The Rocks Cape...
The guys from Animal House leave Faber College humiliated and all end up working dead-end, minimum wage jobs.
. the Animal House frat Delta Tau Chi makes Presidents List at Faber College (legally) ~~
Hey, who's this handsome young guy from "Animal House?" It's my pal, the great actor Peter Riegert!
John Vernon was the villain this episode, so I was hoping for a Mission Impossible/Animal House crossover. Sadly, it was not to be...
Terry McAuliffe: "there's no evidence of wrongdoing" is reminiscent of Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House: "Remain calm. All is well."
Watching 'Ferris Bueller' on the big screen today really did it justice. Coming up in June: 'Ghostbusters.' August: 'Animal House.'
We got some devastating reviews on Animal House at the start.
I want to party like they do in Delta Chi on Animal House
shawshank redemption, Good will hunting, Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, Blow, Animal House lol those are some good ones
Omg thank you West wing podcast for making me realize John Hoynes was Otter in Animal House. Won't be able to unsee that now
Electronic Device Insurance
was this episode an ode to Tim Matheson? Fletch and Animal House references?
Humor's always offensive if you don't get the joke. Without offensive humor, there's no National Lampoon, Animal House, SNL...
Donations needed! Please SHARE! . Animal House shelter is currently in need of bleach...
Corey Lewandowski always reminds me of Douglas C Niedermeyer in Animal House
I guess you never watched Animal House, Google John Belushi
If you take away the "Animal House" antics, worst thing he did was snitch out his teammate for being in the room.
The slimy ghost in Ghostbusters was designed after John Belushi from Animal House lol
I'm raising money for Animal House shelter Fundraiser. Click to Donate: via
Is it just me, or does Hunt look like Jim Belushi in Animal House at the toga party?
Animal House: Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor via Did we give up when the Germans Bomber Pearl Harbor?
Same amount of people that collapse when anyone throws that "Animal House" Pearl Harbor Joke.
Start Miami Music Week off right with Bro Safari's Animal House over at !! Tickets…
Omega Theta Pi we will be the Animal House 😂
The movie "Animal House" induces nostalgia for many college grads. When I want to reminisce, I watch "The Shawshank Redemp…
thanks Jim, Phantom Bigfoot is teen fantasy but with Animal House humor and The Phantom Serial Bather of Big Beaver LOL
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I must bid some of you bitter BernieBros adieu. You're looking like Kevin Bacon at the end of "Animal House" right now.
A few others I regretfully admit I have not seen? Blue Brothers, Super Troopers, Animal House (in one sitting).
If you don't got a single animal in your house even once in your life you can't be trusted
Animal House at the Omega House-with Kevin Bacon, Pinto, and Flounder via
I'm at belinda n steves animal house in Albuquerque, NM
*** I can barely handle one animal in the house
My mom lived in my house on animal crossing & one time I sold her entire collection of blue furniture bc I needed bells, so she grounded me
All fun and games until the monkey gets a knife!
I wish there was an animal shelter in my house🙃
as much as I did enjoy Major League, I really relate to Animal House! Stripes too! ML is in comedies. (1/2)
It's ailurophile bday! The house honors his passion for animal welfare. http…
Local animal shelters house pets and update shots for free to victims.
All I have in the house is sugar free chocolate pudding and frosted animal *** Why did I do this to myself??
AWESOME! We have a too ... fun to house an animal!
A new favorite: Animal House Mashup - 2pac x Drake (Nebra) by Buell Productions on
The motion being looked at would also ask staff to explore costs of delivering animal control services in house.
so many classics from that era. Animal House, Caddyshack, Vacation, Stripes, etc
Animal control budget up and humane society exec. director in the house. Here's the background:
Animal welfare activists are looking for a house for a for
Current house in Animal Crossing. Got a Yoshi Egg, Metroid, and Super Star =D
hey guys!! remember my animal crossing house irl? turns out the design will not look exactly the same after going through stuff SO
New review on upcoming Yaww Recordings fifth release "Dance Animal EP" by
It's a shame knowing that movies like Animal House and Dirty Harry wouldn't be nearly as successful if released today thanks to SJW's.
I'm slowly turning my house into an animal sanctuary. I now have two Guinea pigs. Piggie Smalls…
Home decorating and disciplining my animal. Being a house wife is hard 💁
OK,good let's talk old school like Caddyshack, Animal House,and Stripes - None of them Academy Awards winners
Real life is great and all, but I have a three-story house with chic wallpaper and a retro clock in Animal Crossing, soo..
I've actually been checking the time because I scheduled a hangout at my house with a resident in my Animal Crossing town..
My house is a random animal haven I swear
If it's a stuffed animal and its in this house, will want it... 👑🐶💜🐒.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Gronk is the NFL's version of Bluto from Animal House" - to on
But sure, Carl Crawford came from Tampa so is bound to fail. Lazy hack line, but better than Animal House.
Tater and Hammy have just been adopted together! Best friends forever!. Animal House...
Boone! He was in the Delta Chi fraternity with Otter, Flounder & D-Day in the Animal House movie!!
Lots of the old National Lampoon movies are still good. Animal House, Vacation, Christmas Vacation, even Loaded Weapon 1
Not your father's Animal House: Upscale student apartments going in near
Today, Rachel Hunter is exactly as old as John "Dean Wormer" Vernon was the day Animal House came out: 16,956 days.
...u not only mickey-slipped and gang-raped but also...sold out Animal House creator and director John Landis TO HIS FACE
Me and with the director of Animal House, Blues Brothers, Trading Places and Thriller. John Landis https:…
If a Steven Avery biopic is ever made, Bruce McGill (D-Day from Animal House) should play Avery.
Trump is Flounder trying to appear be a rebel with Delta House in "Animal House" The dumbest affluenza candidate par excellence.
So much of the opening to Delta House, the ABC spinoff of Animal House, feels offensive on a creative level ...
Party with Animal House & The Greater Wildwood Rotary for a good cause this weekend!
OTTER! Also great closing music of the tune Animal House from Stephen Bishop.
Want to screen -kinda Animal House meets Strangers with Candy, sold me
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Movie Review, "National Lampoon's Van Wilder":. Hilarious, raunchy, and lively. Not as incredible as Animal House, though. 3 out of 4.
John Landis, who gets mentioned, is a friend of mine in Hollywood. He did the Blues Bros and Animal House films.
how much do those 80s movies owe to Animal House? Same Harvard/National Lampoon aesthetic as John Hughes?
anyone ever tell you that you look like Tom Hulce in Animal House?
or blazing saddles. What's her name on around the horn said Animal House doesn't hold up(lol) wanted to break tv
This RPI Zeta Psi watching Animal House with an RPI Alpha Sigma Chi pledge. Who'da thunk?
Sadly, Obama sounds a lot like Otter at the Delta House trial in front of Greggy and Dean Wormer at Faber College, Animal House.
Bob Moog is now doing the 2nd keynote and quoting Animal House! Love that movie!
the only one besides Payton Manning who can pull off anything 0.0 is John Blutarsky from Animal House. That's tough stuff
Mom is watching show called "Animal House." It's about shelter animals, not John Belushi.
Thank you to everyone that The Giving Tree, (Shade Tree Women's Shelter and Noah's Animal House). The event raised $260,000.
Tim brown stole that line from Ron Darling who referenced Animal House.
Axel is rockin' his way out of the shelter and into his forever home!. Animal House...
Movie fact:John Belushi of Animal House demanded every scene of the movie be filmed at Big Mouth until director Harold…
The right-wing zit is coming to a head. Think John Belushi in Animal House.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Is it a frat house if there's not a picture of John Belushi from Animal House?
You have some real Einsteins that follow you. Brilliant of Tannehill to quote John Belushi in Animal House.
If you watch the latest Nike commercial it is a riff on "Animal House" w/UofO alum athletes & Marcus Mariotta as Belushi
I love caddy shack. Animal House? not so much. saw it once, that was enough. can't quote a line from it.
it's Baghdad Bob, famous for basically saying, "nothing to see here, everything is fine." Kevin Bacon from Animal House too.
Does make me wish the Daily Show theme was like the closing song from Animal House where they'd sing about all the correspondents.
U owe group's bother Pete & Dwayne same party animal house Amy party's presidential campaign groups I am not them at all I don't know why..
Have you shown us the inside of your house in Animal Crossing yet? -
Men supporting sounds like animal supporting slaughter house. It'll only increase hate & crime against men. http:/…
If I knew where they lived I would burn down their house! People stop being lame and help your fellow man.
I'm such a respectful person when it comes to other people's house or belongings. Mom didn't raise no animal.
He says I can get a farm animal for the house but then no more dogs.. Ha ha I'll get both 😘
Today is the annual open house animal sanctuary. It's always a great event!
You can always tell when has been to my house because the unicorn stuffed animal is on my bed (she always sleeps with it)
Little and big dogs are out and about at the Prince William County Animal Shelter Open House!
I'm just trying to eat my breakfast and every animal in this house is watching me eat. I've already fed y'all!
We are setting up the photo booth for the Prince William County Animal Shelter Open House. The event is from...
oh, yes! Animal Crossing is my life! I almost paid off my house last night. Need to fish more. ;)
Marcus likes wearing togas, I do too. Let's wear them. See you tomorrow at the animal house!
Stop by at the Flannery Animal Hospital for an open house at 11:30 to come see us play!
The worst possible thing mom could do is ground me. I felt like a caged animal around the house. Plus I had three paper routes
Show your neighbor they shouldn't park their boat outside of their house by filling it with two of every animal.
"Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead," the story of the National Lampoon, Animal House & eventually SNL, is brilliant. Don't miss it
go & watch National Lampoon's Animal House or The Blues Brothers
This poor dog is the owner of a CBS News and CBS employee! Animal control has to his house several times
great Animal House reference this morning on the Reporters. 😂😂😂
I realize I'm playing too much Animal Crossing when I start making calendar entries for house visits...
there really should be an animal house ending credits for MGS5
LRT: You'd have more fun buying a second copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf than you would buying Happy House Arrest tbh
Everything from the Animal House exhibition is now up and available online!
The Prince William County Animal Shelter open house is today from 12:00pm-4:00pm. The PWSPCA will sponsor a...
Animal House's John Landis & Me - A chance meeting with the Thriller director pays off. -
still living in the world of animal house I see.
human can cover their nose or stay in house but animal cant do anything to avoid the haze! Stop torturing them u moron!
In Maine? Go to The Animal House in Damariscotta and support Piper, a young girl who, all this month is helping... http:…
she just doesn't want an animal in the house I'm likw ah
I don't know if my favorite part of the Nike/Oregon/Animal House commercial is Ashton Eaton or Joey Harrington.
.and verses on “Guilty Conscience” were inspired by the angel vs. devil scene in Animal House. http:/…
KSU is playing the role of Delta Tau Chi members in Animal House & KU is Greg Marmalard & Douglas Neidermeyer
You haven't lived until you've seen the immortal Jim Peterson, agate assassin, sing the Animal House version of Shout at UP Station.
is it like when Animal House was put on "double secret probation"?
My friends know by now that if they can't find me, I'm with the cat/dog/gerbil/animal of the house
that chip and I will only have another animal if it's a golden retriever or a 3 legged cat
Now, they're playing "stuffed animal baseball". This house gets weirder by the minute. LOL.
In a way... Animal House. Delta House gets revenge on Dean Wormer by just thrashing the parade!
Kind of reminds me of Stork from Animal House. First Friday Comedy Show .
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