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Animal Crossing

, is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo, in which the player lives in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various activities.

New Leaf Fire Emblem Tom Nook Harvest Moon Super Mario Run Stardew Valley Rune Factory Wild World Paper Mario

New Years themed event is now live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Starting today you can craft New Year’s themed furnit…
Yoko Taro’s take on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is well Yoko Taro.
Steve Canterbury, that bum, ordered me on Animal Crossing. . He had to have been playing on State time because my o…
Well I couldn’t think of a clever pun, so I had to go with Animal Crossing since it’s all the rage. I h…
Animal Crossing, Day 4:. The only food here is smoked fish and tarts. I am considering killing Apollo for variety in the m…
Yo animal crossing is ruining my life
Beau is the best villager in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Who wants to hotbox in my animal crossing camper
I have to level up the Half Pipe to five before I get the pool? Animal Crossing will own all my time soon. 😬
This new Animal Crossing game is amazing
I started a new animal crossing account because I learnt instruments are part of the cool camp
It’s triggering every time one of the animals on animal crossing call me “bro”
Tired cause I played animal crossing till 4 in the morning last night lmao
Anyone I follow on here playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and want to help out at the quarry? DM me friend code.
My top 3 favorite animals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, they always have a spot in my camp ✨🌟✨
Hi! I'm taking animal crossing commissions for $15! 🍃. -I can draw any kind of villager . -I will also draw animal crossing OC… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Your personal campsite is ready in new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 🐶🐸⛺️. Grab your fishing rod and let’s go: htt…
All I want for Christmas... is Animal Crossing for GBA
I like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp but my favourite parts are missing: pushing your neighbours to annoy them, sending the…
So I love animal crossing but here’s some room for improvements on the app :). -Walking through close furniture. -Increase f…
Play the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game on your compatible smart device!. For details, go to.
10$ Animal Crossing commissions for and Stillaplant on tumblr! If you're interested in one DM me!
animals on animal crossing: "wow I love what you've done with the place!" Uh yeah b that's the only way you'd come smh
I tried to draw Slushie in Animal Crossing's art style
My young one on animal crossing is hotter than me and that makes me sad.
I used to play animal crossing on nintendo before some of you were born. Why is everyone so pressed about it now ha
Characters in Animal Crossing are fake as *** I’m running around collecting squids and butterflies for you but you won’t…
I'm thinking of doing a short Animal Crossing Pocket Camp stream tonight. I'll have to see if I can get my phone an…
oh I found pants in animal crossing so I can quit now
[Animal Crossing flowers almost bloom about his head. He nods, but doesn’t move. I can’t lead I don’t what class you have.]
I have a duck beak in animal crossing but no pants 😭
The wifi at work won't let me on animal crossing and that's some bs
Am I hopping on the Animal Crossing train as soon as everyone is hopping off of it?
So with the Animal Crossing Hype going on...
Guess who caved and got animal crossing pocket camp...
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp villagers can provide you w/ essences & other crafting materials to help you level up in-gam…
The Holiday event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will begin tomorrow, 11/30 at 10:00 p.m. PST!
Also I just started playing that new Animal Crossing mobile game because it looked kind of mindless and now it’s past 11 and…
This guy has been playing Animal Crossing: Wild World for over 11 years with the goal of covering the whole map wit…
For anyone experiencing any error codes in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, this could be due to server influx of new player…
Whose bright idea was it to trust me in picking my camper colors by myself in Animal Crossing 😒😓
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp global launch slated for 22 November 2017 - get quality c…
Well, I never knew that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out today. I guess I can try it, because I have been wait…
Demand for Nintendo’s new mobile Animal Crossing game overloads servers
I can get the Animal Crossing mobile game a day early but I think that's why it has a lot of communication errors X…
He looks like an animal crossing character I’m trying my best but failing aha
There’s an animal crossing game app coming out Wednesday and IM STOKED
Animal Crossing on mobile drops this week
I can't wait for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to be out 💕-2
Me waiting for the 22nd so I can download animal crossing pocket
I might as well share this piece here ✨.  . Animal crossing+cuddles seem like a good plan to me tbh
Animal Crossing AND Sims mobile coming soon? I lied it’s a good day
Nintendo's next mobile game, 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' is out this week
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes to your phone on 11/22
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available on November 22nd, worldwide for Mobile Devices!
Idk how close it will be to an actual animal crossing game, but might be worth checking out.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to Android this Wednesday - Android Police
TWO days until I can play Animal Crossing all day every day!!!
Ing.Gironi Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in arrivo sul Play Store - Androidiani.… see more
I’m so excited to share this news with you… Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be coming to mobile devices worldwide on…
Me trying to think of Animal Crossing: “What’s the video game where a raccoon sells you a house?”
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Destiny 2 and Animal Crossing are literally the same game. You get things to increase friendship levels and that's it
The thing that I hope crosses over from Pocket Camp to new Animal Crossing games is the ability to straight up *design* your character.
I have side-loaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and am enjoying it. For phones there's also Neko Atsume, or Monument Valley.
I have played Animal Crossing on mobile non stop today the review is in: ur phone gonna die.
day 25: I'm excited for Halloween+mobile Animal Crossing. So here's Isabelle dressed up for the holiday! 🎃
Me when the new Animal Crossing mobile game app drops:
Animal Crossing mobile game, new Fortnite update tomorrow and Zeku character release! IM ALIVE!
Y’all really out here making fake Australian apple accounts to play Animal Crossing mobile?...i respect it
it's from the new Animal Crossing mobile game apparently
I still want a console version, but the Animal Crossing mobile game looks cute
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, out now on MOBILE devices in AUS. iOS: . Android:
I posted about upcoming mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and how similar this will be to the other titles, on
what y'all wanna bet I'm going to spend all my money on that new mobile Animal Crossing game when comes out
Oh goodie, mobile Animal Crossing! Tom Nook can finally collect debt on me for reals :D
I’m about to be playing Animal Crossing all day every day when it comes out on mobile next month!
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp convinced me to go out and buy New Leaf
Doodled myself as a cat villager in Animal Crossing! The stream will be either more New Leaf or doodles!…
Animal Crossing: New Leaf. . This game has the only good dog to ever exist. . 9/10
Nintendo Direct will showcase Animal Crossing for mobile this week
I’m just gonna pretend that there’s not an Animal Crossing game where you can pay Tom Nook real money. It doesn’t exist…
Face it... this is the only loan I'll ever be rich enough to pay off XD
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android looks better than we could have ever hoped.
Check out the official site for Animal Crossing: now to get a glimpse of life on the camp!. ►
I dunno how y’all have access to the new Animal Crossing app but I’m so happy seeing how good it looks
Animal crossing please have some non daggy clothes for sale or let us design T-shirts
I approve of this new Animal Crossing universe in which Tom Nook finally crosses over into demanding your real *** money
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available to download early before release on iOS and Android:. Here's how:
imagine if Animal Crossing on the mobile would actually be good an you could actually visit your friends without havin to jump through hoops
Also, I am so ready to have new Animal Crossing in my life!! Take all my money already Tom Nook
Ok but umm...will this Animal Crossing mobile game eventually lead to an Animal Crossing title for Switch? Bc THAT's what I want.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Now that animal crossing is mobile I know where my time is going
I can't believe no one told me there would be an Animal Crossing released for phone play. Someone really effed up.
Add me on animal crossing pocket camp
me: we all need a break from technology. we’re slaves to our phones. go outside! read a book! get -. *ANIMAL CROSSING ON M…
omg, this animal crossing mobile game looks so good - it's literally animal crossing but Tom Nook can now take your real money…
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks so good and wholesome, I'm very prepared to give Supreme Overlord Tom Nook all o…
Alright the new animal crossing game really is so good. I've spent the last two hours on it
Interact with animal friends, craft furniture items and gather your campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!
Nintendo to release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on phones in November
I want an Animal Crossing horror film where Tom Nook keeps a child prisoner with crippling debt.
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: everything you need to know about the mobile game
Did you hear the news? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released on iOS and Android in late November. h…
Here’s An Extensive Look At Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp On Android: We found out more details about Nintendo’s...
I'm one of those fans who has been waiting for years since New Leaf came out for Nintendo to confirm a new Animal Crossing, but (CONT)
Instead of Nintendo taking the idea from fans to make a new Animal Crossing game, they make a mobile version that's kinda like New Leaf...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Seeing all of the announcements about Animal Crossing coming to mobile makes me miss playing New Leaf. I wonder if my Dreamies moved...
Confession I've never played Animal Crossing so I bought New Leaf
Once upon a time, my wife and I lived inside Animal Crossing: New Leaf and wrote letters to one another.
Based on this screenshot I'm assuming the new Animal Crossing is about how only rich fat-cat Tom Nook has enough Be…
As it is, I don't. If it were an entirely new core Animal Crossing game akin to New Leaf, absolutely.
Everyone: Wow, I can't believe Animal Crossing is back. Me, still playing New Leaf in 2017: ?
I love RPGs and the like, but I think I’ve played more Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Animal Crossing fo…
And after months of addiction the Animal Crossing: New Leaf a couple of years ago, Nintendo is releasing a mobile. Just to keep me addicted.
I’ve wanted Animal Crossing to go mobile since 2013.
I've started and restarted (really just quit) Animal Crossing: New Leaf countless times. Should I try actually playing it a lot again?
So I heard the new Animal Crossing game has real-life micro transactions... maybe I should stick to New Leaf🌻
Dadgummit, that's the last thing Animal Crossing needs. Looks like I'd be better off buying New Leaf on the 3DS.
I won't be happy until someone makes an Animal Crossing app that's identical to New Leaf
sex is intimate and sacred. your body is a temple and should not be shared with someone who doesn’t like Animal Crossing.
Lol people praying for Animal Crossing shouldn't expect much when we still have zero info on the mobile project. They're gonna space it out.
*Tomorrow*. "We are proud to announce a brand-new Animal Crossing--". :D. "--Amiibo Festival sequel coming to Nintendo Swi…
What games have you played MOST? Mine are SMB1, SMB 3, Animal Crossing, Phantasy Star Online & Unreal Tournament I believe.
Animal Crossing, Super Mario Sunshine, Harvest Moon, etc. I have all of them and the actual gamecube but I'm sure I can't capture that?
Today is the 2 year anniversary of Animal Crossing: Roommate Edition!
I didn't realize how gentle and sweet the Animal Crossing: New Leaf soundtrack is.
It's been four years, just give us a new main title for Animal Crossing already.
Fan art of a few "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" characters in my style :) Caroline the Squirrel, Gruff the Goat and Ch…
Tomorrow Nintendo all I want is Animal Crossing for the Switch and a Port for smash please.. PLEASE NINTENDO
I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for **4 YEARS** and I still haven't unlocked the Police Station.
Hey Jack I was wondering have you ever played any of the Animal Crossing games? I've been playing New Leaf and its fun!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how desperate do you think I am for Animal Crossing on the Switch? 🍃
If u stay up too late in Animal Crossing it starts playing Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Nintendo has released two Animal Crossing - Happy Birthday wallpapers for Desktop & Mobile devices.
Silent Hill 2 x Animal Crossing goodness. Angela and Eddie in the works
Animal Crossing for mobile devices delayed again; now arriving in April or later
Imagining how perfect a WarioWare, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Advance Wars game would be for the Switch.
Hm... Tough call. Fire Emblem Awakening was fantastic. As was Kid Icarus Uprising. Then there's Animal Crossing...
Nintendo delays Android version of Animal Crossing to focus on Super Mario Run and Fire ... go to smarturl.…
Am I supposed to maintain my village in Animal Crossing or work on my farm in Stardew Valley??
for me, it's been PQ, SMTIV (and Apoc), Devil Survivor 2 remake, Animal Crossing, Smash, and one pokemon game.
Animal crossing: the game where it's totally acceptable to have a teddy bear as your centrepiece
I just started playing animal crossing New Leaf because my friend got me a ds for Christmas so if anyone still plays that hmu
When you want to buy a digital copy of Animal Crossing NL WB but the USD/MXN is awful.
animal crossing City Folk on the wii is just abt trying to pay off ur mortgage w help of animals and fruit on trees
Winters in animal crossing will always be the prettiest thing in any game ever
Every time I quit playing animal crossing I say to myself, you know what would be fun right now? Animal crossing
My stalker lives approx 10 Animal Crossing feet from my house tho, & like... 😑
A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. -Groucho Marx.
I'm not saying love cures all but..had a full face of acne, played animal crossing with my honey sprinkle for 10 hours,…
Thought I'd whip out the old Nintendo DS to play animal crossing and I discovered this
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I just wana go home and play animal crossing ☹️
I've been on the toilet for over an hour playing Animal Crossing.
i can't believe that I, a "law abiding" citizen, was just thieved from this is awful they even stole animal crossing from me i'm so peeved
the person who is giving me 175 Animal Crossing items is here I love spending $5
Kwento bud!! Never settle girl. He cute but he look like Tingle next to TP Link. You deserve the best 🌭 Animal Crossing > Boys 👦🏽❌
How much does animal crossing cost on the 3ds. Asking for a friend.
animal crossing, Luigi's mansion, vacuums, and ghosts
Should I play Zelda, animal crossing or watch hunter x hunter 🤔🤔
Who put this on my animal crossing 4am playlist???
Still adjusting to the 3DS. Animal Crossing neighbor advises me to get some rest. I go to the bed, and accidentally pocket it. Gone forever?
Best part about getting Gary a GameCube for Christmas is I can play animal crossing again omg
When you get addicted to puzzle league on animal crossing
I wanna hack my animal crossing New Leaf, but I can't cause my 3DS updated and hacking only supports the lower software. 😭
pls recommend 3ds games i only have three different pkmn games and animal crossing . I NEED MORE
I liked a video from Animal Crossing: WELCOME TO POOPSVIL! - PBG
I will be playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf tonight at 10:30 PM PST!
yes please! Katrina from animal crossing lineart or sketch 😍
I love animal crossing so much. Shame I get anxious about my town cleanliness instead of outfits.
I planned on cleaning my room today. But guess what I did. Played animal crossing.
i just made over 300,000 bells in less than an hour i am the animal crossing CHAMPION
"How do animal crossing everyday for me fam." -SleepyJirachi [Pokémon Channel]
Turns out que me gusta Animal Crossing.
hey what animals/personalities would u make other famous Nintendo characters in an animal crossing game ..asking for a friend
I got a DS today and im buying animal crossing tomorrow.
Let's play Animal Crossing and listen to 60's indie rock
*Boots up Animal Crossing: New Leaf after not playing that for a while now*. "Let's see what's new...". *Checks Patch Notes*. EVERYTHING!!!
An older pic of a rainbow over my Animal Crossing house!
Just ordered a Hyrule wall and Zelda floor from Ganon, my Animal Crossing house is gonna look great. 👍
You can use any of the following Zelda amiibo in the new Animal Crossing update. Not shown, but Ganondorf should still…
Animal Crossing is a wildly successful franchise because it fulfills the millennial fantasy of owning a house with a yard…
I liked a video from Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Train Tracks Murder Mystery Twin
Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem mobile games delayed for Super Mario Run
It funny I love Animal Crossing but I really miss and long for the Acre grids they used in the original game
Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on Mobile Delayed to Early 2017 Due to Super Mario Run: Nintendo has delayed ...
50 all-new amiibo cards coming to Animal Crossing on December 2nd.
New video and screenshots of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf amiibo update
Years of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon have prepared me for this moment! My first "harvest"
I swear my village is like Animal Crossing, scarecrow open garden days, a fair, a homemade ice cream stall that walks around every day😂
Also Fred Meyer is having an insane sale on Animal Crossing amibos right now, in case you live on the west coast. 🤘💕
"Also due this autumn ... is the Animal Crossing mobile game - which will be free-to-play".
Hi! Is this the Animal Crossing event? That would be happening at our Swanston St store.
Stardew Valley is coming to Wii U, which is just a better Harvest Moon. But yeah, no Animal Crossing. :(
I'm 99% sure it's draws inspiration from Animal Crossing
please don't make it a "little" LP! It's classic Animal Crossing for crying out loud! 😄
I seriously want the original animal crossing and a GameCube
And it just hit me that Ashlee is basically a snooty Animal Crossing character come to life. It all makes sense now...
Of all the things I've been doing to procrastinate, playing animal crossing isn't one of them
I might start uploading Animal Crossing NX ideas just for the *** of it. Oh wait, that idea has already been taken.
I should probably get back on Animal Crossing or I might get kicked from the forum :/
my butt, the phrase 'I strictly dab', opiates, animal crossing, citrus fruits
I can't wait until I'm 18, I'll be able to play ANIMAL CROSSING with 💜💜😂 xxx
Happy Home Designer makes me want to be an interior designer for animal's houses irl, god *** u animal crossing
Hey just watched your Steam and your new Animal Crossing video. After that i just had to buy New Leaf. Hope for the best!
they've got 2 completely different vibes & strengths. Its like comparing Animal Crossing to Harvest Moon - totally different
I liked a video from Minecraft Note Block Song Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny
Here are some Animal Crossing gals I drew as a request!
I bought a ds just to play animal crossing tbh
I'll be playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again. I'm aiming to get as much done as I can
How about Animal Crossing, which is a bit of both—tho would be much more so if we weren't already furries! X3
My Animal Crossing fantasies are coming to life!
Off to look at a house today.A HOUSE, IN WHICH TO LIVE.I am not adult enough for this, last night I played on animal crossing for 4 hours
H plays Twilight Princess HD on Wii U and I play Animal Crossing on 3DS. I enjoy this!
i just found my 3ds charger so nOW I CAN PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING AGAIN IM SO
I've lost my Animal Crossing game n I've never felt heartbreak like this
Same!! I've always wanted flower hair accessories in XIV thanks to Animal Crossing.
I want to buy a 3DS lmfao I'm such a child, but my animal crossing days are calling
oh so it's like animal crossing where you can put a flower in your room or on You *** Head
cute doggo i wanted to try drawing . never played animal crossing but isabelle. a CUTIE
I like the music from "Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruga". Kinda reminds me of animal crossing music :3
Ordered a New 3DS XL Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer edition! Can't wait to have it~ 💕
Rockin' out that animal crossing music, BABY!
I reckon I need to make a new Animal Crossing NL file
So in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Someone got fleas and it was very hard to resist going up to Isabelle and getting them deported.
Nintendo confirms Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games will be free-to-play: Ninten...
Suggest GameCube games. So far I have:. Animal Crossing. Super Mario Sunshine. Billy Hatcher. Shadow the Edgehog. Sypro: Enter the Dragonfly
Nintendo's Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games are slated for Fall 2016 release
Animal Crossing is a game that would be right at home on a mobile device. imo.
Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are a sign that Nintendo wants to make tons of money right away on the next mobile games
More apps are coming to smart devices, including Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing!
Excited about Animal Crossing coming to mobile? called it all the way back in 2013
Restarting an old Animal Crossing game for the DS. They really make you feel bad for erasing the old town. 😦
Life simulation games I should say like Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing. Not something like Civ 5 or Sim City.
you know what else would make you feel better??. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Can you do a let's play of the other Animal Crossing games the same sort of way you did New Leaf?
My Nintendo has launched in America and Europe; get 15% off Animal Crossing: New Leaf in NA
Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Fire Emblem - Awakening . Fantasy Life . Monster Hunter. Story of Seasons. all of the pokemans
I added a video to a playlist Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Day 001
WTB portable game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but that gives me more freedom in the placement of items and homes.
I liked a video Animal Crossing: Abi's adventures! (real life)
📷 Ken Jennings showcasing his son’s Animal Crossing town named my butt may be his most glorious...
Setting up for Animal Crossing: City Folk! Join Dave on more adventures?
In the year 2016 I'm watching Cloud Strife fighting for his life against a villager from Animal Crossing.
Stardew Valley is a really good mixture of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Terraria, with a little Legend of Zelda to top it off.
No, Animal Crossing did not forget it's a leap year
This Google Chrome extension that plays Animal Crossing hourly music is still the best.
I hope so. Unless a new good looking Animal Crossing or Paper Mario come out on U, I won't ever getting it.
You can do all the boring Amibo, Pokemon(IN 2016), Star Fox 64 rehashes, and Animal Crossing you want if we got a real Paper Mario game.
I wonder if Animal Crossing: City Folk becoming a Nintendo Select is an indication that there won’t be a Wii U AC.
but yeah if you like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Animal Crossing this game is like all 3 combined. Absolute madness! I love it
Strongly recommend it to anyone that likes Harvest Moon/Rune Factory (and even a bit of Animal Crossing!)
Hope y’all are looking forward to my 3 hour video where I point out the plot holes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I liked a video from Top 10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tips
this was my first Nintendo console since N64. They released Animal Crossing and Mario Golf for 3DS.
I finally changed my town tune in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s now John Farnham’s “You’re The Voice”.
Current house in Animal Crossing. Got a Yoshi Egg, Metroid, and Super Star =D
Real life is great and all, but I have a three-story house with chic wallpaper and a retro clock in Animal Crossing, soo..
I've actually been checking the time because I scheduled a hangout at my house with a resident in my Animal Crossing town..
Celeste, Blathers, Mr Resetti, and other Animal Crossing well under MSRP on Amazon: https…
does Animal Crossing count as a co-op experience? Otherwise, New Super Mario Bros. 2 would work!
I shouldn't be allowed to play Animal Crossing
Four new Animal Crossing amiibo will be joining the party on March 18.. Related Articles:
Also just a suggestion, you could use the Animal Crossing amiibo cards as portraits for decoration if you'd like :)
When you're still Tales from the Borderlands trash even in Animal Crossing
When Nurse Joy at the Pokémon center wishes you a happy birthday & your friends in Animal Crossing throw you a party 😄🎉🎉
Does anyone play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? I'd love some gameplay tips!
I think I want to get Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'm broke but it looks fun
also both Animal Crossing games (New Leaf and Happy Home Designer), Kingdom Hearts 3D, Majora's Mask, and Persona Q are good~
I wish I was playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf /: was literally about to buy a copy and now it's gone 😭 if anyones selling theirs hmu 😏
Got into Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I blame I wish I could visit other people's towns 😢
Zelda Tri-force heros do you can play with and I. Zelda remakes are a must, Fantasy life and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I think I may have gotten interested in Animal Crossing: New Leaf too. :3
I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf as an early Christmas present last week. I HAVE PLAYED SO MUCH I'm addicted now >.> But my town needs me! XD
I say this a lot, but I really do miss the Animal Crossing hype that came with New Leaf.
I've not been on Animal Crossing: New Leaf in such a long time, my town is a mess.
Kaeru just add a new friend code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf :
Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Tales of the Abyss to name a few I enjoy
Amazing 3D LOOK at Singapore's Animal Crossing. Eco-LinkSafe passage for creatures over busy highway - Click
Whoever brought animal tracks back to Animal Crossing, fight me.
. Not sure if you like Invader Zim, but the last issue had an Animal Crossing crossover panel.
Jeremy Wade is fishing for arapaima. Not sure what the issue is, they were never that hard to catch in Animal Crossing
Hello stranger can we pls be friends because I have never met anyone else who likes Animal Crossing as I do!
What happens if you don't stay alive until you're rescued from that island. Do the animals in Animal Crossing die? D:
Check out every Animal Crossing amiibo card in Series Two with our handy updated page!
DEAL ALERT: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer NEW 3DS bundle is on sale at Amazon for 10% off plus free shipping! https:…
I can't listen to Animal Crossing themes without feeling nostalgia... T_T. Used to play Wild World pretty much every day.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I guess that'd work for every game... Animal Crossing too. Tom Nook level respect.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - $21.82 (Amazon): Temporarily Out of Stock but still available for order for $21.82 at…
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now on sale for $21.82 at Amazon. Product page:
Watching # Worlds, playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf in bed while drinking chocolate milk. What a time to be alive. 😏
"If Animal Crossing: New Leaf were like a fruit salad, what type of food would Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer be and why? " Nintendooo
What happens when a husband and wife write to each other in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Everything. via
Master made an outfit like mine for her Animal Crossing: New Leaf avatar. It’s so cute!
Join us for our second Animal Crossing trading card event tomorrow from 6PM-8PM @
Should be reading two short stories for class tomorrow but I just want to play Animal Crossing HHD or watch my shows. *sigh* Responsibility.
I liked a video from Animal Crossing HHD GAMEPLAY - Build a Garden!
Share your Animal Crossing fan art on Miiverse and you could win the new game! htt…
So after opening 82 packs of NA animal crossing amiibo cards (about 4.5 cases worth), it would seem I didn't get one complete set
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