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Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan was originally a Zambian maize and cattle farmer of Scottish descent who started farming in Zambia but was forced to sell everything and move to Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 1978 due to political unrest in that country.

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From Angus Buchan. I will be addressing MPs and Christian Leaders for 20 minutes on Friday the 24th of November...
If Angus Buchan's prayers can produce a bumper potato crop, he needs to get working on rain for the Western Cape.
First thought I had was Angus Buchan rally..
Our next legend being honoured at this years awards ceremony is Angus Buchan.
I pray that You will give me a fresh touch of your Spirit; wash me in Your Living Water that I might be alive for…
Where is your friend ANGUS BUCHAN now? He is SILENT! The famers supported him but where is he now?
Was watching Pastor Angus Buchan's address on urging farmers to withdraw& desist from their hateful divisive conduct.Leadership
You, Angus Buchan, are a complete coward!. When the Israelites had to take Jericho they didn't think happy...
"The Bible doesn't say 'Come to Jesus and all your problems will be over', but He says 'I will walk with you through the fire'"-Angus Buchan
I stand in agreement with uncle Angus Buchan
Cape Town – Well-known evangelist and KwaZulu-Natal farmer Angus Buchan on Thursday called on South African...
Patricia can always contract Angus Buchan to intervene and call a real prayer meeting.
To and the real crime isn't farmer murders, but people wearing black on Monday.
Now Angus Buchan is chiming in. Apparently the humbling and the prayers on 22 April didn't take. We must do more of it. Or something.
evangelist man Angus Buchan has complained about killings of farmers in SA nobody should die like this do rite thing.
[NATIONAL]: Farmers, dont put petrol on the fire - Angus Buchan via
Angus Buchan calls on SA farmers to “exercise restraint”
The Christian way forward after a spate of farm attacks:
Farmers, don't 'put petrol on the fire' - Angus Buchan
A good message from Angus Buchan regarding the need for Christians in South Africa, and indeed the world over, to...
An honour and a privilege meeting uncle Angus Buchan yesterday at the Christian Art Dist. Conference. What a genuin…
"When men work, men work and when men pray God works "-Angus Buchan . Amen !!!
I just finished day 1 of the plan "21 Days On The Power Of Prayer By Angus Buchan". Check it out here:…
The 8th Annual Thought Leaders Summit 2017. Joining us for the Intercession Summit, we are excited to Introduce ANGU…
🙏Lord, everything around me fades & becomes as nothing as I gaze upon your wonder, grace & beauty. Amen -Angus Buch…
If you read the Bible, Jesus will become real to you. - Angus Buchan
Just got my ticket to It's time for families with Angus Buchan!You can get one too -
The root of all evil lies in these "religious leaders" who commercialize religion and make themselves God. cc: Angus…
If you love there can be no other gods in your life, only the God of Israel. Serve him wholeheartedly. -Angus…
In contrast, the Angus candidate was removed for an o…
Becoming bitter or better through suffering -- Angus Buchan
Watch Angus Buchan share a much needed message of hope and encouragement on 'Family Time'.Weekdays at 5:55 pm on GO…
only Angus Buchan can fill up that stadium.😁
Angus Buchan back again Northern Ireland @ Nutts Corner 9th Sept -
A Mid Ulster group linked to Homophobic, sexist preacher Angus Buchan are calling for people in NI to pray . In SA
"The comes a time when men have to be measured." EV ANGUS BUCHAN.
"One thing I love about God is that you always know where you stand with him." -EVANGELIST ANGUS BUCHAN.
A throwback to 2014!. By Angus Buchan. "Remember, we are always identified with the people with whom we keep...
PA System and tunes all setup for Angus Buchan at *** Books at Ballito Junction. . Bring the kiddies along!! —...
Shocked that Banff and Buchan has joined Moray, Gordon and Angus in going Tory. Question is where did it go wrong ?
Angus Buchan will be visiting CityHill Church on Sunday, 30 July 2017. Invite your friends and loved ones!
In everything we do we must not touch God's glory, always give all the glory unto God. - Angus Buchan
I have been invited to speak at a Mighty Men conference in November in South Africa with Angus Buchan. I am...
God has a bad memory...He not only Forgives our sins but Forgets them! - Angus Buchan Evangelist & Farmer
Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down - also: Angus Buchan, Malema . You can view the video here:
"If your faith doesn't cost you anything, it's worth nothing." - Angus Buchan
You are safer in the hands of the living then anywhere else on earth! -Angus Buchan
The It's Time Christian event with Angus Buchan in South Africa - the attendees…
Its not good people that goes to heaven, its BELIEVERS ~ Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan will 'extend momentum' at Amanzimtoti Mighty Men Conference
Angus Buchan to speak at Mighty Men Conference in Amanzimtoti...
Looks like the IT's TIME DVD has been released at *** books. Angus Buchan Run Run Run and get one.
Gratitude for Calvary. By Angus Buchan . "If we look at Luke 17:11-19 we will see that Jesus healed 10 lepers, but...
The most beautiful video footage of the IT's TIME event - . Angus Buchan.
Hot off the Press: Angus Buchan to speak at 2017 Mighty Men Conference in Amanzimtoti
Look at the sight after Angus Buchan rally left.
show me where Curtice says Labour could have won in Angus, Moray, Banff & Buchan, Berwic…
An Education for His amazing today. Angus Buchan was a high note and watch Trust Him, He hear…
"If your faith is costing you nothing, then it's worth nothing.". - Angus Buchan -
AMEN AAAMEM - Pastor Angus Buchan. Love his simplicity...a preacher of the word.
Prayer can change nations! . Watch Angus Buchan’s powerful event on GOD TV tonight at 7:30 pm.
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Don't worry about what people say about you, unless it's true. Angus Buchan
Do you need some soul food? Watch Angus Buchan’s spiritual talk show Koringaar now on Showmax
Angus Buchan, the farmer and preacher of Faith Like Potatoes-fame, is the presenter of the spiritual talk show...
Dear friends,. For those who would love to join, Angus Buchan will be hosting a very special tour of Israel in...
Your Heavenly Helper. by Angus Buchan, from Living a Mighty Faith. I will lift up my eyes to the hills — from...
I am so excited to be alive, because the best is yet to come — the Master is coming in all His glory. — Angus Buchan
IFSA Bless the Nation - 50 days of prayer. Day Angus Buchan
Not even Angus Buchan can save them
Scotland says no to homophobic Pastor Angus Buchan via
Angus Buchan and his Promise Keepers' "Sacred Assemblies of Divine Men" smack of freemasonry!
Very ill informed, hypocritical article by .
I would probably choose Trump, Zuma, Putin, and Mugabe all at once over Ken Ham. Then again we have Angus Buchan. We're screwed.
Angus Buchan – How you prepare for 1.7m Christians at SA’s biggest prayer meeting via
The next Angus Buchan crusade to be held at Loftus, the aim will be to raise the Bulls from the dead, and hopefully take a small collection!
One Million South Africans Gather To Pray. WHY did Media fail to report it!?.
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I liked a video 1 Million People Prayer day - It's time (Angus Buchan)
Can a prayer meeting make a nation? Good read at . If you want to go all cynical or anti Christian on me be my guest
Angus Buchan arranged a day of prayer in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Over 10 (Million people tur…
Angus Buchan . He fills up FNB one man
Bloemfontein is news: Angus Buchan prayer meeting, Zuma silenced on Workers Day, then the tragic death of Karel Schoeman, Afrikaans author
Go have your vodka. I don't even know if I saw correctly that you put it in Oros to drag Angus Buchan.
Shortly before the “It’s Time” event, CBN Africa had the opportunity to interview Angus Buchan, the man behind...
Angus Buchan, the man behind It's Time, told us that God interrupted his quiet time one day to tell him “It is time”
Dear , if you associate with that fraudster Angus Buchan you've lost my vote
This is mocking Uncle Angus & It's Time. Who do they think they are?. Angus Buchan Should Not Be Praised And Admired
There is hope. For lukewarm and unrepentant Christians. And for unbeliever. In the words of Angus Buchan, "The...
Just watching Angus Buchan I just love the simplicity of his preaching
Angus Buchan says South Africa can be saved via
A response to the Angus Buchan debate that rages below this post:. One can easily see, judging by all the...
I despise He would have 1 believe he is a peaceful man but his homophobia & misogyny talk are violent:
IT’S TIME – DIS TYD. Angus Buchan. "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and...
This is the man supports. Maimane attended Angus Buchan's massive gathering. How can Mmusi support th…
masses of people pouring in for " It's Time " National Prayer Day in Bloemfontein with Uncle Angus Buchan
I am a white male who thinks this guy is a misogynist bigot - The Gospel According To Angus Buchan | Daily Maverick
Where you part of South Africa's biggest prayer? .
There's a lot of people "christians" who is criticizing Its Time and Angus Buchan. My question to you, what have...
to 2016!. Beware of the Smooth Places. By Angus Buchan. "If you're honest with yourself, you will...
'Another criticism I have is for those who continue to agree, support, praise and admire Buchan, and other...
Queen Helen is making 's job very hard. Colonial white DA clique must go & Mmusi must disso…
An Open Letter to the DA from Concerned Secular Citizens (re Angus Buchan Meeting) - South African Secular Society
Can't help wondering why Angus Buchan wants to get 15,000 men together in the desert with only 10 shower cubicles to share…
Popular of the week | Why is the DA associating with Angus Buchan?
Oom(Uncle) Angus Buchan, His helicopter was parked around the prayer mountain. Soo many prayer warriors in one p…
Received a call this am informing us that Lewende Woord Church is inviting us to go with them to Bloemfontein to attend Angus Buchan Conf
Every single time watching Faith Like Potatoes 😢. This Angus Buchan story is too much ooh. Simple, yet not simplifying the Gospel. Trust God.
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Watch “Monday message from Angus Buchan 'The game plan'” on
On the journey of there are no half measures. It is all or nothing. Angus Buchan
From Angus Buchan. "For anyone traveling to the It's Time event from Cape Town to Bloemfontein, please see this...
White genocide plan: Afrikaanse mense gather, if we have to solicit using Oom Angus Buchan...then…
Oom Angus Buchan talking to the Pretoria church and ministry leaders at Moreleta Church this morning. IT IS TIME...
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ANGUS BUCHAN. On the 22nd April, we will have a National Day of Prayer in...
If you are interested to attend Angus Buchan in Bloemfontein I can help you with transport, accommodation and...
"The condition for a miracle is difficulty but for a great miracle is impossibility." ~Angus Buchan~ Faith Like Potatoes ...
Attention everybody, Angus Buchan is hosting a life-changing event on 22-04-17 in Bloemfontein RSA, please come join us.
Hearing Angus Buchan's testimony this morning about his heart problem while the Mighty Men Conference was on ! God heals, God is Powerful !!
Meditation. By Angus Buchan. "When we meditate we have an opportunity to digest what God is trying to tell us. I...
If we are walking in the light - obeying the Holy Spirit's leading - the devil has no place in our lives - Angus Buchan
I have read a book by Angus Buchan last year, called " is Jesus enough?" It changed my life completely.
[ON-AIR] After 7pm chats to Farmer/preacher Angus Buchan of Shalom Ministries talking about love i…
I just finished day 12 of this plan!
This inspiring true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, is set in the turbulent hills of the KZN…
Where ever Jesus went there was either riot or revival, Amen ~ Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan a mighty rushing wind - great short watch seeing the Holy Spirit move! Gives me goosebumps
I just finished day 11 of this plan!
Go out today, knowing that God is as big as you will allow Him to be-Angus Buchan
"God can do it through you, He just needs you to believe"- Angus Buchan
"Good people don't go to heaven, believers go to heaven!"- Angus Buchan
"We need to put our expectations on God"- Angus Buchan
"We need to put our expectations in the right place"- Angus Buchan
"God will never forsake you and He will never leave you. Our God is faithful"- Angus Buchan
"We don't walk by sight, we walk by faith"- Angus Buchan
"Your biggest enemy isn't the devil, it's you"- Angus Buchan
"If you can't love someone that you can see, how can you love someone that you can't see (Jesus)"- Angus Buchan
"You need to talk about where you've been so that you can lead people to where they are going"- Angus Buchan
"Why don't you make today the first day of the rest of your life!?"- Angus Buchan
"God will use anyone who says they want a new start"- Angus Buchan
"God uses failures, uneducated people and people who always make mistakes for His Glory"- Angus Buchan
"If I have no past, I have nothing to talk about"- Angus Buchan
"God will never leave us and He will never forsake us"- Angus Buchan
About to worship my King with Angus Buchan @ Christian…
At CFC church, only starts at 09h00 but 07h30 it was already packed outside. As we listen to Ps Angus Buchan.
Movie Night Saturday @ 8PM - Faith Like Potatoes - Based on the inspiring true story by Angus Buchan.
TOMORROW!. Uncle Angus Buchan will be with us for TWO services only!
You don't want to miss this weekend family!. Uncle Angus Buchan at our 9am and 6pm services, THIS SUNDAY!
Find Angus Buchan on ETV. For the full broadcast schedule, click on this link - 
mines are Angus Buchan, Theo Wolmerans and Benjamin Dube. ■ pointing RSA 2 Christ. ■ the beginning of wisdom is to fear God!♡
My Uncle Angus Buchan taught me even he was gonna wait for his girl 10years he would...guys who rush thing dont have love they have lust💯
Sacred Assembly with Angus Buchan is now available on demand -
Allie Mae Gifts have a supply of DVDs for sale of the Angus Buchan event in Maghera. If you are local and are...
The sad thing is that Pastor Angus Buchan is also labeled a homophobe when he only quoted what the bible states about this topic...
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Today as a Chuch we attended the Mighty Men's Conference in Pateley Bridge. Thank you Angus Buchan for teaching God's word to the men.
Shocked and disappointed that you saw fit to provide a platform to hate preacher Angus Buchan and his odious views. Shameful.
Watching Angus Buchan on a rerun of Praise the Lord on TBN talking about his movie "Faith Like Potatoes". Full of energy!
Excited to be helping Dad with the tents for a few days at the Mighty Men's Conference and to hear from Angus Buchan
Up to 1,400 people turned up to see controversial pastor Angus Buchan giving a talk in Kilkenny.
Preacher Angus Buchan tells crowd he can make women pregnant by prayer. Hmmm.
Meanwhile in Maghera on Tuesday - pastor Angus Buchan who says prayer can 'cure' homosexuals got his pic taken.
Silence is Darkness Pastor Angus Buchan & the silencing of dissent. Fear & Loathing in Kilkenny
South African Pastor Angus Buchan: ‘If I love my wife, she will gladly submit to me’
Piece by on Angus Buchan is brilliant.And testament to one reason why free speech matters: his own ridiculou…
Preacher Angus Buchan spoke yesterday in spite of a protest held by residents:
Well done all for taking a stand against Angus Buchan's messages of hate in Kilkenny last night!
We had a great evening with the LGBT+ community counter-acting Angus Buchan's hate speech. I am slightly...
Cllr attended the protest against Angus Buchan in Kilkenny yesterday. Read:
Some nifty reporting from of Pastor Angus Buchan's religious gathering in Kilkenny
I went to Kilkenny last night to report on Angus Buchan event. .
"The Bible is quite simply Jesus in print!" . The Bible with Grassroots Devotions by Angus Buchan is now...
Find Angus Buchan on Faith Broadcasting Network. For the broadcast schedule, click here:
If you're already enjoying the Angus Buchan app, why not download the iDisciple app for a great variety of...
Good day friends,. If you haven't seen the Angus Buchan app yet, then be sure to download it. It has tons of...
Come and meet Angus Buchan whose story is depicted in the film "Faith Like Potatoes" at the MMC UK in August. see
For more devotionals from Angus Buchan, download the iDisciple app and also get access to other sermons,...
The Bible in 366 Days for Men of Faith by Angus Buchan (2012, Paperback)
I just ordered tickets to Angus Buchan Campus Tour: University of Stellenbosch! You can order too -
Good afternoon friends,. Angus Buchan's SA Campus Tour will be starting on 27 April and is running through till...
Amazon Movie and TV Deal of the Week Description: Angus Buchan&Ordinary People: Robin Smith, Hannes...
Mighty Men Conference, Western Cape 2016. will once again host The Rite of Passage on the Saturday night during...
Angus Buchan Ministries - Shalom Trust. app I just got this app.. Love Uncle Angus! Check it out
The official Angus Buchan app is live! Follow the link to install on your device today!
off to Angus Buchan speaking at Hilsong Church :)
Dear friends,. Angus Buchan will be sharing at the CSBM Event in Cape Town on 17 March. During the evening...
People are sick and tired of theology, they want reality - Angus Buchan
It's not about the works, Jesus wants to know you - Angus Buchan
Some of us are so negative, the devil has nothing to do - Angus Buchan
Never travel alone! Jesus always sent people out two by two - Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan talking about decisions based on our relationship with Jesus
vision night with and Angus Buchan what a message what a vision
Me with the humble, anointed man of God Pastor Angus Buchan @ Jubilee Community Church
Cracking lunch with Angus Buchan and the message guys.
A big day for Message SA has arrived. In prison with Angus Buchan this morning... And then this evening. Exciting times.
"The state of your heart will determine the quality of your leadership" - Angus Buchan
For all those in the Cape Town area, Angus Buchan will be sharing at the Jubilee Community Church in Observatory,...
On this day in 1979, Angus and Jill Buchan gave their lives to Jesus. You can watch their inspirational story in...
Just realised my casual Friday outfit is a mashup between hipster and Angus Buchan.
Angus Buchan Comes to Cape Town. 17 March 2016. Venue: Hillsong at Century City. Time: 18h30 for 19h00. Speakers :...
SA in need of spiritual rain as much as physical showers -- Angus Buchan
There is lightning flashing over Navil Hill where Angus Buchan prayed for Bloemfontein for rain this morning.
Stuck on the top of Naval Hill because no one is allowed up or down until Angus Buchan has arrived. Really!! how arrogant
Tomorrow morning Angus Buchan is headed for Naval Hill Bloemfontein to pray for rain. We need rain. He needs our support in prayer.
Great Teaching on the subject of 'Prayer' by Angus Buchan
‘He is the Rainmaker’ - Angus Buchan. The event at the ‘sterre wag’/newly built reservoir in Naval... https:/…
Come of Age Angus Buchan Shot to International Attention in the Wake of the Book and Film Faith Like Potatoes. He
So amped for Angus Buchan this coming Sunday ...he always has a moving message, to carry you through the year :) love him major
"Evangelism is simply, one hungry beggar telling another hungry beggar where to find bread." - Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan from "Faith Like Potatoes" - Obedience is better than Sacri... via
Listen go ask Angus Buchan questions 17 Jan, Atlas Rd, .you might be Surprised! I dare you to!
"Service for The Lord is not about ministry, it's about spending time with God" -
We shouldn't ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit for personal gain, but so that we can bless others. (Angus Buchan)
The condition for a miracle is difficulty; for a great miracle, impossibility. ~Angus Buchan, FLP (2006)
"The Bible is full of the promises of God! The Bible is for us and not against us" -
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Angus Buchan . "But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like...
"It's time for you to live your dream, quickly time is passing us by!" -
I pray to witness a revival/crusade with Angus Buchan,Benny Hinn,Dr David Jeremiah and Joseph Prince all under 1 roof sameday I be ordained
Did you miss Angus Buchan at Victory in Joplin, MO? . Here is the video!. Enjoy..
"We need to do everything that is our disposal to win souls for Christ!" -
Andy Stanley. Joel Osteen. TD Jakes. Angus Buchan. Joyce Meyer and Chris Hill are best Audio and Book teachers for grassroot believers
"Economists, like royal children, are not punished for their errors". ~James Buchan
"If you live a life of worship the Lord Jesus Christ is prominent in your life at all times" -
This Angus Buchan's Everyday People movie is annoying me already.looks like it's going to be a white saviour black criminal narrative.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Angus Buchan this Friday @ *** Books Midlands Mall
It is the prayer of faith that moves the hand of God - Angus Buchan
"It doesn't matter what storm you're facing in life, keep trusting Jesus and He'll see you through!" -Angus Buchan
"Jesus cannot be hidden. He has more followers on earth today than 2000 years ago!" -
Starts tonight at 7 be there at 6 when the doors open up
Don't miss the chance to hear Angus Buchan tonight in Fort Smith.
Order Miche Bag Online!
ANGUS BUCHAN. TONIGHT, 7:00 P.M. HARPER STADIUM, KAY RODGERS PARK, Fort Smith, AR. (Can't wait to see you there!)
5:55 - Afrikaanse Dagstukkie. 6:00 - Focus on the Family with Angus Buchan.
So where is the extremely famous Angus Buchan during the current South African drought?!
God so desires to bless His children; all He asks is for a prayer of faith to be lifted up to Him - Angus Buchan
"If you're going through the refiners fire, you can get through it if you decide to trust The Lord!" -
Angus Buchan will be in preaching in Empangeni on Sunday 22 November. The event will be hosted on the Empangeni...
"God rewards those who diligently seek Him!" -
“The Lord says that He is no respecter of persons. He will use any man who is prepared to go all out for Him.” - Angus Buchan.
'Our God is a good God and the devil is a bad devil' Angus Buchan
"When you preach the Gospel in its entirety you'll get a reaction! Either a revival or riot!" -
If you live in the Fort Smith area, please join us at Kay Rodgers Park (Harper Stadium) to hear an awesome message from Angus Buchan Nov. 5!
What an honor and privilege to spend time with one of my mentors, Uncle Angus Buchan
"Success is failure done inside out." - Angus Buchan from the movie
*** Books in Tyger Valley will host a signing session with the famous Angus Buchan between 12h00 and 13h00 on...
The outstanding Gift that is Angus Buchan. Laughing & Crying, repentance & covenant to never compromise
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This is going to be life-changing!. We are SO excited to host author, evangelist Angus Buchan Friday Night,...
What a powerful moment to spend a little time with Oom Angus Buchan, his…
What an honor to welcome Angus Buchan to Leriba Hotel & Spa! We hope you enjoyed your stay! See u again soon!
Cape Town BOOK SIGNING: Come and meet Angus Buchan Tuesday, the 13th of October, at *** Books Tyger Valley for a... http:/…
Superb day at - Highlight to have Angus Buchan with us. Well done to all who…
I so enjoyed having lunch with Angus Buchan today. He has a heart full of passion and faith!
Life changing and challenging message preached by Angus Buchan this afternoon at World Equip.
Day 2. Angus Buchan stirred us to give our lives to spread the gospel - the good news! Inspiring!
"If we are Christ's ambassadors, we need to know what Christ taught." Angus Buchan
If you don't believe what you are preaching, how will people get saved? Angus Buchan
"The Lord doesn't want you and me to be anxious, He wants us to trust Him!" -
"There is no other God. NEVER was, NEVER will be!!! . Angus Buchan
Registration is open for this FREE event!. Author & Evangelist Angus Buchan @ Victory in Joplin, MO. Friday Night...
God of the Impossible with Angus Buchan (interview)
Angus Buchan shared the following: [Love] does not behave rudely. - 1 Corinthians 13:5a
Estimated 4000 people today at Angus Buchan on Kings College fields…
At the kings school Bryanston hornbill road to watch Angus Buchan today
Today is going to be great day☺️, I mean Angus Buchan is pulling through to my church. I see blessing pouring from heaven this afternoon 🌟
"The Lord's compassions fail not. They are new every morning." Lam. 3:22-23. Angus Buchan
I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know Who holds tomorrow -- Jesus Christ. - Angus Buchan
With Angus Buchan one of my spiritual mentors.
Good morning, two days left Sunday 16th Angus Buchan is in Bryanston’ Fourways JHB. See you there.
"If ever we needed God to intervene it is now!" -
Faith Like Potatoes ... ur faith gotta be real, u shud be able to smell it , feel it. Angus Buchan
Just 6 days to go until the Family Fun Day with Angus Buchan! Have you invited your friends & family yet? It's...
God bless you Angus Buchan sir. Its 13h25, and I just watched your grassroots teaching on faith tv. We love you sir :)
I added a video to a playlist Telling A Truth Message By Angus Buchan
I added a video to a playlist Divine Healing Message By Angus Buchan
I added a video to a playlist Angus Buchan Talking About Family
I added a video to a playlist New Born Christian Message By Angus Buchan
Breast Cancer Awareness
Angus Buchan: " For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." - Philippians 1:21...
"The power within us is the ultimate power... the power of the Holy Ghost!" -
21/07/2015 – "We must hate the sin and love the sinner" - Angus Buchan.
"Our trust comes in The Lord... it comes through Him and in Him" -
VEry Exciting having Martin Smith at the World Equip and Angus Buchan
Angus Buchan Preaches on Waiting on God &Watchmen of The House -
Angus Buchan wrote: "Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You!" - Psalm 119:11
“There is power in prayer. When men work, they work. but when men pray, God works.” ― Angus Buchan
A man of God is not swayed by circumstances or his surroundings; no, he speaks faith!!--Angus Buchan
Now is the Time A Daily Devotional By (author) Angus Buchan Now is the Time: A Daily Dev
Are you finding it hard to trust God? Watch this inspiring message from
"We are on a journey... The Lord takes us from one degree of glory to another!" -
I refuse to marry a couple where one person is an unbeliever, its hard enough when both are believers-Angus Buchan yoked!
After today's sermon try Faith Like Potatoes by Angus Buchan
Faith Like Potatoes... Firm and Tangible...!!! God bless you all...
Angus Buchan wrote: "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7. Let's commit ourselves to Christ today!
Tomorrow morning at 5 am we fly to Shalom for a meeting with Angus Buchan. Prof. Gerhard Kotze from Amazing Grace...
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