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Angie Miller

Angie Miller is a recording artist who was produced by Mickie Most in the early 1970s on his RAK Records label.

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Ugh. Spencer Lloyd and Angie Miller in the same room.. Too much perfection. 😍🔫
Angie Miller hits the blue carpet for the American Idol XIII Season Premiere Event held at Royce Hall, UCLA on ...
Making me hungry loL! Did you see Jessica Sanchez, Angie Miller, and the Carolina gal Candice Glover?
I still thunk Angie Miller should of won American Idol
Angie Miller bravely holds back her tears after finding her name on the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species List.
Glamberts! Did you see this yesterday? 'American Idol's Angie Miller: 'Adam Lambert and I instantly clicked'.
American Idol season 12 finalist Angie Miller was home in Boston when she got an early Christmas present: an offer to tour with Christian music star Michael W. Smith.
i went to tops field fair and i meet my favorite singer Angie miller
how are you and Angie miller might give me a shout out
i love Angie miller and she might give me a shout out
NO WAY!!! Surprise guest!! Angie Miller made a surprise appearance tonight!! So pumped!! I told my mom I would see her someday!!:)))
true...seeing Ms. Angie Miller in person would warm me up that's for sure!
Whoa did Angie Miller compose her original Christmas song? Great music.
Just downloaded some Christmas songs by Angie Miller and they make me happy
NO ONE can sing Halo better than Angie Miller from American Idol... Like SKN
Breast Cancer Awareness
guys Angie Miller was performing in Fargo on Thursday which is an hour away from where I live and I didn't know
Got to hang out with my friend Nicole and Angie Miller the other day! So much fun! Love these two!
I want to wish a happy 26th birthday to the lovely Angie Miller! 😉 I hope your day is fantastic and…
this is me and my favorite singer Angie miller she is so sweet
"Oh, were far apart. And i don't know where to start. So I just writing this christmas song for you" -Christmas Song by Angie Miller
Angie Miller - This Christmas Song (Lyric Video): via this is a good Christmas song
Finding out your dad went to a concert and Angie Miller was there... Only like my favorite singer ever.
Angie Miller...always recognizing God and her love for him Grateful Artist. Thank you
The final member of tonight is Angie Miller belting out Love Come Down. Have votes come down for her too?
Angie Miller: 'This Christmas Song' Lyric Video - Watch Now: Check out the new lyric video…
Ah just bought sthe deluxe package from the angie miller website! I am ooo excited!!!
Katelyn Epperly! Her and Angie Miller are my top 2 favorite girls ever on Idol!=)
works for Contestant Check out the interview here:
I wrote about the radio thing: \ Excellent. As always, it's about the money
Anyone want to see Angie Miller in concert with me on December 15th?
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When I'm weak, you carry me. Through the storm you set me free. ♫ You Set Me Free by Angie Miller —
Which singers you think have good vocals! — Angie Miller, Lara Fabian and Jessie J.
just watched catching up with angie miller. Your so sweet I just wanna cry.Your amazing! I really hope to meet you again soon!
What has been doing since Check out my interview w/ her to find out!
Angie Miller is my friend's cousin o
Hi Jason. I would like to enter into dialog regarding one of your clients. Firstly, are you Angie Miller's manager?
can you draw Jessica Sanchez or Angie Miller for me?Thank you.I would be glad if you grant my wish since you already drawn Austin
Angie Miller of 'American Idol' to perform on Salem Common Halloween night - Wicked...
Now contain yourself Mark. Im starting to really like angie miller. Couple of her songs just keep going through my head.
Celeb look a like? Angie Miller from American Idol and me when I curled my hair for once
but you are now following Angie Miller :)
i really want to follow Angie miller
no i really want to follow Angie miller
I want to follow Angie miller so badly
Who would you like to be? — Angie Miller or Haley Reinhart or Demi Lovato
My favourite people Angie Miller and Adam Lambert sing my song *teary*
I wish I had Angie Miller's legs lol 💃
hey Angie Miller would be a great model for your ads!
Ok everyone! This is from my cousin, Angie Miller! I'm so happy for her and she looks amazing in just 6...
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This would be a great name for an article, "Reading Counts? Who AR We Kidding?"
Nothing better than spending quality time with family & friends. 😊
Who was your idol b4 angie miller? — Well I have like 5 main inspirations and they always will be but they're, o...
Wow, this year I've seen 5H and Angie Miller live, and I'm seeing Demi next week, and Ari in December. The fanboy life is good over here.
I liked a video 10 Questions for Angie Miller | Interview | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
Me and just freaked because angie miller was at our work!! 😂😍❤️
Most of the good people get kicked out in the top 3: Angie Miller, Joshua Ledet, Haley (
Listening to Angie Miller "You Set Me Free" # in love with this song such a inspiration i love u Angie
I liked a video from Angie Miller and Devin Velez-Topsfield Fair
Front row seats to see Angie Miller tonight
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Angie Miller, I need some more new music, please please please...!
Watching performance of Angie Miller totally love her# watch Angie Miller We are Never Getting Back Together its amazing
Angie Miller from American Idol is here sharing her talent in worship!
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We're not here for a Angie Miller concert. Were here to praise GOD.
I was so excited to meet Angie miller
Getting to see angie miller tonight
i love this song!! :D and more so version done by angie miller!
As long as GOD is in the sky to protect Ü, there is no one on the earth who could break Ü. GOOD MORNiNG Angie Miller ")
ABCD's Awards Gala is on 11/1! Special guest Spike Lee will speak, and American Idol's Angie Miller will perform.
my favorite singer is Taylor Swift , Angie Miller , Jeff Gutt , Rachel Potter …etc:). what about you?
my friend melvin he likes American Idol's angie miller so so much yeah glad i found a partner of Angels here woots woots
Totally Team Angie ♥ ii LOVE Angie Miller she is awsim my RoleModel she's just to good
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Angie Miller really does look like Miley Cyrus(The good Miley).. Twins separated at birth
Can you do a vocal range vid for Judith Hill, Sasha Allen, Candice Glover, Angie Miller, and (
My Angie Miller playlist with all her YouTube covers & Idol performances! They're all amazing! Cant…
Listening to always makes my day better! Hopefully someday they'll play You Set Me Free by Angie Miller! :)
to Angie Miller who was a JCCS grad who went on to play and was an All-American at LSU and on the USA...
We had the gorgeous Angie Miller in our shop today who is a finalist in Miss Fife 2013!. We had the pleasure of...
Angie Miller, that white girl can sang. Watch her obliterate Beyonce's Halo.
Dear world, get ready for some Angie Miller comin' your way (well she already came but she's gonna be a BIG ★) come on bby
Titanium -- Angie Miller ft. Adam Lambert at American Idol. Really love it :)
Need to get Angie Miller on your show. You Set Me Free! American Idol winner
Letter: Angie Miller an example for others
did u know that i meet Angie miller
I have watched a great Angie miller's video.
I was watching some Angie Miller's videos on youtube
I havent taken this thing off since july 1st when I got it... Look at the writing now! Btw it said Angie Miller 😊
Angie Miller is the reason why i smile everyday.
no comparison, Miley is no Angie Miller! Have u decided on a Halloween costume yet? You could go for the Mile look!
His voice is so unique. And he seems to have such striking looks (though hard for me to judge :). He's the male equivalent of Angie Miller.
rise and shine Angie! Have a fun and blessed day ahead gorgeous. Never forget that I love you so very much Angie Miller =)
i meet Angie miller at tops field fair
Can you please play "You set me free" by Angie Miller. The beauty of the sun rising & her song = God touching your soul.
i know she is so nice i love this song by Angie miller it is called ill stand by you!
to Angie miller it was so nice meeting you!
Set me free- Angie Miller. What an amazing song.
Angie Miller got Top 3 in American Idol this past season. She's really amazing and talented =)
What's your favorite cover of angie miller? — I love them all! But I really love who you are :)
good i meet Angie miller at tops field fair
Photo: Angie Miller of Season 12 of American Idol came to see La Cage Aux Folles tonight at North Shore...
Soo, Us are good at trending about Angie Miller, but what if we give Jonathan miller and his band A trend sometime... We R Beast!
Angie Miller is amazing and killed it with that song. Don't agree with the judges AGAIN.
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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~~C.S. Lewis. DREAM BIG. ~~Angie Miller
You look like the amazing Angie Miller I don't really see what these people are talking about...
3 days til I meet Angie Miller in VIP and give her our fan book that I have over 120 letters to include! Hope she likes to read 😉
PHOTO: Angie Miller reunites with her husband at Disney World's Hollywood Studios.
I'm listening to Try by Angie Miller on
send an angel to my life... Her name is Angie Miller!!! Love you!!
Angie Miller shall be part on next . her music will be nominated & receive awards . Cant wait for this to happen!.
Song request: Titanium for Morisette or Jessica pls! I'm a fan when Angie Miller sang that in AI. Supertnx!
DEAD @ that little barb turning into a Angie Miller stan.
Angie Miller ft. Adam Lambert's version of Titanium in American Idol season 12 finale was better
Angie Miller just killed it on Idol, ,
Who is/are your favorite female artists? — Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Angie Miller, you gotta listen to their ...
Done with the three lyric videos of Angie Miller's first studio recording songs
Still making a lyric video of Angie Miller's version of Yesterday.I think this is just short.
For those who missed watching this interview,, Angie Miller on Fox Boston-
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
hundred pics of greyson :D. also jennoist, colton,angie miller,DanEmma, harmony and jennifer lawrence and josh hutcherson.Also glee and cory
"You come you come with open arms. You say I love you for who you are."-Angie Miller, You Set Me Free
hi angie miller! Me and one of my friends are one of your biggest fans! We love u ! Ur the best!
Hey anyone who ♥︎ Angie Miller on Idol and wants to send her a message DM it to cuz he’s making a fan book.
I love angie miller she rock my dark chocolate world,, ^o^
I liked a video Gabriel loves his Angie Miller!
hi angie miller! You are one of my favourite singers! Love u!
Spent my morning hardcore creeping on Angie Miller and her mother. Great way to start the day.
Who You Are by Jessie J covered by Angie Miller. Jd inget dia :)
Sandon it would be great if u will also be one of the of Angie Miller ;)
Commissioner's widow Angie Miller may apply to fill temporary post on St. Louis County Board: Angie Miller, the...
Spotted someone wearing an Angie Miller concert t-shirt in Disney World. 😊
Angie Miller is where I live. Im screaming!
Mixers directioner mahomies people who likes Angie Miller follow me I follow back just ask
Took a pic with Angie Miller last night!
Listening to Angie Miller. Never fail to captivate me.
For the love of Angie Miller let us all smile, forget about the drama & always ALWAYS remember.
Angie Miller has a tattoo. then. Lee Grane also have tattoo . :D
" No matter where life takes me, I never want to lose the people that mean the most to me." - Angie Miller
I'm only here cause Miss Angie Miller. I love her to death. Hope she's been having fun at tour. Goodnight(:
3rd and my children are the 4th. My oldest just completed his 10th. 4-H Rocks!!!
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So Angie Miller is my women crush and Emma Stone
so I saw this thing saying if you're born in February, you're crazy. well Angie Miller everybody!
When are y'all going to add Angie Miller You Set Me Free and Kree Harrison All Cried Out and 2Steel Girls Train…
I seriously could shout "I love Angie Miller" on the rooftops. There's literally no ounce of me that is kidding.
Angie Miller , one of the American Idol contestants 🎤
Still loving this! "Angie Miller and Adam Lambert Perform "Titanium" - American Idol SEASON 12" on YouTube -
I will get a special message from Angie Miller to all you when I meet her in the VIP meet and greet 🎉🎁🎉
PLEASE SIGN ANGIE MILLER! is a passionate and soulful singer! She deserves this chance to show her talent!
Gonna see my girl Angie miller singing tonight. 😍
Chapter 8 is up! Angie Miller:A soon to be mega superstar. - Chapter 8-Dedicated to on Wattpad http:/…
Dear dreamers reading this, . never lose hope, dont give up. YOU will meet Angie Miller.
So cool! Just found out I'm in a France teens magazine! 😄
We all have a dream right? Angie Miller has touched us all now lets trend and show her how much we love her! Trend
Respect for Beyonce, but I started loving the song Halo after hearing Angie Miller's version of it. ;)
that is right dream big Angie miller
You know, as cute as Aaryn and Kaitlin are.nobody this year on a TV show was as cute and talented as Angie Miller and Kree Harrison
I liked a video Angie Miller, Candice Clover, and Kree Harrison on Fox News Sacramento
if you think Angie Miller and Adam Lambert should write and record a song together.
What famous person would you like to meet? — Hollie Cavanagh, Angie Miller, and Colton Dixon
Alexz Johnson & Angie Miller are the exact same person & no one sees that but me, so whatever, but i'm right lol.
I want an Angie Miller, Ariana Grande, Jessica Sanchez, Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur, Hollie Cavanagh Poster so bad.
I wish Angie Miller performed at the shell tonight
OMG YOU LOOK LIKE ANGIE MILLER , (look her up if u dont know who she is) you're stunning! ..LOUIS
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type angie miller - you set me free it's by AngiesDreamers account on youtube
Round 3: "What two people did Angie Miller sing with at the finale?" First 4 to answer will advance, 5 will be cut.
Season 21 Final Round: How many times was Angie Miller in the bottom 2/3 the entire season? First to answer correctly wins.
Round 3: How many EXACT number of ratings does Angie Miller have for her iTunes single? First 2 to answer advance.
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.. Now it looks as though they're here… ♫ Yesterday by Angie Miller —
Wow for the past two hours I think I've been watching videos of what about tonight and angie miller.. Wow
Angie miller comes to the farms.jk it's just a dude in a dress
I really thought followed me bc I just had a new follower with Angie Miller as a name and Ang followed one person!
Just ordered my Angie Miller is my Idol bracelet! So excited for it to come in. :)
You are professional artist Angie miller
What was the last YouTube video you saw? — Angie miller - you set me free
You know that song that goes "if our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?" I think Angie Miller would do an amazing cover
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Shatter, PutItOnMe are new songs from Angie Miller herself. Outer Limit is from Hollie Cavanagh. I dunno the Girlfriend one
This is how it should be sung. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, covered by Angie Miller.
I was listening to that song on my iPod and I was reminded that it reminds me of him, plus I love Angie Miller so...
look up "You Set Me Free" by Angie Miller on YouTube. You'll see what I mean :)
Angie Miller>>>>>Miley Cyrus... That is all. I like both though. Just biased;)
Aw Angie Miller still gets chills when she watches the vid of Adam singing with her.I wouldn't just have chills..I would be dead!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, whic... — Uh. Megan miller, Angie miller, and...
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What song did Angie Miller sing the first round use hashtag when answering.
David mentioned -> RTIdol recap: A look at how Kree Harrison beat Angie Miller and at what's to come. http…
I got a 90 on my Medical Terminology quiz.yay me
Watching Jay Leno. Good to see Angie Miller and Aaron Eckhart. Going to bed soon.
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Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the World? — Hollie Cavanagh and Angie Miller:)
Using dozens of drums and percussions, a church performed one of the coolest versions of "How Gre...
The kids are asking if we have to wait a whole year until we can go again.thanks for a great week in Nags Head, Angi Watson Paulraj, Glenn Paulraj, Cindy Johnson Ford, Jennie Miller Burrell, Dan Burrell, Jack Angus Burrell, Cody Fitzwater, Shanna Usner, Olivia Usner, Wanda Marshall Usner!
thank you Susan Tate for bringing your incredible self and power house workshop to Whidbey ISLAND TODAY!!! and to all that came.Let your beautiful pelviszzz continue to glow, ignite, fly, vibrate truth,believe, LOVE, grow, and expand beyond your wildest dreams!!! I am now going to take my HOT pelvis out into the ocean float in BLISS!! Namaste to Susan:), Emily Licastro, Tim Morley, Beck Paffrath, Meredith Wetherell Knotts, Angi Weber Roberts, Lucy Pearce, Joe, and new friends~ What an incredible DAY of Aweness~
FMK Angie Miller, Hollie Cavanagh, Janelle Arthur — I refuse to answer this
Having a great time with Angie Miller man I miss her!
for Angie Miller - Never Gone FAV for Hollie Cavanagh - All the Man That I Need
Going to go shopping for graduation decoration this weekend! Hope to fine some!
Happy birthday to my best friend Angi Miller! Thanks for everything you have done for me. We have been through so much together and mad many great memories and more to come! Thanks for being a great friend to my sister too! I couldn't have asked for better maid of honors! Love you!
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Angie Miller is proud to be a Christian and she shows it! Watch her perform You Set Me Free in a church. This performance and her dedication to the Lord will send chills up your spine...
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Ok who all i coming to my Miss Wheelchair Pageant this Saturday in Ogden 7-9pm?! I need to sell you tickets before it starts!!! Love you all so stinkin much... :)
Last night, Mike Davis and I had a great time at Old Settler's in Metamora with Angi Murphy Russell and Blake while watching Jake Maurer sing his heart out back home!! Today, we are looking forward to riding somewhere with my Cousin, Doug and his wife, Connie Miller Kern. We don't have any destination! Sometimes, those are the best days!
interview with Can't wait to hear what you think! More posts to come too!
I never really saw Angie Miller as Miley Cyrus, tbh.
Same, omfg. Hah. Tbfh, I almost burnt my house when Angie Miller got eliminated.
I just watched all of Angie miller performances... SHE'S SO AMAZING! 😱
You're more than winning!I can only say that I feel honored to admire Angie Miller!
In other news, I'm obsessed with Angie Miller's voice.
"The young do not know enough to be prudent & therefore they attempt the impossible & achieve it, generation after generat…
I'm so tired of bad things happening out of no where
I absolutely hate seeing a family in pain over a loss, nobody deserves that.
but srsly I looked like Angie Miller
I felt like Angie Miller don't judge lol
American Idol Finalist Angie Miller Sings at Church ... - kool Idol video
Angie Miller with a great performance.
Angie Miller I love you so much more than my Comp teacher! Can't wait for your new songs cause I know it's going to be amazing! =D
I love the dreamers and the creator of this family! Our star Angie Miller!
Miller The sun is a beautiful burst of light that touches us all. Just like you. Thank you.
In order to get tchrs talking about what they are doing and what works - you have to give them opportunities to talk with eac…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Have you heard You Set Me Free by Angie Miller? — Yes, great song :)
It is better to look ahead and prepare then to look back and regret. ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Idk if you've heard "you set me free - Angie miller" its a great a christian song.. HE sets you free! Atleast ur bein true!!
Sorry to hear about Idol deleting the video. Maybe this will make you feel better.
August 30th better hurry because I can't wait to see Angie Miller 😬
Tomorrow I'll be filling in for the incredibly talented Angie Miller at the "to die for brunch" at Indigo Landing,...
If Angie miller doesn't win this comp ill ship myself to brazil
My textbooks have been rated unacceptable by this group of "reading experts" whom no one knows - I am so proud.
missing all my friends that r miles away Monica Miller-Helms Monieca Cupp Donna M. Cousineau Angi Mans Encinas Deborah Gulick Racquel Bencomo Janet Guevara Evie Morrow Johnson...I think of all of u often:)
1st winner of today's giveaway is Angela Miller!!! It's not letting me tag your name so I'll send ya a message! Keep watching because there is more!
do you think Angie Miller looks like Allison Harvard or it's just me?
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Congrats! Your a member of a dysfunctional family!! ( look at the first 10 people on ur chat list. NO CHEATING) Your married to: Taylor Angi But your cheating on them with: Letisha AnimeOtaku Miller Your promiscuous: Afiya Yaqoub Your druggie son (daughter): Maddie Beasley Your weird uncle is: Dalton Cox Your crazy cat lady aunt is: Danica Roberts Your firstborn grandchild is: Gregory White Your evil twin is: Ashley Henderson The family butler is: Christy McDaniel The adopted one is: Stephanie Hakimian LOL. This was 2 funny to do!!
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I have already told a few people this but in case I didn't call you or text you. I am moving to Nebraska on the 29th to go work for my uncle! and I am super pumped for this adventure that god has for me!! so Brenda John maybe we can catch some husker games? lol!
Okay... What is the noise time limit??? Cuz all I hear is frikken irritating music! It's so dayam loud echoing in my house!!! The family below us moved out so I'm pretty sure it's the family on the first floor!!! Shut it off! It's horrible! Ugh I work at 530am seriously soon I'm gonna have to start saying something!!! They constantly park in my parking n now this! Angi Miller Berger can u hear that crap?
I have phone interviews with Angie Miller and Candice Glover tomorrow. Any questions I should ask?
I am unable to find angie miller's song & make it easy for dreamer's to vote for the song!
Angie Miller needs to make more
Article about Angie Miller at last night's event
'Cry me a river - angie miller cry me chocolate milkshake 💓
Angie Miller seriously look and sounded exactly like Miley Cyrus. Are they twin or what?!
I am seriously in love with Love Came Down by Angie Miller!!! Beautiful song and such a beautiful, beautiful voice.
@ Angie miller hi Angie miller you are the cutes girl!!
Angie Miller and Candice Glover speak on stage together while attending the 2013 Women In Film’s Crystal + Lucy...
Everybody says that. ;) Just search angie miller and the song title.
She is amazing, talented, blessed, anointed and owns a powerful voice! Angie Miller! Diva
Someone just told me that i look at like angie miller. okay i will take that.
Welcome Fan # 408: Angi Miller. Welcome to the page of the place that is more than a pizza shop. We share the sorrow and the joy of our fans and know we are not ever alone in our feelings. I am so thankful that Travis brought Arron over to the shop. I enjoy my talk with them and was blessed to be able to share our pizza. Welcome Angi.
We need prayers for Konnor Compson he had bad accident Janie Sawmiller son, Angi Rodriguez. is going down on saturday, im asking if anyone is willing to help with donations, they cant stay in the hospital motel will be expensive. If anyone is willing to help out let me no thank u so much.567_279_2151 u can always mess me or text me ..Thank u sooo much for prayin.
I hate my schedule the most nkt!! Ati weekdays nko free yote na sato na sunday ndo niko buzy kama mwendawazimu, it makes it tight 4 me to go to church
I am waiting for a record.., Kree Harrison!! Angie Miller!! Burnell!!! Come on already!!
for Jessica Sanchez Fav for Angie Miller" vote for Angie (:
Yay it's Friday ... I'm off . Now to get my laundry done, get the kids all packed up for their trip to aunt Angi and Payton's house on Sunday... Dunno what I'm gunna do with out my babies for 3 whole days... 1st on the list: shower without an audience...
B.J. Daniels, Lena Diaz, Delores Fossen, Author, Elle James, Dana Marton, Julie Miller, Angi Morgan, Robin Perini, Author (Official), Aimee Thurlo & Rebecca York share some of their favorite photos. Send us yours and we'll share with all the fans.
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Darned neighborhood dog may have killed two of our ducks right in front of my son as he is screaming and trying to yank the dog off.
Love and miss you everyday Caleb Miller
Me and my baby Tyler roar and Jenna Wilson gonna be on streets from Angie Miller can someone please help us with a place :'(
Jerky will be ready Tuesday morning.
What I really need right now is a cold beer.Anyone have one they will bring me?
She's married! We had a great turn out (inbetween storms) for Brogan and Josh's wedding. We even had a bunch wait it out in their cars for the remainder of the reception (following a brief downpour). I cannot even begin to thank the people who spent hours helping us. I have to give a special mention to Judy Miller and Linda Sharpe who took this project on months ago and carried it through to completion!! Many more played a role...Garry, Molly, Cara, Zack, Glenda, Stacey, Schyler, Haley, Brittany, Cooper, Dan, Angi, Hailey, Reagan, Annie Kate, Emery, . I must say that Josh has some of the hardest working friends I have ever seen! They were there for several days collecting and setting up tables and chairs, lifting, carrying, rearranging, and cleaning up!! Brogan and Josh are certainly blessed!!
Omg our house is clean!!! Who's going to come over tomorrow or Monday for Grilling & Games?
"Angie Miller's just a lesser famous version of Miley Cyrus."
Every day, Riata & I go for walks around the fields. I find all sorts of "treasures" usually parts off tractors and other machinery. Last night I found a draft horse shoe. Brad said it had to be close to 90 years old. It had Grandpa Ernie written all over it. He had apparently run out of horse shoe nails and used a regular nail to tack it back on. Think I will clean it up and hang it above the door.
Video: americanidol: Following her elimination, Angie Miller performs “Never Gone” one last time on the Idol...
Sean Miller made me come home and watch Justin Timberlake SNL videos.
I have a thing for Demi Lovato, Angie Miller, JoJo, Hunter Hayes, and Travis Barker.
I think priorities are messed up "On May 4, the town of Beverly, Massachusetts threw a huge parade and concert for 19-year-old “American Idol” contestant Angie Miller, who made the top three in the competition. "It's a great chance to show off our fair city,” Mayor Bill Scanlon said. The city spent $31,200 on security, cleanup and other costs associated with the events," he said." " So it must have looked like an odd contrast in American values when the town of Beverly, Massachusetts then canceled its parade for Memorial Day 23 days later, a tradition for more than 100 years. Thousands turned out for the pop star, but few turn out for the heroic fallen."- author Tim Graham
Angie Miller and Kree Harrison pose for a photo together while enjoying Memorial Day weekend with a trip to Disney World on Sunday (May 26) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The American Idol finalists were joined for the fun-filled weekend by fellow top five girls contestants Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arth
Angie Miller i watch in American Idol very good llmll
Angie Miller gives a brief tour of Charleston's fifth-oldest church, the First (Scots) Presbyterian church. Another part of its long history is serving as a performance…
If Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry had a baby it would be Angie Miller
Today, don’t miss an all-new Wednesday of winners! Kelly and Michael welcome Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman, star of the new movie “Now You See Me.” Our “Winners Week” continues with the champion couple from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough. And the “American Idol” third-place winner, Angie Miller, takes the “LIVE” stage!
Angie Miller is basically the reason why I like Colton Dixon now :3
'American Idol' season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert shares what it was like to sing a duet with Angie Miller.
Adam and Angie Miller teamed up to perform "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia Furler last night’s finale of American Idol. Relive their amazing performance here:
American Idol Finale ~ Angie Miller, Adam Lambert, Jessie J – Video Dailymotion. Well, the Finale was definitely an amazing night. From Aretha Franklin slipping and telling us the winner, to Mariah Carey lip-synching her song, to Frankie Valli tearing…
Adam Lambert interview after the American Idol finale- talks working with Angie Miller via ClevverMusic
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
'Idol' finale's best: Adam Lambert lets Angie Miller shine on 'Titanium' (Video)
- Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Adam Lambert talks about his duet with Idol contestant Angie Miller backstage after the American Idol...
Believe it or not, I am both an Adam Lambert and Angie Miller fan!
His return to the stage was one of the highlights of the American Idol season 12 finale. We're talking, of course, about season eight runner-u[ Adam Lambert, who joined top three finalist Angie Miller for an emotional rendition of David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium."
Season 8 "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert dueted on Thursday night's "Idol" finale with third-place finalist Angie Miller, in what was arguably the finest performance of the entire show. That was Angie's moment, her time to shine…but afterwards, when Reality Rocks caught up with Adam backstage...
Adam Lambert performed an amazing duet of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ with American’s Idol’s Angie Miller during last night’s finale and then chatted with us backstage after the show. Adam, as a fell...
If you didn't see the American Idol Finale, here was a great moment with Angie Miller and Adam Lambert. can't get the song out of my head.
Candice Glover now at & Kree Harrison at on the singles chart Angie Miller not listed
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