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Angelina Johnson

Dumbledore's Army (or D.A. for short) is a student organisation in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series that is founded by the main characters, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, in order to stand up against the regime of Hogwarts High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, as well as to learn practical Defence Against the Dark Arts.

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Boris Johnson is largely toothless. And that’s just how Theresa May likes it | Martin Kettle
Johnson's decision to pull out of trip a 'gross miscalculation' : & He is also too https:/…
ia can we put Angelina Johnson in there too she always sounded to me like she would kick *** also I belie…
.Agree in principle but sensitive situations need tact + diplomacy. Neither are skills possessed by Johnson
The most interesting Harry Potter relationship is George Weasley & Angelina Johnson. JK Rowling is playing us without that background info
Celebrity culture has an impact on health but is it good or bad?
Our this week is the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Angelina Johnson!
I would love Angelina Jolie, Sam Taylor-Johnson, or Gina Prince-Bythewood to tackle this film. I think Jolie would…
Happy 32nd Birthday, Tiana Benjamin! She portrayed Angelina Johnson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
This is what Pitt gets for hooking up with a certified loon. Who the *** would trust Angelina Jolie with yo…
Alright but let's talk about how George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and named their son Fred.
I was in a HP rp guild & everyone was fighting over Katie Bell and I picked Angelina Johnson instead bc who tf cares. We had to do homework.
."Lynton Crosby is the soul of kindness + sweetness" said Boris Johnson ... Struth ! In a parallel universe maybe 😞
also ... Angelina Johnson with a girlfriend
George never truly got over Fred's death, but he eventually married Angelina Johnson
My partner and I killing it at the Andre Johnson toy drive! We are in the Christmas spirit!! How cute is he ❄️🎄
The Andre Johnson Toy Drive was a humbling and AMAZING experience this morning! 🎁He made several dreams come true for the…
We had so much at the 9th annual shopping spree with Andre Johnson and some very special Houston kiddos! 🎁🛍🎄
Boris has walked away from the scene of his unforgivable crime and left others to clear up the mess
alright prove me wrong. When you guys are still rocking when Angelina graduates lmk 😂👊🏼
Must Read: Adam Johnson to leave this mansion for a tiny jail cell
Angelina Johnson is our lovely this week!.
"1 week to the Chilcot Report findings,Hilary Benn and Alan Johnson both voted in support of Iraq War.
."Science minister? I don't think Jo knows a thing about science" Johnson Sr.
.Read earlier Murdoch backing Johnson for leader. Two vile Aussies for the price of one
."Lynton Crosby is the soul of kindness + sweetness" Boris Johnson ...
Boris Johnson's column in the Telegraph next Sunday will explain how we can win the European Championships, while still ha…
⚡ Boris Johnson: "Britain is part of Europe and always will be".
Shorter Boris Johnson: we can be in the EU without being in the EU. Also, would you like to buy a unicorn?
Boris Johnson has progressed from being a national laughing stock... to making his nation a laughing stock.
"As Johnson takes the Quaffle — Flint alongside her — poke him in the eye, Angelina! — it was a joke, Professor, it was a…
Today's post for is me as Roxanne Weasley George Weasley and Angelina Johnson's daughter.
Why are people saying that the Harry Potter movies are racist bc there aren't many poc? Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson, Cho Chang...
Professor Trelawney, Hermione Granger, and Angelina Johnson walk into a bar together and meet up with Waldo...punch line to come later.
On the 1-year anniversary of the day he kicked a child, Boris Johnson trucked a child
"And the Quaffle is taken immediately by Angelina Johnson of Gryffindor - what an excellent Chaser that girl is, and rather attractive, too"
How is Dwayne Johnson better paid than Angelina Jolie?
I love Johnson he is just so funny 😂😂😂
I could be wrong, but there's a small possibility that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren't going to invite the...
Do George and Angelina Johnson have a child?
And Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell became illegal Quidditch coaches on the DL, and Hermione was on the board of directors.
no they said that about Angelina Johnson
and he called angelina angelica and Bertha jorkins bertha Johnson
in loving memory of Angelina Jolie. she ain't dead, i just love remembering her
George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and had two kids named Fred and Roxanne.
Sometime after the George married Angelina Johnson, and the couple had two children: Fred and Roxanne…
Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Alicia Spinnet, for showing us girls rock at quidditch too!
Wasn't that one of the chasers? Angelina Johnson or Alicia Spinnet?
We NEVER thought would say this about
Johnson and I just made a vine ha we're viners
We did NOT expect this from OK, maybe a little:
Sam Taylor-Johnson, 47, who directed the steamy film, to be released February 13, admits working with author E...
George Weasley married his Quidditch teammate Angelina Johnson. They had two children, Fred and Roxa
Sam Taylor-Johnson on her grapples with E. L. James and Angelina's sweet note
Sam Taylor-Johnson on clashing with E.L. James on set and Angelina's good luck letter | Stylist Magazine
Sam Taylor-Johnson on her on set clashes with E. L James and her kind note from Angelina Jolie
East's Desmond Johnson flexin' on West in the early going.
Cancel all your plans - we have the first full scene from of Grey
*Still recovering. The tripping can't be helped.* Angelina Johnson scores, ten points to Gryffindor!
Why I Wore the Shirt | The MMQB with Peter King - via Moving story of one NFL player on…
Angelina you are high key one of my fave Johnson accounts💖🙈
*** does angelina Jolie have to do with this kook
What if there was a movie with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Danny Trejo, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt😵😍👌
Praying for Nathan Johnson's Proj...this is supernaturally inspiring! .
this bc sweaty Johnson is the best kind of Johnson
Beverly Johnson is an angel. Black women are angels. We don't deserve you.
Daisy Johnson always looked too much like Maria Hill to me, when she wasnt drawn as Hackers Angelina Jolie. I need more comic nerd followers
i like my short blondes like Hayden Panettiere and Shawn Johnson but then I like my Angelina Jolie's and Jennifer Lawrence's
That's him! Found this on Allmuisc. It's about all there is. I like discovering artists
My first crush growing up was Amy Jo Johnson. Now I'd take an attitude like Angelina Jolie when she played Mrs. Smith
Just uploaded a new vine with Young Matterson and Jacobi Johnson. Go check it out if you know space math.
I def woulda kicked it with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan. And Angelina Johnson cuz we're the only Black girls at Hogwarts.
+ Lee Jordan, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Blaise Zabini, Angelina Johnson. Not nearly a diverse cast, but I had to.
Hopefully, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan won't be committing the same mistake as what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did.
Angelina Jolie Megan fox and Scarlett Johnson make me wanna be ***
Foto: emlyn-de-ashbourne: Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson. Harry Potter, the Yule Ball. "I really like...
Not sure why I just had to read a fanfic about Angelina Johnson getting raped by Fred Weasley for my Gender Studies class...
Photoset: “Oy, Potter!” “What now?” he muttered wearily, turning to face Angelina Johnson, who looked as...
George named his first child with Angelina Johnson Fred after his uncle who died in 1998 during the battle of Hogwarts.
Angelina Johnson you have forever impacted my life even tho we've never met. My heart longs for u and now I have a eternal part of u. KAJ
."A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization" Samuel Johnson This toxic Govt vilify the poor
15th floor. Mel Gibson hits Angelina Jolie with a dynamic melon. Benjamin Spock takes pictures of Amir Johnson in the corner.
I'm about to ask someone to prom the way Fred Weasley asks Angelina Johnson to the Yule Ball in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.
wait what. Dean Thomas is black?! (Also Lee Jordan, Blaise Zabini, and Angelina Johnson, there's at least a few.)
I found this on tumblr, these are some facts Rowling let slip in interviews. ~ Azkaban no longer uses Dementors as guardians. ~George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and had 2 children named Fred and Roxanne. ~Harry made sure that the Wizarding world knew that Snape was a hero and on Dumbledore’s side. ~Slytherin House became more diluted and was no longer solely pureblood; however its dark reputation lingers. ~Harry lost the ability to speak Parseltongue. ~Umbridge was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for crimes against Muggleborns. ~The Resurrection Stone is now buried in the Forbidden Forest after being pressed into the ground by a centaur’s hoof. ~ Voldemort’s curse on the DADA position at Hogwarts has been lifted. ~Viktor Krum fell in love with a woman back home in Bulgaria. ~The Death Eater’s Dark Marks eventually faded to look like a scar. It will no longer burn or hurt. ~ The Quibbler is back to publishing articles about the lunatic fringe & is appreciated for its unintentional humou ...
There should have been more black people in Harry Potter. I'm only counting three. Dean Thomas, Lee Jordan, and Angelina Johnson..
I miss my friends!! I see a beach day with bon fire get together in my near future!! Who's with me??? Jennifer Sudduth Bruce, Marlene Sowell, Angelina Johnson, Kelley Smith, Jessica Jessicca Marie Moore, Seidina Plemons Simpson, Erin Merritt Wood, Stormy Mercado, Keysha Wyatt Guill, Melinda Roney Jaracz, Hope I got everyone. if not sorry!!
Angelina Johnson couldn't pull through for me tonight boys
If you think I'm doing Jay Games for any reason other than to play quidditch then you are confused, because I'm about to go Angelina Johnson
Oh no I'd never want to be Harry! Out of everyone I'd probably want to be Luna or Katie Spinnet. Or Angelina Johnson.
I may have posted this before , but here you go :) George ran to the Forbidden Forest. How could Harry have just dropped the stone! What was he thinking?! He had to see him again. Just once. To say goodbye, to say I love you, and to say he was sorry for everything he'd ever done wrong. When he got to the spot in which Harry had told him he'd dropped the stone, he squinted through the fading light of the day and saw that someone else was on the ground, probably searching for the stone. With a gasp he realised it was Angelina Johnson. "He's gone. He can't be gone! I need to see him again" she whispered furiously. George cast a Lumos and Angelina turned around. "Fr- .. George." She whispered disappointedly. George sighed, he was gonna have to get used to that. "You look like you could use some help." The living twin whispered. Angelina nodded and continued to search. George walked up to her, sat on the ground and touched her shoulder. "I didn't mean help finding the stone." Angelina looked up through teary e ...
[G:20 H:25 R:50 S:70] Mixed Quiz. Question did Harry become the master of Elder wand? [25] ~ Angelina Johnson ~ The "soul" of the Twin Souls
In later life, George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and they named their son after Fred, Fred Weasley II.
No even bothered about Alicia Spinnet or Angelina Johnson.
Bonus Question 2: [50] Name all the Animagi found in the series. ~ Angelina Johnson ~ The "soul" of the Twin Souls
HC Fruna for Sammi Hammond! Hogwarts is being taken over by Umbridge, so aside from joining the D.A., Fred and George have been having a good ol' time using Filch as a test subject for their skiving snackboxes in hopes of eventually getting Umbridge to sample their delights. Fred is having a bit of a distracting dilemma these past few weeks of D.A. meetings that he hasn't even confessed to his twin, George. He never thought someone so opposite from Angelina Johnson could strike his fancy but... he finds himself rather mesmerized by a certain petite blonde weirdo. Every time he catches a glimpse of her a small blush begins to cover his face and he has to try everything to avert his gaze and attention elsewhere. He doesn't quite understand why he likes her so much, but he's positive she could never like him back. She just seems so indifferent to everything... off in her own little bizarre world... Maybe it's because she's so strange. Every time they pass each other or accidentally graze hands during their d ...
Marry, Snog, Stupefy! If you like boys: Bill, Crabbe, Neville If you like girls: Parvati, Angelina Johnson, Katie...
Anyone want to buy 2 tickets to Angelina Johnson for Friday night 8pm Wells Fargo center???
George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and had 2 kids, Fred Weasley II and Roxanne Weasley. Fred Weasley Died, got that?
Angelina Johnson!!! She got asked to the tri wizard ball by George Weasley. And she was on the quidditch team.
George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and turned Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes into a lucritive business. They had 2children, Fred and Roxanne.
Dream Chasers is trending? Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Alicia Spinnet would be so proud :)
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