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Angelica Huston

Anjelica Huston (born July 8, 1951) is an American actress. Huston became the third generation of her family to win an Academy Award, for her performance in 1985's Prizzi's Honor, joining her father, director John Huston, and grandfather, actor Walter Huston.

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Loved it as a kid. A hilariously so-bad-its-good movie. . Angelica Huston was legitimatel…
Angelica Huston in a cowboy hat- I'll see it for sure. Well Angelica Huston in anything really.. 'Trouble' via
just watched the documentary, wonderful and happy tears, also I need a shirt of Angelica Huston riding a tiger
🎬Getting ready to see the World Premier of "Trouble" starring 🌟Angelica Huston!
The great Angelica Huston reflects on her multi-faceted career @ Seattle's Egyptian theater
Future location of Angelica Huston's butt (@ Egyptian Theatre in Seattle, WA)
Raise your glass for Angelica Huston! Enjoy a tribute and see the world premiere of her new film TROUBLE
pays tribute to Angelica Huston this week showing her new film Trouble 🎬👀Thanks
No one should not approve of legendary actress Angelica Huston.
I love-hate you the way Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston love-hated each other.
I hope you were channeling Angelica Huston in Ever After.
How does one not know who Angelica Huston is???
I'm 2 mins away from an Angelica Huston appreciation thread.
Had a similar experience having to explain both Angelica Huston *and* Faye Dunaway to the 'utes.
In Chinatown John Huston asks Jack Nicholson if he's sleeping with his daughter which is weird cuz Nicholson was sleeping w/…
Angelica Huston as Morticia is also amazing. . Can't get over how they light her eyeballs.
Does it Make Anyone Else Sad to See Angelica Huston Dressed as a Giant Dollar Sign in that...
One of the best Hollywood power couples. Angelica Huston
Snoke theory: Angelica Huston's character in Captain Eo is 'Supreme Leader.' Coincidence or the true identity of Sn…
Paying for Mark Wahlberg and Angelica Huston. Guess that's why I have to pay for part of my retiree health insurance.
Last night at dinner with my friends philiptreacy Angelica Huston and daviddownton (each…
Well, Angelica Huston got the best reaction of the day as Y3 explored a world of Roald Dahl charac…
that would be an epic movie now. But I can't imagine anyone else but Angelica Huston as the head witch. Scared me stupid as kid
Remember the movie "The Witches" with Angelica Huston, when she took of…
Kristin Scott Thomas is amazing. Along with Angelica Huston in The Grifters-great monster/moms
This may be a good time to revisit the Case of the Mysterious Signature again. Angelica Huston, Eva Marie Saint, Ro…
yeah, but he headbutted Angelica Huston and gave his kids drugs so
it's definitely what it'd look like if Angelica Huston in Witches clapped!
Was anyone else deeply moved by how Angelica Huston ate a hard boiled egg in Ever After?
I think you may be a fan of Angelica Huston...
Drowning sorrows re London flat at Leslie Bricusse birthday. Not legless yet w/ Angelica Huston and Stephanie Power…
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John and an upside down Angelica Huston.
This is quite extraordinary. Angelica Huston and John Huston.
I want a Morticia Addams tattoo but idk if I should get Carolyn Jones or Angelica Huston
Jack Nicholson your a 1 of a kind married to Angelica Huston she is a pistol just like her father Jack
Angelica Huston and Michael Jackson in their Captain EO costumes.
Never read it but I loved the movie - Angelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening, Stephen Frears, Martin Scorsese
Low-key proud to live in the town where Angelica Huston built tiny Stonehenge for Spinal Tap.
A lead role in this film was offered to Angelica Huston, but she had already committed to another movie -
//Angelica Huston to me is still so beautiful and such a unique beauty
//I use to have the biggest crush on Angelica Huston when I first ever saw "The Witches"
The photo of Morticia is Angelica Huston from the 90's. That is not as OLD as you say
Then you missed a great movie with John Cusack, Angelica Huston & Annette Benning.
Looking for haircut ideas and nothing is jumping out at me. . But now I know that I really need to read Angelica Huston's biography.
In one episode of there's Indigo Girls, Sia, and Angelica Huston. Win.
. . . of this album might also conjure up Angelica Huston slowly descending the staircase as “The Lass of Aughrim” . . .
Anjelica Huston opens up about Jack Nicholson's womanising ways
Bette & Angelica Huston. Thanks Angelica Huston fan page for the photo
But it's a 1990 film with Angelica Huston based on the book by Roald Dahl? Thanks👍🏻
The second season of Transparent is breathtaking, and not just because Angelica Huston shows up at the end
If ten years ago someone told me I'd see a , Angelica Huston sex scene I would have yelled "YOU DIRTY LIAR!!!"
can u help pls? The Witches film by Roald Dahl with Angelica Huston plays as Witches of Eastwick. Thanks 👍🏻
today has been a struggle so I'm in the bath googling pics of angelica huston who I love beyond compare. bye
I had a dream I kissed Angelica Huston and almost had sex with her... 👀
They're usually brutal so: Angelica Huston's Irish accent is very solid. Who else has pulled it off? Paddy Considine, Will Poulter?
Danny Huston, half brother of Angelica Huston through his father John, is brilliant in The Proposition. "Why can't you ever just stop me?"
LOVE HER & LOVE THIS: Angelica Huston Is Joining the Cast of Transparent -
Lol! I loved Morticia when I was a kid. Angelica Huston, just didn't do it for me, though.
I dunno why but Jezebel spelling Anjelica Huston's name wrong is like the last straw for me. dummies.
Angelica Huston Is Joining the Cast of Transparent: This December will mark the return of Transparent, Amazon’...
Angelica Huston is joining the cast of Transparent
1.) OMG! 2.) he's Angelica Huston's personal chef?! WHAT. And here I thought they were just besties!!
Queens of the Night. Ingrid Pitt, Angelica Huston, Yvonne de Carlo and Musidora.
if your sexuality is all about Raul Julia as Gomez Addams; fave if Angelica Huston as Morticia
Jane Fonda, Angelica Huston, Steve Martin and Patricia Clarkson were among the guests, as was Preet Bharara, the “…
On the 133rd anniversary of James Joyce's birth, the beautiful ending of "The Dead" w/Angelica Huston & Donal McCann
Patrick Duffy to Angelica Huston "You R working with a Hero of so many young people in this country now and the entire world Michael Jackson
Need to recreate this outfit from the Angelica Huston memoir
Homage to phone call scene from A Place in the Sun. Shelley Winters much better in that role than Angelica Huston.
Just sitting next to Angelica Huston as lunch hbu
If it helps I'm not working and have no babies or pets. Status- drinking rose and reading about angelica Huston
I really like Angelica Huston! She's such a fantastic actress and very down to earth!
Hopefully you just run into Angelica Huston instead of that other Agnes Brown that shall not be named.
is closing Sunday before Angelica Huston gets her chance to be in it. Rats! Go see Candy Bergen and Alan Alda NOW
Film Screening: A Walk with Love and Death (1969) Starring: Angelica Huston,Directed by John Huston. In a story...
Angelica Huston and Jack Nicholson's iconic relationship in 15 photos:
And, Stockard Channing, Angelica Huston, I mean Renee is not the Lone Ranger.
If I had silly money and got into Blythe dolls, absolutely I'd doll one up to be Morticia Addams. (Carolyn Jones, not Angelica Huston)
Jack Huston is related to John and Angelica Huston. Both Hollywood legends.
For my painting should I paint Carolyn Jones as Morticia or Angelica Huston?
Photo: Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston circa 1971. Photograph by Julian Wasser for W Magazine, June/July...
Anyone see the movie "Choke" with Sam Rockwell and Angelica Huston?
BRON is feature film Master Cleanse with Johnny Galecki, Chloe Sevigny & Angelica Huston.
Is Frangelico Houston the male version of Angelica Huston ersomething?
Happy Birthday to some famous people today; including DARREN DRYE, AARON HAIGLER, John D. Rockefeller, Toby Keith, Hugo Boss, Marty Feldman, Wolfgang Puck, Angelica Huston, and Kevin Bacon, and Jaden Smith.Hooray!!
..out as a radio play, and then was made into an excellent movie; Agnes Brown with Angelica Huston, (watch that movie!) this point I'll take Houston McTear, Whitney Houston or Angelica Huston if they can throw a *** strike!
Breakfast with Neil Patrick Harris, Angelica Huston, Tavis Smiley and Lisa Scottoline. (with 200 other people)
Angelica Huston became my favorite when she played Morticia Adams. Best Morticia Adams ever!
Photo: saloandseverine: Angelica Huston by Bob Richardson for Dior in Marie Claire 1973
Grizzlies girls Tennis coach Angelica Huston also garnered Coach of the Year honors from the Pacific Conference. in the year 2014 Way The GO Grizzlies!
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"The Big Bang Theory" star Johnny Galecki, Chloe Sevigny and Angelica Huston have come on board horror-comedy "Master Cleanse" for Bron Studios and Gilbert Films. The film is scheduled to begin pr...
So I'm watching a movie called the Perez family. It's about a man trying to reconnect with his family in Miami after Castro cleaned out his jails and hospitals. Just one problem there are no Cubans or Latinos in this movie. Angelica Huston,Marisa Tomei and Alfred Molina. So this movie was made in 1995, surely there was an actor or two that was of Hispanic or Cuban origins. Also bad accents really! So if we were to make a movie about a Cuban family with a father who was imprisoned by Castro his wife both in their late forties, a college age daughter who was sent to the us with the mother and her brother 20 earlier. Who would play the roles. Ok FB fAmily let's cast a movie.
While editing my grandmother's book this eve, 2 of my favorite movie lines came to mind based on the way my grandmother writes: Working Girl: Melanie Griffith character to Harrison Ford character, " I've got a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?" Prizzi's Honor: Angelica Huston character to Jack Nicholson character, " Marry her Charlie. Just because she is a thief and a hitter, doesn't mean she is a bad woman in all the other departments!"
My own comfort film (one of many): The Royal Tenenbaums. Wes Anderson's work continually dances on the edge of being too stylized for its own good for me; of simply being about a brilliant filmmaker's obsessively, hermetically sealed universe. There are so many small moments that bring this alive for me: the way Ben Stiller's voice breaks when he says "I've had a hard year, Dad"; the amused, almost flirtatious chemistry between Gene Hackman and Angelica Huston in their walk in the park; the quiet need in Bill Murray's "May I make you dinner?" to Margot. Most of all, while Hackman clearly has the star role, it's the quiet pain and emotional authority with which Luke Wilson takes his place as the true emotional center of the film. My own comfort book (one of many): Shock Value, by John Waters. What...?
Now reading "This is the Story of a Happy Marriage" (Ann Patchett) & Angelica Huston's "A Story Lately Told." Both good for diff reasons.
...ok so it's only just occured to me now that Danny and Angelica Huston are related.
Just finished another movie on HBO Signature. "Iron Jawed Angels" starred by Hilary Swank and Angelica Huston. It's all about American women fought for their rights to vote in 1920. They were caught and put into jail. They went on hunger strike but was tortured and etc.. Good one.
We just saw Mark Wahlberg's Academy Award at the 6 pm SAG-AFTRA screening. Trust me. I called Lee Marvin, Angelica Huston ( Jill D'Aubery is my witness on that one), and Jamie Foxx. LONE SURVIVOR is a brilliant achievement, Walhberg's performance supported by outstanding cast, art direction, makeup, editing - you name it. And then there's the script. True story. Blew us all away (no pun intended). A stunning depiction of what's truly gone on in Afghanistan - in whatever ways one is proud to be an American, or a human being, this will ring the chime. Go.
I listened to Angelica Huston recall all the drama of her childhood today in a "Fresh Air" interview, and wondered, what if, instead of director John Huston, her father had been director Mel Brooks?
Angelica Huston in her new memoir discusses her past with Jack Nicholson and has good things to say
Can business be spiritual? Sadhguru, who is considered a modern-day mystic and yogi, and who is a TED talk participant, Huffington Post contributor, and spiritual advisor to people as far-ranging as Donna Karan and Angelica Huston, says, "Whatever be the nature of business, fundamentally it has all been started in the interest of the well-being of human beings. The business of human well-being is the only real business. All other businesses are subsidiaries of that.”
McNay Art Museum exhibits ‘CUT! Costume and the Cinema’ September 20, 2013 (United States Of America) More than forty period costumes worn by famous film stars in nearly 27 English and American blockbusters will go on display at the first-ever modern art museum of the US state of Texas, McNay Art Museum. Titled as ‘CUT! Costume and the Cinema’, the exhibit will give the visitors an up and close view of some of the sumptuous authentic costumes shown in popular period movies like ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘The Duchess’, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Created by the renowned London-based film, television and theatre costumer Cosprop, the event will showcase hand-created, intricately embroidered, brocade and lace made ensembles donned by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Angelica Huston, Keira Knightley, Uma Thurman and Kate Winslet. Scheduled to take place from October 2, 2013 till January 19, 2014, the expansive display of cinematic exhibits ...
seems like a great night to watch Angelica Huston morticia gifs
I wany luscious long black hair like Angelica Huston.
What beauty product does Angelica Huston bulk buy? > by
Little Giant Ladders
Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston - Love that guys smile!
Angelica Huston plays the best mother
"Where there is age there is evolution, where there is life there is growth." -Huston. Now that, my...
IMO, Kristin Scott Thomas in "Only God Forgives" is Oscar worthy - best screen monster mother since Angelica Huston in "Grifters."
If I were a producer who won a I would have Angelica Huston accept the award as Severus Snape (from Smash).
I just finished Revisiting the film"Manhattan Murder Mystery" I forgot how much fun this film was. Woody Allen and his screen buddy Diane Keaton team up again for a Hitchcock style comedy with great support from Angelica Huston and Alan Alda. Full of twist and turns and real belly laughs. The dialog is snappy, witty and full of sarcasm that is a trade mark of Allen's films. After meeting their new neighbors and spending a evening at their apt. Allen and Keaton the next day find out that the wife has died of a heart attack, they find that the husband is not a bit upset and quite suspicious so begins the Mystery. As they decide to solve this with the help of Alda and Huston the hilarity begins. My Rating four stars out of five.
5/9: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE GUMMER Theatre World Award: "Arcadia" Grew up in Los Angeles and Connecticut Ms. Gummer's Broadway debut was in "Arcadia," followed by "The Columnist" last season. After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Art History and Italian, Gummer made her stage debut in Lukas Bärfuss's "The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents." She then starred as Anna Moore on the TeenNick show "Gigantic." Grace made her feature film debut in the 2010 film "Meskada," in which she played the role of Nat Collins, followed by "Bashert" with Paulo Costanzo. She also had a small role as a student in Julia Roberts' class in "Larry Crowne," which was directed by Tom Hanks. Most recently she appeared as Katie Rand on the hit NBC television series "Smash," in the episodes entitled "The Coup" (Season 1) and "Musical Chairs" (Season 2). Katie Rand is a humanitarian attempting to bring peace to her divorcing parents (Angelica Huston and Pulitzer and TWA winner Michael Cristofer). Her most recent film credit ...
Is this a hint we are getting Season 3? The Great Gatsby! In order to make Season 3 a rebound the Smash creative team needs to do is : 1. Fire Josh Safran 2. Get rid of Jeremy Jordan 3. No more new dudes for this show 3. Retain the Season 1 original cast & supporting cast - Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Christian Borle & Angelica Huston. Wesley Taylor & Savannah Wise. Lastly. GIVE US MORE CARTWILLS and the girls Karen & Ivy. Thank you, Smash FB team if you are lurking here and reading this.
I am holding out hope that Angelica Huston and Jack Nicholson will get back together one day…
The grifters, Angelica Huston and Annette Bening on fire.
Ray Stevenson will play Marcus. And i agree about Jeanine. I wanted Angelica Huston but apparently she was too old.
Tony Orlando was born in Houston, Texas, and Angelica Huston was born in Orlando, Florida.
I need to watch Gardens of Stone again. It was very well acted, but very sad. James Caan, Angelica Huston, James Earl Jones, Dean Stockwell
Angelica Huston, Debra Messing, Christian Borle and most of the cast of Smash were late night dining at Cafe Un...
i wish Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston were still together.
Ready for for opening of Cinderella!! Angelica Huston, Joel Grey, Bernadette Peters, Tommy Tune, Megan Hilty, Savannah Guthrie, Regis and Joy, and Cynthia Nixon.
I love this guy. Jack Nicholson is now 75, but he still has a way with the ladies. The lothario tried his luck with 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence at an 2013 Oscar afterparty bash, as the star was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos for ABC Circling like charming shark, he cruised into shot, trademark eyebrow raised, and told the ‘Hunger Games’ star: "You did such a beautiful job! I don't mean to crash your interview. Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great." Then came the killer line: "You look like an old girlfriend of mine." Lawrence replied: “Oh really, do I look like a new girlfriend?” “I thought about it!” said Jack, before putting his sunglasses on and adding: “I’ll be waiting!” “Oh my god!” said the actress. To us, Lawrence looked rather chuffed to have been hit on by the legendary lothario. During his career, Nicholson has dated dozens of models and actresses, including Angelica Huston, Michelle Phillips, Janice Dickinson, Lara Flynn Boyle and, if the r ...
i can't imagine Angelica Huston in any role besides Morticia Addams
Debra Messing, Jennifer Hudson, Katherine McPhee, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Angelica Huston, MeganHilty...just some of he
And it's got Angelica Huston, Jack Davenport and Debra Messing in.
People who I talked to today: Jonas Kaufmann, Angelica Huston, Diana Damrau. In that order.
Angelica Huston is the ugliest man I've ever seen.
Just watched an awesome movie...The Crossing Guard with Jack Nicholson, Angelica Huston, Robin Wright Penn. I was just so enthralled with it and at the end, I am casually glancing at the credits, to find my friend, Derek Hill is the Production Designer.
THE LIFE AQUATIC star ANGELICA HUSTON has sworn off Botox injections after her face froze during her last cosmetic procedure. The actress had received collag...
Angelica Huston is not looking her best.
Watching clips of the Golden Globes today and OH HELP NO A GIANT TROUT IS WALKING AMONGST THE oh that's Angelica Huston
i adore Angelica Huston, especially as the Grand High Witch ;)
That's a a sweet one. I always wanted Angelica Huston to be my mom.
I just learned this wknd that Jack Huston is an Angelica Huston..
just got finished watching Mists of Avalon on youtube-Angelica Huston as the lady of the lake is good!
Wow. A lot of older actresses are going the Croft puppet route.sad. Age gracefully the way nature intended.don't go out looking like a cartoon.
Yo Schmoeville...who are your favorite mother's in film history? Go!
I'm really worried about Angelica Huston's face. Like, losing sleep level of worried.
Oh my gosh, Adele is the most endearing chav in the history of everything!! :O
Angelica Huston has not aged well...whew!
Listen up: Plastic surgery, it's a slippery slope. Should've listened to me Angelica Huston.
can it be dress up? I get to be Eileen, only more Angelica Huston circa the movie 'Witches.'
If I was Angelica Huston (yeah, that amazing) I would have gone for a Balenciaga by Nicolas or a runway Alexander McQueen, no?
Oh my did plastic surgery gone wrong for Angelica Huston???
Is that someone wearing an Angelica Huston suit?
Mostly high notes re the Globes...but what happened to Angelica Huston and Helen Hunt's faces?
I bet they didn't recognise Angelica Huston!!! Did you see those lips!! I'm thinking it was a transvestite dressed as her??
Hey Angelica Huston's face - wha' happen?! ...Grand High Witch busting to get out?
umm... did anyone catch the slight resemblance between Angelica Huston and Dina Martina?? just a quick moment - around the lips...
Angelica Huston got scary looking. She was so pretty as Morticia Addams.
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Just saw a pic of Angelica Huston at the Globes, and I am so, so sad. Her face! :(
Bad things happened to Angelica Huston's face at the GGs.
BTW: what happened to Angelica Huston's face?
I gotta start watching Smash again now that Jennifer Hudson is on. Also I forgot Angelica Huston was on it.
Wowza... Angelica Huston is looking a little pinched!
Y'all! What had Angelica Huston done to her face??? Or is this Big Ang???
I'm sorry, but I need proof that Angelica Huston ISN'T a man in drag.
I haven't seen Smash, but I'm assuming its about Angelica Huston turning into Jabba the Hut.
When did Angelica Huston have a sex change?! Did her adams apple accept an award? Bad plastic surgery vs aging?Anyone?
but wasn't too keen on Rogan's antics, though he was undeniably amusing at times. Also, Angelica Huston was terrific in a couple of scenes.
Angelica Huston looks like the mother of Health Ledger's joker. Dear god.
MORE AND MORE ABOUT MICHAEL'S LIFE BAD ERA AND MORE. The Bad Era years, 1986-1989, would confirm Michael Jackson’s super-stardom and popularity and prove him to be the entertainer of the 1980’s. Starting a new and exciting era, Michael Jackson broke another world record in 1986. In February, Pepsi-Cola Corporation signed a 3 year deal with Michael Jackson for a whopping $15 million. The endorsement deal would include two Pepsi commercials and the sponsorship of Michael’s first solo tour. It was the largest endorsement deal of its kind in history. Michael Jackson’s first major project for 1986 would be a 3D movie called “Captain Eo”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas. Michael wrote and recorded two songs for the 17 minute epic; “We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me”. In the movie, Michael plays Captain Eo; a young man on a quest to transform a miserable planet and its evil Supreme Ruler (played by Angelica Huston) into a peace loving natio ...
Oh, and speaking of strange...Angelica Huston? Plastic surgery much?
Angelica Huston, we have a problem.
Angelica Huston looks like a man. Keith Urban looks like a woman. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Angelica Huston wins the Globe for worst series of face lifts.
Two random Golden Globe questions: 1) Am I the only one who thinks that Anjelica Huston is becoming TERRIFYING as she ages, and 2) what the heck is up with Bill Murray's facial hair??
Angelica huston looks like a clown.
Angelica Huston looks like the joker. Bad, plastic surgery. Little too tight..scary.
No words for Angelica Huston's plastic
Why does Angelica Huston look like Jabba the Hutt all of a sudden?
Nice of Angelica Huston to have her lips plumped for the evening.
OMG!!! Was that Angelica Huston? Why? Why all the plastic surgery - she looks like a scary sad...and if one more actress comes out with that plunging "v" dress...getting real old..
Someone should tell Angelica Huston her make-up ironically makes her look like The Joker.
*** Angelica Huston looks like every 18th Hole at a Miniature Golf Course!
Watching the Golden Globes, loving Tina & Amy, great to see Adele win, but WHAT THE *** HAPPENED TO ANGELICA HUSTON'S FACE?!
When did Angelica Huston evolve into something completely different?
Sadly, Angelica Huston has become The Joker. That relationship with Jack Nicholson left its mark, didn't it?
Did Angelica Huston look really different to you??
Angelica Huston Rt“Omg thats that actress form that witch movie where they turned the kid into a mouse.”
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But now Kristen Wiig and Angelica Huston (even if her smile is a little Joker-esque)
Now I’ll have nightmares starring Angelica Huston. My god
What the *** happened to Angelica Huston's face?!!
Every time I see Angelica Huston smile is can hear her internal monologue (in a deep, alien-esque voice) THIS PLEASES ME!
It's come full circle. Angelica Huston as Jack Nicholson as The Joker.
I just realized Angelica Huston is moonlighting on Mob Wives
Angelica Huston had to rush from the new Batman set, where she's currently play The Joker, right?
Why does Angelica Huston look like a drag version of Angelica Huston?
I'm gonna get in trouble for this but Angelica Huston looks like Jack Nicholson in The Joker. Double Whammy.
Angelica Huston's face looks like play-dough.
Angelica Huston - do the lips OR wear red lipstick. But don't do both.
I'm sorry but Angelica Huston looks like The Riddler
Houla Angelica huston on dirait un travelo 😭😭
Congratulations to Angelica Huston, PETA's 2012 Person of the Year. Previous recipients incl Oprah and Russell Simmons.
Angelica Huston and Debra Messing in awesome outfit: Angelica Huston and Debra Messing were spotted looking gorg...
I'll never forget the controversy this film caused in my primary school. We got to watch the VHS the week we broke up for Christmas and it freaked so many kids out, and some even had to be taken out from it. I stayed because I was terrified/fascinated. A load of parents ended up complaining to the school and then every time they wanted to screen something with a PG certificate we had to get a parent's signature. As I've got older I've appreciated it more, it is a truly atmospheric, scary film and makes more sense now since the director is Nicholas Roeg (Don't Look Now). Angelica Huston is wonderful as the Grand High Witch.
Adapting a book which is, essentially, an extremely wordy but funny account of mental illness is a task that requires a certain amount of delicacy. And there’s no director in Hollywood less famous for his delicate touch than David O. Russell, whose rant with/against Angelica Huston is a thing of You...
Oh my days. Jack Huston from 's Boardwalk Empire is Angelica Huston's nephew. Love that guy. So ice cool yet dangerous too.
Just one thing . I really really really want to meet Angelica Huston and Christina Ricci in real life aahh tears ☹ :'(
Saw a film on Friday starring Steve Martin, Angelica Huston, Owen Wilson and Jack Black. It was called 'The Big Year' and it was *** dross.
Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston. She is writing a book to be released 2013, can't wait to read that one!
These days, when people ask Jack Nicholson if he regrets "playing The Joker" they mean "dating Angelica Huston."
In the mood to rewatch Lonesome Dove! If you've never seen it you should - it's the greatest movie of all time! Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane, Ricky Shroeder, Angelica Huston, etc.
Smash. The best US TV this year, by a mile. Debra Messing, Angelica Huston, Jack Davenport, wots not 2 like.
I couldn't put my finger on whom Jessica Ennis reminded me of. Then it hit me ; Angelica Huston .
And while Carolyn Jones did a fine job with the TV series, Angelica Huston was so awesome in the movie revival, no one can ever rival it.
Please for the love of god cast someone other then Susan Sarandon or Angelica Huston to play mom in your indie movie.
is Monopolized. Angelica Huston said she Monopolized Kelly at a party. Nah. Kelly is a great listener.
See, this is why I love New York: Walking on the Upper West Side on the SAME block I saw Angelica Huston and the Long Island Medium!
I found "The Witches" on DVD today! (Based on the book by Roald Dahl) It's been years since I last saw it! Not surprising to see Angelica Huston! She makes a good witch in pretty much every movie she's in! LOL ... Very surprised to see Rowan Atkinson! (Mr Bean) Classic! :)
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it's so good. Angelica Huston and Annette Bening also. Both are sheer perfection.
I just love the way Angelica Huston & Raul Julia play the roles in the movie! Creepy, yet sexy :)
Today I learned that, prior to becoming an actress, Angelica Huston was a ludicrously hot model. &
Jack Huston plays Richard Farrow On Boardwalk Empire - man with the tin face! He is the nephew of Angelica Huston and John Huston! Wow!
I'm now watching the comedy drama film Crimes and Misdemeanors, starring Martin Landau, Mia Farrow, Woody Allen and Angelica Huston
I really love this movie and would call it one of the best chick flicks. I have to admit I wasn't a big fan of Dougray Scott, or maybe it was just his chemistry with Drew Barrymore. Some thing about them together lacked a little something for me. Angelica Huston is the best reason to watch this film...
A recap of Aung San Suu Kyi in Queens w/ and Angelica Huston.
Thank you w/ saffron tie and big heart & Angelica Huston,Carol King for an amazing Queens welcome to Daw Suu.
Suu Kyi given a beautiful award from the city of Queens along with Carol King and Angelica Huston.
Angelica Huston and Katharine McPhee and Jack Davenport film Smash in New York via
Been seeing some fans misspelling Anjelica's name, It's Anjelica Huston not Anjelica Houston, Angelica Huston or Angelica Houston lol :-)
*** Jagger, Angelica Huston, Jackie Onassis all had one thing in common - they were influenced by Diana...
Boredom (or the lack thereof) seems to be today's leitmotif... Thank you, Sebastian de Fancamp.
Saw 50/50 today, and I gotta say I really liked it! Joseph Gordon Leavitt did a phenomenal job, as usual, and there was a surprisingly good performance from Angelica Huston and Seth Rogen as well.
"My biggest ambition is never to be bored. I'm not aggressive enough to strongly run after being an actress." -Angelica Huston
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Angelica Huston the teenage model. Check out this amazing vintage contact sheet!
Angelica Huston was a teenage model via
Fashion comes back, here Angelica Huston & friend, 1971.
Amazing to think that Mrs Brown was originally Angelica Huston in a movie. It's true! Same character.
Lot's of great activities happining mark your calendar: -August 23rd Movie Iron Jawed Angels – starring Hilary Swank and Angelica Huston show the fight for the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. League of women voters offering voter registration after the event. 6:30-8:30 Pueblo Library-Info Zone Theater -Historic Ghost Walk- walk thru Union Ave district each stop has an actor representing a person from Pueblo’s past. Benefits the Domestic Violence task Force and the YWCA of Pueblo. Begins at El Pueblo History Museum Tickets $8.00, Sept 28th & Sept 29th & October 5th and 6th. -Chocolate Indulgence- Chocolate Tasting, chocolate contest, live auction, silent auction and other fun events. Benefits the programs of the YWCA. Pueblo Convention Center Feb 8th. 6:60-9:30 Cost $14.00 covers admission and sampling some of the best chocolate vendors in the state.
"It’’s my theory that 90 percent of acting is the other actor.” - Angelica Huston, From The Archives ->
Sean Bean in drag looks like Angelica Huston.
When’s Tim Burton gonna do a good movie? I’d pitch the Siouxsie &The Banshees movie starring Angelica Huston & the guy that played Spike.
why cant i look like Angelica Huston ;(
A foursome with me, helen mirren, meryl streep, and angelica huston...
I can't help it. I love Ever After! Angelica Huston is the best stepmother ever.
Over-tweezed a bit. Good thing I know my way around an eyeliner pencil or I would be rocking the Angelica Huston look...
Angelica Huston is John Huston's daughter...I always forget but when I remember that fact I want to weep in awe.
- Well yes, but Raul Julia and Angelica Huston were pretty *** perfect too. :-)
Omg!!! I am spending my evening running back and forth between Angelica Huston and Jennifer Hudson doing there hair! You all need to watch this episode! I am one lucky lady-boy!
Megan Hilty and Angelica Huston at from work!!
I will always remember Angelica Huston as the evil lady in Daddy Day Care.
"I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?" Philip Johnson, born July 8, 1906 Also Kathe Kollwitz, 1867, and Louis Jordan, 1908 And happy birthday to Angelica Huston and Beck Hansen
Question: best portrayal of the Addams family: John Astin & Carolyn Jones, Raul Julia & Angelica Huston, or Tim Curry & Darryl Hannah?
I had completely forgotten that the Supreme Leader turns out to be … Angelica Huston.
There are a ton of young famous in the background. Danny DeVito, Christopher Llloyd, Angelica Huston. Really great flick.
Hey, not only was Angelica Huston a model, but she was a Halston model!
I’m sure that a Grifter is something else, but I’m picturing you jumping off Angelica Huston and then jumping on John Cusack.
4 eps in & I can't switch it off. Angelica Huston is amazing.
I was knee deep in a dream about Angelica Huston and dragons worn as belts
Just love Angelica Huston’s version of September Song from Smash.
Angelica Huston standing next to the unveiling of the stamps. One of them honoring director John Huston.
The inimitable Angelica Huston. Check out the espadrilles!
Just finished 50/50. Great movie. Great performances by JGR, Seth Rogen, Angelica Huston and Anna Kendrick (love her).
Ate at the Headland Hotel tonight - location of the film version of Roald Dahl's The Witches (and my wedding reception) - when the manager told me he was the baby whose pram was pushed down the cliff by Angelica Huston. How old does that make me feel.
Vintage Angelica Huston with some BRIGHT eyeshadow + love it!
Just saw Angelica Huston walking her dogs. For those who don't know who she is, the mom from adams family.
The epitome of cool..Angelica Huston by Bob Richardson for 1971 Vogue via
i cant have a year without SOMETHING from Angelica Huston. Lol she will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be Morticia.
and I going to Huston JUST to see I think so 😱💙 ohmygosh!
...and staring at amazing photos of Angelica Huston as a woman opposite eats a cornish pasty
they shared Angelica Huston stories but Robert mentioned her *** more
Angelica huston is the perfect human being.
Mysterious Press asked whom I'd cast as Mrs. Risk (star of two books they just pubbed)...Angelica Huston, no doubt. Perfect!
Finally getting around to watching recorded on the sky +. So far it's good. Angelica Huston is on form.
This photo of Angelica Huston & has caused me seven glamour seizures & it's not even noon
And having Jack Davenport and Angelica Huston is always a bonus. Plus Katharine McPhee has an amazing voice!
This is Angelica Huston (of Smash fame, currently) in 1976. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.
just watched a great movie 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick and Angelica's so heartwarming and really touches home.also has some humor.anyone who knows anyone with cancer, has/had cancer should see it.
Of course Jack Huston is Angelica Huston's father and of course I did not know this.
Photo: › Angelica Huston in thought…and YSL…on a Thursday › › Anjelica Huston for Yves Saint Laurent, 1973.
Here is a teaser trailer for the 1991 film The Addams Family (VERY RARE) which starred Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, and Angelica Huston. Notice that the tr...
SMASH! Love that Karen Cartwright character. Can't get enough of Angelica Huston, Debra Messing, on and on. Well done!
The voiceover cast for A Cat In Paris just announced - Lauren is keeping good company these days: Marcia *** Harden, Matthew Modine and Angelica Huston!!! Can't wait to see this in theaters!!!
Really liked Angelica Huston's rendition of September Song. Uma not so much.
Was amazed by Angelica Huston's rendition of "September Song" on SMASH!
There is a host of talented voices on SMASH, and we get to hear Uma Thurman and Angelica Huston? Get it together NBC!!!
Angelica Huston admitted she wasn’t really expecting to be asked to sing on 'Smash'
Our book group watched a really great movie the other night, "Iron Jawed Angels" (sometimes we get together to do things other than read). It was an HBO movie that starred Hilary Swank and Angelica Huston, about a group of young American suffragists. So if you're looking for something to watch on Netflix...
Can't wait to see Angelica Huston. Her father was the famous John Huston. Love her in Smash.
SMASH is all kinds of aweseom too... Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Angelica Huston : story of getting a musical up on boradway.
Things I did tonight - watch my brother elbow Patricia Heaton in the *** talk to Tim Curry, ask Angelica Huston how many times a day people tell her The Royal Tennenbaums is their favorite movie, have a long discussion with Eddie Izzard about art.
please get behind & support Angelica Huston . She is demanding the PM of Ireland ban fur farming in Ireland
jeez Angelica Huston sure aint pretty..very horsey looking, cood be related to Red Rum with a coupon like that? very hard faced
can't believe I'm doing this... David Otunga. After all... he's married to Angelica Huston.
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Anything with Jack Davenport and Debra Messing or Angelica Huston is on my list!
Angelica Huston wearing lia sophia on the TV show SMASH!!
I absolutely LOVE Lonesome Dove. I believe it is Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvalls best performances and Angelica Huston is her absolute prettiest in this movie. I love the story, I love the characters. I love it all. I love Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow.
Story fans: have any of you watched Smash yet? I know singing/dancing not usual remit but Angelica Huston & Jack Davenport star. Thoughts?
Angelica Huston is a great character. Her FATHER WAS John Huston for God's sake!!! (imagine the stories round their dinner table
The only other person who could pull off Angelica Huston's bob is Anjelica Huston's bob.
"with wonderful Martin landau -and my great friend Angelica Huston"-sorry John, think you dropped something there! Names I think
Angelica Huston ("Smash") told "Piers Morgan Tonight" guest host Rosie O'Donnell that she's willing to "be a pain in the *** if it means preventing animal cruelty.
The lovely Angelica Huston stopped by last night to talk about being a New Yorker again, 'Smash' and owning a farm:
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