Angela Merkel & Vladimir Putin

Angela Dorothea Merkel; née Kasner (born 17 July 1954) is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who served as the second President of the Russian Federation. 5.0/5

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Visit the Moldovan wine cellar where Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and John Kerry are 'neighbours' 🍷
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has a known fear of dogs. Well guess who Vladimir Putin b…
for a while at G-20 table today, US govt's designated counterpart to Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel was pre…
. "Ms Trump, 35, sat around the table with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Angela Merkel and Theresa May. "
Donald Trump on G20 world stage with Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel - Washington Times
Angela Merkel travels to the Black Sea, to talk with Vladimir Putin: via Ukraine, Syria.
Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin? Donald Trump won't be drawn on who he trusts more
Barack Obama and Angela Merkel discuss Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Berlin via
May be Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel also should have joined :-)
Here is some perspective:. Vladimir Putin (has been president total 13 years. Angela Merkel has been Chancellor total 11 years
One of my favorite Sick Burns from person of the year Angela Merkel
What are Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardasian doing in the same list as Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, and Elon Musk?
Who is the world's most influential politician? Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin?
This quote about Putin's machismo from Angela Merkel is just devastating
Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin, cuddling with koalas at The G20 summit in Australia
Vladimir Putin told Angela Merkel that a peace deal separatist conflict in Ukraine is moving forward. via
Angela Merkel gives Vladimir Putin an earful about Ukraine: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said there is ...
Angela Merkel urges Vladimir Putin to curb violations of Ukraine ceasefire
Daily Mail: Not exactly peace in our time as Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin exchange frosty ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a fear of dogs, so when she has a meeting with Vladimir Putin...
Vladimir Putin took a large dog to a round of negotiations with Angela Merkel, to gain a psychological edge.
Vladimir Putin & Angela Merkel at Leaders gather in Minsk for Ukraine talks
It's time to let GERMANY Angela Merkel work on Ukraine with Vladimir Putin. Hollande Obama Kerry Fabius are trouble makers
Could the Balkans be the next playground for Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, and his politics of destabilisation? Angela Merkel recently floated the possibility. It is worth taking seriously. The financial crisis of 2008 forced a conciliation
I'd like to see Angela Merkel & Vladimir Putin in a cage match. She'd go all on that weaselly *** s ***
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin.
3. Which world leader will be the Chief guest for the India's Republic Day celebrations in 2015? [A]Vladimir Putin [B]David Cameron [C]Barack Obama [D]Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel accuses Vladimir Putin of 'creating problems' for countries - Daily Mail
Angela Merkel explains Putin in just one devastating quote.
The incident of Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and the dog is a famous one. It was 2007 and Merkel, Germany's Chancellor, was visiting Putin at his presidential residence in Sochi to discuss energy...
.MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL. not to worry. I have no idea how far UKIP can go or what they can achieve.but I do know that no-one in the history of the world has ever given the top job to a bloke called Nige'. Can you imagine all the names around the table debating all the top things: Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Barrack Obama, Ban Ki Moon and our Nige'?. Nah, it's just wrong.
Forbes rates Dangote as 68th most powerful person in the world. Internationally acclaimed Forbes Magazine has ranked the President and Chief Executive of Dangote Industries Ltd, Alhaji Aliko Dangote among the World’s most powerful 72 people. The richest man in Africa is listed as the 68th most powerful person in the world, and numbers among the only two Africans to appear on this year’s list. He came after Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who was ranked as Africa’s most powerful man. El-Sisi was placed at the 51st spot on the power list. By this ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People, Dangote is the second most powerful man in Africa. On the global level, Russian President, Vladimir Putin is ranked number one on the list followed by President of the United States, Barack Obama, Chinese President, Xi Jinping, Pope Francis and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who were graded second, third, fourth and fifth respectively. Here is what the Magazine wrote on Dangote, “Heralded by som ...
Even though Putin knows Angela Merkel is afraid of dogs yet brings his anyway. Vladimir Putin
DER SPIEGEL By Nikolaus Blome, Christiane Hoffmann, Ralf Neukirch and Christoph Schult Photo Gallery: Taking Sanctions to 'Level Four' After months of failed telephone diplomacy between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, hardliners are gaining the upper hand in discussions over the appropriate response to Russia. They may soon prevail with demands that go far beyond new economic sanctions. The official number is 25. That, according to the government, is how often German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the telephone since last November. But there are estimates and evidence to suggest that there have been closer to 35 such chats. All of the conversations focused on Ukraine. A breakthrough was never achieved. Merkel's relations with Putin are considered to be closer than those enjoyed by most other Western leader with the Russian President. Yet positive outcomes from those ties have been nonexistent. The crisis in Eastern Europe, just two hours by plane from Berlin ...
Angela Merkel warns against cutting ties with Vladimir Putin over Ukraine - Economic Times
World Cup : Vladimir Putin, Sepp Blatter and Angela Merkel but what I want to know is where is *** Wallace.
Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
Why Narendra Modi was stood up by Angela Merkel and almost so by Vladimir Putin.
It cannot surely be long before Angela Merkel is pictured placing a consolatory arm around David Cameron, after being overheard lecturing Vladimir Putin on the trouble with 4-4-2, and brochures extolling Germany will become popular in high-street travel agencies as the world wakes up to a much-underrated destination. Who needs Barcelona when you've got Bavaria? In boardrooms around the globe, football club owners will be instructing their Chief Executives to “get me a German”. Across assorted time zones it is no longer enough for a goalkeeper to have “safe hands”. Thanks to Manuel Neuer the era of “sweeper-keepers”, boasting strong lines in fancy footwork, is upon us. With the death of tiki-taka now rubber-stamped, aspiring football coaches will eschew study trips to Spain, instead flocking to a rather large patch of Europe stretching from the Baltic to the Alps. Anxious to replicate what Miroslav Klose describes as his country’s “Super Blend” of aesthetics and über-efficiency, the Foot ...
Talking from London, UK tonight on Byline with the estimable about Vladimir Putin and his bestie Angela Merkel.
“Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin This is. discomfiting"Palsy"(Oh, the lot of them...)
21 world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Prince Albert of Monaco, will travel to Brazil for the Worl…
In front of the Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and other world's leaders the FEMEN activists killed Vladimir Putin in Paris...'s wax museum
From across the Channel, the Atlantic, the other side of the globe, they are arriving, headed for the Normandy beaches where, 70 years ago, war exacted the ultimate price from their comrades. Now a dwindling band of brothers, D-day veterans from Britain, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, in their late 80s and 90s, will join 17 heads of state for an official commemoration of the biggest seaborne invasion in military history. While celebratory fireworks illuminate Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches, this week's 70th anniversary of the second world war events allow also for solemn reflection. Up to 600 British veterans and 350 from the US are expected to join commemorations, some of which will be be attended by world leaders including US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and British head of state the Queen. Friday's international ceremony is at Sword, the most eastern of the five beaches, and assaulted by the 3rd British Infantry Divi ...
G7 leaders talk Ukraine, economics without Putin at Brussels summit Published time: June 04, 2014 09:58 Edited time: June 04, 2014 11:23 The G7 leaders are in Brussels for a summit which, for the first time in 17 years, will be held without Russia. The sanctions toss-up between punishing Moscow over the Ukraine crisis and potentially ruining trade relations will top dominate the talks. The event was originally planned to take place in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, in a G8 format including Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but the host was expelled from the Group of Eight over disagreement over the Ukraine and the political crisis there. For the next two days, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US will discuss economics, trade and energy security amid the ongoing revolt in Ukraine. Energy ties with Russia are the issue of high importance for Europe, which gets almost a third of its oil and gas supplies from Russia. On the eve of the summit, there have been speculations ...
"BJP is communal" is passe and old is the new communal brigade! Shinzo Abe - Japanese PM Barack Obama & John Kerry - US Prez and Sec of state... David Cameron - UK PM Ben Netanyahu - Israeli PM Lee Hsien Loong - Singapore PM Sheikh Hasina - Bangladesh PM Nawaz Sherif - Pak PM Tony Abbott - Australian PM Vladimir Putin - Russian Prez Ram Baran Yadav & Sushil Koirala - Nepal Prez and PM Angela Merkel - German Chancellor Hollande - French Prez Stephen Harper - Canada PM Mohammed Nasheed - Maldives Prez Mahinda Rajpakshe - Srilankan Prez They all congratulated Modi and BJP for their spectacular win and wanted to work with the PM designate of India! Now you know why ma-beta Congress didn't congratulate the BJP, NDA and especially Modi on this spectacular win.they don't want to join the ranks of these world's most communal leaders!!
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Very strong day in the Russian equity market. MSCI Russia was up 4.3% in USD. The two major blue chips stocks Gazprom and Sberbank were leading the way by being up 5% and 7.5% respectively. Angela Merkel was out early during the day calling for negotiations. In the afternoon Vladimir Putin called for pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine to delay the referendum on independence from Ukraine. This was fueling hopes for a de-escalation of the crisis in Ukraine. Putin also said that Russia pulled back troops from the Ukrainian board. NATO however has no indication of withdrawal of troops from the board. At the same time there was a harsh statement from acting chief of staff in Ukraine, Pashynski, that “all slovyansk militants will be killed or detained”. The hope for de-escalation was enough though to lift the market.
from Kremlin: As previously agreed, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with ... Angela Merkel.
Angela Merkel "furious" after reports that her foreign policy expert attended Gerhard Schroeder's birthday party with Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel discussed the situation in Ukraine
Angela Merkel aide 'attended Vladimir Putin party': Angela Merkel "furious" after reports that her foreign pol...
Vladimir Putin calls for Ukrainian troops to withdraw from south-east
On SNL last week, Angela Merkel says that talking to Vladimir Putin is like being cornered at a party by a guy that just started Crossfitting...
Angela Merkel is sick of cleaning up everyone else's messes. After confirming that Vladimir Putin had begun a partial withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border, Merkel (Kate Mckinnon) stopped by "Saturday Night Live" for a quick chat w...
Vladimir Putin orders partial withdrawal of troops from border: Angela Merkel's spokesman
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has demanded a stronger NATO presence in Eastern Europe. But that makes some in Chancellor Merkel's government uncomfortable. As the alliance moves to reassure eastern allies, Berlin considers its options. In last Monday's meeting of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leaders in Berlin, the Angela Merkel spoke extensively about war and peace, including a detailed look at the Ukraine crisis. The chancellor also focused on her telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the role played by US President Barack Obama. When she then turned her attention to NATO, many expected a mild rebuke for Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. With her comments published in SPIEGEL a week ago, in which she urged NATO to show a greater presence on the alliance's external borders, von der Leyen dominated the German news cycle that weekend. Many interpreted her demand as a rhetorical escalation in the ongoing standoff with Russia and there was plenty of c ...
Nigel Farage says Vladimir Putin is the world leader he admires the most, and I can sort of get his point when you think the rest of the pack includes David Cameron (Moron), Nick Clegg(Traitor), Francois Hollande(Affair), Tony Abbott(Let's Cut down all the Trees!) Barack Obama (World Police) John Key (MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!) The only decent ones seem to be Jose Mujica, Stephen Harper, Angela Merkel, and, dare I say it, Vladimir Putin, and I only say this because they're the only ones with any semblance of a BACKBONE remaining, the only ones with vision outside of the boundaries of profit. Yes, Putin invaded Ukraine for what he believed to be a just cause, and how did we respond? By putting sanctions on a SUPERPOWER that provides most of Europe with power and oil. (Also, notice how America is the one vying for most of the sanctions, BECAUSE THE SANCTIONS WON'T EFFECT AMERICA, THANKS OBAMA) World, you need to wake the *** up because you're day-dreaming into your own demise, who gives a toss what Farage t ...
Nigel Farage: I admire Vladimir Putin Ukip leader praises Russian President's handling of Syria crisis, but describes Germany's chancellor as 'incredibly cold' Nigel Farage: 'As an operator, but not as a human being, I would say Putin. The way he played the whole Syria thing – brilliant.' Photograph: John Stillwell/PA Press Association Monday 31 March 2014 06.00 BST Nigel Farage has named Vladimir Putin as the world leader he most admires, praising the Russian President's handling of the crisis in Syria. But the Ukip leader had less kind words for Angela Merkel, describing the German Chancellor as "incredibly cold". He also said he saw little to choose between the leaders of Britain's three major parties, telling GQ magazine he does not give a *** whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband wins next year's general election. Farage's comments emerged just days after the Eurosceptic MEP said the European Union had "blood on its hands" for encouraging rebellion in Ukraine, Syria and Libya. While stressing he ...
BREAKING NEWS! THE LAST SON OF DR KWAME NKRUMAH, DR SEIKOU NKRUMAH AND THE SPOKESPERSON FOR ALAN CASH HAVE SAID THAT NPP AND GHANA DONT NEED OLDMAN OR OLU TO LEAD GHANA SO NANA AKUFO ADDO MUST STEP ASIDE FOR THE YOUTH. SO SEE THESE AGED PRESIDENT NOW. SEND YOUR COMMENT. Current ages of some presidents and prime ministers in the world: John Mahama of Ghana. 56 Faure Gnassingbe of Togo. 48 Barack Obama of USA 53 David Cameron of UK. 48 Vladimir Putin of Russia. 62 Goodluck J. Of Nigeria. 57 Angela Merkel of German 60 Joyce Banda of Malawi. 64 Paul Kagame of Rwanda 57 Uhuru Kenyatta Of Kenya 53 Yahya Jammeh of Gambia 49 Koroma of Sierra Leone 61 Shinzo Abe of Japan 60 All the above dynamic leaders are below the age of 70. Even Comrade Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who is now the mentor of the NPP, took office at the age of 63.He was born in 1924 and became the first president of Zimbabwe in 1987.
You will find absolute slaps by a frustrated George W. Bush who was apparently played and tested by Mr. Putin, as the KGB operative simply played the part of a PMS wife in challenging everything Bush43 said by repeating it back to him. Bush43 thought it uniformed, when it was simply a brilliant negotiating technique. The worst of this was Bush43 calling Mr. Putin "cold blooded" to his face. The Obama regime has been far worse in disclosing confidential comments from German leader Angela Merkel in stating that "Putin was out there" and not in reality with other insults by Birther Obama. This is a disaster and it has been caused by the Americans completely by insulting Mr. Putin, and thinking Vladimir Putin is some puppet that must "think American". I will point out that Leonid Brezhev got up during negotiations with American Presidents as a tactic to throw them off, and act like he was not listening to them, and this humiliation of listening to an interpreter was what President Richard Nixon had to endure ...
The two-faced Germans are letting Putin wreak havoc By SIMON HEFFER PUBLISHED: 01:40 GMT, 8 March 2014 | UPDATED: 01:40 GMT, 8 March 2014 79 shares 176 View comments As Europe’s leading power, a global economic titan, and a nation that has sought since 1945 to set an example of peace and democracy, Germany ought to be at the forefront of demands for sanctions to be imposed on Russia after its outrageous behaviour in Ukraine. But it has signally failed to discharge its moral duty towards Europe. The main reason is self-interest because the German economy is massively dependent on Russia. Not only is Russia one of the main markets for its exports, but its industry and homes rely so heavily on the country’s gas and oil. What’s more, Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel (who grew up in a Soviet-controlled area east of Berlin) and her Kremlin counterpart Vladimir Putin (who once worked for the KGB in Dresden) have a pretty strong relationship. Too close for comfort: Angela Merkel with Vladimir Putin, on ...
It's maybe a bit of a one-liner as an artwork, but I wish David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage, Angela Merkel, John Mccain, Alex Salmond, John Scott and all the other politicians would get the point that a major shift is required and if they don't provide leadership, then this, having a conversation in a duck pond, is the least of our problems.
Vladimir Putin seems to have lost touch with reality, Angela Merkel reportedly told Barack Obama after speaking with the Russian President. He is "in another wo
Russian President Vladimir Putin tells Germany's Angela Merkel he is concerned by tensions in Ukraine's sout…
Angela Merkel has told Vladimir Putin that a referendum on Crimea would violate international law. The Crimean parliament's decision to vote on joining the Russian Federation has only worsened the diplomatic stalemate.
UCRAINA AND RUSSIA Reuters) - Germany's Angela Merkel a rebuke to President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, telling him that a planned Moscow-backed referendum on whether Crimea should join Russia was illegal and violated Ukraine's constitution. Putin defended breakaway moves by pro-Russian leaders in Crimea, where Russian forces tightened their grip on the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula by seizing another border post and a military airfield. As thousands staged rival rallies in Crimea, street violence flared in Sevastopol, when pro-Russian activists and Cossacks attacked a group of Ukrainians. Russian forces' seizure of the region has been bloodless but tensions are mounting following the decision by pro-Russian groups there to make Crimea part of Russia. In the latest armed action, pro-Russian forces wearing military uniforms bearing no designated markings sealed off a military airport in Crimea near the village of Saki, a Ukrainian Defence Ministry spokesman on the peninsula said. The operation to seize Crime ...
Nick Clegg Says Vladimir Putin Has ‘KGB Mentality Rooted In The Cold War’ - Having faced down David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama in recent days over western opposition to Russia's military stranglehold on Crimea, Vladimir Putin now has the leader of the Liberal Democrats to contend with. -
Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "semi-delusional autocrat" who governs over a propaganda-dishing, state-censored media, said Jon Stewart on Thursday night's Daily Show. Almost everyone can see that Putin is living in an alternate reality — even Germany's Angela Merkel — so why are…
A palm wine pot is not very beautiful, yet it plays with elderly people. I may not know much but one who looks ugly or unintelligent may be incredibly smart and advise important people. Things are not always as they appear. Why is the mainstream media not getting it right when it comes to foreign issues? This time it's CNN. I believe the president is not the only one who has faulted here; our congress has. And I agree with Prime Minister Lord Heseltine who dismissed calls for any action beyond sanctions against Russia, saying the West should "have a degree of humility on the idea that military intervention or something of that sort is going to solve anything. Whether we like it or not Putin has interest in Ukraine. I hate to read one sided news/reports on Russia. Vladimir Putin don't trust our president, Obama and Obama don't trust him either. Yes, Putin trust the Germans Chancellor, Angela Merkel and there can't be peace in Ukraine without Russia. We're missing the story. Why should we tell a sovereign n ...
So, it is reported that Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) advised Barack Obama that Vladimir Putin is "disconnected w/ reality", and "is not sane", in regards to Russia's actions toward Ukraine. However, it is also reported that of all European nations of the E.U./U.N., Germany is the one against a kick out of Russia from the "G8" (if I am not mistaken), and sanctions against her, the most!! Hmm...I wonder why?!!
Angela Merkel is right when she says that Vladimir Putin is living in another world.
The situation in Ukraine is deeply concerning. I've talked to Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk to discuss w…
Angela Merkel called up Vladimir Putin today, and I'm having a really hard time imagining what that would be like. Awkward to say the least.
Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone conversation about the situation in Ukraine
What do U.S.'s John Kerry, Germany's Angela Merkel, E.U.'s Jose Manuel Barroso and Russia's Vladimir Putin have in common? They all use the wine storage services of the CRICOVA wine cellars.
Who gets your vote as 'person of the year - 2013'? ▢ Edward Snowden ▢ Vladimir Putin ▢ Pope Francis ▢ Angela Merkel Vote on
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The debate has raged across time zones: from the US and Latin America to Europe and to Asia. Barack Obama cancelled a trip to Moscow in protest at Russian President Vladimir Putin's protection of Snowden. Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff cancelled a state visit to Washington in protest at the US spying on her. Bolivian president Evo Morales's plane was forced down in Vienna amid suspicion that Snowden was being smuggled out of Russia. In Germany, a "livid" Angela Merkel accused the US of spying on her, igniting a furore that has seen the White House concede that new constraints on the NSA's activities may be necessary. Meanwhile, in Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron accused the Guardian of damaging national security by publishing the revelations, warning that if it did not "demonstrate some social responsibility it would be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act".
Top10Most PowerfulPeople in the wd 1. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. 2. Barack Obama, President of the United States. 3. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party, China. 4. Pope Francis, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. 5. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. 6. Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. 7. Ben Bernanke, Chairmain of the Federal Reserve of the United States. 8. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia. 9. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank. 10. Michael Duke, CEO of Wal-Mart Stores.
"DOWNLOAD FROM A PARKBENCH" Today, Thursday, October 17, 2013, contrary to currently popular societal political gossip is the first day of the rest of America, the World and Your life. Since the world did not dissolve in the big debt ceiling powered financial super nova that was predicted. Since, I am, sure you are wondering why, may I offer this modest reality check. I suggest you be securely seated or lying down on the floor this will get seismic. Following is a list of persons and circumstances none of which had anything singularly or collectively to do with this most fortuitous conditional circumstance. Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John Mccain, Harry Reid, Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, *** Durbin, Cory Booker, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NASA, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Diane Feinstein, Wonder Woman, Super Man, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Chelsea ( formerly Bradley ) M ...
Unless you are Angela Merkel and/or your bf is Vladimir Putin, I don't think your "threat" carries much weight
Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson walk into a bar.
- Angela Merkel is the only one with a pair of *** in the whole of Europe -- Peter Steinbruck - I don't believe so --Vladimir Putin - Ok, I meant in the whole EU --Peter Steinbruck - Good boy, now it's better --Vladimir Putin
Angela Merkel apparently has a fear of dogs. Vladimir Putin is aware of this fact.
WHAT ABOUT THE 8.500 ANTIQUITIES YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM GREECE MISS MERKEL? Russia and Germany in spat over ‘looted’ art1 By Quentin Peel in Berlin, Neil Buckley in St Petersburg and Charles Clover in Moscow High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.supportto buy additional rights. tension that underlies the close economic ties between Germany and Russia burst into public view on Friday when Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin temporarily cancelled their speeches at the opening of a major exhibition of Bronze Age treasures because of a spat over the looting of art works after the second world war. The exhibition – Bronze Age, Europe without Borders with more than 1,700 artefacts on display in St Petersburg’s historic Hermitage Museum – was supposed to mark the culmination of a Year of Germany in Russia after three years of co-operatio ...
Merkel and Putin view exhibition of disputed art: Germany's Angela Merkel and Russia's Vladimir Putin have visited an exhibition featuring art looted from Germany by the USSR in World War II. Reports said Mrs Merkel had intended to use the visit to the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg to ask for the items to be returned. But she toned down her remarks saying that Russia and Germany would continue talks about the issue. Mr Putin said the war art issue was "very sensitive". He said it was "hardly worth starting an argument now" and added that the two sides should seek "ways to resolve it". Mr Putin denied there had been any suggestion of cancelling the visit. "We had not cancelled anything, we just wanted to see if we would have enough time," he told reporters at a news conference with the German leader. Mrs Merkel, who was in St Petersburg to address the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum, said it was an important step that the works were now on public display for the first time. "It gives ...
Spat between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin over German treasure - Telegraph
Angela Merkel clashes with Vladimir Putin over looted German treasure | via
CNN: John Defterios: Style and substance of two leaders: Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel take part in a plenary session at
For those of you that don't think the Obozo administration is reading your email and monitoring your calls... Germany's Angela Merkel (Chancellor) is demanding Obama came to Berlin and explain why they are possibly doing the same thing to German citizens ... On another topic, Vladimir Putin of Russia is likely to have some objection to the US aiding the Islamic terrorists in Syria against the legitimate government there which is Russia's ally and provides Russia with a warm water port. I think it will be an interesting month. Don't count on the established media in the US to provide much coverage of these points...just watch.
"It's Good to be the King" Mel Brooks in The History of the World These are hard times in Northern Ireland, where unemployment is rampant and Prime Minister David Cameron's corrosive austerity medicine is killing hope. Yet, the people of a depressed town named Enniskillen are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at a remarkable revitalization of their town centre. Practically overnight, a blight of abandoned stores has been transformed into a vibrant scene of reoccupied, fully-stocked shops enjoying a business boom. But wait: Having rubbed their eyes and peered closer, the denizens of Enniskillen see that this is not a miracle – it's a mirage. The spiffy new streetscapes are nothing but posters plastered over the old vacant buildings. Why this lie? Because Cameron, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and other heads of state are coming to the G8 Summit being held this month at a five-star, luxury golf resort just down the road from Enniskillen.
Dealing with Russia: When it comes to understanding Vladimir Putin, trust Angela Merkel...
IN THE year since Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin as president his rule has become increasingly repressive. He has harassed or shut down non-governmental...
//Sigh// well, I considered dedicating "So it has come to this..." to (alphabetically) Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Angela Merkel, Binyamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin, but decided rather than laying everything at the feet of world leaders pushing all the events, I'd just lay it on everyone (with a special nod to Mitt Romney and John Mccain for providing comic relief).
Vladimir Putin for a date with Angela Merkel on VW XL1 Concept, no, just kidding
HANNOVER MESSE ( 2013 Opening Ceremony with Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, next year& team
Rite now Barack Obama,Angela Merkel,David Cameron &Vladimir Putin are in an emerg. meeting whether to release Vishwaroopam in their country!
Obama was joined in the top 10 by Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Saudi king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud and D... policy is dictated by Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Vladimir Putin, China and some Arab states.
I have just been able to watch this through, and it was worth it to see some of the faces of the people in the audience, most notably Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (I think), and best of all Senat...
As of today, most powerful individual human beings in the world: 1) Vladimir Putin 2) Ben Bernanke 3) Angela Merkel
Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Berlin for Talks over Syria During Putin´s visit by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel several demonstrations at the German Chancellery in Berlin. Mar
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in meetings with Germany's Angela Merkel and France's François Hollande, batted back mounting pressure to take firm measures to end the violence in Syria.
Russia’s Vladimir Putin brought a large dog with him to a round of negotiations with Germany’s Angela Merkel (knowing that she had a pathological fear of dogs,in order to gain a psychological edge).
(HNS) FLAVOR GULCH, UT: In an apparent effort to turn a negative into a positive, the Romney campaign may be considering a new, targeted social media campaign. The campaign would assert the candidate's willingness to wrestle other world leaders to the ground and cut off their hair should they not agree to do what he wants. "That might work for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel," said an Obama campaign spokesman, adding, "What about Vladimir Putin? The guy's bald, and has a black belt in Judo to boot! We don't think so." HNS will continue to monitor this developing story.
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