Angela Merkel & Mario Monti

Angela Dorothea Merkel; née Kasner (born 17 July 1954) is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Mario Monti (born 19 March 1943) is an Italian economist and academic who has been the 54th Prime Minister of Italy, as well as Minister of Economy and Finance, since November 2011. 5.0/5

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From the Financial Times: Mapping out 2014 The Financial Times does not do horoscopes. But that does not mean we shy away from predicting the future. As in previous years, our experts are back with their crystal balls to shed light on the biggest questions of 2014. From the winner of next year’s football World Cup to the valuation of virtual currencies, there is little we do not have an answer for. Of course, the answers we give are not always right. Last year we failed to read the runes on Europe’s two main elections in 2013 – Italy and Germany. Quentin Peel anticipated that Angela Merkel would stay in power, but picked the wrong coalition partner – the Greens instead of the Social Democrats. Guy Dinmore – erroneously – plumped for Mario Monti to become Italy’s finance minister after the vote. Yet, on the global economy, our forecasts were mostly accurate. Martin Wolf was right that no major central bank would raise interest rates. Chris Giles astutely dismissed the idea that the UK would s ...
look at markets after any speeches from Ben Bernanke to Mario Monti to Alistair Darling to Angela Merkel. Its all the same.
ANSA reporting that Angela Merkel has told Mario Monti to run in Italy's general election.
Quick! Send this newsflash poem to US Federal Reserve Private Bank, all US Senators and Congressmen, President Obama and all in his administration, Angela Merkel, the ECB, Mario Monti, José Manuel Barroso, Antonis Samaras, Francois Hollande, etc. Does anybody hear this?!?!?!? Wha.
Angela Merkel and Mario Monti pledge to 'do everything' for eurozone - Scotsman
Angela Merkel and Mario Monti gave the assurance that they will do whatever is necessary to protect the euro area.
Angela Merkel and Mario Monti said today that they will do everything posible to protect the EUROZONE.So the EUROZONE won't be allowed to play out after dark. From now on.
Angela Merkel and Italian PM Mario Monti have said they will do "everything possible to protect the eurozone".
Angela Merkel and Mario Monti "agreed that Germany and Italy will do everything to protect the eurozone" in a phone conversation Saturday
Angela Merkel and Mario Monti pledge to do everything to protect eurozone - The Times of India Monti saving EU LOL
Italy’s deficit to double, but Germany’s to halve July 5, 2012 at 04:27 GMT Mario Monti, the Italian PM, told a joint press conference with Angela Merkel, that Italy’s deficit would rise to 2pc of GDP from the 1.3pc predicted, as the German Fin Min upped its forecast from 1pc to 0.5pc “thanks to the favourable overall economic development”.
At a press conference after a summit in Rome between Angela Merkel and the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti t...
German Dominance In Doubt After Summit Defeat: Good account of how Mario Monti turned the screw on Angela Merkel
Dear Angela Merkel, You just listened to the Italian PM and Ex Goldman Sachs banker Mario Monti. In light of care to reconsider ?
Mario Monti faced down the German Chancellor and won the battle. He will survive a few more weeks or months in politics. It was clever of him to threaten a veto on something Angela Merkel badly needed. He had her in the corner. It was an example of
Angela Merkel was portrayed across Europe as the big loser of a euro zone showdown in Brussels after the German Chancellor was forced to accept the crisis-fighting measures championed by countries struggling with their debts. Newspapers in Spain, Italy and France on Saturday toasted the triumph of their leaders - Mario Monti, Mariano Rajoy and Francois Hollande - in pushing Merkel into a U-turn that would long have been unthinkable. This is a good step towards saving the world`s most valuable currency with the largest economy know as the EUROZONE
Mario Monti emerged at the European Union summit meeting as the uncontested leader of the “pro-growth” forces, and helped put Italy back on the diplomatic map.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pleaded Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti for sperm donation, hoping that in 20-24 years Germany will produce great footballers to finally defeat Italian football team. After loosing 2-1 in semi-finals at Euro 2012 against the Italians, Merkel has believed that German can never defeat Italians, unless impregnating millions of German woman with sperm from Italian footballers. Though Monti has offered Merkel a deal - sperms for Italian debt which is 100 billion-euros. While Merkel is optimistic with Monti's deal and feels the german may even pick up a flair for food and fashion along the way.!!
Oops! Angela Merkel's working dinner was with Mario not Mario My bad... And Italia still won game.
Mario Monti's new look for today's euro meeting with Angela Merkel
A showdown threatens to unfold in Brussels Thursday between the German Chancellor and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Shortly before the start of the EU summit, Angela Merkel is clearly at odds with Italy's leader. She has also upset Europe's leading euro strategists.
"On Thursday, E.U. leaders will huddle together in Brussels to try and fix the euro zone. And no one has high hopes — financial markets are all tanking Monday because, apparently, they’re already gloomy about the outcome. Why so much pessimism? One problem is that the leaders of the euro zone’s four biggest economies — Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande, Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, and Italy’s Mario Monti — can’t agree on what steps need to be taken."
Maybe the UEFA Champions League is bigger than the World Cup afterall... Direct Rivals, David Cameron, the British Prime minister and a Chelsea supporter (Of course what do you expect?) and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who supported the German team, Bayern Munich. Also present was the President of America, Barack Obama, Italy's Mario Monti, new French President, Francois Hollande, President of EU, Canada's Stephen Harper and also, leaders of Japan and Russia The world's most powerful leaders are put through the full gamut of emotions as they watched Chelsea's thrilling win over German rivals Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. During a nail-biting penalty shoot-out, David Cameron throws his arms aloft in celebration as Didier Drogba slots home the winning goal. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel can only look on glumly as they caught the action during the G8 summit in the United States. It was sweet revenge for two years ago when Mr Cameron had to endure a humiliating 4-1 thrashing ...
Alexis Tsipras became the surprise package of the Greek election by telling Angela Merkel to get lost.
Local elections are taking place in Germany and Italy today where Angela Merkel and Mario Monti will get insight...
Jonathan named among world’s 100 most influential people Written by Christian Okeke, Abuja Thursday, 19 April 2012 PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has been named among 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 by Times Magazine. Named alongside Jonathan were United States President, Barack Obama; German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; International Monetary Fund (IMF) President, Christine Lagarde and Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti. Others were US presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney; Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu; US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; Warren Buffet; Ron Paul, among others. The Times Magazine, in naming them, said “they are the people who inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world.” In a tribute on President Jonathan posted against his name on the list visible on the website of the magazine, Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, described Jonathan as “one who exemplifies the African political renaissance at a time when the people of the continen ...
Just looked through the big TIME "The 100 Most Influential People in the World" issue. Can't say I agree with them all (or recognize them all!). Angela Merkel, Mario Monti, Mario Draghi and Christine Lagarde make sense, as do Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu and Goodluck Jonathan. I'm okay with Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin. But chef Rene Redzepi, Tilda Swinton and E.L. James?
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