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Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel; née Kasner (born 17 July 1954) is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

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Brexiters looking to Angela Merkel for salvation will be disappointed unless Theresa May pays the divorce bill
In Lower Saxony, Angela Merkel is fighting for seats. Martin Schulz is battling for his political life
Angela Merkel mocked by Slovenian comic in comedy video of her disastrous migrant policy.
I love Germany.Thank you .Angela Merkel,Thomas Muller,after Willy Brandt,Helmut Schmidt,Wagner etc.
3. Corazon Aquino - 1986 - President of the Philippines. 4. Angela Merkel - 2015 - Chancellor of Germany. Four women have won it unshared.
With the recent German election, we're recognizing Angela Merkel: Chancellor of Germany since 2005.
Newly re-elected Angela Merkel once claimed, "You could certainly say that I’ve never underestimated myself,...
'I made a mistake' jihadi bride begs Angela Merkel to allow her back into Germany
Angela Merkel won a fourth term as German Chancellor in a federal election that lifted a far
"Islam is not the source of terrorism" - Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (who has been amazingly re-e…
It looks like Angela Merkel dream of 1 State - 1 Army - 1 Police Force has started .
Theresa May to meet Angela Merkel in bid for Brexit breakthrough
I understand Theresa May will have a discreet Brexit bilat with Angela Merkel in Tallinn tomorrow. Big news if Mutti is re…
Yho! German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly standing for a 4th term! Yet was in this continent berating us…
Angela Merkel's victory is good for Afgh. She is strong, stable, predictable & projects the German power well.Wish she…
Angela stuck in the middle: Takeaways from Day 2
Absolutely! The word is wo-MEN. The answer is right there, you just have to look for it. Angela Mer…
Angela Merkel is still the most powerful leader in Europe, ...
How Russian voters fueled the rise of Germany's far-right
Angela Merkel faces fight to form new German government after right wing surge
MORE: Angela Merkel wins fourth term as German far-right party makes gains
'Not everyone you disagree with is a Nazi': Brendan O'Neill in today's Sun on the left's demonisation of AfD voters. http…
Angela Merkel ADMITS 'polarising' Germany with refugee policy after election mauling
Angela Merkel won 4th consecutive term,she ll always be remembered for standing for humanity in otherwise polarised worl…
Angela Merkel tells supporters that her party has a mandate to form a government
Far-right marches in to German parliament, Angela Merkel holds on via
Clinton says Angela Merkel is the most important leader in the free world.
Issues similar to what happened in the US last year resulted in an unexpected sweeping win for the AfD in Germany...
The white oppressors from the East are busy lecturing Africa on while Angela Merkel is ruling Germany countless t…
'The far Right's humbling of Angela Merkel is a wake-up call for complacent Europe' my latest article https:/…
Imagine if Angela Merkel doesn't get re-elected 😩😩
If they landed in the US and said "take us to your leader" I'd call up Angela Merkel to be safe
Germany’s Angela Merkel has won elections for the fourth time. In Africa this would be called all manner of names.
What do you think about Angela Merkel?
Merkel's victory/defeat: Her popular vote was the "lowest since federal elections began in 1949"--via
German Chancellor Angela Merkel starts coalition talks with few options after election bruising
Opinion: It's time to bury any illusions about Merkel's supposed role as 'the leader of the free world'
German voters remunerated Angela Merkel's inside right
Angela Merkel wins German Chancellor for the fourth time. So here is a video of how much she loves her country. https:…
Angela Merkel is content about results.
Germany elections: Angela Merkel has many economic challenges ahead | by htt…
Congratulations to Angela Merkel on her election success and 4th term as Chancellor of Germany.
Angela Merkel's hollow victory complicates Theresa May's life and Brexit talks
Angela Merkel has won a fourth consecutive four-year term as Chancellor of Germany, a direct repudiation of Trump's deep unpo…
PM – I congratulate Angela Merkel on the result of the election, and look forward to working with the new German Govt once…
What the *** is going on with Getty Images and Angela Merkel?
President joins world leaders and well-wishers in congratulating German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her victory at t…
The rocky road ahead for Angela Merkel writes
Congratulations to Chancellor Angela Merkel and all our friends in the German Parliament on their re-election.
Think Trump is unpopular? He has more support in the US than Angela Merkel does in Germany. Have that, globalists. 😄http…
Emmanuel Macron warns Europe 'more fragile than ever' as he calls for common defence force
Angela Merkel's leftward drift over her years in office has created an opportunity for the far-right to proliferate.
Angela Merkel just won a fourth term as Germany's chancellor, despite a surge in right-wing activism.
In Germany, the Russo-centric Ostpolitik nostalgists of the SPD are out. Good news for a united Europe. My article:
How Angela Merkel and Pope Francis are reshaping the world |
What does Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Park Geun-hye and 19 other woman have in common? They were elected. Unlike…
Putin the evil dictator, wins yet another term!!!. Oh wait... That's just Angela Merkel. Nothing to see here. Move along. 😄…
Macron threatens to launch BREAKAWAY EU group warning France and Germany will be DECISIVE
Angela Merkel fourth . Germany . Must know who is god . Who is creator of the universe . How we get complete salvation . https:/…
Angela Merkel's 'new Germans' celebrate her fourth term as Chancellor.
I wish Angela Merkel was born a few decades later, and was about my age now. Tota she is the one.
Germany and Angela Merkel have bigger problems than the far-Right - Stephen Green
Angela Merkel, Reluctant Leader of the West, ‘Has Gotten the Taste for It’ // Great piece
Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union fared best in northwest and southeast Germany.
German election results: AfD vows to 'hunt' Angela Merkel after making gains | World News |
Angela Merkel has won her 4th term as German Chancellor. She was unable to completely destroy Germany during her firs…
Angela Merkel wins fourth term as chancellor in German election
Yes and Angela Merkel was just elected, today, to serve her 4th. term as Chancellor of…
Congratulations to Angela Merkel for winning her 4th term as chancellor of Indeed, with continuity comes stabil…
Angela Merkel is no longer Chancellor of Germany... my heart is broken
JUST IN: Angela Merkel on course for fourth term as German Chancellor as exit polls predict her party will be largest in parliamen…
Angela Merkel wins 4th term as chancellor of Germany | via
Angela Merkel wins fourth term as German Chancellor, but exit polls show a lift in support for Germany's far right
To the chagrin of lunatic bigot Trump, the 'real' leader of the free world, Angela Merkel wins 4th term as Chancellor in G…
Angela Merkel holds on to power in German election – video
German election: Angela Merkel wins a fourth term as German Chancellor, but with her party's lead in parliament cut
Congratulations Mrs. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel!. >>>Merkel will likely have to form a new coalition government...
Germans are going to the polls today in a national election which could deliver Angela Merkel a fourth term
Angela Merkel will win the election, I can feel it
former research scientist,PhD in physical chemistry, lady, head of state, holding beer in her hands. Angela Merkel.Can th…
I would kill Angela Merkel if given the opportunity.
The federal election in is a remarkable political event in many ways!
Probably won't exist in a near future ..but it's what Angela Merkel wants it...good luck! Happy Oktoberfest
I'm bettingthat Angela Merkel is out. Why? Because The Economist told us so.
Polls have opened across Germany in a closely-watched general election as Angela Merkel seeks a fourth term as chancellor
In the 12 years since she was first elected Angela Merkel has become the planet's most powerful woman - what is the secret to her success?
Germans head to the polls in an election seen by many as a referendum on Chancellor Angela Merkel's leadership.
Today, its government for the next 4 years. Polls are open for the 2017 and this...
GOOD MORNING. Wish Angela Merkel success as she seeks her 4th term as Germany leader. SMS 'Cofek On' to 40408
Germany votes in key national elections: Angela Merkel looking all but certain to win…
elections: Polls open as Angela Merkel expected to win fourth term as chancellor.
As I see the coverage of Angela Merkel's likely 4th election victory, I wonder what the coverage would be for first one. 🙄
LIVE: Germans vote in a general election that will decide whether Angela will remain chancellor for 4th term
Germany’s tranquil election will have a scrappy aftermath. My piece in this week's
Chancellor Angela Merkel is widely expected to win a fourth term in office as Germans go to the polls.
Germans start to vote for next parliament on Sunday; Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU conservative alliance expected to win most votes…
Insightful read: Angela Merkel, the Most Powerful Woman in a World of Unstable Men
German election 2017 polls and odds tracker: Will Angela Merkel remain as Chancellor?
Here's my long read on how Merkel has governed Germany, and what that has meant for the world:
Here's why The Economist thinks Merkel deserves to win (and why we think she must become bolder in her fourth term): http…
Angela Merkel gets mercilessly booed for the 10th time in a row in Germany
The Angela Merkel model – or how to succeed in German politics
Only Otto von Bismarck, Germany's first chancellor, had more years in office then Angela Merkel
Yes, and perhaps Angela Merkel is Aunt agatha?
interested in Angela Merkel's life summarised in just 1 page? See what happened last time -
You go, girl! I don't know what you're going after exactly, but looks like you're "winning!" Not the German people,…
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"The Earth’s systems do not respond to mission statements or speeches or targets. They respond to hard fact."
Angela Merkel would be awesome. As gender equality grows, some one young well known and engaged in…
What you get when you plot Merkel's approval ratings next to the 4 UK, 4 French, & 3 US leaders she overlapped with:
Theresa May has no right to waste the average annual salary of 800,000 hard working British people to leave the EU. https:…
Angela Merkel is now leader of the Free World.
Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Hitler and Hitler Was a Rothschild
*** POLLS/3. The net result might not be disastrous for Angela Merkel, but will be life-changing for Germany and Europe.
'They trust her without knowing what she stands for.' How Merkel became one of Europe's longest-serving leaders.
Just so you know, I'm a righteous Angela Merkel boy toy, which is fine I guess.
Agreed, however Angela Merkel has had a heavy influence as well.
Donald Trump's threat to 'destroy' is wrong, says
What is Chancellor Angela Merkel's take on climate change?
"Through dialog we can perhaps take small steps towards improvement." Angela Merkel discusses negotiating with Egypt.
But the real question here: Is Angela Merkel ***
This is a piece I have wanted to write for a long time: a profile of Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel sure knows how to buy votes. Good for them!.
“whole world needs..Merkel”-looks like Mr.Macron is waging competitive war4global leadershi…
EXCLUSIVE: Chancellor Angela Merkel talks Turkey, North Korea, refugees and the far-right in an interview with…
Angela Merkel tells DW that she believes many things can be done if world nation will cooperate with each other .
Two videos showing German Chancellor Merkel's worldview and her attitude to Trump's America:.
"Egypt needs our support," Angela Merkel told DW as to the crackdown on freedom of speech in the country. https…
How Angela Merkel rose to power to lead Germany
Chancellor Angela Merkel: 'There is a clear disagreement with Trump on North Korea'
TM tried to make first move to sort this last year and blocked by Merkel
Angela Merkel didn't want to do a pie fight vs. Theresa May. But Ellen Barkin & Jenny McCarthy instantly wanted to go at it.
Martin Schulz was once the only politician in Germany with a chance to unseat Angela Merkel. What happened?
British believe that once Angela Merkel is re-elected as Germany’s chancellor she will ...make things happen
Angela Merkel: A quiet power - Excellent immersive profile from our Jenny Hill in Berlin
Elections in Germany are on September 24th and Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading in opinion polls. If elected it will be…
"Just as Obama did not end structural racism in America, Merkel has not ended structural sexism in Germany"
Late-abortion comments from teen with Down syndrome stun Angela Merkel in this heartwarming video
chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany's Angela as climate via
Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner presents solutions to Chancellor Angela at the booth
At what point can Angela Merkel be arrested & held accountable?. Afghan "Refugee" rapes German girl's dead body after murdering…
Germany, which has been led by the most powerful woman in the world for 12 years, has a woman problem
"Angela Merkel is under the bridge cow crone hag ?!"
A great honor to host Chancellor Angela Merkel booth at
Poland is LEGALLY RIGHT to demand World War 2 reparations from Germany - lawyers say
Today a member of our community presented the book 'pathway to peace' by the to German Chancellor Angela M…
Hillary Clinton & Angela Merkel: are in the pockets as puppets of the Zionists; The…
We've been BETRAYED! Turkey hits out at EU & orders Merkel to stop trying to run Brussels
German election: Why this vote matters If the polls are right, Angela Merkel
Opinion: There's no end in sight to Angela Merkel's love affair with the car industry
EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany's Angela Merkel as climate hypocrite via
Germany: Chancellor Angela pledges to stand against
Wow. -> "I do not want to be aborted, but to remain in the world.”
Ready for another day of Chancellor Angela will also pay us a visit today.
There are more C.E.O.s named "Thomas" than C.E.O.s who are women in Germany’s 160 publicly traded companies
When Angela Merkel was elected in 2005, Kristin was just 9. She can't really remember a time when a man led Germany.
Silvio Berlusconi has shown during a summit, Angela Merkel has a sense of humor,
Angela Merkel is tipped to win a fourth term as German Chancellor. . Is she now the world's most powerful person?.
English created the problem and Angela Merkel provides free stay & German women to Jihadis. Both should settle all Rohingyas in their lands,
Germans go to the polls on September 24th. Here is what you need to know about the two main candidates: Angela Merkel and…
Without real leadership&vision, it would only result in appeasement and/or immoral transactionalism.
Angela Merkel suggests we ship an airplane full of cash to NK & capitulate to their every demand... that'll teach 'em.…
Angela Merkel: Germany ready to play ‘active role’ in diplomacy
Just like no one respected bi-racial Obama except manly Angela Merkel. (…
Angela Merkel’s heir wants to prosecute who refer to non-believers as infidels.
Excellent piece. Angela Merkel: The moral leader of the west - STATE - CNN Politics -
German Chancellor Merkel rejects Turkey's travel warning, saying Turkish citizens are more than welcome to visit…
‘We have the right’ Poland demands £766BILLION from Germany in World War 2 reparations
Angry anti-Merkel protestors pelt German leader with tomatoes at rally
Merkel: EU needs strong Common foreign policy and show solidarity with no if and buts Can DK deliver with Støjberg?
German election: Angela Merkel extends her lead in the polls
Once again, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is threatening EU members that refuse…
Tony Blair joins Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel & Darth Vader in seeking to crush the rebellion against the Empire.
Angela Merkel can't handle her own country of Germany, why does she think we trust her opinion on North Korea?
Remember when Silvio Berlusconi called Angela Merkel 'culona inchiavabile'? This is them now, feel old yet?
Its a choice between Angela Merkel and her continued national suicide or Martin Schulz who is ten times worse!
DT Britain First: Angela Merkel on letting a MILLION migrants into Europe: 'I would do the same ...
Europe’s grown-up: How Angela Merkel is changing, and not changing, Germany via
Angela’s unfinished business - why Merkel 4.0 might be very different from 1,2,3. But can she be?
Unfinished business in Berlin: Why Angela Merkel deserves to win Germany’s election via
Angela Merkel has these tips for dealing with "alpha males" like Donald Trump
Angela Merkel pelted with tomatoes (at 0:02) during campaign. Take a look at her dirty jacket later!
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Satirist Jan threatens to take to court over poem controversy in
Nigel Farage to campaign with far-right AfD Party ahead of German elections
Charges of political hacking emerge as major German fede... via
Recall This? 09/03/2017║Three Weeks Till Polls: Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz go head-to-head on TV
Not any more... They recognize we have a mentally ill president ... Angela Merkel took over
To say something like that, Angela Merkel must either be stupid, devious or a liar. And I'm pretty sure she's not stupid...
Very nice look at Angela Merkel's life and career so far from and
I think pukin was scared to death of an Angela Merkel & Hillary Clinton world!
Angela Merkel is pelted with TOMATOES during raucous election rally as furious voters call her a liar
"Chancellor Angela Merkel should be prosecuted and tried after the end of her mandate" (Alice Weidel, AfD)
A new face in German politics wanted to shake the country. But now Germans ask why.
In Germany's rust belt, populists are campaigning for Angela Merkel's exit
Honored to meet this morning in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Goal predominantly was to alienate Angela Merkel/Germany and Theresa May/GB. In GB, there is a…
Could Theresa May learn a lesson from Angela Merkel ?
Scrap the last guess ( I'm barred from last week ). Its Theresa May and Angela Merkel
You can worship, even from America, Germany's Angela Merkel, or England's Theresa May.
CNN: "Angela Merkel: The moral leader of the West". The U.S. gave that up when you were elected.
Thank you Angela Merkel. Thank you for this Cultural Enrichment.
Macron meets Merkel on first day in office
Angela Merkel: The moral leader of the West | STATE Magazine
Germany's Angela Merkel and China's Xi Jinping agree to back harsher North Korea sanctions: qua
In anti-establishment era, German youth opt for status quo: Angela Merkel by and…
Analysis: Angela Merkel, the new leader of the free world via
so insulting to Indira Ghandhi, Maggie Thatcher, Angela Merkel & women who…
If Putin attempted that much intimidation of Angela Merkel and Hillary, he must really feel threatened by them. Men are so touchy
Angela Merkel was pelted with tomatoes at a campaign rally in Heidelberg (East Germany).
I thank German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her offer of support. Showing empathy, she said: “We suffer with you.” https…
Why does that woman look like Angela Merkel wearing glasses Clark Kent style as a disguise?
Natural that Clark's there but how did JK Rowling place and Angela Merkel not even feature on a 250-woman powerl…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Helen Clark as 3rd most influential woman makes sense. Angela Merkel not ranking top 2, not so much. JK Rowling as 1st? Really?
So Angela Merkel thinks Turkey will never become a member of the EU. Another lie perpetrated by Farage and Johnson to…
The good works of Angela Merkel on display in real time as she works overtime to destroy German culture…
Angela Merkel on defensive over immigration as election rival tries to land knock-out blow in TV debate .
Well this is impressive. The Merkel vs Schulz debate really did get our attention, for about an hour or so... -
German Chancellor Angela Merkel vows to block Turkey from joining European Union
The Merkel vs Schulz TV debate surpassed Game Of Thrones. At least it got our attention...
Chancellor vows to block from joining
And here's what Merkel actually said on Turkey: they will never become members.
Angela Merkel u-turns on Turkey EU membership bid in election TV debate - Sky News. Can't trust her!
Angela Merkel met her main rival Martin Schulz in their only TV debate before Germany's election on Sept. 24
Angela Merkel on course for crushing election victory after rival 'hardly able to land a punch' in live debate
The world's most powerful woman. A bulwark of democracy. The many faces of the German Chancellor. https…
Angela Merkel says Turkey should not become a member of the EU via
Mohamed's Dream Come True: Take over Europe without war or guns... *** you Angela Merkel !. You'll…
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3 weeks before German election, Angela Merkel & Martin Schulz will face-off in a debate on Sunday. Watch on LinkTV
Good. Keep the social democrats out of power in
um... I... Clearly we cannot trust the MSM fake news. Right?.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel very clearly on German TV debate: "We have serious disagreements with Donald Trump."
Angela Merkel leads in polls after crucial TV debate
Turkey will never become EU member, says Angela Merkel
I'm sure Merkel has a good bodyguard. 'She thinks she's the Queen – I HATE her!' Fuming German RAGES
Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz largely agree in calm TV duel ahead of Germany's election
Martin Schulz fails to land a knockout blow on Angela Merkel in German election TV debate. Instant Insight
Angela Merkel says she's not particularly happy World Cup 2022 is in Qatar And neither is Martin Schulz
German election: Here are three key issues expected to dominate the debate between Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz
Live now: the only TV debate between Angela Merkel & her challenger Martin Schulz. Streaming in English:
Angela Merkel may have destroyed Europe in last 2 yrs but liberals n secularists have syste…
Angela Merkel is so hot right now. Here’s why the internet loves her.
Trace this back to Angela Merkel. May that insane, evil woman pay for what she's unleashed on Europe.
'After the meal Juncker called Merkel, saying that May was "living in anoth…
"Mom, would you like it if candy ruled the world". "No". "Who does rule the world, anyway?. "Angela Merkel"
TELL THEM TO GO TO *** Talks with Merkel? No chance! Theresa May will be blocked from German Brexit negotiations http…
German business has backed the EU in this.
Who was saying this rubbish? Didn't Angela Merkel debunk the whole German car argument months ago?…
The question is not whether we are able to change but whether we are changing fast enough. Angela Merkel
Germany tried to give us orders before. Didn't work out well for them.
Angela Merkel is not making the decisions. She's only one of 27 national leaders who've al…
Chancellor Angela Merkel shared some of her inner thoughts that made her run for another term in office.
Takeaway: German neo-nazi's can't wave illegal nazi flags, so instead have switched to Russian & confederate flags. https…
If the EU want to play hardball then we must walk away. Angela Merkel is making the decisions. A bad deal is a NO deal
Poland to be stripped of its EU voting rights after Merkel doesn't agree with its domestic reforms
Angela Merkel has some advice for a British expat after Brexit... Get a German passport
. Theresa blocked from who's European union? Germany's did you say? Well it doesn't work for anybody else
All talk NO action: Big 4 blasted as Italy demands Merkel stays true to her words and help end migrant crisis
Angela Merkel faces down protests as she campaigns in anti-immigrant AfD party's eastern heartland
Poland to be STRIPPED of EU voting rights as MERKEL doesn't agree with domestic reforms
This supermarket removed all the foreign products from their shelves - for a brilliant reason
So all pretence is out the window, Merkel shows openly she's running EU & threatens 2 remove Polands voting rights! http…
🔴Today, Angela hold a 100 minutes long news conference keeping quiet about genoc…
Angela Merkel & Margret Thatcher are 100 times better Rulers than many Men Rulers. Today…
On Wednesday Angela Merkel told reporters Germany would not necessarily side with America in a war on North Korea
Justin Trudeau, the child, drama teacher and incompetent moron. Angela Merkel, who ruined Germany.
Angela Merkel´s active support is escential to overthrow communism in Venezuela, let´s demand it in…
Just like John McCain when he's up for re-election >>.
'Go jump' Fury as Angela Merkel orders Britain to pay Brexit bill
'Go jump' fury as Merkel orders the UK to pay a brexit bill
Angela Merkel shd rise and lead the world.
Angela Merkel launched a defence of her open border refugee policy — and says she would do the same thing again https:/…
STOP this Angela 'woman' ruining Europe. Wake up The video is about that hipster. No…
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"Is ANGELA MERKEL RETARDED? Can someone please explain to me how she can still claim no regrets for admitting OVER…
Germans blame Angela Merkel’s open-door migrant policy for Berlin truck attack.. and they aRe 100% correct!
I only remember Donald Trump giving the victims can of play dough. You are way pa…
DEMAND: Angela Merkel insists UK should cough up even more money and hand over Brexit bill!
Germany will be harsh with holiday refugees, says Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel insists she has no regrets on migrant policy
"Centrism" is collapsing because Angela Merkel is doing well in Germany? Huh?!
Who does Angela Merkel think she is? She needs to look in a Spiegel
She must b given the'highest honour award'from Angela Merkel.For the first time ever a woman s…
GERMANY: Angela Merkel says she would today take the same decision she took in 2015 to let in hundreds of thousands of…
Mad Merkel says she has no regrets about opening German borders to millions & would do it again!
Game set & match to Angela Merkel insists she hasNo regrets over refugee policy via
It was an honor to demo Minecraft: Education Edition for Angela Merkel at today. Thank you for joining us, Cha…
Martin Schulz: social justice, no nukes ... and no match for Angela Merkel
This is how politics works, the hypocrisy: .
Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has ruined Germany, brags she has “no regrets” about doing it. Reminder: Hillary admired…
Angela Merkel says Britain is obliged to pay its divorce bill
‘I would do it again’ Defiant Merkel has no regrets about opening Germany’s borders
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