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Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel; née Kasner (born 17 July 1954) is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

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Germany, Angela Merkel has no children, as British prime minister Theresa May and one of France’s presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron
19% of Rosneft couldn't possibly cover full value of Trump presidency to Russia. Hopefully Jared asking for more.
Diplomatic skills of a small child.
He printed out an invoice for $400 billion and handed it to her, which she then rightly ignored:
Trump is so desperate for loot for his cronies and himself. Now he's trying blackmailing Angela Markell!!!
With Trump's history with invoices, I think it's only fair that Merkel responds in kind.
This is not what DIPLOMACY looks like. It's what 2nd grade looks like.
Good news for those who hope to see Angela Merkel, now arguably leader of free world, retain post as chancellor of
Sorry but I am stunned by the diplomatic fail here: Trump printed out made-up £300bn Nato invoice &handed to Merkel
Trump’s awkward meeting with Angela Merkel just got more cringeworthy. | Think Progress. .
Trump reportedly handed Angela Merkel a "bill" for $300 billion in NATO protection when she came to DC. Embarrassi…
To our German friends and allies: we are so very shamed by this man. Our deep apologies to you & to Angela Merkel.
Exit polls indicate that Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has emerged easily as the strongest party...
Angela Merkel is doing her best to be that date we bring to Thanksgiving who's polite to our racist Uncle so she doesnt make things awkward.
Oh, wow. This is so outrageous when I saw it excerpted on here, I was leaning towards satire until I found a source. htt…
Angela Merkel’s government told Berlin terrorist would strike NINE MONTHS before attack
the inmates are in control he's lost it completely he has ruined the integrity of the US
Potus Trump Sends Merkel 300 billion bill for unpaid nato dues ! Liberals are angry cause the free rides are over!👌. https:/…
Trump is worse than you could have imagined, even knowing that he's worse than you could have imagined.
Trump is giving Merkel a major boost. Keep on leading the free world, Angela.
Trump gave Merkel fake bill for NATO? Next taxpayer to see Trump: Hand him a REAL bill for his & family's vacations! https…
Steve Bannon literally printed an invoice/bill for $300 million and then had Donald Trump hand it to Angela Merkel when they…
Childless Theresa May wants to populate the future UK with Muslims. She has the same mental illness as childless Angela M…
If true -- and I have doubts -- how come no one on Trump's staff had the stones to suggest this was an idiotic idea? https:…
In which President Donald Trump literally handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill when she came to visit.…
Donald Trump handed the German Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill — thought to be for more than £300bn
.handed German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, a bill for money he says Germany "owes" NATO. He is unfi…
Esp in light of what we know about Obama's prev transgressions: Angela Merkel, James Rosen.
want him Impeached. I thought Angela Merkel was going to punch him
says she doesn't want to be 'the vice chancellor of Angela Merkel' /
Watch Donald Trump snub Angela Merkel in his most awkward moment with a world leader yet via
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New photographic evidence indicates Trump may have hit the driving range during break with meeting Angela…
IMAGE: Photo from joint press conference with Donald Trump and Angela Merkel
Angela just met 's Prime Minister and made a subtle digs at Donald about trade.
I have a girl crush on this woman: Why does Donald Trump have such a problem with mature female politicians?
Angela Merkel underlined Germany’s rejection of a claim by President Trump that it owes NATO large sums for defense https:…
First, an American president massaged her shoulders. Then, one wouldn't shake her hand. Let's look forward to Angela Mer…
People are freaking out about Angela Merkel's face when she looks at Ivanka Trump
exoskeletons and Angela Merkel: Day 1 of was chock-full of highlights!
For people doubtful that Trump heard the request to shake Angela Merkel's hand, this shows he did:
Ich mag das Trump​ appears to ignore requests for a handshake with Angela Merkel
Germany May Ban Turkish Campaign Events as Tensions Boil. Chancellor Angela Merkel declared on Monday that Germany... https:…
Angela Merkel is the face of the entire world looking at America right now.
Did you ever have someone give you that look? . Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump... in Lego. https…
Angela Merkel just met Japan's prime minister and made a subtle dig at Donald Trump
Long before Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, Britain's Queen Victoria blazed a path for women leaders.
Angela Merkel from Americans ,who still believe in Democracy, Please accept our heartfelt apology.
This is how Trump looked to US and the rest of the world when meeting Angela Merkel.
If Angela Merkel is the last pillar of global liberalism, global liberalism is in trouble
Just a reminder: Angela Merkel funneled nearly $5 million to the Clinton Foundation to influence our election...
Nato claims it has proof Russia is trying to topple Angela Merkel
Fun reminder that Angela Merkel has a degree in physics & a PhD in quantum chemistry and now she has to work with Donal…
Here's what Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe were talking about last night at ... digs at the US and EU
Just ask Trump's friend Angela Merkel about walls, she grew up in East Germany, I'm sure she has some pointers.
Angela Merkel marching with communist in East Germany. She speaks fluent Russian.
Angela Merkel lived in East Germany; I'm sure she can deal. It's less nauseating than my eyes seeing T…
Angela Merkel was once a Bolshevik in East Germany. Bolshevik red army did mass rapes of Germans in 1945. Repeat of history?
Angela Merkel>product of Soviet Communist Bloc East Germany Germany is now totally reliant on Putin's oil 4 energy.
Balloon-headed fool Donald Trump and poisonous fish-wife Angela Merkel take time to sit in silence, loathing one another. ht…
A fascinating read on Angela Merkel. I plan to read more. Trump is so far in over his (so-called) head.
Martin Schulz will compete with Angela Merkel for the post of Chancellor of Germany:
Hamilton Collection
Amid the bloody carnage, Angela Merkel is a beacon of sanity
Angela Merkel marching with communist in East German…
Angela Merkel marching with communist in E…
Angela Merkel marching with communist in East Germany.
"Angela Merkel is the reason hundreds of people have lost their lives throughout Europe thru muslim murderers."
"Angela Merkel the worst chancellor in the world.She lets the villainous people enter her country"
Trump looks at her like majority of Germans in 2017 Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel's hand in the Oval Office
Shut it Johnson commented on Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump | The Independent
Angela Merkel made look like the 2-Bit ManChild he is today. She stole the title of "Leader of the Free World…
Angela Merkel's unlikely journey from Communist East Germany to the Chancellorship
Angela Merkel still doing her job for the KGB, where her Dad worked - don't forget she's a Communist from East Germany
Do you agree with Angela Merkel that muuslim Refugee Johnson's are better than Strap-ons?
In the docudrama about Trump (working title “4 years of *** ), Meryl Streep should definitely play Angela Merkel. That would *** him off.
Well put. Angela Merkel hs more class in her little toe than trump displayed since 01/20
Angela Merkel is now the de-facto leader of the free world. Trump acknowledged this with his per…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Trump's refusal to look Angela Merkel in the eye or to shake her hand belies his abject disrespect for all women. Today…
Angela Merkel is every smart woman who's ever had to treat a moronic man as an equal.
I would shake Angela Merkel's hand with such enthusiasm if I ever had a chance. For what she's done for refugees in Eur…
German lessons: Angela Merkel and her press corps show how big democracies are supposed to operate
Ivanka Trump takes centre stage as she sits next to Angela Merkel for White House meeting.
He wouldn't even shake her hand. The leader of the free world, Angela Merkel, comes to Washington—and the President wouldn't…
Every woman in the world has known how Angela Merkel felt today. Hillary Clinton lost because this world is unspeakably cr…
Immigration is "privilege, not a right" — Donald Trump press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Trump snubs Angela Merkel. Bet money he wouldn't have snubbed the German Chancellor in '33.
The pathological liar uses Angela Merkel to continue his lying crap & press laughs. He may be POTUS but he's sick. Don't nor…
Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman on earth, but Trump still can’t hear her
We are all Angela Merkel today. . Actually, we are all Angela Merkel everyday since November 9th, 2016!
No matter what Donald Trump does when he meets with Angela Merkel later today, it won't be better than this
Angela Merkel asked President Trump to shake hands. He appeared to ignored her
GERMANY: Foreign ministry official calls Trump 'small and pathetic' for his behaviour with Angela Merkel at the White H…
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Angela Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry. Donald Trump misspelled "tap.". Not exactly a meeting of the minds. https:/…
In today's press conf with Germany's Angela Merkel lies 2 the world abt statements he made abt Obama wire ta…
I agree with Nicholas Burns-Angela Merkel is now the Leader of the fre world.
Yesterday Sean Spicer accused UK of spying on Trump. Today Trump refused to shake Angela Merkel's hand. This is how they t…
Angela Merkel is an old Communist. They were always covering up the crimes of Islamism. No wonder Merkel has ruined Europe with Islamism.
Angela Merkel is 62 years old with a bowlcut no wonder she destroyed Europe
Trump’s meeting with "catastrophic leader" Angela Merkel was as awkward as you’d expect
Col Ralph Peters on Angela Merkel: "I see her as a heroic moral figure."
Trump welcomes Angela Merkel to the White House, says their first meeting was ‘very good’
Watch Live: President Trump meets with Angela Merkel at the White House.
and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during German-American business roundtable at the White House. On right, I…
Today welcomes the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, to the White House. . Watch their press conference: https:/…
President Trump was very rude to Angela Merkel in the Oval Office
Angela Merkel and Donald Trump hold a joint press conference after meeting for the first time.
Blast from the past: Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone in 2010
As Angela Merkel takes her first state visit to the US on Friday, we compare the 2 nations economies
Donald Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel's hand
Awww did Angela Merkel say something you didn't like? Btw don't she look like she's trying not to laugh at him!
Trump just said he's surrounded by industry leaders with Angela Merkel. The only he named was Ivanka.
Follow our live coverage of the news conference with Donald Trump and Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is at the White House. Reports indicate Merkel invited a dozen homeless people into the Oval Office. Secr…
I don't think DT ever looked into the direction of Angela Merkel.
Don't blame him. Angela Merkel's hands and intellect are substantially larger.
Will President Donald Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel discuss the time President Barack Obama approved the 'tapping'…
Donald Trump appears to refuse handshake with Angela Merkel in Oval Office
At 0:48 Angela Merkel asks Donald Trump: "Do you want to do the handshake?" Trump ignores. (And SNL writers give each other hi…
Moments ago: Trump speaks at roundtable discussion with US and German business leaders
REVEALED: Moment of BRUTAL Merkel snub in Trump White House visit
DC Daily: Pres. Trump meets German Chancellor Merkel for first time. Watch joint press conference now
Why is thanking his daughter Ivanka at a meeting with Angela Merkel, the leader of the free world?
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Imagine being an intelligent, accomplished leader like Angela Merkel and having to pose next to Trump as though he wer…
MOMENTS AGO: meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Oval Office.
Opinion: Angela Merkel, whether she wants the job or not, is the West’s last, best hope
Broke the ice with German Chancellor Angela Merkel by giving her a proper Nazi salute. She looked stunned.
Trump won't look Merkel in the eye, blows off her handshake offer after... by via
Not sure Trump could do much to top Angela Merkel's most interesting interaction with a US president
Watch the video on this when she asks to shake his hand 😂😂😂. He knows she is the enemy
I love our President. No handshake for Angela Merkel. Traitor to her people, destroying the west. Give em' *** Trump.…
Angela Merkel, We the majority of American people, want you to know we had nothing to do with Das Arschloch
Trump welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House - USA TODAY
In an awkward exchange, Trump seems to ignore Merkel's request for a handshake
Trump can't stand powerful women: won’t look Merkel in the eye, blows off handshake after WH meeting
Angela Merkel makes Trump feel small and powerless I am loving it
Dear Angela Merkel,. I apologize profusely on behalf of my country for everything that happens today. Again, sorry Girl.
.greets German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside of the West Wing lobby at the
EMBARRASSING to hear Trump speaking to Angela Merkel... he even said "bigly".
LIVE NOW: Donald Trump, Angela Merkel hold first face-to-face meeting at White House. WATCH:
Trump denied Angela Merkel a handshake and it was the most awkward thing ever 😳
My piece for Angela Merkel is not the great progressive messiah
."With retreating ... people are talking about Angela Merkel as the leader of the free w…
Report: Netherlands PM Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel agreed to a secret deal to accept refugees from Turkey
. 'Angela Merkel and Dutch PM Mark Rutte secretly agreed to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees from Turkey.'
"Trump Meets Merkel"The White House is preparing for a visit by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The severe weather condition that led to the postponement of the meeting between German Chancellor, Angela Merkel...
Donald Trump cancelled Angela Merkel's US visit as she headed to airport
Diplomacy on ice. Meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Donald Trump delayed because of snow storm.
Trump & Merkel next Tuesday: the great disruptor meets the last defender of the liberal world order.
They have been playing geopolitical poker for over a decade. Who will win: Putin or Merkel? https…
Sure talk about resisting the internet but first acknowledge that Angela Merkel *invented* internet resistance.
Angela Merkel to meet Donald Trump over tense ties next week
accused of opening border to avoid bad PR.
MEDIA: German Chancellor Angela Merkel removes German flag from stage at a party event in 2013
This article is sensational, and so well written, and about two of the most important people in the world
All Europe was destroyed because if there was any resistance to migration, reporters would scream about racism.
Angela Merkel left borders open 'fearing clashes would look bad on TV'
Of course, it's not like this policy did Angela Merkel any good. Now her party is probably going to lose anyway.
Germany REJECTS Merkel's 'safe countries' plan to deport North African migrants from Tunisia and Morocco
'Boll**ks!' Boris says free movement is NOT founding EU principle - and now Merkel AGREES
Angela Merkel's faux image as a caring lover of refugees in tatters. She didn't do it for love She did it out of fear. Some leader
Merkel allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants into Germany because guards with guns at the border might look bad. https…
How does Angela Merkel sleep at night?
MERKEL BOMBSHELL: Chancellor didn't shut border because of how it would play on TV news
Nicola sturgeon, Angela Merkel. Ya know, women in politics who gave won elections.
Not many choices available but to listen to Angela Merkel . In the picture, German Chancellor Angela Merkel,...
“my country is lost.” Susanne Kablitz’s last words. she's killed by Angela Merkel immigration/Islamization policies. https…
THIS IS WAR: German ministers turn on Angela Merkel amid call for martial law after Berlin
I - Wont to talk with Angela Merkel I Will Not more
unless Angela Merkel is able to hold out. She really is our last hope.
Among others, Angela Merkel, the kings of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the president of Egypt, and Donald Trump are all "crypto" Jews
Le Pen: " I will not ask for instructions from Mrs Merke nor from Mr Juncker nor from Mr Draghi! I will not submit.
Just so you know, I'm a shy and cute Angela Merkel boy toy, which is pretty whatever.
BREAKING: German Chancellor Angela Merkel slams Turkish comments about Nazis as "misplaced" and trivializing to victims.
🌎EU Summit on Mar 9: Lots of Euro VIPs are meeting in Brussels today (think: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Fr… via
Words from Berlin on the Turkey-Germany row, and why it matters to the rest of Europe
Angela Merkel tells Turkey to stop comparing the German government to Nazis
Angela Merkel hits back at Turkish claims of 'Nazi-style practices'. Turkey keep out of German affairs I say!
Angela Merkel tells Turkey to stop calling German authorities Nazis in row over pro-Erdogan rallies via /r/worldne…
Trump “seems to actively prefer authoritarians like [Vladimir] Putin to democrats like [Angela] Merkel.”
On her official visit to . Angela merkel visited pyramids yesterday with Mr president Abdelfattah elsessi.
says he is looking forward to Angela visit
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Its Obamas second nature to spy on those he doesnt like. As Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel: Chancellor of Germany and 2016 Most Powerful Woman in the World
: 'Media reports' informed Angela Merkel about Dieselgate German Chancellor Angela Merkel only found out…
The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world:
... I thank the universe, in advance, Madam, Chancellor, Angela Merkel has stepped out in front of this.
We know President Obama spied on his enemies. He even spied on his friends, like Angela Merkel.
Big up all the women apart from Angela Merkel & Tess Daly
When Obama secretly taped James Rosen & Angela Merkel is it too much to see him doing it also to ?
Chris Woakes is the Angela Merkel of England cricket, offering sense and stability when insanity threatens to overtake!
Obama wiretapped AP Reporters, James Rosen, Rosen's parents & Angela Merkel. Is it farfetched to believe he
That time Obama approved a of Angela Merkel. YES- Barry would have tapped Trump Tower. 🐸
President Donald Trump is hosting Angela Merkel at the White House on March 14th. Thankfully she's not allowed to bring…
She does some great impressions, her Angela Merkel & running joke with Dame Judy Dench (national treasure) are really good
All States at must condemn media crackdown ahead of referendum in
Merkel heads to Egypt, Tunisia to reduce migrant flows. German Chancellor Angela Merkel starts a two-day trip to Egypt and Tunisia on Thurs…
Jon snow is Angela Merkel. Letting the wilding in past the wall
NPVIC would be more honest. I think having a prime-minister (think Angela Merkel or Trudeau) is the way to go. But: US Constitution.
JOKES ON YOU AUSTRALIA! Kinda like Angela Merkel PAYING them to leave?
I liked a video Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on Donald Trump - SNL
Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton--three women claiming Christianity--with a cause to get in Putin's face?
Angela Merkel on the arrest of journalist "it's bitter and disappointing"
Poor Angela Merkel also got this treatment a while ago...
Haven't they learnt a thing? Merkel’s government 'hoping to bring in 12 MILLION migrants ❗️.
Angela Merkel is leader of the free world.
Are the Germans going to replace 1 pro nutcase for another 1? Vote
should have resigned months ago but Germans delusional if they believe "circus" is change.🤢
I would sooner have Angela Merkel than Boris and David Davis any day o…
May and Merkel: splitting differences via
Germany has made its views on Brexit very clear
German Carnival is back with a vengeance, ridiculing the likes of Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, AfD and Angela Merkel
These are not refugees, but savages that will take over Europe with "useful *** leaders like Angela…
Erdogan should come to Germany and be jailed here!. ---. Merkel urged to ban Erdoğan over jailed German journalist
When Angela Merkel says "love one another" she really means brown people raping white women.
German cop faces criminal charges for calling The Chancellor 'insane'. Could be a headline from Nazi Germany.
So that we can fight radical Islamic terrorism? What is that? and Angela Merkel say Islamic terrorism does…
.This is how we shut down the crazy "Meals for Rapists" programs in Germany. Angela "Cloward-Piven" Me…
Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world now. Show some respect.
Retarded Angela Merkel things anyone who walks across the border and lives off welfare system is part of the German people
Germany has seen an increase in violence since it opened its doors to refugees... due to attacks on refugees
German Chancellor Angela Merkel won her party's nomination.Maybe the 'German will see to it she doesn't win this fall.
Most powerful woman in the 🌎 is no more Angela Merkel but Ivanka Trump
so Angela Merkel doesn't like dogs. I knew I didn't like her
Angela Merkel urged to ban over jailed German journalist
VIDEO: Marine Le Pen Savages Angela Merkel to her face in front of EU Assembly
Angela Merkel has a 54.5% chance of winning re-election in the 2017 Germany Federal Election https…
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Can the landlady's husband sue Angela Merkel??. .
Germany has made its view on Brexit very clear
*SIGH* . * tssskkk *. (he's not paying attention). Angela Merkel had to 'explain' the Geneva convention to
Have been made aware of Angela Merkel's tradition to only wear shiny jackets for her NYE speech & it's made me v happy.…
Angela Merkel remind Donald Trump of obligations of refugee convention
Thanks to Angela Merkel! I have family and friends over there, and get frightening reports all the time
Trudeau is the female version of Angela Merkel. He wants to destroy 🇨🇦. Canadas culture and moral fabric is slowly evapora…
Merkel invited all such people to Europe almost two years ago. She told them they were welcome. Angela Merkel...
Germany's biggest state is banning the burqa
French elections - Marine Le Pen 'will not submit' to Angela Merkel and EU elite | World | News | Express.
Clinton illegal fundraiser: I fear secrets will cost my life
Universities under the reign of caesar _ the comment Theresa May is the new iron lady, Angela Merkel the iron chancellor. Univin ...
The poll is predicting a clear victory for Mr Schulz in a direct vote against the beleaguered Chancellor Ang. Merkel.
Because the Muslims, their dear Angela Merkel, and Swedish politicians do not agree with such point of view
Marine LePen Calls Out Angela Merkel to her face! Fearless. Heroic & an utter out and out Bad *** You Go Girl.
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,Oh yeah and also there is an increase in migrant sex crimes
There's hope. Angela Merkel needs to be shut down before more people are hurt.
Martin Schulz breathes new life into Germany's Social Democrats - The Economist
Fight all you can to keep Angela Merkel in office!! We will do whatever we can for you! ✌️
Angela Merkel leader of the free world
Germany paves way for terror-linked migrants to wear TAGS as it creates deportation rules
Merkel is doing a great job. Bringing tons of dangerous refugees in and sending tons of jobs to China. Well done Angela.
Preliminary raids came as Angela Merkel accused the past on the European Union Committee of the National Institute.
A poll found that the majority of Europeans would back a Trump-style Muslim ban
MERKEL'S MIGRANT BILL: Unaccompanied minors entering Germany will cost over £3billion
One question for those attacking Trump on immigration: Do you agree or disagree with Angela Merkel taking in a million Mi…
'Migrant crime statistics for 2016 are likely to show a significant increase over the 2015 numbers.
Turkey President educating Angela merkel on why the term "Islamist Terror" should not be used.
Powerhouse! . Truth Trumps Lies! . Angela Merkel wanted to slide under the table.
British man arrested for German telecom cyber attack that Angela Merkel & the media originally blamed on Russia
In the time Angela Merkel has been Chancellor, Italy has had six Prime Ministers, the UK four Prime Ministers and Franc…
Got on a plane in the Country of Donald Trump. Got out of it in the Country of Angela Merkel. Never made more progress in…
It's Friday where I am. Time for a Friday Folly! Angela Merkel when she was young in East Germany
Internationally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was praised for her humanitarian decision to open the countries’...
My wish for 2017 is Angela Merkel will lose her 4th term as German Chancellor in September before Germany becomes a th…
angela merkel. I'm sorry but using a famous female leader as a prop when you would almost certainly disdain her politics is offensive 2me /2
A fifth of all migrants in German state missing; officials fear they've formed sleeper cells MAGA
Angela Merkel calls for Muslim countries to do more in the fight against terror
Pathetic Angela Merkel with election coming up now says "Terrorism is greatest threat to Germany". Yes we know,...
Kind of crazy that Angela merkel while dealing w the refugee crisis is like "no debt forgiveness for you Greece idgaf if you destabilize"
Chancellor Angela Merkel tells an audience including Mike Pence that she supports a "free, independent press"
Angela Merkel admits euro’s FAILURES as she hints at bringing Deutsche Mark BACK
People this out of touch tend to not remain in power very long. by via
Angela Merkel's migrant failure exposed as up to ONE FIFTH VANISH as Germany UNPREPARED
The Pope and Angela Merkel believe Europe must take even MORE "refugees". Do you ...
Angela Merkel says Europe must take MORE refugees and Islam 'isn't source of terror' Angie Baby has lost it!!
"It's not Islam as such which is the source of terrorism, but a falsely understood Islam.". - German Chancellor Angela Merke…
Question???. Why does Angela Merkel think there no islamic terror in her country???
END OF MERKEL: Chancellor ‘will be BOOTED OUT of office by coalition’, shock poll finds
This will accelerate the decline of the European Union.
Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel had a candlelit dinner and the internet lost it
I'm glad Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau had a nice date
With Mike Pence looking on, Angela Merkel says journalists must be respected. "Freedom of the press is a pillar of Demo…
No surprise: John McCain backs loser Angela Merkel, the woman responsible for many killings and rapes of Germans. .
... with the Government of Germany (Angela Merkel), will make sure that the.
This was disturbing & sad. I have a greater appreciation & repect for Angela Merkel as a person & a politician.
Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau are the leaders of the free world
Angela Merkel is the leader of the Conservative party 😘
U-Turn: Angela Merkel is now paying migrants to leave Germany
I liked a video Nigel Farage: Angela Merkel Paying Migrants to Leave Germany
REBELLION: Ex-minister QUITS and says embattled Chancellor is the reason
And Angela Merkel wants Germans to believe that the Muslims are peaceful, and if you go against them, you'll be jailed.…
Politico: 5 things to watch at this year’s Munich Security Conference
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