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Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel; née Kasner (born 17 July 1954) is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

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Angela Merkel: taxpayers probably won’t have to shoulder the bill for Air Berlin if it collapses.
Willie Geist, Trump is not the leader of the Free World. That title is earned on leadership. Angela Merkel now owns that title
Angela Merkel prepares reform programme for Europe. We need a Europe of the citizens, not just states and markets. https:/…
Angela Merkel IS AN *** !! Why should we pay any attention to anything she says?? God Bless America MAGA & MASA!
Muslim migrants believe they have "right" to slaughter German infidels if being forcibly deported from Germany.
What's going on now with foreign news sources? Now CGTN tagging a parody Angela Merkel account.
Yo aliens Angela Merkel is our leader btw
Trump: Angela Merkel is "a very good person, a very good woman, she's a friend of Ivanka."
Did we not learn anything from history? and Angela Merkel sent in a
Just so you know, I'm a pretty sweet Angela Merkel boy toy, which is fine I guess.
Trump's news conference with Angela Merkel, in four minutes - The Washington Post ➜…
I am at a loss for words. Like France, Germany wants the globalist, migrant invasion candidate!
The world wants YOU back, please call and ask Angela Merkel. U are so missed right now.
GERMANY: Angela Merkel says there is no military solution to North Korean problem and that escalating rhetoric is the '…
Germany- Angela Merkel wants to double refugee intake from 20k to 40k. She believes Europe can cope with that.
'GREAT ILLUSION' Merkel ally claims 'almost IMPOSSIBLE' for Germany to deport migrants
Filling vacuum left by US, German-led is making bold plans to improve v
The Coudenhove Kalergi prize was won by Angela Merkel in 2010! . Is anyone now surprised by the Islamic invasion of…
and Edith Piaf, the Schlep Sisters, Ertha Kit, Dianna Ross, Angela Merkel, newscasters in the adult world.
After taking in over 1M refugees caused by AMERICA'S wars, I think Angela Merkel has a right to speak on America's next pl…
Love this. Angela Merkel pictured hiking wearing the same outfit, 5 years in a row —>
Momma ! Dements says we are Nazis ! WTH! With this people . I love you always Angela Merkel , thanks for care me .
Sorry there elitist Euro dude, we reject your label and globalist analysis. We don't need your kind.…
Need the leader of the Free World to speak on Charlottesville. Somebody get Angela Merkel on the line.
Australians don't want to be "joined at the hip" with Pres Trump.Angela Merkel shows how to be an ally: talk negotiation not…
Angela Merkel Scolds Trump on North Korea as If She is Above Him via
How embarrassing for our country to have our president offend Angela Merkel, one of our most powerful allies! Sad!
Germany under 'great illusion' if it believes can deport migrants, Merkel ally says
Our Berlin bureau chief on why Angela Merkel is on track for another victory
Sexism, meet racism: Trump’s Angela Merkel comments expose the collision of misogyny and white supremacy.
What doe the leader of the Free World, Angela Merkel, think of this?
Angela Merkel races ahead in polls with six weeks to go
Watch: Benjamin Netanyahu with a powerful wake-up call for Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Turnbull...
PM Shri meeting German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, on the sidelines of the 12th G-20 Summit, at Hamburg, Ge…
Donald Trump makes it harder for Angela Merkel to confront Russia over Ukraine
This is not Syria, but another day in life of Angela Merkel's Open Borders Germany.
Nina Hagen vs. Angela Merkel and Nina is not politically correct! . Who would've thought Merkel would ruin Germany.
Angela Merkel gives Theresa May a lesson in leadership and how to talk about Donald Trump
What planet are you on? Angela Merkel's exact words were " I deplore U.S. leaving Paris climate accord."
Meanwhile, Angela Merkel – who grew up in East Germany and knows from tyranny and KGB evil – is killing Putin with EPIC s…
Get your facts straight, Mike. Although same-sex marriage is now legal in Germany, Angela Merkel is not married to Mel…
Angela Merkel called out Trump today on Climate Change: “Unfortunately - and I deplore this - the United States left the…
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says world leaders have agreed their final communique at the G20 summit
President speaking with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel & President of the European Council, Donald T…
Merkel is a Muslim terrorist enabler & has links to Communist party. She will be the…
After having to look at Angela Merkel for two days how about some hot Babes for Trump now?
"The answer to Donald Trump is not Angela Merkel. We have to fight to create a third space"
Angela Merkel on the US leaving the Paris Accord: "I deplore this"
And doesn't Angela Merkel look just so happy to be in a photo with!
Angela Merkel becomes the star of G20 with epic eye roll at Putin.
The was a wonderful success and carried out beautifully by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Thank you!
Angela Merkel isn't backing down in the fight against climate change
for a while at G-20 table today, US govt's designated counterpart to Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel was pre…
. "Ms Trump, 35, sat around the table with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Angela Merkel and Theresa May. "
Angela Merkel gave Putin a pat on the back?
English chancellor Theresa May and German fuhrer Angela Merkel take time to discuss shared love of knitting, cats, and raw,…
The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi being welcomed by the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, at...
Love that Angela Merkel is wearing pants and a bright red jacket in a sea of navy blue suits.
Donald Trump on G20 world stage with Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel - Washington Times
Angela Merkel promises to tackle Donald Trump on climate change at G20 summit | The Independent
Nor to muslims. Remember, Angela Merkel is current lady crush.
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Merkel looks nothing like the Kasners but resembles more the Hitlers. Hitler'…
Marriage is between one Muslim man and one German woman .
It seems that Angela Merkel is now the leader of the world and America is no longer her friend thanks so that ***
All of Germany's muslim MPs voted for *** marriage, Merkel voted against.
The difference between quantity and quality.
After Angela Merkel agrees to disagree, Germany makes progress by legalizing same-sex marriage
. Obama is the same President that ordered surveillance on Angela Merkel and denied it th…
Why was he addressing the Indonesian Congress last week? Or meeting w/Angela Merkel last month? Why does…
Angela Merkel wins elections not just by making people like her, but by reducing the number of those who dislike her http…
And Angela Merkel, head of her christian party, voted against it.
The campaign manifesto of Angela Merkel's party takes a swipe at Trump and the Brexiteers
IMAGE |. Angela Merkel with her first husband in 1975
"Whoever believes that you can solve problems through isolation and protectionism is making a grave erro…
Angela Merkel has dropped her opposition to same-sex marriage - Business Insider
Angela Merkel's ruling party no longer lists the United States as a "friend" in its official platform.
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To understand Angela Merkel's change of heart on *** marriage, one must grasp the three rules of her leadership
And Angela Merkel voted against it, having previously lectured Muslim immigrants on the new to "respect tolerance"
Angela Merkel's party removes the word "friend" from description of relations with the US via
According to Reuters, Angela Merkel's party program has removed references to the U.S. as a "friend." ht…
Angela Merkel’s party no longer considers the U.S. a “friend.”
As the world prepares to grill Donald Trump on at G20, UK looks set to miss key renewable target
Angela Merkel, I hope you're proud of the evil you have wrought on the German people who trusted you. What a shameful betr…
. Hillary Obama George Sorros and Angela Merkel all of Your times Will Come Where you Will Face…
Is Angela Merkel the new Leader of the Free World? It sure ain't Trump...
All of Germany's Muslim MPs voted in favour of same-sex marriage
In 6 mos, Trump has ruined decades-long alliances--> Angela Merkel's party no longer describes the US as a "friend"
+1 shame on you Angela Merkel!!! When it came to crunch you proved yourself a hypocrite
I see that the same "progressives" who trolled Hillary supporters are now turning their attacks on Angela Merkel. 🐸☕️
Angela Merkel is 62 and heads the Christian Democratic Union party. Itd be more surprising if she voted for marriage equality
People only just realising Corbyn is a Eurosceptic; wait til you find out Angela Merkel voted against *** marriage.
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Angela Merkel said she voted against a winning same-sex marriage bill because she thinks marriage should be between a man an…
That feeling when the most traitorous woman in German history is less corrupt than the average American liberal. https:/…
Aust should send a parliamentary delegation to Germany to get tips on how to tackle & move on from an issue in 72hrs htt…
So bizarre how Labour activists berate May for her LGBT stance yet turn a blind eye to Angela Merkel voting against *** marri…
I support Angela Merkel for her bold, disciplined and methodical leadership but to vote against *** marriage is just backwards & nonsensical
Germany just legalized same-sex marriage this morning, but also FYI Angela Merkel voted AGAINST it.
Recall US+UK "liberals" brainlessly bleating about how Merkel (CDU!) is the last liberal standing? Provincial dolts. htt…
When it comes to family values, the woman Germans call ‘Mutti’ is as conservative as they come:.
votes good day for Bad day for their
I liked a video Angela Merkel Votes Against *** Marriage and Pretends to Care About Tradition
Germany has finally legalized same-sex marriage: Why did it take so long?
Wonder why Libs who were worshipping Angela Merkel are silent? "Marriage is between Man & woman."
Merkel Rips Trump, Calls Brexit a Joke, and Drops the Mic as World’s Only Respectable Leader
Merkelology 101: *** marriage and the six rules behind Angela Merkel’s political longevity
Germany fast-tracks marriage equality after Angela Merkel, despite her opposition, allowed a free vote. We can do the…
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Angela Merkel’s got a lot of problems with you people
Angela Merkel votes against *** marriage: 'Marriage is between a man and woman'
Merkel votes AGAINST legalising *** marriage but is defeated as Germany passes new same-sex wedding law
Ulli Köppe: The man who asked Angela Merkel when he could marry his husband
Angela Merkel just voted to oppose equal marriage on the basis marriage is "between a man and a woman", for anyone with il…
DUMBEST WOMAN ON EARTH: Angela says Islam is ‘not the source of terrorism’. Lol.
Merkel: “For me, marriage is between a man and a woman and that is why I did not vote in favour of this bill today”
Angela Merkel’s shift on *** marriage illustrates her six golden rules
Given that Angela Merkel believes marriage is "between a man and a woman" will the feral Left now designate her a homophobe?
To all the DUP-bashing Europhiles, your refugee-Messiah Angela Merkel voted against same sex marriage this morning. Wh…
New report on the neo-Nazi terrorist murders committed by the NSU, showed many questions left unanswered, despite A…
The dislike more than Xi and Le Pen, poll finds SMUG SUPPORTERS of TRUMP=>As "GREATNESS"Ends
Angela Merkel just publicly vowed to confront Donald Trump at G20
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she voted against move to legalise *** marriage but says she hopes change leads to m…
I see some shock and disappointment about Angela Merkel's vote on *** marriage. She heads a party called the "Christian Democratic Union".
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Anyone really surprised that Angela Merkel voted against *** marriage? Her party is the Christian Democratic Union.
Blair was great at listening ... to Rupert Murdoch, Angela Merkel, Nicolas…
World news in depth. This week: GOP health plan in trouble, Canny Angela Merkel, & a milestone in Hong Kong. Listen…
Angela Merkel will allow MPs free vote on *** marriage
Angela Merkel signals change in stance on *** marriage in Germany
German industrial chief warns Merkel Germany faces dire consequences if they don't make a Brexit deal with us
Has John McDonnell called for Angela Merkel to be charged with attempted murder yet?
In 1958, in President Nasser laughs on TV at the idea of Arab women wearing the Hijab! .
They need to stop using the ranger tab logo and colors. They should start using the flag of Angela Merkel o…
Angela Merkel raises prospect of legalizing *** marriage in Germany
*** marriage and the six rules behind Angela Merkel's political longevity:
Hi there! quick note for the next ed. of Radicals. Angela Merkel is the German Chancellor not pres. . Good read though! 😀
'There will be CONSEQUENCES' German industry chief issues warning shot to Merkel on Brexit
Angela Merkel nearly always speaks German in international situations, but here is a clip of her speaking ENGLISH:.
Germany's Parliament could soon vote on same-sex marriage after Chancellor Angela Merkel eased her resistance
Angela Merkel has publicly dropped her opposition to *** marriage
Despite her party's religious convictions, Angela Merkel is paving the way for Germany to approve same-sex marriage. htt…
Angela Merkel has dismissed the idea of helping Emmanuel MacRon by relaxing EA spending rules http…
Merkel to Trump: We provide you jobs
Angela Merkel claims a ‘sense of humour’ is key to her success as German Chancellor TAKING THE *** ISN'T HUMOUR ??
Confidence in world leaders is low to very low. Angela Merkel 42%. Xi Jinping 28%. Vladimir Putin 27%. Donald Trump 22…
Should have elected Marine Le Pen. So many people warned u all. Marcron is your Vice-chancellor. Angela Merkel run…
Angela signals change in stance on in . 🏳️‍🌈. htt…
Angela Merkel has replaced the US President as the person the world looks to for leadership. Pew study finds
The German Chancellor broke with her party's platform by calling for a vote on same-sex marriage.
Refugee reality: Germany admits 75% face long-term unemployment and life on benefits
Merkel to allow CDU MPs a free vote on same-sex marriage. A vote could now take place as early as this week
Meanwhile in Germany ... Merkel allows marriage free vote
Ha ha ha ha *starts weeping at the speed of the german parliamentary process*
Angela Merkel and Pope Francis agree to push multilateralism
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Angela Merkel is a child of East Germany before it unified. A child of the Communist state.
"Helmut Kohl decisively changed my life," Angela Merkel said of the late chancellor who died Friday at 87
I added a video to a playlist John Oliver - Donald Trump, Angela Merkel & John Miller (from Last Week
Angela Merkel first visited the White House as a cabinet member with Helmut Kohl in 1991
Angela Merkel: 'I vish dere vas a vord for der pleasure I am taking in your mizfortune, Frau May.'.
Angela Merkel, aka Frau Von Ribbentrop is here in Argentina on a state visit; will she try to convince the govt to take "migrant" trash?
In light of her growing int'l influence, check out this great profile on Angela Merkel's rise to power: https:…
Boy, the international folks get irritated if they can't keep their hands in American Tax Payers pockets. This...
Therefore let them do that and perhaps we can all be happier.
& of course Germany & France have long sought a separate European identity & worked to build it.
US & UK were there for Europe when it really counted. That time was long ago & favour not returned
Congratulations Angela Merkel, the new leader of the Free World
The big challenges facing Europe today,security & economic,are of Germany's & Merkel's own making.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reaction was concise, right to the point.
climate: Angela Merkel says she’ll rally Europe and the world behind the Paris climate deal …
Looks like a woman became Leader of the Free World after all, her name is Angela Merkel.
Angela Merkel weighs in on Trump's decision to pull out of
Anything that pisses Angela Merkel off is the right thing to do at this point. She is selling out all of…
Held extensive talks with Chancellor Merkel on ways to deepen India-Germany ties.
After Kabul bombing, Germany's Merkel stops forced return of Afghan asylum seekers. Now for the rest of the EU.
Angela Merkel 'blocks' EU plan on limiting emissions from new cars
Angela Merkel should read the US Constitution that precludes treaties unless authorized by Congress.
'Restrained' Angela Merkel hits out at Trump for withdrawing from Paris deal
"Even business casual is defined for men as being a blazer worn with a relaxed shirt, no tie and chinos"…
I love this dude. I love Angela Merkel. I love Justin Trudeau. I love everyone but Trump.
Angela Merkel is the devil. She's on her way out. Need a new leader in Germany with balls.
Merkel & Co panicking maybe?. as EU is crumbling. ‘F*** you!’ Donald Trump blasted German media.
I dunno, commie fatigues rather flatter her.
Can you imagine Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton at the helm. Boy we dodge a YUGE bullet right there!
Looks like the Germans haven't strayed too far from their authoritarian, Nazi roots... .
Exposing the false News of Angela Merkel avoiding PM Modi’s hand shake shown by Media? Click here to know the truth!
This was the day that Angela Merkel became the leader of the Free World.
Hey, Angela Merkel, we helped you get the Nazis out of your country once, could you do us a solid and return the favour?
Angela Merkel is now the 'leader of the Free World'
Angela Merkel vows Europe will take 'more decisive action' after the US pulls out of Paris climate change accord
BERLIN (AP) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she regrets US climate move, will keep working to `save our Earth'
This reporter has obviously bothered to read the agreement 😡😡.
Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to fly to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel "straight away"
Angela Merkel expressed profound regret at President Trump's decision to pull the U.S out of the Paris accord
Angela Merkel's opponent Martin Schulz on & yesterday: "You cannot push aside Reality like some foreign diplomat"
Angela Merkel and the Insult of Trump’s Paris Climate-Accord Withdrawal via
hold on Angela Merkel response wasn't very angry. Speaking rubbish again jeremy.
‘F*** you!’ Donald Trump blasted in German media after pulling out of Paris climate deal
How far away from America will Angela Merkel’s frustration lead the Chancellor, her country, and her continent?
Angela Merkel w/ Chinese Premier Li Keqiang: “I think it is a joyous fact that China sticks to the Paris Climate Accor…
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"Bye Bye Miss American Pie...". Let it be known that today Trump relinquished the Leader of the Free World title to Angela Merkel & Germany!!
Meeting with Angela Merkel, Narendra Modi suggests India will adhere to Paris Agreement, even if US quits
Angela Merkel ‘ignores’ Narendra Modi’s handshake, AGAIN!. 😂 he's not for a handshake, should have used soap first
Angela Merkel stopped relying on President Trump only after failing to reason with him.
Angela Merkel says it was ‘right’ to confront Donald Trump over climate change.
Angela Merkel says the past few days have shown she was right to confront Trump
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, says Europe can no longer rely on on allies like Britain and the United States. https:/…
Congratulations, Donald Trump, you just cemented Angela Merkel as the leader of the Free World
Angela Merkel "Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America. We Europeans must take our destiny into our own h…
Donald Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance
Angela Merkel has a doctorate in physical chemistry. Donald Trump thinks Frederick Douglass & Pavarotti are still aliv…
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europeans can't ‶completely‶ rely on the US and other longstanding allies…
ANGELA'S ALARM Merkel warns future of US-Euro alliance in doubt
"And in Germany, a healthy dose of U.S. criticism always goes down well, especially in the age of Trump".
When destructive German leaders call you "unreliable" I think you can breathe a huge sigh of relief http…
European nations must rely more on themselves, Angela Merkel said she got this feeling after meeting world leaders at the G7 s…
Angela Merkel shaded Trump then treated herself to a nice, big, cold beer 🍻.
Angela Merkel is frustrated with Trump while America is proud of Trump. Angela Merkel is the definition of a globalist. Tr…
Food for thought how about you do Germany and we do United States
Angela Merkel: We must fight for our own future as Europeans for our destiny. You already ruined your future, globalist.
Angela Merkel is NOT happy after the Translation: The U.S. (Trump) did VERY well at the negotiation table.…
That is one badshot of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Angela Merkel is right she cannot depend on the United States under Trump this is no longer…
This is a VERY significant development and should be taken very seriously.
Angela Merkel characterized climate change talks with Trump as “very unsatisfying.”. The fact that she is not satisfied is…
There is so much for US to worry about in what Merkel implied in her strong rebuke of a Trump and Brexit
This thinking is why Europe has so many attacks now a day... Angela Merkel is an *** . https:…
Merkel after mtg w/Trump: “times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over” T…
'We Europeans must truly take our destiny in our own hands,' says German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
"This seems to be the end of an era, one in which the United States led and Europe followed"
World isn't used to having an American President who puts USA first. Angela Merkel is aware she'll have to pursue globali…
And, honestly, I don't care if the people of Europe don't like President Trump. He's not yours, he's ours. You can keep…
Angela Merkel says that America and Britain can no long be fully trusted. This is the same woman that imported people t…
Angela Merkel has just declared that Germany can no longer rely on America, and "Europeans must really take our destiny in…
How's Trump gonna spin this? Angela Merkel is the leader of the Free World now that Trumps ignorance has done…
Following Angela Merkel told an election rally that Europe can no longer completely rely on the US and UK…
Lets talk about Angela Merkel in her East Germany days
Angela Merkel, who destroyed Germany, says she can no longer "completely depend" on the US after meet with Trump. GOOD! Depen…
Thanks to Trump we can now congratulate Angela Merkel as Leader of the Free World.
Bravo, Angela Merkel.Donnie tRump is NOT to b trusted as he is Putin's puppet.Stand for your princ…
Independent: Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on America under Donald Trump
Angela Merkel seems more offended over Trump disagreeing on climate change than she's ever been about terrorism in her own…
Angela Merkel: "Germany can no longer rely on trump's America". 4 months & trump is breaking all bonds. Thanks ht…
I really hope Elisabeth Moss is working on her German for the inevitable Angela Merkel biopic.
Angela Merkel and embarrassed for paying very little towards their own NATO protection after causing two w…
Angela Merkel laments the loss of reliable global alliances
USA is out of the Paris Climate Agreement spearheaded by bathhouse Barry & globalist importer of terror Angela Merkel. Sorry snowflakes! 🇺🇸
Angela Merkel, the leader of the Free World.
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has invited The President of Kenya to represent Africa at the G20 Summit to be held in Berlin next month.
The trolling in Europe is such unsubtle trolling ...
Look at the way Angela Merkel is looking at the orange fool 🤣
Angela Merkel showed Trump a map of the old Soviet Union as a warning about Putin's ambitions
Today I wished so much HRC could have been in Europe for the NATO summit. So for good-things roundup, here's our hero wi…
.with Chancellor Angela Merkel at in Berlin today:
Macron walks directly towards Trump, swerves at the last second to greet Angela Merkel first instead. Spectacular. . https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on Donald Trump - SNL
Dedicating a piece of Berlin Wall at HQ, Angela Merkel says walls fail but openness succeeds. Wonder what
Angela Merkel (Germany) and Emmanuel MacRon (France) looked particularly uncomfortable - and so they should!
not only Indians. did u hear Theresa May, Angela Merkel o…
She it didn't. That foundation is managed by the World Bank. It was proposed to World Ban…
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Arrived at Cebit... Angela Merkel did not wait for us..
Angela Merkel is the de facto leader of the Western World, a status held by every POTUS since WW II until Trump.
The EUR/GBP has been firm, thanks to Angela Merkel and the expected victory by the UK Conservative Party.
Special guests at the groundbreaking to 2nd battery factory of ACCUMOTIVE: Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Dr. Die…
I await Angela Merkel's response to this one. 😡😡
Donald Trump welcomed an oppressive tyrant into the White House but refused to shake Angela Merkel's hand.
Ivanka Trump proposed the idea along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she is not i…
Merkel may have warned UK 4 days ago too. 'Britain will pay a price 4 push…
You just knowing he's saying to himself "Angela Merkel told me was an *** but *** "
huh? getty pic. israel. Rivlin & Netanyahu. at least he didn't do that to Angela Merkel.
They don't assimilate Muslim refugees in Europe as well as the U.S does. Plus they let in millions of…
Somebody with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany said for a big
Barack Obama will leap back onto the world stage to join Angela Merkel at a forum at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Ariana Grande concert attack: Min. 19 killed, 59 hurt in | Angela Merkel and the EU will fix this. Rigghhht.
Been saying this for months now. They can thank Angela Merkel for starting their downfall.
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President Trump is here at the right time. He won't be an Angela Merkel and give up. We will win!
No, Angela Merkel of Germany holds that title now. 😣
Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel will be having a conversation about civic participation later this week in Berli…
Trumka Delivers Petitions to Angela Merkel on Behalf of Working People at T-Mobile and Volkswagen…
Barack Obama will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin this Thursday to promote his foundation's work.
Angela Merkel you are responsible for all of this
All because of Angela Merkel, she has laid the foundation for painting Europe green. Welcome to Europistan..
Honestly, these days that Angela Merkel. Trump is a muppet.
Move over Elon Musk! Angela Merkel powers up EU car battery industry to take on Tesla
Germany hits out: Angela Merkel says euro is too weak and BLAMES European Central Bank
Really? Will George Soros be walking with candles? How about the EU scum? Angela Merkel? Cameron? The UN? Catholic…
Yet Angela Merkel declares “Islam is not the source of terrorism” but Christians who make Mus…
"Poland blames Angela Merkel for EU’s migration crisis. We have not opened Europe for refugees - Ms Merkel has."
German Chancellor Angela in the battery-factory of Daimler: Big step for the in Germany http…
Why are so many trying 2 say a World Bank fund, suggested by Ivanka & Angela Merkel are…
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Anglophobe Merkel only interested in stability of German banks. EU fears Brexit talks will FAIL over Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel says the U.K. will pay a price if it curbs immigration from the European Union
GERMANY: Thousands of Muslims march through German suburb in a show of force. This is the legacy of Angela Merkel.
"France's new president will spend his 1st four days meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.". He definitely has a thingfor them... 😃😉😋
Angela Merkel moves closer to fourth term in power after convincing local election win
Angela Merkel believes that Germans don't abide drama. That’s why the German electorate will keep rewarding her. https:/…
Today's regional election in Germany confirms Angela Merkel might be chancellor forever
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