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Angela Lansbury

Angela Brigid Lansbury, CBE (born 16 October 1925) is an English actress and singer in theatre, television, and motion pictures.

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Petition for Maggie Smith, Bettie White, Judi Dench, Angela Lansbury, and Helen Mirren to come together and make a badass spy movie.
It has Angela Lansbury as Santa's wife. She's fed up of being ignored so takes the sleigh, crash land…
Angela Lansbury , is that Sofia Loren as well? Can't quite tell. That's about it for my guess.
It's Angela Lansbury's birthday! I was in her magical presence at when she discussed Manchurian Candidate:
Angela Lansbury, opposite my favorite Westerner, Randolph Scott, in one of my favorite Randy films, A LAWLESS STREE…
Happy birthday to the incomparable Angela Lansbury!
My mom just asked my aunt if Murder She Wrote was still on tv 🙈 is Angela Lansbury even still alive ?
This reminds me of Murder, She Wrote. I want Angela Lansbury to show up and solve this with Margaret Rutherford.
Listening to Angela Lansbury's 'Beauty and the Beast' makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. 😭
Phew... For a second I thought you were talking about Angela Lansbury
Wait a sec: who's (I was waiting for my favourite, Angela Lansbury, who will be 92 next month.)
Surely image of Angela Lansbury was from when
Surely image of Angela Lansbury was fro…
though TBF, she hadn't become musical legend Angela Lansbury at this point.
I have heard Mr. Romney's speech's many times on and the radio... - Angela Lansbury
I have seen the original Snow White but not sure about the original Beauty and the Beast.…
Angela Lansbury and a furry friend, 1940s.
It makes me feel better to know that Angela Lansbury is still driving. That's good news for all of us
Does it make you feel better that my friend saw Angela Lansbury out driving yesterday? She pulled up next to him.
I'm reading this in Angela Lansbury's voice (RIP) and it makes it that much more educational in context.
Spousebot and I are watching The Court Jester (1956) for the umpteenth time. People, Angela Lansbury was fiiine in…
Angela Lansbury as the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. Viola Davis as the Implacable Detective
Hillary seems to be "channelling" her inner Angela Lansbury with “What Happened” It was the Butler, in the Foyer, w…
Aah! -gatha Christie would never sleep through June... neither would Angela Lansbury.
I'm jealous of Angela Lansbury because she gets to touch Angela Lansbury's face.
Sometimes people tease me about liking Angela Lansbury so much. But I mean, have you looked at her? She is just del…
wins Best Actor, 1994 Golden Globes for "Philadelphia," . presented by Angela Lansbury.
Is it bad that every time someone uses I shout "A customah'!" like Angela Lansbury's Mrs. Lovett?
My computer was updating. Has anyone made a 'Pelosi as Angela Lansbury in the Manchurian Candidate' meme yet?
You mean Angela Lansbury in the Manchurian Candidate isn't Hillary?
i agree, but I also think that there are actors who have won emmy..but they're far…
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Yes I know that serie with Angela Lansbury so great!!
It doesn't take Angela Lansbury to work out she was planning on shagging him & going to the press. . Homewrecker
His mom is, like, Angela Lansbury or something
I read this as angela lansbury and was pretty thrown
In my mind, Angela Lansbury's in the backseat, giving directions and cussing a blue streak.
Angela lansbury needs to make another tv show
Omg, I have this vague memory of Angela Lansbury screeching "Chad-wick!" Was that in Blue Hawaii? M…
Angela Lansbury opened up how drugs and divorce have shaped her life
My new favorite autocorrect is ANGELS IN AMERICA becoming ANGELA IN AMERICA, which is the Angela Lansbury biopic the world needs right now
Or if Dame Angela Lansbury wanted to give me a handmade novelty sweater, I promise I'll wear it for every relevant holiday gathering
Now I have to throw away my 18 page magnum opus of Angela lansbury turning into a mac truck. Realtalk…
Angela Lansbury turns over the Queen of Diamonds. . PAUSE. I press that like button on Ted's account.
here's that Angela Lansbury video edit 👏🏻
Did you ever see the Sweeney Todd stage musical w/ Angela Lansbury & George Hearn? It's so, so good
I always had a feeling Angela Lansbury was into Leathermen !!
Great movie with the sexy Angela Lansbury 😍
It will never beat Angela Lansbury though!.
You know you've reached the peak of your fashion life when your goal is to look like Angela Lansbury in Bed Knobs and Broomsticks.
Angela Lansbury at it again. Cheating auld woman.
On Monday I’ll travel to rehearsal muttering, in a thick German accent tall tales of Berlin Broadway& Angela Lansbu…
Angela Lansbury appeared with Hurd Hatfield in her third film "The Picture of Dorian Grey". He later guest starred in "Murder,…
Only positive from last night...Angela Lansbury is banned for 3 games
If you don't think there's a problem in Hollywood, Angela Lansbury has been nominated 18 times and never won an Emmy
Angela Lansbury was actually younger than Laurence Harvey.
the most insane one was when Angela Lansbury played Laurence Harvey's mom in The Manchurian Candida…
Don't forget Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey in Manchurian Candidate. She play…
I never noticed before, but Margaret Rutherford sounds a lot like Angela Lansbury.
Watching "State of the Union" w/ Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn and Angela Lansbury. Must watch!!!
Here's an aesthetic: Angela Lansbury early in her legendary career of shade-throwing, abetted by a peach-colored fa…
Why didn't people run like *** when they saw Angela Lansbury come into their town? There was alwa…
ICYMI: Angela Lansbury offers up some "Positive Moves" to get you through.
"She is an original. There has never been anyone, before or since, who could touch her!"- Angela Lansbury about Bette D…
Dame Angela Lansbury on board for Murder She Wrote comeback. .
I saw this play when last revived on Broadway. James Earl Jones...Angela Lansbury..etc. Now that WAS an all-star cast!
I've been telling ppl for years that the soft focus Angela Lansbury mastur-she-wrote-bation film existed! Who's ma…
Trump was best friends with Angela Lansbury after they appeared together in "Mame"
is that the one with Angela Lansbury? I hope it’s the one with Angela Lansbury.
I love Angela Lansbury in this movie. And Ford & Page are just completely adorable. .
Will hand out Bob Hope Humanitarian Award in 2017? launches poll:
Angela Lansbury's daughter was a member of the Manson family and left before things got too violent
Angela Lansbury was only 37 years old when she made the film. Her 'son' was 34.
I will never get tired of watching "The Harvey Girls". Love me some Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury. htt…
I was just watching Bednobs and Broomsticks! I have always been a fan of Angela Lansbury!
2017 Emmys poll: Who should receive the Bob Hope humanitarian award? - Goldderby
I love finding other Angela Lansbury stans- I feel I know them on a molecular level.
Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw on their wedding day in 1949. They were married until he passed away in 2003
Yes. It was a really good cast in NYC too. It had John Larroquette, James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbu…
Who should receive the humanitarian award at the 2017 Emmy Awards? Vote in our new poll?…
Who should receive the Bob Hope humanitarian award at 2017 Emmys? My answer: Ellen DeGeneres. What do you think?
Especially Angela Lansbury's nomination for best supporting on her first picture.
But it's just so good also the dad played Lumiere in animated Beauty and the Beast w…
What strikes me most about "The Harvey Girls" is that Angela Lansbury was an icy, baby-faced QUEEN. All pout & coiffed hair & side eye.
Angela Lansbury in part is my oldest namesake.
Angela Lansbury dazzles in THE HARVEY GIRLS (1946). Tune in for a day in celebration of Dame Angela on
I see you more as a Patty Lupone or Betty White or Angela Lansbury. I don't know if CC…
When you read "Angela Basset" but you think "Angela Lansbury" it can lead to quite a bit of confusion.
Did you know Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury were best friends? Youre dissing Bea's best friend's show.
Bad parent: Angela Lansbury in "The World of Henry Orient"; Good Parent: Tom Bosley as her husband in the same movie.
Ask Dave if he's seen Thwe Court Jester. Danny Kaye, Glynnis Johns, and Angela Lansbury. 🤣
At last, here's my feature with Angela Lansbury, and
The Three Graces: Dame Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing salute Jerry Herman at the 2010 ht…
Time to watch Angela Lansbury play her cards wrong.
Angela Lansbury to star in BBC of Louisa May Alcott Little Women -… - -
Brilliant! Great to see Angela Lansbury back on screen! A legend!
Angela Lansbury is confirmed for BBC One's Little Women, as Michael Gambon and Emily Watson join the cast
Didn't Angela Lansbury's daughter hook up with Charlie Manson? Vaguely recall reading a book about t…
Dame Angela Lansbury confirmed to star in BBC adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women' | via
Just announced: Emily Watson, Angela Lansbury and Michael Gambon will star in our upcoming three-part adaptation of
Angela Lansbury is now 91 and set to be in both Mary Poppins Returns & Little Women. The woman's got follow-through. https:/…
Dame Angela Lansbury will star as Aunt March in "Little Women" for The three-part adaptation films later t…
Angela Lansbury, Michael Gambon and Emily Watson to star in adaptation of more info:…
Angela Lansbury and Michael Gambon to star in Little Women miniseries
Dame Angela Lansbury to star in new BBC adaptation of Little Women.
Check out the amazing cast for Heidi Thomas' adaptation of Little Women for the and https…
I live four blocks from Angela Lansbury's star Griffin. Is this really freedom??
Murder She Wrote... Angela Lansbury knows best
Accept now I want to see the movie where we get to see Benedict Cumber…
Bravo to & company for last night's wonderful benefit performance of The Chalk Garden.
Seeing Angela Lansbury at 91 leads me to believe her workout video is the essential one.
Met the redoubtable Angela Lansbury last night after a masterful performance in The Chalk Garden…
just got told i look like Angela Lansbury
I have this fantasy where I'm playing hearts with Angela Lansbury and she gives me the queen of spades EVERY. TIME.
I really love the Burton version, but if you can find the original play that was filmed with Angela Lansbury, that's the best!
I added a video to a playlist Beauty and the beast - Angela Lansbury
Cork's legit amazing; like we've lennoxs where Jesus gets his dinner and the Lee. 18 points clear at the LO…
Angela Lansbury is now sipping on a cup of tea as a New England storm rages outside. She sips the tea, reflects. Th…
Do you mean the original, or the new Brauty and the Beast? . Because I freaking love Angela Lansbury.
Here's who Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Angela Lansbury are playing in http…
Fun fact: Angela Lansbury played Elvis's mother in the film this song is from
Just watched this afternoon. 1) Angela Lansbury is now and forever Mrs. Potts; 2) LeFou steals the movie
Can MacGyver restart the engine with merely a bicycle chain, a barn full of belt-buckles and a signed photo of Angela Lansbury?
I think Michael was lying in ep. 69 his first celeb crush was Angela Lansbury
I love that this looks like it's coming from Angela Lansbury.
I love Angela Lansbury Angela looks so beautiful 😍
thrilled to be seeing the legendary Angela Lansbury perform as a…
One needn't have reason to visit NYC but in this case mine has arrived: Dame Angela Lansbury in 1-night only readin…
Dame Angela Lansbury will be in front of me in less than an hour. Holding in the biggest…
who would you rather star in a movie with Angela Lansbury, Cloris Leachman, or Julie Andrews?
N Korea (still) kept him alive for a year..comes home then dies within days...hmmm🤔🤔. Where's Angela La…
Angela Lansbury has published her first French novel and it hasn't been well received. Apparently it's merder She Wrote.
I added a video to a playlist ANGELA LANSBURY - LARRY KING LIVE, 2004
so like we the audience see Angela Lansbury dressed like Paul McCartney, on stage at the grammys, playing a song w dave grohl!
i want a really meta version of Freaky Friday where Angela Lansbury and Paul McCartney trade places. very Hollywood insider, tongue & cheek
Random TV fun fact: Angela Lansbury was nominated for an Emmy every year for Murder, She Wrote (that's 12…
Jester... A long way to go for a couple clever puns. And Angela Lansbury was never young >.>
Angela Lansbury won't be too pleased either.
"It's no good being sorry if you don't do something about it." ~ Angela Lansbury as Mabel Claremont in "The Reluctant Debutant"
Angela Lansbury returns to the stage tonight for Chalk Garden benefit reading
“I'm not going to be Dancing with the Stars at this stage in my life. But I want to dance & bop around, & I did, & I c…
Peachy and the City: Negotiating the Holy War Bet with Regis Philbin and Chatting with Angela Lansbury
Just discovered Angela Lansbury is the granddaughter of George Lansbury. No idea how I missed that.
WAIT there was a 1979 adaptation of The Lady Vanishes with Elliott Gould, Cybil Shepherd AND Angela Lansbury?! And…
Congrats! Saw it last night - along with Angela Lansbury, John Mulaney, Marlo Thomas…
📷 Angela Lansbury in The Harvey Girls (1946) Director:George Sidney She has the best costumes in this...
This photo is everything. Ed Miliband with the amazing Angela Lansbury, granddaughter of former Labour leader George Lansb…
steel blue‚ canvas culottes‚ bejewled with an abstract picture of Angela Lansbury and Thomas Mitchell crocheting
When she driveled the n-bomb I thought for sure racist Angela Lansbury would get dropped.
This means Angela Lansbury is more likely to live to be 100
Dame Angela Lansbury photographed with her Olivier Award by
The Law and Order SVU I'm on features Angela Lansbury, Alfred Molina, and Bebe Neuwirth. Guest star bonanza.
I have a friend who had a crush on Angela Lansbury when we were in high school. Probably still does.
I assume you're referring to the Angela Lansbury/Frank Sinatra original, not the Danzel remake.
"I wouldn't go see that show if they mounted it in Angela Lansbury's living room.".
If I'm eating dinner alone while watching "Murder, She Wrote", am I cheating on my wife with Angela Lansbury? 🤔 .
Me gustó un video de Beauty and the Beast, with Angela Lansbury - Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Does the internet suffer from a shortage of funny pop-culture based Photoshop mashup images? No.…
The Devil in 'Bride of Frankenstein' was played by actor/producer Peter Shaw and longtime husband of actress Angela…
How come I didn't know that Malcom Turnbull is related to the one and only Angela Lansbury?!
Angela Lansbury is really good in that one tho
The great, late Chuck Berry with Placido Domingo, Angela Lansbury, Clint Eastwood and Mikhail Baryshnikov at the 2000…
Hmm. Binge watch the episodes when Alan Alda sat in for Angela Lansbury, or get my fix of Saw: The Kim Chapter?
Yes it's not bad. It also stars Angela Lansbury, Herbert Lom and Arthur Lowe.
the only person with more consecutive nominations than David Hyde Pierce is Angela Lansbury for Murder She Wrote. She never won.
Elliot Gould, Cybill Shepherd and Angela Lansbury in THE LADY VANISHES. Many films on HBO never saw the inside of a US theater.
Angela Lansbury remembers Robert Osborne: "He was the ultimate fan — and the ultimate friend"
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Hey, Mashable: Glynis Johns played Mrs. Banks in the original, not Angela Lansbury. I love EB, but I hope Julie And…
...Angela Lansbury wasn't in the original Mary Poppins.. Mrs. Banks was played by Glynis Johns.
it was Glynis Johns not Angela Lansbury who played Mrs. Banks in the original. Unless she did it somewhere else?
Emma Thompson called Angela Lansbury and asked for her blessing to play Mrs. Potts in live action h…
Contact Music - Angela Lansbury to star in Mary Poppins Returns
Showbiz: Angela Lansbury will be in the new Mary Poppins film!
Angela Lansbury joins the cast of Mary Poppins Returns
Disney Legend Angela Lansbury has officially joined the cast of "Mary Poppins Returns":
Mary Poppins sequel cast will include Angela Lansbury
Honestly - Angela Lansbury, laziest 91 year old you'll ever meet.
Dame Angela Lansbury is making her Disney comeback in Mary Poppins Returns!.
JUST ANNOUNCED: Angela Lansbury has joined the cast of Read more at
Of course Angela Lansbury will be in
Iconic actress Angela Lansbury has joined and Emily Blunt in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns! The film comes o…
Dame Angela Lansbury joins cast of Mary Poppins sequel
Angela Lansbury officially cast as ‘Balloon Lady’ in MARY POPPINS RETURNS
"I still want to work as much as possible. Acting is my life." Dame Angela Lansbury at 91.
Mary Poppins Returns is only Dame Angela Lansbury's 3rd feature film in 33 years.
Angela Lansbury is confirmed for Mary Poppins sequel
Legendary actress Angela Lansbury has joined the cast of
June Allyson, Van Johnson, and Angela Lansbury celebrating her birthday on the set of Remains to Be Seen, 1953
they should of got Angela Lansbury back.
You scared me for 2 seconds there. I thought Angela Lansbury died.
I know but Angela Lansbury holds a v special place in my heart
It makes me so happy that there is an Angela Lansbury gif❤
I wonder how long until people start arguing that Angela Lansbury's character in The Manchurian Candidate was the real hero of the film?
Absolute favorite find of the day goes to the incredibly funny, well illustrated pamphlet about Angela Lansbury.…
Angela Lansbury | libra . award-winning actress that has entertained audiences for decades on stage and screen. October…
Finding out the new Prez hires prostitutes to *** on each other has given me the courage to divulge I follow an Angela Lansbury fan account
P Crook: Angela Lansbury held the record for most performance Tony's with 5--until Audra McDonald in 2014 won her 6th.
When I realize Angela Lansbury was performing theatre for over 50 years & I've done nothing with my life.…
Angela Lansbury: started film in the 40's, then tv, then stage in 1957--which was, & still is, very unusual route.
At least we can always count on Angela Lansbury and to provide us respite from a weary world.
sounds that. maybe you were thinking of Anastacia with Angela Lansbury, though?
go for the Sinatra version if you can get it. Angela Lansbury is fantastic.
He is marginally better than Angela Lansbury I'll give you that
... I mean nothing will hold a candle to Angela Lansbury or Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson but this might not be terr…
u know in Ignition he says "it's like Murder She Wrote". what does that mean bc I always imagine angela lansbury popping in.
I don't think about going back to the theater.
I didn't react poorly to her during the trailer which was a plus. I kept my love for Angela Lansbury in my mind's eye ☕️
why is Angela Lansbury not playing Mrs Potts in the new Beauty and the Beast this is disappointing
"Great job, Angela Lansbury, way to piece that one together." I'M DYING
New Trump report sounds more & more like Manchurian Candidate. We oughta check if Angela Lansbury rented a Queen of Hearts costume last year
The grief! Angela Lansbury has played down a backlash in Chile after kissed an un-named superhero the nose.
Elvis Presley and Dame Angela Lansbury as his mom in Blue Hawaii (1961).
All purpose parts banner
Angela, They Voted. CBS ad congratulating Dame Angela Lansbury on her win for Murder, She Wrote. https:…
Who in Trump's camp is the Angela Lansbury character...?
Angela Lansbury was in Sweeney Todd?? . my mother
How soon until we get a Kellyanne Conway as Angela Lansbury sketch?
The beat Murder, She Wrotes are the ones where Angela Lansbury plays dual roles. Today she is both JB and her English actress cousin
It's serious when you bring out the Angela Lansbury gif.
I was really hoping they'd get Celine back again. I'm still holding out hope for Angela Lansbury singing in the film.
Download & listen to our 46th where we analyze & ponder whether Angela Lansbury is Batman.
What's Angela Lansbury been up to lately?
Here's something to take your mind off this Trump stuff: Angela Lansbury in a tub talking about sex.
I read desperate times and thought of Angela Lansbury singing "A little priest" also appropriate to…
Like on Murder, She Wrote, it was Angela Lansbury all along!
Samson: "The oldest trick in the world. Silk trap, baited with a woman.". Angela Lansbury in 'Samson and Delilah' (1949) Cec…
why did Angela Lansbury never portray her in a major motion picture?
Angela Lansbury at her brilliant best - pure Lady Macbeth:
I haven't seen the 2004 version but Denzel Washington is in the Frank Sinatra role & Meryl Streep in the Angela Lansbury part.
Though, my all time favourite poster will always be the Angela Lansbury poster!
Though technically I guess Trump isn't Raymond Shaw in this scenario so much as Angela Lansbury's husband.
Colluding with an adversary foreign government to get your compromised candidate elected? Angela Lansbury was in th…
Love it! I just read that she was Sinatra's first choice for the Angela Lansbury role in 'The Manchurian Candidate' too
Strange Trivia: Ingrid Thulin, adept with English, was dubbed by Angela Lansbury.
Still struggling to think up puns on Henri's Cat or Angela Lansbury. Suggestions gratefully received
Dame Angela Lansbury has won 6 in her career. Only Meryl Streep has more.
My heart tells me to go to sleep, but my mind wants to look up Angela Lansbury facts.
Sounds like an 80s Disney film starring Angela Lansbury.😉
Hasn't anyone identified the racist hag in Kentucky yet??? Do we have to call Angela Lansbury??
Clare Hollingworth, great journalist, now 105. Actress Angela Lansbury, 91, still going strong performing. Lookalikes.…
I liked a video from Angela Lansbury Sings 'Beauty and the Beast' at Lincoln Center
better off signing Angela Lansbury. She might find all those Villa players who go missing.
At 91 years old, she still sounds like the Mrs. Potts we know and love! So much nostalgia.
Beauty and the Beast - From "Beauty and the Beast"/Soundtrack Version de Angela Lansbury ♫
Meryl Streep? What are they going to try and come for Julie Andrews or Angela Lansbury next? Oh please. Stay in your lan…
Broadway performer from the golden era. Worked with Angela Lansbury, Mary Martin, and the great Debbie Reynolds!
Dear 2016,. If you come for David Attenborough, Mary Berry or Angela Lansbury, you'll be in real trouble. Yours,. The World
.. Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Betty White or really any old woman remotely related to the screen and/or stage
Angela Lansbury would murder you in your sleep if she could. Instead she sexes up Richie Cunningham's dad and makes William Windom watch.
A flippant Angela Lansbury tells Jane Fonda she's leaving her husband and that Jane can have him. In the Cool of t…
So excited that and Angela Lansbury are both in the new Mary Poppins film!!
On the phone to my aunt. "I'd like to go over again to see Angela Lansbury on Broadway because she's like 90 so -- " My aunt is 90 next year
One of the best movies ever! Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury killed it!
Wait, is Mitch McConnell Angela Lansbury in this Manchurian Candidate remake?
Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides.
The Court Jester. Also fabulous, the youngest Angela Lansbury I have ever seen
It was also Angela Lansbury's 1st film and she got Best Supporting Actress playing their maid.
Poor use of Angela Lansbury. She has much more range than allotted in Maybe I should watch next
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My reaction when someone says they don't like Angela Lansbury...
On the other hand, Angela Lansbury was planning to turn on her Russian handlers before her son assassinated her.
Today's post, one of the very few Angela Lansbury films I've not seen. Very exciting😀
Note the magnificent Angela Lansbury tattoo on the left thigh.
The best is the interview with Angela Lansbury!
We are living The Manchurian Candidate, tho everyone knew the plot before buying their ticket. Putin=Angela Lansbury; HRC told you the end.
The epitome of evil: Dame Angela Lansbury as power hungry Senator's wife and Russian agent, Mrs. Iselin in The Manchur…
no problem. :D Even found a young Angela Lansbury.
You show me the person who would fight Angela Lansbury and I will show you a liar, sir!
let's listen to obscure musicals starring Angela Lansbury and cry
Has anyone ever read this interview with Angela Lansbury? Just curious.
hats off. to a dear friend . & a 'triple-threat'. if there ever was one!. also Angela Lansbury . blushed when i…
I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out Angela Lansbury has be quietly solving crimes since the 80's.
Not having seen that movie is pretty much my definition of philistine :-D Man, Angela Lansbury is perfect, and Jose…
I'm overjoyed: Angela Lansbury has successfully impregnated Wednesday!
After GASLIGHT, Angela Lansbury named her cats Ingrid and Charles. I'm trying to think of a higher honor than being Angela…
Remember Murder She Wrote? Angela Lansbury was one of those actresses who became better as she became older - like Margaret Rutherford!
Her and Helen Mirren Both are beyond Amazing!!! Oh and Angela Lansbury!!
Angela Lansbury in the movie The Court Jester with Basil Rathbone at lunch in the Paramount Studio, photo by Alfred…
Now watching from 1956 The Court Jester a Danny Kaye, Basil Rathbone and Angela Lansbury.
And neither will any of the following.. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Angela Lansbury, Harambe, *** van *** Joe Pa…
he reminds me of a Minnie Pearl and Angela Lansbury
I'd be more excited about if there was 100% less Emma Watson and Angela Lansbury was still the voice of Mrs Potts
It was surreal to play opposite Angela Lansbury and Elaine Stritch, B...
In today's from Is Angela Lansbury the best villain ever?
I've worked with the greatest actors, and they're all gone. This is ...
i'm praying the Grim Reaper doesn't come for Angela Lansbury, Derek Jacobi or Maggie Smith.
Believe me, it jabs you. When you're on the side of buses and New Yo...
Excellent choice. A deserved Oscar win for Ingrid. "Have you gone mad my husband? God, Angela Lansbury was fantastic too. Whole cast
Mystery is something that appeals to most everybody.
Angela Lansbury making the changes our country needs via /r/funny
Angela Lansbury is gonna be on the new Games of Thrones. After she's killed Jessica Fletcher will have one hour to figure out who did it.
There's this sun bleached poster of Angela Lansbury in the window that I loved. It's dirty and abandoned but I loved that place.
I have season three of Father Brown from library! I Reminds me of Angela Lansbury's, Murder She Wrote! No blood, gu…
but yes, Angela Lansbury is fantastic :)
you know how people don't find Angela Lansbury or Miss Marple realistic because murder keeps happening round same ladies? 🙄🤐
Never needed this song more than today. Dame Angela Lansbury sings Not While I'm Around from Sweeney Todd:
But really, does anyone know if Angela Lansbury won?
"I'll make ya a pizza bagel!" . "Did Angela Lansbury eat a pizza bagel before opening for Sweeney Todd???!!"
Wherever there are one or more gathered in her name, Angela Lansbury is there among us.
Monthly reminder that Angela Lansbury is a national treasure.
Q: What was the name of the character portrayed by Angela Lansbury in "Murder, She Wrote"? A: Jessica Fletcher
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