Angela Bassett & Waiting To Exhale

Angela Evelyn Bassett (born August 16, 1958) is an American actress and comedienne. Waiting to Exhale is a 1995 romance film starring Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett, directed by Forest Whitaker. 5.0/5

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Angela Bassett's acting in Waiting To Exhale is excellent.
Beyoncé's Resentment will make you wanna go Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale 🔥
When Angela Bassett sets that car on fire in Waiting To Exhale
Angela Bassett was EVERYTHING in waiting to exhale. sighs* i watch this too much.
Sharon should just burn all of Nick's stuff like Angela Bassett did in Waiting to Exhale.
Well, it was kinda like that moment in Waiting to Exhale when Angela Bassett sets dude's car on fire. Very satisfying.
What's your favorite Angela Bassett film, Waiting to Exhale, Vampire in Brooklyn, or Critters 4?
The way I'm set up right now.I just might pull a Angela Bassett in "Waiting to Exhale"
Angela Bassett setting homies clothes on fire in Waiting to Exhale.
For sone reason, the scene from Waiting to Exhale when Angela Bassett was goin crazy is stuck in my head.
Talk about Waiting to Exhale.I feel like Angela Bassett right now.
“😍😍 looks like Angela Bassett in waiting to exhale now lol 😍
The network has announced a biopic about the late singer's tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. The film will be directed by Angela Bassett, Houston's 1995 "Waiting To Exhale" co-star
Angela Bassett was fine as *** playing Bernadine in Waiting To Exhale.
Watching Waiting to Exhale! Never, gets old! Angela Bassett is such a class act!
Angela Bassett in waiting to exhale, the closet scene.she went ham!.
O_o "waiting to exhale" is on, still mad he did Angela Bassett like that!
is straight up Angela Bassett on Waiting to Exhale
Angela Bassett should have won a million oscars for her role in "Waiting To Exhale"
When it's raining loudly at silly o'clock in the morning and I'm awake I always feel like I should act out a scene from "Waiting To Exhale". Joe Storey I'm giving myself the award "Best impersonator of Angela Bassett"
Intense is good. Now Angela Bassett on Waiting To Exhale "intense" nah smh lol
How soon after a breakup is it okay to start acting like Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale? Never? Ok. Noted
Just finished watching 'Waiting To Exhale' for the first time. Why is it Angela Bassett completely obscures every other person in a movie. She is so out there, she owns the screen...everyone has their place in the movies she's in but I cannot take my eyes off her. She's larger than life.
I'm watching Waiting To Exhale like I've never seen it before. I loved Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine in this movie.
I can't lie, I breathed a sigh of relief like Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale when they said the suspects werent POC
Like how Angela Bassett slapped that secretary on "Waiting To Exhale". That's how I wanna do these people.
I was atmosphere for "Waiting to Exhale" with Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston. Very cool experience, lousy pay.
I would've turned into Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale and started burning everything
When I get my hair cut Imma be like Angela Bassett from Waiting To Exhale ohhh I'm so ready!!!
I cant listen to Keyshia Cole for too long. She make me wanna turn into Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale. Idk how ya hoodrats do it
TV Highlights Thursday 7 February: 19:30 M-Net Revenge - Playing with the Graysons is definitely playing with fire. Amanda learns this the hard way. 20:00 SABC1 AFCON - Cape Verde vs Angola 20:00 SABC3 No Kitchen Required - The contestants head off to Belize and delve into Mayan tradition. 20:30 M-Net Blue Bloods - A bride is murdered on her wedding day. 20:30 Vuzu ANTM - It's the finale and it's going to be a sizzling runway wrap-up. 20:30 Waiting To Exhale - This movie is a must-watch. with Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett it's gonna be a goodie! 21:30 M-Net The Americans - KGB officers are trained to impersonate native-born Americans. Their goal: become sleeper agents. Season premiere. 21:30 SABC3 Two and a Half Men - Charlie and Chelsea spend one night together. Does this mean they're a couple again?
Angela Bassett was so pretty in waiting to exhale
but would you say that ole girl in waiting to exhale didn't steal Angela Bassett man?
In 1995, Whitney starred alongside Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochon in her second film "Waiting To Exhale"; a motion picture about four African-American women struggling with relationships. The movie opening at and grossing $66 million in the U.S. at the box office and $82 million worldwide.
I would burn his clothes & car simultaneously. (Please see Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale.)
Beautiful ladies from "Waiting To Exhale"... Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon, Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett in...
Dramatic Monologue for Women - Angela Bassett as Bernadine Harris in Waiting to Exhale | monologuedb
Forget Justin Bieber - Angela Bassett was just caught smoking weed. Ya, she's still WAITING TO EXHALE!
What are the repercussions of pulling an Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale now. Inquiring minds wanna know
and you aint tryna see my Angela Bassett side in Waiting to Exhale either!
Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale when she burns ALL her husbands clothes & his Benz >>>>
ha aww yeah man a black woman wouldn't do that she'd just set a car on fire like Angela Bassett did in Waiting To Exhale lol
This week's Cinematic Critique by Cameron: Strange Days. Although set in Los Angeles at the uneasy dawn of the millennium, this James Cameron (Aliens, Terminator, Avatar etc) scripted/Kathryn Bigelow (Near Dark, Point Break, The Hurt Locker) still has many relevant themes, as well as stellar acting. Starring Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, The Constant Gardner, the Harry Potter series) and Angela Bassett (What's Love Got To Do With It, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting To Exhale), with powerful supporting performances from Tom Sizemore and Juliette Lewis, Strange Days is engaging cyberpunk thriller in a world of black market memories, the murder of a prominent rapper, and a cloud of blackmail intrigue (with a great soundtrack to boot). Recommended for fans of: Watchmen, Minority Report, or Face/Off.
That line >>>> go Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale on a dude!
"I would hate to have to blow up his car, clothes, house and kids like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale" RT
I hate feeling like Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale but what can ya do?
I be thinking about pulling the Angela Bassett (Bernadine) skit off of waiting to exhale on this loser. Just for giggles.
Watching Waiting to Exhale... I swear Angela Bassett had in my opinion one of the best Monologues of all times in any movie. She went OFF! Lmao
see now you soundin like Angela Bassett off Waiting To Exhale stm
Watching Whitney Houston in Waiting To Exhale w/ Angela Bassett, Wesley Snipes, Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine, and Gregory Hines. Perfect movie for a chilly night under the covers with hot cocoa.
So I'm a Bernidat in the movie played by Angela Bassett!. (Waiting To Exhale) Who r u? Lol.
Can't wait to cast my Caucasian remake of "Waiting To Exhale"!! Clearly Mia Farrow was born to play the Angela Bassett role.
When Bernadine Harris stood in front of her cheating husband’s meticulous closet with a piercing stare, in the notorious scene in “Waiting To Exhale,” women…
Just got through looking at "Waiting To Exhale" again for the unteenth time. Ladies out of the four characters in the movie, which one do you feel fits you? Was it... Loretta Devaine?...Caught up with an undercover brother trying to break free and find new and true love? Lela Rochon.Fun party girl fearful of fitting into a traditional family setting and become "tamed?" Angela Bassett.A woman that gave her all to her family especially to her husband in order to make him a success only to be betrayed.? But later secures revenge by trashing everything he had...Too afraid to love again living in the shadow of the cruelty that was dealt to her,,,? Whitney Houston...The Strongest Presence...So secured within herself demanding the best yet not finding what she wanted...Still laying low and attempting to be in control?..
I can never get tired of watching Waiting To Exhale. Every girl out there has to at least relate to one of the characters, or know someone who can. Love Angela Bassett in this movie too. She plays the *** out of Bernadine.
Watching "Waiting To Exhale" again. finally. I had forgotten how fierce Bernadine (Angela Bassett) was, the awesome all-star cast and the soundtrack, whoa !!. and to see Whitney again.. :(
Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine pay tribute to their late friend
Good morning all! Up thanking God for all He has done for me. He is so good inspite of everything. Ma is back in the hospital with an infection but I know God to be a healer. She will be fine I know it. Do you guys remember the movie Waiting to Exhale? I understand what Wesley Snipes was talking ablout at the bar with Angela Bassett. It is very difficult to watch someone so strong sassy (very sassy) and confident get weaker and weaker everyday. I wish it was a part of her I could keep safe but I know I can't and that is sooo hard. We bump heads ( cause we are so much alike) lol and i know it is hard to be in a position where you cant do anything for yourself. it must feel like a prison. But she has such a positive attitude sometimes (when she not fussing) about her situation that its hard to understand how she endures it. I often think of Job in the bible and how people didn't understand why he was suffering. Its not for us to understand but for us to appreciate the power of God. I asked for more time wit ...
I just saw the new commercial for VSU.They hyped my alma mater with Angela Bassett.Like Malcolm X, Waiting to Exhale, Biggie Smalls Movie and everything else Angela Bassett...Where was all this when I was there during the golden yrs. (1999-???) LMAO
Angela Bassett should have been nominated for this role in Waiting To Exhale
I'm watching my favorite movie of all times with the last Whitney Houston,Angela Bassett,Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine in "Waiting To Exhale".
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The hair that Angela Bassett had in before she cut it all off in Waiting To Exhale...i want it
Watching "Waiting To Exhale" My favorite part is when Angela Bassett and Wesley Snipes lay down together and she was like what u want to do tonight..And he said make the night beautiful...WOW! That's a real man!
Cater To You by Destiny's Child is still a *** of a song to me. I will so be that woman if I get the man that deserves that...LOVE THIS SONG But thos that really know me know that I'm equal parts Susie Homemaker, June Cleaver and Claire Huxtable anyway...LOL. But I def possess some of that Angela Bassett from Waiting To Exhale. LMAO Oh, morning FB :)
Stevie J couldn't be my husband. I would've went Angela Bassett from Waiting To Exhale on his *** already.
This ain't Meagan Good in TheGame, its Gabrielle in BadBoys turned to Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale. Lehgoo
Angela Bassett was so gully in Waiting To Exhale
Loretta Divine and Angela Bassett >>> love those two in Waiting To Exhale
Angela Bassett's Waiting To Exhale performance might be the best acting ever. I was so convinced
I was thinking about doing an Angela Bassett move in Waiting To Exhale tonight!
When my feelings get hurt in a relationship I get like Angela Bassett off of Waiting To Exhale lol oh well
I'm about to go Angela Bassett on this hair... Waiting to Exhale style!
NW: Waiting to Exhale. Angela Bassett gives me effin chills everytime! ooh-wee!
Asian/White/Others hire ppl, we do the dirty work ourselves...*drops mic, walks away like Angela Bassett in Waiting To ExHale*
In the movie, Waiting to Exhale (1995), Bernie (Angela Bassett) ransacks John's closet and burns his clothes along with his car.
I only wanna fall in love once, I'm not built for more than one Angela Bassett in Waiting to exhale scene 💁
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The way she talks you would swear this girl is Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale! In truth she's more like that crazy chick from Misery!
I wonder if MJB wrote "Not Gon Cry" personally for Angela Bassett's character (Bernardine) on Waiting To Exhale?!
Yes!!! U better give me Angela Bassett. On a Waiting To Exhale T. LOL
I ❤ the part on Waiting To Exhale when Angela Bassett goes crazy & set the clothes & car on fire! Lmao I woulda cashed out for that Benz doe
Yo looks like "Angela Bassett" in the movie waiting to exhale after she got her hair cut off!!!
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