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Angela Basset

Angela Evelyn Bassett (born August 16, 1958) is an American actress and comedienne. She has become well known for her biographical film roles portraying real life women in African American culture, including Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It, as well as Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X and Panther, Rosa Parks in The Rosa Parks Story, Katherine Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream,and Voletta Wallace in Notorious.

Tina Turner Viola Davis Halle Berry Jessica Lange Waiting To Exhale Whitney Houston Alfre Woodard Meryl Streep Sanaa Lathan Lady Gaga Amanda Waller Courtney B Vance Cicely Tyson Lynn Whitfield Michelle Obama Bobbi Kristina Katherine Jackson

I swear I use to think Lynn Whitfield & Angela Basset was the same person 😭 they look so much alike
Cleopatra 2525 but I'd have to keep Gina Torres as Hel, obvs. Angela Basset as the Voice. Nicole Behari as Cleo. Zo…
Thought it would of been Angela Basset. Baby play everybody mama
We really wanted Angela Basset but it's cool.
My goal in life is to be Angela Basset fine.
When you read "Angela Basset" but you think "Angela Lansbury" it can lead to quite a bit of confusion.
Exactly ! I'm mad that people even chose Angela Basset as Tina ! Like I thought sis was really Tina Turner .
Angela Basset and Peter Krause starring in Ryan Murphy's new midseason drama "9-11."
Yes, I need Angela Basset and Regina king too.
Angela Basset can slap my face anytime and I'd thank her tbh?
These goddess locs next week about to really have me feeling like Angela Basset in Coven and I is ready
Bell Hooks, Winnie Mandela, Angela Basset, Yaa Asantewa for obvious reasons and Cardi B (she's carefree and popping…
wowowowow no Jessica Lange,no Kathy Bates and possibly no Angela Basset.I feel like crying all the AHS og's are…
As long as Angela Basset is there I care for no other!! But really Jessica? :/
And I look just like Angela Basset. Df outta here
I want to look this good when I grow up! Angela Bassett I have always admired Angela Basset
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Coven is the best season. Amazing black outfits. Jessica Lange killing it. Very Coppola-esque. Most female leads in a season. Angela Basset.
Channeled her inner Angela Basset I love it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Obama is a Leo. Whitney was a Leo. Angela Basset is a Leo. Viola Davis is a Leo . Halle Berry is a Leo . Terry Crews, Leo https…
I literally told my mom Angela Basset was nominated for an Emmy for player her lmao. I'm still not ent…
Episode of the Cosby show with S. Epatha Merkerson, Angela Basset and Phylicia Rashad all in the same scene
My date told me I look like Angela basset last night .. We are going on a second date!
Angela Basset is on the Cosby show and she looks the exact same as she does now literally the definition of black don't crack
Listen, I don't believe in book burning but this would be o…
Eddie and Susannah. I always thought Angela Basset would be awesome. She might be a bit too old though, S…
Oh I'm sorry we couldn't afford Angela Basset, so that gal from the wire with great arms and a beautiful face πŸ€™πŸ½.
If Angela Basset isn't included in this season.arson will take place
Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale, the maid in this Korean movie called Housemaid, the two *** in The HandMaiden
After all this time I still can't get over how amazing of an actor Angela Basset is.
Someone said I look like brandy and Angela basset but it's only people who never really stared me in the face
A woman scorned CHILE. Angela Basset bodied herself in this ICONIC scene
Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, and Angela Basset (and more) just cannot age. It's amazing
Halle Berry as Storm, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Angela Basset in (insert resume here), Oprah; don…
and this girl was literally swinging with Angela Basset and Lawrence Fishburne and not even flinching!
She did an Angela Basset from Waiting To Exhale!
Im watching the where they r discussing best dressed at Golden Globes-- so, no one saw Viola Davis or Angela Basset or Priyanka?
You look like Angela basset on Notorious β€” you a *** lie
Angela Basset was serving young FACE last night.
Keke reminds me so much of Angela Basset
I might have seen her at dos caminos. it may have been angela basset?
Love the colour on Viola but this has been done. By her. By Regina Hall. By Taraji. By Angela Basset. . It's boring!
I remember seeing Angela Basset in person in Hollywood and legit feelin star struck
I can't explain it but Angela basset played in it. And she was like a voodoo hairstylist
When will I find someone to love me like Angela Basset husband loves her? Like Papoose loves Remy? When? Huh
benediction: May we all age as well as Isabelle Huppert, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Angela Basset, & Steve Carrell
Meryl Streep is my favorite and then Angela Basset
I literally always forget about him because Angela Basset.
Also, every time they show Angela Basset I fall out.
well I was talking about Angela basset her husband is a lucky man I hope I'm that lucky
I can't belive the has ROBBED us of seeing Courtney B Vance thank Angela Basset
Angela Basset is 58 and still fine. Goals.
Angela Basset sleeps in a cave or something. That mug is still sitting like she just stepped on the scene.
Apparently I'm the only one who thinks Angela Basset didn't look so young tonight
Can we talk about Angela Basset for a minute?
People used to say that I looked like Angela Basset and I would feel bad for her because huh? This woman is beyond! But, I'll take it!
Accepting for The People vs OJ Simpson is... Angela Basset for no other reason than to bless us with her presence!
Angela Basset just being there bless me. I don't know why. Maybe it's her skin. Idk! But it blesses me!
I want to sit at Denzel and Viola's table AKA the black folks table. And bring Angela Basset a chair.
so far I've got 2. Issa Rae and Angela Basset
I need to know what kind of anti-aging juju Angela Basset is today.
Love Angela Basset's pink dress on the Red Carpet by
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Angela Basset. My god. Her cougar body settled and there are few things I wouldn't do. Bless her.
Angela Basset could roll wearing a brown stained moth-eaten fitted sheet covered in Ayn Rand quotes and still look good af.
Angela Basset amazing in her dress.
Angela Basset is stunning fuchsia along side her husband Courtney B. Vance, who is nominated for Best Actor in a mini-series
Every time I remember Angela Basset and Courtney B Vance are married, I put them at the top of my power couple list cause ***
Sneak peek of Angela or red?? Either way she will SLAY.
Kmt sooo they just killed a whole Angela Basset like dah.
Angela Basset is my favorite actress hands and feet down
Thought the house behind you was on fire like Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale.
I just came to the deeply shameful realisation that I've been mistaking Alfre Woodard for Angela Basset. I'm quite disgusted.
angela basset, age: 58. -is the embodiment of the phrase 'black don't crack'. -A Woman . -her role in black panther just got…
Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale is pettiness goals. I love this movie.
awh they got the HBIC herself , Angela Basset . y'all know this movie finna be good as *** .
Ok i see the problem, i thought she was on her Halle Berry, angela basset wave πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
David Strathairn, Richard Jenkins, Robert DeNiro, and Angela Basset need to disown my mother now.
Bey and Jay. Jada and Will. Courtney B Vance and Angela Basset. I loved Ciara and bow wow back in the day πŸ˜‚
πŸ€” Whitney Houston and Jada Pinkett and Angela Basset and Sanaa Lathan and Queen Latifa and Alfre Woodard
Yo I never knew that Angela Basset is married to the guy who played Johnny Cochran in American Crime Story
Angela Basset, Michael B Jordan, Chadwick Bosman, Lupita. Not to mention the production costs. I hope they get a return.
Clair Huxtable is in the same category as Angela Basset that's like Vintage aged 1738 Remy
-. Angela Basset and Tupac Shakur at the movie premiere for Poetic Justice in…
I was also in a room tonight with Angela Basset, and
that is so absurd. Angela Basset. Sonja Sohn. Michael Jai White. Tibahhh sesat Reggie Lee? like whet?
*** yeah lmao I thought Angela Basset & Lynn Whitfield was da same person when I was a kid too
My class gassed me all the way up this morning, they gonna say I look like Angela Basset πŸŒšπŸ˜‚
Angela Basset is gahdamn intoxicating lol
Now I want to see Angela Basset play a Terminator-esque Harriet Tubman in a distopian alternate reality...
Angela Basset never crossed my mind but as soon as I read it I knew you right. She'd be perfect as Storm…
I'm gone look like Angela Basset if I keep lifting weights. πŸ™„
jade you look like Angela Basset in this picture
This is your daily reminder that Queen Angela Basset is the only one in this universe who is fit to play Storm. Carry on.
I bet Angela Basset doesn't even know what aging is she looks 27 instead of 57
Adorable basset hound is in no big hurry at dog competition -
Serious question. Is Angela Basset married?? I need ol head in my life, that's a nice *** cougar
why I thought your cover pic was Angela basset in Waiting To Exhale for a split second
We need a Harriet Tubman movie.. I kinda want Angela Basset.. Oh no.. Viola Davis !!!
You cheat on Monica, nia long, ciara, angela basset, or someone like vivica A or regina hall you dont deserve a happy home
Waiting To Exhale is like the worst movie. It's literally just a bunch of beautiful women letting men dog them minus Angela Basset
The same mentality raged "you're ugly" at my Angela Basset avi. Angela Basset!
- Angela Basset and Lady Gaga are confirmed. Denis O'Hare is in talks to return
Angela Basset is one of these best actresses ever.
When Angela Basset sets her cheating husbands clothes & car on fire in Waiting To Exhale
Feeling like Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale. When she went crazy.. That's me every day
Angela Basset is my FAVORITE actress. She's so talented and sexy. There is not one movie with her in it that I haven't seen.
Angela basset is one of the season highlights. She DID THAT w/ the voodoo queen role.
How was that nap? Mine was on point. I beat Genghis Khan in a rap battle, then made out with Angela Basset on an asteroid.
I'm not brolic. My body type is more like Angela Basset brown skinned and toned :)
I can't even lust after Angela Basset without knowing that she got a sausage
Now they like this *** little *** came through the block with Angela Basset
London Has Fallen is everything! And killing off Angela Basset was dope because we're not here to play plix.
I hope it doesn't get that intense, I'm not tryna be a young Angela Basset lol
Watching AHS season 3 and I wanna give Angela Basset the sausage so bad.
you look like a light skin version of Angela Basset boo. 😍
Mig never seen that movie with Martin Lawrence and Angela Basset?
Angela Basset would get ate like a snack pack
Angela Basset's character has a sister god *** it.
I was gonna make a crack on em not being good enough to get Viola Davis or Angela Basset but I didn't realize it was THAT GIRL
Sometimes I feel like acting like Angela Basset at the beginning of Waiting To Exhale...
When people ask me how fed up I am ..I'm Angela Basset on Waiting To Exhale.
I would like my first movie to be with Angela Basset, Lawrence Fishbourne, Keke Palmer, Zendaya, Blair Underwood, & Michael B. Jordan & etc.
Angela Basset didn't look like Tina Turner or Katherine Jackson, but she did one *** of a job portraying them
I liked a video from Bobby Kristina Is to Angela Basset as Joan Rivers Is to
I demand we cast Angela Basset as Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Chan as Marlon Brando.
Wowowowowow. Keke Palmer really could pass as Angela Basset's daughter. They look so much alike.
Angela Basset & Cicely Tyson are two of my most fav actresses
also the fact that Angela Basset hasn't aged a single minute since the film was first released
Debbie Allen, Tina Lawson and Angela Basset are my life goals
and you will have Angela Basset back and I'll have Linda Hamilton (in T2) arms. Gonna be a monster hug.
Angela Basset as the wicked witch...Vanessa Williams as The good witch.
Chi-raq has an all-star cast. People like Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Basset, Jennifer Hudson, and John Cusack.
Angela Basset shares what it's like playing the first female lead in Six in Rainbow Six Siege gaming series.
I knew it had to be angela basset that directed this whitney movie. She's always been so passionate about Whitney Houston.
Besides, I can't afford to slip if I'm talking about having Angela Basset arms by graduation. I only have a few months to get right!
The milf of all time is Angela Basset
weird -I thought they had Angela basset for narrating the single player
daily_trust: Angela Basset was my first crush –Thomas Ikimi.
Look bruh I love precious in AHS Coven but Keke Palmer should've took her place...she would've matched Angela Basset like Emma did Jessica
"She's the nicest person. She makes everybody feel comfortable and she is with herself." - Angela Basset on Lady Gaga
I got to use the blow torch at work today. They Pyro-Maniac/Angela Basset side of me had SO MUCH FUN
Man if u watch Coven,. Angela Basset's acting was incredible. Amazing. The way she portrayed Marie Laveau. Its like SHE IS Marie Laveau.
Angela Basset how ever you spell her last name . She play everybody mama in every movie πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ’―
Angela Basset (tells all about her sex scene with in this new interview!
instagramed her moment with Angela Basset (on the set of
And the fact Angela Basset and Lady Gaga have kissed...
"She's a good kisser" πŸ˜šπŸ’‹ - Angela Basset about Lady Gaga on interview.
By far I loved her character Best on that season. Jessica Lange, Angela Basset & Cathy Bates were tied of second .
Angela basset gave me so much life in season 3
I really hate that they casted Halle Berry as Storm. Angela Basset would've been perfect as Storm
Angela Basset and Laurence Fisherbourne played Ike and Tina so well! I've seen the film a dozen times! That's what you call acting.
please let Angela Basset be Storm just once! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
Can't recall what she looked like in it. Angela Basset stole the show. And Regina King was in there too.
Strange Days has Angela Basset beating on dudes though
To all those white people who don't know what "eat the cake Anna Mae" means, it's from the Tina Turner movie starring Angela Basset
Angela Basset almost 60 and I want to take her on a date.
Honestly, Angela Basset was my favorite part of
Tbh I think I could get Angela basset if I wanted. 😭
Angela Basset was my call back when they were casting it. I was very upset at this choice.
I used to get Lynn Whitfield and Angela Basset mixed up all the time. Is it just me or do they favor each other?
My friend's bae told me I'm getting Angela Basset arms.that made my *** day
Man I hope that one day when I get divorced from my wealthy husband I can rake in as much as Angela Basset did in this movie.
Miss Piggy is going to go all Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale realness on this whole mess.
I had Craig T. Nelson as Biden, Angela Basset as Michelle Obama, Glenn Close as Hillary, Gary Cole as John Edwards…
Angela Basset gon get the nod over Beyonce mom because one is authentic and the other isn't
Miss Piggy is going to pull some Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale. πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”«
they better! Angela Basset is bad to be somewhere in her 50's..
If someone said you look like Angela Basset would you take that as a compliment?
Angela Basset arms and booty rubs, I am ready for you.
I just feel like Mimi sounds like Angela Basset as Anna Mae during coitus, when getting head, and this disturbs me
Watching this movie on netflix and Angela Basset the bad guy
Yesterday among the legends Stevie Wonder and Angela Basset at Kailand's friendraser charity event.…
and i imagined June as angela basset and may as ms. Giwa and rosaleen as octavia spencer
Angela Basset and Jessica Lange slayed my life in Coven. Like they were so bad ***
Like Angela Basset's arms been cut since What's Love Got To Do With It. Aging really not a thing to her
Angela Basset just outchea looking like a real life goddess .. Jesus
They said Larry Fishburne was in the Jackson 5 movie with Angela Basset, but that was the Tina Turner movie though.
Danny Glover has been trying to get funding for his movie about the Haitian revolution. Angela Basset, Wesley...
only watching ahs season 3 because of Angela Basset. if she just died I'm through w/ it 😐
Angela Basset in American Horror Story: Coven is everything I want to be in my life.
Im so disappointed this probably the closest we'll ever get to Angela Basset playing storm 😫
I've seen this movie seven trillion times and only just realized how bad Angela Basset is at lip-syncing in What's Love Got To Do With It.
I had Kurt Russel as Roland ,Steve Buscemi as Eddie and Angela Basset as Susannah this was in the mid 90s.
I stand by the statement that I'd suck a fart outta Angela Basset butt
A favorite and I've loved Tina Turner since seeing her in "Tommy" as the Acid Queen. Angela Basset nails it. what...
Angela Basset will always be my favorite actressπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
I've seen Waiting To Exhale a million times. Angela Basset was everything and he still cheated... Invalid logics.
I could watch Angela Basset and Jessica Lange talk about car insurance and be happy about it.
And now that Angela Basset is almost old enough to be Fierce Black Mama Jo Marie might as well hang it up now.
I was rooting for Marie. Angela Basset was a bad *** priestess.
idk i guess chick flick .. Its an old love movie with Angela Basset , Loretta Devine And Whitney Houston
I will not ever accept Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. I did not accept Angela Basset either. You will not convince me otherwise.
Evidently it's Angela Basset, but damm if it doesn't remind me of Anderson's style. "Let X=X"
Alex Reid was wrong, because she Blocked me because of the truth, Kristina Brown was very Tough Lady,hitting Angela Basset ,We kick *** REAL
Matt Bomer, Angela Basset, Gaga, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates are all I care about
Every time I see Angela Basset, I think about how Martin called Pam "Angela Basset Hound" 😭
*watches AHS season 3 again to relive all the moments of Angela Basset as the voodoo queen who's not here for these white ppl*
The picture of Meryl Streep and Angela Basset is everything
Angela basset is so gorgeous no matter how old she gets
Is Annalise gonna go Angela Basset on her sister-in-law?
Just put Angela Basset in front of Marla Gibbs to shut her up, she wont be able to tell the difference
What do Chaka Khan, SEAL, Ledisi, Angela Basset and more have in common? SYLVERWEAR! Don't miss the open house...
Angela Basset's movie about Whitney was probably the last straw for B K.
Angela Basset is a careless woman!!! She never thought about Bobbi Kristina when filming that low budget film!
If Bobbi Cristina dies I blame Angela basset never should have made that *** movie about Whitney Houston
her death. and then she came for Angela Basset for not casting her as Whitney in that *** movie. πŸ‘
When I wake up in the morning I be feeling like Angela Basset's character off AHS Coven.
Rosie Perez says "no disrespect" to Angela Basset (Director of the made for TV movie) - but Bobby Kristina was not a big fan of the biopic
They should've picked Angela Basset as the mother
she still get the D. Her and Angela Basset. *** she bad
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Rosie Perez: Angela Basset's Whitney Biopic "must have hurt" Bobbi Kristina disrespect but the movi timing was wrong
Angela basset has convinced me that gos is black
Good job angela basset for whitney.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ uhn uhn Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale after she got her hair cut.
I love Angela Basset and if her and Whitney were cool? Good.But she now *** well Whitney would NOT want people to see drug use in her movie
Secret Black History Fact as we see only reflections & images of our own faces so too have we never truly beheld Angela Basset
remember the convo I had about angela basset BARELY smiling... there you have it.
i'm watching an angela basset interview and idk why maybe I'm just tired but I keep expecting her to slip into her ahs characters
Umm is Serena dressed as Angela Basset in ? 3 boobs??!!?
Angela Basset in Coven is my favorite character in a television show ever.
im bout 2.5 seconds away from pulling a Angela Basset off of Waiting To Exhale .
"Sanaa Lathan graduated from Yale, like Angela Basset, with a degree in African American studies." . Nah Bruh.
that the movie was or had been made & also the fact that Angela Basset made the movie and that Bobbie Karistina wanted to have a role in the
Denzel Washington and Angela Basset in the same movie 😍😍
Idk but I'm chanting like Angela basset in what's love got to do with it
they say she was mad at angela basset about not being casted as Whitney in biopic
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Angela Basset is the best thing since sliced bread to me.
Basset it your fault you kill Bobbi Kristina.$$$
basset you are the blame. She told you not to do the movie, but did. You didn't think that was going to affect her.
Basset you are too blame. She didn't want you to the movie . Think she was still weak. You kill that young lady.
So it's Angela Basset fault that Bobbi Kristina was trying to commit suicide? Mfers something else
I would hate to be punched by Angela Basset
Angela Basset old *** still could get it watching meet the browns
So I'm watching this Rosa Parks story cuz I love Rosa Parks and Angela Basset, and it's just so sad
great list but extremely white; I'd add Denzel Washington as Malcolm X and Angela Basset as Tina Turner for sure.
yeah she's honestly brilliant. But I love Evan Peters and Angela Basset too
Yaya played great on the Whitney Houston movie. Wendy Williams take pointers on Angela Basset
Angela Basset must watch mad tv because that scene with Whitney snorting coke reminded me of Debra Wilson as Whitney Houston
Jane Fonda, Alfre Woodard, Meryl Streep, Angela Basset, and Sanaa Lathan are my fav ladies in film 🎬πŸŽ₯ I can watch them act all day long
Just recorded commentary for a bluray DVD release of with James Spader (looking buff!) and Angela Basset. http…
Angela Basset, CCH Pounder, and Alfre Woodard would have made great Amanda Waller's too, but Oprah still a solid choice. Not mad.
our generation is so F'd up. Angela Basset slayed Tina Turner and Katherine Jackson and we get this?πŸ˜”
Nas, Angela Basset and Valerie Jarrett will be on the next 'Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'
My question is when, if ever, will Phylicia Rashad, Nia Long, Angela Basset, Iman or Tina Turner look their actual age?
I only want to see an all female ghostbusters if they cast Angela Basset, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kim Basinger And Betty White.
Angela Basset, Lando, Delroy Lindo, Sheila E, & Smokey Robinson MT Bonus) top 5 celebs that are (50+)?
which is complete and utter bull! Idris Elba, Angela basset! Two great actors for parts in that movie
Angela Basset wasn't playing about that.
Or a Salma Hayek, or an Angela Basset, or a Halle Berry... We can go on.
Toni Collete , Michelle Yeoh and Angela Basset are 3 women who genuinely make acting look like effortless. While others turn into a circus
Angela Basset slays every role she plays . Such a good actor πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Whitney Houston and Angela Basset (1995). I was a freshman in high school viewing t
Angela Basset (age 55!) poses in sexy lingerie for glamorous photo shoot... and she kills it
Anyone found out how and why Angela Basset is so sexy or nah?
Angela Basset t is 55 years old. FML.
she's trying to get her pre-mistress and life shambles Angela Basset in Waiting To Exhale on, OKAY?
Best portrayal of a musician?? .. Which actor did the best (or worst) job? Angela Basset portrayal of Tina...
> But I feel like in the movie with Angela Basset it was also obvious. You go on vacay and hook up with a hot young thing, you become happy.
Angela Basset and I can like to start a family tho
Do the English know Black actors? Angela Basset, Grace Jones, Halle Berry are too old to play the sisters.
Angela Basset will play serena struggling with Venus because of her height
No flex zone - here's a better pic of Angela Basset from last night.make sure y'all come out to…
you looking like a young Angela Basset in your avi πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Angela Basset is giving me so much life on season 3 β™₯
"Angela Basset looks amaaazing for her 105."
I jus gave Angela basset a ticket to the show
I'm sitting here on my *** and my gf just danced with Angela Basset. Those arms, man.
I don't think Angela Basset will ever age.
Angela Basset is just the definition of black don't crack! She got it hands down for one beautiful women. Everything! 😻😫
Join the group and jump in on the latest topic! MAN LAW (Freaky Friday) Get ya life with foine a$$ Angela Basset...
55 year old Angela Basset stuns in lingerie shoot
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
i really loved watching angela basset in AHS:coven. i can't wait to see her in the new season
Angela Basset would slay as an African queen omfg
Basset stay putting these 25 yr olds to Shame 55 never look Better...
Angela Basset aka my all time favorite actress. That's it.
Angela Basset still beautiful at age 55! 😳😍😊
Angela Basset looks amaaazing for her age.
There are so many women who could've played Nina Simone: Estelle, Viola Davis, Angela Basset, Whoopi, Vee from OITNB; Why Zoe...Why?
I know y'all see Angela Basset, killing us right now!
For your information Angela Basset's basset hounds hound Angela for your information.
Angela Basset (55) is amazing.. Lot of 20 - 30 somethings step-grandaddies on deck.. Older women slaying.
did y'all mention Angela Basset... and Aunty Entity from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome aka Tina Turner
Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset and Laverne Cox are also among stars that scored nominations for the 66th annual Emmy Awards.
So I just found out that Angela Basset is a Delta and I said that's so cute
Let’s celebrate our black women by naming who you think exemplifies the beauty of being a strong black woman? You can even give a reason as to why you made your choice. I’ll start off with two. Angela Basset. She is defying age. She looks like a Texas A&M track star! Lynn Winfield: She made me love eating bananas after she played the role of Josephine Baker. Seriously, she aged with grace.
Angela Basset played Rosa Parks in a movie ? .. Where have i been
I'm I the only one watching Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball right now on Own, I am a sucker for inspirational TV. Maya Angelou, Angela Basset, Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross, Halle Barry, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Michelle Obama, Tyra, Naomi Campbell etc. all in one room. I swear only Oprah can pull something like this, sheesh I wish I was there.
I am saddened that for all of the humanitarian work that Angelina Jolie engages that she would support the continued distortion of black history for a buck. Being part Scottish, part indigenous Caribbean, part East Indian and part African, I am qualified to say that my white side of the family had nothing to do with the Nile Valley civilization and as such should not be accredited for same. It is simply bad history and should not be entertained. That would be tantamount to Cuba Gooding Junior playing Hitler in a World War II Nazi Biopic. That you even have to ask this question is quite sad and insulting. In a day when capable actresses like Lupita, Angela Basset and Halle Berry are available to create a true portrayal are sidelined its speaks to what the perception of blacks are in the minds of racist big wigs in Hollywood and their bankers within the new world order, even while a black man sits as the leader of the Free World. I expect conscious educated blacks to protest this, but I am not sure what the ...
seriously infatuated with Angela Basset. I love everything she embodies.
if Angela Basset was younger I would have suggested her from the start but I think Tika Sumpter would be a good young Storm
I gotta say, my arms weren't sexy when I was 18 so I'm not going to sweat not having Angela Basset guns now...
Get it gurl! 55 years young is more like it. Inspiration!
somebody writes a movie with Lupita Nyong'o, Jennifer Lawrence, Angela Basset and Bette Midler in it :)
Angela Basset is aging great and make up is wodnerful thing also.
lmao same Q to you! if she had no skills, no education, couldn't cook, but looked like angela basset could u?!?!
Tipping Angela basset to play Maya Angelou in a film adaptation of her autobio.
Dang Angela Basset old but she still got it
Angela Basset is 55 years old. My gad
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