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Angel Pagan

Ángel Anthony Pagán (born July 2, 1981) is a Puerto Rican professional baseball outfielder for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball.

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*** agenda Greek agenda pagan agenda and satanics ending and pegans ending and demonic sending
did Angel Pagan play for anyone this year?
Gerardo Parra, Austin Jackson, Angel Pagan, Dexter Fowler all average players and similar. I'll look forward to mor…
I’ve had enough of this whole scary game thing, y’all should do a ritua…
My spy movie plots continue with this letter to Angel pagan
i`ll always defend my Dark cute angel & when all then Pagan come together everyone can see my true self & I love her too
After much thought I've decided that the SF Giants 2017 problems began when they didn't re-sign Angel Pagan
the old Angel Pagan Hunter Pence Matt Harvey Derek Jeter Stayin' Alive deal was off bcz 2 Chains had a new meaning
Jamal Knight this you bro lmfao Angel Blasini III Antonio Pagan Jr
Any Angel or Windy Pagan info out there? They live in Puerto Rico.
The Pagan relationship with Christianity is often strained.
Just woke from a deep sleep w/ Angel & Windy Pagan on my mind. I hope they and their families are ok. Puerto Rico is in such a bad state.🙏🏼
Me trying to explain how Christmas and Halloween have European and pagan roots and aren't American to Japanese ppl
Has anyone heard how former Angel Pagan and his family are doing? Were they in Puerto Rico when the hurricane hit?
Maybe Rosario needs too soak in a tub fairly frequently to settle his stomach...Angel Pagan seemed to manage somehow
A man gave me this pagan angel he made to protect me too 😇
I don't ever want to that no one else can go in your car. If they can do, you as well. 😂
Check out what I sell. beautiful angel wings with pentagram and spell to protect necklace wicca pagan via
Rip my sister, I feel like when you died I lost a chunk of me, I lost childhood, love, affection. I miss you angel 💕
Thinking of Angel Pagan and all of Puerto Rico tonight. Be safe, fellow Americans.
He swung at ball three twice just because it was so nice, Angel Pagan!
The Giants were united by their hatred of Angel Pagan. Now he is gone and they stink
People need to get off the Angel Pagan train. 1. He wore out his welcome big-time. 2. He wants a good-signed big-league d…
"The Giants miss hating Angel Pagan together so much"
"And it's all because everyone hates Angel Pagan."
"Some with the Giants muse that the team even misses Angel Pagan, who created an odd sort of unity because most of the pl…
Angel Pagan was a great hitter and a solid player. Don't care about what players think of him. Find someone who can replace him then talk
Don't care about teammates and what they think about Angel Pagan. He could hit and considering the curr…
Pagan immediately starts texting his ex teammates. "Hey it's Angel. You liked me right? Remember when I saluted after a base…
Wait, why are we hating Angel Pagan? I wanna join it!
Angel Pagan salutes this win ...not sure if anyone saluted back.
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Angel Pagan signs for 1 year at the league minimum tomorrow.
On the contrary, sources say in a sign of team unity they all burned an Angel Pagan effigy.
That and Melancon and stretching and the clubhouse's dislike for Angel Pagan.
All the Giants players rallied around Melancon today but did anyone say they liked Angel Pagan
wonder who on the Giants gave the "hey, remember how much we hated Angel Pagan?" speech
24 men united in their hatred of Angel Pagan and Mark Melancon. .
Angel Pagan should have won multiple Willie Mac Awards tbh
25 men united by a common belief: Angel Pagan is an ***
And that's enough Angel Pagan for today.
Man, the Giants look like an actual contender when they're all on the same page, focused on their hatred of Angel Pagan.
Samardzija went down to the clubhouse to throw darts at the Angel Pagan dartboard for luck.
That would've been a great voiceover on the 2014 DVD. "The team found common ground to rally around: their hatred of teammate…
SpeedeNews: Report: Giants miss team unity created by their dislike of Angel Pagan
Started re-watching S4 of GoT today. Weird that Oberyn Martell and Angel Pagan waltz back into my life on the same day...
Time to get Angel Pagan a reality show where he just talks to current Giants players and FO staff and then talks crap a…
Giants' disdain of Angel Pagan may have provided unity they miss [report] - KNBR (blog)
Angel Pagan visit the clubhouse today lol
They're rallying around their hatred of Angel Pagan again.
Giants had a players only meeting before the game where they reminded each other not to forget how much they all hate Angel P…
I'm the Angel Pagan of my workplace.
A 'patron' or 'patroness' deity is a primary divine personification with whom a pagan identifies; it's similar to a guardian angel concept.
All the Giants need is to bring Angel Pagán back...!!!
I wonder if Angel Pagan is laughing at the Giants' outfield depth issues 🤔
You need an outfielder that can get on base, bring some fire, and lead off. You may of heard…
I wouldnt hate if the signed Angel Pagan to fill in while Marte thinks about life decisions.
Just hanging out with the coolest fan I know 👍🏀
Angel Pagan could be a great option. True leadoff hitter can play any OF position, and you can use Frazier as a tru…
Angel Pagan is still unsigned. This year's David Freese.
Angel Pagan Mets reunion does he make sense for Mets?
Really thought Angel Pagan would have been a great fill in but he decided to take the entire year off
Good lord Span is more fragile than angel pagan
The NBA playoffs are 8 days old ... and six different players have already dropped 40.
Can the Cavs sweep the Pacers in Indianapolis? . Watch live now on ABC or here:
Giants outfielder Angel Pagan's back problems could stem from a pelvic imbalance caused by his Hamstring injury. This is…
Take Pagan for 1 year contract...please, we need Angel..
Angel Pagan now working security detail at Coors Field.
Angel Pagan is a free agent do you think pirates should take a look at him
Love Pirates fans: "They should get Angel Pagan.". A. BN doesn't spend money. B. Pagan isn't playing in MLB in 17'. SMH
Hank, pls explain why not signed Angel Pagan? Ok, I am a mere plebe, but I do not understand why not-esp after WBC performance
NOW can we sign Angel Pagan? And what is Gregor Blanco up to? Can we use him if Arizona isn't going to?
Giants just need to pull a collective Angel Pagan and take the whole season off. Uhg
Meanwhile somewhere in Puerto Rico sits one Angel Pagan sipping a mojito!
A horrible terrible deal on the worst phone/stupid in the galaxy
Can't we take half of Anibal and half of Victor's contracts for lack of production and give it to Angel Pagan?
$$ jaso cost less than angel pagan. Bastardo for situations like this (I guess)
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Angel Pagan is still out there with no takers. Not an ideal option, but far better than what they have right now.
Way to early for Stewart. He's not even 2 years out of college. Would be way overmatched. I sa…
Gerardo Parra and Angel Pagan should combine their douchey powers to fight ISIS or something tbh
Pagan. He's ready to roll. Actually, give up. Lost season.
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URGENT: somebody call 911 either in NY or NC ... VA police can't transfer me and Angel Pagan is possibly committing…
Have they signed Angel Pagan yet? Can they take Ellsbury so the can call up Frazier?
Now we're on this planet. I'm in love with all your dangers, dangers. We can live forever. I can be your pagan angel, angel. Beau…
Somewhere in a tropical isle Angel Pagan is smiling.
Report: Angel Pagan taking the 2017 season off
Do the Giants have Angel Pagan on speed dial?
Get rid of Bonifacio and sign Angel Pagan . Do it yesterday
Angel Pagan tackled a fan that ran on the field 😂
Yeah, saw the article posted by ESPN the other day.
Seriously, I wish the Braves would give Angel Pagan a look.
Angel Pagan should legally change his name to Emilio Superbonifacio in order to pique Snit's interest
Whatever Angel Pagan suffered from was apparently contagious.
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MLB trade rumors and news for April 21st, 2017 - MLB Daily Dish
Angel Pagan’s agent informs MLB writers that Angel Pagan apparently not a fit for the Pirates after all, will sit out season
Is it too late to coax Angel Pagan out of semi-retirement?
Not to bust anyone's bubble on the Luis Robert thing, but ATL can't afford Kelly Johnson or Angel Pagan. Can't imagine they'll have the $.
Wish you were here, Angel Pagan and Gregor Blanco
Word is we might be getting Pagan. Jays haven't bowed out yet.
Last time I was in Montreal, I got so wasted that I signed Angel Pagan. That may bode well for some of you.
I'm hoping one is "We've signed Angel Pagan and released Melvin Upton"
Is Angel Pagan ever going to sign with a team or what?
Heard you on the other day. Curious to know if you think Angel Pagan would be a good solution to Jays' LF problem
I would love Angel Pagan but when has Jim Bowden ever been right
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Kind of ironic how Angel Pagan is actually me.
A team that's going to sign Angel Pagan says what?
I am all for signing Angel Pagan and punting Emilio Bonifacio as far away from this roster as humanly possible.
Angel Pagan would be an upgrade over Emilio Bonifacio. Then again, this pug would also be an upgrade.
Angel Pagan agent working in overdrive. Jim Bowden reports that the Braves are "still in on" AP. . *48hrs,3 or 4 days ago deciding on 5 teams
Someone should really let Angel Pagan know that the new season starts Monday.
Angel Pagan is better than Bonifacio but also better than Nick Markakis and probably also better than Matt Kemp
I hope Angel Pagan picks his new team before the season ends.
“Braves still in on Angel Pagan, according to sources”. - ASG any second now
Atlanta Braves still in on Angel Pagan according to club source
Has anyone seen Angel Pagan boarding a flight to Montreal?
The case for signing Angel Pagan and making him the starting left fielder. Read here:
MLB 17 knows all about the greatness of Angel Pagan.
you think any chance Rays take chance on Angel Pagan? Hey man listed as a fit last night. Keep smith down cut bourjous for ras
Where is Angel Pagan when we need him to take down a fan?!?.
What was that yapping about between Nick Hundley and Angel Pagan that nearly escalated? - The Denver Post
Other people who qualify in other sports:. - Pierre Thomas. - Wes Brown. - Angel Pagan
Does not appear that the will re-sign Gregor Blanco, Santiago Casilla, Javier Lopez, Angel Pagan, Jake Peavy or Sergio Romo.
eyeing Angel Pagan, plus rumors on bullpen, DH, Trevor Cahill and 2B search:
the next tier of guys i would.put on the list are Michael Saunders, Carlos Gomez, Adam Lind, Billy Butler, and Angel Pagan
too far ahead to plan but I'd imagine someone like Angel Pagan or Jon Jay, and Ivan Nova
Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) and Angel Pagan (back) may have to be place...
Bochy said OF Angel Pagan (back spasms) & INF Eduardo Nunez might have to go on disabled list. But Pagan is available to…
If tests on Angel Pagan (back spasms), Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) don't show improvement Giants would consider replacing them on NLDS roster.
Denard Span, Angel Pagan, Johnny Cueto, Eduardo Nunez. Look at the pen: Romo, Lopez, Casilla. About half the team...
"Angel Pagan" is the best oxymoronic athlete name since "God Shammgod."
Vin Scully makes amazing call as fan on field gets slammed by Giants’ Angel Pagan
MUST SEE: Angel Pagan took down a fan who ran the field. .
.No hugs to be had, but a sweet Bayley to Belly by your Bay Area homie, Angel Pagan!
"Don't mess with me, man, I'm gonna slam you." - Angel Pagan
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Angel Pagan has a "Made for October" shirt on..I'm thinking I'm made for you, Angel Pagan😍
Angel Pagan sparked us. Denard was rock solid. Brandon's both Money! We have new young guys to look forward to. This was fun!
Two fans ran onto the field and were eventually brought down by security. They're lucky Angel Pagan doesn't play left field for the Rays.
Where is Angel Pagan when you need him?
Angel Pagan just body slammed a fan who ran on the field!
Anybody notice the on Angel Pagan's back? and the initials JF?
FINAL: the defeat the Dodgers 3-0 to keep a 1 game lead over the Cardinals for the 2nd Wild Card. Angel Pagan: Hom…
It all started with an Angel Pagan body slam
Angel Pagan squeezes the 3rd out to eliminate & the get one more game
Angel Pagan: what a weekend with a body slam and the final out of Vin Scully's broadcast career
Vin Scully's last out was Rob Segedin flying out to Angel Pagan.
.and Angel Pagan just ended the MLB season one day early, as every playoff spot is now decided well done guys.
.challenge call that Angel Pagan is out at 1B in the 7th; call overturned, runner is safe.
I really wish Angel Pagan would spontaneously combust on a routine fly ball
Angel Pagan with the belly to belly suplex on a fan's candy ***
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When you're being tackled by Angel Pagan but that still means you're in his arms
since Tebow is playing BB someone should sign angel pagan
Bottom 7th. Brandon Crawford walks on a 3-0 count. 1 on 0 out. Angel Pagan singles on a ground ball to second...
The salute Angel Pagan does after a hit is the worst thing in baseball. So douchey.
A room service fly ball, right into the glove of Angel Pagan. It's always an outfielder's dream when the ball comes to you.
@ B7-0o: Giants challenged (play at 1st), call on the field was Angel Pagan singles on a... [1/2]
I have no idea how Angel Pagan made it to first in time.
Giants (86-75) remain in 2nd WC spot by 1 game over STL entering final day. Ty Blach was brilliant: 8.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R. Angel…
Angel Pagan has a future in wrestling with body slams like this one! . 📹 ig/ericoconnor96.
Don't rush the field on Angel Pagan 💀😂
would've tackled him Angel Pagan style.
Vin Scully popped into the Giant's radio broadcast today. His scouting report on Angel Pagan was that he had piercing eyes.
Vin Scully announcing Angel Pagan body slamming a fan on the field because some times the announcing gods giveth https…
"Angel Pagan: the world's most disgusting baseball player.". -Me
A fan ran on the field and Angel Pagan tackled him 😂
I'm not sure why hasn't arrested Angel Pagan for assault yet. The video is pretty damning stuff.
⚡️ “Angel Pagan demonstrated some wrestling moves on the field”.
If you rush the field, Angel Pagan will take you down 😳 (via
If the giants win the World Series this year the Angel Pagan fan tackle is the pivotal moment in the season
Buster Posey not in lineup for series finale vs. Trevor Brown catching Samardzija. Nunez hitting 2nd w/Angel Pagan also out
Matt Cain can go when Angel Pagan goes too 👋🏼
Prior to Wednesday's Reds-Giants game, Angel Pagan throws a ball to three little girls in the sta... - via App
Muhammad made up a story of Angel Gabriel appearing to him to appoint him as the sole spokesman for his god Allah, a pagan IDOL
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Angel Pagan collects two hits in loss - FantasyPros
My moms opinion of Angel Pagan: "He looks like a throwback to the 70s. Shirt half unbuttoned, hairy gross chest.." 😂
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insidebayarea​.com >> Giants lose to Reds as Angel Pagan has rough day
Angel Pagan's error, lack of offense undermines Bumgarner in Giants' loss to Reds
Angel Pagan must go...will cost Giants in close games.
Angel Pagan’s error, lack of offense undermines Bumgarner in Giants’ loss to Reds
Collusion: All umpires are against and Angel Pagan.
Giants offence has the biggest share of blame in this game, but Angel Pagan is really playing his way out of SF.
Do you think the Pirates would like/want Angel Pagan? 😂😂😂
Kate got a ball thrown to her by the Giants' left fielder Angel Pagan. Looks like we've raised a…
Jay Bruce stays hot with a homer in his 5th straight game to give CIN a 2-1 lead. Meanwhile, Angel Pagan can't catch a break in left today
Angel Pagán is the living embodiment of "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
Angel Pagan sense a little tense lately. Can't blame any of them for that. But...
Caught a warm up baseball from angel pagan , but of course
Angel Pagan being useless ruins the shutout.
The brass should seriously consider a DFA on Angel Pagan once Pence, Panik and Duffy come back!
Not sure what happened in LF, but Angel Pagan looked lost and blind. Score it an E7. 1-1 tie after Phillips scores on sac fly.
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Man, Angel Pagan cannot play defense anymore!
Angel Pagan looked like the little leaguer you have to throw into the outfield for two innings every game on that play
Angel pagan out there lookin like a little leaguer
I remember Angel Pagan from 15 years ago when he was with the Brooklyn Cyclones in the Mets system. 2-for-2 tonight
Angel Pagan is the best name in baseball, right?
Pagan's grand slam sends Giants off on romp -
Angel Pagan singles with 1 out in the bottom of the 5th inning. That's the first baserunner allowed tonight by Daniel Mengden.
And the crowd goes wild for left fielder Angel Pagan's base hit!
Angel Pagan one-out single in the fifth is first baserunner against A's rookie Daniel Mengden.
Angel Pagan says NO to your perfect game! 🖕🏼
After Daniel Mengden retired 13 in a row, Angel Pagan with a clean single to left center.
First hit off A’s starter Daniel Mengden comes from Angel Pagan in the fifth.
First hit off Mengden, one out in the fifth. Two-strike single by Angel Pagan. So won't be missing a perfect game after all.
Angel Pagan has the Giants' first hit, a one-out single in the fifth. Mengden retired his first 13 batters.
Angel Pagan breaks up Mengden's perfect game in the 5th
Angel Pagan singles . Mendgen had retired the 1st 13 batters he faced.
Angel Pagan delivers San Francisco's first hit with one out in the fifth.
First hit of the game for comes in the fifth inning courtesy of Angel Pagan
Angel Pagan, with a single in the fifth, is the first Giant to reach base.
This lineup contains Ramiro Pena, Conor Gillaspie, Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan, Denard Span, and the pitcher. Yeah, it's over tonight
Angel Pagan has a weird batting stance though.
Angel Pagan might be hitting too well to warrant a move back to the leadoff spot
Angel Pagan will start at LF and bat 5th vs Oakland Athletics on Monday.
Ángel Pagán uses the MaxBP to get his reps in. The MaxBP is the best way to learn pitch recognition, hand/eye...
Sat near left last night, Angel Pagan is a class act. Each inning he chose a young fan to get the ball too. He's all heart.
Angel Pagan: “I’m in my motorhome, ready to contribute from anywhere in the lineup."
When the needed him, Angel Pagan was there. He went 4-5 with 2 RBIs and 3 runs in last night’s W.
Giants' Angel Pagan: Steals base in win Sunday -
Extra Baggs: Giants notes: Angel Pagan lands on DL, Hunter Pence still sidelined, club promotes PCL home run ...
have placed OF Angel Pagan on the DL with a left hamstring strain and recalled OF Jarrett Parker from triple-A Sacr…
OF's Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan have sore hamstrings. Manager Bruce Bochy says he hopes both can play Sunday.
Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan scratched from the lineup because of sore hamstring, according to Bruce Bochy.
Us? I worship one God. Miss me with all that pagan mess 🙅🏾
when Angel Pagan is just casually eating pancakes right next to you. 😳🤘🏼
Pagan is still out! This was as close to him as I was going to get!
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Good Morning Brethren 󾌵. Finality of Babylon's Fall. “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone...
And...will anyone admit there another player other than Angel Pagan who seems 2b made of glass?Plays between Craw/Belt.
Joe Panik and Angel Pagan are still out of the lineup. Pence has a day off too.
will be without OFs Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan and 2B Joe Panik Thursday against -
While Pence & Panik could be back I lineup tomorrow, Bruce Bochy said Angel Pagan will miss weekend series with
Hey Angel. Tell me, do you ever try to come to the other side?.
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Giants call up Mac Williamson with Angel Pagan injured...
Angel Pagan out four to five days with a strained hamstring - Hardball Talk - NBC Sports
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I am way late to the game on this one. Would you please tell me what happened to Angel Pagan? I can't seem to find out.
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Angel Pagan is hurt. . Now it's officially baseball season.
Giants notes: Bruce Bochy empties bench vs. Reds, hopes to have Joe Panik and Angel Pagan back soon
Joe Panik likely out until Saturday. Angel Pagan may be headed for the DL.
Buster Posey, Joe Panik, Matt Duffy and Angel Pagan are out of the Giants' lineup.
which side Wil Myers and Aaron Sanchez for Sonny Gray and Angel Pagan?
Joe Panik doubtful to start until Saturday. Angel Pagan might return at some point this weekend. If not, DL could come into play.
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Giants' left fielder Angel Pagan exits with apparent hamstring injury
No change in LF Angel Pagan's status for He will miss his second game with a mild hamstring strain. Gregor Blanco gets start in LF.
Derek Law in on relief for Madison Bumgarner and Gregor Blanco in at LF for Angel Pagan.
Angel Pagan is being replaced by Gregor Blanco.
The News reports that Martin Prado (rest) & Angel Pagan (rest) are not in the starting lineups tonight at
Angel Pagan lost Jake Lamb's high fly ball to left. It bounced off track and over the wall for ground rule double, stranding Segura at 3b.
Yasmany Tomás hit that Peavy pitch hard, however, it was right at Angel Pagan. 1-0
Well, I decided not to decide & left it. Red Sox decided for me today. Picked Angel Pagan off the waiver wire
How is angel pagan only 2700 on DK gotta be a glitch or somethin
Josh Donaldson (11) does NOT lead the league in runs scored. He is tied for second, behind Angel Pagan (12).
should springer be on the bench in favor of mazara and angel pagan in daily leagues. He's been awful.
Angel Pagan does not deliver for the Giants in the rubber match via
Seriously. LF Angel Pagan is still just CF on a day I absolutely need him in LF. He's a LF. Been there since March 1. Come on.
Over their last 5 games, the Mets have scored 8 runs. . Over his last 5 games, former Met Angel Pagan has scored 7 runs.
Angel Pagan continues to shine for the Giants
Angel Pagan continues to shine for the Giants - FantasyPros
I always got your back and I love you too💘
For a guy with an oxymoronic name, which you'd think would weigh on him, Angel Pagan can run very fast.
Happy for looks like the Angel of old!
God I hate Angel Pagan, but dammit you have to respect how he plays the game.
Angel Pagan leads off the third with a walk, Trevor Brown moves him over and Span brings 'em both home. Tied at 2, B3
Angel Pagan, graciously accepts reassigned place in the lineup, and proceeds to destroy opposing pitchers.
The bad news for us is that Angel Pagan probably is going to maintain this superb hitting all year
Angel Pagan did this a few hrs after I posted this Good to know my jinx powers aren't rusty.
Angel Pagan slides into second base for a double against the Dodgers attpark Photo by…
My 3 top scores: Tyler White (60), Angel Pagan & Colby Rasmus(53) were all free agent pick-ups. Not sure how many pts they've scored for me!
Angel Pagan is listed a LF in ESPN bio, yet CF in fantasy. Tyler White 1B on bio, 3B in fantasy. Why wait 10 games to fix this?
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Stack Angel Pagan and Giants hitters in fantasy on Wednesday  -via ESPN
Good thing they had Angel in the outfield …
Angel Pagan. Bats ninth in a national league lineup (last). Success rate, .379 - happy as a clam :-))
Should I drop Domingo Santana to pick up Angel Pagan?
Trevor Brown (HRon a line drive to left center field. Angel Pagan scores. 7-2; top 8
Angel Pagan playing like he is in a contract year... Oh wait.
Angel Pagan as the second lead off is working for me.
Angel Pagan with his 3rd hit of the game, 3-4 tonight and a season average of .379.
Angel Pagan: single handedly saving my fantasy team...
Trevor Brown (HRon a fly ball to left field. Angel Pagan scores. 5-2; top 6
Memo to the infield, never listen to Angel Pagan.
Angel Pagan got his second outfield assist. That's the upshot. The rest ... not so much.
The outfield adventures of Angel Pagan know no ends.
If Angel Pagan wins the batting title this year, my first born son's middle name will be Pagan. Heard it here first
Angel Pagan has hit safely in 6 of his first 8 games, going 2-for-2 so far tonight.
So it just coincidence that Derek Norris has been on the end of . Hunley's slide , Angel Pagan's gum & Andrelton Simmons slide
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