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Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen is an American folk and indie rock singer and guitarist, who was raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Noah fence but I think when I overdose I'm going to listen to angel olsen
There is love and beauty in the world - we share some of it on this wk's p'cast:
a letra de the waiting angel olsen sempre me ATINGE
Angel Olsen - Pops. 2347. Her brand spanking new video! From her latest, My Woman. Dir. her and Jethro Waters.
Angel Olsen - Pops (Official Video) I'll be the thing that lives in the dream when it's gone
.& more take on Trump as part of new 'Our First 100 Days' project htt…
Angel Olsen Releases New Video for 'Pops,' Proves She is a Star -
On this week's podcast, musicians grapple with personal challenges and political uncertainty – and rally.
I guess that in a lot of ways, my writing is more of a character to m...
.co-directs her own video for stark, simple "Pops":
Angel Olsen, Perfume Genius and Young Thug have been added to this year's Way Out West.
Eric's list is bang on. I'd add parquet courts, car seat headrest and Angel Olsen
going for Chris Cohen bc he's performing with Jonathan Richman and Angel Olsen 😻
1st book of the yr: I Lost It at the Movies by Pauline Kael. Album: My Woman by Angel Olsen. Movie: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. I
Greg Kot's top albums of 2016. Chicagoans on list include Chance, Jamila Woods, Eleanor Friedberger, Angel Olsen.
Angel Olsen is coming to Thursday, February 2 with Chris Cohen. Tickets on sale now at…
On sale Friday! Angel Olsen with Chris Cohen Thursday, February 2. Get tickets at
I'm going to see Angel Olsen even though the show is 21+. I'm going with my friend and her dad bc as long as we have an adult we get in. 🤗😝
🚨 "The Raincoats & Angel Olsen as you've never seen them before!"—Ana da Silva 😻
Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen from the album My Woman
I know Angel Olsen but not The Raincoats, will look them(?) up
Every French girl with perfect bangs was at the Angel Olsen concert tonight and everyone was so polite
Watch: Angel Olsen and the Raincoats played a collaborative concert — and covered “Because the Night”…
Yeah, "lolz Jimmy Eat World," but w/ all due respect, you think an Angel Olsen or Car Sear Headrest anti-Trump song would reach undecideds?
• Flavorpill: Watch: Angel Olsen and the Raincoats Played a Collaborative Concert — and…
Radio 3 Late Junction: Nick Luscombe from Tusk Festival and Angel Olsen covering Springsteen's Tougher than the Res…
Genre> Punk - Watch Angel Olsen and the Raincoats Cover Patti Smi ->
Angel Olsen's voice makes my heart melt
And read this, our review of My Woman by Angel Olsen |
Watch perform with The Raincoats at Rough Trade 40th anniversary event
". Last night, Angel Olsen and the Raincoats played a show at the Islington Assembly Hall for a..." …
.and the Raincoats’ show for included covers of Patti Smith, the Kinks, more
Watch Angel Olsen and the Raincoats Cover Patti Smith’s “Because the Night”: Last night…
A big thank you to The Raincoats and Angel Olsen @ Islington Assembly Hall
This Raincoats x Angel Olsen show at the Islington Assembly Hall tonight is gonna be all kinds of cray.
Our Top 5 Selling Records so far for 2016: Radiohead, Bon Iver, Wilco, Courtney Barnett and Angel Olsen!
sadly have to sell my ticket to Angel Olsen & the Raincoats for Thursday 3rd November at Islington Assembly Hall - msg me if interested!
give it up by Angel Olsen! But also, tell all about the jimmy eat world show!! Need to hear about it!
Angel Olsen and Sharon van Etten always set my mood just right. -red.
Okay, Trump wins BUT for four years, every night, Angel Olsen & Sharon Van Etten levitate over your bed and sing you to sleep.
So glad I have new albums by Ian William Craig, Subrosa, Russian Circles, Angel Olsen and Young Thug to keep me on my toes
Oh boy, the new Angel Olsen track and video is muy bueno. Shut up, kiss me, hold me tight
Shut up kiss me hold me tight! The new Angel Olsen record is spectacular
Angel Olsen shouting "what's up" to Kevin Morby while he was onstage at the venue I work at is one of the most magical moments I've had
Angel Olsen, Scott Tuma and Tortoise all in the same week this month.
Angel Olsen just released the best Lana Del Rey song of all time
What are some essential vinyls to snag? I just loaded up an Amazon cart up w Gladys knight, Angel Olsen, Johnny cash, & Gil Scott heron
my brother is visiting me this summer j so we can go to this Angel Olsen concert together tbh
lets not forget the always perfect beautiful amazing wonderful ANGEL OLSEN LOML
Big ups to for being literally the only FM station in Big Sur valley and actually being good. Mac DeMarco, Angel Olsen, etc.
This new track is the perfect companion to the "my fave team just got stomped" blues. Cry along with me
i have been listening to angel olsen at least once a week for about a yr now. i thought i would be bored of her by now but NOPE
Featuring Angel Olsen on guest vocals...Cass McCombs is set to release new album 'Mangy Love' on August 26th.
So excited to see Angel Olsen in less than a month 💕
Lizzie Olsen actual literal best person on this planet and self appointed guardian angel to Chris Evans.
Hear a lovely new track, featuring Angel Olsen:
Acrobat by Angel Olsen is my all time favorite song
ooh angel Olsen would be a good addition to my rotation of metal and S
I go the Elliott Smith and Angel Olsen route and just cry a lot; let out all of the feels
Lay in my bed while Angel Olsen plays and look into my eyes, now don't fall in love.
Divers - Joanna newsom. Burn your fire for no witness - Angel olsen. Loud city song - Julia holter. The Magic place - Juliana barwick
Also, I'm totally cool with people drafting Angel Olsen to duet on almost everything. Her voice is so amazing.
I received flowers today and only listen to Angel Olsen,, not sure if correlated but I'm def exuding something into the world
Cass McCombs announces new album, shares first single "Opposite House" feat. Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen & The Tills performed at Haw River Ballroom on Sunday. Check it out:
Tune into Sock Hop from 4-5pm for a chance to win a pair of passes to Angel Olsen and New Madrid at
Good Morning “You are the crazy acrobat. You are the witch. I am your cat …” [Acrobat-Angel Olsen]
Angel Olsen will be amazing in the church. Protomartyr will definitely be hours after she's done.
I'd go to angel Olsen on Wednesday if you can (I think you can do both).
also saw some girl walk out who looked just like Angel Olsen lol
I can't wait for the day I wake up and suddenly realize I'm angel olsen
I want to just lay in bed n listen to angel olsen all day when i feel like this
do I go to class or listen to angel olsen in my car for an hour instead? I gotta wonder which will contribute more fully to my wholeness.
Have you ever listened to Angel Olsen? If not you should listen to her album Burn Your Fire For No Witness~
vv sad that angel olsen only reminds me of that week I barely slept to write my film paper and had no real emotions as a result
my mom wouldn't let me play angel Olsen in the car on Easter bc it makes her think of "wooden marionettes" mmk sure no yeah me too
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Best artist to listen to when ordering a pizza and finishing it all alone is angel olsen
Is chipotle playing some Angel Olsen rn rn?
This is a bird's eye view of the world's tallest waterfall, Standing at 3212 feet, Angel Falls located in Venezuela. https…
I want to be in bed and feel soft and sad like an Angel Olsen song, but mostly I just want to be in bed.
Rediscovering Angel Olsen's first album - "I love the way your voice is sex" - she is perfect
so the lineup for this festival on friday in Athens GA is... julianna barwick -> angel olsen -> lil b -> me ??? 🌠
I loved the idea of Olsen & his roll it in the corner penalties. I now realise why we won little with him and Strachan.
the jesper Olsen back pass against Spain in 86. Think they were winning when he did it and lost 5-1.
my life feels like an Angel Olsen song right now
come 2 Cleve. I'm spinning that Angel Olsen and eating Wendy's
8:14pm High and Wild by Angel Olsen from Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Radio k reminded me to listen to more Angel Olsen tonight
Angel OLSEN...Voice as the ultimate technology. Dont miss this SHOW
It's been a long, emotionally tiring week and I want to listen to Angel Olsen at 8 PM and fall asleep
I think I gave myself tennis elbow from trying to learn an Angel Olsen song in bed.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I'm going to at Park Theatre Cafe in Winnipeg, Canada - Jun 19
Wait, Texas A&M plays LSU at Olsen Field at the same time 3-seed Texas A&M plays 2-seed OU in the Sweet 16?
I'll be playing some Elle Mary tunes and some of my favourite anti love songs by Magnetic Fields, Angel Olsen, Bill Callahan etc
The initial lineup for includes GBV, Peaches, Deafheaven, Angel Olsen, more:
Randy Newman, The Tallest Man on Earth, Angel Olsen, more to play 2016:
.illuminated a grey Portland earlier this month . Read about it here:
Spent the day listening to exclusively Angel Olsen
(this is a comment about Angel Olsen on her live KEXP performance video)
There's a video of Angel Olsen interviewing a droopy bernese mountain dog on instagram and i can't stop watching it
Angel Olsen is a really good lyricist and good music 2 write a paper too
Tim Kinsella Sings the Songs of Marvin Tate by Leroy Bach featuring Angel Olsen
Laying in bed trying to nap listening to Angel Olsen I mean life's good, man.
*listening to Arca's Soichiro* oh you know what would go so hard after this *turns on Angel Olsen's Acrobat* ah yes
I saw Angel Olsen do it a couple of months ago
Angel Olsen for my inner clouds rumbling thunder, good friendships to let release the burdens of my shoulders. I set myself free.
Angel Olsen in my ears on the way back to New York City
4 of 5 stars to Angel Of Mercy by Lisa Olsen
making sad sensitive white girls playlist . so far: Laura Stevenson, Angel Olsen, Julia Holter and that Velvet Underground song After Hours
im listening to Angel Olsen and thinking about you
Listening to Angel Olsen+writing the press release 4 Any fancy featuring us?
Angel Olsen - Hi-Five (Official Video) via I hope she comes back to FL soon!
Angel Olsen pandora station soothing my soul on this rainy day
Fun working with these beautiful ladies yesterday danie.olsen
I get excited remembering how good Angel Olsen's album was last year.
My Arsenal Angel serving up glam!. rockin the dress in white . Lookin…
On page 9 of Angel Of Mercy, by Lisa Olsen: oooh what a mysterious 1st chapter :-)
Probably listening to the same Angel Olsen song over and over again is very healthy. I am the very picture of health right now.
glad is a fan of He might like Angel Olsen too.
A new favorite: CALIFORNIA PARANOIA (feat. Angel Olsen) by on
Thanks to Les Claypool, Angel Olsen's Hi-Five's, and Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsys for keeping me company on the road today.
imma speak proper English.. 'an' angel 😂
babe, you have the voice of an angel and you have always had. You mean the world to me and i have supported you since day 1❤️
Free festival w/ Angel Olsen, Neko Case, Nick Lowe, Charles Bradley, Devotchka +more while I'm in SFO? I'll take it:
Angel Olsen is going to be at Urban Lounge the night before my 21st birthday and I am LIVID
We caught Angel Olsen at last weekend. Review + photos:
Also, tracks by David Bowie, Viet Cong, Angel Olsen, Arab Strap, The Divine Comedy, Public Enemy and more. 8pm on 96.5fm in Kansas City.
Fans of Angel Olsen should check out the Port City Music Hall page for a new announcement.
any number of Bright Eyes and Okkervil River and The Walkmen songs and something from the Angel Olsen record u listen to daily
Ela Stiles is featured on 'Shirley Sings', a tribute to Shirley Collins w/ Angel Olsen, Lee Ranaldo
The last album I went cray over was Angel Olsen. But also feeling Blouse, Parquet Courts, Kurt Vile.
I want to see Angel Olsen in concert... and Fuzz. and go to Burgerama... and Psycho CA.
If you really want to see at on August 5th - you should grab tickets now!
Angel Olsen is wonderful her music is so depressing
Been listening to since news Best Coast, Real Estate, Odonis Odonis, Angel Olsen, and more? Thank you
Mostly unimpressed with lineup. Some cool acts like Iceage, Amen Dunes, Best Coast and Angel Olsen. Think I'll pass this time around.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I added a video to a playlist Angel Olsen - Hi-Five (Official Video)
u look like angel Olsen I'm well jel
Meet the guy behind 2014 self-titled album, which was the pick for Best Alternative Album http:…
this opening track is really cool, reverb is kind of like Angel Olsen in spots?
Angel Olsen has been added to 2015 lineup:
Angel Olsen added to Sasquatch. Meaning she'll get added to Squamish too? If so, fan club will be fighting over review tix.
Angel Olsen is an actual angel. Especially on vinyl
Tb to when Elizabeth burned Angel Olsen for me and changed my life completely
We are very excited to be playing Central Park Summer Stage with Father John Misty + Angel Olsen on 08/05! Tickets go …
weeping to Angel Olsen, what's good?
On the turntable: the rainy day, rambling, wonderful, warbling Angel Olsen, "Burn Your Fire for No Witness."
Jessica Pratt, Angel Olsen and Neko Case coming up in this next set on
Angel Olsen playing in the background of Catfish while this dude cries about some girl on the internet
I got turned onto and now really like Sylvan Esso, Angel Olsen, Alvvays... Especially Sylvan Esso. Happy hunting, Rach
Angel of the night ... Photography by Anne Olsen-Ryum
How do you not start a church now with the intent "hey, let's just bring in Angel Olsen or someone cool to sing every week?"
ive been listening to angel olsen a lot idk if I’m sad or just rly in2 her rn
Lykke Li, Grimes, Angel Olsen, Jessica Lea's a type of morning.
20 tracks you need to hear this week, featuring the Districts, Nas, Wu-Tang, Angel Olsen, Father John Misty and more
Today in Nick & Knight, Matisyahu, Angel Olsen, Angela Davis, literary readings & more
Seeing Kevin Morby tonight, Quilt tomorrow and Angel Olsen on Thursday. I love London.
Tonight in L.A.: Angel Olsen, the Moth & the Flame, Pentatonix, the Americans, Lucinda Williams, ...
I had lunch with Anthony Bay, CEO of We talked about Angel Olsen, John Cage, and corporate partnerships.
Mac DeMarco's covered 'Lights Out' by Angel Olsen and all is right in the world.
Wizard (Dungeons & Dragons) Monday 6/16/14, "Music and Magic Mushrooms on TV" information station: ~ Ice Cube chills and chats with CoCo on an all-new episode of The Conan O'Brien Show (TBS Very Funny, 11pm-12am and 12:30-1:30am) ~ Jungle hang from the trees & vines on a new show of Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC Television Network) ~ Angel Olsen sings a heavenly tune on a new Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) ~ David Sanborn (Official) sits in with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra on the new David Letterman (CBS) ~ Jennifer Lopez talks and jamz on an all-new ep of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC) ~ Stromae sings a sweet soul song on a brand new Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC) ~ Toni Braxton gabs with Tavis Smiley on a new show (PBS, Ch. 13, 12-12:30am and NJTV, 1-1:30am & 6-6:30am) ~ Grateful Dead: Dead Ahead - the 1980 concert movie from Radio City Music Hall (NJTV, 2-4am) ~ Cyndi Lauper has fun on Front And Center (nyctv, 1-2am) ~ Scott H. Biram performs on Sun Studio Sessions (NYC-TV, 2-2:3 ...
Alum Stewart Bronaugh is performing with Angel Olsen on David Letterman tonight!
Angel Olsen has been added to the Iron & Wine show on Saturday, June 28th at North Carolina Museum of Art. More info here:
Yeah so Angel Olsen was incredible at Johnny Brenda’s last night
have you listened to the Both? (Ted Leo and amiee Mann) If you missed the sun kil moon record it's fantastic. Angel Olsen?
It would have been awesome if someone told me how splendid Angel Olsen is instead of letting me believe it was yet another Olsen sister.
Angel Olsen's new album is so brilliant.
One of our fav albums! Stuningly beautiful tunes by Angel Olsen Reminds us of Jason Molina in a way
Angel Olsen: 'I had to learn someone else's songs. Now I teach people my material' via
Guys, there is a Brasilian Angel Olsen. Oh boy.
Hi - noticed t'other day signs for LPs you may get back in. If you get more War On Drugs & Angel Olsen would be interested.
Totally took a break from work to listen to Angel Olsen
legit the best thing about 2014 is you can unironically listen to Miley Cyrus, Angel Olsen, Nicki Minaj and Mac DeMarco all in the same day
Continues later this month with consecutive Thursday shows by Lydia Loveless, Angel Olsen and Jessica Lee Mayfield!
I just wanna listen to Angel Olsen like all day, please I don't wanna go to work
Angel Olsen is like the female Kurt Vile
Angel Olsen's new one is good. Rather like old Chelsea Wolfe
If you like Angel Olsen and the newest Beck album, listen to 89.3's alternative programs because that's all they play
Did I ever mention how much I like the Angel Olsen album?
Angel Olsen listening on a train out of the smog
As great as Angel Olsen's album is, it's too quiet to listen to when a pair of rockets are talking pish at the other end of the bus.
If you’re at this weekend, check out Incubate alumni like Sean Nicholas Savage, Omar Souleyman, Herrek or Angel Olsen. Enjoy!
Zin in zondag: Angel Olsen in Paradiso. "Are you lonely, too? Hi-five! So am I!"
Hey, this Angel Olsen album is actually really good.
Really nice night, listening to this thunderstorm with my window cracked and feeling the breeze and listening to Angel Olsen
Bottletree has Damien Jurado, Angel Olsen, and them back to back over a three day stretch. crazy.
Even though this means I have to put my Tuesday Night Music club on hiatus, Sorry Pusha T and Angel Olsen.
Our vote for song of the year (so far) Dance Slow Decades by Angel Olsen on
i wish it were the same. as it is in my mind. i am lighter on my feet . when i’ve left some things behind. ~ Angel Olsen
so bummed it’s the same night as Angel Olsen at the Cedar, but it’s a no brainier
that's where I saw him, wasn't that impressed. Angel Olsen sang with him that night, she's tremendous
First new Mixless mix in months, ft. Burning Spear,Cocteau Twins +rare cuts from East India Youth, Angel Olsen + more
Angel Olsen suffering at the hands of Camden Town.
all i really want is to have hair like Lauren Mayberry & Angel Olsen.
Also we've finally got restocks of the new Angel Olsen LP, new Damien Jurado LP, and Songs: Ohia "Magnolia Electric Co" LP. See you later!
Angel Olsen's speaking voice is like birdsong.
So good. I also may have embarrassed myself in reacting to the "...who do you want to play with?" answer:
SO many good albums out / coming out this year - The War on Drugs, Cloud Nothings, Angel Olsen, Owls, Alpines, Tim Kasher, PAWS, La Dispute
Angel Olsen came to the Tiny Desk on an odd autumn day, as an impending storm loomed outside our office windows. It all seemed just right for occasion: Watch...
The Zulu Report! Weigh in on Kevin Drew, Thurston Moore, Pink Mountaintops, Angel Olsen and more!
Tonight at the Dickson Street Bookshop - jams by Aan, Angel Olsen, Water Liars, The Twilight Singers, etc... If this music doesn't get you in the mood to buy books - I'll buy you the Stephen King paperback of my choice and read it to you.
New Music Alert: The new CDS by Sting, Angel Olsen, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are really good!
Just in today - more new vinyl! Beck - Morning Phase Morrissey - reissue of Your Arsenal Bob Mould - Workbook 25th Anniversary Edition The Replacements - All Shook Down Queens of the Stone Age - s/t Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be Tegan and Sara - This Business Lambchop - Nixon Slits - Cut Sons of Hippies - Griffons at the Gates of Heaven Cat Power - Sun, You are Free, Covers Chrome - 3rd from the Sun + restocks of Angel Olsen, Radiohead, Iron + Wine, Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Iver, Chvrches, Andrew Bird, Junior Kimbrough... HIP HOP, some of which we've received for the first time: Tupac - All Eyez on Me Dr Dre - Chronic Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid NWA - Greatest Hits Snoop - Dogg Father and Doggy Style Wu Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Listen to St. Paul and The Broken Bones, St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Phantogram, Nick Waterhouse, Josh Ritter, Caroline Rose, & more on our latest Swollen Fox Radio playlist.
New release Monday... but on a Tuesday (kind of like America -n.b. anyone got any idea why America's new release day is Tuesday and ours is Monday? inquiring minds want to know.) Anyway, out yesterday; Angel Olsen, Quilt, Blues Pills Live 10", Joan as Policewoman 7", Oysterband, BBC Folk Awards compilation 2014, Small Faces Immediate years LP (blue vinyl, also out on CD), The Jezebels, Jesca Hoop (stripped down renditions of last album tracks), Matt Schofield, Allman Brothers Live and a Boyzone hits collection (form an orderly queue for that one please. no poking) Let me know if you want me to order you anything. Ta for now X
Blackberry Smoke, Jezebels, Nina Nesbitt and Angel Olsen have their new albums out on next week and there are a couple of great compilations from the Small Faces and Billy Fury.
New music Friday! Come get a first listen to Nina Nesbitt, Blackberry Smoke, Angel Olsen and more!
Music? Currently listening to Apollo - Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Before that Steve Hoffman's Buddy Holly From the Original Master Tapes and new Angel Olsen.
Lots of new releases slated for 2014: Beck, Snowbird (one half Simon Raymonde, Cocteau Twins and founder of the Bella Union music label, and Stephanie Dosen, Massive Attack and solo artist in her own right), St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Warpaint, Broken Bells, and more! Watch this list for additions. Also excited about Lyla Foy's debut "Mirrors the Sky" via Sub Pop Records on March 18th. I can't find Horse Thief on Spotify, but they're an OKC band on the Bella Union label, with a new album out early this year too. And if you feel inclined to share, let me know who you're keeping track of, seriously, Unknown Mortal Orchestra came to me by way of a comment, so thanks, readers! of 2014
HEY... Girls Names, September Girls, PRINCESS, Sea Pinks, The Autumns, Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Holly Herndon, catscars, Simon Bird, Daniel Higgs, Woven Skull, Angel Olsen, Lisa O'Neill, Bill Blood, The Last Sound, Ginnels,thanks for playing our shows in 2013! & thanks to everyone who came to our shows and supported us along the way. Already working on lots of great stuff for 2014 right now, so hopefully see you then!
At an Angel Olsen gig, small London place. Kinda like going to an early, as-yet-not-stardom Gillian Welch concert
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Listen to women in folk music from around the world Mariee Sioux &Angel Olsen
Preview of Angel Olsen gig at Half Moon Theatre, Cork, May 3rd 2013
Don't miss Belle & Sebastian, Tree, Angel Olsen, more at this year's
From psych rock and power pop to the best hip-hop collaboration of the year: Angel Olsen, Kids These Days, California Wives, and more
Tonight I'm throwing the final Folkadelphia concert of the year at my favorite yoga studio/art space Studio 34 Yoga | Healing | Arts in W. Philly. Literally some of my favorite contemporary songwriters all on one bill: Angel Olsen (who put out one of my top 10 records of the year), Meg Baird (who we moving to San Fran and has meant so much to my Philly music discovery), and Brendan Codey (who is seriously one of the coolest/interesting up-and-coming musicians). Hope you can make it out. 8 PM Doors | $10
Opening today's Inside Sleeve with Bonnie Prince Billy collaborator, Angel Olsen. 3pm. RN
Angel Olsen - "Some Things Cosmic." Her voice is haunting, like a female version of Slim Whitman or Roy Orbison.
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