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Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin (born Angelica Colmenares; April 23, 1985) is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

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Comment on Angel Locsin vs Marian Rivera for ‘Sexiest Pinay,’ the Battle Continues by Anonymous: ewan pangit k...
"Anne Curtis, Maja Salvador and now, Angel Locsin.. Hi 💕 shes watchin…
congrats Legal Primetime Queen Angel Locsin! is the "Second MOST WATCHED Teleserye of...
If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to? — Angel Locsin
Comment on Angel Locsin for by Jude: In giving our comment, we should be objective and...
omg cedric where have u been it's Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin now...again
A picture of Nadine and her idol, Angel Locsin please. ☺️
Bangs Garcia is an upgrade over Angel Locsin. Right, Phil? 😂😂
Spotted: Angel Locsin lifts weight. What about her spine? OMG!
I added a video to a playlist Angel Locsin back on It's Showtime
Angel Locsin: Palmolive girls! Let your skin say it all! Join Palmolive Naturals Your Skin Says It All and get a…
Fan of Angel Locsin? Want to know the recent things about her? Be an angel! Stay connected with us! FOLLOW us! :) http…
Whose excited for thier team up Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin?
Angel Locsin: There’s a beast in every woman and it stirs when you put a barbell in her hands.
Gov. Vilma Santos respects son Luis Manzano's decision to reject movie with her and Angel Locsin | Read:
Well I think they learned a hard lesson when they let Angel Locsin go. Nawala na si Angel, nalaos pa si Richard G. Double whammy.
[Movies] Vilma Santos to do slapping scene with Angel Locsin in 2015 movie?
Angel Locsin just reached a million followers on instagram. Thank you angels!
Why Luis Manzano declined role in movie with Vilma and Angel - via
“Janey will be part of Darna of Miss Angel Locsin and Gov. Vilma! Yay. 👏👏
Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin, first on the big screen. Coming this May 2015!
One of the most- anticipated movie of Ms. Angel Locsin and Gov. Vilma Santos this 2015. U.
That moment when Luis Manzano surprised Angel Locsin on It's Showtime
Why Luis won't demand a prenup with Angel: Luis Manzano feels he and Angel Locsin do not need a pre-nuptial ag... http:/…
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are back together again - Rappler
Luis Manzano admits he knows Angel Locsin earns more than him
Who's your favorite actresses now in the Showbiz? — Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Marian Rivera, Kath...
[Movies] Luis Manzano reveals Angel Locsin and Vilma Santos will act together in drama film
Happening now: Andi Eigenmann, Matteo Guidicelli, Luis Manzano, and Angel Locsin at Swatch PH 25th…
Okay, so it's Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Maja Salvador, Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo for Best Actress for TV.
Ranking of Favorite Movie Actress as of today:. 1. Kim Chiu - 123,404 votes. 2. Angel Locsin- 79,325 votes. 3. Jodi...
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Comment on Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera or Sam Pinto – Who is the Sexiest Pinay? by Anonymous: Angel deserved t...
Congratulations to Ms Angel Locsin for winning the title of Most beautiful woman in the Philippines award for...
How many LIKES for Angel Locsin's in San Francisco?;)). *ctto. --admin wenilyn
Muses of the PBA D-League teams: Ms. Angel Locsin for the Hapee Fresh Fighters.
An alleged photo scandal of actress Angel Locsin celebrity sex video controversies
The beautiful muses of PBA D League 2015. Angel Locsin with Venus Raj and Phoemela Baranda.
Eto na po ang Team Hapee Fresh Fighters with our muse Ms. Angel Locsin.
Meet our hapee fresh fighters mascot with Ms. Angel Locsin and Team Captain Garbo Lanete.…
Guys, let's vote Angel Locsin. This is unlimited voting! Who is your most favorite movie actress?
so i wud expect u know mor about d corruption of binay than me. At least angel locsin pays her taxes & earns her money legit
just to make fun of it, not attack appearance ryt? Yeah a lil brad, u kinda look like angel locsin. Good for u
PBA's Blackwater has Jinkee Pacquiao as their muse. D-League's Hapee has Angel Locsin. Wake me up from this nightmare.
Our Muse for the opening ceremonies (Angel Locsin).
Angel Locsin reunites with Luis Manzano on ASAP: via
Brod. Luis Manzano with his beautiful girlfriend Angel Locsin! TGP
A stolen shot that captured actress Angel Locsin eating street food is making rounds on social media.
Take time to read this angels. :). Thank you We love you Angel Locsin! :)
Who wore it better? Angel Locsin vs. Bea Alonzo in white and black embellished gowns by Micheal Cinco.
Pinay's who are nominated for top actress list of the world :. Top 22 : Angel Locsin. Top 24 : Erich Gonzalez. Top 30 : Kathr…
I liked a video Angel Locsin meets 'kalokalike'
yes where is the superstar Angel LOCSIN?
Thats why i really love angel locsin 😘❤️
Here's a stolen shot of Angel Locsin eating isaw and burger at Boracay. :). Credit to the owner.
Check this out guys..RT Angel Locsin, Jericho Rosales make love and war in ‘Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako’ video http:…
Will Luis Manzano propose to Angel Locsin this year?
Luis Manzano to Angel Locsin: 'I miss you' -
Luis Manzano to Angel Locsin: 'I miss you' - - Oh my Luis is so swet!!!:))
"RTEdu Manzano gives comment to Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin's rumored wedding:
Simple. Beautiful. Angel Locsin. . (photo credit to the owner)
sir, how about a movie for Angel Locsin and Coco Martin..or action series under StarCreatives
sir any plans for Angel Locsin and Coco Martin. Perhaps action series or heavy drama movie..
Both we're pretty but Angel Locsin personality is boring, I like Marian Rivera very witty and naturally funny
Angel Locsin channels Marian Rivera in that Sun Cellular ad, yes?
Luis Manzano on wedding announcement with Angel Locsin: "It can be this year, it can be next year.”: Luis Manz... http:/…
I liked a video Vice Ganda as Angel Locsin
Catch Angel Locsin tonight on GGV and learn about her own version of PDA.
Photo: Angel Locsin inspred eyeglass available at (at ✨ ONYT...
I like celebrities who are advocates of good causes. Sophia bush. Mark ruffalo. Angel locsin. Amazing use of power and fame.
Forevermore-Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin: via my,love watching this video of Lu & Gel..again & again!:)
Louise delos Reyes, the next Angel Locsin? via
I added a video to a playlist Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin back to back birthday surprise
via PHShowbizNews: Louise delos Reyes, the next Angel Locsin?
Can't help but to laugh whenever I see Angel Locsin at sun's commercial
Darna with Angel Locsin and Esperanza. Is it for Real Jane?
. Angel Locsin's real name is Angelica Locsin Colmenares. Did you know that she was discovered by...
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Edu Manzano talks about Luis and Angel Locsin, Vilma Santos, and his charity works: via
I think I have found another star to support next to Angel Locsin. I love you Janey GB sa new tv series…
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angel locsin is a fan of WWE.same it!
Darna, Pinay superhero (starring by Angel Locsin). Wonder woman what?. (Dafuq that tiny white cloak up front)
“I can actually see Angel Locsin, Kathryn Bernardo and in 1picture. Mi crush 😻😻😻😻 http…
I should write about Angel Locsin. Kudos to her acting prowess!
sir, update naman po about Angel Locsin's upcoming project.. Wala pa po ba follow up for this year?
How about a drama movie for John Lloyd Cruz, Coco Martin and Angel Locsin.. That would be a sure fire hit!
Pretty Woman inspired movie will be good for Richard Yap and Angel Locsin.. How I wish they will be paired with each other..
I would love to see Angel Locsin and Daniel Padilla in a movie that tackles May December Affair in a light way.. Parang romance light drama
Comment on 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2014 – Online Poll by lovely ferrer: angel locsin i...
On working with Angel Locsin.. . ": Opo ... she's such a great Actress and mabait".
2nd yr I can't remember the film we're watching, but I guess it was Angel Locsin and…
Angel Locsin (will be on a benefit show tomorrow. Please see this poster for details :)…
What can you say about Luis Manzano's reply on commenters regarding Angel Locsin and Alex Gonzaga? |...
Last day to vote for the prelims of before the Top 20 announcement
Training's awesome! Got partnered with ate Angel Locsin. :ppp. And we started to create our own catchy tags, CARL & CLAR :">> so cute. Lols.
2nd photo, she looks like Angel Locsin. And she got a new necklace 😍❤💖 (c) -mars
Mercy for Mercy, a benefit show with Maja Salvador, Aiza Seguerra, Pokwang and Angel Locsin plus other…
Jennylyn Mercado comments on Angel Locsin ang Luis Manzano's relationship. Watch now! Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Online channel! - ...
Her face is really gorgeous. Her eyes. Her lips. Her smile. She's my younger version of Ms. Angel Locsin.
iShine kids with their acting mentor - Angel Locsin
Pinoy Showbiz Daily: Jericho Rosales joins Angel Locsin and Vilma Santo... Lu's decision re: not accepting d offer!:)
Jericho Rosales will be joining the Best Actress of her Generation and "The Legal Wife" herself Angel Locsin and...
Jericho Rosales joins Angel Locsin and Vilma Santos in new Star Cinema movie
is it true po? Jane is gunna hav a small appearance in Angel Locsin's new movie?
My younger version of Ms Angel Locsin-- beautiful inside and out.
Who is the most beautiful person in your country? — Angel Locsin for me. :)
Update. as of 4:00pm of August 1, 2014 (FB POLL). Angel Locsin Remains at No. 1 with...
I want new teleserye for Angel Locsin :)
The Sun Cellular ad w/ Angel Locsin's a bit annoying. She's gorgeous but the ad isn't at all.
Angels! Let's vote for our dear! Click on the photo and hit 'LIKE' . Vote for Angel Locsin. 1 Like = 1 Vote. 1...
Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin fans! Check out The biggest endorsers of & EXCLUSIVE!
Angel Locsin TV QUEEN of YES! Magazine as always you are the TV queen of all! :)
Who is the most flawless women alive? — Angel Locsin
I'll be performing in a benefit concert on 15 August (8pm) at Area 05 alongside with Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador :)
Angel Locsin is included in Yes Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful Star on the TV Queens Category. cto*
Angel Locsin and Vilma Santos‘ up-coming movie project with Star Cinema is in the works!. In a recent interview...
Angel Locsin is the new brand ambassador of Sun Cellular
Angel Locsin is the newest brand ambassador of Sun Cellular! Congratulations and welcome!
"And the newest and biggest Sun Endorser is none other than...Angel Locsin!
Thanks .. Let us all watch Angel Locsin in It's Showtime today :)
Let's all welcome the newest SunCellular endorser, Angel Locsin
She made the good choice, Angel Locsin is the newest & biggest endorser of Sun! ht…
Angel Locsin is the new face of Sun Cellular!
Angel Locsin is the newest and biggest endorser of Sun Cellular!
Is the new legal endorser of Sun Cellular? Read:
Guess no more, Angel Locsin is the newest SunCellular endorser
Congratulations Angel Locsin on your new endorsement
Angel Locsin made the good choice. Congratulations te 👍👏
Thank you Sun Cellular for trusting our dear angel locsin!
You mean Angel Locsin is a bigger star than Judy Ann Santos??! Wow!
FOREVER PROUD to be a FAN of MS. ANGEL LOCSIN!. Ikaw ba? LIKE and SHARE this PHOTO if you are :). pcto
ANGEL LOCSIN made the good choice Welcome to Sun Cellular family! TVC soon!
Guess what "Ninang" Kris Aquino promised Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano for their wedding gift! For details and ot...
Kris Aquino's wedding gift to Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano? READ HERE:
VIDEO: Kris Aquino advises Angel Locsin that spiritual faith is a big factor in relationships
Watching with the beautiful and in love Angel Locsin
Artists such as Jessie J, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, and Kris Aquino took to their social media accounts to post...
Kris Aquino’s gift for Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano: honeymoon in Italy
Pinoy Showbiz Daily: Angel Locsin volunteers to sing the theme song of ... pwede! .Angel has a nice singing voice!:))
Angel Locsin was stunned in receiving an early wedding gift from “NInang” Kris Aquino during an appearance on “Kris TV” Tuesday.
Well I just hit it in Google & that's about as World Wide Web as it gets & damned if I c Angel Locsin here
Apart from the airfare, Kris Aquino will also shoulder the four-night hotel stay of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin...
Angel Locsin: Via Marikina River water level is at 13.8 meters above sea level (normal level), as of…
“Locsin starts preparing for DARNA movie:Years after she first played the superhero Darna on TV
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would ... — Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez
Kris Aquino will pay for Angel Locsin's honeymoon in Italy
Kris Aquino to shoulder Italy honeymoon of future inaanaks Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano | Read: via PEP.PH©
Kristv with angel locsin...lets watch
Angel Locsin starts preparing for 'Darna' movie via
I liked a video She's Dating The Gangster (Maja Salvador and Angel Locsin)
Pinoy Showbiz Daily: Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin, together in a Star ...
Angel Locsin starts preparing for 'Darna' movie featured in NBC s Science of Love
Here's how Angel Locsin is preparing for donning Darna's sexy costume on the big screen:
The very beautiful Angel Locsin and her perky shades! ☺️
VIDEO: Kris Aquino reveals gift for Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano's wedding
"Separated at Birth: Angel Locsin and Kristen Kreuk - look a like:)
good morning pep's.please vote Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano as celebrity couple of the year# the legal wife as "teleserye of the year" and Angel locsin as Actress of the year"
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Angel Locsin will fly again as the iconic superheroine Darna in a movie she described as a first in Philippine cinema in terms of scale. Subscribe to the ABS...
Angel Locsin - Darna - PH biggest movie. Well, someone's really excited... good luc…
Don't get me wrong, I love Angel Locsin but *** Do you really have to flood all your fake accounts on IG?
is DARNA in the new Star Cinema film! WHO'S EXCITED TO WATCH HER? WE ARE! More morning chismis HERE:
I'm sorry angels I love this song Angel Locsin
Gosh when is Maja Salvador or Angel Locsin coming back on primetime coz the boredom is really choking me!!! :(
Star Cinema/Reality Entertainment's reboot which will star Angel Locsin is set to make history as the...
Angel Locsin Darna Again in the big screen!
GALLERY: Angel Locsin returns as Darna in 2015 movie | Movies | Gallery via
Lookie!! Wants to grab dat sunnies worn by Angel Locsin? Grab yours now!
Best thing about Darna other than Angel Locsin's *** . Katrina Halili's ***
I liked a video Angel Locsin as Darna Commercial
I liked a video Angel Locsin and Cristine Reyes in Darna - Darna with Molecula vs Valentina
man, its a picture of angel locsin's scene in the legal wife but its edited.. "akin lang ang asawa ko" and dude its realfunny xD
We want Angel Locsin for National Artist! Her acting skills has already proven, with 12 Best Actress Awards A Certified …
Done voting for the yahoo OMG Awards! Angel Locsin should be the Actress of the year. Maja Salvador for female kontrabida!
Angel Locsin feels "weird" to be asked questions related to Jennylyn Mercado
Did Angel Locsin volunteer to sing the theme song of She's Dating The Gangster?
Angel Locsin to fly as Darna in 'PH's biggest movie'
on being THE Legal boyfriend of Watch it only here on!
I have been praying Angel Locsin would wear the Darna costume again. I can't wait.
Angel Locsin Darna Again in the big screen !
"Angel Locsin Darna Again in the big screen
Angel Locsin Darna Again in the big screen
Angel Locsin Darna Again in the big screen !!
congrats! top 5 sexiest women in the Philippines are from GMA! :). 1. Mariam Rivera. 2. Sam Pinto. 3. Angel Locsin...
Angel Locsin to fly Darna in PH's biggest movie. Marian Rivera FHM's sexiest woman 2014.
Confirmed. Darna will be Angel Locsin on 2015. Sana lang si John Lloyd Cruz ang leading man! Please please please with cherries on top.
As the plot thickens on the primetime hit "The Legal Wife" ahead of its finale on Friday, the pressure mounts for actress Bea Alonzo, whose upcoming series is set to replace the Angel Locsin-starrer starting next week.
Let's all vote the one and only Angel Locsin as the ACTRESS of the Year for the 2014 YAHOO OMG…
Dont forget to vote Luis Manzano & Angel Locsin in Yahoo award visit for details h…
What is one thing you refuse to share? — [angel locsin voice] akin lang ang asawa ko
Vote now for my favorite Yahoo Celebrity Awards nominee Angel Locsin
He's John Lloyd, and I'm Sarah; but he likes Angel Locsin. And that's okay :)
I have been watching the Legal Wife. I found the acting engaging. I think Angel Locsin acts superbly - and I was...
So many people liking Angel Locsin and Cristine Reyes' pictures on FB and it's showing in my feed. Pretty annoying.
Our gorgeous client Ms. Angel Locsin thank you!
Vote for and Angel Locsin sa Yahoo Celebrity Awards. They deserve to win.
Angel Locsin have messege for us Angels pls watch . The legal wife
Angel Locsin has a message for you guys! Watch it here:
Angel Locsin says that she's one "lucky" girlfriend. In an interview with PEP, t...: Angel Locsin says that sh...
have that instant angel locsin look!. grab our Rayban Clubmaster In Iceblue Flash lens exclusively from Glam and ... ht…
Holy sweet Jesus. I think, I have an idea for my banquet gown now. 😄😂. Angel Locsin ❤
You can also vote in via Kakao Talk and vote for our Queen ANGEL LOCSIN as the 'Actress of the Year'
Gawing Instant Habit ang pagboto! Vote for ANGEL LOCSIN as the 'Actress of the Year' in Vote Everyday!
I have a love/hate relationship with The Legal Wife but I am in love with Jericho Rosales and Angel Locsin and Maja Salvad…
Angel Locsin feels "lucky" to be the girlfriend of Luis Manzano; says no Book 2 for The Legal Wife: Angel Locs... http…
The gorgeous I-Shine Talent Camp hosts together with acting and dancing mentors Angel Locsin and Teacher Georcelle
Angel locsin may kasunod agad after the legal wife ? Angels, Must read this open the link.
Angel Locsin admits that she has the tendency to become a stage mother: Angel Locsin hopes to raise future kid... http:/…
Angel Locsin has set the bar too high for Philippine teleserye! Kudos to Echo and Maja as well. 👏👏👏
has just turned me to be an Angel Locsin, Michele Gumabao and Cathy Gonzaga fan. I am now turning her to be a Kathniel/Kathryn fan.
Thank you ate Sobrang saya! ;) Nice to see you again not as Monica but as Angel Locsin!…
Abs cbn prime time record breaker. The legal wife is on the list . Angel Locsin
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On top of the massive success of her just-concluded series "The Legal Wife," Angel Locsin is feeling lucky these days when it comes to her relationship with Luis Manzano.
Here's another shot of Luis Manzano, Gov. Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin after the christening of Baby…
Mga Kakulay bored na ba kayo sa kakascroll sa newsfeed niyo? Pwes! Let's play Who's the better actress between Bea Alonzo or Angel Locsin? To vote, just simply comment 'LIKE' if it is Bea Alonzo or 'BET' if it is Angel Locsin! Only 1 …
Anne Curtis, Judy Anne Santos, Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Charlene Gonzales in one photoshoot? Watch this!
I watching Temptation of Wife by this time..Live in Malaysia ! Tv channel Marian Rivera & Angel Locsin
Good morning! Angel Locsin with Takayuki Matsui in JAPAN TOKYO! Yesterday arrived at NARITA! Takayuki Matsui, president of Japan Beauty together with Ms. Angel locsin and Luis Manzano, arrived in japan yesterday. Today, they have an event in chiba, Matsudo Hall.
Governor Vilma Santos: No wedding plans yet for son Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin
Actor-host Luis Manzano in an interview praised his girlfriend Angel Locsin for her superb performance in ABS-CBN's hit series "The Legal Wife."
Done with my third productive flight from Narita :) Very happy to learn with each flight :) Very supportive co-crew and purser ... Served Mr. Luis Manzano and Ms. Angel Locsin on the way to Narita :)
Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin and now, Sharlene San Pedro has been styled by Visit Sharlene San Pedro Website
Vote Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo and Angel Locsin in their respective categories!
Dont forget to vote for Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin
Yahoo Celebrity Couple of the Year!. Vote for Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano. Result at the moment.
Angel Locsin revealed that most of the blows in the now-famous "The Legal Wife" scene wherein she attacks Maja Salvador used real force, as required by their directors.
Reconciliation with Luis, a 'brave' decision for AngelShare this updateDate posted: June 6, 2014Tags: Angel Locsin, Luis ManzanoAngel Locsin...
Stop pitting Angel Locsin and Kim Chui against each other, we all know who's the better actress, we all know who has an EMMY NOMINATION
Angel Locsin denied that she and Luis Manzano are already engaged. She said though that Luis gave her a watch for her birthday.
The Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin live interview with Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda on getting back to actor Luis Manzano on Aquino & Abunda Tonight on Thursday, June...
Who is your favorite Teleserye leading lady?Share this updateDate posted: May 30, 2014Tags: Kim Chiu, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Kathryn Bernardo, Judy Ann SantosThese teleserye leading ladies can make you cry, mad, and fall in love. Who is your favorite among them? Vote away!They’ve go…
"Luis Manzano talks about entering politics; marriage plans with Angel Locsin... via…
Let's vote Angel Locsin as our Favorite Teleserye Leading Lady in this poll !. … …pls. spread . ty
/ John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin had their first-ever kissing scene in the October 29, 2010 episode of Imortal on ABS-CBN.
"Oh my Angel Locsin..grabe so sexy..
Oh my Angel Locsin..grabe so sexy..
Just In: Both No:4 Philipines/worldwide in the same time the legal wife .Angel Locsin
IDOL KO KC CLANG DALAWA;) Screen Name: Angel Locsin Nickname: Angel Born as Angelica Locsin Colmenares on April 23, 1985 at Santa Maria, Bulacan, Angel is an actress, model and a producer. She also tried to be a fashion designer but her heart is inclined to live in the limelight of the world of celebrities. - ;) Angel finished a fashion design course from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and once in a while practice her fashion designing skills. Her advocacy is to support foundations that support for the children and women’s rights. Angel Locsin is one of the most bankable Filipino actresses who enjoys the fame and fortune for all her hard work. -;) Coco Martin is one of the celebrities in the Philippines that earned his break through the indie scene. Coco or born as Rodel Nacianceno was dubbed as "The Prince of Philippine Independent Films." Coco was born on November 1, 1981 in Novaliches, Quezon City. He is currently living with his grandmother whom he considers as his sec ...
Kapamilya, 20 years na ang TFC! Let's all celebrate with the Unkabogable Vice Ganda, Legal Wife's Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador, Bride For Rent's Xian Lim, Mirabella's Enrique Gil and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano! Sali na sa all-day pakulo and Kapamilya Celebrity Bingo hosted by Be Careful With My Heart's Doris (Tart Carlos) and Sabel (Vivieka Ravanes), kasama ang ating mga stars at manalo ng masasayang pa-premyo! Plus!! Pinoy Food Booths, Tiangge, Giveaways and much more! Doors open 11:00 am at the Heritage Court of Direct Energy Centre. Eto pa! Maki-party sa TFC anniversary concert with our Kapamilya stars at the Ricoh Coliseum (Doors open at 5:00 pm. Enter the venue from Heritage Court.) Guaranteed seats at $35, $50 and $65. Kahit saan maupo, panalo! Buy your tickets now at (ticketmaster charges apply) Ticket entitles you entrance to both Heritage Court of Direct Energy and Ricoh Coliseum. Tickets available on Tuesday, May 13 at the following stores:
Yesterday's round up (May 19, 2014) Catch the latest news about your favorite stars only on 1. Kapamilyas win big at the 45th Guillermo awards- 2. Sandara reunites with SCQ on GGV- 3. JC De Vera joins the cast of ‘Once A Princess’- 4. Sandara Park and Ryan Bang on comedy film- 5. Why is Daniel Padilla being linked with Julia Barretto?- 6. Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin to migrate in Canada?- Daniel Padilla wants to be Kathryn’s first kiss!- 8. Coco Martin works for future- 9. Cristine Reyes wishes a baby boy for Ara- 10. Hit films push ABS-CBN's profit higher in Q1- 11. THE ILLEGAL WIVES- 12. Anne Curtis is really 'Dyosa' in 'Annekapal'- 13. Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao’s new lovelife?- 14. Kris Aquino dances Vice Ganda’s ‘Boom Panes’- 15. Jake Ejecito's reaction to Andi Eigenmann on Tom Taus- 16. Vice Ganda only has good words for ex-
Wednesday Round-up Catch the latest news from your favorite stars! Visit 1. Nobody has the right to hurt Jerry - RECAP: DANIEL DAY 23 - Legazpi Twins want to give showbiz a try - Tonio and Monicafs sweet moment - Who let the dogs out?- The soon-to-be Atty. Jovit Baldivino - Maybe This Time Presscon Livestream tomorrow! - Ai-Ai delas Alas: 'Like A Virgin' - Lino Cayetano is a new dad - WATCH: Celebrity housemates Alex Gonzaga, Jane Oineza, Michele Gumabao dance eSpaghettif - Sunshine Cruz is ready to be friends with Cesar Montano - JC de Vera talks about his relationship with Meg Imperial- Toni Gonzaga credits Star Cinema for growth as an actress - InTernational: Solange attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z, Sandara Park enters Kuya's House - Sandara Park is In at PBB: All In- Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin separation affects son - Sarah Geronimo is Box Office Queen!- Let's take a look inside Sarah Geronimofs lunchbox - Pokwang's little princess turned into a beautiful lady! - A tale of ...
This is the moment that made the whole nation cry, that showcased Angel Locsin's brilliant and superb acting... "The Broken Promises"
All purpose parts banner
"Love is an endless life of forgiveness," father (Christopher De Leon) advises Monica (Angel Locsin).
3 great actors in one scene. Christopher De Leon, Rio Locsin and Angel Locsin.
Who is your local celebrity soul sister: Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, or Anne Curtis? Take this quiz to find out:
Friday Roundup Catch these hottest news about your favorite movies and stars that you may have missed today. 1. Daniel Padilla goes K-pop- What is '71614?'- On Cam: Carmina Villaroel topbills ‘MMK’s’ Mother’s Day special- KathNiel to star in a new TV series- Angel Locsin loses a client because of Maja Salvador- Phoemela Baranda reacts over Nichole’s viral photo 7. Ejay Falcon reveals greatest fear- Erich Gonzales was kissed by a dog?- Ruffa Mae Quinto is ‘booba’ no more- ‘It’s Showtime’ to announce ‘I am PoGay’ TOP 10 grand finalists- Kris Aquino gives an ‘A’ rating for James Yap’s new girlfriend- Gab Valenciano is engaged!- Boy Abunda apologizes to Gladys Reyes- Namesakes in Showbiz-
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Angel Locsin get a birthday surprised not just from Luis Manzano but also from her family and friends. View Pics Of The Birthday Surprised Of Luis For Angel ...
"Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano kind of relationship 👍❤️"
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano kind of relationship 👍❤️
Marian Rivera takes the lead from , keeps 3rd and Angel Locsin drops to
hope you can feature Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin in your magazine. Thier love story inspires us. Thank you
Angel Locsin more open about relationship with Luis Manzano: Angel Locsin shows love for Luis Manzano by organ... http:/…
The gorgeous talks about being "Lucky" in LOVE again in our May 2014 issue! Read snippets HERE:
surprises Luis Manzano with a Side A concert for his 33rd birthday—in his backyard! BEST.GF.EVER.
Sorry. I am behind on this. But just to note that in as far as I acknowledge the acting prowess of Angel Locsin...
Angel Locsin on giving love one more try: "It's the bravest thing I've ever done." - Cosmopolitan Magazine
ii love you mucho Angel Locsin .muuuah. ur the best thing i've never knew im needed :)
Home, we gotta go watch angel locsin legal wife :)
Angel Locsin on 'lucky being inlove again' - only on Cosmopolitan Magazine. *CTO
Grab your copy of Cosmopolitan. Angel Locsin on the cover! *CTO
I like the scene of Boyet de Leon and Angel Locsin... Nakakatouch!
Introducing our NEWEST Palmolive girl, Angel Locsin! Welcome to the family, Angel! We're very happy to have you...
That scene of Christopher De Leon & Angel Locsin made me cry like a baby.
Angel locsin Best Actress of the year deffos 🙌🙌🙌🙌
I became a fan of destiny when u came back to my life, aww that's sweet. -Luis Manzano to Angel Locsin 😍😍
eh angel Locsin and Richard were hotter
I liked a video from ASAP Presents: Happy Birthday Angel Locsin!
Angel Locsin is undeniably one of the most effective actress of our time.
I don't watch The Legal Wife, but now my mom is watching. A+ for acting though. Angel Locsin 👏👏👏
[ABS-CBN News] "The Legal Wife" star Angel Locsin wears a sexy halter dress as she graces the c...
LOOK: 'Legal Wife' Angel Locsin sizzles on mag cover
That Christopher De Leon and Angel Locsin scene on was just one of the best moments of the show. Good…
The Legal Wife January 27, 2014 Pilot Episode The Legal Wife is an upcoming Philippine television drama to be broadcast on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on January 27, 2014, replacing Maria Mercedes. The series will serve as a primetime comeback for Angel Locsin in the title role.
Angel locsin's vintage chevrolet 1970 model errr close enough to the model of my dream car chevrolet…
The gorgeous, the woman of the hour, the Superstar! Angel Locsin for cosmopolitan may…
I still can't believe Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez never got together. They were THE love team of Filipino history lol
Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador are both excellent on delivering their roles.
TLW talks about being "Lucky" in love again! Here, snippets from the cover story:
Still trend walang Hinto Best Actress goes to Angel a Locsin
Grab your own copy of Cosmopolitan May 2014 Issue! Angel Locsin is on the Cover!
I really really loved Angel Locsin, ever since she first started in showbiz. angel
Angel locsin will always be the Best Actress for me .
Your BF is not as good looking as the leading man and you are not yet married so don't act like Angel Locsin. I think you must skip an episode so that you'll stop being paranoid.
Angel Locsin and Christopher De Leon in one drama is so cool!!! Hats off ako sa kanila.
Wow congrats my labsss Angel Locsin for ur new Endorsment :))
That was fast. I wasn't able to give my proper goodbye. Thank you ELJ for the wonderful 8 years. Although I belong there because I look like a mixture of Angel Locsin and Julia Barretto, I must go with the flow...xoxo
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With the pain and hurt felt by Monica Santiago/De Villa (Angel Locsin), she went to the house of Dante Ramos (Mark Gil) to confront Nicole Esquivel (Maja Salvador). By the time Monica went inside Dante's house, she saw Nicole carrying her language while talking to Dante. Monica heard Nicole telling…
Last nyt episode... Great acting from Angel Locsin & Maja Salvador.. the best confrontation ever seen in television..
I was not a fan of Angel Locsin until The Legal Wife. She is a natural actress! Very dynamic in her role as the aggrieved wife! Magaling siya! Natural na natural umarte!
Ibang klase! Unstoppable ang The Legal Wife, good job to Angel Locsin. Unbelievable acting. Hanep! 2 thumbs up talaga.
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