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Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin (born Angelica Colmenares; April 23, 1985) is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

Luis Manzano John Lloyd Cruz Marian Rivera Xian Lim Jessy Mendiola Sam Milby Coco Martin Julia Montes Zanjoe Marudo Joyce Bernal Las Vegas Richard Gutierrez Anne Curtis Toni Gonzaga Kathryn Bernardo Pilipinas Got Talent Kim Chiu

Be an Angel Locsin in this world full of mocha uson,sassot,vivian velez,sandra cam
Angel Locsin and Kathryn Bernardo, two girls I love and adore. Can't wait for La Luna Sangre! Ganda nung teaser. 👏🏼
- At the with Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Angel Locsin and Richard G…
Angel Locsin is to Darna as Marian Rivera is to Marimar as Mocha Uson is to Babaeng Kinaladkad Sa Four Sisters And A Wedding
cant wait for John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin in La luna sangre
Will Richard Gutierrez do a cameo role in La Luna Sangre together woth John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin?
Although I miss Angel Locsin as Alwina, I think Heart Evangelista can still pull it off 😊✌🏼
would be even more nostalgic if Angel Locsin reprised her role as Alwina but hey, Heart Evangelista gave th…
John Lloyd Cruz gives an update on new movie with Sarah Geronimo and TV series with Angel Locsin -
Angelica Panganiban expresses excitement about working again with Angel Locsin | via PUSH©
I liked a video La Luna Sangre: John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin as Mateo and Lia
John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin in very special roles...
ABS-CBN has released a new teaser for "La Luna Sangre," this time showing John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin.
HAPPENING NOW:StoryCon for Angelica Panganiban & Angel Locsin w/ actor Richard Gutierrez. For more updates log on to
Why do you have to finalize that? There's no clamor about that :) There's Julia Montes and Angel Locsin, Angel Lo…
GMA they had a big and most Talented Artist .Just Like Iza Calzado,Paulo Avelino,Richard Guttierez,Angel Locsin mad…
THIS JUST IN: Angel Locsin also set to do a movie with James Reid. Also with Coco Martin, under the direction of Olive Lamasa…
So they confirmed it! Angel Locsin will no longer play the Darna role! I want to cry!!! :( Give it to Liza Soberano or…
Pia Wurtzbach as Darna be like:. “Ding, the stone... Ang bato rather. DARNA!”. Ding:. Angel Locsin:. Marian Rivera:
Julia Montes recieves flowers from Angel Locsin + more on her birthday SEE PHOTOS HERE:
UPDATE:. Watch our for Angel Locsin (on La Luna Sangre. Soon on primetime bida!
THIS JUST IN: Angel Locsin set to work with John Lloyd Cruz again for a special participation in "La Luna Sangre".
Weird but I dreamt of me, Angel Locsin and Zanjoe Marudo are taping for a new movie. Bb. Joyce Bernal is the director. Weird but I got cues.
Erik Matti still believes that Angel Locsin is Darna
Angel Locsin & Richard Gutierrez reunion movie please!!
Is this a sign that John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin would be part of KathNiel's upcoming teleserye 'La Luna Sangre'?…
The two actresses behind the famed Darna role, Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin join forces for a magazine cover.
LOOK: 'Darna meets Darna': Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin join forces in magazine cover.
Jill gayares as angel locsin in the legal wife via this is my video 372 views
Angel Locsin greets Piolo Pascual on his 40th birthday.
I love you Angel Locsin. Charot pero true. :))
Nadz driving a jeep reminds me of Angel Locsin driving her hummer. She's the first girl celeb who had that. Hot chicks! .
Let's face it. Mocha Uson's only contribution to PH cinema is being dragged by Angel Locsin.
Nadine's hctib face last night reminded me of Angel Locsin's look in The Legal Wife.
Angel Locsin. I mean, she's Darna but she dragged Mocha without using the bato. MERCIFUL 👏 👏
Nobody has the right to brag about their stellar status, unless they are in the likes of Angel Locsin, Sarah Geronimo,…
So apparently, SW Force Arena art confirms is Asian. I found her look-a-like Angel Locsin https:/…
just a thought what about a movie of James and Nadine with Miss Angel Locsin this 2017💖
"One More Try" movie: I think I would do what Angel Locsin did just to save her child's life. Nothing hurts more than losing ur child.
Congrats to Ms. Angel Locsin as she topped the 10th Starmometer's "100 most Beautiful Women in the Philippines"
There's a little bit devil in her angel eyes.
What are the chances na pupunta si Angel Locsin sa reunion this year?
Tbh i didnt even know who the heck mocha uson was until kinaladkad siya ni angel locsin sa four sisters and a wedding
Angel Locsin feels sad over dirty mountains -
Angel locsin like this photo on my IG. Knowing we climbed same mountain already kahit 5 months earlier ako is soo kilig.…
I want to be a part of I want to play the part of Angel Locsin dragging Mocha Uson by the hair.…
2016 is Angel Locsin and we are all Mocha Uson.
Erik Matti still waits for Angel Locsin for "Darna"
So just in, Jennylyn Mercado and Angel Locsin follow each other on Instagram. . Jessie Mendiola: "What am I to say to that…
Xian Lim thankful for Joyce Bernal, Vilma Santos, and Angel Locsin's defense
I thought Luis Manzano will interview Angel Locsin and Sam Milby. Awkward...
Not from another planet or senile, but would love to. see K&Daniel Padilla & X&Angel Locsin or Julia Montes in a series.
bec good acting feedback n action of after enca another action soap for her. Build her like Angel locsin.
Angel Locsin's teaser makes record as the "MOST VIEWED PINOY MOVIE TEASER of 2016", hitting 2...
grabe 2m views in just less than 24 hrs. Basta Angel Locsin 😍
TheThirdParty TeaserLaunch got 2M views in less than 24hrs. Congrats Angel Locsin mylabs 😍
Watch the official teaser of starring Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo & Angel Locsin
Who in their right mind would dump Angel Locsin? Well, ask Sam Milby in their new movie "The Third Party.".
Angel Locsin stars in *** rom-com with Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo - Coconuts Manila
Idol angel locsin ihope i meet you soon..
Bagay c Zanjo Marudo-tall dark &handsome and Angel Locsin is very sexy and beautiful.both matured.
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Maris is now a great actress, imagine how much she can improve by working with the Angel Locsin(Best Actress). TheThirdP…
The official poster is here! starring Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin is coming to cinemas… https:…
Angel Locsin, thankful over her inclusion in MTV AU's sexiest personalities WATCH HERE:
WATCH the Official Teaser of 'The Third Party' starring Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angel Locsin here:
Have Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin called it quits too?
The Third Party movie teaser starring Zanjoe Mrudo, Sam Milby, and Angel Locsin
It's out! Head n' shoulders TVC with Angel Locsin & John Lloyd Cruz. Here's the link :
It catapulted the career of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez it was nice dami Lang stunts.
from - Julia Montes talks about friendship with Angel Locsin,…
Julia Montes talks about friendship with Angel Locsin, Dimples Romana | via PUSH©
Posting this GIF from coz Angel Locsin liked it on Instagram. See first comment ☺. Follow us on... https:/…
Jessy Mendiola answers bashers pitting her against Angel Locsin
Luis Manzano sets the record straight on Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. READ HERE:
Luis Manzano said Jessy Mendiola had nothing to do with his break up with Angel Locsin
Even John Lloyd & Angel Locsin have ninja moves! Be prepared, they might be coming for you next! 😊. https:…
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ENRIQUE GIL. his first dance concert with Special guests Angel Locsin, Vice Ganda, Kim Chiu, Kathryn Bernardo,
yes at pupusta ko before it ends Robin Padilla & Angel Locsin will also serve as guests
another movie for Angel Locsin this year pls with Coco Martin! Next ang Award winning actress! https:…
Angel Locsin reacts to Luis-Jessy dating rumors: Angel Locsin wants to put a stop to the negative feedback ag... https:/…
Angel Locsin asks fans not to bash ex bf Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola...
An epitome of beauty, my only DARNA, Angel Locsin
Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin are so gorgeous 😍😍
Angel Locsin posts birthday message for ex-BF Miko Sotto: It has been more than ten years since Miko Sotto pa... https:/…
she is an angel to everyone's heart.Angel Locsin is heaven sent, indeed!
Angel Locsin: Angel on my shoulder. Unlike other upstarts and showbiz wannabes who (literally)…
Angel Locsin shares what she cares about the most, master craftsman Kenneth Cobonpue tells us about bringing...
Hated or not. Bashed or not. Still! Our Angel Locsin is the PRETTIEST and the SEXIEST! :p
Bless her heart! Bow ako kay Ms. Angel Locsin! On her way to La union now as we speak to help out there…
Fan Had Misfortune with 'Pasaway' Kathryn Bernardo and 'Maganda't Mabait' Angel Locsin. Read full report at
Beautiful Angel Locsin is wearing the new Perfectly Matte lipstick in shade Red Supreme by Avon…
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Is Ritz Azul the next Will she replace Angel Locsin? Read:
It has been raining praises from the people on social media for the amazing attitude and patience that Angel...
Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, Kim Chiu + more pray for peaceful elections. READ HERE:
Angel Locsin gives her opinion on anti-Duterte campaign ad.
Miko Sotto would have been 34 years old yesterday. .
Angel Locsin gained praises from online community for her behavior during the voting day!
Angel Locsin praised for her demeanor in polling precinct.
Angel Locsin is the newest showtime host...
ANGEL LOCSIN was praised for lining up to vote. Was compared to another celebrity who allegedly didn't line up.
Angel Locsin and Julia Montes in one project please !! :)
Mixed emotions 󾌱 . ...just seeing myself with her.. — watching Everything About Her- Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin, Xian Lim - Star Cinema
Just watched 'Everything about her' ni Angel Locsin, Xian Lim at Vilma Santos. Ganda!
ang ganda nia. Maxine looks like Angel Locsin.
Earlier this year, it was reported that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin's relationship was on the rocks. However,...
Truth Revealed: Did Angel Locsin indirectly let go of Luis Manzano? Must watch!
Like our official Mosbeau International fanpage and find out actress and celebrity Angel Locsin's beauty secret..
: Angel Locsin is so pretty tonight! :))
Let's bring to the top! She is the queen. Mabuhay ka Angel Locsin! ❤. Vote -> htt…
i am doin some medication for my spinal.. I am Angel Locsin's twin sister. 😄😁
calling to all angels! Let's vote ANGEL LOCSIN In FHM 2016! Power vote make it
Not bad for Maxine! But wait!!! I see Lovi poe,glaiza de castro and Angel locsin on her Image!!!:)
Find out actress Angel Locsin's beauty secret.
Angel Locsin revealed her secret to whiter, glowing, and youthful-looking skin! She believes that like her, you... htt…
When first i saw all the ladies, during top 15 amazed me she looks like Angel Locsin and I really don't expect she got the crown.
is Angel Locsin look be better for Miss U?
WOW! A movie project is currently brewing for Angelica Panganiban, Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis.
.It's a pity that Noel Ferrer did not include Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin in the list.
I liked a video from TWBA: Luis Manzano on Angel Locsin
Luis Manzano backs Angel Locsin in fight to stop 'lumad'...
Luis Manzano remains friends with Angel Locsin after 2nd...
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Nadine is strong like Angel Locsin,Toni Gonzaga and Marian Rivera. She deserves an Action Movie. . WeLoveYou NadineLustre
Angel Locsin returns from Singapore after successful neck surgery...
Angel Locsin in three different looks. Simplicity at its finest! 😍💋 ©
If you still want to see posts for Angel Locsin. Please turn my notification on :) Thank you…
Angel Locsin returns to Singapore for medical procedure...
My Darna of 2016 is Ms. Angel Locsin forever: via
Watch: Luis Manzano asks Angel Locsin if she's in pain
"We Love You ANGEL LOCSIN". Starting tomorrow let us use these topics. We need to see these on the trending list.
. A. Iza calzado. B. Issabelle daza. C. Angel locsin. D. None of the above
I can see a lot of Angel Locsin mags 😍
This isn't the last part right? Angel Locsin,Maris Racal,Julia Baretto Sofia Andres,Megan Young are not in the list.
WATCH: Luis Manzano to the rescue when Angel Locsin was hurt on the set of Pilipinas Got…
Angel Locsin says no to 'lumad' killings...
LOOK | Luis Manzano stands with Angel Locsin in Lumad cause...
Angel Locsin pulls out of Darna project...
[VIDEO] Netizens criticize Angel Locsin and Pilipinas Got Talent for giving Golden Buzzer...
Colmenares on ranking low in surveys: It's okay because I still don't have ads. Being Angel Locsin's relative helps a lot.
Angel Locsin is like the Paula Abdul of the group 👼🏻
Who is more beautiful between these two drama Primetime Queens!. Angel Locsin. a pure-Filipino actress. or. Marian...
"I hope there will be the time of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez big comeback to GMA in one series.. MLFTS"
Angel Locsin and Richard G. my source of childhood kilig before. Missing them together. The former King and Queen of GMA …
Majority wins! So the decision of Kapamilya Network is Angel Locsin is Darna! :)
Few days after this week...ah . DARNA IS ANGEL LOCSIN.
Confirm from the word of mouth Darna is Angel Locsin
Darna will live forever but an Angel Locsin comes only once in a lifetime ❤️ AngelLocsin for Darna2016
No one can replace her. DARNA IS ANGEL LOCSIN.
I don't see anyone reprising the role of Darna but only Angel Locsin. DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN
Only ANGEL LOCSIN can give justice to the iconic role of DARNA!. DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN
DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN so true. No other DARNA than Angel Locsin.
Angel Locsin is tailored made for darna! DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN
Angel Locsin is still the number one choice DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN
Darna isn't darna if it isn't Angel Locsin portraying the character. We Love Youuu DARNA IS ANGELLOCSIN
angel locsin will always be my darna. KATHNIEL PMPCAwardsNight
Angel Locsin clarifies real score with Luis Manzano...
Luis Manzano touched by Angel Locsin's revelation manzano .
Wow !!! I am so excited for Angel Locsin project soon with Coco Martin and Piolo Pascual :)
For sure blockbuster to!! Coco Martin, Angel Locsin and Papa P!! WOW!!
1st si Angel Locsin and now Denise Laurel.
Hey! Angel Locsin na yun e! You deserve someone who will love you forever! 💜😘🙏😢
Angel Locsin calls Luis Manzano 'my ex' | via Sunstar
But i still want angel locsin for Darna. She deserves it more than anyone else.She worked hard for it.
When Angel Locsin moved she did an MMK episode tour de force acting. She said parang finally I can do this...
why do you think Toni Gonzaga left, why Angel Locsin left, coco matti used to be GMA I think
After giving up her role in Darna due to her severe spine injury, Angel Locsin has a successful neck surgery!
Angel Locsin calls Luis Manzano 'my ex' | via
Angel Locsin calls Luis Manzano 'my ex': IS IT finally over for showbiz couple Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano?. ...
With Ate Angel Locsin! Direk Lauren introduced me to her and she said we already met sa ASAP!…
umm no lol. EVERYTHING ABT HER is vilma, xian and angel locsin LMAO
OO he's always on the go. Juicy lips always puckering up. Warm. Attacking Angel Locsin's face. Mama. Help me Lahd!
Never thought i would cry over a Filo moviee! soo sad but soo good! Everything about her 😍. ~ Vilma Santos . ~Angel Locsin. ~Xian Lim
Comment on Angel Locsin Calls Luis Manzano ‘Ex’ by lia2011: Get well soon Ms. Angel. I see in your eyes that y...
Youre a beautiful disaster :D. Angel Locsin to Jeremiah
Angel Locsin calls Luis Manzano her "ex" on IG. READ HERE:
Angel Locsin is beautiful inside and out and you chose to break her heart for the 2nd time around? Boy, you're such a rascal.
What does Angel Locsin know about talent? 🙄 i mean that's just me but ***
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are in the house! Hope we could catch a chance see 'em! 😍😄
Yay Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are ex lovers AGAIN💔
Angel recovering after successful neck operation: MANILA - Angel Locsin is recovering after undergoing a neck ...
Luis Manzano denies that ‘Darna’ movie is the reason for relationship trouble with Angel Locsin
Spotted: Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin spent some time together in a sports bar in Sofitel
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Luis Manzano refuses to give details about relationship problem with Angel Locsin.
Direk Joyce Bernal on working with Angel Locsin and Ms. Vilma Santos.
Angel Locsin moved by fans' chants at "Pilipinas Got Talent" press conference
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin caught in sweet moments on the set of "Pilipinas Got Talent.". READ HERE:
parin aq! No one is ever fitted to portray for Darna, except for Angel Locsin ☺.
Everything About Her this January 27, 2016 on Cinemas Nationwide starring Xian Lim, Angel Locsin and Ms. Vilma...
yes only angel locsin is DARNA, but u know things happens but being legend kung baga sa isang caracter, only Angel.
Will she still be able to judge Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5? Click below to find out.
Can't wait to see who's the next Darna! I'll go for Angel Locsin , since then, but when ...
I will definitely watch the movie, Everything About Her. Angel Locsin + Vilma Santos + nurse lyf = pak na pak! 👌🏽
I want angel locsin to play the role of darna 😭
Luis Manzano talks about his working relationship with girlfriend Angel Locsin
Why does Angel Locsin have to undergo another procedure for her spine?
WATCH: Crowd chants 'Darna' as Angel arrives at 'PGT' auditions: A surprised Angel Locsin was greeted with cha... https:…
Everyone wants a photo of Angel Locsin!!! Everyone missed her!!!
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Praying for the success of your movie Xian, w/ Angel Locsin and seasoned actor Ms. Vilma Santos https:…
Will there be kilig moments between Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin in PGT?
Luis Manzano on working relationship with girlfriend Angel Locsin by via
Ahhh. Excited ako to see who will play Darna. Angel Locsin will always be the best pick tho
thats Mary Jean Lastimosa!! What the heck yan papalit kay Angel Locsin, were not watching it & nobody will,
Sir,any news regarding the new actress who will play Darna? 😃 Still hoping its Angel Locsin.
I think Julia Montes is the mystery girl on direk erik's ig post... but still I pray for angel locsin to be darna 😣
Everything About Her starring Angel Locsin, and Ms. Vilma Santos coming this January…
'PGT' judge Angel Locsin touched as fans chant 'Darna'
Angel Locsin gives an update on her road to recovery. READ HERE:
DARNA : ANGEL LOCSIN. end of discussion. not up for debate.
Ms. Vilma Santos unites with Angel Locsin for Showing in cinemas this January 27!
topbilled by Angel Locsin, Xian Lim, and Ms. Vilma Santos is showing in cinemas this Jan. 27! http…
Do we smell "pamamanhikan" between the families of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin happening soon?
LOOK: Angel Locsin joins Manzano family vacation: Angel Locsin joined the family of her boyfriend TV host Luis...
News. Luis Manzano says that he will wed Angel Locsin in "Maybe 2017". MANILA-Even though actor and tv-host Luis...
My choices for the next DARNA:. Sarah Lahbati . Maja Salvador . Jessy Mendiola . Angel Locsin(if possible😁). She has to be bea…
Goodluck to the next darna! Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin played it well. So I don't think if the next darna will beaat them.😉
Angel Locsin considers herself very Lucky for having gotten into the good graces of Gov. Vilma Santos Recto, her future mother in law
Vote now for Angel Locsin as Yahoo Celebrity Awards 2014 Actress of Year!
From Angel to Agnes Calay to Sophia Taylor to Audrey Locsin to Princess Serena! 😍😍😍
Did Angel Locsin burn bridges with GMA that bad back then? I only remember being ABS-CBN' first ever win…
ANGEL LOCSIN was at her prime when she did the iconic character back in 2005 when she was still with GMA-7. https…
GMA's Darna roled by Ms. Angel Locsin was always be the best. :D No one can replace :)
First Angel Locsin. I guess most of 90's kids really love her. Then JhaBea. I miss that tween hearts. Then Zayn. 1D ofcourse. Now AlDub.
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin in Las Vegas:After her spine procedure in Singapore, actress Angel Locsin visited...
Angel Locsin to take up the Most challenging Role of her Showbiz Career on next Movie project:Angel Locsin, a...
Angel Locsin will always be the angel 😍😍
Richard Gutierrez and angel locsin loveteam is the best! Bring it back pls
Luis Manzano assures everyone girlfriend Angel Locsin is on the road to healing after surgery. Luis Manzano...
Luis and Angel leave for Las Vegas: To get married?. IS it true that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are leaving... https…
:. SWEET! After her surgery, Angel Locsin is now with her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, in Las Vegas.
Luis Manzano posts first photo with Angel Locsin in Las Vegas, USA
For those who are asking, Angel Locsin is currently on Thailand for an important errand. :)
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are in Las Vegas. They will watch the UFC 194 match. Manzano reveals they will also …
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano together in Las Vegas -
Angel Locsin, a t-bird in upcoming movie project. Are you excited for this?
I liked a video Jennylyn Mercado to Angel Locsin: No Hard Feelings
If it's not Angel Locsin, then it has to be Anne Curtis-Smith. 👑 Our queen perfectly fits for the role of Darna. 💖
Movie Trivia: Just like Angel Locsin, Vilma Santos was also only 20yrs old when she played Darna.
Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto says Angel Locsin should prioritize her health
-- Angel Locsin on Vilma Santos for their upcoming film
Cto... Xian "shooting all of my life" starring: Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Xian Lim
I swear if Nadine Lustre becomes Darna, I will flip out. It's either they wait for Angel Locsin to be alright again or have Jessy Mendiola.
Angel Locsin’s sister, Ela Colmenares, warns Netizens about fake websites claiming to be her sibling’s. follow only
"NEWS FLASH: ABS-CBN decided to cancel the airing of Darna and wait for Ms. Angel Locsin instead.
Imho, no one else can give justice to Darna but Angel Locsin.
Ylona reminds me of Angel Locsin.Doing good acts bcoz it comes NATURALLY n dem and not bcoz dey aim 4 crowd appreciation. BB YLONA to 2366
Angel Locsin will be playing in ABS-CBN upcoming teleserye Mars Ravelos Lipad, Darna, Lipad?!!!
Angel Locsin will forever be the most amazing Darna ever
basta Angel Locsin surely it will be a hit
Does Angel Locsin sending an indirect message to her followers? If she can already do gym, why not do the Darna?
ANGEL LOCSIN and Paulo Avelino telerserye this 2016. Congrats! A new pairing. Will this be as big as TLW?
Angel Locsin is nominated at the 2015 Push Awards! . Also, catch Angel in our opening salvo for 2016! https:…
Korean on Angel Locsin: "I know Angel Locsin! Are you kidding me? She is well know beautiful Filipino woman...
best actress awards angel locsin at best supporting actress Maja Salvador bravo
Angel Locsin will always be our generation's Darna. But if she can't make it, I think Nadine Lustre would be perfect 😊
Lets start the day by voting po . JaneOineza PINOYMYXVJ
-International Emmy Awards Best Actress Finalist- Angel Locsin (a first in RP TV history,
I want to see Angel Locsin and Toni Gonzaga together in a movie please
Angel Locsin to have reunion project with Coco Martin; read:
Angel Locsin moves on, confirms project with Coco Martin
"In The Name of Love", starring Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach, on Cinema One right now.
[Congratulations to Jericho Rosales and Angel Locsin hailed as newest Primetime King & Queen for 2015. http…
Sarah Geronimo is the true queen in the Philippines, BOO trying hards Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu, Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo!!!
Angel Locsin recalls Lumad experience, seeks justice for victims of killings | Entertainment
"Angel will always have a special place in my heart.". —Ali Sotto on Angel Locsin
I cannot think of anyone better who fits the role of Darna, but Angel Locsin :)
Brave Angel! May your tribe increase. I am angry. I am at rage. But you give some hope, a ray of light. ...
Angel Locsin is 179 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
Who's your bet to be Darna other than Angel Locsin?
Angel Locsin speak up for Lumad killings.
Insta Scoop: Angel Locsin Joins the Call to Stop Lumad Killings, Shares Her Experience with Slain Leaders in 2009
Angel Locsin reflects on her visit to Lumad community, Alcadev school in Lianga
Devon Seron starstruck with Gov. Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin | via Philippine Showbiz Republic
All purpose parts banner
Aside for Angel Locsin, Maine Mendoza is my 2nd favorite, the girl is so down to earth!
Thanks everyone for watching Angel Locsin on :) Continue supporting the show.. and let's hope for Angel's comeback soon. ;)
Guys! Join our trending session on saturday 7:50pm. "Angel Locsin on MMK"
Thanks everyone for watching Angel Locsin on Showtime. Don't forget to tune in again tomorrow. It's her last day on the show.
Angel Locsin reveals challenges for upcoming film with Vilma, Xian
Angel Locsin at Cinema one right away!
Angel Locsin along with other fragrance endorser. ©
happy birthday, Angel Locsin! 🎈 stay funny & pretty you know how much i love you 💕
sabi ngaa ni angel Locsin: I have dandruff free shoulders forEver
Luis Manzano says no to prenup with Angel Locsin if they decide to get married
Is it over for Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband?
By september Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro will have a taping horror-comedy film directed by:. Joyce Bernal. Abangan!
Are you willing to work with Angel Locsin
Yeah. Movie with angel locsin and vilma i think
Proud feeling that she's only 19 but she's endorsing things alongside older established women like Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, and Bea Alonzo
OMG i heard that Angel locsin is the third wheel for the part 2 of of bea alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz.
This movie should name after angel locsin ...
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are across my table here at Sala Bistro tonight... Waiter: "Dessert, Sir?" Me: "Yes, Luis Manzano please."
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who woul... — Maja Salvador,Angel Locsin,Paulo Avelino
here are the pics of Darna as portrayed by Marian Rivera & Angel Locsin.
Darna, our pinoy version of wonder woman i guess. Been portrayed by vilma santos, Marian Rivera, angel locsin...
Who is the most beautiful person in your country? — Angel Locsin 😍
laos na si angel locsin. Live with that fact!
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