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Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin (born Angelica Colmenares; April 23, 1985) is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

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Do we smell "pamamanhikan" between the families of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin happening soon?
LOOK: Angel Locsin joins Manzano family vacation: Angel Locsin joined the family of her boyfriend TV host Luis...
News. Luis Manzano says that he will wed Angel Locsin in "Maybe 2017". MANILA-Even though actor and tv-host Luis...
My choices for the next DARNA:. Sarah Lahbati . Maja Salvador . Jessy Mendiola . Angel Locsin(if possible😁). She has to be bea…
Goodluck to the next darna! Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin played it well. So I don't think if the next darna will beaat them.😉
Angel Locsin considers herself very Lucky for having gotten into the good graces of Gov. Vilma Santos Recto, her future mother in law
Vote now for Angel Locsin as Yahoo Celebrity Awards 2014 Actress of Year!
From Angel to Agnes Calay to Sophia Taylor to Audrey Locsin to Princess Serena! 😍😍😍
Did Angel Locsin burn bridges with GMA that bad back then? I only remember being ABS-CBN' first ever win…
ANGEL LOCSIN was at her prime when she did the iconic character back in 2005 when she was still with GMA-7. https…
GMA's Darna roled by Ms. Angel Locsin was always be the best. :D No one can replace :)
First Angel Locsin. I guess most of 90's kids really love her. Then JhaBea. I miss that tween hearts. Then Zayn. 1D ofcourse. Now AlDub.
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin in Las Vegas:After her spine procedure in Singapore, actress Angel Locsin visited...
Angel Locsin to take up the Most challenging Role of her Showbiz Career on next Movie project:Angel Locsin, a...
Angel Locsin will always be the angel 😍😍
Richard Gutierrez and angel locsin loveteam is the best! Bring it back pls
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Luis Manzano assures everyone girlfriend Angel Locsin is on the road to healing after surgery. Luis Manzano...
Luis and Angel leave for Las Vegas: To get married?. IS it true that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are leaving... https…
:. SWEET! After her surgery, Angel Locsin is now with her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, in Las Vegas.
Luis Manzano posts first photo with Angel Locsin in Las Vegas, USA
For those who are asking, Angel Locsin is currently on Thailand for an important errand. :)
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are in Las Vegas. They will watch the UFC 194 match. Manzano reveals they will also …
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano together in Las Vegas -
Angel Locsin, a t-bird in upcoming movie project. Are you excited for this?
I liked a video Jennylyn Mercado to Angel Locsin: No Hard Feelings
If it's not Angel Locsin, then it has to be Anne Curtis-Smith. 👑 Our queen perfectly fits for the role of Darna. 💖
Movie Trivia: Just like Angel Locsin, Vilma Santos was also only 20yrs old when she played Darna.
Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto says Angel Locsin should prioritize her health
-- Angel Locsin on Vilma Santos for their upcoming film
Cto... Xian "shooting all of my life" starring: Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Xian Lim
I swear if Nadine Lustre becomes Darna, I will flip out. It's either they wait for Angel Locsin to be alright again or have Jessy Mendiola.
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Angel Locsin’s sister, Ela Colmenares, warns Netizens about fake websites claiming to be her sibling’s. follow only
"NEWS FLASH: ABS-CBN decided to cancel the airing of Darna and wait for Ms. Angel Locsin instead.
Imho, no one else can give justice to Darna but Angel Locsin.
Ylona reminds me of Angel Locsin.Doing good acts bcoz it comes NATURALLY n dem and not bcoz dey aim 4 crowd appreciation. BB YLONA to 2366
Angel Locsin will be playing in ABS-CBN upcoming teleserye Mars Ravelos Lipad, Darna, Lipad?!!!
Angel Locsin will forever be the most amazing Darna ever
basta Angel Locsin surely it will be a hit
Does Angel Locsin sending an indirect message to her followers? If she can already do gym, why not do the Darna?
ANGEL LOCSIN and PAULO AVELINO telerserye this 2016. Congrats! A new pairing. Will this be as big as TLW?
Angel Locsin is nominated at the 2015 Push Awards! . Also, catch Angel in our opening salvo for 2016! https:…
Korean on Angel Locsin: "I know Angel Locsin! Are you kidding me? She is well know beautiful Filipino woman...
best actress awards angel locsin at best supporting actress Maja Salvador bravo
Angel Locsin will always be our generation's Darna. But if she can't make it, I think Nadine Lustre would be perfect 😊
Lets start the day by voting po . JaneOineza PINOYMYXVJ
-International Emmy Awards Best Actress Finalist- Angel Locsin (a first in RP TV history,
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I want to see Angel Locsin and Toni Gonzaga together in a movie please
Angel Locsin to have reunion project with Coco Martin; read:
Angel Locsin moves on, confirms project with Coco Martin
"In The Name of Love", starring Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach, on Cinema One right now.
[Congratulations to Jericho Rosales and Angel Locsin hailed as newest Primetime King & Queen for 2015. http…
Sarah Geronimo is the true queen in the Philippines, BOO trying hards Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu, Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo!!!
Angel Locsin recalls Lumad experience, seeks justice for victims of killings | Entertainment
"Angel will always have a special place in my heart.". —Ali Sotto on Angel Locsin
I cannot think of anyone better who fits the role of Darna, but Angel Locsin :)
Brave Angel! May your tribe increase. I am angry. I am at rage. But you give some hope, a ray of light. ...
Angel Locsin is 179 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
Who's your bet to be Darna other than Angel Locsin?
Angel Locsin speak up for Lumad killings.
Insta Scoop: Angel Locsin Joins the Call to Stop Lumad Killings, Shares Her Experience with Slain Leaders in 2009
Angel Locsin reflects on her visit to Lumad community, Alcadev school in Lianga
Devon Seron starstruck with Gov. Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin | via Philippine Showbiz Republic
Aside for Angel Locsin, Maine Mendoza is my 2nd favorite, the girl is so down to earth!
Thanks everyone for watching Angel Locsin on :) Continue supporting the show.. and let's hope for Angel's comeback soon. ;)
Guys! Join our trending session on saturday 7:50pm. "Angel Locsin on MMK"
Thanks everyone for watching Angel Locsin on Showtime. Don't forget to tune in again tomorrow. It's her last day on the show.
Angel Locsin reveals challenges for upcoming film with Vilma, Xian
Angel Locsin at Cinema one right away!
Angel Locsin along with other fragrance endorser. ©
happy birthday, Angel Locsin! 🎈 stay funny & pretty you know how much i love you 💕
sabi ngaa ni angel Locsin: I have dandruff free shoulders forEver
Luis Manzano says no to prenup with Angel Locsin if they decide to get married
Is it over for Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband?
By september Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro will have a taping horror-comedy film directed by:. Joyce Bernal. Abangan!
Are you willing to work with Angel Locsin
Yeah. Movie with angel locsin and vilma i think
Proud feeling that she's only 19 but she's endorsing things alongside older established women like Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, and Bea Alonzo
OMG i heard that Angel locsin is the third wheel for the part 2 of of Bea Alonzo and john lloyd cruz.
This movie should name after angel locsin ...
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are across my table here at Sala Bistro tonight... Waiter: "Dessert, Sir?" Me: "Yes, Luis Manzano please."
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who woul... — Maja Salvador,Angel Locsin,Paulo Avelino
here are the pics of Darna as portrayed by Marian Rivera & Angel Locsin.
Darna, our pinoy version of wonder woman i guess. Been portrayed by Vilma Santos, Marian Rivera, angel locsin...
Who is the most beautiful person in your country? — Angel Locsin 😍
laos na si angel locsin. Live with that fact!
Angel Locsin is still the sexiest woman in the Philippines. Live with it. 😊
Angel Locsin back as Avon Celebrity Ambassador for Makeup - Manila…
The newest archers.. Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin kind of date ©
FHM Philippines. "Here's some simple math: Angel Locsin was first hailed as the Philippines' Sexiest in 2005. Five...
"We Love You ANGEL LOCSIN". If you really love her, you will make an effort on doing this! :) September 10, 11:45am
Oh *** naw! 3rd time this week someone told me I look like Kathryn B. Dili pwedeg Angel Locsin nalang? Huy. 😂😂😂
I actually loved Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin way way back so watching Mulawin gives me feels. ❤️
You'll be shock b'cos angel locsin is going to be the sexiet woman or 2015! right angels???
Angel locsin ❤ Nadine Lustre... Love this two beautiful with substance ladies!
Pls do vote for Nadine Lustre and angel locsin for FHM top100 philippines!
Nadine Lustre fans pls help us vote for angel locsin sa FHM philippines. Lets make her
hi! Will you pls help us to vote for angel locsin as the sexiest woman for fHM? Thanks so much pl.
Fhm fans Magugulat kayo b'coz angel locsin is going to be the sexiest woman for 2015! Go angels! Lets make it happen
Hey guys, please grab a copy of Cosmopolitan June 2015 issue w/ Angel Locsin on the cover! ^^
Last 2 days to vote for Angel Locsin as FHM Sexiest Women for 2015!. Step 1: Go to...
Team behind 'Darna' movie gets to work . Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin in SOON!
Team behind 'Darna' movie gets to work. MANILA – It seems that moviegoers will soon see Angel Locsin in the...
Angel Locsin is the cover girl of Cosmopolitan Philippines’ June 2015
Pls do vote for angel locsin and Nadine Lustre 4 Fhm sexiest woman. Exclude those on the top 3 in the last update elen,jen,sam
Omg Nadine Lustre is back on instagrAm! Angels of angel locsin would love that.pls do vote 4 them
Jadine fans will you guys pls include angel locsin when you vote for Nadine Lustre in ?? thanks guys!
This new Bea Alonzo film looks so promising! Hoping that Angel Locsin's (movie will be rolling out soon too. 😊😊🙏🙏
Late evening angels. Good night for those who are already in bed. ;) Hello to those who are still awake. Continue voting Angel Locsin! :)
Julia Montes At the age of only 19, she received the BEST ACTRESS AWARD, alongside with Angel Locsin.
Latest: GENERATION's latest music video featuring Angel Locsin on youtube. Go to
Na meet mo na ba si Ms. Angel Locsin na one of your crushes?? If yes , how was it??
May 2015 issue of Cosmo Ph ft. Angel Locsin. Grab a copy. Take a selfie with the mag. Tag us. Add :) h…
Angel Locsin in no rush to marry Luis Manzano | Entertainment News
Glaiza De Castro:Angel Locsin Version 2.0.Though Glaiza is a talented singer and a much better actress!
"just came home from Loyola Heights. Saw Angel Locsin. She might have visited Mico Sotto's grave there."
[CELEB SPOTLIGHT] GET THE LOOK: Angel Locsin shares skin care tips and make-up tricks | via PEP Online
Angel Locsin inspired makeup for ALYX. G&G - hair and makeup by Glendy.
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin on A and A. via >Boy Abunda to Luis & Angel: Two of d best people in d world!
shoutout to this person who just became so angry at me because of Angel Locsin but still Angel does not know him.
Funny Couple - Angel Locsin distracted from Luis Manzano antics while on... via
Angel Locsin reveals challenges for new film w Vi, Xian via Gel s so excited 2 work w/…
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No Kim for now? Xian is honored to work with Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin via
Spread the news every one is invited to be with us in our trending session "Angel Locsin on MMK" thanks you!
Angel Locsin says she has no plans of entering politics in 2016
Congratulations Angel Locsin for reaching the summit of Mt. Pulag this morning!
Angel Locsin “Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspirat…
*** there are ppl asking me if I am related to angel locsin lmao shut up
Guys guys guys! ANGEL LOCSIN LANG hehe. Hashtags of the day! 😊📣. Undecided JoeRine. MorganShow With JOSHUAandJANE. JoshAneFever
Angel Locsin spent weekend with family and friends to trek at Mt. Pulag
10 things you didn't know about Angel Locsin: via
When you don't understand what theyre talking about but still make you cried. I ❤ Angel Locsin.
Angel Locsin without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.…
I got it! With Angel Locsin on the cover of MEGA magazine May 2015 issue. 😘
・・・. Speed Trivia: Speed came out with a double cover issue in October 2005. Angel Locsin,...
Saw Liza Soberano earlier on our school. She really looks like Angel Locsin. A bit.
Marian Rivera is also copying angel locsin. One of those are username in IG, "THEREAL". marian copied it.
Angel locsin is the new PARISIAN's endorser. Bags and shoes ladies! watch out for it!
Angel Locsin ready but in no rush to settle down with Luis Manzano
Angel Locsin says she is emotionally and financially ready to settle down with Luis Manzano anytime soon | Read: v…
the popular ones in today's generation are Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Jessie Mendiola, Toni Gonzaga, Marian Rivera
showbizninja: Luis Manzano says marriage to Angel Locsin 'happen...
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin may tie the knot real soon.
Luis Manzano on proposing to Angel Locsin: Very soon via
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin is goals af pero walang forever so whatever
WATCH: Angel shares birthday wish for Luis: Angel Locsin surprised her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, as he celebrat... http:/…
I liked a video from Angel Locsin sings with Luis Manzano on ASAP Karaokey Birthday
Luis Manzano – Angel Locsin wedding happening really soon - Coconuts Manila. ... at...
Update: Angel Locsin surprises Luis Manzano in his post-birthday special in ASAP KaraOkey
In case you missed it: Here's the full video of Angel Locsin as she sings with Luis Manzano on ASAP Karaokey...
Comment on Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera, Missing in BIR’s Top Celebrity Taxpayers List for 2012 by andy sam:...
Local — I'm not into teen loveteam, so mas gusto ko sila Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin, and team Melason :)
Happy Belated birthdays to Showbiz Royalties in Luis Manzano (April 21) and Angel Locsin (April 23)
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin has this chemistry that overflows on TV screens. And tonight's episode…
Coco Martin nd Angel Locsin are da best actors the entertainment industry ever have..
Coco Martin and Angel Locsin's acting skills are undeniably great!
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin is playing their roles well, very well.
Coco Martin all praises for Angel Locsin as they team up in 'MMK' tribute for SAF
My two idols Angel Locsin and Coco Martin in
it won't be surprise if Coco Martin will become Angel Locsin's partner in the much awaited Darna movie. Why not db?
I feel the sincerity of acting with Angel Locsin and Coco Martin.
Only great actors can put up a good show. Kudos to Angel Locsin & Coco Martin.
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin's chemistry is undeniable!
No doubt why Coco Martin and Angel Locsin got the lead roles. They're truly great! ❤
A big hands for Coco Martin and Angel Locsin for this episode of MMK. 👏👏
Hands Up to Angel Locsin and Coco Martin 🙌🙌🙌. they're the best 👍
Coco Martin and Angel Locsin having a simple conversation but full of emotions. Very natural!
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Coco Martin and Angel Locsin in one special project together. What more can you ask for?
Whom would you like to meet? — Angel Locsin, Coleen Garcia, Anne Curtis and Megan Fox
Happy birthday! More birthdays to come and stay strong sa inyo ni Angel Locsin
Happy birthday Luis! Hope God will give everything you ask in life. Pls. Take care of my idol, Angel Locsin. You're lucky!
The girl kinda looks like angel locsin
Angel Locsin Happy birthday to the love of my life❤️ 
Repost from "Matchy matchy with the semi finalist Kalokalike Angel Locsin 😍". Unexpected…
-Latepost :. Angel Locsin invites you to watch Darren Espanto's "D BIRTHDAY CONCERT" on May 29, 2015 at MOA ARENA! B…
Follow Angel Locsin on instagram to get latest updates straight from her.…
VIDEO: OPM Rock band 'Generation' features Angel Locsin in their music video 'Make it Right'. WATCH HERE...
Forever in love with this movie the legal wife starring rosales locsin voice of the philippine…
Maja, Julia Montes, Angel Aquino, Angel Locsin, Denise Laurel and THE Claudine Barretto are my best actresses :)
Phil Younghusband finally meets Luis Manzano: Years after his break-up with Angel Locsin in 2013, football sta...
Richard Hwang (Tiffany's brother) was spotted at the lobby of Mall of Asia arena with Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano.
Kathryn Bernardo,Angel Locsin,Jessy Mendiola and Maxene Magalona.These women have always been BEAUTIFUL even without make up. :)
Angel Locsin do the rap in It's Showtime . Have you seen the episode of It's Showtime
This photo of Angel Locsin reminds us of Altagracia (La Mujer De Judas) which aired on ABS-CBN in 2003. . There... http…
Angel Locsin dances to 90s hits on 'It's Showtime'.
yup she has a curvy figure. Pag mag exercise sya she will have a body like Angel Locsin
“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams. ”
“KathNiel is one of the favorite LTs of ms. Angel Locsin ☺️ © -💀”
“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams ”
“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams.
"Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams. CharDawn 💖💖💖
Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams.
Just in: Confirm! Angel Locsin live bukas sa the buzz!
""“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams :-)"" 😍
“"“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams :-)"”
"“Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams :-)"
KathNiel is one of favorite loveteam of Ms Angel Locsin . We Love You KathNiel
Angel Locsin names her 3 favorite love teams
Enchong Dee's Kuya AJ looks happy to be reunited again with Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana yesterday…
Angel Locsin my loves is sooo gorgeous 😍
Angel Locsin can look fab in almost anything! Even this high-waisted bikini. Repost from…
Look: Angel Locsin, feel na feel na ang summer season and is looking so gorgeous more than ever! Para sa anong...
Name means. It was said ur name was based un2all angels.Ask ur/self HW it s as ANGEL LOCSIN to angels
Something to look forward to. LIKE Angel Locsin ( officialfanpage ) ♥
Angel Locsin and Vilma Santos movie plot revealed!
Angel Locsin flaunts fabulous 'Darna' figure in swimsuit pics
fill me in cos i dont have tfc!! And its hard to stream online :( okay you know what, Angel Locsin is the biggest babe 😍
Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez starred the movie version of Is the story the same with GabRu's teleserye, or not?
I'm looking forward too for Xian's movie with Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin. Waah sana maka pag shoot na. Okey see u later guys gud day
What if Glaiza de Castro and Angel Locsin were actually twins they just don't know. Im so random throw me a sleeping pill
"BTS: Angel Locsin in a shoot for this year's Kapamilya Summer Station ID. ©
Angel Locsin for ABS CBN Summer Station ID :D. Credit to the owner
Angel Locsin and her bf Luis Manzano enjoy being a "yayey" to this cute baby. "Yayey," if you're not…
Bonding time for Angel Locsin, Luis Manzano and Gov Vilma Santos. . Repost from "I love…
Insta Scoop: Angel Locsin Spends Time with Luis Manzano and Gov. Vilma Santos: Image courtesy of Instagram: th...
You and Angel Locsin followed each other na on IG. That's nice. :-)
Angel Locsin I love spending time with these two amazing, beautiful people❤️ thank you Kulet &…
Ohh my... doesn't she looks like Angel Locsin?
She's ready to fly again. Angel Locsin, we are too excited to see you again as a superhero! . © yetkl
Can anyone be hotter than ANGEL LOCSIN? This swimwear & more of Summer Collection are now available at F&H stores.
OMG Angel Locsin in the house.ganda!
Angel Locsin is looking forward to a hairless summer — at least in the right places
Summer is almost here with the sizzling hot Angel Locsin!!!. Read my article about here -...
Angel Locsin invites you to get your FREE Palmolive Body Wash samples: via
Premier Leading Lady ANGEL LOCSIN for Folded and Hung summer campaign!
Behind the scene of F&H summer shoot with Angel Locsin in hot pink bikini
Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban started following each other on Instagram
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Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador in 1 Primetime series? What do you think angels?
Who do you think will be their muse? :) Mine's Angel Locsin or Ellen Adarna.
Rg from itsme_netsy here I am BTS w Angel Locsin. she is super nice! ☺️💕 shooting the nxt music video…
Angel Locsin for Folded and Hung . why so perfect 😍
Congratulations tied with Angel Locsin, Best Actress for Television for the...
Angel Locsin will be part of a music video soon to be released by Star Records. Who's excited? (1 of 2). ©
Make it right music video by Generation with Ms Angel Locsin :). Photo credit to the owner
It's a music video indeed! Angel Locsin is shooting a music video for Generation's Make It Right under Star Music... ht…
Angel Locsin is gonna be in our nxt music video. legit she rocks.
"Vilma Santos to start shooting film with Angel Locsin next month Sana sana sana...
Coco Martin & Julia Montes. In the Television category, Angel Locsin and Julia Montes tied for the…
NW: I will always love you. Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin. Throwback na throwback akong lunes. Home alone man gud. 😊
Kathryn Bernardo joins Anne Curtis & Angel Locsin as the newest Avon endorser.
Want to have a sneak preview of Pinto Museum? Here's a fun Head and Shoulders commercial featuring Angel Locsin... http…
Angel Locsin visits her new inaanak who is Dimples Romana's baby! Repost from "Meet my…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
'Cause Angel Locsin has Luis and Jeon ji Hyun is married
angellocsinstyle. ・・・. Shoes: Angel Locsin wearing the Nike 3.0 running shoes for her workout…
Fiction: What if Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin play it underground.
AVON's newest face 💋 . More than deserving to be lined up with Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin 💗 © - 🌻
Family teeth cleaning time for the ever so beautiful Ms Angel Locsin and her handsome…
Family teeth cleaning for the beautiful Ms Angel Locsin and her handsome papa. Its always a pleasure seeing you.
Luis Manzano to propose to Angel Locsin this year
We love Angel Locsin so much, even network war no one can stop loving you unconditionally!
I have 2 friends who looks like Marian Rivera and the other one looks like Angel Locsin...they are really pretty!!! T
Luis Manzano makes an appearance at Angel Locsin's second attempt to break the Internet
Angel Locsin How to prevent from obeying radical
Didn't Teddy Boy Locsin advise you to move on and focus on less inane things?
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin start planning their wedding
Selfie with Angel Locsin. It was nice meeting you. ❤️
11:30am let us trend Angel Locsin in Showtime!
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Did you miss them Angel Locsin and Robin Padilla :)
"WAHH!! For the first time.. ANGEL LOCSIN on Minute to Win it. =))"
Photo: Angel Locsin inspired eyeglasses available at Nike...
I wonder what Angel Locsin is doing now !!!
If I ever end up having a wife like Angel Locsin, then I'll make sure return home as early as *** she's so preciouse ...
It's amusing how some Kapamilyas are now asking for Angel Locsin and Kathniel's shows. 😁
Join us on our trending session later. We'll be using 'Angel Locsin on Showtime' | 'Angel Locsin on MMK' | and 'Angel Locsin Day'
Teleserye Actress of the Year Nominees - Angel Locsin (The Legal&via
"Angel Locsin is the only actress who never fails to thank her writers."
[VIDEO] Angel Locsin acts together with the i shiners on a red curtain performance watch:
Gawad Tanglaw's best actresses are Angel Locsin and Julia Montes right?
From healthy diet, diving, and weight lifting.. Angel Locsin seems to have her best time to prepare for Darna. 😍
This week, on celebs trying to break the Internet: Angel (& Iza (
WOW! "Angel Locsin just followed and liked her post on Instagram."
Performance by an Actress, 13th Gawad Tanglaw's Best Actress Julia Montes tied with Angel Locsin!. Give JuliaMAndLoisa A…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Vote for your Favourite "BEST ACTRESS/TV ICON OF THE YEAR" VOTE NOW: Here Is A Top 10 dedicated list: 1:Angel Locsin 2:Marian Rivera 3:Kim Chiu 4:Liza Soberano 5:Julia Barreto 6:Judy Ann Santos 7:Kc Concepcion 8:Kathryn Bernardo 9:Maxene Magalona and 10:Nadine Samonte You can also dedicate your best actress even if she is not in the list This is not an OFFICIAL POLL...i created it myself just to know stars who are most loved in our page... YOUR FREE TO DEDICATE YOUR ACTRESS EVEN IF SHE IS NOT IN THE LIST: VOTE NOW! VOTING ENDS JANUARY 30 2015!!. ~daniel
Ur impersonation is unsatisfactory! U 4got, Angel is a soft spoken girl. Pls. don't impe…
The Legal Wife is such a riveting drama, a mirror of our lives and it's Angel Locsin's role as Monica that remains the centre of the story.
If this doesn't end well, then i will just stick with my all time idol, Angel Locsin and not get myself into other artists.
Grammar 101:(Example Only). "Angel, Who?"-Angel Locsin or Angel Aquino -if maraming Angel sa mundo.This is far different from "Who's Angel?"
Don't forget To watch the 13th Gawad Tanglaw Award ceremony for Best Actress Julia Montes, Angel Locsin and Best...
Comment on 2014 Covergirl of the Year Update – Kathryn Bernardo is the Current Leader, Angel Locsin is at the ...
BREAKING NEWS: Angel Locsin and Julia Montes tied in BEST ACTRESS for Gawad Tanglaw!!
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin, Our All Time Favorite Holiday Couple! CHEERS to our sweetest couple!!! :))
Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin gamely played piko in an event that they attended.
According to FHM Angel Locsin is on 3rd spot? Can we make some effort angels? Go angels!
Vote for Angel Locsin for Yahoo Omg! Please do support dearest Globally Angels! :)
W?! Naa ba diay. Aaww. I don't wanna be a Wonderwoman. I wanna be Darna like Angel Locsin af
Blog site :D. The beautiful house of Angel Locsin like a palace that house make you relax .House that had been...
Xited to watch darna by angel locsin. Coming soon
Update your maps at Navteq
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Angel Locsin.
Hi guys sino nag vote sa Yahoo Omg? Globally angels we encourage you to support this poll for the love for Angel Locsin
angel locsin I'm an Australian filipina!! you are my biggest fan we love you! ❤
I only started liking Angel Locsin after Unofficially Yours.
Happy New Year from Kulit the hottie (Luis Manzano) and Kiti the sexy (Angel Locsin). Their sweetness knows no...
watch nio sa youtube Angel Locsin return to GMA 7 in 2015,.. is it true?
Angels up up up Angel Locsin is Darna
Piko is one of the street games that Filipino kids often plays. In the video, stars like Angel Locsin and Anne...
ALI SOTTO ON ANGEL LOCSIN: "I've always known her to be a brave woman."
Poll: Movies to watch out for this 2015. Please vote for our Angel Locsin. Go here:
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