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Angel Coulby

Angel Coulby (born 30 August 1980) is an English actress. She made her television debut in the BBC comedy 'Orrible.

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Snogs Marries Avoids Angel Coulby See why on our blog
I shall taketh back the Nathaniel comment. More like angel coulby. But not gwen angel coulby. Like normal angel coulby
You haters are probably just salty because Arthur married her and Angel Coulby got to kiss Bradley over and over ag…
9 years ago Angel Coulby gave us the best portrayal of the journey of a strong compassionate woman. Thank you for Guineve…
So I kinda decided to be like Angel Coulby and become a queen.
I hope Angel Coulby is having a good day and living the best life. That precious human really deserves all the goodness in the world
I want Katie McGrath, Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James, and the rest of the Merlin cast to be happy always.
partly bc Angel Coulby and Colin Morgan are both hella cute ngl
ty!! yeah I'm using a ref of angel coulby bc she's so beautiful and talented
you have the best taste. Angel coulby was sent from the heavens to gift us with her beauty.
Question 3:. Angel “Gwen” Coulby is the voice of an animated character called Kayo. What is the name of the series...
I will forever be jealous of Angel Coulby for getting to kiss both Bradley James AND Colin Morgan.
One of my fav things about Merlin was that we had a black Guinevere. Love Angel Coulby. 😍😍😍
Will be forever in love with this picture of Angel Coulby as Gwen😍🔮
still, sophie okonedo remains mesmerising. And Angel Coulby wears a leather jacket, so not all bad
Shoutout to BBC's Merlin for actually having a female POC main character, in the form of Gwen played by the fabulous Angel Coulby.
And both Aidan Turner and Santiago Cabrera had on-screen romances with black-biracial women (Lenora Crichlow and Angel Coulby respectively.)
I added a video to a playlist Angel Coulby and Colin Morgan in Something For The Weekend
//Video diaries where they're in Pierrefonds and he's just sassing Angel Coulby. and buying fruit
I added a video to a playlist 2013 - Dancing on the Trailer - Angel Coulby, Janet Montgomery, Anthony
I think Angel Coulby should be the next companion 💞
Stephen Dillane & Angel Coulby tugging at my heartstrings in this scene
i can't believe Joe Manganiello and Angel Coulby are the real Bigby Wolf and Snow White
So today I went to Angel Coulby's house and now I have her number
the other reason why the Joe Manganiello and Angel Coulby fancast works is... their height diff. i'm here for it.
has anyone come up with a better fancast than me with Joe Manganiello as Bigby and Angel Coulby as Snow. it's rhetorical the answer is no
That's why I made sure to include Angel Coulby's Guinevere. A lot of ppl thought Gwen was boring, but she totally was not.
Angel Coulby, our Gwen, has arrived at Comic-Con and instantly got to work doing media interviews! http:/…
A nostalgic epic courtroom drama, with Angel Coulby and Liu Yifei.
really though Gwen is crowned queen of Camelot I love Angel Coulby
She's too shy to do it just yet but I'm hoping she pulls an Angel Coulby & surprises everyone w how beautiful her voice is.
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I miss angel coulby her acting was on fleekidy fleek
Squeak! DANCING ON THE EDGE is now on Netflix! Everyone go and watch Angel Coulby and Chiwetel Ejiofor being glam and amazing ASAP.
My obsession with is maybe a bit unhealthy, but Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby and Bradley James 😍😍😭
This will also be starring Angel Coulby
Angel Coulby for Persephone, Julianne Moore for Demeter, Andrew Garfield or either of the Sprouse twins for Hermes, and Zoe Saldana for Hera
team-angel-coulby said: Marc, what does it take for you guys to unleash that deleted Olicity snogging scene...
how about Angel Coulby as Persephone and Michael Fassbender as Hades. Or Idris Elba. Yea
Yesterday I made a Merlin marathon. What a perfect chemistry between and Angel Coulby in the serie. Beautiful love ❤
Angel Coulby leads my fantasy James Bond movie cast. See my picks and cast yours here.
Thanks to Katie MсGrath,Bradley James,Angel Coulby,Anthony Head,Richard Wilson and espesially to perfect Colin Morgan! Thanks for "Merlin"!!
Photo: my-thoughts-of-flight: Gender swap Founders Fancast Gryffindor - Angel Coulby Hufflepuff - Santiago...
Hello, you have remained in contact with the cast of Merlin? As Bradley James, Angel Coulby etc.
twice today I’ve seen an advert on tv that has angel coulby doing the voiceover. and they were two completely different adverts!
Merlin S3 | Angel Coulby chats about life on set [2010-09-17]: via
Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Angel Coulby and Richard Wilson all were on at one point
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Merlin Cast Photo: Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Colin Morgan - in my head this is re
Remember how people hated on angel coulby because "is the bbc trying to progressive by casting a black Guinevere" lol
Bloody *** Angel Coulby got to kiss all the boys
'Merlin' co-creator Julian Murphy on series' emotional conclusion - Angel Coulby as Gwen, left, and Katie McGrath...
Imelda Staunton is fantastic and it was so great to see Angel Coulby on stage
Anyone thinking of seeing Good People, definitely do! Imelda Staunton is just incredible, and Angel Coulby has terrific stage presence.
Play (Good People) was excellent, Imelda Staunton was BRILLIANT, and surprise!Angel Coulby, who was also amazing! :D
Soz but I think I like Angel Coulby/ her acting too much to hate Gwen
and Angel Coulby are such great actors. 💕👌
Sorry Gwen haters, but no one can deny that Angel Coulby kills it in every single scene
Angel Coulby gets prettier and prettier every season.
is Angel Coulby a cast for the new MugsArrow?
I love this photo of Imelda Staunton & Angel Coulby. All amazing in "Good People" - http:…
New post from the website: "Draft Tottenham Area Action Plan Consultation", posted by Angel Coulby. Read the post and reply at
I want to meet Colin Morgan Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby
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I have to think that Franks was channeling the Angel Coulby in Merlin thing.
Lovely photo of Bradley James and Angel Coulby in Merlin.
Just finished watching Anthony Head on Doctor Who (amazing) and now for Angel Coulby 😍
uh Bradley James and Angel Coulby need to still be a couple idk if they are or not but they are too perf together ❤️
Stephen Dillane and Angel Coulby are probably one of the best TV couples of 2013.
"As good as Dillane and Frain were in this episode, both may have been outshone by Angel Coulby. Her..."
Photoset: teawithaview: S1E9 (Excalibur) with Colin Morgan and Angel Coulby Angel: This is Guinevere’s...
Angel Coulby excellent in episode 9 of the tunnel and getting Golden Globes nomination!
If you ever say Angel Coulby is a bad actress I will point you in the direction of ep 9 of The Tunnel and watch as your mind changes.
Set de fotos: Stephen Dillane and Angel Coulby in Episode 9 of The Tunnel
It has _everyone_ in it! Matthew Goode, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jenna Coleman, Anthony Head, Angel Coulby ... BUT
what if clemence and angel coulby have scenes together MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE IT WILL ACTUALLY EXPLODE
James Frain and Angel Coulby filming "The Tunnel" down at Margate! :D
Angel Coulby deserves everything good in life
They need (1) Bradley James as King Arthur , (2) Colin Morgan as Merlin , (3 ) Angel Coulby as Queen Guinevere, (4) Katie McGrath as Lady Morgan # Merlin BBC 1 TV , for merlin fans around the world !!~ Cookies , very cute .
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Katie McGrath (Morgana) and Angel Coulby (Guinevere) talk to SFX about Merlin series 5, knights, costumes and loads more.
Angel Coulby being interviewed by the CBBC Newsround team on September 17th 2010 to promote the third series of Merlin.
Part 1 of Angel Coulby and Colin Morgan on Something for the Weekend on September 25th, 2011. Note: This has been uploaded by fan for fans. No copyright ...
This is a video dedicated to the wonderful character Gwen aka Angel Coulby. I think she is a very good actress and cannot wait to see what the s4 holds for h...
You are so lucky to be able to know Angel Coulby. She's so beautiful.
A lovely photo of Angel Coulby, awesome bird.
I liked a video Merlin Series 5: Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath Interviewed
HS - If CBS goes through with this reboot, I demand to see Antonia Thomas, Lenora Crichlow, and Angel Coulby
Merlin's Angel Coulby talks about her singing role in on tonight.
yeah I don't like Angel Coulby what's your point
Angel Coulby as Jane Bennet would be all kinds of glorious.
I love that show. That and Elementary and Some Girls. And the BBC version of The Tunnel because Angel Coulby.
why don't i look like Angel Coulby ?
Am not saying am a badass but I was born the same day as Warren Buffet, Cameron Diaz, Angel Coulby (Guinevere), Pavel Nedved,…
Stephen Dillane is married to Angel Coulby in this show hmm nice...
Angel Coulby of Merlin new tune in 'Dancing on the Edge' TV - via
When people don't think Angel Coulby is pretty, I get weirdly defensive. I have a problem and her name is Gwen.
Angel coulby is a really nice person.
This is a fan page about Angel Coulby. The managers: Merlingirl, Lady Pendragon (LP) and Lady James The admins: Master-magic, Angie and Leon
If there is anything you would like to say or ask angel coulby what would it be. Lady morgan
Angel was born on 30 of august 1980 in London . She is an Englis actor and has the role in merlin as GWEN. But not only in merlin she has rolls in a lot of other movies such as : Scariest places on earth Orrible Cassalty Having it off The second coming manchild Making waves As if Conviction Holby city The jacket murderer investigation team The league of gentlemen's aporaypse Imagine me and you Vincent Hustle Doctor who The bill Tripping over Magicians Gina's lauging gear Secret life New streat law Talk to me The visit Life is wild Dancing on the edge The tunnel So in all these movies you will see angel coulby. But film making isn't the only thing she does. Did you know she is also a great singer ? She is a jazz singer. You should chek dancing on the edge there you'll see how good she is :D. Lady morgan
VERY excited for on starring Angel Coulby, Paul Ready and Mia Goth! teaser trailer -
Photoset: debatchery: 30 people that need to stop ↳ Angel Coulby
you look like Angel Coulby if you know who that is
Photoset: joppapendragon: Flawless people: Bradley James and Angel Coulby "I think the way [Bradley & Angel]...
"Angel Coulby shares her thoughts on the end of Merlin… cc
Can I go back in time and replace Angel Coulby in Merlin? Because...well Bradley James to put it simply. I mean we kind of could look a like
So Anthony Head, Ben Willbond and Angel Coulby were in it!!! :O
I saw that! Didn't realize Anthony Head was in this. Merlin reunion with Angel Coulby!
Photoset: Angel Coulby on the set of Merlin, 2011
man i just saw a graphic of angel coulby as the doctor and now i want this more than anything uGH why can't we have more woc in media???
Is that...Angel Coulby?! By God, everyone really is everyone else in BBC world.
“My sister and I have just seen Angel Coulby (Gwen from Merlin) on the tube LUCKY!!!…
The Los Angeles Times interviews Angel Coulby about her experiences on MERLIN, from servant Gwen to Queen Guinevere! ht…
When can we get a shot or promo with Angel Coulby in The Tunnel. Can't wait to see her.
will also be interesting to compare it to the UK version which must be done filming by now. Angel Coulby needs to get back on my screen asap
I've literally been looking at the same waitress for five minuets. She looks so much like Angel Coulby, it's almost scary!
We'd love to see some Angel Coulby in The Tunnel.
Are you and Angel Coulby co starring in The Tunnel?
Had an interesting conversation with Angel Coulby about Painting & Decorating today.
Photo: butnotquite: Tanisha Long, my new girl crush. But Angel Coulby will always have my heart and soul.
Would love to see some Angel Coulby pics.
Photoset: nuspock: "To gaze into the eyes of Angel Coulby is to see the universe." - Rupert Young
for the second time i've been told I look like Angel Coulby by a clueless whitey. no, i still don't look like her. yes, i'm gonna humblebrag
I made a collection of MErlin playing cards - - This one is Angel Coulby as Gwen -
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As much as I hated merlin to end. I think it isn't a good idea to keep fighting for a season 6. - The actors have decided to stop at 5 seasons. so that means that a Season 6 will be with other actors. - I will hate it even more to see a season 6 with no Katie McGrath, Bradley James, Colin Morgan & Angel Coulby than to have it end. Those 4 are the true Morgana, Arthur, Merlin & Gwen. And I will hate any actor that tries to take over these parts. ~Admin Morgana.
It was announced today that the current series of Merlin will be the last as BBC One’s hit show reaches a spectacular conclusion this Christmas. The epic family fantasy drama will bow out with a special two-part finale, as this unique re-telling of the Arthurian legend reaches its natural and dramatic end – it’s not to be missed! Merlin has been enthralling audiences on Saturday nights over last five years, consistently attracting an average audience of over six million viewers, with ratings for the current series peaking at 7.1 million. Merlin has been a firm favourite with BBC One viewers since its first outing in 2008. Celebrated for its magical storytelling, cinematic visual effects and most of all the wonderful cast which includes Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon, Katie McGrath as Morgana, Angel Coulby as Guinevere, Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon, Richard Wilson as Gaius, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon. Co-creators and executive producers, Johnny Capps ...
Angel Coulby is beautiful and talented anybody who says otherwise is beefing and i wish she and bradley could date in real life like seriously
Video: Angel Coulby as Jessie in the bonus episode of DoTE - contains spoilers
Bradley James facts: It was revealed by Angel Coulby that Bradley is rather gifted at art in the treat for Day 6 of the Merlin Advent Calendar 2012. Admin Freyaϟ
Both Angel Coulby and Lucy Griffiths had pretty sweet jobs
//-Is not female 11- -Is 13th Doctor- -Sorry for any confusion- -The lovely lady used for 13 is Angel Coulby- -She was in Merlin- -I regenerated to 12 cause was drowned- -Regenerated to 13 cause was shot- -That is all-
Angel Coulby, let's talk about that amazing face of hers shall we?
I had the weirdest dream. It was so weird that I've woken up with a headache [no, Voldemort is not close, thankfully] But I'm not sure, it was like the [Hunger] Games. But it had a sort of Big Brother feel to it. So celebrities would enter, not just celebrities, super heroes and like idk random strangers, and Leonardo di Caprio ... Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby and this random stranger my mind created that had 2 sons that were extras in Merlin were somehow doing it. And there was this press release and there were fans outside [including me] and I was chanting "Merlin" or "Team Merlin" and some people were joining in. Then the actually Games finally happened, no one died. They just get knocked out. It was more of a running game, they had to reach this podium that was really far away and dodge obstacles. And Katie and Angel were a team and they were running through this tunnel but Leo took Angel out, and she wasn't unconscious, but I lost her. Then it was just me watching unamed guy with kids in Merlin storm ...
Photo: desertcolossus: angel coulby as the twelfth doctor
Photoset: angel coulby for the 12th doctor
Colin Morgan should be the next Doctor, as companion, with Angel Coulby as a friend & John hurt as the voice of the 9th Doctor
just wait... there are more to come! even Angel Coulby makes an appearance! :D
My candidates for the next doctor in Doctor Who: Lenora Crichlow, Angel Coulby, or Emily Dormer. Thoughts?
All apologies to but a part of me really wants Emily Dormer as the next Doctor. Or maybe Angel Coulby.
how's about Angel Coulby for Doctor, Katie McG for Master and you for sassy intergalactic companion? ;)
(In my unwritten novel, Amara Karan is a cocky superhero, and Angel Coulby is an adorable law student who works as a barista.)
Now I'm thinking about how awesome it'd be if Amara Karan were the Doctor & Angel Coulby were her companion, like that novel I never wrote.
Last time I can say "It's Magic Hour!" is tonight. I love you Colin Morgan, Bradly James, Angel Coulby, and Katie McGrath!
when is The Tunnel coming out. Can you release more pictures of Angel Coulby filming?
Freaks and Geeks is getting the AVClub Classic treatment. The pilot episode writeup appeared today. It’s my favourite TV show ever, employing the form of commercial television for a character study with novelistic depth, and founded in a humane compassion that is rare in any narrative.
I forgot to tell you!!! I held 3 owls. The brother and sister were called Merlin and Morgana and the third was called Angel (Angel Coulby=Gwen) coincidence? I think not! ~ Kara Everdeen: Lady Shadowhunter Tribute Witch of Camelot
OMR I'M SO HAPPY! just to top off getting the HG signed poster, I also won a Merlin photo signed by Bradley James and Angel Coulby! AW YEAH! I'm actually fangirling so hard! ~Padfoot
Angel Coulby never dated Bradley James and I will destroy anybody who says otherwise!!!
tap dance based on Angel Coulby's Dancing on the edge sound track:)
Angel Coulby's hair is so pretty. She is so pretty. Imma cry.
No :( Last summer I was in Pierrefonds but he and Bradley weren't there! But I saw Rupert Young and Angel Coulby!
I'm starting to wonder if you're the real Angel Coulby.
Angel Coulby is born 30 August 1980. She is an English actress. She is best known for portraying the character Queen Guinevere "Gwen" Pendragon in the BBC fantasy series Merlin.
Angel Coulby has such a beautiful wide smile. And every time she smiles, big or small, it's always so sincere.
Angel Coulby spotted at Disney Studios, Chiswick. She now has short hair.
Video of the cast's thoughts on 'Merlin' ending. Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath. Spoilers.
An explosive 1930s drama following a jazz band in London at a time of huge change.
I am 2 people away from knowing Matt Smith, 1 person away from knowing Angel Coulby and 1 person away from knowing Gerran Howell :)
Here's a shocker! Angel Coulby is disc 2 and Bradley James was bumped to the 3rd disc? Payback?…
I enjoyed "The Dark Tower" - loved Angel Coulby in that episode. But episode 11 was my personal fave!
Angel Coulby just followed me. I'm dreaming. She's amazing.
It's Angel Coulby! It seems like most of the Merlin cast has been on Doctor Who.. come on, Bradley James! It's his turn now!
hello, just wondering if you have any photos of Angel Coulby
there's also the matt smith himself or or or the david tennant or Angel Coulby
Can we have more Angel Coulby photoshoot pictures or updates please?
today I was wishing I was angel coulby.or at least her friend! ;)
I liked a video Angel Coulby and the Louis Lester Band - Dancing on the Moon
I liked a video Angel Coulby on BBC Radio London (27 Feb 2013)
If you don't think Angel Coulby is gorgeous, you're crazy.
I saw in Merlin, I saw in Doctor Who Angel Coulby
'Merlin' video: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby discuss the finale
I've been cackling to myself for 40 minutes over the DVD commentary between Angel Coulby and Rupert Young, small talk is amazing :L
I just saw a woman who looked like Angel Coulby and cried. Idek.
You met Eoin MacKen, Angel Coulby and Rupert Young!!! OMG what was it like?? xx
I cannot believe i get to do powerpoint slides of Eoin MacKen, Jared Padalecki and Angel Coulby for my media homework
I've seen 1 of Angel Coulby on her supposed FB page & I thought, no, the real Angel wouldn't do that, surely.. too many FB imposters
Ooh, how about Guinevere (Angel Coulby) from Merlin? She's so pretty & there's lots of great pics of her on the web.
Angel Coulby is so pretty though seriously
Aw angel coulby looks so nice in this episode
* Urgent Appeal for help* YESTERDAY between 16.10 and 16.20 at Newham Gramge Leisure Farm, Coulby...
Exclusive video interview: 'Merlin' star Angel Coulby chats about joining the cast of 'Dancing on the Edge' -
Photoset: team-angel-coulby: ht euphoria1001: Guinevere Smiling Requested by Anon
Angel Coulby's voice is beautiful. :')
Angel Coulby in Dancing on the Edge you beautiful soul ily
Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James and Katie McGrath are actually on my screen. Perfection's on my screen. Be jealous.
Not to mention she told me her ex boyfriend went out with Angel Coulby who plays Guenievere in merlin!
'Merlin' star Angel Coulby discusses 'Dancing on the Edge' in an exclusive video interview -
Anthony Head, Jenna Louise Coleman, Janet Montgomery, Angel Coulby... this cast is amazing.
It just struck me...if I recall in Battlefield the Doctor is known as Merlin, and in The Girl in the Fireplace he meets a horse named Arthur and that episode stars Angel Coulby (Guinevere) what if the Doctor travelled to the spaceship where Arthur had been reincarnated as a horse! And there is a window to the past where Guinevere has for some apparent reason moved to France! O_O
Photoset: fckmebradley: The beautiful Angel Coulby in Dancing on the edge.
Angel coulby,you said you are married to Bradly james...Lol..(out of MERLIN)?.Good luck!!
And Dancing On The Edge was brilliant. And Angel Coulby is both an incredible jazz singer and Queen of Camelot.
This is a Merlin fan page :) You can find here link,photos,videos,news on merlin,merlin cast and everything about this amazing show!! Join me! :)
Wish I could respond to everyone, but that'd take me a while. It's a pleasure to accept your requests and thank you for all the kind words, it means a lot and I love you :) xxx
Angel Coulby is on the front page of today's telegraph
Um, why did no one tell me Chiwetel Ejiofor AND Angel Coulby are starring in a 1930s drama about jazz?! YAY!
Angel Coulby's not in it any more cos her character died :/ It's all very depressing
There's this thing on tv at the moment and it has Jenna Louise Coleman in and Angel Coulby
A Merlin page for any fan! the Super fans, the International fans, the 'been here from the beginning' fans, the 'started midway through' fans. Anyone!! There will be quizzes, quotes, pictures, facts etc.
Oh Angel Coulby, why are you so flawless!?
Angel Coulby is actually amazing when she isn't clinging to Merlin's man ;)
John Goodman, Angel Coulby and Anthony Head are in it.
No Angel Coulby you are Guinevere go back to Camelot
Katie McGrath x1000 angel coulby x1000 and emilia fox x1000 more than 20 but who cares, they deserve it :D
I am Angel Coulby and is Katie McGrath. (Don't take it seriously, just kidding.)
Oh wow Angel Coulby is in a new TV show and her character is called 'Jessie'. I'm dying.
Angel Coulby is exquisitely, breathtakingly beautiful, there is no denying it.
Anyone else seen Angel Coulby in that new TV series
Why have I only just noticed that it's Angel Coulby aka Gwen in Merlin that Heck sits next to on the plane at the end?! :O
I have been enjoying the drama! Dancing on the edge! Not only for a look at Angel Coulby, but to work out where they shot the scenes Namely the eligiant city hall, the black country museum. Jaclyn Blissett and the new girl in Doctor Who!!!
Seriously though: Matthew Goode, Angel Coulby, Jenna Louise Coleman, Antony Head and Tom Hughes in the first ten minutes!
Click here to order from Amazon: Click here to order from iTunes: Dancing on the Edge is set in the early 193...
MERLIN: The Dark Side of Angel Coulby: As we watch Gwen become more evil in tonight’s episode of Merlin, Angel Coulby talks about thi...
Tell me about it!! I was watching it for Angel Coulby only, and now she is ...well you know (spoilers). Irritating!
Photoset: Alexander Vlahos and Angel Coulby | Merlin commentary 509 I’m beginning to wonder if there was...
Episode 5.07 ('A Lesson in Vengeance') US press release with quotes from Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath
Angel Coulby as singer Jessie in The Telegraph yesterday
Photoset: euphoria1001: Dancing On The Edge (AU): with Angel Coulby & Bradley James Requested by and...
Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath nominated for 'UK TV Actress' in the Glamour Women of the Year Awards - vote here
Angel Coulby, who plays Queen Guinevere, which is so cute too! Aw. at least I know he has good taste, whoever it is.
Bradley James , Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, & all the cast of Merlin!!
Forget the Oscars and the Brits – in 2013, it’s all about the 10th annual GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards - Celebrity news & gossip as and when it happens - online at Keep up to date with all your favourite celebrities.
Has anyone else been watching 'Dancing on the Edge' on BBC? It's the best thing I've seen on TV for ages - the story of a black jazz band in 1930s London. And a fantastic cast - Jacqueline Bisset, John Goodman, Chiwetel Ejofor, Anthony Head and Angel Coulby. Really fabulous drama!!
Angel Coulby and Jenna-Louise Coleman in one show. Yup. The universe might just explode again for The Doctor & Merlin to save us again!
this program with Angel Coulby, Anthony Head and Jenna-Louise Coleman is the best thing ever holy cow
the fact that Angel Coulby, Anthony Head AND Jenna-Louise Coleman are all in Dancing On The Edge makes me happier than it should.
Who already has their copy of The Louis Lester Band's "Dancing on the Edge" album? What are your favourites?
I am watching the audio commentary with Rupert Young and Angel Coulby for series 4 episode 2 and it sounds as though Angel had a nose job after series 4. Does anyone know if that's true? -Emrys
Meet the cast of Dancing on the Edge featuring Matthew Goode, Jacqueline Bisset, Angel Coulby & Jenna-Louise Coleman
Merlin Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby and Bradley James are my role model, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.
I'd be the happiest girl alive, if I looked like Katie McGrath, could sing like Angel Coulby, was funny like Bradley James and could act like Colin Morgan! :3
Great news, Merlin fandom! Angel Coulby and Anthony Head are great in The music's brilliant - all that jazz.
Angel Coulby, Anthony Head + Jenna Louise Coleman all in . This pleases me.
Finally hearing the beautiful voice of Angel Coulby spoken of by Rupert Young
'Merlin' star Angel Coulby has joined the cast of Sky Atlantic's ‘The Bridge’ remake ‘The Tunnel’ -
Got autograph from Richard Wilson in Merlin xxx, still waiting for one from... Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath and x
Anorak City Merlin and Doctor Who sidekicks Angel Coulby and Jenna-Louise Coleman join forces: It's enough to ...
Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath wasn't at NTA Yesterday,why?
Lets face it, if Angel Coulby, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthew Goode don't have a threesome, then why did Dancing On The Edge even get made?
Angel Coulby and Anthony Head in a new BBC2 Drama 'Dancing on the Edge' airing in February
'Dancing on the Edge' - new behind-the-scenes pictures with Angel Coulby and Anthony Head
Ohhh lol...too late for that though,she got in the way long ago...i love angel coulby though such a fantastic actress...:-)
I swear they just lined up the cast of Merlin to guest star in consecutive Doctor Who episodes...first Anthony Head, now Angel Coulby...
Angel Coulby is actually older than Katie McGrath (Morgana & Gwen) so they shouldn’t be on there, but yeah
Well, *** I'd watch and/or read it (as long as she didn't end up with Thorin):
Angel Coulby stars in dancing on the edge on BBC two! The air dates are: Monday 4th February at 9pm on BBC2 – Part 1 Tuesday 5th February at 9pm on BBC2 – Part 2
Would love to see Angel Coulby tackle playing someone like Lena Horne or Billie Holiday in the future..Cannot wait for Dancing On The Edge.
Though it breaks ma heart 2 say gudbye i knw its... Its... Ah acha 2!
If there was a school only for Directioners.. *-* ~ LeaNiam
Angel Coulby played Guinevere "Gwen". God it's a good show. But I'm not forcing you lmao
lol you're entitled to your opinion. I think Angel Coulby's hair is the most underrated head of hair ever
How does one Katie McGrath or Angel Coulby. They're both absolute stunners.
JUST SAW AN ADVERT FOR A NEW TV PROGRAMME ANGEL COULBY IS IN :-D but i forgot what the name of the programme was. :-(
Angel Coulby and Anthony Head are starring in Stephen Poliakoff's new 5 part drama Dancing on the Edge on BBC2, due to air Feb 4th
Angel Coulby looking extremely graceful in Dancing on the Edge.
not sure if you knew but Angel Coulby's new drama on bbc is 'Dancing on the Edge'
Just seen the advert for dancing on the edge with angel coulby and Anthony Head in !
Angel Coulby and Anthony Head make a return in Dancing on the edge in february on bbc 2...
A new episode of Merlin again! When I tell Dale about it, he has a typical heterosexual male response when I tell him Angel Coulby; (sp?) went from Guinevere the servant to Guinevere the Queen & wore a gown that showed a lot of her boobs/breasts/whatever you call them, he said 'tape it for me'! :)
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'Dancing on the Edge' media pack with mentions of Angel Coulby and Anthony Head
Merlin and HP fans, can we just take a moment and imagine how BRILLIANT it would be to have a movie about the Founders with them being played by Bradley James (Godric), Colin Morgan (Salazar), Angel Coulby (Helga), and Katie McGrath (Rowena)? Just.take a moment. And then fangirl to the extreme. Cuz I think it would be sheer perfection. Lena Coker, Linda Barnhart, Katie Faulner, Lauren Cone, Sam Yelverton, Ashley Odham
I go to sleep now. I wish you some beautiful, magical, sweet, amazing, Angel Coulby dream! ♥♥♥
Okay so clearly seeing as Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Colin Morgan AND Richard Wilson are in various Doctor Who episodes...
Anthony Head will also be in Dancing on the Edge with Angel Coulby and Janet Montgomery! Thank you 2013 for existing.
Merlin Cast Friendships - Bradley&Angel “Angel Coulby has a very infectious laugh, so if you have a scene wit…
Hate Gwen all you want, but if you hate Angel Coulby I don't know what to say to you.
I have massive crushes on both Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby. But Bradley and Colin. Also perfection. I can't with this show.
Angel Coulby will be in 'Dancing on the Edge' bonus episode
Ok so Colin Morgan and Angel Coulby already have other parts, why don't you!!??
'Dancing on the Edge' pics gallery, including John Goodman with 'Merlin' star Angel Coulby -
// about her from this side. And about Angel Coulby too.
New pics of 'Merlin' star Angel Coulby in BBC Two's 'Dancing on the Edge' drama -
Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure television programme. The show is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the young wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur but differs from traditional versions in many ways. Arthur Pendragon (Bradley James) gets married to Guenivere (Angel coulby), but his sister Morgana ( Katie McGrath) is trying to do everything in her will to try and stop Arthur and Gwen taking the throne and ruling Camolot ( the kingdom). And Merlin is trying to protect Arthur as it is his destiny.
See Angel Coulby in Dancing on the Edge preview pictures and video
Merlin' star Angel Coulby in 'Dancing on the Edge' pics gallery -
I have never understood Agravaine's loyalty to Morgana. Like, I get that they both hate Uther, but if you hated your brother-in-law, why would you help the girl who was born of that brother in law cheating on your beloved sister?
I am french, i like in the serie merlin and the actors Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson and Anthony Head, but i love angel coulby, Katie mcgraph, emilie fox, and the actress "frya"
Honestly, if you want to be in something on the BBC, be an extra for Doctor Who. Take Merlin for example, Uther, Gwen and Merlin (aka Anthony Head, Angel Coulby and Colin Morgan) have all been on it. Or Mark Gatiis, plays Mycroft in Sherlock, he started as a writer for one episode and now he's cowriting with Steven Moffat. Or people from Eastenders, there's even someone from Game of Thrones! Ok, that one isn't BBC but it's still brilliant. If you ever get a speaking role for Doctor Who, even if it's just one line, you're probably going to end up in something big.
Sad that Angel Coulby and Bradley James didn't make the cut for the NTA's I loved their portrayal of Arthur and Gwen.
starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath it would be...AMAZING! xD
My wish list for GC. Katie McGrath. Bradley James. Angel Coulby. Any of the knights. Doctor Who people (recent doctors and-
Thank You Merlin for Colin Morgan, for Bradley James, for Katie McGrath, for Angel Coulby, for Alex Vlahos, for Eoin MacKen, for Tom Hopper
Gwen (Angel Coulby), Morgana (Katie McGrath), Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) are here with a very special Christmas message for all Merlin ...
Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath on set of Merlin [1/2/3/4/5] The best thing about…
I've known fantastic actors such as Colin Morgan and Angel Coulby!
First photoshoot of the Merlin cast Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Colin Morgan :)
There will be musical album launch for dancing on the edge. Angel Coulby may sing
Great Q&A with Stephen Poliakoff, Angel Coulby & Tom Hughes last night after very enjoyable Dancing on the Edge screening.
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