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Ang Lee

Ang Lee (Chinese: ; Pinyin: Lǐ Ān; born October 23, 1954) is a Taiwanese film director.

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One last wish! Sana habaan ang episode bukas, at wala sanang fast forward to 3 years, etc. like they always do! 🙄😫
Check out fabulous photos of Ang Lee, Mychael Danna, & more from Tuesday's Opening Night:…
The Hateful Eight, starring Gary Cooper and Robert Pattinson. Directed by Ang Lee, music by UNKLE. Budget: $2m
Edward is smart enough. He knows kung sino ang totoo at sino ang fake.
Ang Lee's The Fugitive inspired my love for film. nuanced and shoddy.
and of course who would forget his "ang sexy ko diba?" moment :">. Credits: lee adriano (youtube)
Ang ganda nung Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales 😍😍😍😍
One of the things I enjoyed about Ang Lee's 'Lust, Caution' was him showing the sexual side of Tony Leung.
'Ang Lee took the ideas in my book and made them unsettling, thrilling and new'
Tonight: on landing the lead in Ang Lee's before he'd even left drama school.
This is going to be the prettiest movie ever made. As if Ang Lee directed it.
HULK movies: you wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee.
One of my teachers once forced me to write a research paper on Ang San Suu Kiy when I wanted to write about Lee Soon Shin.
Really enjoyed DT article, nice to read mention of Billy Lynn/ang Lee,very miffed that after…
Done watching CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE 😍😍😍 actually too late to see this, kay lagi di ko feel ang kathniel...
Never have my problems been yours, and never will be, you make sure of it. We are all alone here.
Ang seryoso ni Baby girl Thank you so much . .
I think nag down Lang ang site, on going pa din ang voting eh.. .
You really are redefining Filipino standards of beauty. Ang ganda mo…
Edward in the 2008 version is 1500% more trash than in the Ang Lee one. Turning up with his ring of hair, trying to Darcy some log chopping.
I want Ang Lee to do Jane Austen's "Persuasion" but with the art-director & world designer of the 2005 "Pride & Prejudice".
This reminds me of Ricky Lee's Trip To Quiapo where he said that once the material is handed to the director, wala ng say ang writer
Claw your way out of the country, Lucy! Although I am forever Team Elinor, sorry. Actually, I'm Team Margaret from the Ang Lee version.
Stared with Ang Lee Sense & Sensibility, cried over Alan Rickman. Now straight on to the 2008 TV version.
Before Life of Pi​ & Brokeback Mountain​, Ang Lee​ gave us Eat Drink Man Woman, a comedy about food and family ties.
was AMAZING!Ang Lee was present for LOP! He said, "I wasn't allowed to make movies as a kid"…
welcomed special guest, director Ang Lee for the stunning premier of Life of Pi Suite by Mychael D…
Exclusive still of Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain (2006) dir. Ang Lee
Academy Award winning director Ang Lee came to at the TSO. Beautiful performance of an original score.
I'm not that sure if who's that girl in vivo! My G SINGER ang description eh PERO SABIT PADIN. MAYWARD REALKiligSaLIT.
Donnie Darko, starring Larry the Cable Guy and Helena Bonham Carter. Directed by Ang Lee, music by The Weeknd. Budget: $2m
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Ang Lee's Hulk is actually pretty good.
I still prefer "The Incredible Hulk" to Ang Lee's "Hulk" because except for Sam Elliott absolutely nothing works.
Not a big fan of either film, but I still think Ang Lee is a great director, Brokeback Mountain is probably my favo…
what Ang Lee wanted to do with Billy Linn kinikankinikan is what Nolan has achieved, greatly, with Dunkirk. huhuhu
I love Ang Lee's Hulk... it's like a Marvel film with DCEU style (before it existed), seri…
I love that this film version of S&S is considered Emma Thompson's, not Ang Lee's. Quite right too.
Ang Lee is in a bind, he's way behind.
Lol The Hulk Review from the the Ang Lee Comercial with Melody & Clive was hilarious 😂
Cheesebread muy akoa kay duol ra ang caft. I dunno, maybe because Guy Hall was so far away from Bossing's mao i never knew about it
Demo-crazy ang kanila, to quote the late Lee Kwan Yew of SGP.
It's also where I walked out of Ang Lee's The Ice Storm, but that's a whole other story. 😝
Ang Lee is a visual director and I think he did a marvelous job with Hulk. Pun not intended.
For me, si park seo-joon 🙊. Basta last to go si lee min *** & song joong-ki 😍. If Nichkhun is in the list, sya ang…
Ang Lee's Hulk. If the look on their face doesn't cure you, nothin….
I would argue Ang Lee's Hulk movie is flawed, but has some decent ideas.
I guess Ang Lee was very mismatched for the material. He's a journeyman filmmaker.
Part of that problem might be Ang Lee not having the right toolbox to pull it off.
Wow. Looking at the clips, admittedly I have second thoughts about giving Ang Lee's Hulk another chance.
Go to SM and make an appointment to Lee soo man ang go lecture him and all the people behind it! 😁
Man Critic you got me there I thought it was going to be review for…
In addition to its heart and wit, this film is gorgeous. Ang Lee made this such a beautiful film.
Trump was blindsided by Lee and Moran's health care statements last night, had no idea they were coming.
Yes Dennis is good and getting better. I have to add Ang Lee to this list. He is getting good too.
I remember being forced to sit through Ang Lee's "The Hulk." Honestly, by the time things started to ha…
1) Ang Lee was once asked if he had any advice for aspiring filmmakers...
Lee Hongki - Mirotic (live). His voice is really one of my faves among Korean singers.. iba ang power! . Grabe ka...
Ang mga may hidden agenda talaga ang SALOT sa lipunan. Good thing MayWard is surrounded by *mostly* genuine people. :).
Big tip to Ang Lee currently. Will that change overnight?
You watch a Verhoeven and Ang Lee war thriller back to back, which one comes out the better?
I found Ang Lee's version, and its gut-wrenching father/son flashback, to be the superior cinematic hulk effort.
I haven't read it in ages but it was my favorite when I was a kid. Ang Lee was perfect to direct the film too.
Ang Lee's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. Superb cast to boot.
I really enjoy the MCU, but Ang Lee's Hulk is a masterpiece of the genre. I will die on this hill.
Brokeback Mountain → Ang Lee → 2005 ○. - The first *** movie I watched (?). "Ya know it could be like this, just lik…
Falafel, Ang Lee, Science Fiction...things mike doesn't see "eye to eye" with
"Hala ang galing nya" yas that's our King Lee Taemin complimented by a non-kpop fan woaaah my heart
I just wanna tell my mutuals that I love lee donghae so much I hope he's eating well and he's getting the love he d…
Well, it's not Date Night. But here's a hint: It's a 1994 Taiwanese movie & was directed by Ang Lee.
We could discuss Ang Lee. wants Peter Weir for this project. Call my agent. (aka my cat)
Sense and Sensibility directed by Ang Lee with Kate Winslet,Emma Thompson,Hugh Grant,Alan Rickman . . I really love it
Sensitivity and money are like parallel lines. They don't meet.: Ang Lee
Ang Lee and Kevin Smith makes the list.
The guy from this movie. He is so talented he landed the role and impressed 2 time Oscar winner director Ang Lee
"Because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit.". Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) dir. Ang Lee 🇨🇳
Will Smith in talks to team up with director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) for the action thriller...
Ang Lee is eyeing a sci-fi action film for his next project 👀
somebody beat me to it with Ang Lee so I'll give my all-time answer. anybody more versatile in history than Richard Donner?
For anyone playing at home, I think the best suggestions from other folks so far are: Ang Lee, Ron Howard and David Gordon Green.
Ang Lee is a good call! Lots of range, and they're almost all pretty good.
5 min to convince Ang Lee to adapt my comic into a blockbuster. The other 55 to hang out with my daughte…
This is why I hate eating supper earlier than 9pm. Gutommy lee jones na ang ate niyo
Should ang lee do a dragon ball movie in the future because he didn't do Mulan ??
“Animals have souls. I have seen it in their eyes.”. Life of Pi (2012) x Ang Lee
Ang Lee, produced by Merchant Ivory, music by Alexandre Desplat
Will Smith and Ang Lee may team for clone action thriller Gemini Man via
I wish you, and Larry McMurtry could have spoken alongside Ang Lee in ‘I Am Heath Ledger’. Would have been great.
Also ang batang Joy lee and the adult Harry borrison 😂
Lee yeong ang hong raon for the win!
"Ang isang minamahal, hindi tinatalikuran." -Lee Yeong. so you mean, you still have care for her?
Visionary director of films like Life of Pi Movie, and Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee is set to direct "Gemini Man"...
ATM: watching Siamdang a kdrama,lead star Lee Young Ae,at 8:55 DTBY after that tulog na. No To Enca. ang GMA.
Will Smith is going to fight a younger version of himself in a close assassin movie, if this deal works out
We have their happiness of someone else. -Ang Lee
Will Smith to fight himself in Ang Lee's new sci-fi via / ...Like you do.
GUYS! Showing ang Himala of Nora Aunor, directed by the Ismael Bernal and written by the Ricky Lee, sa selected SM…
Trending agad agad ang hashtag for Maymay. Good job, guys! Let's also do it for Edward tonight, ok ba?.
When you start ignoring the burning heat of the sun and loving the beach! . " Ang maganda.. sunugin man sa araw...
Will Smith may play an assassin battling his CLONE in the new Ang Lee movie GEMINI MAN!
Have you ever revisited the first hulk film by ang Lee.and found beauty? Or is that just me...?
Suraj Sharma. I realize finally why did Ang Lee cast him to act Pi Patel in Movie Life of Pi.
Frederick Elmes has made David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, and Ang Lee look good. (
Oscar Nominee and Cannes juror Will Smith to star in Ang Lee's sci-fi thriller 'Gemini Man'
Will Smith will fight a clone of himself in Hulk director Ang Lee's new sci-fi movie. .
Will Smith to fight a clone of himself in new sci-fi from Hulk director Ang Lee
Will Smith to fight young Will Smith in clone assassin movie "Gemini Man"
Will Smith and Ang Lee to resurrect sci-fi script GEMINI MAN?!? via
Like having Michael Bay direct a trailer for an Ang Lee movie.
This summer Edgar Wright has a movie called Baby Driver and Marc Webb has Only Living Boy in New York. What's next, Ang Lee'…
Will Smith in Talks to Star in Clone Assassin Movie 'Gemini Man' for Ang Lee (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter
I cant believe how awful Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is. Ang Lee is talented but man when he's off he can make some steaming piles of...
at the - Ang Lee's "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk". Revolutionary in being the first movie comme…
only 70s TV and Ang Lee. Batman had Adam West TV, Burton, Nolan movie…
ooh good shouts. Couldnt keep it to 3 so top 4: Wheatley, Joon *** Bong, Ang Lee & Jonathan Glazer.
Ang Lee said Anne Hathaway auditioned for Brokeback Mountain "dressed as a princess". It was in a lunch break from The Prin…
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, starring Zoe Bell and Gwyneth Paltrow. Directed by Ang Lee, music by The Fall. Budget: $2m
At I've seen Ang Lee, James Earl Jones, Gregory Peck, but that's all non-Stuart Gordon? Reggio?
Ang Lee,Taiwan-born independent producer, director and screenwriter who won “Best Director” in the 2005 Academy Awa…
Blazing Saddles, starring Elizabeth Banks and Brendan Fraser. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Neil Finn. Budget: $100m
Yes! But I was so hoping Ang Lee would direct since he did a great job with Jane Austen. Prove me wrong, Jon Chu!
Ang Lee contrasted the realities of war with America's perception in - Now on 4K, Blu-ray & Digital! http…
John Ford then was like Ang Lee now: two Best Director wins but no corresponding Best Picture. This was his third w…
Looking at Oscar Nominations 2017 it is hard to believe that Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Ang Lee, Oliver Stone made films in 2016...
16th film of 2017:. "Hulk" (2003). Directed by Ang Lee, written by and Michael France and
Ever After, starring Taraji P. Henson and River Phoenix. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Ultravox!. Budget: $1 billion
Traffic, starring Mandy Patinkin and Chris Rock. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Puff Daddy. Budget: $75m
Thorough interviews by Li Zongtao with phenomenal artists such as Ang Lee, Xu Bing, Karen Smith, Gary Graffman, etc.
I really love the Hulk, but Eric Bana was a terrible Bruce Banner in this film and Ang Lee was a terrible choice...
I'm going to watch Ang Lee's greatest film... Hulk. I absolutely love this film. Eric Bana is brilliant. Underated classic!
Hulk, directed by Ang Lee and starring Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick Nolte.
Ang Lee is very precise. He will show you everything, and will ...
Today in film history: Ang Lee's opens to wide critical acclaim in 1995.
From beginning to end I worried that Ang Lee wouldn't be satisfied with ...
I still like Hulk, despite the gamma-dog nonsense. Ang Lee and Eric Bana would be a great fit for the MCU.
This camera seems to have sprung from the imagination of Terry Gilliam! . I love John Toll & Ang Lee but man that lo…
Ang Lee doesn't pull any punches in his latest movie. Check out my review of Long Halftime Walk:…
Joe Alwyn is very impressive in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, which is middle-tier Ang Lee. Hedlund & Stewart are great. Emotional film.
On this week's Movies 101, the new Ang Lee and Kelly Reichardt, and the masterpiece MOONLIGHT. Listen here:
That's "Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk in 120fps, 4K 3D" for all you non-cinema people out there.
Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is a war movie that hits home & feels unmistakably human. Immensely rewarding.
Do see Ang Lee's Lynn's Long Half Time Walk. Commentary on our time questions War, PTSD , respect for our troops💪
Ang Lee, Jon Toll and everyone behind the camera have achieved something truly special and groundbreaking with Billy Lynn in 120fps
Jerry Saltz suggests that Bush's anti *** marriage policies are partly responsible for Ang Lee making "Brokeback Mountain"
Where to see Ang Lee's technological marvel "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" in its full 120 frames per second:
& for your chance to win a FREE digital HD copy of Ang Lee's classic Winner w…
Ang Lee believes new film technology is worth trying again
A movie directed by Ang Lee with Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, Steve Martin & Chris Tucker. I am convinced Billy Lynn is an elaborate hoax.
"Did I do too many things at once before people get used to it?" Ang Lee gets candid about split reacts: http…
The new trailer for Ang Lee's big cinematic gamble is here. Watch it now:
Ang Lee pushes the boundaries of cinema to polarizing limits in Watch the new trailer: h…
.are honouring Samuel L Jackson, Felicity Jones, Ang Lee, Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais & Jodie Foster at the
Watch an in-depth talk with Ang Lee at following the world premiere of Billy Lynn'S Long Halftime Walk.
In honor of director Ang Lee's birthday, one of my favorite scenes from 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' (2000):
Happy 62th Chow Yun-Fat and director Ang Lee on-set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).
Ang Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais and Jodie Foster are among the list of honorees
Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Joe Alwyn and Ang Lee know how not to take press conferences too seriously. https…
Rounding out our free Directors Dialogues with Ang Lee discussing today at 3:30pm
Opinions for will run the gamut, but one postulate will be unanimous: there has never been anyone, anywhere lik…
Ang Lee says 3D and frame rate was so hyper realistic that the actors couldn't use makeup
Heath, Ang Lee and Jake at the Venice Film Festival (2005) for the premiere of Brokeback Mountain
Director Ang Lee and cast at the World Premiere at the New York Film Festival.
It appears Ang Lee's experiment with 120fps for his new film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk hasn't gone down well with critics.
Garrett on what Ang Lee told the cast: "You can’t act; you just have to be.’ He just wanted everybody to be natural.”
God bless Ang Lee for trying, but 120fps feels like fast-forward. the hyper-reality highlights artifice. myth of total ci…
Gotta wait til tomorrow to see Ang Lee's with and https…
Apparently ALL screenings of Billy Lynn will be 120fps. And when it comes out on DVD, Ang Lee will come & turn motion smoot…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hollywood's next big thing: How Joe Alwyn landed his first role (ever) in Ang Lee's new movie
Do we know if Ang Lee will tinker with Billy Lynn after getting feedback on screenings of the film?
Nonetheless, big applause to Ang Lee for trying something daring and new. It's certainly commendable. Kristen Stewart and J…
Director Ang Lee is readying different versions of the film's cutting-edge format for general release
"We're soldiers in the trenches... We won't let each other down." Ang Lee on working with his cast & crew
Kristen Stewart on the red carpet for the world premiere of Ang Lee's Billy Lynn'S Long Halftime Walk at
Ang Lee reveals why it took him over a year to edit 😯
Billy Lynn'S Long Halftime Walk: In the close-ups, which are gorgeous and unforgiving, I could see what Ang Lee liked a…
Ang Lee is always ahead of the curve, even if it doesn't work traditionally. Billy Lynn will have a spot in history,…
I was moved by Billy Lynn. Hyper reality is interesting. Not sure if theater is best place for this but in awe of Ang Lee's…
Ang Lee's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk': Only 2 theaters in the US equipped to show "the whole shebang"
Ang Lee says this is the first time the cast has seen 'Billy Lynn.'
Ang Lee with the cast of 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.'
The opportunity, number one, to work with Ang Lee is an amazing thing fo...
Kristen will attend the AOL Build w/ Ang Lee, Steve Martin, Chris Tucker and Joe Alwin on October 14, and she will attend th…
Like everything except for the new Ang Lee and a few others.
Americans are Hidden Dragons to me.
Oh my Basti. How you have matured. Asan ang impulsive Basti?.
Ang Lee discusses the evolution of the movie going experience
Ang Lee makes cinema history with Mirage 3D projector - 'We couldn't use make up' via
And I'll patiently wait for a group hug of this trio with Basti 😻. Ang saya sa puso! .
Mothman Prophecies, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Gandalf. Directed by Ang Lee, music by The Animals. Budget: $2m
Brilliant from Ang Lee with a sneaky peak into Billy Lynn shot on Sony Cinealta!
As artists, we like night more than day sometimes.
I'm a big boy now, and I have to deliver.
filmmaker Ang Lee was in this weekend to talk about film and new technologies.
We are one to our sixth student! Haelim Lee is a student studying social welfare in Chung-Ang University. Her...
Every time I watch that movie like WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT ANG LEE? WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT
Ang Lee, a real patriot: "I am Taiwanese, and no matter where I shoot my films, those movies will always be Taiwan… htt…
I hope people don't compare 2D and 3D because 3D's new, it's unfair to compare to 2D which is reall
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Tbh I don' t care about certain women. Bring me ang lee movie.
The way I go about a lovemaking scene is that we will talk about it during the rehearsing time.
What made Cineo the right choice for Ang Lee's upcoming shot at 120fps? explores:
Ang Lee makes cinema history with Christie Mirage 3D projector: "At 120 frames per second your eyes get greed...
'She rounds out an honors lineup that includes Ang Lee (John Schlesinger Britannia Award for Excellence in Directin…
But you don't hire Ang Lee to do a typical children's movie. But it's such an interesting co
.revealed on Howard Stern Show that Ang Lee told Kate Winslet, "Don't worry, you will get better" during S&S
Hugh Grant (HackedOffHugh) compares director Stephen Frears to Woody Allen and Ang Lee
Did you know that Ang Lee's was shot on Discover F65:
unless he's a BIG FAN of Ang Lee's first short film, his first movie, Pushing Hands, didn't come out till 92...
1. The Black Caldron. Directed by David Fincher. 2. Brink. Directed by tony hawk. 3. The fox and the hound. directed by Ang Lee
Ang Lee's Hulk aka Bruce Banner and his amazing indestructible trousers
Three Kings, starring William H. Macy and Anjelica Huston. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Mexrrissey. Budget: $300m
Anyone says the Oscar race is a mess, just remind them that Benh Zeitlin didn't debate David O. Russell the year Ang Lee won Best Director.
Just this year alone Kristen Stewart is in films directed by Olivier Assayas, Woody Allen, Kelly Reichardt and Ang Lee. Atta girl.
Ben had a long list of demands that no director or studio wanted to hear , Ang Lee listened so he got the job
Ang Lee releases video in support of 'Song of the Phoenix': (CRI) Renowned director Ang Lee has released a video to…
“There’s a reason why Ang Lee and Woody Allen want to work with Kristen Stewart.”
Trailer released for director Ang Lee&new film - Focus Taiwan News Channel
Is there a director that's worked expertly on a wider range of material than Ang Lee?
Well, at least Ang Lee is a serious director, so that's good, but i don't see much in the way of parody in his previous movies.
Here is the trailer to Ang Lee's compelling new movie "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk." I'm in it, I think.
Trailer released for director Ang Lee's new film
Check out the new poster for from three-time Academy Award Winning director Ang Lee. In theaters 11/11. htt…
Casting director Nandini Shrikent talks about working with Zoya Akhtar & Ang Lee. Read on:
Love this teaser poster for Ang Lee's new film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.
New trailer and poster for Ang Lee's new film, Long Halftime Walk
This looks really, really good - Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk: From director Ang Lee.
Sneak peek: Ang Lee goes to war for 'Long Halftime Walk' via
Oscar winner Ang Lee returns with harrowing war drama, Watch the trailer:
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Check out the trailer for Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk from director Ang Lee! .
Caught up on the Billy Lynn'S Long Halftime Walk trailer. Wasn't head over heels for it, but I'll give Ang Lee the benefit of the doubt.
Trailer: Ang Lee heads to war in ambitious awards contender
Ang Lee's 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' explores horrors of war in first trailer
Along with the trailer, the first poster for Ang Lee's 'Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk'
Watch the teaser trailer for directed by Ang Lee. In theaters November 11.
Fountain's book Billy Lynn'S Long Halftime Walk will be released as a film (Ang Lee) on Veterans Day 2016.
The boys from Ang Lee's. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. at 2016. Watch out ladies! Little Billy will kill U!
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is the first major feature film captured in 120fps 3D. Taiwanese “Life of Pi” director Ang Lee
I watch it once every year but read the short story more often. Annie Prouxl wrote it and Ang Lee brought it to life
now watching Taking Woodstock...which I do believe will complete my Ang Lee completionism.
Annie Proulx and Ang Lee, thank you for the masterpiece that is Brokeback Mountain.
"There are many true filmmakers in the world. There is only one Ang Lee," says Sony chief Tom Rothman
I really want Karl Urban and Eric Bana to be in future Marvel films. Banish the Ang Lee version of the Hulk from memory for Bana.
"Taiwan's Ang Lee named winner of BAFTA award (the John Schlesinger Britannia Award) for directing"
ANNOUNCEMENT: Ang Lee will receive the John Schlesinger Britannia Award for Excellence in Directing!
Now watch Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' on from 1st April
Ang Lee has been named 'Filmmaker on Edge' for the Provincetown International Film Festival
Ang Lee said 'you're not a movie director until you've made a martial arts film', so I was applying that to games...
Much like Ang Lee's 2003 'Hulk', it was a great showcase for it's director, but a bizarre adaptation of it's source material!
eish, i was out, for me Milos Forman was the Ang Lee of that age
Renowned director Ang Lee to present keynote & screen footage from his upcoming film at the Future of Cinema Conference.
Taking Woodstock (2009): Directed by Ang Lee, Based on a true story, In the summer of 1969, Elliot Tiber divid...
Renowned director Ang Lee will present a keynote address at the Future of Cinema Conference,
Ang Lee slams Oscars over Chris Rock's 'racist' joke about east Asians
Ang Lee and other Asian Oscar winners protest "racist stereotypes" to the Academy
Ang Lee and George Takei angry over Oscars apology: Takei, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and actor Sandra Oh ...
Classic Stewart Lee! Was gonna make the "Ang Lee" joke but I held back hehe Glad you liked the vid! Thanks!
ICYMI I just saw the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel and it was prety good. Yuen Woo Ping is no Ang Lee for drama but he did good.
Zhang said she wasn't coming back if Ang Lee didn't direct and it sounds like a good call
'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' by Ang Lee w/ and Coming soon!
Ang Lee to Unveil 'Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk' Footage in 3D, 4K and at 120 Frames Per Second
'... and soon-to-be-released collaborations with directors including Kelly Reichardt, Ang Lee and Woody Allen.' 😌👌🏻
I'm interested in seeing how this turns out with out Zhang Ziyi who declined to return without director Ang Lee
I'd rather watch the Lou Ferigno TV show than the Ang Lee movie.
The cast seems decent enough but I dont know how to feel about Ang Lee as the director. Ill have to see a trailer.
*** Director, Ang Lee's movie "Brokeback Mountain" (2006) was part of this campaign to homosexuality.
yup. and the last 3 "Best Director" awards went to non-white people. Ang Lee, AG Inarritu, and Cuaron.
Fun fact about Best Director.Since 2012 you need BAFTA/DGA/Oscar to win BD.Ang Lee was the only one with 3 in '12. Only 2 …
because out of 433 Best Director nominations by , in 88 years, 7= Latino, 6=Asian (3 Ang Lee), 4=women, 3= Black
Of those two, one was winning Best Director - like Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan, Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain.
Forgot how much I enjoy the Ang Lee adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. Esp. Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon!
Ray Fisher & David Oyelowo being eyed for Ang Lee's 3D boxing movie
Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility, with Alan Rickman's wonderful Col. Brandon is on. 😊
It's such an amazing movie. I'm totally in love w/ Colonel Brandon 😍. Ang Lee is one of the Best Directors ever.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ang Lee's Hulk made me pine for the Lou Ferigno tv movies.
zoom out the camera angles on the PatsChiefs game. Stop tryin to be artistic, you're not Ang Lee
Watching Ang Lee's "Sense and Sensibility," which is my second favorite adaptation of Austen. Fell in love with as Brandon.
Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility has had a very special place in my heart for 20 years; it was always, always Brandon 💗
“Lovers' quarrels are swift to heal.” Sense and Sensibility (1995) dir. Ang Lee
Directors Ang Lee and Guillermo del Toro announce 2016 Oscar nominations from the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles.
that's the specs of Ang Lee's new film
John Krasinski, Guillermo del Toro and Ang Lee to announce Oscar...
That's Imelda & Imogen not Una & John, great though they are, & directed by Ang Lee. Am going to enjoy Sense & Sensibility, love J Austin.
There is a song Sweet Serendipity by LEE DEWYZE. Sana may gumawa ng video un ang back ground hehe
I completely forgot to list Brokeback Mountain! Ang Lee!
- Ang Lee collaborating with Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been really great at …
John Krasinski, Guillermo del Toro and Ang Lee will announce the 2016 Oscar
See what Guillermo del Toro & Ang Lee did at the Oscars nominations in today's Seeing Stars:
"Ang Lee gave a 1st look on his upcoming movie BLLHW, which seems to become one of the most outstanding and unique mov…
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yan na ang sagot sa last question ni ate. Thank you !! We know it by these.. ;).
Thinking about this a lot. I dislike Col. Brandon on the page but AR did something with him in Ang Lee's adaptation, don't know what
(That said, the Ang Lee pic is an interesting film, but not a great Hulk film. The editing is fantastic tho.)
Where does the Ang Lee "Hulk" fit into our current conception of comic book movies? It's interesting in some ways.
Oh please! Alan Rickman was so much greater than his role in Harry Potter - what about Brandon in Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility?
I am weirdly a cinematography and editing person, like I love Ang Lee's Hulk in large part because of the editing...
His voice did things to me. So smitten with him as Colonel Brandon in Ang Lee's 'Sense & Sensibility'.
was such a tremendous actor. I'll always remember him as Colonel Brandon in Ang Lee's S & S. And as Severus Snape, of course.
RIP Sir Alan. Rickman's as Colonel Brandon in Ang Lee's 1995 adaptation of "Sense And Sensibility".
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