Andy Williams & Moon River

Howard Andrew Andy Williams (born December 3, 1927) is an American singer who has recorded 18 Gold- and three Platinum-certified albums. Moon River is a song composed by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Henry Mancini (music) in 1961, for whom it won that year's Academy Award for Best Original Song. 5.0/5

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Idc what you say. Moon River is better than Audrey Hepburn's, puts Andy Williams to shame, and crushes all other covers
Come and enjoy "Andy Williams, Moon River and Me," starring Jimmy Osmond Saturday, Feb. 4, at Jennie T. Anderson...
Listening to "Moon River" by Andy Williams makes me want to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
ooh, dream maker u heart breaker wherever ur going , im going ur way🍃 ♫ Moon River by Andy Williams —
New CD-Moon River & Me: A Tribute to Andy Williams is available for pre-order! See my blog for links
Graham Elliot on ‘Moon River,’ sung by Andy Williams (with an almost but not quite Morrissey tale) via
This is my jam: Moon River by Andy Williams on Dean Martin Radio ♫
"Moon River" by Andy Williams is my favorite song rn.
Early start today, travelling to Branson MO. Performing with Daniel at Andy Williams 'Moon River Theatre' for next few weeks
I added a video to a playlist Andy Williams - Moon River
protestors in Ferguson, MO, should take it to Branson because Andy Williams is still singing "Moon River" goddammit
me 2 I'm going to lipsync Moon River by Andy Williams ! - see you there
I visited my friend, Palmer Kane Allen, on his channel the other day (I love Palmer's voice and as I also loved his version of Moon River, I asked him if he would allow me to put my vocals next to his. Palmer was very kind and accepted and so here is the result of this collaboration. I hope you will enjoy this cover. Moon River was written by Johnny Mercer and composed by Henry Mancini ; it was originally sung by Audrey Hepburn in the film by Blake Edwards, Breakfast at Tiffany's which was released in 1961. It was performed by Andy Williams at the 1962 Oscar Awards and was awarded the Oscar for Best Original Song. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. FAIR USE ONLY. Je suis passée voir mon ami Palmer Kane Allen sur sa chaîne l'autre jour (J'aime beaucoup la voix de Palmer et comme j'ai aussi beaucoup aimé sa version de Moon River, je lui ai demandé s'il accepterait que je pose ma voix à côté de la sienne. Palmer a eu la grande gentillesse d'accepter et voici donc le fruit de cette collaboration. J'e ...
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (May 27th): 1932: Junior Parker ("Love My Baby" and "Mystery Train”) was born – died in 1971 at age 39, in during surgery for a brain tumor – inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2001 1935: Ramsey Lewis was born 1939: Don Williams was born 1943: Priscilla White was born -- you knew her as Cilla Black 1944: Lenny Davidson (The Dave Clark Five, guitar) was born 1948: Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship and, currently, Moonalice) was born 1957: "That'll Be The Day" was released by Buddy Holly and the Crickets -- it did reach in the UK, but only in the US -- it was the first song recorded by The Quarrymen . before they became The Beatles 1962: At the Grammy Awards in New York, Andy Williams' "Moon River," from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, is named both Record and Song of the Year 1963: The Beatles release "From Me To You" 1963: Bob Dylan release The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1964: A Coventry, England school suspended 11 boys for having *** Jagger haircuts 1966: The Exploding .. ...
My family along with my brother John went to Madison and got to spend some time with dad today and shared some birthday cake for his 83rd birthday and I also had the chance to sing a few of dad's favorite old songs, "Make the world go away" by Eddie Arnold, "Moon River" by Andy Williams and "Ramblin Rose" by Nat King Cole. Thank God I had the lyrics!! Happy Birthday DAD!!!
I remember at Donny & Marie's Christmas show when they sang "Moon River" in tribute to Andy Williams:)
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Born on December 3: - Andy Williams ("Moon River") - Ferlin Husky ("Wings of a Dove") - Ozzy Osbourne ("War Pigs") - Mickey Thomas - vocalist for the Elvin Bishop Band ("Fooled Around and Fell in Love") and Starship (“We Built This City”)
A good conclusion to this Thanksgiving. ♫ Moon River – Andy Williams,Robert Mersey,Robert Mersey
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever you're going, I'm going your way.. ♫ Moon River by Andy Williams —
It was like people leaving the Andy Williams concert not thinking he would sing Moon River, but wham second encore
would you be ok to sing old old faves? If I have my way I'd request you to sing "Moon River" by Andy Williams, pls?
I liked a video BIGMAN plays 'Moon River' by Andy Williams
I added a video to a playlist Moon River - Andy Williams
With the passing of Andy Williams, I keep imagining his golden tenor singing Henry Mancini's "Moon River." The song talks about crossing life in style. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is all about fashionable cafe society and love; in an adult fairy tale, you can have both even if you are two drifters.
Andy Williams - Moon River (1970) playing these to grandad Bob he's loving YouTube ❤ the small things in life
I could listen to Sally Fields all day, open and interesting interview on and to top it she picked Andy Williams' Moon River.
Just listened to Andy Williams singing "moon river", it took me back to my childhood as my mum loved this song and I can still see her singing it as she went about her chores, lovely times and gr8 memories, miss u mum!
What gets me out of a bad mood, Andy Williams' moon river and Gary Lewis and the playboys' build me up buttercup
"As we look ahead to 2013 it's appropriate to look back at notable Americans who left the scene and created an indelible impression on our society. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride immediately come to mind. WWII bomber pilot & Senator George McGovern as well as Medal of Honor awardee Senator Daniel Inouye served America with distinction. Arthur Sulzberger publisher of The New York Times--I hardly ever agreed with him . Cosmopolitan's Helen Gurley Brown and author/critic Gore Vidal. Confrontative journalist CBS newsman Mike Wallace and pugnacious new media journalist Andrew Breitbart. Slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens.his death cries out for justice Devilish Dallas star Larry Hagman.Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine and lovable "Sheriff" Andy Griffith Marvin Miller who changed baseball forever and maybe not for the better Nicholas Katzenback who stared down 60's racism and helped end Jim Crow. Jazz great Dave Brubeck ( Take Five ).Moon River crooner Andy Williams.and musician Marvin Hamlisch ...
IN MEMORY – SEPTEMBER 2012: Hal David, 91. Lyricist best known for his work with composer Burt Bacharach and association with singer Dionne Warwick. Probably best known for “The Look Of Love.” Sept. 1. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 92. Self-proclaimed messiah who turned his Unification Church into a worldwide religious movement. Sept. 3. Michael Clarke Duncan, 54. Hulking character actor whose films included an Oscar-nominated performance in "The Green Mile." Sept. 3. Christopher Stevens, 52. U.S. Ambassador to Libya, killed along with American diplomat Sean Smith, 34; American security officer, Glen Doherty, 42 and former U.S. Seal Tyrone Woods, 41. Sept. 11. John Ingle, 84. TV and film actor best known for his role as Edward Quartermaine in the “General Hospital” TV series. Sept. 16. Michael Rye, 94. TV, film and stage actor who was the voice for over 100 characters as well as for video games. Sept. 21. Andy Williams, 84. Silky-voiced, clean-cut crooner whose hit recording "Moon River" and years of po ...
SO let begin, the anomic, amorous event, "The Coca Paste & the Dopamine of Cogito Eve", Merry PhD. and ;poverty, my fine feathered friends. (Bugs Bunny and me crossing Moon River, Andy Williams up and strolls along, fresh from sweating out a pony over in La La land, my alma mater, Pater)
Moon River - Andy Williams and Henry Mancini: Moon river, wider than a mileI'm crossing you in style some dayOh,...
Moon River - Andy Williams: via Because there's such a lot of world to see and dreams are vital. goodnight :)P
Andy Williams mourned at star-studded tribute Andy Williams Williams' songs included Moon River, Butterfly, Can't Get Used to Losing You and Music To Watch Girls By Continue reading the main story Related Stories Singer Andy Williams dies aged 84 Obituary: Andy Williams Andy Williams' Greatest Hits Listen Fans and celebrities have paid tribute to Singer Andy Williams at a memorial in his adopted home-town of Branson, Missouri. The Osmonds, Bob Newhart and Williams' wife Debbie were among those who spoke at the star's Moon River Theater. Others sent video tributes, including comedian Bill Cosby and Ethel Kennedy, who recalled swooning as she once danced with the singer. Williams, known for songs such as Music To Watch Girls Go By, died last month. The 84-year-old's health had failed him after he was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2011. The Osmonds "He was the one that got The Osmonds started," said Merrill Osmond (right) at the service He started out in showbusiness with his three brothers as The William ...
Peter Tillou, a good friend and fellow art collector, speaks at Andy Williams' memorial service at the Moon River Theater, in Branson, Mo., Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012. Williams, known for singing "Moon River" and his Christmas television specials, passed away Sept. 25. (AP Photo/Grant Hindsley)
Andy Williams . it is you ... Moon River ... when ever you go , am going your way . the Impossible world .
New blog post on All Things Branson--a tribute to Andy Williams, plus information about the current shows at Moon River Theatre.
With a string of gold albums, a hit TV series and the signature "Moon River," Andy Williams was a voice of the 1960s, although not the '60s we usually hear a...
What an awsome weekend. Friday, luncheon with the Osmond Brothers at the Moon River Grill, the Osmond Brothers show in the evening at the Andy Williams theater, and then the Meet and Greet after the show. The Brothers are such awesome entertainers and awesome people. Saturday, shopping in Branson and then the Osmond Brothers show in the evening. After that, home to the real world.
Here I am singing the 1961 Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini Oscar winning classic, in honor of the person most associated with it, legendary singer, Andy Williams. I hope you'll enjoy my tribute to this true superstar. Greg :) Tags: singingkid andy
Brian this past week brought back memories of your father (not the ones of us who had to listen) he was totally in love with Andy Williams and the song Moon River and while he was at our house it was all he sang so instead of remembering Andy Williams when I here them playing that song I just think of cousin Bill
On page 173 of 320 of Moon River and Me, by Andy Williams
One of the most, if not the most beautiful songs written during the past century was "Moon River" by Johnny Mercer (lyricist) and Henry Mancini ,composer The song was written for the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffanies" from a Short Story by Truman Capote. Audrey Hepburn played the lead and sang the song. The song became famous when it was sung by Andy Williams. This became his theme song when he performed at Branson, MO in his own theater. The song will live forever in people's hearts, those that love music, that is. We still have Andy's recordings.
I dedicate my version of this song to the late Andy Williams who recently died... I say good bye to my huckleberry friend who has now gone to Moon Heaven! We well miss you Andy :((
Introducing Moon River and Me: A Memoir It is Andy Williams new memoir, "Moon River and Me," follows his famous career with a career span almost 7 decades. H...
Last night's show was a great tribute to Andy Williams from these 3 Osmond Brothers. Jay, Merrill and Jimmy were great! At the Andy Williams Moon River Theater Oct 5th.
Andy Williams performs his signature song, "Moon River" on his television show, February 7, 1970. Andy was 42 years old at the time. I made a mistake in the ...
Andy Williams, thank you for the beautiful "moon river" ...z Baba :-)
I worked for Andy Williams at the Moon River Theatre in Branson, while attending college. My prayers are with Debbie, his wife and his children and grandchildren...I am so sorry for their loss. Andy will be missed by many, many people. RIP
'Moon River' Crooner Andy Williams Dies - By Stephen Miller Andy Williams was known for...
More tributes to Andy Williams...of course we are all familiar with "Moon River"...but on that album, he recorded the Academy Award winning "Never on Sunday" which I think is the best in class. Check it out.Greek and all !
I realize Andy Williams was 84, but I can still hear him singing "Moon River " as if it were yesterday. A handsome face, and a voice like butter. It really saddens me that those days are long past. But then, I never imagined a time in which musical genius Brian Wilson would be fired from the Beach Boys, by the least talented member of the group. I guess I'm not all that surprised about Erin Moran's situation, but she WAS supposed to live happily ever after with Chachi. All in all, a tough day for my 50's--60's state of mind.
- Ryan? Bad luck trifecta? Whitney, Robin Gibb, and now "Moon River" (pre-taped) on GLEE just after Andy Williams dies?
Andy Williams, whose corn-fed good looks, easygoing charm and smooth rendition of "Moon River" propelled him to the heights of music stardom in the early '60s, died Tuesday at his home in Branson, Mo., following a battle with Bladder Cancer, his family ann
R.I.P . Andy Williams dead at 84 . Moon River will never be the same . 10-4 over/out .
I used to think I would never recover from the times my mom and dad would hear Moon River, embrace and start dancing - in the kitchen making dinner, or god forbid out in public. Now those moments make me smile. RIP Andy Williams and thanks for all the memories and akward glimpses of my parents love life.
Damon Kendrix playing Moon River on tribute to Andy Williams upon his passing.
Miah and Titan the singing Chinese Cresteds were in today. They were singing away when Logan the poodle and his owner come in. Logan will be joining in his owner says. Does he know the words to "Moon River" I ask. Laughing she asks why. Well that is the song of the day because they are honoring Andy Williams who just passed away don't tell me you can't pick up the melody I say. You are so nuts she says. Nuts maybe but at least me and the dogs have a fun day at work.
Talking to a friend yesterday who remarked that 'Moon River' was theme music to his childhood. For me it was about the Andy Williams Show, a family event in my house. What a graceful man.
So sad about andy williams . I love Moon River
The steamboat Natchez is playing "Moon River", perhaps in tribute to the passing of Andy Williams. Rest In Peace, my huckleberry friend!
"Moon River" Singer Andy Williams has died at 84 from Bladder Cancer, according to news reports. USA Today reported that Williams had been battling Bladder Cancer for a year, and his family requests that people wishing to send flowers instead make donations to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.
'Moon River' crooner Andy Williams dies at 84 after yearlong battle with cancer
sure was sorry to hear Andy Williams passed away. Cant recall how many times I got lucky to "Moon River" :)
Crooner Andy Williams, 84, made 'Moon River' his own: Legendary singer and TV host Andy Williams has died.Accord...
Okay, former PHS Marching Band members... refresh my memory... Andy Williams' passing had me recalling that we played "Moon River" during our field show in 1978. I also seem to recall learning one show for fall and another show for Washington DC in the spring - the one for DC opened with "California Dreamin'". Where did "Moon River" fall into these shows? Was it the fall show? I remember that one opened with "Nothing like Music", but the rest of the songs are kind of blending in together... let better memories prevail Mike Weiner, Richard Rodgers, Bryant Duffy, Holly Rosskopf Ruddins, Peters Suh, and all the rest of you! :)
Great article decoding the song "Moon River" by Andy Williams. also has great cover by Beck & Clapton
Andy Williams set "Moon River" record long before Neil Armstrong's first walk on the moon. Two legends all took place during the 60's.
'Moon River' crooner Andy Williams dies at age 84 The Associated Press Published September 26, 2012 BRANSON, Mo. — For the older — OK, squarer — side of the generation gap, Andy Williams was part of the soundtrack of the 1960s and '70s, with easy-listening hits like "Moon River," the "Love Story" theme and "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" from his beloved Christmas TV specials. The singer known for his wholesome, middle-America appeal was the antithesis of the counterculture. "The old cliche says that if you can remember the 1960s, you weren't there," Williams once recalled. "Well, I was there all right, but my memory of them is blurred — not by any drugs I took but by the relentless pace of the schedule I set myself." The 84-year-old entertainer, who died Tuesday night at his Branson home following a yearlong battle with Bladder Cancer, outlasted many of the decade's rock stars and fellow crooners such as Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. He remained on the charts into the 1970s and continued to ...
Stupid CBS Gayle King comment of the day regarding the death of Andy Williams regarding Moon River: "Now it takes on a new meaning knowing that he's no longer with us."
like anyone under 40 knows who he is but Andy Williams died yesterday. he was a mid to late 60's crooner... every year a Christmas special and in the late 60's to be hip Andy would wear a turtle neck sweater ... Moon River was his signature song and must say my childhood memories is all that crap he represents. a kind of blind innocence as a american culture began a fissure (Viet Nam and counter culture started to mock the innocent American). most of my performance and visual art came out of this disconnect of desire for sentimentality and softness with the spectre of some moral sickness in this ignorant denial of cultural reality. my performance character Stu Mulligan would sing Andy Williams type songs and stylings then end by vomitting a Jack in the Box milkshake on the stage later becoming mayonnaise... I delved into being a cultural anachronism behind the times ( wearing only polyester in the late 80's and early 90's- one of the most difficult 5 year performances considering the Houston humidity) My ...
Andy Williams,84,loses cancer battle.How many of you remember his songs, "Moon River","Born Free","Love Story" His voice is "a national treasure" I especially like his song "Born Free", which coincided with the theme or slogan of Norwegian Cruise Line --"FreeStyle" Cruising!! How many of you watched that old movie "Born Free" filmed in Africa? Just returned from a safari trip to South Africa and Victoria Falls in Zambia. Life is too short! Treasure your days to come with "Wine and Roses" with your loved ones!!
Andy Williams===(any relation to Jenna?)---One of the last great crooners of the time. - Alfalfa, (may be th best)-- miss Mr. Nat (lazy Hazy Day of Summer ) Cole, the Perry the Barber Como, Frankie the Man Sinatra, now it is by to Mr. Moon River Andy Williams. Sang in the 60"s amidst the rock movement and yet was "Born Free"-Yet I wonder how many of us secretly would have a peace flag and then was closet Moon River melancholy listeners of that song. Then remember "Breakfast at Tiffany's"---He was so smooth that he could touch sandpaper and turn it to ice.---Where is Lou Rawls now? another?
Andy Williams...So glad we got to see his Christmas show in Branson (not very far from us) several years ago. Anyone remember his Christmas specials with Claudine Longet and the children? Then of course there was "Moon River" from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that made him a house-hold name. Left the Bright Lights of New York and Hollywood in, I think it was 1992, and moved to Branson. He liked to tell how RFK asked him to be a delegate to the Democrat Convention in ? only to discover that Andy was a Republican. He died yesterday...a class act...
When I hear Moon River by Andy Williams, I am reminded of many happy and special times spent at Montgomery's beautiful Riverfront Park. It puts on its best show at night, especially when the moon is full. Thank you Mr. Williams for such a lovely song. I tip my hat to crooners everywhere, those who have passed on and the ones who are to come. I hope it is a style of singing that never goes, well, out of style.
So Joe says to me, "You know Andy Williams died." I said, "Yeah, I know. So sad. He sang "Moon River you know." Upon which Joe replied, "I liked him singing "White Christmas." Only my Joe would get Andy Williams and Bing Crosby mixed up.
Andy Williams / Henry Mancini - "Moon River" from the 1961 film of Truman Capote's Short Story "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Their talents live on...
Spent many a Happy Hour watching Andy Williams and his family (Claudine Longet) spend Christmas together...and loved his theme songs to "Love Story" and "The Godfather"...and of course, his version of "Moon River" - thanks...RIP...
Moon River,heard it all my life growing up , one of those we'll never forget . Rest In Peace Andy Williams!
Thanks to Andy Williams (rest his soul) making Moon River world-famous, we get to hear PJ Harvey perform the classic
Moon River was a classic and so was Andy Williams. A generous contributor to Obama and Clinton. Good man. Love the Christmas music too :)
Call me old fashion but I will always love "Moon River." R.I.P. Andy Williams
Andy Williams passed away. Love love love to play his songs at the restaurant. Who doesn't love "Danny Boy" and "Moon River?" Great loss for the music world.
From The Osmonds and Sammy Davis Jr. to Bing Crosby and even Simon & Garfunkel, the number of artists who performed with the legendary Andy Williams through the years is truly astounding. Tonight the Moon River runs with the tears from all of us who remember a lifetime of entertaining the world. Andy's memory lives on in his music, and the joy it has brought and will continue to bring to so many. We'll miss you Andy, but we'll never forget you.
Original chart peak, & or not being released as a single (back when that meant something) isn't everything. Andy Williams had 27 Billboard top 40 hits, 53 chart singles.and his two best known songs, "Moon River" & "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!", aren't among them.
Do you not find it ironic that the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and the singer of "Moon River", Andy Williams have all died. Ironic? I think it's pure lunacy.
Andy Williams passed last night. This evening Mark Levin, SiriusXM talk show host, constitutional lawyer and conservative, played Andy Williams "It's the most wonderful time of the year" in honor of Williams. Did I mention that Levin is Jewish? RIP Andy Williams, we will continue to hear your recordings but miss your smile. Moon River
Another of our favorite singers gone.Andy Williams died yesterday.remember Moon River,Dear heart etc.Most of our generation favorites have gone on...Vic Damone,Perry Como,Al Martino Dean Martin Frank Sinatra Bing Crosby etc.Who will replace them? Lil Wayne?Jay Zee?Lady Gaga? Madonna? Thankfully we still have the cd s of the old favorites .
In 1965-1966, Bill Horn was the Drum Major of the Jefferson Davis Senior High School Marching Band (Houston, Texas). I was the Assistant Drum Major and got to carry the stick and wear the big fuzzy hat on the football field once during my term of office. Halfway through the band's routine, we stopped to play "Moon River." It was my pleasure to conduct the band as they played. It was a magnificent performance! The song was popularized by none other than that 1960's lounge Singer Andy Williams. Andy died today. I'll always be grateful to him for providing me with my one and only opportunity to conduct a band. R.I.P. Andy Williams.
It's really a sad day to hear that we've lost another American Legend, Mr. Andy Williams...No matter what generation your from, the " COOL " 1950's, with long sideburns and cruisin hot rods, or the " TURBULENT " 1960's, with J.F.K. routing the Soviets in '62, or landing on the moon in '69, we had the best in music during those years listening to " Moon River " to " The Impossible Dream ".among other musical talents who benefited from Andy's musical style. His belief in the gospel and good clean living made all of us be proud to be Americans. There will never be another singer that will touch the hearts of the people like Andy did in 1968, when he sang for Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel the new " KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT " theme song, " The Impossible Dream " to only hear gunshots minutes later, killing " THE DREAM ".Rest In Peace, ANDY.
Just heard that Andy Williams died last night. My parents loved him! I just got done listening to Clay Aiken sing Moon River and it is really a beautiful song! I had many groups to teach today! I counted both my Title groups and my TAG groups and came up with 55 students!! Whoa. And I love them all! I went from teaching the preschoolers some songs to doing decimals with sixth graders. I have devised a new system of organizing their papers and projects. Pizza Hut sold me 55 medium pizza boxes and they work great to store things. And they stack so well too. The only thing is that whenever I look at them, I get hungry for pizza. LOL Oh well.
Andy Williams singing Moon River on his show.
Awww R.I.P. Andy Williams...Moon River is, and always will be one of my favorite songs EVER! Such a beautiful voice!
Even in Ireland the death of Andy Williams is being broadcast on the BBC. A True American icon. The Andy Williams Show and Moon River. There will never be another like him.
Andy Williams, the man who introduced the Osmonds to America and started a wave of family acts ( The Jacksons, Cowsills, Partridges and the DiFranco Family) is now crooning by the Moon River in the sky. RIP Andy. I hope A&E or Hallmark or one of those channels runs a Andy Williams Christmas Special marathon. That was Good Stuff.
R.I.P.Andy Williams. Ironically, his most famous recording- 1961's "Moon River" was never a chart single hit for him (two versions, by both Henry Mancini and Jerry Butler both peaked at Andy's biggest hit was his 1957 version of "Butterfly", which competed with a version by the Philly singer Charlie Gracie. Both versions went to "Can't Get Used To Losing You" was his second biggest hit, a big record in 1963. We've lost another Big Gun in show business...Christmases will not be the same.
Andy Williams performing his classic "Moon River": The crooner died today at 84:
The story behind 'Moon River,' the song that made Andy Williams a superstar
Rest In Peace to Andy Williams, the easy listening singer and TV host best known for his version of "Moon River" who has died of Bladder Cancer at age 84.
Sorry to hear that Andy Williams has died, but now I have "Moon River" stuck in my head.
Andy Williams. As soon as I heard of his passing I thought of his song "Moon River". Great song. No disrespect, I then thought of Chevy Chase in Fletch. The rectal exam scene. Hilarious.
So saddened by the passing of Andy Williams his Moon River became his trademark yet I recall his voice singing the Battle Hymn of THe Republic at RFK's funeral that still brings tears to my eyes . RIP Mr Williams
Sad news. Looks like Andy Williams crossed Moon River. "where ever you're going, I'm going you're way.".
'Moon River' Singer Andy Williams is dead at 84:
Andy Williams - Moon River 1960's performance: Such an incredible song, you'll be missed my huckleberry friend! RIP
Sad news of Andy Williams passing today aged 84. I'll be playing Moon River in RIP Andy.
If Andy Williams is to The Osmonds what Simon Cowell is to One Direction, why wouldn't I want Simon to bust out a rendition of "Moon River"?
The "Moon River" singer died Tuesday after a battle with Bladder Cancer
We were fortunate to hear Andy Williams perform at his Moon River theater in Branson, Mo. Glen Campbell was performing with him. What a treat. May Andy RIP
Singer Andy Williams, known for his smooth voice and classics such as "Moon River, died after a battle with Bladder Cancer in Branson, Missouri, Tuesday night.
The beautiful Andy Williams Theatre was opened on May 1, 1992 in Branson, MO. Moon River is the first theatre to ever be featured in Architectural Digest and in 1992, won the Conservation Award from the state of Missouri! Visit us for award winning shows March through December!
'Moon River' singer battled Bladder Cancer for the past year
R.I.P. Andy Williams...borrowing a beautiful sentiment from my cousin Karen - "I just know he crossed Moon River in style and is finally at the rainbow's end"
"Moon River" ... still one of my favorite songs! RIP, dear Andy.
Don't tell anyone I said this, but I always thought "Moon River", as sung by Andy Williams, was as good as it gets.
Bless his heart.Rest In Peace, Andy. Moon River one of my favorites!
I was just singing "Moon River" to myself the other day. RIP Andy Williams! You had a beautiful voice.
Rest In Peace Andy Williams. May you forever sing along your Moon River.
Moon River will never be sung the same way again. (Although Chevy Chase tried in Fletch). RIP Andy Williams
“I didn’t think he was gonna sing Moon River, then BAM, second encore.” Nelson Muntz on Andy Williams
Andy Williams - Moon River (Year 1961): via ~ I know you've been embraced at Rainbow' ...
Andy Williams, such a classy singer of some classics such as moon river, music to watch the girls go by & a great ...
Andy Williams, the golden-voiced singer known for "Moon River" and his popular TV Christmas specials, has died... htt ...
Sad news: Andy Williams of 'Moon River' fame has passed. R.I.P. He's a legend.
I seriously don't know who Andy Williams is and I've never heard of Moon River.
And I have Andy Williams' Moon River in my music library. RIP
Andy Williams dies: 'Moon River' singer dead at 84: USA Today announced the latest celebrity death after news br...
Andy Williams, who sang Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffanys, has died aged 84. Very sad, one of my favourite songs on earth.
just found out Morgan Freeman didnt die! hoax! ... but one of my favorites did! Andy Williams! goodbye Moon River ;(
We're after the same rainbow's end, waitin' 'round the bend, my huckleberry friend, moon river & me...RIP Andy Williams
Legendary Singer Andy Williams, known for signature song 'Moon River,' dies at 84 -
Andy Williams. We will never forget your voice that touched a nation.
According to H. Mancini, Williams recorded Moon River in "pretty much one take" - amazing in this auto tune era. RIP Andy Williams.
R.I.P. Andy Williams, TV personality and singer of "Moon River"
On the passing of Andy Williams-his Moon River is now a pond of nuclear waste in the forbidden zone
"Moon River" is genius. The music was written by W. Aliquippa's Henry Mancini & it helped make Andy Williams a star. htt ...
"Moon River" Singer Andy Williams has died. His story:
Moon River by Andy Williams. My favourite song of all time. Sadly missed X
So sad to hear of the passing of one of my favorite all-time singers, Andy Williams. Moon River was the first solo I ever sang as a very young girl many, many years ago.
Andy Williams , whose soothing baritone and relaxed performing style made him one of America's top pop vocalists and a popular TV variety-show host in the 1960s when he recorded hits such as "Moon River" and "Days of Wine and Roses," has died. He was 84.
Rest In Peace Andy Williams. Moon River, Breakfast at Tiffany's. The soundtrack of a classic.
Andy Williams sang a great version of Moon River, won a Grammy for it and it became his theme song. But, he never released it as a single. So it never made the charts. RIP Andy.
One of my very favorite songs is "Moon River".May you Rest In Peace, Andy Williams.
Andy Williams singing "Moon River" music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Johnny Mercer from starring Audrey Hepburn 1961 movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (Acade...
Andy Williams passed away at 84. Does anybody remember him singing "Moon River"?
Andy Williams Tribute (1927-2012) - Moon River 1961 Andy Williams was a great singer and entertainer.Thank you Andy Williams for the great songs and the joy ...
Andy Williams passed over the Moon River this morning. Many good memories!
Diane talks with legendary entertainer, Andy Williams, about his seven decades in show business, his Emmy-winning variety show, and performing live at the age of 82.
For all who have not heard, Andy Williams passed away this morning at 84 from Bladder Cancer. No more "Moon River". Rest In Peace Andy, you were one of a kind
:-(.R . I . P . Today A really great singer from the 50's & early 60's passed away. Andy Williams.. ( 84 ) sang.. ' Moon River " & " Can't get use to Losing You "
Andy Williams, a crooner who became a recording and television star in the 1960s, has died at 84.
R.I.P. Andy Williams may you sail that Moon River in eternal Peace...
R.I.P. Andy Williams.'Moon River' is one of my favorite songs of all time.had to listen to it a few times today.
Andy Williams, the singer famous for singing "Moon River" died today! He was 84! Sad!
another beauitful voice died.. Andy Williams. I enjoyed his music so much through my life. If you get time check out his Moon River and feel the beauty of his voice take over. Peace Out andy I wont forget you
Moon River one of my favorites, my dad and I used to sing this song together when we were driving from Long Beach back to Camp Pendleton late on Sunday nights when he was preaching at New Life Community Church on Sunday evenings. We would put in an 8 track of the Best of Andy Williams and sing along. I remember watching the lights of Oceanside get closer as we drove and did our sing along. Then when we were done with Andy we put in the Best of John Denver both 8 track tapes we did this to stay awake too. Ahhh the memories.
So sad to learn that Andy Williams has passed away. A True Legend in the music field. RIP Andy---You and "Moon River" will be missed
Andy Williams, "Moon River" Singer, Dies at 84: Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer last year, the beloved ente...
'Moon River' no longer: Andy Williams dead of Bladder Cancer at 84
"Moon River" crooner Andy Williams dies after battle with Bladder Cancer. Rest In Peace, Andy.
Legendary Singer Andy Williams, known for the classic Moon River, passed away at 84 after battling Bladder Cancer for some time. RIP.
Moon River...wider than a mile" RIP Andy Williams..died of Bladder Cancer today at the age of 84...heavenly voice!!! Beautiful face!!!
Andy Williams has passed away at the age of 84. Cause of death, Bladder Cancer diagnosed in Nov. 2011. We shall forever remember his melodic voice and "Moon River". Another very talented person has left our planet. God Bless his family...
Andy Williams, famous for his rendition of “Moon River,” announced Saturday that he is battling Bladder Cancer. “I do have cancer of the bladder,” Williams, 83, told the crowd attending a concert Saturday night at his Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri. “But that is no longer a death sentence.
First Neil Armstrong, then Sun Myung Moon, and now Andy Williams of Moon River fame. What on earth is going on?
Andy Williams' "Moon River" reminds me of one of my favorite Michael Stipe stories. When he was a kid, he loved that song because he thought "my Huckleberry friend" referred to Huckleberry Hound.
Moon River - takes me instantly back to my train trip down the Hudson River to NYC, transistor radio pressed against my ear and the window, listening to whatever station I could pick up, in August 1961. Thanks for the memory - R.I.P. Andy Williams.
Farewell to Andy Williams- one of Iowa's finest and one of the world's best crooners. "Moon River" was his biggy. I actually remember too, he sang "Amazing Grace" at Bobby Kennedy's funeral.
I was just informed of the passing of legendary entertainer Andy Williams ---He will be remembered for his most famous song. "Moon River """---I will always remember him for his wonderful Christmas specials on T. V during the holidays. -you were a True Legend and you will be missed
Andy Williams has passed. So sad. It seems we are losing so many who are or have been cultural icons lately. Many years ago ( in my twenties) I brought the lovely young lady who was to become my wife to the banks of the Wabash River in Marion In, for a picnic on an early fall evening. I brought along a tape ( yes a tape, I'm really old) of " Moon River". It was a wonderful evening and I am still transported to those days when I hear the song. Farewell Mr. Williams, you will be missed.
Andy Williams, "Moon River" Crooner, Christmas Icon, Dead at 84: Andy Williams was, and probably always will be,...
Rest In Peace, Andy Williams, you will be forever remembered for Moon River and Battle Hymn of the Republic
Andy Williams died last night. He and Perry Como and Bing Crosby were my Mom's favorites. Moon River was his iconic song, for those of you who are too young to remember him. We only had one TV per household in those days, so I watched his show or did dishes. Choices.
Silky-voiced, clean-cut crooner Andy Williams, best known for "Moon River," has died at 84, his publicist says:
Andy Williams, 'Moon River' singer, has died at age 84.
"Moon River" crooner Andy Williams has died at 84
And now I find out Andy Williams died. :/ Rest In Peace, Andy. Have fun crossing that Moon River.
I didn't think he'd do Moon River but then - bam - second encore! RIP Andy Williams
(via People) Andy Williams Dies: The clean-cut "Moon River" singer, who epitomized easy listening in the 1960s, was 84
Moon River is the first track for Andy Williams's album Moon River: The Very Best Of Andy Williams. The album was released on 2009, and consists of 18 tracks.
In honour of my mother's birthday, my second Song of the Day will be an Andy Williams song.I just asked her and she said Moon River.
Angela Botha shared the following link: Williams is singing Moon River. The song was composed by Henry Mancini (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyrics). It became a theme song for Andy Williams, who...
One of my favorite songs.. Moon River - Andy Williams.. Aby a3eesh eb hal ziman❤
Listening to the song Moon River by Andy Williams. Love this song
I'm listening to Moon River by Andy Williams on Pandora
I included this version by Jerry Butler because he was the very first singer to record "Moon River" even before Andy Williams.
Trojan reggae hit of the 70s A major Andy Williams cover a step back in time to my childhood and some of the music i remember and grew up to...fond times.
I want 'Moon River' sung by Andy Williams to be my wedding song, or my funeral song, or just my general theme tune. Nothing better than it
Mom has settled into Franciscan Villa to finish her skilled nursing. We are thankful she is there...just something very peaceful about that place & a lot of TLC by the staff there. When I went by this morning, someone was playing the piano and singing "Moon River." Didn't sound like Andy Williams, but it was very sweet. Next song, "Let me call you sweetheart." Okay...I get it. They are doing oldies. Next song I noticed was "Downtown." Remember Petula Clark from the seventies? Come on! That's my decade. No better songs than from the late sixties thru the seventies. Music can take you to places you forgot existed...good times!
With all the talk about the Supermoon, here is a list of some favorite Moon songs of mine... Can you add to the list? Moon River (Andy Williams), Bad Moon Rising (CCR) Moonshadow (Cat Stevens), Harvest Moon (Neil Young), Shine On, Harvest Moon (Bobby Bare), It's Only A Paper Moon (Paul McCartney), Moonlight in Vermont (Willie Nelson), Fly Me To the Moon (Sinatra), and, of course!. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Bill Monroe).
thought this would be an appropriate song to post this evening. I had posted Andy Williams version before, so I opted for this instrumental classic. Why does it remind me of a scene from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"?! Gentlemen, it's medication time!
"Moon River", a song written Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini was in the 1961movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's".
The Legend Crooner Andy Williams singing Moon River on his show. The earliest ever recorded by him. Enjoy the show folks. God Bless Andy Williams and us all.
305) Andy Williams - Moon River this classic music also got stolen in 2007, with an another famous song.
What was Andy Williams thinking? Moon River 'wider than a mile'. Born Free 'as free as the wind blows'.
Andy Williams - Moon River (Year 2011): via stand up guy ex killed my pal spider sabich,andy supported her
So Harry to hear that Andy Williams is doing great and planning on opening at Moon River theater
'Moon River' Singer Andy Williams says he has Bladder Cancer at Branson, Mo., appearance: -JM
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