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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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Andy Dawson, Neal Bishop and Conor Townsend preview the trip to face Coventry today -
PAUL MERSON COLUMN: How does Roberto Martinez get away with it?
Andy Townsend *shudder* Didn't he get run over by his tactic truck
the last 10 mins of punditry was that bad I thought I was watching itv, kept expecting Andy Townsend to pop up.
He fills a seat so Andy Townsend can't sneak in
Finally getting rid of Townsend from ITV and replacing him with Danny Murphy on BBC πŸ€”
gil 0 assists this season. At least Townsend can beat a player.
Robbie Savage is a worse pundit than Andy Townsend. Enough said!!
The new Ginola...he's not even the new Andy Townsend.
As Andy Townsend would so emphatically say, "Better".
Andy please ask Chris if as a manager if his door was always open to players to air problems
Remember to kiss both guns pal ok equaliser or a winner You promised Andy
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Andy Townsend
Andros Townsend is out to make a big impression at
Andy Townsend says he wants to get Newcastle fans off their seats. I hope it is for the right reasons - celebrating dribbles & goals
We can't wait for the weekend. https:…
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His tackle against Andy Townsend at Anfield. I heard the crack of shin pads up in the Main Stand
STAY TUNED!!! Andy Townsend : β€œNewcastle A Massive Club”: Andros Townsend is hopeful he can help pres...
Andros Townsend is hopeful he can help preserve Newcastle's Premier League status after sealing his move from...
Why, oh why does my stream of Stoke vs Arsenal have Peter Drury and Andy Townsend on commentary??😫
Peter Drury and Andy Townsend commentary , what a time to be alive
Sojourns - an exhibition at M16 with John Gould, Bernard Hardy and Andy Townsend & Suzie Bleach
nothing says you're Irish like Ray Houghton, Tony Cascarino or Andy Townsend
INCHES: Sands put through by Jones but his shot flashes wide. Andy Townsend would say he hit it too well. 0-0
lol apparently that guy mentioned him on soccer am earlier, Connor Townsend is on FIFA so he should easily be in the list
I nearly dislike Danny Murphy as much as Andy townsend, it's close
Channelled the god Andy Townsend in today's digest, Clive.
just one of numerous idiotic comments during the night. Makes Andy Townsend almost bearable!
love Andy Townsend getting it in the face in the build up !
Danny Murphy makes Andy Townsend look good. Let that sink in.
Listening to Danny Murphy...anyone got Andy Townsend's number?
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Obviously my brother thinks his Andy Townsend commenting on absolutely everything going on in the game SHUT UR MOUTH
Danny Murphy is the new Andy Townsend!! Worlds worst commentator, football pundit whatever you call it
We've lost the much maligned Andy Townsend & Adrian Chiles now we've got Ian Wright on every channel. We aren't better off for it the wanker
granted he tones it down on the telly. Nowhere near the Andy Townsend nadir.
think he's down the pub with andy Townsend tonight
Andy Warrington of on Conor Townsend's departure from the club to join
Nearly my little Mojitos xxx. Friday 8pm. . .
ANDY NICOL: Alan Solomons will still be enjoying the warm glow of getting one over Gregor Townsend's Glasgow Warriors last week at
Reserve a table now. 0151 236 8474. . https:…
Someone needs to tell Andy Townsend that movember is over
Hey *** You can't speak to me like this anymore or They'll be a 🐴 on your pillow tomorrow. . Signed.,. Andy "The Don" Townsend
it's Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles still struggling to be relevant
I like Firmino, mainly because he sounds like Andy Townsend giving an opinion on something. His full name is actually FirmiCLIVEno.
I hear Andy Townsend is half a yard away!
Andy Townsend reckons he would have wanted to do better with that
The Undateables lad has just quoted Andy Townsend.
I don't know who's commentary is worse, Andy Townsend, Michael Owen or Niall Quinn πŸ™ˆ
Niall Quinn is a complete helmet,him and Michael Owen must be twins.i thought Andy Townsend was poor but Quinn and Owen are on another level
Andy Townsend, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen make terrible analysts.
DOMINIC COOPER MISSES. Talk of Woody Harelson stepping up from Andy Townsend.
Andy Townsend's beard makes him look like a drunk King Leonidas
Good to see Andy Townsend and Paul Mc Grath at the Aviva tonight.COYBIG.
Glad I didn't go to the game because knowing my luck I would have been seated next to Andy Townsend.
see that we'll known Irish man Andy townsend was in the crowd too
Or World Cup 1994. Heard Andy Townsend found a homeless woman of the streets and made her his "Irish grandma"
It's the same with Andy Townsend and John Aldridge.
Congratulations to the republic of Ireland on qualifying for Euro 2016. It also means Andy Townsend will have a job for the summer
Andy Townsend is the same guy who played for the Republic of Ireland but refers to England as "we" and should therefore be …
Bet Andy Townsend, Matthew Macklin and Tony Cascarino all come out their shell tonight claiming to be Irish!
Come on Ireland! Andy Townsend in the crowd, got his tips done again
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Oh that cAndy Townsend is Irish again is he?! Repeatedly refers to 'we' when commentating on English games
Thank God we can only see Andy Townsend and not hear him.
Nice to see Andy Townsend in the crowd for And nowhere near the commentary box.
There's of Andy Townsend at the Aviva cheering on Ireland after years of blowing England's trumpet. Forget you were Irish until now, mate?
Great to see Andy Townsend at the Ireland match* . *Without a microphone in hand
enjoying the game Paul? Come on, put up a selfie of you and Andy townsend there. Saw you on the tellybox, πŸ˜‚
Andy Townsend and Paul McGrath 'in and around' the VIP box
Good to see Andy Townsend, in and around the stadium
Andy Townsend ❀️ brings me back to the Aston Villa posters on my wall πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ
did the commentator just say Irish hero Andy Townsend ?! Surely not
Is Andy Townsend in his tactics truck tonight?
Nice to see Andy Townsend in the crowd. Means the useless sod hasn't got a commentating job right now.
Andy Townsend there in the stands in Dublin, presumably "in and around" the directors box...
Andy Townsend is in the crowd.This is a top performance, but is it a top, top performance? If anything, have Ireland performed too well? 2-0
Don't even mention Andy Townsend on the same sentence as Paul McGrath. Townsend is only here bcos England aren't playing tonight.
Paul McGrath & Andy Townsend in the crowd, I thought Andy defected back to England, lol, joking
Andy Townsend, Paul McGrath, yes, bring them both on!!!
Andy Townsend watching Ireland. A man who had to ask Roy Keane why it was hostile when Ireland played Northern Ireland in 1993.
Andy Townsend has escaped the tactics truck!
Lads, someone tap Andy Townsend up for that elixir of youth
Jaysus Andy Townsend looks like he spent the last month sleeping in the bins
Imagine having to sit next to Andy Townsend for 90 minutes!
Andy Townsend with the beard. Presumably trying to hide the fact he's Andy Townsend.
Did he just call Andy Townsend a hero !!?
"Former heroes here like Andy Townsend" I refuse to accept Andy Townsend being a hero to anyone in any sense of the word
The knob Andy Townsend in the crowd
Andy Townsend's beard is mighty impressive.
Andy Townsend looks like he's fallen on hard times since leaving ITV :(
Jon Walters, up there now with great Irishmen such as Andy Townsend and Tony Cascarino.
Andy Townsend always enjoyed saying 'goals' when no plural was called for, but still that bloody s.
"Ironically, this doesn't really change what Bosnia have to do." thinks Andy Townsend in his living room
there's no-one worse than Andy Townsend though.😠
Got to love how Andy Townsend changes his nationality depending on who's playing, England "we" or Ireland "we"!
Nice to hear Andy Townsend refer to Eire as 'we' on The same Andy Townsend who referred to England as 'we' on ITV.
never watched a single ep of any series. Sums up ITV for me. Them and Andy Townsend.
at this festive season aswell, it's set to truly be..a Christmas *** from me and Andy Townsend, goodnight.
Would seem that Kay Burley is to news reporting what Andy Townsend/Michael Owen are to football commentary.
We want Andy Townsend in commentary for fifa 16 im sick and tired of Martin Tyler
Spotify Are the New Rockstars” o_O WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG NOW Andy Townsend and Andros Townsend is referred to as Jonathos Pearce Wait
Is there a more talentless, Ant and Dec wannabe than Stephen Mulhern. He's the Andy Townsend of TV presenting.
just watched a old Cov v Vile clip- remember you and Andy Townsend having a good go at each other - remember that?
Thank god that England game has finished... Glenn Hoddle needs to get the boot next! Boring and negative! Just as bad as Andy Townsend!
Glenn Hoddle achieving the seemingly impossible and making me genuinely long for Andy Townsend
ITV can't believe I'm saying this but bring back Andy Townsend
I'd rather him than that moron Andy Townsend! But you're right, itv is so poor for all sport.
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Why are all football commentators so unbearable? Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen, Andy Townsend, Alan Smith.. Not a good one since Andy Gray
Andy Townsend on beinsports just claimed Glenn Murray needs people "in and around him". He's becoming a parody of himself.
Glenn Hoddle and Andy Townsend were cheap but not ideal :)
Be fair, with the quality of Michael Owen, Phil Neville & Andy Townsend it's hard for him to get a gig
I'd like to drive at 30mph from Lands End to John O'Groats with Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles. Just 3 nutters having a right laugh.
Andy Townsend no 7 for at last International played at Dalymount Park.
where dya heard that! Don't surprise me, he chats full-on nonsense. Imagine him and Andy Townsend going at it for 90mins...
Andy Townsend. It used to *** me off that he always scored against Spurs, no matter who he played for.
Try it, you'll love it. Like having Phil Neville, Glenn Hoddle & Andy Townsend commentating on a Barcelona game
We didn't mean Andy Townsend, or Adel Taarabt on that one, in case you were wondering, AK AK AK AK AK
Describes Andy Townsend but I'm listening to him on the Italy game!!!
Nope, I will not accept an Italian scouting report from Andy Townsend.
Is it Glen Hoddle or Andy Townsend doing the co commentary on Holland v Chech Rep ?
Just noticed Andy Townsend is commentating on the Italy v Norway game on ITV4. Didn't he get sacked?
Andy Townsend embarassing himself on with his poor knowledge of and their players.
Andy Townsend is a tool. Johansen could walk into the England team. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting he played for ROI. You'd never know! 🍡
Was Andy Townsend not meant to be retiring?
Imagine they had commentators at funerals and ye ended up with Michael Owen and Andy townsend. Bored to death at a funeral 😴
Can some football club give Andy Townsend a managers job , he might learn something !
Am I hearing the dulcet tones of Andy Townsend on itv4? Has he been resurrected? No Clive with him tonight though
The good news, ITV showing the Italy game. The bad news, Andy Townsend.
33. Andy Townsend seems to be getting into this now as well. He's just said 'better' for the first time of the evening. 0-1.
Watching Italy v Norway on ITV4. Andy Townsend commentating. Can anyone give me italian/norwegian translations of 'he needs to whip it in'?
20 mins in and Andy Townsend can't stop talking us up?!
Andy Townsend with two "in and around him"s in the space of 10 seconds. Football commentary's version of the Superkick Party.
Andy Townsend has to be the most negative commentator known to man.
Was gonna watch the italy v norway game till I found out andy Townsend and sam chelseaface were doing coms.
Andy Townsend is on ITV4 if you fancy going to sleep :)
Turned over to the Italy game.then heard Andy Townsend. Back to Sky Sports!
I think I've found Andy townsend.. He is doing the Italy v Norway game on itv4
Not sure I can do 90 mins Andy Townsend
4. Nice to hear the dulcet cliches of Andy Townsend this evening, as Pelle is flagged for offside. 0-0.
I'll tell you what's amusing... Andy Townsend attempting to pronounce Omar Elabdellaoui's surname.
ITV4, thanks everyone. And Andy Townsend is back!
Andy Townsend on co-comms for another Euro qualifier. Hanging around ITV like a bad smell.
Yes Andy Townsend really did ask this question. Who would've thought to ask this? The man is a genius.
Andy Townsend- the most gifted man in the pundit industry.
I cannot believe that Andy Townsend has left ITV as a commentator
Townsend cost us more than Johnson did,
That is true. She is hopeless. But so was Andy Townsend and look how long ITV kept him for! They need to move her on. Quickly.
What a team it was... David James, Steve Clarke, Andy Townsend, Ian Woan, Nicky Barmby, Graham Stuart, Paul Kitson to name a few!
Hmm seems Andy Townsend has just been booted off ITV! You gotta be poor commentator to be replaced by the dulcet tones of…
who'd have thought keeping Andy Townsend might have been the better option?!
Andy Townsend is such a fraud commentator
I'm sorry, but no matter how awful Andy Townsend was, is Glenn Hoddle really an improvement?
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Yet more great commentary from Andy Townsend, 'you get that always sometimes'
Glenn Hoddle "as a manager you always have that, sometimes". Genius. Just when you thought nobody could be worse than Andy Townsend ...
Glenn Hoddle... "I'm sure if you'd have offered Roy 10 wins from 10, he'd have settled for it"... come back Andy Townsend,…
..and hoddles worse than Andy Townsend which I wasn't sure was possible
It's almost like Glen Hoddle understudied Andy Townsend... Terrible pundit, so dreary
Classic Andy Townsend "your always going to have that sometimes"
"When you're a manager you always have that sometimes" – Insightful commentary from Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend? That mad Irish fella? About as Irish as Clinton Morrison.
Can honestly say when I started work today that I didn't expect to see Sue Barker, Andy Townsend and Frank Skinner all in the same day!
Always nice to hear the strong Irish and Scottish accents of Andy Townsend and Don Hutchinson, repsectively of course
Jack Grealish chooses England, just like Andy Townsend and *** McCarthy then...
Rather have Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend than this lot
Is the point of Robbie Savage to make us miss Andy Townsend?
The big question from tonight is this;. How have replaced Andy Townsend with somebody even worse who isn't Steve Claridge?
Lol. Andy Townsend harping on about Shelvey's pass to Williams. Are we watching the same game... Errm hello, Ayew's pass to Gomis!
It's great that this game is free for non Bt Sport users, the commentary is awful though. I kind of miss Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend
John Stones love child of Bez. . Ross Barkley love child of Andy Townsend!
Andy Townsend "Shocking decision to award Liverpool the goal. He got it horribly wrong"
as is Ian Wright, Mark Lawrenson, Andy Townsend, Paul Merson, man the list is endless. It's like a lot of ex pros are thick.
Forgot how much I hate Stuart Barnes' commentary as well, he's the Andy Townsend of rugby...but worse...a lot worse
are you on while is away? If so who with? Are you selling a house to pay for Andy Townsend for 2 weeks?
Peter Drury said something today while anchoring w/ Andy Townsend..."just 5mins left of this Coupon burster match here at the Emirates" 😭😭😭
ITV would have Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend doing coverage
I think maybe I don't actually like football, and what I actually like is Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend commentating on football
Andrew Castle is the tennis equivalent of Andy Townsend. Leave it to McEnroe.
or as boring and dim witted as Andy Townsend
25 MIN: Chance! Andy Townsend goes close for Ireland after a Niall Quinn knockdown.
Who'd wanna listen to Andy Townsend anyway? Not got a clue!
to this wild night with these lovely ladies!! Oh and let's not forget ole Andy Townsend! I miss…
Football commentators (Andy Townsend) using 'in and around'. Nobody needs to get in and around any football player - ONLY AROUND.
Tony Lange,Stacy North ,Andy Townsend , Sherjill McDonald and Fabian Defraitus ( only if it's a 3pm Ko)
Andy Townsend reduced to calling phone ins already?
given I'm listening late, I assume someone already pointed out Chad Townsend to you...
on your own? Enjoy. *** When you going over chan? I'm there 27th July we will go for 1
Andy Gray borrows from the Andy Townsend phrasebook
ill have a steak for you on Saturday. And a tapas.
they could always get Andy Townsend in 😜😜😜
You never know, Andy Townsend might get the job, what a result that would be
I thought Andy Townsend was a useless commentator but Steve McManaman takes the *** Utter useless clown, why employ him?!
Oh that was a reference to Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley, ITV commentators. Typical Anglocentric Smyth, etc.
Everytime I see him I think of Andy Townsend!
No thanks.. terrible player, rather have townsend, not andy! First shout of the campaign for "williamson out".
Somebody on here said that he was named in the way Andy Townsend replies to an on air question.
Crespo looks a lot like Andy Townsend!!
Firmino, with your name like Andy Townsend responding to Clive Tyldesley's question about a contentious penalty
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John Inverdale is up there with Andy Townsend as annoying commentators go.
Wouldn't complain if Jonathon Pearce's commentary career went the same way as Andy Townsend's
This game has had it all, Phil Jones throw-ins, Wilshere screamers, Rooney late winner.Andy Townsend in the commentary b…
How long till there's a TV pundit TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY? Andy Townsend would be Peter Odemwingie, sat in a car park with the engine running
no more Martin Tyler, Gary Neville, Alan Smith etc... We get to look forward to Robbie Savage and Andy Townsend
"He's not the biggest in terms of height, Joe Hart." - Andy Townsend. He's 6'5"
A legend whose impact on the game is immeasurable tonight says goodbye to the big stage. . "Yes, Andy Townsend will be …
you've obviously not heard ITV's (UK) Andy Townsend or Jim Beglin truly truly awful!
Andy Townsend said the worst thing Barcelona can do now is give away a corner ?? No Andy a goal would be worst
Andy Townsend.. "Neymar should of burried that with his forehead" . He put it in the net πŸ™ˆ
Many are asking how on earth Andy Townsend qualifies to be a commentator. Well, one of his grandparents was half-commentat…
I wish Andy Townsend would take a leaf out of Clarke Carlisle's book and throw himself in front of a truck
Andy Townsend has said 2 balls from Iniesta have been brilliant but both were over hit ??
Andy Townsend just said that Higuain is not 'Grease Lightning'. No Andy, no he's not
Turns out Andy Townsend does Not Actually live at the End of Andy Town. . Frankly Livid about this.
Andy Townsend critiquing these players, it's like Ronald McDonald telling Gordon Ramsey how to cook.
David Seaman & Andy Townsend in the pub... (Please don't forward this to people who ... (Vine by
to mark Andy Townsend's last game, can we get a UCL final drinking bingo game going?
to be fair he's still better than Michael Owen, Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend
David Seaman and Andy Townsend worked behind a bar at the FA Cup Final, all for some fans!
Pretzel Logic currently drowning out the voice of Andy Townsend. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Wayne Mardle criticising Taylor is like Andy Townsend criticising Messi. It's just wrong.
Be pleased when John Virgo retires as a commentator add to that Michael Owen and Andy Townsend
Surprised my ears haven't somehow started crying listening to the likes of Andy Townsend & Paul Scholes on the coverage
I would prefer a John *** and Andy Townsend to do this UCL show also
If I was stuck on a desert island with Andy Townsend and a top notch steak dinner I think I'd eat Andy Townsend and talk to the steak dinner
How much longer do I have put up with Andy 'football jargon' Townsend? ie I know all the football terms, so must av been a fantastic player!
The best thing about the football season finishing is that Andy Townsend won't have a job!!
Just think football fans, only a few weeks till we never have to listen to andy townsend again
Andy Townsend and his 'better' obsession are probably the worst thing about football, and humans in general. Worse than genocide, certainly.
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getting worried you are starting to sound like Andy Townsend
PSG have got the Andy Townsend seal of approval second half. . "Better."
We have to deal with Andy Townsend's commentary tomorrow night as well 😩
Andy Townsend says there's "this battle" going on between Messi & Ronaldo. I wonder if they see it as that. They probably don't care
Andy Townsend is a big fan of players with real pace. I'm yet to come across a player with fake pace.
If only Zlatan could hear Andy Townsend telling him that he's doing 'better'. It would be such a boost for him.
Andy Townsend and Gus Poyet doing their best to remain impartial in their analysis.
please get John Barnes and Andy Townsend to analyse tomorrow's Manchester derby
Andy Townsend could learn from this particularly bullet 4 adapted for football
now we got Michael Owen & Andy Townsend along with Jamie carragher πŸ”«πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Right now I would joyfully beat Clive Tyldesley to death, using Andy Townsend.
C'mon ITV, drop Andy Townsend and get this bloke on our TV sets. Viewers will shoot through the roof:
20mins into his commentary for this year and I've already had enough of monty. He really is the Andy Townsend of golf
Colin Montgomerie is the golf version of Andy Townsend...
Colin Montgomerie is the Andy Townsend of golf ... Please be quiet
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I agree mate, worse than Andy Townsend?
I have to say though I'd love to see Zlatan as pundit. Can you just imagine Andy Townsend and Ibra live on-air together?
Andy Townsend is part of the Pass it on
Got tickets online, while in KOO at Carrow. No regrets tho, have learnt alot, such a "That time Andy Townsend played Snooker at Canary Cue"
however big or small, he'll still talk more sense than Andy bloody Townsend πŸ˜’
Please please get shot of Michael Owen and they are appalling. Shockingly bad. Worst on TV. Andy Townsend-esque.
Can you imagine a commentary duo of Andy Townsend and Michael Owen??. *shudders and curls up in a ball rocking on the floor*
Steve McManaman is fast becoming the new Andy Townsend of football punditry
legend when he scored winning goal in the 4-3 win in 2009! Whose worse at commentating though, him or andy townsend?!
Michael Owen is the worst football commentator on TV. Even worse than Andy Townsend. Yes, that bad.
you are the worst commentator ever you're worse than Andy Townsend! My nan is a better commentator than you...
It's official as a pundit is up there with Andy Townsend get the FA Cup on BBC so I can cancel
The Andy Townsend comedy account is excellent...
Jesus Christ Michael Owen, please do shut up. I'd take Andy Townsend right now, that's how bad he is.
Michael Owen and Andy Townsend would be the worst commentary team in sporting history.
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Michael Owen is worse than David Pleat, Phil Neville, Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn combined. should teach him what a handball is
Imagine a commentary team of Andy Townsend , Niall Quinn and Micheal Owen πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰
must have the same agent as Robbie Savage and Andy Townsend!
Michael Owen is as bad as Andy townsend commentating
you are definitely up there with Andy Townsend to gain the award for the worst commentator ever
Well BT Sport have achieved the impossible and made me long for Andy Townsend.
Bring back Andy Townsend. Anything is better than Owen talking the obvious
Michael Owen has me longing for Andy Townsend.
What's Michael Owens issue like, I'd rather listen to Andy Townsend, the guy hasn't a clue.
Not sure who's worse Michael Owen or Andy Townsend?
Well on course to oust Andy Townsend as 2014-2015 Sports Commentating Massive Whopper. Well Done Sir πŸ‘πŸ‘
"If anything, he controls it a bit too perfectly." just turned into Andy Townsend.
good job it's also on Sky, is the worst segment of any sports show ever, including Andy Townsend's tactics truck
bring back Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend for the internationals! So much better having the 2 commentary teams.
Oh the shame - getting Tim Sherwood confused with Andy Townsend!
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My dad infuriates me when it comes to sport, talking about boxing he thinks he's Richard Shaeffer and football he thinks he's Andy Townsend😢
lol them common sense Andy Townsend bars
One hour left until our recording. That is unless our kids start acting like *** Get in and around* our grill. . *Too much Andy Townsend
The Agency Group harbours TV ambitions: The Agency Group has ambitions to move into TV production, according t...
tbf, hes been, as andy townsend would say, better, recently. Some of his performances have been osman-esque
Manu Petite on the Telly box. Andy Townsend sitting by him. A mix bag of punditry to come
Is this the bit where Andy Townsend does the half-time analysis?
Igor Akinfeev injured by flare thrown from crowd after just one minute. What do you make of that, Andy Townsend?
Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend are really scraping the barrel with England positives. Here's some more; ok kit, no red card...
I wish we could rid the planet of Clive Tyldesley, Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles.
How do Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend sit in the same commentary box without punching each other in the face?
"If anything he's just hit it too good". Andy Townsend getting close to legendary status amongst the commentary fraternity
Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend have a Skip Bayless-like ability to work to editorial directive, it appears.
dear . can you please inform Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend that Walker is called Kyle and not Carl, . thank you!
Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend both hold the view that Chiellini is marginally worse than Hitler.
Andy Townsend the only man in Christendom to make Michael Owen a good co-commentator
This still remains my favourite bit of Andy Townsend punditry
Andy Townsend agrees and also thinks Danny Welbeck is a good player, that automatically makes my opinion wrong. I apologise!
Kay Burley is popular on my t/l. In the same way Stan Collymore, Andy Townsend and Jamie Redknapp are.
Is it funny to joke about Clarke Carlisle's commentary in advert given his recent problems? Or safer option Andy Townsend?
I hope when he's contract runs out Andy Townsend does a 'Clarke Carlisle'. And succeeds
Danny Mills and Andy Townsend stop trying to convince us that Evans didn't mean to spit on Cisse when it's so clear he meant it.
its okay! We get lots of John *** and Andy Townsend. Commentary varies but lots of Peter Drury.
Good to see Andy Townsend has finally found his place in the ITV team reading out competition rules at the end of the programme
Only good thing tonight was that Andy Townsend wasn't commentating.
Andy Townsend not totally fired by then...still voicing the competition. Will Adrian Chiles pop up waving in the end credits ?
Lee Dixon is as snide as Mark Lawrenson and as inane as Andy Townsend *slow hand clap for ITV (again)*
Andy Townsend isn't completely sacked then - he's still doing the voiceover for the competition.
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