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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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Andy Townsend has to be the most biased commentator I've ever heard. Utter wanker.
Choosing between Andy Townsend or Mark Lawrenson on commentary is like asking which form of torture do you prefer
Jamie Redknapp is one of the worst pundits in the world, close second to Andy Townsend in front of Phil Thompson.
Andy Townsend, Mark Bunn, Simon Cox- special St Patricks Day messages to you too. 🍀🍀🍀
Tim Sherwood goes the boozer with Ray Wilkins and Andy Townsend
The 1990s: Back on track Chelsea had an impressive return to the First Division in 1989–90. Campbell guided a squad of mostly unremarkable players to a creditable fifth place in the final table. Although the ban on English clubs in European football was lifted that year, Chelsea missed out on a UEFA Cup place because the only English place in the competition that year went to league runners-up Aston Villa. In the same season, he led Chelsea to their second Full Members Cup success, with a 1–0 win over Middlesbrough in the final at Wembley. Despite recruiting the club's first million pound players, Dennis Wise and Andy Townsend, the next season proved a disappointment, as Chelsea finished 11th in the First Division and were knocked out of both cups by lower league opposition. Campbell was promoted to general manager at the end of the season; he was succeeded as team manager by first team coach Ian Porterfield, who helped Chelsea finish high enough in 1991–92 to qualify for the first-ever season of th ...
Clark Carlisle and Sam matterface making Clive tyldsley and Andy Townsend sound like Barry Davis and Kenneth wolstenholme!
Andy Townsend is Captain Obvious. What's next? "If the keeper had been shot by a sniper I think he'd of had a better chance of scoring.."
Anyone else notice how Andy Townsend starts every sentence with 'yep' and then repeats exactly what Clive Tyldesley just said?
Andy Townsend speaks utter football poo.. Don't no who's worse him or Michael Owen!
Whenever Clive Tyldesley asks a question to Andy Townsend, the latter never usually pinpoints an answer.
Sturridge, Sterling and Welbeck all seem to blur into a large mass of black according to Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend.
And instead of a gorgeous presenter you have commentary from Andy Townsend.
I don't know what's worse ? Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, Roy Hodgson's tactics or the atmosphere at wembley.
Don't subject us to a summer of torture Andy Townsend stating the obvious at a world cup in Braz…
“You have one bullet, Clark Carlisle or Andy Townsend?” Stand them behind one another and get both 🔫
Any minute now England cd do something vaguely resembling a decent move, which will be greeted by Andy Townsend's stock response :"Better".
"He had to do that Michael Dawson, it was unnecessary" Andy Townsend. Thanks Andy for making that clearer
Kicking off in the spurs game !! Dawson made a meal of that big Andy Townsend seeing things differently being a fan in all that.
nah I didn't, there is quite a few shockers around to be fair, Alan Smith, Andy Townsend etc.
Champions league highlights on, Andy Townsend now standing by Lee Dixon, where has Roy Keane gone?? He was a disgrace,
United were poor tonight but Keano, Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend can f
Did Roy Keane just say that was a brilliant finish? Sir u are drunk, no wonder u are working with Adrian Chiles, Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend
surely he beats Andy Townsend, Robbie savage, Martin Keown or Pat Nevin?! Gullit = legend for the birth of "sexy football"
you mean sky commentary etc or the illegals? Niall Quinn and Andy Townsend, Mark Lawrenson and Jim Beglin all awful & Irish!!
Once again, failing to detach the ideas of precedence and correctness. Andy Townsend is one of the worst things of football.
When I think of *** I just imagine Adrian Chiles presenting a match with Andy Townsend and Michael Owen commentating tog…
I wonder if Andy Townsend, Lee Dixon or Roy Keane may say something a little more generic or uninteresting?
Andy Townsend seems like the sort of guy that attends *** Club (along with David Cameron, Pitbull etc) and everybdy hates him there aswell
he's a *** always has been. If it's not him, it's Alan Smith or Andy Townsend. Sky Sports, BT Sport, ITV...better off in mute lol
ITV need to av a re think,Adrian Chiles,Roy Keane,Clarke Carlisle,Andy Townsend,Lee Dixon.all they need now is Michael Owen
Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend, Clarke Carlisle, Roy Keane, Gareth Southgate and more. Who let that happen?
Clive Tydelsely and Andy Townsend are the Pound Stretcher and Cash Converters of commentary.
Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend commentating on City v Chelsea. Like Dappy and cheryl cole doing last night of the proms
If Itv got rid of Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend and brought in Andy Gray and Richard Keys that would just be tops..
I don't know who's more boring. Andy Townsend or Stan Co.. 💤💤
I bet the people slating the commentators hate Andy Townsend, Mark Lawrenson et al for being boring
Hadn't realised the seriousness of the situation until Andy Townsend described Özil as hopeless.. Breeh!
[TV] FA Cup Highlights (ITV +1) Sun, Feb 16, 12:20 AM Matt Smith is joined by Andy Townsend for highlights of all the day's action from th..
good player he has been over the last month but i dont think he will get picked more likely Milner Townsend
hey, is there any chance you still have that email about Andy Townsend's incorrect use of 'in and around' ?
Shorty on abart andy Townsend he can suck mi off tbh. Shorty knows the score x
Michael Owen, Jim Beglin, Andy townsend... A fountain a football knowledge right there people!!!
Better than Andy Townsend in his big truck!
Andy Townsend, please take your tongue out of Eden Hazard's *** hole.
I like Michael Owen as a commentator. Much better than Andy Townsend and Lawrenson. Don't know what you's are complaining about
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Andy Townsend said it right at half-time: he was utterly "hopeless"
Andy Townsend also once claimed a centre-half was "literally right up the backside" of a striker.
. I would rather listen to Andy Townsend than Michael Owen.
I think it was Andy Townsend who once claimed that the England players were 'literally sweating their eyes out' in a hot game
Andy Townsend lomo _o_ RT"They've had a good season tho...d best in years... Just a bad day in d office..."
Michael Owen is challenging Andy Townsend for the title of 'Mr Obvious'
I don't think is really that bad, worlds better than Andy Townsend
Shut up Owen you complete utter nob head Quite possibly takes the crown of Andy Townsend for being the biggest *** in sports commentary
Michael Owen is the most annoying commentator in the world. Even worse than Andy Townsend
unfortunately we have to - is right up there with Andy Townsend
Michael Owen, Clark Carlisle or Andy Townsend? Deciding who's worse at commentating out of those 3 is tough!!
nobody is more annoying than Andy Townsend
Michael Owen is up with Andy Townsend for the most annoying commentator
The worst commentator ever . where's Andy Townsend when you needed him 👍👍
Owen is a terrible commentator. Up there with Alan Smith and Andy Townsend.
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it is awful the worst, he makes Andy Townsend sound OK now that is saying something
I tried so hard but has proper burnt my head out. need to sort this out for next season. Worse than Andy Townsend!
I pressed mute on the half time analysis. Andy Townsend already hates us..
Andy Townsend just said Suarez' shot was the best his seen all season. Wow! I guess Kasami's for Fullham never happened.
wise man. Owen is as bad as Andy Townsend. Mad when BT have such good analysts on European games that PL coverage is so inane
"Ozil has been nothing short of HopeLess"-Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend: "Mesut Ozil has been nothing short of hopeless"
"Mesut Ozil has been nothing short of hopeless today" Andy Townsend
Can't agree more with Andy Townsend on SS. Zonal marking costing Arsenal...
Imagine if Andy Townsend was doing the commentary...
"Mesut Ozil has been nothing short of hopeless"- Andy Townsend... sad but very tru
Andy Townsend " Özil has been nothing less than hopeless."
Andy is going to show how every Liverpool goal was just a mistake by Arsenal. Trusting he puts something down to LFC's class today
To make things worse, the stream im watching features Andy Townsend...
lemme hear what Andy Townsend and Jonh *** have to say
Michael Owen commentating makes me want Andy Townsend instead...and that's saying a lot!
Andy Townsend will have a field day at half time
Never thought I would hate a commentator more than Andy Townsend. Well done
Oh god. Andy Townsend has been waiting a solid minute to yap on about imagined defensive frailties. Jesus
I do not pay a monthly subscription to listen to . He makes Andy Townsend look like a motivational speaker
Why is Michael Owen being paid to do this? He is the worst thing to happen to commentary since Andy Townsend
Michael Owen is on par with Andy Townsend.
I hope Andy Townsend is on. the guy fit insult make it pain paa
really needs to shut up. Making Andy Townsend sound good!
Great start by liverpool !! Worse thing about this game is Michel Owens voice !! Would prefer Andy Townsend to this
Michael Owen is the worst co-commentator ever. Worse than Andy Townsend and David Pleat combined.
I thought Andy Townsend was bad, but Michael Owen commentating? who makes these decisions?
Michael Owen is surely the only pundit to make Andy Townsend sound like a football genius
Michael Owen, right up there with Andy Townsend & Niall Quinn
Michael Owen is up there with Andy Townsend as one of the worst commentators ever!! had to turn my sound off!
Michael Owen is a worse commentator than Andy Townsend!
Just saw a guy in StrikeBar Sydney that looked like Andy Boden😂
It still amazes me that a commentator can make me want to hear Andy Townsend.
is about as useful as Andy Townsend as a commentator
Andy Townsend just got dangerously close to saying Carzola is better than Silva
which Don Hutchison & Andy Townsend are currently previewing for Star Sports
I want to use that amazing touch software that Andy Townsend uses before every game! Seems fascinating!
lol Andy Townsend says should go to Anfield with "FULL CONFIDENCE" and no worries! We've dominated 13 of 14 matches in this fixture
Whisper Andy Townsend commentary into her ear to initiate coitus.
Watching Sydney FC on ESPN. "Whats his best position?" Reply "Hes a no6. Holding midfielder to me" and we moan about Andy Townsend
Sherwood on Townsend: "He's in the squad so we're hoping that he'll be in and around selection." Andy or Andros?!
I think Andy Townsend could learn a lesson or two from these snowboarding commentators!
Well, my search for a guitar tech is OVER!!! I put this guy to a serious test, I gave him a guitar that was a Pinto and when he was done it was a Mercedes Benz!!! Andy Townsend at Sam Ash in Raleigh is that guy for real!!! I'm so serious that if your not satisfied with his work I'll pay for it! Bruce Freeman Bruce AntwanSoulful Dickens Darnell Barnes Darnell Showcase Taylor Lamont Blackmon and all my area friends check him out! He's also a touring guitar tech! Thanks Matt Anthony you told me so!
Thank you to everyone for their kind birthday wishes today! Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend, you better up your game. Clarke Carlisle is running you close in terrible commentary game.
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I think Clark Carlisle might just pip Alex McLeish, Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend to the worst co-commentator award
Not sure who the worst itv commentator is Clark Carlisle or Andy Townsend
Watchin FA Cup. Rly good summary from Clarke Carlise, can we actually now just agree that there is no need for Andy Townsend
Roberto Martinez dey explain things whey Andy Townsend is saying 'Yeah...Yep...Yes' like some Okyeame!...l0l
Wacha ichezwe city vs chelsea...enough of John *** n Andy Townsend..
Top class analysis from Roberto Martinez and Andy Townsend. Just top class.
Today they give us John *** Andy Townsend and Roberto Martinez.mmh perfect for Match day Live
thanks Jason Ainsworth for the vote ! Now time for mine birthday boy Luke Townsend and his brother Andy Townsend but please Laura Christmas film for him please and last but not least mrs Townsend to be Chloe Gwynne ! You have 24 hours guys good luck
Have not got a scooby doo what those 4 blokes in the studio are talking about but they still make more sense than Michael Owen and Andy Townsend!
Got to love American sports coverage. We get Brian Moore, Andy Townsend, Claire Balding and Adrian Chiles. In the states they only let loud and lary ex professionals and the fit women! Where are all our fit women? And let's not get started on cheerleaders!
Seven years ago today, the 94 Kountry Store opened for the first time under the management of Andy Townsend. It's been a long, sometimes hard, mostly good, and always rewarding seven years. We appreciate the Ellicott community and are thankful to be a part of it. Thank you for your business and your friendship!
I'm having nightmares about a Michael Owen & Andy Townsend commentary team
Saturday Football. Andy cole and Andy Townsend in match studio.
Well done to everyone today with Grace you all put a lot of heart into it. Some times as follows.. Jon Hines 2:53 Liam Ferguson 2:47 Andy Townsend 2:45 Steph Hatton 4:03 and many more of you done a great job. Billy, Matt etc etc...more sub 3s Overall I think the performance of everyone speaks for itself. Your all getting stronger which in turn means your moving weight faster. PRs are occurring weekly not monthly on some of the major lifts too. With the way a lot of you are going by the end of the year you will be a force. Again well done to everyone.
If you've ever wondered what andy Townsend would look like if he got drunk and was hit by a car. Here's john Collins
Just spotted Andy Townsend. I wonder if i should go up to him and tell him what a krap pundit he is. Second only to Michael Owen on the boredom front.
Special Award for Green Lions Guernsey FC have been given the Channel Islands Sports Awards Judges' Achievement Award. The accolade was one of the biggest awards given out during the evening at the Radisson Hotel in Jersey. It was presented to Tony Vance, Sam Cochrane and Jamie Dodd on live television by former Ireland international and ITV commentator Andy Townsend. Earlier in the evening, Tony Vance missed out on the Coach of the Year. The award went to Guernsey Hockey's David Wray. The team also missed out to Jersey Cricket. The Sports Personality of the Year went to Guernsey professional cyclist Tobyn Horton.
Michael Owen, Niall Quinn or Andy Townsend. Listen to, cut out tongue and kill. You decide.
Oh, shut up Andy Townsend. You really irritate and annoy me.
Didn't think it would be possible to hear worse commentary than Andy Townsend but Ian darke takes it on bt sport sucking off Michael Owen every time someone scores, is it written in his contract that he has to say it reminds him of someone not a million miles away everytime someone gets a goal?
FIFA14 commentary below... so sweet Hi... Am Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend is here with me Hello Clive . Today match is. Bla bla
Michael Owen is THE worst commentator in the history of commentators he makes Andy Townsend look like a feckin genius n Clive Tyldesley look balanced
I wonder if anybody has actually told Andy Townsend how much of a *** he really is because I would love to
Well beaten by a more creative side going forwards. Congratulations to Michael Owen in replacing Andy Townsend as the worst commentator in football. My big toenails are more interesting than you. Pick ourselves up and move on. COYB!
Michael Owen is the most annoying commentator on the planet. Id prefer Andy Townsend, hes that annoying!
Watching Liverpool v Everton on BT Sport. Andy Townsend has moved up in my estimations as a commentator as Michael Owen never shuts the fcuk up
the fact Andy Townsend is being limited to the competition question is a blessing in itself though!
Someone at the BBC has almost as much to answer for as his counterpart at ITV who gave Andy Townsend a job
The things I'd do to Andy Townsend if I met him have already condensed into a film franchise named Saw
And now they've got Andy Townsend advertising a scammy competition. I swear they're doing this on purpose
Oh no sorry andy townsend has different ideas
he tries too hard, rather listen to andy Townsend!
did you seriously miss Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley out of the worst examples of itv football coverage??
David we can read why you bare commentating like Andy Townsend.
Killswitch has got talent, coming soon to ITV47! Hosted by Andy Townsend. "There in a band Clive". Thanks Andy, thanks...
Worst co-commentator ever: Andy Townsend. How did you miss him out?!
Is Andros Townsend's old man anyone of note, or can I do the next round with mine? It's not Andy is it?
best not be doing the World Cup, him and Andy Townsend *** me off no end
the combination of him Andy Townsend, Adrian child's and Lee Dixon while watching Chelsea wow best Sunday nap ever z
Ha you are right, I looked it up. Who is his dad when he's at home, Andy Townsend? LOL
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our ANDY TOWNSEND Conundrum. Nice one!
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble ANDY TOWNSEND in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
yeah but he's no Andy Townsend is he?
I see Clarke Carlisle has taken over from Andy Townsend's horrific commentary.
we Ghana Arsenal fans Associatio(GAFA), are expressing our complete disatisfaction about the way cases of drawing matches are done. Why? Can they give Andy Townsend and his father Troy to do thee drawing of the FA cup. Man City vs Chelseas, Arsenal vs liverpool, Everton vs swansea etc. We are telling them to reverse trend next season or they will the other side of Arsene Wenger. A press release from the secretariate. Published by the secretary Abdul Kudus of UDS Wa.
At least Clarke Carlisle and Andy Townsend aren't commentating together... Can you imagine...
The FA thought that it was Andy Townsend ;-)
Andros Townsend looks down at his hand. The 7th Dragon Ball! Finally he gets his wish. "There can be only one." Andy Townsend vanishes.
So ITV have a choice of Andy Townsend or Clarke Carlisle as co commentators with Adrian Chiles hosting Whoever is in charge …
Andy Townsend's young lad didn't do us any favours there
at a boy Andy kid great draw ..well in
Andy Townsend with a badly hidden little grin there
After the tedious draw for the 4th round featuring multiple Allens, I was holding out for Andros & Andy Townsend presenting this.
One glaring omission from this tandem Townsend jamboree...where are you Andy?
Disappointed to discover Andros Townsend's father isn't the commentator Andy Townsend.
Dear Sky or BBC, Please, please, please break the bank to buy the rights to show England internationals and FA cup matches. ITV's coverage is crap. From Adrian Chiles ugly stupid mug and Roy Keane's really insightful punditry. To Andy Townsend's and Clark Carlyle's rubbish commentary. It takes all the joy away from watching football and makes me want to throw the remote through the screen. This is all. Lots of Love, Paul. Xxx
Clarke Carlisle's commentary is verging on the level of that of Andy Townsend and Michael Owen. In other words it's z!
I've got Chelsea v Stoke on in the background whilst I do ironing / food-prep / admin ... but man, the commentary is SO bad it's putting me off. Can't put it on mute, as then it'll be no point having it on at all. I didn't think it was possible for ITV to have a worse commentary team than Tyldesley & Townsend, but it's happened. I can't believe I'd prefer to hear Andy Townsend over this mug. (Also, poor Townsend, his record of being commentator on every ITV game in the past five years is over.)
Think Clark Carlisle went to the same punditry school as Michael Owen, Andy Townsend, Niall Quinn and Garth Crooks.
I didn't think anything could top Andy Townsend or Michael Owen as pundits, but then ITV role out Clark Carlisle.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Clark Carlisle nearly as annoyin as andy townsend
in the same category as Niall Quinn Michael Owen and Andy Townsend
How bad are Stoke ? It's painful enough watching without having to listen Clarke Carlisle talking crap. Come back Andy Townsend all is forgiven. That Stoke away shirt Bobby had for xmas with Arnautovic written on the back is looking more and more like a mistake. Hughes out !!
Added Clark Carlisle to my list of awful commentators, just behind Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn
I'd love to watch a football game that didn't invole Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend, Jim Beglin or Ray Winston.
What made Itv choose clark carlise? Boring is not the word. I dont like Andy Townsend but please bring him back!
Just when you thought ITV Football commentary couldn't get any worse with Andy Townsend..que Clark Carlisle
How is Adrian Chiles on TV! He's got a personality of a wet mop, and quiet possibly the ugliest man alive. With him & Andy Townsend ITV football is really poor!
Looking forward to 2 hours of insightful football presented by the knowledgable Adrian childes. Mr personality Roy Keane, Lee Dixon and his unbiased punditry and Andy Townsend at his witty quips. Don't think ITV could have a worse team to cover their football!!!
Just watching a replay of today's game Bournemouth didn't deserve to loose !! In the words of Andy Townsend a clear penalty !!!
Liverpool not at there best! But I'm afraid I'm not taking it from Andy Townsend not good enough to play for England so went on holiday to Ireland so he qualified to play for them. Roy Keene sacked from every team he managed! And Harry go pay your tax!
Andy Townsend is so obviously bias against Liverpool, makes me sick:-(
Thankfully that match is over I couldn't listen to Andy Townsend for much longer. The most boring commentator around!!!
Bournemouth played ok for a Championship side, we were poor. But the three one on one with the GK decisions - all given offside and all wrong - were diabolical. Even worse was Andy Townsend looking at the still frame of one "offside" and, clearly level, saying clearly offside !! What a twerp !!
Bournemouth vs Liverpool summed up in 5 words: Andy Townsend is a ***
What's that Andy Townsend saying."Liverpool should be thankful".Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we were playing Barcelona. Silly commentators and their Studio Bench Haters on ITV. Bunch of Mitches!!!
It really isn't a Suprise . Andy Townsend has gave Man of match to a Bournemouth player who I've not seen ! Ges he's poor .
Why is Andy Townsend still commentating he's the librarian of football!
Liverpool winning 2-0 and a Bournemouth player gets man of the match Andy townsend logic again for you there at it's finest
Andy Townsend.the most boring lifeless commentator of football, that states the obvious. Get him off my tele.
I want to start a Andy Townsend hate club
Andy Townsend makes Digger look almost professional in the commentary box!
Andy Townsend "he's unlucky there...he hit that perfectly" if he hit it perfectly surely the ball would not gone in the net Andy???
Andy Townsend 'he hit that perfectly' no he didn't if he had of it would have been a goal you useless ***
Another Liverpool game on ITV ruined by Andy Townsend bleating on and on about Skrtl and shirt-pulling, not that he did any in this match, but lets bring it up anyway and talk about it for ten minutes, and then return to it again shortly after for another go. Shut up Townsend!
Andy Townsend was a terrible player he's now a terrible commentator! Played for Ireland but refers to England as us! He is just the worst type of person!
Please sack Andy Townsend not sure wot he's talking about
Andy townsend is the worst ever pundit, dos the bloke know anything about football
I have to say.Andy Townsend is a complete Bell End!!
Watching the Bournemouth v Liverpool game and why cant ITV see that Andy Townsend is so fekin biased against Liverpool.
Andy Townsend, shut the f up. You were an average player and your a worst commentator. Keep ya personal views to yourself. Unprofessional.
I'm getting that Andy Townsend on itv is anty Liverpool today!
Andy Townsend is the biggest *** going.bigger than Dan Pearce and David Gladwin.!
Andy Townsend: Daniel Sturridge got benefit of doubt on offside for goal. *** ?? What are these pundits paid for???
Andy Townsend is the biggest tosser in football commentary! Do one!
Andy townsend football commentator my *** more like a complete and utter wanker
Unbiased commentary from Andy Townsend, not for me Clive
Andy Townsend is up there with Michael Owen for worst commentator
It's official. Andy Townsend is a *** he should never be a commentator. John Barnes would knock spots off him.
Nice to see ITV highlighting that Liverpool have been shirt pulling in the box...Andy Townsend your a tosser...somebody show me a match in the last 20 years were defenders don't grab and pull other players.
Would love to smash a bat around Andy Townsend head.wot a bell end of a man
Andy Townsend needs shooting! Shut the fup, you're stealing my oxygen!
Hope Tim Arnold is watching. This yet another pool player tugging a shirt even Andy Townsend saw it
Andy Townsend shut the feck up.every defender in every league pulls the oppositions shirts so to single out Skrtel is complete
Andy Townsend how much more anti Liverpool could you be, should you not be impartial on TV?
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Really wishes Andy Townsend would shut the fup
Will andy townsend shut the fuk up pls, the biased wanker
Watch what you say there andy Townsend you'll have 5 death threats by the end of the game.
Andy Townsend I wish you would just * right off. His 'opinion' is so *** biased he is a disgrace.
Nice to see Andy Townsend being neutral NOT🙈🙉🙊
JESUS I hate Andy Townsend, who give that joker a job as a commentator! Hasn't a clue
Andy Townsend is a proper knobhead. Even Michael Owen is a better commentator, and that is saying something.
Oh well, plan A sort of working, looks like Moses has found his level, note to Andy Townsend & Clive Man Ure Tyldesley, if Sturridge islevel with the last man then he `s ONSIDE`,just stick to commenting on what you see not what you want to see
Life is about balance. Good and bad. For example - good - There's footy on the telly. I've got the house to myself so I can watch it. It's a really good game between an excellent championship side (which happens to be a club I like) and a premier league side full of stars, including this year's best player in the world. - bad - Andy Townsend's the summariser. See, perfect balance.
Andy Townsend really makes my *** fizz, worst commentator by far and yes that includes Owen and Quinn..
Only thing worse than watching Liverpool win is having Andy Townsend tell me about it.and what's with the pink ball, I can't see it half the time!!!
If u class Andy Townsend as an Irishman ur just as much as a wanker as he is
I'd do time to ensure Andy Townsend doesn't commentate again!
Andy Townsend at it again on ITV with his use of "in and around"... "in and around the back four", "in and around O'Kane"... How can you do that?!
Andy townsend sayin "he skied it a bit" no you bellend he mullered it into orbit. That's more than just "a bit"
Can almost hear andy townsend singing "come on bournmouth"
If Liverpool are ordinary what the f**k does that make Andy Townsend
I suspect Andy Townsend and Andrew Castle went to the same School of Commentary.
Dear Sky, BBC and ITV. In the olden days , you were able to watch the TV pictures with the sound turned down with the radio commentary on instead. I am sure I was not the only person to do this for cricket and football. Now I seem to hear what happens long before you see it - and has got worse since HD! Even the delay on digital radio is not enough. Surely with technology as it is, there must be a way to eliminate this delay and then I won't have to listen to the plank Andy Townsend ... haven't even seen Adrain Chiles yet - presume the twit is there!! Please fix this problem!!
FS would somebody ever just give Andy Townsend 1 in the head and 2 in the chest
I think Andy Townsend needs 2 gt off Suarez's ***
I was looking forward to the football. Then I discovered Andy Townsend was co-commentator.
Andy Townsend, Adrian Childs, Roy Keane in one place. Is there a worse trio of *** out there?
Andy Townsend and Clive Tildsley. Remembered why I have Sky Sports and an LFC membership.
Michael Owen removed from bt sport, get in! Now for itv to remove Adrian Chiles and andy townsend
Happy birthday Andy Townsend. Have a fabulous day!!
You ever herd an american commentry with a geordie doing the Andy Townsend
Martin Tyler is nearly in the same wanker category as Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend
Why is the tennis on Eurosport? Commentary is as bad as channel 5 Europa league or Andy Townsend for England games 😴😴😴
John *** Andy Townsend, Gianfranco Zola and Malky makay; That was a fantastic panel. Time to watch fanzone
Niall Quinn is worse than Andy Townsend for stating the bleeding obvious!!
Stuck behind two people more boring to listen to than Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley. Get me off this coach.
Whos worse andy townsend or Michael Owen
Not sure which commentator is worse Andy Townsend or Michael Owen ?
Anyone know why passenger front coilover is rattling like this? Got worse after tightened all bolts on top but comes and goes... Andy Townsend
If you must use your headset on xbox live fifa, for god's sake don't commentate the game impartially in another language, or worse, "hyuck hyuck hyuck" into the mike at random intervals. I'm longing for the sharp clarity of andy townsend and his generic commentary.
Nick Knight and Andy Townsend worst possible commentary duo!
Irish invasion at Everton brings hope JANUARY 12TH, 2014 BY CIARAN KELLY courtesy of *** O'Brien At first, there may seem a precedent. Surprisingly, to some, it is not the lauded Irish contingents who turned out for Celtic, Liverpool and Manchester United in that glory era between 1988 and 1990. Rather, ahead of the 1994 World Cup, four members of the Irish first XI were at Aston Villa. Paul McGrath, Andy Townsend, Steve Staunton and Ray Houghton started each of Ireland’s games at that tournament in the US. Two years later, Brian Little’s Villa would go on to challenge for the title in 1995-96 and retained the League Cup in the same campaign. It remains Villa’s most successful recent season, and McGrath, Townsend and Staunton were ever presents. The 34-year-old Houghton had departed for Crystal Palace in the previous summer, though, and the same fate would befall McGrath (36) and Townsend (33), who would leave Villa in 1996 and 1997 respectively. In contrast, Everton’s Irish contingent are enteri ...
Well done to all the Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds and all my running friends for ur amazing efforts in the rough n tumble this morning. Special thanks to Lorraine Ferris and Andy Townsend for ur support. Thanks Stephen Goulding, u know how to put on a good race
Interesting read about Le Saux, *** taunts, Fowler and Andy Townsend. I have an opinion but what does it matter .
Le Saux names Andy Townsend, Paul Ince, Robbie Fowler (and others) for nearly ruining his career with *** slurs:
In fairness, I'd rather Michael Owen over Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley any day.
Spot on, worst are Quinn and Andy Townsend, Owen is fine, lower level games Don Goodman is excellent
The only way to watch a game commentated by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, really.
Going from Adrian Chiles to Andy Townsend & Clive Tyldesley is like dragging your bare *** on sandpaper then pouring on salt
Clarke Carlisle makes Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley sound like good commentators.
ITV's football coverage is laughable. Not content with having Andy Townsend's inane ramblings during the game and Ian Wright's simpleton like "duh" in post game analysis, their highlights programme has Gordon strachan and Martin Allen, neither of whom can string a sentence together. Summarising Spurs' winning at Old Trafford and then losing at the Emirates in the space of a week as "you can't win them all" is absolutely laughable.
Quite liking itv's pundits for the first time ever. Strachan and Martin Allen are actually pretty good...amazing. Where are their usual *** like Andy Townsend, inappropriate ones like Gazza, or someone random to join Clive Tyldesley in licking Man Ure's *** Martin Allen's cardigan is shocking though.
More annoyed about Andy Townsend giving LLoris goalkeeping advice.
another one who finds sentences hard work. How's about Andy Townsend
. Q: What did Andy Townsend have for breakfast?. A: because he's a *** Hmmm... not sure it works
How many DECENT EXPERIENCED football commentators are there throughout the land. And yet ITV insist on the clueless Andy To…
On top of that I had to endure Adrian Childs and Andy Townsend for 2 hours beforehand
Andy Townsend & Jo Brand are up there with the most infuriating people on the planet 😡
Andy Townsend kept his tongue up Walcotts *** for so long during that match
I'm astonished that Andy Townsend's exceptional insight and almost prophetic wisdom have not been put to use solving the middle east issues.
I like him. Plus, he wrote one of my favourite books about being a football fan. Andy Townsend however...
Have they finally found a commentator worse than and Andy Townsend?
“townsend on the plane for Rio" Id rather have Andy Townsend in the team ffs
You just know that Andy Townsend finds Genius Football funny
I dont like Andy King, sounds like a *** on the radio, good luck to him if he gets the job though.
Andy Townsend,Master of the FFNG obvious and genius of hindsight.(why can't I get a ffng job like that?) the small screen#
Andy Townsend put the commentator in his place too!
If andy townsend and Michael Owen ever commentate together time will stand still and the world will emplode.
I'll give some credit to Michael Owen as a commentator; I never thought Andy Townsend would lose his place as my least favourite one.
If Carlsburg showed football it wouldn't be ITV. Adrain Charles and Andy Townsend both useless annoying ***
Roy Keane; "Tottenham will always let you down", adeboyer "Flicky fally down thing he does" and "football fans are *** . Top Pundit as far as I'm concerned, sack Andy Townsend
Adrian by "Were all heading off north for Forest/ West Ham" does that mean Andy Townsend 2?. Homes under the hammer + Bargain Hunt it is then
I'd rather listen to 10-hour loop of Janice laughing than hear a minute of Andy Townsend.
Seriously can't stand Adrian Chile's and Andy Townsend is a crap commentator.
He's not bad, he gets away with not knowing much. It's Andy Townsend and Lee Dixon
Man flu then the result and having to listen to Michael Owen and then Andy Townsend the only remedy is Jagerbombs
cause he is vieras m8 nw I turned it off andy townsend doesnt seem to like us either lol
Andy Townsend: "they need something Spurs don't they". Yes Andy, 3 goals. State the obvious
add in Andy Townsend's commentary for FA cup followed by Splash, you can see why few watch ITV..
not as bad as Andy Townsend. Wiping scums *** the whole time
Be so glad when ITV lose all their football, please no job for Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend at any other station.
I was astounded that he didn't get it! Then I realised that Andy Townsend was giving it out and it all became clear!
Adrian Chilies is a *** and Andy Townsend really needs to stop sticking his head up wengers *** !
"your commentators are Andy Townsend...". *puts tv on mute* .
Is it too late to express my utter despair at Andy Townsend's continued existence? My ears are still bleeding.
Andy Townsend has ruined the magic of the FA Cup
Not sure what's worse, watching Tottenham lose or listening to Andy Townsend for 90 minutes
The only thing worse than Tottenham's defending was the ITV 'commentary', and even Walcott wasn't as annoying as Andy Townsend's 'analysis'.
I'm more wound up that Andy Townsend gets paid to spout absolute *** than I am with Spurs' performance
Walcotts *** will be clean when Andy Townsend is done with him
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