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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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I switch off the sound as soon as he starts his moronic comments. He has an infuriating know it all attitude which grates He was never that good on the field.
I think I hate Souness as much as I hate Busquets, Paul Merson, Andy Townsend, Adrian Chiles and Jamie Redknapp.
Has Kev just made the most inspired substitution since Ronnie Rosenthal? Not even Andy Townsend could have seen that
all those gimmicks, whoever does them, just reek of filling time. Reminds me of Andy Townsend's tactics truck.
ITV announced all L A Galaxy live games with Martin Tyler and andy townsend wearing half galaxy half reds scarf.honest
maybe those who have suffered Andy Townsend?
PIC OF THE DAY: tussles with Andy Townsend in a WC qualifier back in 1993. We miss players in black boots!
I would back anyone who wants to replace Blatter as President. ANYONE would be better, except perhaps Kim Jong Un or Andy Townsend.
any TV company found discussing a contract with andy Townsend instantly loses all coverage they have been allocated.
if he'd only stopped at "He's a little *** that Totti. Have we got any sandwiches?" he'd have saved us from Andy Townsend.
Andy Townsend's gonna have them both killed in a conspiracy with crooked cops for being too insightful
Watching the golf on Sky.Is it just me or is Richard Boxhall a muppet. Good god golfs answer to Andy Townsend !
And there it is the first of many times over the next few weeks we will hear Andy Townsend rock out the 'I've seen them given' cliche.
i like ken but the most annoying commentator ever has to be andy Townsend
This Ten Sports commentary is so Atleti biased. Im not a Real Madrid fan but this is on Andy Townsend level from LFC Basel game.
Why have I turned the on and Andy Townsend is commenting?
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you are a worse commentator than Andy Townsend. I hate you
Third ever mention on the Beeb Sport website. This one is exceedingly juvenile insight. As bad as Andy Townsend...
I'd happily have Andy Townsend as sub for that commentator at half time.
Why is Andy Townsend on sky sports now 😩😩😩
Put the Madrid - Atletico game on, my heart stopped when I thought Andy Townsend was commentating. Sigh of relief its not actually him...
Andy Townsend has just said he can see an upset tonight.
opinions on Andy Townsend? — I'm just wondering, could he have taken a touch there Clive?
Andros Townsend? You'd get more sense out of Andy Townsend!
It looks like great day in the fields of the Germantown soccerplex. Andy Townsend here along with Alan Smith.
They should announce the Oscars the same way they do the FA Cup draw - bunch of balls in a bag, Ray Stubbs & Andy Towns…
Lucky for u it aint Niall Quinn or Andy Townsend otherwise mom Di Maria or Steve Gerrard respectively!!!
That moment when you hear ITV won't be renewing Andy Townsend's contract at the end of the season.
With news that Andy Townsend won't have his ITV contract renewed at the end of the season, we look back to 1994.
ITV have confirmed that Andy Townsend’s contract will not be renewed when it expires in the summer
Great British football fans react to the news that Andy Townsend is leaving ITV at the end of the season
I'd rather Matt Smith presenting ITV's coverage than Adrian Chiles, therefore it's a shame to see him go.
hearing that Andy Townsend won't be having his contract renewed by itv is the best news I've had all year!!!
ITV's football coverage may be slightly more bearable next season after axing Andy Townsend, just Childs to get shut of now
Andy that's good news. Just hope do the same thing and stop subsidising Michael Owen's gambling debts.
Andy Townsend dropped by ITV. Whats happened there, Clive, is Andy Townsend has been dropped by ITV. Yep if you look - drop…
Andy Townsend is finally gone but ITV football still has Adrian Chiles, Clive Tyldesley, Lee Dixon and Gabriel Clarke sadly
Andy Townsend. Don't forget to check all your brakes and lights when you reverse out of ITV Towers in your truck.
Shame to see Andy Townsend get dumped by ITV.
Thank God Andy Townsend isn't getting his contract renewed for ITV.
Andy football fans reaction to Andy townsend departure!!!
Andy Townsend being axed from ITV is the best news I've heard all day. Most biased commentator there is.
Football fans rejoice as Andy Townsend is set to leave ITV at the end of the season
Looks like Andy Townsend will be spending his time "in and around" his house on Champions League nights. "That's better"
No more Andy Townsend?! I'm actually gutted. It was the only entertaining thing about ITV's football coverage.
No more Andy Townsend on ITV? He'll be disappointed with himself there, Clive.
The 8 surprising reasons that Andy Townsend makes ITV's football coverage better
I wish it was Adrian Chiles instead of Andy Townsend though...
ITV will not be renewing Andy Townsend's co-commentator contract at the end of the season.
ITV confirms Andy Townsend’s contract will not be renewed next season.
ITV announced they will not renew Andy Townsend's contract for next season and of course, Social Media reacted!
Andy Townsend gone but can we just remind you that Adrian Chiles is still presenting your programme.
Andy Townsend gone , just Adrian Chiles to get rid of now !!!
ITV not renewing Andy Townsend's contract. There is a God! :-)
1/2 ITV Sport have confirmed Andy Townsend and presenter Matt Smith will both leave them at the end of the season.
Ta ta Andy Townsend! I will now be able to watch a match without mute on :)
The big football story of the day is by far the correct one.andy Townsend has been chopped from itv!
ITV's longstanding relationship with Andy Townsend is due to come to an end after the station announced they won't be renewing his contract. Here's what we'll be missing...
Andy Townsend quitting ITV football!!! Now that there is a belated Christmas present!!!
Apparently Andy townsend's contract with ITV isn't being renewed. What do we think happened? (A) They care about the quality of their football commentary and have decided to upgrade their talent pool. (B) The figure "if we are going to have crap coverage we might as well pay peanuts for it too and get someone cheaper in". Given they haven't sacked everyone in their coverage team I'm thinking it is sadly (B).
THE ANDY TOWNSEND RAP! The unofficial World Cup anthem from GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN.
"I think one of these teams could win this"- Andy Townsend Great day for football. No more Andy Townsend. Now hopefully Owen will bore his self to death and I can watch games on itv
No more Andy Townsend on the ITV then! " he'll be disappointed with himself there then Clive!"
Andy Townsend has been effectively sacked by ITV Sport as a co-commentator.
Andy Townsend leaving ITV, I'm sure he'll be missed with his commentary "you'll have to make the keeper make saves if you want to score" actually it's the complete opposite of that Andy 😂
"Andy Townsend won't have his contract extended with ITV. "For me Clive, that's a fantastic gamble from them. Superb.""
Andy Townsend set to leave ITV after this season. ITV will have to search their foyer for literally minutes to find someone of his ability to replace him.
FORMER Middlesbrough player Andy Townsend and lead presenter Matt Smith will not be renewing their contracts with ITV Sport once they have expired at the end of the season.
Andy townsend is not having his I TV contract renewed. Football will finally be a better place without him. Lol
Andy Townsend is trending next to people using him as the main argument against?
I for one will miss Andy Townsend commentary.
Fantastic news for football lovers. Andy Townsend is leaving ITV as they won't renew his contract, pity they have not done the same with Adrian Chiles
EX-Chelsea star Andy Townsend axed from ITV after 15 years -
Andy Townsend sacked , ITV football is now watchable again :)
ITV sack Andy Townsend about fecking time
Today's Fiver: sticky times for the Toffees, Wojciech Szczesny’s dad, strong letters and Andy Townsend
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so ITV fire Andy Townsend? gonna miss that football build up I was accustomed to.
Andy Townsend's contract not being renewed by ITV. BOOM just Adrian Childs to go and we've got a party
Wayne Mardle is going all Andy Townsend over Garry Anderson
Who's analysis do you prefer... John *** s or Andy Townsend?
I reckon Clive Tyldsley & Andy Townsend will do our home games on ITV & our away games will be Clarke Carlisle & Sam Matterface 😒
I think Andy Townsend remained impartial throughout, he is a true professional, up there with Ray Wilkins as a co-commentator legend
Andy Townsend is dead to me forever
Andy Townsend is the ITV answer to Nial Quinn. What a tosser.
even Andy Townsend doesn't think so, so no
I'm proud to see "Andy Townsend" is trending. I see this picture though and I'm thinking "That's inappropriate" http:/…
Maybe Yorkshire Ripper or John Christie as a bench mark. But still better than Michael Owen or Andy Townsend
Peter Drury and Andy Townsend commenting together really makes a match more awesome. FIFA shud make them a team
We all know how rubbish football on ITV is. Well, I'm watching a stream with commentary by Peter Drury & ex-CFC Andy Townsend. Crap
Peter Drury & Andy Townsend take us through Atkinson is the man in the middle 😊
Peter Drury and Andy Townsend. What a terrible combination in commentary.
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Rather listen to a recording of Jim Beglin than a live Andy Townsend.
Oh no, ITV might get premier league highlights rights!! Oh no cos Chiles aha and Andy Townsend aha and oh no I don't speak to any girls aha.
"I just wanna check the run from Lallana, just to make sure he's onside". Andy Townsend ladies and gentlemen...
anyone but Andy Townsend on 3 thanks for the tip
Choose your poison? Jason Weaver or Andy Townsend. How do these ex-pro's get these jobs.Prefer people who know sports & who have studied it?
Andy Townsend is to football commentaries what Lee Clark is to management.
ha I'm considering it now! I love btw - did you know Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend firs…
Don't forget Dean Saunders Niall Quinn or Andy Townsend. I'm not sure if i like any of them. Jim Beglin or Ray Houghton are okay
No adverts, no Clive Tyldesley, no Andy Townsend, no advertising other itv shows, no betting, no competitions!
Anything is better than Clive Tyldesley, Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles
he should also get Andy Townsend's job! 😂😂😂
Alan Smith is almost as much of a 'football expert' as Andy Townsend. Probably on a par with a pan loaf.
toss up really of those who have been skelped and who you would like skelped like Andy Townsend
Someone pointed out how to save a Hazard penalty. , I think it was Andy Townsend... just the same way it happened tonight
Good job Andy Townsend isn't commentating he would give man of the match to Terry
Excellent from Jim Beglin on RTE, better than that patronising irritating Andy Townsend on ITV.
I quote Graeme Souness "If your not first to the ball your second" Has this dour *** been taking lessons from Andy Townsend?
Andy Townsend on fine form last night "In and Around the Crossbar and Casillas". The boys discuss it all on the next pod, coming soon
Pundit of the Year nominations are out.Two horse race? v ? Also no Andy Townsend!
Sloth 2-1 Kents. A set piece from Kents pulls them back in the game. As the old Andy Townsend saying goes, 2-1 is a dangerous score line...
What did Adrian Chiles do to deserve a salary raise? He's the moist boring and idiotic person known in football alongside Andy Townsend
Watching game against with Slovenian commentary. Don't understand a word, so a big improvement over Andy Townsend.
does Andy Townsend have any horses at all.
wait until you hear how much Andy Townsend earns!
this is entirely insulting to Andy Townsend.
"Andy Townsend dropping bombs of contradictory knowledge as per usual." Great, great knowledge, Clive
Why's Andy Townsend going on like Steven Gerrard is still unstoppable when Mehdi Abeid made him look a pure chump only thre…
I'd rather listen to talk football than Andy Townsend.
Another class statement by Andy townsend, benzimas goal was a difficult one to score, he was 3 yards out in front of goal ffs
Oh good god, CL highlights, Andy Townsend's commentary again *mutes the tv
I've got my Christmas boxes for Adrian Chiles & Andy Townsend sorted. .
I am massively surprised that you continue to employ Andy Townsend
go easy, I'd never have understood what was going on without the insight of Andy Townsend...inserts irony hashtag.
and I thought Andy Townsend was obvious
Sure the pundits were bad but they make Andy Townsend look like the Oracle!!
Extracts from the English Literary canon in the inimitable style of Andy Townsend. The Great Gatsby is genius.
Andy Townsend gets on my bloody nerves, He commentates like he was a world beater, when reality he was average at best
Pretend to be Andy Townsend by saying 'Clive' after every sentence, Clive.
LIVERPOOL FANS.. Serious question.. Would that defeat be any easier to take if Andy Townsend wasn't commentating?
Why has Scholes joined ITV to join the likes of Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend is a kopite and stinks of *** pass it on.
Andy Townsend stats tonight:. Comments on target - 1. Insight - 0. Repeating what we've just seen - 247. Muted - 1.3m
Andy Townsend, Steve McManaman and Adrian Chiles all on the same programme. What have we done to deserve this?
The choice was Trevor or Andy "that's better "Townsend I went with Trev lesser of 2 evils just abt jeez 90 squids harsh
Just wondering, Clive, what it would be like if great works of English literature were rewritten by Andy Townsend. http…
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Andy Townsend was a disgrace. "Real played within themselves" like they didnt care. No credit for at all.
“"Moreno was quick and powerful enough to stay with Bale there". Andy Townsend, Grade A *** ”
Arsenals defence still got more of a clue than andy townsend
I think I'd rather listen to Richard Madeley co-commentate than suffer Andy Townsend.
I wish pundits like Alan Shearer, Andy Townsend & Michael Owen still played, just so we wouldn't have to listen to them ramble on.
you are the worst commentator in the world, a world in with Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle exist
Andy Townsend 'It's been a good test for Spurs'. All is forgiven Clarke, please come back.
Andy Townsend has to be up there with Clarke Carlisle as the worst commentator ! Chats so much crap .
I wonder, how long it would take, listening to a combination of Clarke Carlisle and Andy Townsend speaking, to want to end your life?
A couple of minutes in, and Clive Tyldesley has already had enough of Andy Townsend. (If only)
Great, so we go from Clarke Carlise to Andy Townsend. What have my ears done to derseve this
Don't know who's the worst commentator Clarke Carlisle or Andy Townsend neither of them inspire you.
We should start a petition to replace Andy Townsend with Clarke Carlisle as the first choice co-commentator for ITV’s football coverage.
Has anyone complaining about Clarke Carlisle ever listened to Andy Townsend?. It's all relative.
Clarke Carlisle can't be far behind Andy Townsend as the worst co commentator in football, just awful.
For 'uninterrupted' read 'no Clarke Carlisle or Andy Townsend'. And that'll do for me.
Imagine a world where Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend were your nipples...
Alan Smith is as bad as Andy Townsend as a commentator
imagine him Clarke Carlisle and Andy Townsend doing a game together
Kevin Phillips has been listening to Andy Townsend: "In and around the goal-line." He'll be disappointed with that, Clive.
Wilshere has been stepping up quite a lot recently. Guess what he says about him improving with game time really is true. Voted MOTM by Andy Townsend against San Marino (Joe Hart won the award as he was jokingly voted by fans [made 1 save]) and is the official MOTM against Estonia. Hopefully he can keep away from injury and continue the good form, unlike Danny Welbeck who sadly 'rolled his ankle' and wobbled off the pitch. Get well soon Welbz! We need you!
I'd like to drive at 30mph from Lands End to John O'Groats with Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles. Just 3 nutters having a …
Andy Townsend though, gotta be the worst commentator going...misses everything, prefer Michael Owens droning than Andy Bellsend..
Hey ask Andy Townsend about his association with Harlequin Property currently under investigation by Serious Fraud Office.
I can't work out who's more annoying Andy Townsend or Garth Crooks
Andy Townsend fully looks like a young 😂
Andy Townsend, understand that Andros Townsend is one footed and a Peter Crouch. Only plays for England. Never well for Spurs.
Someone really needs to move that microphone away from Ray Lewington. While their at it take Clive Tyldsley's and Andy Townsend's too
Andy Townsend is still quite young. We have years of this drivel to contend with.
I can't work out what noise is annoying me more. Andy Townsend's "commentary", Ray Lewington's shouting or the sodding band!
What makes this game more intolerable is the commentary! Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley def are not Martin Tyler and Andy Gray
No matter how many replays he watched, Andy Townsend will never admit that Cahill stuck a foot out to trip that keeper!
Andy Townsend. You would be a far better commentator if you didn't talk.
Cant stand Andy Townsend a minute longer,turning over to Midsomer Murders
Might be handy if Andy Townsend read the laws of the game of football. Just a suggestion.
FML...Watch football & I hear Andy Townsend, watch Horse Racing & it's Cooper & Chapman, was looking forward to the darts & now Mardle!
Please can Andy Townsend show us how you slide along the ground without putting your arms down for balance?
He's up there with jezza Kyle and Andy Townsend - biggest bellends on TV
Niall Quinn is competing against Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle for worst co commentator. He is talking utter ***
Clark Carlisle is the only co-commentator in the world I would gladly replace with Andy Townsend. That is quite an insult.
It's always disorientating when Tony Gale is commentating on a match. It's sounds like Andy Townsend if Andy Townsend knew about football.
I know nobody else is watching the Chelsea game, but Tony Gale is out-"in and around"ing Andy Townsend, if such a thing were possible!
Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend, how I've missed you on Champions League nights. Just need Jim Beglin to complete the fuzzy feelings.
v has Ray Wilkins got a tv job? If not, then why do I have to listen to the witless witterings of Andy Townsend?
"Psychedelic drugs, free love and acid rock? Not for me, Clive." Love this mostly warm Townsend review via
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Reasons not to watch England no7: ITV has the rights for the big games and Andy Townsend is the worst co commentator anywhere!
LOOL Andy Townsend receives so much corn 😂
Captain Rooney smashes home a penalty to make it 1-0. Andy 'state the obvious' Townsend says it's a good penalty so it mus…
Why don't ITV make Andy Townsend commentate on Republic Ireland games. Let an ex England player commentate on England
My fave Andy Townsend quote: "For me Clive they're in a slightly stronger position at 1-0 than they were before they s…
Andy Boring Townsend must be on repeat play.And the ball runs away from Wilshere. Building our team round him!
Really missed Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend. Luckily there are still 8 bullets left.
they would rather listen to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend loves sterling!hes given him man of the match and said he was our best player!stones or baines have had more at…
I wish Andy O'Townsend would get in and around a wood chipper.
Stuck in a lift with Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend!!
you have him playing there though in that formation.. Andy Townsend tactics. Forget defending, tally ***
Andy Townsend starting with the 'that's the difference with international football' garbage.
don't know why you are watching it. 1. It's on ITV. 2. Adrian Chiles. 3. Andy Townsend. 4. It's England
"Andy Townsend has so got the hots for Sterling, BIG TIME, what a nonce" Great, great nonce, Clive
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Remember that time Andy Townsend wasn't annoying? Nah, me neither.
I'd pay to see Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles take a steel toecap to the face
Andy "the wanker" Townsend suddenly praising Welbeck, now he's not a United player!
Fabian Delph completed 18 out of 19 pass attempts (95%) - 3 more than Wayne Rooney. As Andy Townsend would say, 'bette…
I love seeing England play a friendly. Who is Andy Townsend, apart from a has been, monotonal insignificant hasbeen. Who names the man of the match? Incidentally look at your statistics. He is a jinx.
Calm down Andy Townsend. It's a 1 nill friendly agents Norway. Going on like we've just spanked Germany
Andy Townsend now trying to make Rooney performance sound good. Knobhead
Right andy townsend, " who's your man of the match"? "raheem sterling he's the best England player on show tonight" Well done to sterling on your man of the match !! Showing them the way !
I'd make a better commentator than Andy Townsend and a better manager than Roy Hodgson, most frustrating and boring 90 minutes of my life
My man ov the match has definatly got to go to Andy townsend for talkn 100% utter *** for 90mnz
Sturridge seems to be man of the match for; and I quote, 'forcing the penalty.' Good old Andy Townsend, off you go and get a proper job.
The only thing worse than this dire performance is Andy Townsend. Glad I'm welsh ha ha ha ha
andy townsend sterling is england best player full stop AGREED (y)
I think Andy Townsend (as much as I dislike him) is the first pundit I've heard say someone other than Rooney is our best player. Thank God. There is intelligent life out there after all.
"Raheem Sterling is England's best player full stop" Well said Andy Townsend.
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I quote, 'Good to see Danny Wellbeck on.' Is Andy Townsend paid to commentate?
Is itv broadcasting a different England game to what is being commentated, as I thought andy Townsend just said England are starting to play well ?
Is Andy Townsend watching the same game as me the goal has lifted England he must be smoking crack lol
Techy query - on a Toshiba 42 inch 1080p TV, how do you turn down the bias on Andy Townsend?
Andy Townsend "England going to bring on someone to spark some life into the game" ... Camera turns to james Milner getting ready ... English football for you
I'd like to see a change any minute now. You Andy Townsend, gone.
How I have missed your pearls of wisdom Andy Townsend!
why didn't Andy Townsend Is A Massive Tosser! retire after World Cup, cos he is still talking utter ***
The only thing that could make this England game more boring would be if Andy Townsend read the entirety of 'Atlas Shrugged'.
Only good thing about the ITV football commentary tonight? ..They don't have Robbie Savage to add to Andy Townsend.
This is the last time I liked Andy Townsend (pic via
Can one ever get tired of listening to John *** and Andy Townsend ?
You're wrong. In *** football is presented by Channel 5, hosted by Colin Murray & Andy Townsend is the lead commentator.
Alan Smith, Andy Townsend, Martin Tyler, Peter Drury, Clive Tyldesley who is your all time favorite commentator..?
With Adrian Chiles, Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, it's safe to say that ITV Have the worst possible football coverage team.
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I'd rather Jimmy Saville had come back for the new season than old bollock head Chiles and Andy Townsend
Its no wonder that pubs are closing when they put football commentary of match on and all you can hear is Clive Tyldesley&Andy Townsend.
Hope Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend have packed extra chapstick for all that gooner *** kissing
Chambers is a solid player but it's so annoying Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend rimming him like he's the next Fabio Cannavaro
I've really missed Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend's commentary since the World Cup ended." . Said no one ever.
"I've really been missing Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend since the World Cup ended." . -- Nobody, Ever. Yet they're back.
Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend are so awful commentating on our games.
Skylar Caldwell is the Andy Townsend to my Clive Tyldesley.
''Hi I'm Clive Tyldesley, and I am joined here today by Andy Townsend''. Only real *** know this quote
Tyldesley: "We're not sure which Aguero we're about to see." . I'd have forgiven Andy Townsend everything if he'd just …
Ukrainian rebel commander who shot down MK17 is relieved of duties. As Andy Townsend would say, 'He can't have any complaints, Clive.'
surely Clive Tyldsley is the best,there's Martin Tyler who's good also but the worst is that annoying Andy Townsend or Owen
you seem surprised . they employ Andy Townsend!
add Andy Townsend and Jeff Kenna to your list.
get rid of your dismal presenter Adrian child's and Andy townsend
yeah, but only if you sack Andy Townsend
at least there isnt Andy Townsend or Michael Owen in there...
the same can be said for Michael Owen on BT, Andy Townsend on ITV. They do it to draw interest on social media, has to be that.
you will enjoy this. Andy Townsend is a moron.
Lawrenson & Andy Townsend to play a footy commentator Three Stooges...then I guest star and just kill them all, yeah?
So that's where Andy Townsend got his vast knowledge from >> “'Doctor jozef venglos' with Aston Villa
BT Sport seem to have made it their mission to corner the market in bad pundits. Watch out Andy Townsend.
Matchday Live with Andy Townsend working the touch screen and John *** in the lead seat at that table is what I'm amping for.
I don't mind that what so ever. Could do with some company
'Elo I'm Clive Tyldesley and with me is Andy Townsend
This new set up is on a par with Andy Townsend' Tactics Truck...overly technical just for the sake of it
should hang their heads in shame. It was like watching ITV and that bellend Andy Townsend doing a tombola.
Really liking the boy Townsend! Wah needs Andy.nahh I'm joking ehh love Andy but Conor will dae
they must be the culinary equivalent of Andy Townsend
I think Andy Walker might be the only guy I hate more than Andy Townsend, *** !
it was a joke. You're not having Andros Townsend, so maybe you'll have to get Andy ;) still want a lift back post game?
you did an Andy Townsend one after I said about the boring James Milner one. I want credit!
any chance of yous getting rid of Andy Townsend? He's worse at commentary than Phil Neville, worse pundit than carragher
Chelsea Manager Bobby Campbell has unveiled new signings Dennis Wise & Andy Townsend.
Cant think of a worse commentary team other than Sam Matterface and Andy Townsend, turning it off right now!
I've had to Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend as my permanent commentary team on fifa because Alan Smith makes me want to commit.
please stop Owen talking. He just jibbers rubbish, it's like you looked at Andy Townsend and thought yeh that's a good pundit!?
as Andy Townsend would say 'if anything, Morello's played that riff too well Clive'
Dean Saunders is so bad he makes Andy Townsend wonder "why didn't i think of saying that?"
Michael Owen and Andy Townsend are commentary Gods compared to Dean Saunders,
as John Barnes and Andy Townsend said Suarez is the best they had ever seen. Me to, Suarez doesn't give up but Henry did.
For all of those not watching ITV (all of you), Andy Townsend is telling Lionel Messi what he's doing wrong.
Watching the World Cup final on BBC, can't be doing with Andy Townsend saying That's Better every 2 minutes
My worst nightmare be: Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle doing the expert analysis, Garth Crooks doing the post match interviews!
he's joined the along with Adrian Chiles Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrenson !
Lawro or Andy Townsend: like a toss-up between skimmed milk and...skimmed milk.
Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson for bbc or Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend for itv both got bad commentators for the World Cup final
Mark Lawrenson or Andy Townsend tomorrow. Cant actually think of a decision that can be worse to make
ITV's coverage started badly, but (asides form Andy Townsend) has improved considerably during the World Cup.
No Adrian Chiles?! Surely we can't be lucky enough to have no Andy Townsend either?!
Pointers from Andy Townsend on how to win a World Cup semi final. Like Ronnie Corbett running a high jump training camp.
I don't know what's worse, an extra 30mins of this drab game or an extra 30mins having to listen to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend needs to get in the Mark Lawrenson bin of redundancy.
“As good a time as any to tell you that the final is on so no Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend trying to be more stupid than Jonathan Pierce, whilst trying he will need to add more repetition
No surprise that Andy Townsend calling a perfectly legitimate offside call a bad decision. It's like he doesn't know the rules
and u don't have Adrian Chiles or Andy townsend. would have had about 4 people
andy Townsend m takes me back to my younger days had crush on him when he played at villa lol x
Matt you must be gutted you sound like Andy Townsend.The positive is at least you know what your talking about
Prepare for tonights footy by getting ear defenders so that you don't have to endure ANDY TOWNSEND ! Silly ITV
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"Pass, shoot, it's a goal. Andy Townsend should be on the dole." rapping what the nation is thinking
GLC's unofficial World Cup anthem THE ANDY TOWNSEND RAP…: this is genius
Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and Andy Townsend should always remind us of that 7-1 loss to Brazil mo FIFA like the Bayern and Barca game
Can someone send this link to Andy Townsend the symbol of lazy misunderstood football punditry
In 2010, Andy Townsend said none of German first eleven would get into the England team. Eight of that eleven started tonight's game.
Andy Townsend getting an award for football commentary
Andy Townsend to say something that actually makes sense
Andy Townsend being described as a good commentator
Andy Townsend giving a useful insight into a football match
At games it has to be Phil Neville, Lawrenson and Andy Townsend. In the studio, Cannavaro, Vierra, O'Neill and Lennon.
People respecting Andy Townsend's opinion as a commentator
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