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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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Wilshere has been stepping up quite a lot recently. Guess what he says about him improving with game time really is true. Voted MOTM by Andy Townsend against San Marino (Joe Hart won the award as he was jokingly voted by fans [made 1 save]) and is the official MOTM against Estonia. Hopefully he can keep away from injury and continue the good form, unlike Danny Welbeck who sadly 'rolled his ankle' and wobbled off the pitch. Get well soon Welbz! We need you!
I can't work out who's more annoying Andy Townsend or Garth Crooks
Andy Townsend fully looks like a young 😂
Andy Townsend, understand that Andros Townsend is one footed and a Peter Crouch. Only plays for England. Never well for Spurs.
Someone really needs to move that microphone away from Ray Lewington. While their at it take Clive Tyldsley's and Andy Townsend's too
Andy Townsend is still quite young. We have years of this drivel to contend with.
I can't work out what noise is annoying me more. Andy Townsend's "commentary", Ray Lewington's shouting or the sodding band!
What makes this game more intolerable is the commentary! Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley def are not Martin Tyler and Andy Gray
No matter how many replays he watched, Andy Townsend will never admit that Cahill stuck a foot out to trip that keeper!
Andy Townsend. You would be a far better commentator if you didn't talk.
Cant stand Andy Townsend a minute longer,turning over to Midsomer Murders
Might be handy if Andy Townsend read the laws of the game of football. Just a suggestion.
FML...Watch football & I hear Andy Townsend, watch Horse Racing & it's Cooper & Chapman, was looking forward to the darts & now Mardle!
Please can Andy Townsend show us how you slide along the ground without putting your arms down for balance?
He's up there with jezza Kyle and Andy Townsend - biggest bellends on TV
Niall Quinn is competing against Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle for worst co commentator. He is talking utter ***
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Clark Carlisle is the only co-commentator in the world I would gladly replace with Andy Townsend. That is quite an insult.
It's always disorientating when Tony Gale is commentating on a match. It's sounds like Andy Townsend if Andy Townsend knew about football.
I know nobody else is watching the Chelsea game, but Tony Gale is out-"in and around"ing Andy Townsend, if such a thing were possible!
Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend, how I've missed you on Champions League nights. Just need Jim Beglin to complete the fuzzy feelings.
v has Ray Wilkins got a tv job? If not, then why do I have to listen to the witless witterings of Andy Townsend?
"Psychedelic drugs, free love and acid rock? Not for me, Clive." Love this mostly warm Townsend review via
Reasons not to watch England no7: ITV has the rights for the big games and Andy Townsend is the worst co commentator anywhere!
LOOL Andy Townsend receives so much corn 😂
Captain Rooney smashes home a penalty to make it 1-0. Andy 'state the obvious' Townsend says it's a good penalty so it mus…
Why don't ITV make Andy Townsend commentate on Republic Ireland games. Let an ex England player commentate on England
My fave Andy Townsend quote: "For me Clive they're in a slightly stronger position at 1-0 than they were before they s…
Andy Boring Townsend must be on repeat play.And the ball runs away from Wilshere. Building our team round him!
Really missed Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend. Luckily there are still 8 bullets left.
they would rather listen to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend loves sterling!hes given him man of the match and said he was our best player!stones or baines have had more at…
I wish Andy O'Townsend would get in and around a wood chipper.
Stuck in a lift with Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend!!
you have him playing there though in that formation.. Andy Townsend tactics. Forget defending, tally ***
Andy Townsend starting with the 'that's the difference with international football' garbage.
don't know why you are watching it. 1. It's on ITV. 2. Adrian Chiles. 3. Andy Townsend. 4. It's England
"Andy Townsend has so got the hots for Sterling, BIG TIME, what a nonce" Great, great nonce, Clive
Remember that time Andy Townsend wasn't annoying? Nah, me neither.
I'd pay to see Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles take a steel toecap to the face
Andy "the wanker" Townsend suddenly praising Welbeck, now he's not a United player!
Fabian Delph completed 18 out of 19 pass attempts (95%) - 3 more than Wayne Rooney. As Andy Townsend would say, 'bette…
I love seeing England play a friendly. Who is Andy Townsend, apart from a has been, monotonal insignificant hasbeen. Who names the man of the match? Incidentally look at your statistics. He is a jinx.
Calm down Andy Townsend. It's a 1 nill friendly agents Norway. Going on like we've just spanked Germany
Andy Townsend now trying to make Rooney performance sound good. Knobhead
Right andy townsend, " who's your man of the match"? "raheem sterling he's the best England player on show tonight" Well done to sterling on your man of the match !! Showing them the way !
I'd make a better commentator than Andy Townsend and a better manager than Roy Hodgson, most frustrating and boring 90 minutes of my life
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My man ov the match has definatly got to go to Andy townsend for talkn 100% utter *** for 90mnz
Sturridge seems to be man of the match for; and I quote, 'forcing the penalty.' Good old Andy Townsend, off you go and get a proper job.
The only thing worse than this dire performance is Andy Townsend. Glad I'm welsh ha ha ha ha
andy townsend sterling is england best player full stop AGREED (y)
I think Andy Townsend (as much as I dislike him) is the first pundit I've heard say someone other than Rooney is our best player. Thank God. There is intelligent life out there after all.
"Raheem Sterling is England's best player full stop" Well said Andy Townsend.
I quote, 'Good to see Danny Wellbeck on.' Is Andy Townsend paid to commentate?
Is itv broadcasting a different England game to what is being commentated, as I thought andy Townsend just said England are starting to play well ?
Is Andy Townsend watching the same game as me the goal has lifted England he must be smoking crack lol
Techy query - on a Toshiba 42 inch 1080p TV, how do you turn down the bias on Andy Townsend?
Andy Townsend "England going to bring on someone to spark some life into the game" ... Camera turns to james Milner getting ready ... English football for you
I'd like to see a change any minute now. You Andy Townsend, gone.
How I have missed your pearls of wisdom Andy Townsend!
why didn't Andy Townsend Is A Massive Tosser! retire after World Cup, cos he is still talking utter ***
The only thing that could make this England game more boring would be if Andy Townsend read the entirety of 'Atlas Shrugged'.
Only good thing about the ITV football commentary tonight? ..They don't have Robbie Savage to add to Andy Townsend.
This is the last time I liked Andy Townsend (pic via
Can one ever get tired of listening to John *** and Andy Townsend ?
You're wrong. In *** football is presented by Channel 5, hosted by Colin Murray & Andy Townsend is the lead commentator.
Alan Smith, Andy Townsend, Martin Tyler, Peter Drury, Clive Tyldesley who is your all time favorite commentator..?
With Adrian Chiles, Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, it's safe to say that ITV Have the worst possible football coverage team.
I'd rather Jimmy Saville had come back for the new season than old bollock head Chiles and Andy Townsend
Its no wonder that pubs are closing when they put football commentary of match on and all you can hear is Clive Tyldesley&Andy Townsend.
Hope Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend have packed extra chapstick for all that gooner *** kissing
Chambers is a solid player but it's so annoying Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend rimming him like he's the next Fabio Cannavaro
I've really missed Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend's commentary since the World Cup ended." . Said no one ever.
"I've really been missing Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend since the World Cup ended." . -- Nobody, Ever. Yet they're back.
Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend are so awful commentating on our games.
Skylar Caldwell is the Andy Townsend to my Clive Tyldesley.
''Hi I'm Clive Tyldesley, and I am joined here today by Andy Townsend''. Only real *** know this quote
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Tyldesley: "We're not sure which Aguero we're about to see." . I'd have forgiven Andy Townsend everything if he'd just …
Ukrainian rebel commander who shot down MK17 is relieved of duties. As Andy Townsend would say, 'He can't have any complaints, Clive.'
surely Clive tyldsley is the best,there's Martin Tyler who's good also but the worst is that annoying Andy Townsend or Owen
you seem surprised . they employ Andy Townsend!
add Andy Townsend and Jeff Kenna to your list.
get rid of your dismal presenter Adrian child's and Andy townsend
yeah, but only if you sack Andy Townsend
at least there isnt Andy Townsend or Michael Owen in there...
the same can be said for Michael Owen on BT, Andy Townsend on ITV. They do it to draw interest on social media, has to be that.
you will enjoy this. Andy Townsend is a moron.
Lawrenson & Andy Townsend to play a footy commentator Three Stooges...then I guest star and just kill them all, yeah?
So that's where Andy Townsend got his vast knowledge from >> “'Doctor jozef venglos' with Aston Villa
BT Sport seem to have made it their mission to corner the market in bad pundits. Watch out Andy Townsend.
Matchday Live with Andy Townsend working the touch screen and John *** in the lead seat at that table is what I'm amping for.
I don't mind that what so ever. Could do with some company
'Elo I'm Clive Tyldesley and with me is Andy Townsend
This new set up is on a par with Andy Townsend' Tactics Truck...overly technical just for the sake of it
should hang their heads in shame. It was like watching ITV and that bellend Andy Townsend doing a tombola.
Really liking the boy Townsend! Wah needs Andy.nahh I'm joking ehh love Andy but Conor will dae
they must be the culinary equivalent of Andy Townsend
I think Andy Walker might be the only guy I hate more than Andy Townsend, *** !
it was a joke. You're not having Andros Townsend, so maybe you'll have to get Andy ;) still want a lift back post game?
you did an Andy Townsend one after I said about the boring James Milner one. I want credit!
any chance of yous getting rid of Andy Townsend? He's worse at commentary than Phil Neville, worse pundit than carragher
Chelsea Manager Bobby Campbell has unveiled new signings Dennis Wise & Andy Townsend.
Cant think of a worse commentary team other than Sam Matterface and Andy Townsend, turning it off right now!
I've had to Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend as my permanent commentary team on fifa because Alan Smith makes me want to commit.
please stop Owen talking. He just jibbers rubbish, it's like you looked at Andy Townsend and thought yeh that's a good pundit!?
as Andy Townsend would say 'if anything, Morello's played that riff too well Clive'
Dean Saunders is so bad he makes Andy Townsend wonder "why didn't i think of saying that?"
Michael Owen and Andy Townsend are commentary Gods compared to Dean Saunders,
as John Barnes and Andy Townsend said Suarez is the best they had ever seen. Me to, Suarez doesn't give up but Henry did.
For all of those not watching ITV (all of you), Andy Townsend is telling Lionel Messi what he's doing wrong.
Watching the World Cup final on BBC, can't be doing with Andy Townsend saying That's Better every 2 minutes
My worst nightmare be: Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle doing the expert analysis, Garth Crooks doing the post match interviews!
he's joined the along with Adrian Chiles Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrenson !
Lawro or Andy Townsend: like a toss-up between skimmed milk and...skimmed milk.
Guy Mowbray and Mark Lawrenson for bbc or Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend for itv both got bad commentators for the World Cup final
Mark Lawrenson or Andy Townsend tomorrow. Cant actually think of a decision that can be worse to make
ITV's coverage started badly, but (asides form Andy Townsend) has improved considerably during the World Cup.
No Adrian Chiles?! Surely we can't be lucky enough to have no Andy Townsend either?!
Pointers from Andy Townsend on how to win a World Cup semi final. Like Ronnie Corbett running a high jump training camp.
I don't know what's worse, an extra 30mins of this drab game or an extra 30mins having to listen to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend needs to get in the Mark Lawrenson bin of redundancy.
“As good a time as any to tell you that the final is on so no Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend trying to be more stupid than Jonathan Pierce, whilst trying he will need to add more repetition
No surprise that Andy Townsend calling a perfectly legitimate offside call a bad decision. It's like he doesn't know the rules
and u don't have Adrian Chiles or Andy townsend. would have had about 4 people
andy Townsend m takes me back to my younger days had crush on him when he played at villa lol x
Matt you must be gutted you sound like Andy Townsend.The positive is at least you know what your talking about
Prepare for tonights footy by getting ear defenders so that you don't have to endure ANDY TOWNSEND ! Silly ITV
"Pass, shoot, it's a goal. Andy Townsend should be on the dole." rapping what the nation is thinking
GLC's unofficial World Cup anthem THE ANDY TOWNSEND RAP…: this is genius
Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and Andy Townsend should always remind us of that 7-1 loss to Brazil mo FIFA like the Bayern and Barca game
Can someone send this link to Andy Townsend the symbol of lazy misunderstood football punditry
In 2010, Andy Townsend said none of German first eleven would get into the England team. Eight of that eleven started tonight's game.
Andy Townsend getting an award for football commentary
Andy Townsend to say something that actually makes sense
Andy Townsend being described as a good commentator
Andy Townsend giving a useful insight into a football match
At games it has to be Phil Neville, Lawrenson and Andy Townsend. In the studio, Cannavaro, Vierra, O'Neill and Lennon.
People respecting Andy Townsend's opinion as a commentator
according to cockney dumbo Andy Townsend, Germany are no better than England! Is it any wonder we are a laughing stock?
just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, cockney thicko Andy Townsend compares Heskey, donkey of the century to Klose!
yup with Andy Townsend on the commentary!
yup best thing for him,I put him up there with Davie Provan Andy Walker and Andy Townsend lol
The only consolation for Brazilin fans in the UK is they didn't have to listen to Andy Townsend all night
If it does kick off in Rio tonight, let's pray that Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend get out unharmed...
it's on itv so it'll be Andy Townsend sadly
All of klose's 16 goals scored on or around (cheers andy townsend) the 6 yd box. Cracking
guy wearing necklace of his, Adrian Chiles and Andy townsend's ears
dear god, thankyou for this match being shown on the BBC so Andy Townsend wasn't here to add insult to injury. Amen
I can't wait to hear from Andy Townsend in the tactics truck
*crowd chants BRAZIL, BRAZIL...*. 'I don't think they're singing, we're gonna win 8-7' . Well done, you're basically Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend would be saying its too easy it's too easy they hitting too many shots at Cesar. cc
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Could it get worse for Brazil? Andy Townsend is preparing to pick up the mic? That's just too cruel to contemplate.
Andy Townsend better get his tactics truck to Belo Horizonte - he's got potential clients aplenty!
but then again, hull have a great technician in George Boyd, some how to the knowledge of andy Townsend
Andy Townsend would watch this match and still think Germany was playing with abject mediocrity. .
Andy Townsend is to intelligence as Simon Weston is to facial moisture.
Andy Townsend saying something clever about football
Thankful that Andy Townsend isn't commentating on this game.
It could be worse, it could be on ITV, with Andy Townsend and Chiles.
In the words of FIFA 14's Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley, "It's just men against boys."
Brilliant! Someone should give it to Andy Townsend ! He drives me crazy!!!
insightful. Any chance of standing in for Andy Townsend?
making Andy Townsend the best around
- It's at times like this you wonder what Andy Townsend would make of all this.
Good job this isn't on itv, Andy Townsend can't count to 7.
All we're missing tonight is Andy Townsend with commentary gems like "Brazil can't be happy with this" or "Fred could have played better"
Imagine if this game was on ITV. Just think what a mess Andy Townsend would be making of it.
All I can hear in my head is FIFA commentary from Andy Townsend - "it's too easy Clive, it's too easy". It's like a bad online performance!😐
5 people i hate more than Manuel Neuer;. 1- Andy Townsend. 2- Thomas Muller. 3- Uncle Frank off home alone. 4- Nick Grimsh…
"Cheating is not a very professional way to finish out a game" Max Taylor impersonation Andy Townsend or maybe just being stupid
Scolari should have got Andy Townsend in to tell them they just can’t play like this on the international level.
At least Brazil can have some sort of satisfaction, in the knowledge that Andy Townsend is not commentating...
Martin Keown, the Irishman who played for England; Andy Townsend the Englishman who played for Ireland. Easy to mix up ;-)
thanks for giving us a break from Andy Townsend. Always appreciated
"Great run from David Silva"- Andy Townsend on David Luiz, 2014.
ITV has decided "Hamez" is James. To be fair, in Colombia they pronounce Andy Townsend "Massive *** "
Pros and cons of watching World Cup abroad. Con: Don't understand the commentary. Pro: No Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend!!
Any player who plays in the premier league has options for Andy Townsend every other player foreign or otherwise makes the right decision !
Katie Hopkins is like the female Nigel Farage. Except she's actually more of a bigoted, ignorant *** than him! She describes herself as a 'Social commentator'. There we have it, there is a worse commentator than Andy Townsend after all! -Ewan
Don't know who is the worse co-commentator on itv. Clarke Carlisle, Andy Townsend or Lee Dixon
Did I really hear Andy Townsend say "Now it's a different ball game"?
Pretty sure Luis Garcia did that type of corner about 6 years ago in the champions league for us. Andy Townsend going on like it's new.
We've got "and rightly so" on the Andy Townsend bingo card already. And when I say on I obviously mean 'in and around'
Do I watch South Korea-Belgium or Algeria-Russia? Fact that Andy Townsend's co-commentating on former has made my decision for me!
Don't think P. Nev is too bad tbh, prefer him over Robbie Savage, Danny Murphy, Mark Lawrenson, Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle
I'm glad Stuart Barnes got his own section on that too. The nearest thing rugby has to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend is the football pundit version of Stuart Barnes. So negative & judgemental about everything. Nothing is ever good enough
Andy Townsend 'you can argue that he doesn't do much wrong there' what apart from score you mean. Absolute ***
It only took Andy Townsend 19min to say "Thats Better" this match hisContract
I thought Andy Townsend was a bad commentator. Sam Matterface is worse. Fred scored an open goal not a world class one.
The last players to appear at the World Cup were Robert Fleck (Sco) and Andy Townsend (ROI), both in 1990
Phil Neville, Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend, Roy Hodgson and Glenn Hoddle. This has been some World Cup.
Quentin Tarantino as Glenn Hoddle. Michael Madsen as Andy Townsend. Christoph Waltz as Roy Keane. Steve Buscemi as Adrian Chiles. QT's ITV.
*shrugs* talking more sense than Andy Townsend isn't exactly difficult (unless you're Chiles/Jonathan Pearce) or inspiring.
I think it would have to be Clyde Tyldesley. Or Andy Townsend. But Jonathan Pearce would be in the top three.
Andy Townsend "not a pen/pen" doing his best Jonathan Pearce impersonation
Imagine the horror of a game where Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon are presenting with Andy Townsend and Martin Lawrence commentating..
what about commentators swapping?, Boycott for Andy Townsend, Henry Blofeld for Jonathan Pearce?
Andy Townsend now seems to be responsible for the smoking laws at Gatwick Airport
Michael Owen, Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrenson commentators with Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon as pundits... Imagine that 😂
“A message to Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend from the Football fans! PITCH 👏🙌
Can't deal with this commentary. I'm pressing the red button but all it's doing is making Andy Townsend crouch.
ive just read the Ian Wright has gone home after have his house robbed, so then who up for robbing Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend gaff ?
Poorest commentary teams so far Clive Tyldesley/Andy Townsend for Jonathon Pearce/Mark Lawrenson for
Would I do 30 - 40 years in prison for a triple homicide with victims including Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrens…
Hope Mark Lawrenson, Phil Neville, Andy Townsend, Rio Ferdinand and Adrian child's all get on the same Malaysia airplane home
Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn being the exceptions to that rule :D
Fred is to International Football what Robbie Savage/ Mark Lawrenson/ Andy Townsend are to Football Punditry. Theres hope for us all folks
Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend should team up. And die together
If I was in a room with Adrian Chiles, Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend and had three bullets, I'd shoot myself 3 times
This has got to be the worst World Cup for commentary. Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend, etc
A bit rich coming from ITV who employ Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle - focus on your own problems!
I dread to think how many have complained about Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend.
He was no worse than Michael Owen or Mark Lawrenson & a million times better than Andy Townsend.
Don't see how people moan about Lawrenson! Speaks like a true fan! Better than that boring Andy Townsend or worse Clark Carlisle
BBC have Mark Lawrenson, ITV have Andy Townsend we are lucky BT Sport aren't involved or Michael Owen would be involved too. KILL ME NOW!
Adrian Chiles & Andy Townsend coz they know EVERYTHING!!!
Jonathan Pearce joins Andy Townsend, Clark Carlisle, Mark Lawrenson and Phil Neville on the list of awful commentators
Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend, Adrian Chiles... we really are being spoiled aren't we? Just need Michael Owen
I'm warming to Andy Townsend. Out of himself, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Neville and Clark Carlisle, he's easily the best.
Everyone moans about Andy Townsend and Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle is the worst commentator that's ever lived
Clark Carlisle is even worse than Andy Townsend, ITV coverage in general is so poor
can't decide who is worse, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend or Phil Neville?
I thought you were alright. 100 times better than Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend
please will you destroy Phil Neville, Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle. Thank You.
Dno who I hate more Andy Townsend or Clark Carlise 😡😡
How can you can create spaces 'in and around' a player Clark Carlisle? Stop picking up commentary tips from Andy Townsend.
Personally I find Clark Carlisle more annoying to listen to than Andy Townsend!
Wow there's a worse commentator than Andy Townsend ... Hello Clark Carlisle.
yeah Andrew imagine what a party this would be, Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles 🔔🔚s 💩
Adrian Chiles, Michael Owen, Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend ruin football!! Complete shower of *** severely bug my happiness
Pludits to Clarke Carlisle, Andy Townsend, Mark Lawrenson, Sam Matterface, Adrian Chiles & the truly awful Phil Neville to help destroy the WC Bring back Keano!
If I was locked in a room with Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend, along with a gun with only one bullet I'd probably shoot …
Andy Townsend, fair bit of ukunya in what he's saying
Andy Townsend: Top players need to be managed. Some need to be loved, Some need to be cuddled, Some need to be told.
Macca knew what was going to happen. Here's Alan McDonald (RIP) getting angry with a Mr Andy Townsend.
Watching - and Andy Townsend reflecting on the past games of the World Cup.
Football Insights with Andy Townsend is always interesting.
Agreed. I would rather have some decent analysis than 90 minutes of Andy Townsend style cliches.
Andy Townsend is right David Silva has this thing of missing sitters always looking to assist is a bit similar to Ozil,
Maybe i'm in the minority here but I actually don't mind Andy Townsend too much.
When Andy Townsend and Ryan Giggs talk, you pay attention. Well-done for getting them on board!
He is if he plays for England. Lennon, Townsend, SWP etc. It's been too long since we've had a player like him .
The best way to sum up Phil Neville's commentary last night is to say that it was even more monotonous than an Andy Townsend offering.
Phil Neville , making Andy Townsend sound like an informed football pundit !
on the bright side, he isn't Andy Townsend.
still miles better than Andy Townsend mind you!
when Andy Townsend described a red card as "the big card".
Seriously, there must be some jobs available in football commentary. Michael Owen, Phil Neville, Andy Townsend, Clark Carlisle. . Man alive!
I know we all mocked the monotone voice of Phil Neville, but in retrospect he spoke a lot more sense about tactics etc than Andy Townsend
rubbish.he was boring, dull and stated the obvious. Made Andy Townsend sound a genius
The people attacking the ITV studios may have just listened to 90minutes of Andy Townsend cliches. Just saying.
Andy Townsend "If Australia had scored a couple more last night, the result against Chile would have been a lot different !"
Well,if you get fed up of Phil Neville at least we've the erudite, witty & insightful Andy Townsend to inform & entertain!
Your commentary is so appalling, you make the dreadful Andy Townsend almost sound acceptable. Try listening to yourself.
Phil Neville is giving us a terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future armageddon where Ravi Shastri has mated with An…
itv`s Andy townsend has a rival in bad commentary, step forward Phil the waffler Neville
what he said was ok - why were the BBC trying him out for the 1st time in a big game though. Could be worse-could be Andy Townsend
please ask Gary Neville to make his commentary less monotonous by raising and lowering his pitch to avoid cloning Andy Townsend!
Are the BBC trying to steal worst co commentator from Andy Townsend with the introduction of Phil Neville?
For all those criticising Phil Neville, be careful what you wish for. It could be Andy 'full of it' Townsend next!
I'd still take Phil Neville commentating over Andy Townsend.
A lot of love for Phil Neville this morning, BBCs answer to Andy Townsend
it's a toss up who is worse him or Andy 'Goals' Townsend.
agreed. He was a bit monotone and dull but far far better than Andy Townsend on ITV who just talks nonsense
I am in Manchester for the weekend . Everyone talks like Phil Neville. Later I will be London where everyone talks like Andy bloody Townsend
You must be, Trev. Worse than Andy Townsend. Didn’t think it was possible.
I meant the presenter gent. Andy Townsend "His in England,form is temporary "I hope not, he's rubbish"
Don't know who's worse Phil Neville or Andy Townsend
Final thought on Phil Neville; remaining group games on ITV with Chiles, shrill twin commentary (Tyldesley/Drury) & Andy Townsend!
Was it just me or was Phil Neville the worst summariser ever?...even worse than Andy Townsend
Little Giant Ladders
Fantasy TV Coverage team: In the studio, Adrian Chiles, with Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle Commentator: Clive Tyldesley Co-commentator: Phil Neville
BBC v ITV. Brilliant coverage by the BBC last night. English people wanting England to win. Lineker, Shearer and Ferdinand gave a great insight as experts who have been there and done it. Danny Murphy was good and Phil Neville was excellent with his inside knowledge. Even Thierry Henry was very good, after the game, when Rio was sticking up for Rooney, Henry made the point he had to score that chance after 60 minutes. In comparison ITV are clowns and I would certainly question if Andy Townsend and Neil Lennon want us to win. Come on England !
Well, at least, you'll be spared Phil Neville and Andy Townsend for a few days.
Never thought I'd say this, but Phil Neville managed to make Andy Townsend look like a fairly decent pundit last night!
Is he next match on ITV bloomin hope so would rather suffer Andy Townsend
Wouldn't want to get locked in a lift with Andy Townsend and Phil Neville. What would probably make me more suicidal would be when the doors opened and Michael Owen is standing there.erm...erm.erm z
For all those moaning about Phil Neville. Just think, it could be Andy Townsend with ITV coverage. I'll let you think about that one.
And we all thought Andy Townsend was bad!
itv got andy townsend bbc 1 got Neville ffs sort it out arrrhhh.
It's a good job Gary Neville isn't commentating on itv with Andy Townsend cus that would be torture!!
Can't understand a word these french commentators are saying, but anything is better than listening to Andy Townsend...
you know Phil Neville is bad when you wish Andy Townsend was commentating!
Phil Neville sounds ridiculously subdued in his commentary. Delivering his analysis like he was at a snooker match. Beats Andy Townsend any day though.
he makes Andy Townsend sound like Richard Burton doing King Lear.
Congratulations to the BBC for finding a worse commentator than Andy Townsend
And there was me thinking Andy Townsend was bad! Phil Neville? What r u thinking BBC?
Poor old Andy Townsend has been given a bit of a going over by the lads in Goldie Lookie Chain. No while I describe it as brilliant, I'm referring to the q
the Itv punditry is shocking Andy Townsend and Clark carlise
Bliss. England Vs Italy coverage and not a Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend in earshot!!!
Of all the people in all the world, why is Andy Townsend the commentator?
Getting excited, 3 lions on my shirt , cheering on Costa Rico Shame about Andy Townsend he is annoying me already although Mark Lawerence is just as bad
Just snapped FIFA 14 in half cos Andy Townsend was commentating
I'm glad Andy Townsend told me that the shot hit the back stanchion. I wouldn't have seen that being shown in real time, two replays and if Clive Tyldesley hadn't told me as well.
Andy Townsend is an absolutely cracking commentator. No one said, ever.
You can just tell Andy Townsend is spelling words wrong when he talks.
Watch itv coverage of Uruguay v Costa Rica .. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend are the worst football commentary duo ever .Boring , repetitive , stating the bleeding obvious . And then at half time we get Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon . Oh my god Gus Poyet and Fabio Cannavaro must be crying themselves to sleep , thinking Why. Why did we not get the BBC gig
Think Jessica Wildsmith and Charlotte Heath should do the football commentary. So far they have discussed : how yellow the boots are, who had the brightest boots, how sweaty they are and if Diego Forlan ever played for Villa. Good work girls. I'd rather listen to you than Andy Townsend, the ***
Andy Townsend is essentially providing audio description for the visually impaired.
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