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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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GLC's unofficial World Cup anthem THE ANDY TOWNSEND RAP…: this is genius
Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and Andy Townsend should always remind us of that 7-1 loss to Brazil mo FIFA like the Bayern and Barca game
Can someone send this link to Andy Townsend the symbol of lazy misunderstood football punditry
In 2010, Andy Townsend said none of German first eleven would get into the England team. Eight of that eleven started tonight's game.
Andy Townsend getting an award for football commentary
Andy Townsend to say something that actually makes sense
Andy Townsend being described as a good commentator
Andy Townsend giving a useful insight into a football match
At games it has to be Phil Neville, Lawrenson and Andy Townsend. In the studio, Cannavaro, Vierra, O'Neill and Lennon.
People respecting Andy Townsend's opinion as a commentator
according to cockney dumbo Andy Townsend, Germany are no better than England! Is it any wonder we are a laughing stock?
just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, cockney thicko Andy Townsend compares Heskey, donkey of the century to Klose!
yup with Andy Townsend on the commentary!
yup best thing for him,I put him up there with Davie Provan Andy Walker and Andy Townsend lol
The only consolation for Brazilin fans in the UK is they didn't have to listen to Andy Townsend all night
If it does kick off in Rio tonight, let's pray that Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend get out unharmed...
it's on itv so it'll be Andy Townsend sadly
All of klose's 16 goals scored on or around (cheers andy townsend) the 6 yd box. Cracking
guy wearing necklace of his, Adrian Chiles and Andy townsend's ears
dear god, thankyou for this match being shown on the BBC so Andy Townsend wasn't here to add insult to injury. Amen
I can't wait to hear from Andy Townsend in the tactics truck
*crowd chants BRAZIL, BRAZIL...*. 'I don't think they're singing, we're gonna win 8-7' . Well done, you're basically Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend would be saying its too easy it's too easy they hitting too many shots at Cesar. cc
Could it get worse for Brazil? Andy Townsend is preparing to pick up the mic? That's just too cruel to contemplate.
Andy Townsend better get his tactics truck to Belo Horizonte - he's got potential clients aplenty!
but then again, hull have a great technician in George Boyd, some how to the knowledge of andy Townsend
Andy Townsend would watch this match and still think Germany was playing with abject mediocrity. .
Andy Townsend is to intelligence as Simon Weston is to facial moisture.
Andy Townsend saying something clever about football
Thankful that Andy Townsend isn't commentating on this game.
It could be worse, it could be on ITV, with Andy Townsend and Chiles.
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In the words of FIFA 14's Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley, "It's just men against boys."
Brilliant! Someone should give it to Andy Townsend ! He drives me crazy!!!
insightful. Any chance of standing in for Andy Townsend?
making Andy Townsend the best around
- It's at times like this you wonder what Andy Townsend would make of all this.
Good job this isn't on itv, Andy Townsend can't count to 7.
All we're missing tonight is Andy Townsend with commentary gems like "Brazil can't be happy with this" or "Fred could have played better"
Imagine if this game was on ITV. Just think what a mess Andy Townsend would be making of it.
All I can hear in my head is FIFA commentary from Andy Townsend - "it's too easy Clive, it's too easy". It's like a bad online performance!😐
5 people i hate more than Manuel Neuer;. 1- Andy Townsend. 2- Thomas Muller. 3- Uncle Frank off home alone. 4- Nick Grimsh…
"Cheating is not a very professional way to finish out a game" Max Taylor impersonation Andy Townsend or maybe just being stupid
Scolari should have got Andy Townsend in to tell them they just can’t play like this on the international level.
At least Brazil can have some sort of satisfaction, in the knowledge that Andy Townsend is not commentating...
Martin Keown, the Irishman who played for England; Andy Townsend the Englishman who played for Ireland. Easy to mix up ;-)
"Great run from David Silva"- Andy Townsend on David Luiz, 2014.
ITV has decided "Hamez" is James. To be fair, in Colombia they pronounce Andy Townsend "Massive *** "
Pros and cons of watching World Cup abroad. Con: Don't understand the commentary. Pro: No Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend!!
Any player who plays in the premier league has options for Andy Townsend every other player foreign or otherwise makes the right decision !
Katie Hopkins is like the female Nigel Farage. Except she's actually more of a bigoted, ignorant *** than him! She describes herself as a 'Social commentator'. There we have it, there is a worse commentator than Andy Townsend after all! -Ewan
Don't know who is the worse co-commentator on itv. Clarke Carlisle, Andy Townsend or Lee Dixon
Did I really hear Andy Townsend say "Now it's a different ball game"?
Pretty sure Luis Garcia did that type of corner about 6 years ago in the champions league for us. Andy Townsend going on like it's new.
We've got "and rightly so" on the Andy Townsend bingo card already. And when I say on I obviously mean 'in and around'
Do I watch South Korea-Belgium or Algeria-Russia? Fact that Andy Townsend's co-commentating on former has made my decision for me!
Don't think P. Nev is too bad tbh, prefer him over Robbie Savage, Danny Murphy, Mark Lawrenson, Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle
I'm glad Stuart Barnes got his own section on that too. The nearest thing rugby has to Andy Townsend
Andy Townsend is the football pundit version of Stuart Barnes. So negative & judgemental about everything. Nothing is ever good enough
Andy Townsend 'you can argue that he doesn't do much wrong there' what apart from score you mean. Absolute ***
It only took Andy Townsend 19min to say "Thats Better" this match hisContract
I thought Andy Townsend was a bad commentator. Sam Matterface is worse. Fred scored an open goal not a world class one.
The last players to appear at the World Cup were Robert Fleck (Sco) and Andy Townsend (ROI), both in 1990
Phil Neville, Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend, Roy Hodgson and Glenn Hoddle. This has been some World Cup.
Quentin Tarantino as Glenn Hoddle. Michael Madsen as Andy Townsend. Christoph Waltz as Roy Keane. Steve Buscemi as Adrian Chiles. QT's ITV.
*shrugs* talking more sense than Andy Townsend isn't exactly difficult (unless you're Chiles/Jonathan Pearce) or inspiring.
I think it would have to be Clyde Tyldesley. Or Andy Townsend. But Jonathan Pearce would be in the top three.
Andy Townsend "not a pen/pen" doing his best Jonathan Pearce impersonation
Imagine the horror of a game where Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon are presenting with Andy Townsend and Martin Lawrence commentating..
what about commentators swapping?, Boycott for Andy Townsend, Henry Blofeld for Jonathan Pearce?
Andy Townsend now seems to be responsible for the smoking laws at Gatwick Airport
Michael Owen, Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrenson commentators with Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon as pundits... Imagine that 😂
“A message to Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend from the Football fans! PITCH 👏🙌
Can't deal with this commentary. I'm pressing the red button but all it's doing is making Andy Townsend crouch.
ive just read the Ian Wright has gone home after have his house robbed, so then who up for robbing Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend gaff ?
Poorest commentary teams so far Clive Tyldesley/Andy Townsend for Jonathon Pearce/Mark Lawrenson for
Would I do 30 - 40 years in prison for a triple homicide with victims including Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrens…
Hamilton Collection
Hope Mark Lawrenson, Phil Neville, Andy Townsend, Rio Ferdinand and Adrian child's all get on the same Malaysia airplane home
Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn being the exceptions to that rule :D
Fred is to International Football what Robbie Savage/ Mark Lawrenson/ Andy Townsend are to Football Punditry. Theres hope for us all folks
Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend should team up. And die together
If I was in a room with Adrian Chiles, Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend and had three bullets, I'd shoot myself 3 times
This has got to be the worst World Cup for commentary. Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend, etc
A bit rich coming from ITV who employ Adrian Chiles, Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle - focus on your own problems!
I dread to think how many have complained about Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend.
He was no worse than Michael Owen or Mark Lawrenson & a million times better than Andy Townsend.
Don't see how people moan about Lawrenson! Speaks like a true fan! Better than that boring Andy Townsend or worse Clark Carlisle
BBC have Mark Lawrenson, ITV have Andy Townsend we are lucky BT Sport aren't involved or Michael Owen would be involved too. KILL ME NOW!
Adrian Chiles & Andy Townsend coz they know EVERYTHING!!!
Jonathan Pearce joins Andy Townsend, Clark Carlisle, Mark Lawrenson and Phil Neville on the list of awful commentators
Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend, Adrian Chiles... we really are being spoiled aren't we? Just need Michael Owen
I'm warming to Andy Townsend. Out of himself, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Neville and Clark Carlisle, he's easily the best.
Everyone moans about Andy Townsend and Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle is the worst commentator that's ever lived
Clark Carlisle is even worse than Andy Townsend, ITV coverage in general is so poor
can't decide who is worse, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend or Phil Neville?
I thought you were alright. 100 times better than Clark Carlisle and Andy Townsend
please will you destroy Phil Neville, Andy Townsend and Clark Carlisle. Thank You.
Dno who I hate more Andy Townsend or Clark Carlise 😡😡
How can you can create spaces 'in and around' a player Clark Carlisle? Stop picking up commentary tips from Andy Townsend.
Personally I find Clark Carlisle more annoying to listen to than Andy Townsend!
Wow there's a worse commentator than Andy Townsend ... Hello Clark Carlisle.
yeah Andrew imagine what a party this would be, Phil Neville, Clark Carlisle, Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles 🔔🔚s 💩
Adrian Chiles, Michael Owen, Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend ruin football!! Complete shower of *** severely bug my happiness
Pludits to Clarke Carlisle, Andy Townsend, Mark Lawrenson, Sam Matterface, Adrian Chiles & the truly awful Phil Neville to help destroy the WC Bring back Keano!
If I was locked in a room with Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend, along with a gun with only one bullet I'd probably shoot …
Andy Townsend, fair bit of ukunya in what he's saying
Andy Townsend: Top players need to be managed. Some need to be loved, Some need to be cuddled, Some need to be told.
Macca knew what was going to happen. Here's Alan McDonald (RIP) getting angry with a Mr Andy Townsend.
Watching - and Andy Townsend reflecting on the past games of the World Cup.
Football Insights with Andy Townsend is always interesting.
Agreed. I would rather have some decent analysis than 90 minutes of Andy Townsend style cliches.
Andy Townsend is right David Silva has this thing of missing sitters always looking to assist is a bit similar to Ozil,
Maybe i'm in the minority here but I actually don't mind Andy Townsend too much.
When Andy Townsend and Ryan Giggs talk, you pay attention. Well-done for getting them on board!
He is if he plays for England. Lennon, Townsend, SWP etc. It's been too long since we've had a player like him .
The best way to sum up Phil Neville's commentary last night is to say that it was even more monotonous than an Andy Townsend offering.
Phil Neville , making Andy Townsend sound like an informed football pundit !
on the bright side, he isn't Andy Townsend.
still miles better than Andy Townsend mind you!
when Andy Townsend described a red card as "the big card".
Seriously, there must be some jobs available in football commentary. Michael Owen, Phil Neville, Andy Townsend, Clark Carlisle. . Man alive!
I know we all mocked the monotone voice of Phil Neville, but in retrospect he spoke a lot more sense about tactics etc than Andy Townsend
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rubbish.he was boring, dull and stated the obvious. Made Andy Townsend sound a genius
The people attacking the ITV studios may have just listened to 90minutes of Andy Townsend cliches. Just saying.
Andy Townsend "If Australia had scored a couple more last night, the result against Chile would have been a lot different !"
Well,if you get fed up of Phil Neville at least we've the erudite, witty & insightful Andy Townsend to inform & entertain!
Your commentary is so appalling, you make the dreadful Andy Townsend almost sound acceptable. Try listening to yourself.
Phil Neville is giving us a terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future armageddon where Ravi Shastri has mated with An…
itv`s Andy townsend has a rival in bad commentary, step forward Phil the waffler Neville
what he said was ok - why were the BBC trying him out for the 1st time in a big game though. Could be worse-could be Andy Townsend
please ask Gary Neville to make his commentary less monotonous by raising and lowering his pitch to avoid cloning Andy Townsend!
Pass, shoot, it's a goal. Andy Townsend should be on the dole!
Are the BBC trying to steal worst co commentator from Andy Townsend with the introduction of Phil Neville?
For all those criticising Phil Neville, be careful what you wish for. It could be Andy 'full of it' Townsend next!
I'd still take Phil Neville commentating over Andy Townsend.
A lot of love for Phil Neville this morning, BBCs answer to Andy Townsend
it's a toss up who is worse him or Andy 'Goals' Townsend.
agreed. He was a bit monotone and dull but far far better than Andy Townsend on ITV who just talks nonsense
I am in Manchester for the weekend . Everyone talks like Phil Neville. Later I will be London where everyone talks like Andy bloody Townsend
You must be, Trev. Worse than Andy Townsend. Didn’t think it was possible.
I meant the presenter gent. Andy Townsend "His in England,form is temporary "I hope not, he's rubbish"
Don't know who's worse Phil Neville or Andy Townsend
Final thought on Phil Neville; remaining group games on ITV with Chiles, shrill twin commentary (Tyldesley/Drury) & Andy Townsend!
Was it just me or was Phil Neville the worst summariser ever?...even worse than Andy Townsend
Fantasy TV Coverage team: In the studio, Adrian Chiles, with Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle Commentator: Clive Tyldesley Co-commentator: Phil Neville
BBC v ITV. Brilliant coverage by the BBC last night. English people wanting England to win. Lineker, Shearer and Ferdinand gave a great insight as experts who have been there and done it. Danny Murphy was good and Phil Neville was excellent with his inside knowledge. Even Thierry Henry was very good, after the game, when Rio was sticking up for Rooney, Henry made the point he had to score that chance after 60 minutes. In comparison ITV are clowns and I would certainly question if Andy Townsend and Neil Lennon want us to win. Come on England !
Well, at least, you'll be spared Phil Neville and Andy Townsend for a few days.
Never thought I'd say this, but Phil Neville managed to make Andy Townsend look like a fairly decent pundit last night!
Is he next match on ITV bloomin hope so would rather suffer Andy Townsend
Wouldn't want to get locked in a lift with Andy Townsend and Phil Neville. What would probably make me more suicidal would be when the doors opened and Michael Owen is standing there.erm...erm.erm z
For all those moaning about Phil Neville. Just think, it could be Andy Townsend with ITV coverage. I'll let you think about that one.
And we all thought Andy Townsend was bad!
itv got andy townsend bbc 1 got Neville ffs sort it out arrrhhh.
It's a good job Gary Neville isn't commentating on itv with Andy Townsend cus that would be torture!!
Can't understand a word these french commentators are saying, but anything is better than listening to Andy Townsend...
you know Phil Neville is bad when you wish Andy Townsend was commentating!
Phil Neville sounds ridiculously subdued in his commentary. Delivering his analysis like he was at a snooker match. Beats Andy Townsend any day though.
he makes Andy Townsend sound like Richard Burton doing King Lear.
Congratulations to the BBC for finding a worse commentator than Andy Townsend
And there was me thinking Andy Townsend was bad! Phil Neville? What r u thinking BBC?
Poor old Andy Townsend has been given a bit of a going over by the lads in Goldie Lookie Chain. No while I describe it as brilliant, I'm referring to the q
the Itv punditry is shocking Andy Townsend and Clark carlise
Bliss. England Vs Italy coverage and not a Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend in earshot!!!
Of all the people in all the world, why is Andy Townsend the commentator?
Getting excited, 3 lions on my shirt , cheering on Costa Rico Shame about Andy Townsend he is annoying me already although Mark Lawerence is just as bad
Just snapped FIFA 14 in half cos Andy Townsend was commentating
I'm glad Andy Townsend told me that the shot hit the back stanchion. I wouldn't have seen that being shown in real time, two replays and if Clive Tyldesley hadn't told me as well.
Andy Townsend is an absolutely cracking commentator. No one said, ever.
You can just tell Andy Townsend is spelling words wrong when he talks.
Watch itv coverage of Uruguay v Costa Rica .. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend are the worst football commentary duo ever .Boring , repetitive , stating the bleeding obvious . And then at half time we get Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon . Oh my god Gus Poyet and Fabio Cannavaro must be crying themselves to sleep , thinking Why. Why did we not get the BBC gig
Think Jessica Wildsmith and Charlotte Heath should do the football commentary. So far they have discussed : how yellow the boots are, who had the brightest boots, how sweaty they are and if Diego Forlan ever played for Villa. Good work girls. I'd rather listen to you than Andy Townsend, the ***
Andy Townsend is essentially providing audio description for the visually impaired.
ITV commentary is dire like sitting there contesting if the ref has given a pen for handball for 5 mins failing to realize it was the fact the defender was dragging the striker down. How Andy Townsend got a job in football is a huge mystery not even Sherlock could crack
Andy Townsend seriously pisses me off, like seriously
Andy Townsend doing my ed in already on itv and it's only day 3 of the World Cup
Ok. people banned from my telly for World Cup - Andy Townsend, Clive Tyldesley, Rio Ferdinand and Ian Wright. All instant switch-offable
By Chris Wright Ten of the finest quotes from Andy Townsend's decade-and-a-half on the mic for ITV Football... 1. "I'm just wondering there, Clive:
SORRY Andy Townsend, but you've had the Goldie Lookin Chain treatment.   The football commentator comes under fire in the Newport rappers' unofficial World Cup song.   Called...
I think jimmy bullard should replace andy townsend
No Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend, we'll have the volume on for this one.
Scott mills alternative commentary sorts me out. Much better than Andy Townsend, hasn't got a clue about football- like Andy Townsend, but is funny- unlike Andy Townsend.
HomeFollowThe Andy Townsend phrasebook3wTHE CHAMPIONS! It’s the Champions League final on Saturday night and naturally, the event will be watched by some people with only a passing interest in football.In a bid to help those poor souls comprehend ITV’s Andy Townsend better, we present a handy extrac…
Rio the donkey should shut up and leave. He's worse than Andy Townsend . What a complete bellend.
Gone are the days of John Motson/Barry Davies, the future is Mark Lawrenson and Andy Townsend! Give me Malcolm Allen anyday!! Or Jade Goody!
Scott mills commentating on the football, better than Andy Townsend
Whilst listening to Andy Townsend and Clarke Carlisle being third rate commentators actually makes me realise how much I am missing the Vu Vu Zela.
Football is so much better on the bbc than itv! Just based on the fact there is no andy townsend 🙏
BBC's unbuttoned collars and legs wide open approach is a welcome relief to Lee Dixon and Andy Townsend complete load of ***
I reckon for every ridiculous thing that Adrian Chiles, Clarke Carlisle and Andy Townsend say they should have a tooth removed live on telly... Get the dentures at the ready! ***
Clarke Carlisle. Almost as bad as Mark Lawrenson, but not as bad as Andy Townsend.
I thought ITV couldn’t get any worse than Andy Townsend and then they roll out Clarke Carlisle
Clarke Carlisle is one boring *** He sounds like Gary Barlow. And he will give Andy Townsend a run for his money with the award for most irritating bellend in the history of mankind.
Dear can we have Andy Townsend back please? Clarke Carlisle has the charisma of a wet fart. Regards, . Paul
Clarke Carlisle is giving Andy Townsend a run for the “crappest commentator for ITV” award. Thank the heavens Michael Owen isn’t around!
Hurrah! No Andy Townsend. No doubt he'll be back to stink the place out again
Sam Matterface and Clark Carlisle on ITV footy commentary. 1 min in and already better than Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesly
No Andy Townsend, this match has just got a whole lot better.
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The best quote of the day, "Your Commentators are Clarke Carlisle and Sam Matterface". No Andy Townsend is a bonus. - Josh
DTI: Everyone in the crowd should be given a vuvuzela just so it drowns out the ramblings of Andy Townsend.
And there it is the first of many times over the next few weeks we will hear Andy Townsend rock out the 'I've seen them …
Andy Townsend critiquing Brazil is like Ronald McDonald handing out Michelin stars.
kill me now, Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend as commentators.especially for a month non stop, i would rather drink poison
"The English TV schedule for the World Cup group stages be prepared for when Andy Townsend is on.
FIFA World Cup 2014 Live: Opening Ceremony/Brazil v Croatia Tomorrow on ITV from 7:00pm to 11:15pm Adrian Chiles presents coverage of the opening ceremony from the Arena de Sao Paulo, followed by the match between tournament hosts Brazil and Croatia. Studio analysis comes from Lee Dixon, Patrick Vieira, a World Cup winner with France, and Fabio Cannavaro who lifted the trophy with Italy in 2006. Match commentary is by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend. Including the latest news from the England camp on the eve of their opening match against Italy. SUB Sport World Cup
Got a tip for Do not employ Clive Tyldsley & Andy Townsend for the international games on FIFA 15.
The only way ITV could've been more disrespectful on their Rik Mayall report would be to have Andy Townsend do it. BBC & Sky made an effort😬
does this place also exist without the punditry of Andy Townsend and Mark Lawrence Son? Sounds like HEAVEN?! Point me the way
Wow - ITV's coverage is painful. Adrian Childs and Andy Townsend are stealing a living!
speaks the truth. Also a lot politer than we have ever said about Adrian Childs and Andy Townsend.
what a load of rubbish that was . and as for Andy Townsend words fail me
have a 1990 Andy Townsend swap. No Andros. Sorry. Need Franco Baresi if you have him. Regards, Travis. Xox
Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend providing some of the most biased commentary you will every hear.
Andy Townsend is to Soccer what Mark Sidebottom is to Gaelic Football.
Love to meet the guy at who thinks Adrian Childs & Andy Townsend are true footballing giants that we need them on our screens
I feel sorry for Clive Tyldesley having to commentate games with Andy Townsend. Surprised he has lasted so long with him.
"England can beat Italy and Uruguay" - says Andy Townsend while England are drawing 0-0 with Honduras.
my TV has gone a bit muffled oh no sorry just Andy Townsend talking out of his ***
Did they just say a shot struck straight at the keeper was a good finish? Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend should just cut their tongues out
"Andy Townsend would have been very tempted there.." top lad
Watching England? Then you need the Andy Townsend phrasebook.
Have Andy Townsend batteries gone flat - he's not said anything for the last 3 mins?! don't replace them!
Match suspension entertainment: Stick Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley on the halfway line, both holding up an aerial.
Quite of the first half:. Andy Townsend- "feet"
Listen to Townsend. Very tempted to do what Andy?
Did I mention Andy townsend is a bellend
When will itv learn. Andy Townsend is 1 boring *** Charisma of a spent durex.
Don't think I can take much more of Andy Townsend at this time of night
please can BBC get the England rights back I can't stick Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend.
Expert analysis by Andy Townsend. "Palacios has the shot, Jagielka gets the block.". Very insightful.
ITV's coverage has always been terrible!!! Andy Townsend should do one!
Hear andy townsend speak,he does realise i spent years down the villa watchin him.was'nt a bad palyer but when he say's i'd of gone past him there.say again pal?
Izaguirre is lucky he didn't do that to Andy Townsend. Very lucky!
Any chance of moving all World Cup games to BBC. Not sure how much more Andy Townsend I can take.
Andy Townsend on Adam Lallana's bit of skill: "Feet"
For one whole minute there, Andy Townsend's only comment was "feet". Just one word. In isolation.
Andy Townsend would have been very tempted there..
New drinking game: every time Andy Townsend says something inane during his match commentary, have a shot. Entire audience drunk in 5 mins.
Andy Townsend "He's done well not to react, because I'd of been tempted"
I look forward to the day when Clive Tyldsley and andy townsend ACTUALLY HAVE AN OPINION
So Honduras have a header at goal and according to Andy Townsend its a poor delivery.
Don't know who thinks he's the biggest man, Martin Finnerty Andros Towsend. or Andy Townsend, I'd like see that for a royal rumble, i'd be first running in with a steel chair. Top Nob Heads.
an unplugged microphone for Andy townsend
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40:12 mins EngvHon Andy Townsend comment about Lalana taking it either way.
Andy Townsend is a bit of a bellend, isn't he?!
Andy Townsend is awful. Give the nation a break and send him home in the morning. It's the kindest thing all round
What a bloody turncoat Andy Townsend is! Bawbag & fud spring to mind!
You say 'no injuries', but rumour is that Andy Townsend has sprained the finger he follows difficult words…
Do ITV have to install Andy Townsend's microphone on his chair? Because he constantly talks out his ***
If I have to listen to Andy Townsend I'm not watching the World Cup
Every time Andy Townsend talks, I drift off and start thinking whether to have a bag of wotsits or frazzles. Tough choice
Literally no one thinks Andy Townsend is good at his job. It is unanimously felt that he is incredibly bad at it. Why is…
So glad that for two weeks of the World Cup I will be in a different country and will NOT have to listen to ITV's coverage. Andy Townsend: shut the
Who woke up one day and though Andy Townsend would make a good football commentator?
Is the crowd at the England game screaming to drown out Andy Townsend talking *** ?
One can only hope that Andy Townsend will surely run out of superlatives to describe England's performance before the start of the 2nd half. Say it like it is, man.
Think I'll be watching the World Cup with the sound turned down.. Totally scunnered with these commentators already.. Andy Townsend really is a tadger
Do we get a choice of BBC or ITV for the group games or is it time to club together to take out a contract on Andy Townsend? (Dear Gwent Police, the above is, like Mr Townsend's "summarising" a joke.)
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The Andy Townsend school of commentary 2014, just shout 'feet'!! X
Trying to watch the England -v- Honduras match but the constant verbal diarrhea by Andy Townsend is so annoying! Why do we have to have these people telling us what we have just seen. And why are there so many retired players out there as probably very highly paid TV pundits ?
Watching the england game and rooneys 1st touch is horrendous keep moaning at henderson fireing them into him henderson is use to fireing them into suarez and he kills it andy townsend lol
With commentators like Mark Lawrenson & Andy Townsend and pundits like Adrian Chiles, this'll be the most muted World Cup in history.
A problem with the World Cup of course is 4 weeks of andy townsend
With this commentating dont you think that Andy Townsend wants to be adopted by the English? ?
Andy Townsend about Hondurus, 'they are just an honest bunch of players'...not how I would describe them Andy!
Is it me or does Andy Townsend have the most boring voice in commentary?
Why do ITV continue to employ Andy Townsend?? He is worst than Alan Smith!!!
Please like and share this status if you think Andy Townsend is going to ruin your World Cup experience. When I get to 100k likes tomorrow I'll send it to itv. Maybe then we'll only have to hear him once a year in their annual panto.
So andy townsend reckons that honduras player was a lucky boy for gettin away with kickin the ball at an england player, yes people he kicked a ball at him. But stirling was unlucky to get sent off for a rash tackle in their last game. Wat a complete *** he is
"I'd ave fackin stuck one on im" says Danny Dyer. Sorry, Andy Townsend.
I really really really really really hate Glenn johnson about as much as I hate Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles
Good old Andy Townsend on ITVSport "England are not at their best when they don't have the ball " & "This will be the best World Cup in the past few years." Epic Commentary
Thor ignored my desperate pleas to cease Andy Townsend's existence, I am now an atheist again.
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I really can't listen to Andy Townsend. You'd get more sense out of a retard with a mouth full of bees.
Andy Townsend says he's really looking forward to the World Cup. Can I make a suggestion? Enjoy it in silence. Thanks
Glad the storms had interrupted Andy Townsend, if he had carried on any longer i think i would have believed we could win the World Cup
This break is such a blessing, 30 mins more of Adrian Chiles. I jest! Oh my god!! At least it's a break from Andy Townsend!
Adrian child's and Andy Townsend must be the worst TV football pundits ever
*** was hoping Andy Townsend got struck by lightning but unfortunately hes survived the weather. Oh well maybe he will fall down some stairs or off a balcony before the World Cup starts 🙏
Tragically Andy Townsend has survived the lightning storm
Dont actually know whats worse listening to Adrian Chiles for half an hour or andy townsend..
Id have tied andy townsend to the tallest metal post if id have been there. Missed opportunity
If only Andy Townsend had been struck by lightning!
Tell you what, mind. Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend got it good during the half hour, didn't they?
I am sorry to disappoint you all, but: Andy Townsend survived the storm.
Andy townsend has survived the lightening! There is no god!
Why can't we have Glenn hoodle commentating, sounds like he really knows how to get a team playing, and keep remembering his tactics against Argentina when down to 10men!.and he is miles better than f)£&ing Andy Townsend.
Join my campaign and share this status . Andy Townsend is a terrible commentator who states the obvious and is way out of his depth. His voice is that annoying we have nicknamed him cheesehead.Andy Townsend you are a cockney pretending to be Irish who speaks no footballing sense. Do us all a favour and F**k off to Kilkenny for a nice summer holiday and let someone decent take ur place .
In the true spirit of American culture, how about a spectacular show to pass the time. My suggestion would be to send Andy Townsend out into the centre circle and hold up a 9 iron... Any other suggestions?
Wondering what are the chances Glenn Johnson and Andy Townsend both are struck by Lightning??
There is an upside to this ITV male menopause freak show half Andy Townsend.
Ian Wright,,Lee Dixon and andy townsend r 3 of the biggest *** ever
Perfect opportunity to send Andy Townsend out in a metal suit to test the conditions
I'd rather listen to an American commentator than Andy Townsend, just imagine, "Rooney runs into the PK zone". Adrian mate, give up on football and go over to Cludo or Synchronised Swimming.
Pretty sure this is andy townsends fault... ***
Hope a bolt of lighting takes out andy Townsend
Now would be a good time for Andy Townsend to stand in the centre circle, With an umbrella, Preferably holding Adrian Chiles hand.
I've had enough of these 4 boring chumps trying to fill while the storm passes... still, it's way better than Andy Townsend's 'commentary'... every cloud I s'pose.
Please just call this game off now and spare us from any more of Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend.
Has Andy Townsend been hit by lightning ? Gone very quiet
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