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Andy Townsend

Andrew Andy David Townsend (born 23 July 1963) is a former professional footballer, who played in two World Cups for the Republic of Ireland and is now a television and radio pundit.

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ITV used Andy Townsend as a pundit for years, They know nothing
Andy Townsend says champion in distress. Lol, Thai's voodoo has become more expensive, same as PL price money.
Can't we give Andy Townsend another job there in England?
Andy Townsend's a great analyst, but his words of criticism sting 😳
I remember the days Andy Townsend used to belittle Ibrahimovic on Champions League coverage. Best player in the league at 35.
If Andy Townsend thinks is on the same level as I want whatever he is smoking
Andy Townsend & Sky willing United to win this game it seems.
Andy townsend you are mad. how is rashford a better option than martial? Maybe bc he's english
Andy Townsend just said Rashford is better than Martial . English hype !!!
Having to listen to Andy Townsend for 90mins.smh
Peter Drury and Andy Townsend. It's like they cancel each other out.
We have Andy Townsend on the show now - He'll be talking Chelsea triumph and issues at Villa
I like that you are using 'for me' and keeping the Andy Townsend flame alight
I set up an Andy Townsend parody account during some championships. True story
Stood next to Andy Townsend at the Black Sabbath afterparty.
villa need a midfielder that can turn a game around in a flash have you Andy Townsend's phone number ?
: There's no bite in Villa's midfield nobody to grab a game by the Ball's and turn a game around where's Andy Townsend?
Ofc but my hole too tight but as Andy Townsend once said "No angle is narrow enough for the great Lionel Messi"
Dude I have to say but Lukaku is the bomb, even Andy Townsend has highlighted Lukaku amongst the best exports of the BPL
Yano when football commentator Andy Townsend is having a convo with his chums right behind me. His voice sounds odd in a normal conversation
Coutinho is the Brazilian Andy Townsend.. I've been saying this for years.. I don't even think he'll improve Seville
that was a mix up. It was Andy Townsend he wanted to sign, but we nearly ended up with Andros. Lucky escape.
Andy Townsend could make it sensational
Vern Cotter or Gregor Townsend, who let's not forget worked with Andy Robinson. Hm. Think they're in for tough times.
Andy Townsend is always over critical of Chelsea, like he's bitter over smthg I wonder what really happened with his time at the club..
Petit makes a very good point asking Andy Townsend if he'd challenge 4 d ball same way Alonso did if he were defending the ball in his area.
Andy Townsend trying to make sense of his own logic
U know things are bad when Andy Townsend is the only person who thinks Chelsea's goal shouldn't have stood.
Andy Townsend talking sgit as usual whil Petit talking sense as usual. Words can't describe how much I have Townsend. Bellend
Andy Townsend has always been a biased ***
Migos for the interval cause Andy Townsend is like nails on a chalkboard
Andy Townsend's analysis.always spot on
I just some times think Andy Townsend don't know what to say when analysing games. He agrees with everything others say.
Andy Townsend sounds more optimistic than our so called legend, Emmanuel Petit. I know you gotta be neutral but my goodness
Andy Townsend is right, Wenger is predictable..he never comes with anything new and he is very stubborn
Andy Townsend should be on today's derby panel. The best analyst!!
From which club did Aston Villa sign Andy Townsend?
I want someone to look at me like the way Ms.Townsend looks at her dog
TOWNSEND: ''Let's face it, Mignolet might not have saved it anyway but it was certainly quick thinking by Luis.'…
when he played for England. And I dunno I heard andy Townsend say it once and thought it sounded cool 😂🤔😏😭
not for me Andy Townsend might say!
TOWNSEND: 'From a player's point of view, there are two ways to do what Rodwell decided to do...'…
TOWNSEND: '...should serve as a reminder to all keepers to play to the whistle, which was clearly blown...'…
Not even going to bother reading this, as Andy Townsend is useless and hasn’t got a clue about the LOTG. He is like…
TOWNSEND: 'Mason was literally three yards away from what blatantly deserved a straight red card.'…
In my opinion, Andy Townsend is just as cool as John *** It's just that Andy is more of a ***
that's what you get for watching itv that brought you the greats of Andy townsend to football commentary
Aren't commentators supposed to be neutral? 🙄 Andy Townsend was so distraught when Ake scored
I may be wrong but football is match fixing cause Andy Townsend said Bournemouth will score a winner. Maybe they know who won the league
Apparently Andy Townsend was driving all the way down to Bournemouth 'thinking about this goalkeeper'
What a comeback Bournemouth. What a game of football. As Jon Champion & Andy Townsend said, it's the reason we watch.
Andy Townsend currently talking about the concerns he has about Karius, that despite his claims to the contrary, he'd not mentioned before.
How is Andy Townsend not the most successful manager of our time is beyond me 👀
Only Sith Lords and Andy Townsend deal in absolutes.
Andy Townsend can chat a load of rubbosh
Dived in? What is wrong with you, Andy Townsend? Milner just went for the ball
Andy Townsend, average at most player, worse commentator! Epitome of stealing wage!
Andy Townsend just said he loves it when Klopp punches the air lmao. This guy is the most *** kissed *** in football
"One (goal) and they're back in it John." - Andy Townsend. Well they are trailing by one goal so...
As much as I'm loving Delhi I am slightly cheeses off that they have Andy Townsend summarising on Star Sports. Thought I'd heard last of him
but there was contact and the player is entitled to go down...according to Andy Townsend
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Andy Townsend is about as exciting as my toenail.
andy Townsend thinks that was a penalty..what a joke of a commentator he is
Andy Townsend can shut up now. It was not a penalty.
Never a pen Andy townsend what a bellend. That was foot to defender. Great call from the ref..
Also , Andy Townsend should stick to commentating FIFA games
Andy Townsend really is unbelievably clueless. How he continues to get jobs co-commentating is beyond me
You can't listen to Andy Townsend commentating and not think about playing FIFA.
Hi - why on earth have you got Andy Townsend commentating. The man is a clown!
Why's a whole Jon Champion & Andy Townsend doing this match when Everton & Manutd is MOTD?!
A sentence that scared the living daylights out of me 'You commentators are John Champion and Andy Townsend', Grim
Right, start us off Andy Townsend and Jon Champion.
If it's not Jon Champion and Andy Townsend commentating, then I'd rather mute the sound and turn on Radio Jambo
every commentator is finished now. Nothing beats prime 2005-2011 UCL Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend on ITV
I think you might be forgetting Andy Townsend
Chris Sutton is the new Andy Townsend so boring. !!
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Thought I'd try living an hour as Andy Townsend so rose like a salmon at the alarm clock and nodded home a bacon sandwich
I'm sure Andy Townsend isn't doing anything right now, what about him?
in the words of your old friend Andy Townsend, "are you sure about that Mike?"
Chris Gunter being made to rewatch his OG on reminds of when Ugo Ehiogu received a roasting in Andy Townsend's tactics truck
Chris Sutton is now in the same bracket as Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn as the most annoying pundits!!
Andy Townsend saying if Arsenal score the next goal the game is done. LOL you don't know Arsenal.
It's amusing watching Andy Townsend trying to gloss over Aguero's monstrous tackle on Luiz
Watching el Classico with Arabic commentary is just a different beast. I'd take this over Andy Townsend any day
Having to watch football on Bein Sports is just painful, their commentators are worse than Niall Quinn and Andy Townsend
Stuart Barnes is rugby's Andy Townsend. Very close to cutting my own *** off and choking myself with it rather than hear any more
Andy Townsend: "Fabregas showed composure" re Fernandino. What a joke. Fabregas slapped him. Can't believe you're paid for your opinion.
Outrageous how Pundits are shying away from the brawl there. Andy Townsend saying "don't want to spend too much time on the matter"
Andy Townsend says "lets not dwell on what happened in d end of d game". Yea why would you? Its not a Jose team
Andy Townsend just called this the best all round game we've seen this season, why does this guy get paid to talk about football?
Here we go. The only fly in the ointment is being forced to listen to Stuart Barnes, the Andy Townsend of rugby commentary.
Love hearing Andy Townsend's dreadful opinions on football
Andy Townsend is too transparent, never bias... Always know the right things to say
See Andy Townsend making excuses for Cahill's own goal..had it been it was Luiz we would have been reminded of many things
Andy Townsend is right. If Luiz had thrown his arm, he would have gotten the straight red card
Duncan out here acting like he knows better than an ex footballer Andy Townsend . smh
The flaw here is even pondering if Andy Townsend watches football in general.
it's Andy townsend. That's all you need to know
Andy Townsend arguing Man City 'might have more room' around the penalty area because they're playing Chelsea. Has he not watched CFC play?
That Andy Townsend SWAG when I get to 40 years bruh. That guy can dress, simple but classy.
Andy Townsend on Monday Night Club:. "Wilfried Zaha isn't as good as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.". Jesus wept.
Can you beat producer Adem?. Maybe your mum did Yoga with Andy Townsend or in a back 4 with James Tomkins at primary…
Alan Smith or Andy Townsend. I never thought as a Liverpool fan I would miss Gary Neville
There's literally only two men who's voices I miss. . Peter Drury and Andy Townsend. . Iveki ibambi if I don't get my fix.
"Fellaini is the perfect Mourinho prototype" : Andy Townsend on Jose's new 'project.
yeah but often he is too harsh as if he is perfect or something. Look at Jim Beglin & Andy Townsend those are the guys.
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Peter Drury is back, Jon Champion is back, Steve Banyard is back, John *** Andy Townsend and Don Hutchinson are…
wouldn't take anything Andy Townsend seriously. Cundy has a chip on his shoulder about as well.
nail. On. Head. I fell out with Andy Townsend on Talksport over the whole 'deluded' rubbish.. 😂😂
please do not sully the good name of Andy Townsend
at least its not Andy *&Townsend any more. Every day at Euros. A double take every day at the Euros
Andy Carroll number 9. Lennon and Townsend also in front 3. Noble and Henderson holding
Yea it was I was playing... Andy Townsend the young man in his Chelsea colours as a background picture.. ha
no. It's Andy Townsend. Was on itv, not sky.
that Andy Townsend one has buckled me
he looks like he really likes Pokemon 🤔
Once saw Andy Townsend there. Doesn't get much better than that.
You're just jealous because he has a stronger line up than spurs.
I'd have to get Andy Townsend in there too. For me, Clive, he's up there.
happy for my mate Andy Townsend to be fighting MJW best show u done so far it will take some beating this show
"oh look there's Andy Townsend next to that tactics truck"... "there's Lineker in that corridor of uncertainty"...
Brave of Andros Townsend to play only a few hours after his dad Andy was sacked. In your face, ITV.
Is having Lee Dixon commentating making anyone else think that Andy Townsend leaving may be a 'better the devil you know' type station...
It's like the Andy Townsend of political commentary. Statement of the bleeding obvious parroting a more able pundit.
You could have been zipwiring through Ireland with Mitro you daft ***
The Andy Townsend of the pest control world:
Looking forward for resident DJ dining with us this Friday
Congrats to RSA's Jim Townsend on Lifetime Achievement Award. The soul of Techfest. 20 yrs of class! http…
Tony Pulis on commentary is the worst thing to ever happen to ITV football and they've had Adrien Chiles and Andy Townsend
You're the Andy Townsend of the world 👍
Always thought Dean Saunders and Andy Townsend was the same person.
"Little deflection" says Andy Townsend as the ball balloons off a defender's knee and flies into the opposite corner
Andy Townsend looks like he belongs outside William Hill in Fitzalan Square asking for 20p to put towards his 'bus fare'.
Any wizards around who can ressurect Muhammed Ali & Nelson Mandela so we can trade them with Andy Townsend & Mark Lawrenson?
The 100 years earlier with commentary from Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend
but you supported Englishmen for years during Jack Charlton era Andy Townsend, Tony Cascarino, Jason mcateer??
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jason you're arguing that Tottenham are better than Leicester!? No Andy Carroll No Townsend No plan B
Get yourself a show on with used to love + Andy Townsend.
."The Junckers, the Van Rompuys". He's like the Andy Townsend of bigotry.
Andy Townsend, general manager has been handed our prestigious Archangel Award …
Still in love with Andy Townsend's "get in there" for Brady's goal. There's a second, off mic but more impassioned one in there. Class
All the remain are in meltdown mate. Even the poor mans Andy Townsend has lost it!! 😂
I am definitely Irish. Like way more Irish than Andy Townsend. Can you say you are my long lost twin brother Brian?
I think it's time for the voters to evoke the Andy Townsend rule and move to Ireland.
If Andy Townsend can play for Ireland I should be ok
On the positive side, I'm eligible for Irish citizenship. I'm at least as Irish as Andy Townsend.
Agreed. And a short film with Andy Townsend showing people how to put their X in and around the box
speak to jack Charlton. He got Andy Townsend & Tony Cascarino playing for the ROI. I'd check with him first.He'll sort it.
Of course my dad would end up sat beside Andy Townsend on the train back from France
they'll have Andy Townsend co presenting next, mark my words...
If I was Andy Townsend I'd be saying "that's better" to the Foyle result.
Andy Townsend will make a good adding to these two;)
So you're saying that Andy Townsend and Glenn Hoddle are on ITV again then?!
Glenn Hoddle & Andy Townsend will be passing comments on the referendum for ITV
If Andy Townsend is a permanent replacement we riot!!
if it means more Andy Townsend then definitely watching elsewhere
Only if he draws a perspiring Andy Townsend.
If you're lucky they'll get Andy Townsend in to do the punditry.
Gonna watch coverage on BBC. Ian Wright and Andy Townsend are terrible pundits.
I imagine Andy Townsend will be voting to stay stay In and Around the EU.
I've settled now on the opinion that 'Andy Townsend's 'Get in there!' was my fav piece of all the commentaries.
Convinced Andy Townsend is phase1 of ITV premium sport channel plan where you pay to be spared him
If we vote to leave I'm going to be angrier than Andy Townsend when McClean didn't get that peno last night
in fairness mate, Andy Townsend was buzzing last night
Not everyone is an Andy Townsend fan but there are 7 reasons it's GREAT he's back.
As long as commentary isn't given by Robbie Savage and Andy Townsend,I'm OK with that!
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Getting emotional listening to this, with bonus Andy Townsend "get in!" .
you could take a leaf out of Andy Townsend's book. That's how boring you are.
shame Andy Townsend can't do one asweIl
Great stuff but no mention of the return of Andy Townsend or the surprise culture clash of Tony Pulis commentating on Spain?!
Thought he was an Andy Townsend tribute act the other night.
Andy Townsend looks like a have-a-go hero who reckons he just did what anyone would have done in the circumstances https…
With football on ITV, BBC debate would be livened up if it had co commentary from Andy Townsend. . “If anything he’s answere…
Perfect night for this toddler. Ireland win and the voice of Andy Townsend is blocked out.
six years. That's right. And USA '94 was... last year. Andy Townsend's hair. The messer.
Just heard Andy Townsend's 'get in there' for Brady's goal from ITV. Always rated him.
talk as much political sense as Andy Townsend does about football
Jesus what a night last night was, atmosphere was electric. One of those 'I was there' nights, even got a good chat with Andy Townsend 😂🍻🇮🇪
What Iceland can not cope with is the crossing expertise of Cresswell, Albrighton and Townsend and decisive aerial power of Andy Carroll.
The ITV commentary on the goal last night is great. Andy Townsend shouting get in about 20 times.
Congratulations to Andy Townsend he's officially an angel! ROSPA has recognised his awesome work in arena
I was wondering when the voice of Andy "Get in" Townsend would be heard at this tournament
Did you, in the true Andy Townsend manner, wrap your pencil around it?
Andy Townsend is getting incredibly worked up for someone who is about as Irish as Toblerone.
Was quite impressed with Andy Townsend again last night, his opinions I agreed on were quite right.
Andy Townsend: 'For me, it's difficult for Ireland. In an ideal world it would be easy. But space don't work that way, to be fair.'
Except Jacqui Oatley, who appeared to be interviewing Andy Townsend through some kind of time machine.
Andy Townsend and Tim Sherwood are already getting nervous
Maybe if it was Andy Townsend and Dean Sturridge.
I imagine Adrian Chiles leaves Andy Townsend wistful voicemails now and then, to tell him about his azaleas, and how much he misses it all.
Roberto Firmino, with a surname like Andy Townsend responding to Clive Tyldesley's question about a debatable penalty
he's definitely up there to be one of the worst pundits. along side Michael Owen, Andy Townsend and Danny Murphy
your exciting Leicester city will probably get relegated so pipe down andy townsend.
Andy Townsend is the Gordon Ramsey of football..will find a fault in anything
, Andy Townsend and tonight Martin O'neal been by far the best analysts this season.Great job boys
That last RT, Andy Townsend looks bloody different, doesn't he?
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Martin O'Neil's contribution to this conversation has been more meaningful than Andy Townsend's because Martin is an actual gaffer.
Andy Townsend look like he had mad bezzas
Please what position did Andy Townsend play during his footballing days? . Those of you that watched him.
Scott Parker's cardi' is in the running for worst thing in football punditry up against Savage's face, Andy Townsend & Owen's voice!
Is Davey Proven genuinely the best commentator on offer-at this rate I reckon Andy Townsend might be contemplating a comeback
seems like a nice enough guy; not sure Spanish Townsend is what you need when you're Chelsea
How is Andy Townsend still looking for work whilst Sky give jobs to the likes of Davie Provan and Jim Beglin?
seriously? I thought it was pretty entertaining. Also its surely better than listening to Andy Townsend!
I have no idea how Andy Townsend always refers to Jamie Vardy as a "young kid" while he's 29 close to 30 ffs! Btw, I'm no Vardy hater. ❤ him
it could be Neal Faulds or Andy Townsend.
Townsend has a better chance at the ballon d'or than ronaldo to be fair to andy
Andy Townsend appointed a consultant at bwfc?!?! Where will he park his Tactics Truck now theyve sold the car park?
Don't think my da will ever cop that Newcastle's half cast winger isn't Andy Townsend
is this the Russian. jake humphreys & Andy townsend ?
BREAKING: Andy Carroll will face Milner, Aguero, Kone, Sanchez and Townsend for the Premier League Player of the Month for April.
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have James Maloney and Jack Bird named as halves, Chad Townsend named for City.
This Andros Townsend bandwagon train for the Euros needs to stop in its tracks ASAP. Keown's had a nightmare tonight.
Keown on Townsend: "On his left foot [outside the box], there isn't a better player in Europe." . Think it's time pundits to…
Gordon Bennett... last week it was Andy Carroll, now it's Andros Townsend
Andy Townsend just said " that's the first time today I've seen Bony run" ...make it 10 mill to sell
Long with the opener as look totally dominant against City labored & not committed according to Andy Townsend on
Oh god. Andy Townsend has made it across the pond. You didn't do your background checks did you
we have Andy Townsend in Australia rambling away on the game...swap?
got the personality of Andy Townsend 🙈
after 4in11 and 2 assists who would you prefer Townsend or fully fit Ben Arfa?
You need Peter Drury mate, he's tops. Him and Andy Townsend are a good combo. Francis is poor!
its gotta be and Andy Townsend, or I will not watch build up
I died when Andy townsend was showing the other dude where to touch on the screen
That Townsend pick, more than any other, has been pretty fruitful. I’m a little bit jealous.
Andy Townsend has probably been the signing of the winter transfer window . I was hoping LVG would have signed him, he missed a trick there
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
you enjoyed Andy Townsend's company? Better than his commentary / punditry I guess
Enjoyed hosting Matchday Live with Emmanuel Petit & Andy Townsend. Time to hit the road to Manchester. Think there's a game there tomorrow..
But then I didn't think Andy Townsend was bad at all.
I remember when Andy Townsend said Newcastle won't make it because Rafa is not that good but Sunderland would because Sam is elite. Ffs.
You ever need tickets for the wrestling mate, let me know.
Andy Townsend has some quick moves but his decision making in the final 3rd is not so good most times
Blimey, Bolton Wanderers are seeking Andy Townsend's help. that's a little desperate.
Clarification on Andy Townsend. Is at the club, but not in a working/paid capacity. Long-time family friend of Ken Ander…
didn't think I'd ever be saying it. But bring back Andy Townsend. 🙈🙈
Chris Sutton, Andy Townsend and Rory Smith on 5live tonight. Not a classic banter recipe perhaps but I have hopes.
Maybe someone could show this to Jon Champion and Andy Townsend at half time.
Didn't ever think I'd say this but bring back Andy Townsend. Glenn Hoddle talks even more crap. Even Michael Owen is better! Just.
Peter Drury, Jim Beglin, Jon Champion, Andy Townsend , are there any better names in the business?
R tv channels having a competition to see who has the worst commentator?. Michael Owen. Mark Lawrenson. Andy Townsend. Glenn Hoddle. Who's next?
We need new Commentators in FIFA, I'm tired of Alan Smith & Andy Townsend + Martin Tyler. A Peter Drury & Jon Champion would be great!
Danny Murphy and Andy Townsend think it's legit?
Andy Townsend and Brendan Rodgers trying to stage a Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp .. Hilarious! Get away from that touchscreen!
I wonder how much Clive Tyldesley misses Andy Townsend's company now that he makes these trips alone
Football is dead because of BT, Sky, Andy Townsend and Jonathan Pearce.
Steve McManaman has a touch of the Andy Townsend about him as a summariser.
Gary Neville down. Andy Townsend and Piers Morgan to go
Andy Dawson, Neal Bishop and Conor Townsend preview the trip to face Coventry today -
PAUL MERSON COLUMN: How does Roberto Martinez get away with it?
Andy Townsend *shudder* Didn't he get run over by his tactic truck
the last 10 mins of punditry was that bad I thought I was watching itv, kept expecting Andy Townsend to pop up.
He fills a seat so Andy Townsend can't sneak in
Finally getting rid of Townsend from ITV and replacing him with Danny Murphy on BBC 🤔
gil 0 assists this season. At least Townsend can beat a player.
Robbie savage is a worse pundit than Andy Townsend. Enough said!!
The new Ginola...he's not even the new Andy Townsend.
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As Andy Townsend would so emphatically say, "Better".
Andy please ask Chris if as a manager if his door was always open to players to air problems
Remember to kiss both guns pal ok equaliser or a winner You promised Andy
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Andy Townsend
Andros Townsend is out to make a big impression at
Andy Townsend says he wants to get Newcastle fans off their seats. I hope it is for the right reasons - celebrating dribbles & goals
We can't wait for the weekend. https:…
His tackle against Andy Townsend at Anfield. I heard the crack of shin pads up in the Main Stand
STAY TUNED!!! Andy Townsend : “Newcastle A Massive Club”: Andros Townsend is hopeful he can help pres...
Andros Townsend is hopeful he can help preserve Newcastle's Premier League status after sealing his move from...
Why, oh why does my stream of Stoke vs Arsenal have Peter Drury and Andy Townsend on commentary??😫
Peter Drury and Andy Townsend commentary , what a time to be alive
Sojourns - an exhibition at M16 with John Gould, Bernard Hardy and Andy Townsend & Suzie Bleach
nothing says you're Irish like Ray Houghton, Tony Cascarino or Andy Townsend
INCHES: Sands put through by Jones but his shot flashes wide. Andy Townsend would say he hit it too well. 0-0
lol apparently that guy mentioned him on soccer am earlier, Connor Townsend is on FIFA so he should easily be in the list
I nearly dislike Danny Murphy as much as Andy townsend, it's close
Channelled the god Andy Townsend in today's digest, Clive.
just one of numerous idiotic comments during the night. Makes Andy Townsend almost bearable!
love Andy Townsend getting it in the face in the build up !
Danny Murphy makes Andy Townsend look good. Let that sink in.
Listening to Danny Murphy...anyone got Andy Townsend's number?
Obviously my brother thinks his Andy Townsend commenting on absolutely everything going on in the game SHUT UR MOUTH
Danny Murphy is the new Andy Townsend!! Worlds worst commentator, football pundit whatever you call it
We've lost the much maligned Andy Townsend & Adrian Chiles now we've got Ian Wright on every channel. We aren't better off for it the wanker
granted he tones it down on the telly. Nowhere near the Andy Townsend nadir.
think he's down the pub with andy Townsend tonight
Andy Warrington of on Conor Townsend's departure from the club to join
Nearly my little Mojitos xxx. Friday 8pm. . .
ANDY NICOL: Alan Solomons will still be enjoying the warm glow of getting one over Gregor Townsend's Glasgow Warriors last week at
Reserve a table now. 0151 236 8474. . https:…
Someone needs to tell Andy Townsend that movember is over
Hey *** You can't speak to me like this anymore or They'll be a 🐴 on your pillow tomorrow. . Signed.,. Andy "The Don" Townsend
it's Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles still struggling to be relevant
I like Firmino, mainly because he sounds like Andy Townsend giving an opinion on something. His full name is actually FirmiCLIVEno.
I hear Andy Townsend is half a yard away!
Andy Townsend reckons he would have wanted to do better with that
The Undateables lad has just quoted Andy Townsend.
I don't know who's commentary is worse, Andy Townsend, Michael Owen or Niall Quinn 🙈
Niall Quinn is a complete helmet,him and Michael Owen must be twins.i thought Andy Townsend was poor but Quinn and Owen are on another level
Andy Townsend, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen make terrible analysts.
DOMINIC COOPER MISSES. Talk of Woody Harelson stepping up from Andy Townsend.
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