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Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley (born May 16, 1958) is the senior pastor of North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, Browns Bridge Community Church, Gwinnett Church and Watermarke Church.

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You cannot resist the will of God and receive His grace at the same time. ~ Andy Stanley
We don't drift in good directions. We and prioritize ourselves there. . -Andy Stanley.
How to Lead when you are not in charge.
The leader/organization that is change adverse is ALSO improvement adverse, because improvement requires change. Andy Stanley
"Dreaming requires courage. For on the heels of every dream is the demon of doubt.". Andy Stanley
If you desire to provide world-class service this provides timeless principles of service
Waiting does not reflect a lack of faith. Usually it is evidence of wisdom. Andy Stanley
had a natter with Andy Hallam & Richard Edwards, have a listen:https:/…
"Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say” -Andy Stanley
Why not read about Accrington Stanley's £15,000 wage budget with over your breakfast?
4 of 5 stars to The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley
tried to sign him for Stanley but he said there has to be a plastic box ince…
Andy Stanley‘s book, Visioneering, is as inspiring as it is eye opening. Andy teaches us God has a vision for...
If given the option of being Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley, or Eugene Peterson, be Eugene. Every time
Andy Stanley, NT Wright, or whoever, John Piper disagrees with people in the most gracious and useful ways.
I do workout to sermons most of all - Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley, John Schouten, Priscilla S…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Looked in the pastor's office. He's "studying" for a sermon. Saw an Andy Stanley book on his desk. Sending anonymous letter to the deacons.
Relationships are built on small, consistent deposits of time. You can't cram for what's most important. -Andy Stanley.
Great authors such as Greg Boyd, Richard Rohr, Caroline Leaf, Andy Stanley and Rick Warren just to name a few... https…
"He was the hero in our relationship" Andy Stanley about his dad Charles. Be the hero in your relationships.
"Systems within an organization conspire to maintain the status quo" - How do you challenge the process?
In the Stanley Cup Final back in 2011 Alain Vigneault & were leading Claude Julien & 3-2, Julien ended up raisi…
Remember When: Andy Fish and a Lord of Flatbush Andy Fish created his take on Sly as Stanley from Lords of Flat
Reminds me of this -> I love how P&P isn't afraid to speak the truth and warn others about…
Sunday, Andy Stanley kicks off a new series all about getting ready for whatever is next in life. See you at 9am, P…
David Platt was referring to Andy Stanley. He didn't want to use names, so I help! Andy Stanley is wrong about the Bible
Best Advice about Dating Ever: Be the kind of person the person you want wants. -Andy Stanley via
If you could get Andy and Sandra Stanley and talk about the importance of healthy marriages in stude…
Nigel Farage, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore to broadcast election messages from the pirate radio ship if Banks is selec…
The Preds are now the third most likely team to win the Stanley Cup.
You job isn't to fill other people's cups. Your job is to empty yours. Stanley
Character is simply the will to do what is right, as God defines right. Andy Stanley
"Just the sheer recognition that our time on earth is limited should cause us to evaluate all of life differently." -Andy Stanley
"Leaders can't stand the status quo. They don't lay in bed and dream how things are. They dream of how things could be…
Men, this is from our first chapter of Andy Stanley's book, Let's do our homework. Follow…
"Skeptics Welcome Cafe" good grief starting to sound like Andy Stanley is writing this.
Visions are born in the soul of a person who is consumed with the tension between what is and what could be. Andy Stanley
"Somehow, what's in our hearts, good or bad is eventually translated into words and deeds". -Andy Stanley
An 8 seed has never swept a seed in Stanley Cup Playoffs history. Until now.
Count Andy Stanley as a"no" on literal Genesis interpretation. Here he affirms theistic evolution beg. at 22:00 mark h…
Andy Stanley is one of this year's Global Leadership Summit speakers. Check the incredible opportunity for a New...
"The clearer people are on what they’re doing and how they fit in with everyone else, the better job they do." - Andy S…
A God-ordained vision begins with concern for others. Then comes action by a broken-hearted leader. -- Andy Stanley
A great pic from Andy P. Picking up earlier today in Aberdeen port.
Uncertainty exposes a lack of knowledge;. pretending exposes a lack of character. - Andy Stanley
So if you wondered where Andy Stanley got his stuff, wonder no longer:
what's it gonna take for the Blues to win a Stanley Cup
Goals are so important. “Direction, not intention, determines your destination.” Andy Stanley.
"Everyone is for change until change actually happens."
If you are Terry Pegula, doesn't the first call have to go to Dean Lombardi? Two Stanley Cups, known as an organized plan…
It's true there is a hopelessness amongst the young, who were predominantly remain su…
A new guitar does not guarantee better music. And bad relational habits are not corrected by starting a new relationship. . Stanley, Andy
We mistakenly think that swapping partners will itself guarantee a different kind of relationship. Stanley, Andy. Ask It
The organization that is averse to change is also averse to improvement because improvement requires change. Andy Sta…
Brian Houston, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, ... all at our fingertips anytime! No excuses! Never say I am not being fed!
"Leadership isn't about getting things done right. It's about getting things done through other people." -Andy Stanley
In 2013, Obama chose a white evangelical southern megachurch pastor, Andy Stanley, to preach. Didn't link him with…
"What we NATURALLY want, is often in conflict with what we ULTIMATELY want". . Andy Stanley
I just finished day 4 of the plan 'Andy Stanley: How To Be Rich Devotional'. Ch…
Andy Stanley says, “Success is staying faithful to the process that contributes to those things becoming a reality.”
"Direction, not intention determines destination" Andy Stanley
"Anytime the church leverages any thing other than love, we go backwards, not forwards." -- Andy Stanley
What do you want in 2017? Let's figure out together this Sunday as Andy Stanley begins a new series.
"At the end of my life, I would like people to line up and thank me for." Andy Stanley
Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores...
Preachers prepare with this fear: 'Am I going to be able to fill the t...
I listen to leadership monthly...this one is a must! Ready for part 2!
"There’s a gravitational pull to only be mindful of us to the neglect of everyone else". - Andy Stanley.
Uncertainty is a permanent part of the leadership landscape. It neve...
Is Andy Stanley right about the Bible? Don't miss tonight when Pastor Sam begins his new Q&A series! See you in the Fellowship Hall at 6PM.
Call michael and stanley! Jim, Dwight and Creed! Call Andy and Kelly for your business paper needs!
“Try to do for the next generation of church leaders what the previous generation of church leaders has not done for you.” (Andy Stanley)
"At Calvary, all of us who follow Christ, lost all our rights to follow our own devised plans or pursue our own agenda's" ~Andy Stanley
Personal vision is often the catalyst for wise decisions - Andy Stanley
"Poor people always outlive rich people." -- Andy Stanley
"Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for?". - Andy Stanley. Question you need to ask yourself before dating.
"If your vision is going to stick, it's got to be simple because it has to be memorable." ~ Andy Stanley
"It is not enough to say it. We need to say it in a way that makes it stick." -Andy Stanley in Communicating for a Change
The starting block for people who are going to stay in love is mutual submission. - Andy Stanley.
"On day one, the Church wasn't for church people because there weren't any church people.". - Andy Stanley
If you are interested in the Andy Stanley's "The Bible Told me so" controversy, you need to read John Piper's...
"If you devote yourself to more than yourself, you'll have more than yourself to show for yourself.". - Andy Stanley
"A divine vision is not dependent upon us making something happen. It is dependent upon God making something happen." -Andy Stanley
Another brilliant article from John Piper: Open Bible, Burning Hearts: Response to Andy Stanley
When you get to the end, it would dawned on you that what you value most is the lives you shaped - Andy Stanley
New artwork for sale! - "Andy Warhol Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA " -
Jim cause of the jokes, Stanley when y'all act dumb, Michael cause I'm silly and Andy cause I be singing.
"Those who don't pay attention to what got them into trouble yesterday are liable to end up in the same trouble tomorrow."- Andy Stanley
Valentine's Day is near! Here's a review of Andy Stanley's "New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating" from
Jay & I R changing churches this year & have been attending Woodstock City with Andy Stanley. Message from Sunday!…
Leaders are made one response at a time. -Andy Stanley
"Things will only get worse. After all, what js unmanaged generally becomes unmanageable." -Andy Stanley,
"And waiting around for people to catcg on by themselves can be devastating to a vision." -Andy Stanley,
Haven't read this article about Andy Stanley yet, but I bet it's riveting.
Take the time to check out this message by Andy Stanley from our current series, "Resolution." It will both...
SH life group tomorrow at 630! We are continuing our series called GUARDRAILS by Andy Stanley!
Questions young preachers should ask before embracing all of Andy Stanley’s preaching counsel.
“You can’t blame your way into a better future.” (Andy Stanley)
Well I guess if Andy Stanley has angered the Southern Baptists then I can like him now. Dadgum it. .
Andy Stanley talking about small churches in the new issue ?
So I just found out that Andy Stanley was kinda sketchy on the virgin birth and its importance in comparison to the resurrection.
Andy reveals the two words that should be an essential part of every leader's vocabulary.
- What is the foundation of the Christian faith? the Bible? historicity of the resurrection?.
Access will not have services December 25 or January 1. We'll be back together January 8 with a new series: "Re:solution" with Andy Stanley.
How important is the doctrine of the virgin birth of Christ? A response to Andy Stanley's nonsense in a :90 video >> https…
“Christianity doesn’t hinge on the truth or the stories around the birth of Jesus.” - Andy Stanley. Yikes.…
Wallace speaks to the essential doctrine of the Virgin Birth and weighs in on the most recent Andy Stanley controve…
well Andy Stanley is technically correct when he says that the virgin birth isn't as important as the resurrection.
Andy Stanley has serious theological problems.
If you want to see the progression of a prominent evangelical leader embrace liberal theology & heresy look no furt…
“If Jesus would have been worried about guilt by association He would have stayed in Heaven.” -Andy Stanley
Just wrote these 7 questions for Andy.
Just wrote this, 7 questions for Andy.
Andy Stanley says the virgin birth isn't a big deal. Well, I have *7 Questions for Andy Stanley on the Virgin Birth…
Grace is not reserved for good people; grace underscores the goodness of God.” -Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley is becoming Rob Bell. Stanley basically says the virgin birth isn't a big deal.
Andy Stanley continues to be creeping to the slippery slope of liberal theology. Stay Tuned. You will see the fall.
Andy Stanley seems to be falling off a cliff...
Andy Stanley is a modern day heretic. Another example of the plight of the “cool pastor” syndrome.
... and the downward spiral of Andy Stanley continues
Why Andy Stanley is right about the foundation of Christianity and how to defend it:
Happy Christmas ... before it gets too busy both myself and Professor Stanley Unwin would like to wish you all a...
Is Andy Stanley questioning the authority of scripture. Are we to pick and choose what we believe? via
A 17 minute deep dive on the impact of a leader that says 'thank you'z .
...and it's more important than ever to bring a real Bible to church, because I do not trust powepoint…
Did Andy Stanley just say the virgin birth wasn't important?
1st the Bible isn't sufficient, now the virgin birth doesn't really matter. Andy Stanley is headed the wrong way -
Andy Stanley (very beginning, right after the cookie thing)
Andy Stanley raises questions about virgin birth
Leadership is all about taking people on a journey. The challenge i...
I don't always know what to believe, but I do know what love requires of me. . -Andy Stanley
The most annoying thing is seeing Andy Stanley take over right after SNL like such a buzzkill man
“Devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing.” – Andy Stanley
"The truth is that admitting a weakness is a sign of strength." Andy Stanley
"I can't completely fill anybody else's cup, but I am responsible for emptying mine". ~Andy Stanley
Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise. - Andy Stanley
Visioneering: God's Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Vision by Andy Stanley via
My dog Eddie has more sound theology than Andy Stanley...
Somehow it's always the same type of denomination too. . Andy Stanley at least gets a break from you people this week. .
A message by Andy Stanley called Atheist 2.0 from the series "who needs God?"
Creeping In Unawares Beliefnet Celebrity pastor Andy Stanley for some time has been sounding-off… via
"from God's perspective there're no spiritual and non-spiritual components of your life.he makes no distinction" Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley doesn't understand Athiesm or Agnosticism. His seminars on them are incredibly biased.
"Our conduct as Christians has more potential to bring about more change than any candidate we elect or any law we pass.…
THIS! See I told y'all Andy Stanley was the one to listen to tonight!!!
This is the exact opposite of what you advocated previously. We don't need to escape or to be afraid.
"Pilate was the most powerful man in Jerusalem, and you only know who he is because he is a footnote in the story of Jesus." -Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley is becoming known for this.
Responses to Andy Stanley and his statement that "the Bible is not the foundation of the Chris… via
is a result of not getting something you want. "says You Owe Me." -Andy Stanley
Faith comes by hearing the word of Christ (Romans 10). It is even this truth alone that makes Andy Stanley's comments so foolish to me.
"Long after the sower has gone... the seed continues to grow." Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley plays fast and loose with biblical authority. via
not when you're celebrating the likes of Andy Stanley.
"If you're a preachers kid, you see the church differently." Andy Stanley. Yup, I've been there.
Sola Scriptura; as important now as it ever was. Read Dr. Mohler's response to Andy Stanley. via
Great response to the recent Andy Stanley debacle via
Dr. Al Mohler on the disaster that is Andy Stanley's apologetics:
Much has been said about Andy Stanley's recent controversial message. Mohler's response here is spot on.
This is a worthy read for folks wanting to understand the whole Andy Stanley liberalism conversation.
Just listened to Andy Stanley's sermon on "Who Needs God" pt. 3. I fear he has successfully shaken people's faith in the Scriptures.
"Andy Stanley is no Friedrich Schleiermacher, but the path he charts for the church is a road to abject disaster."
Hey - Here is another great response to Andy Stanley's erroneous teaching regarding the authority &…
Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 in light of Sunday's message from Andy Stanley. Puts the love chapter in a whole new perspective.
Re: Andy Stanley. The ultimate goal here is to make the essentials of the faith elusive, next to meaningless. Disaster lurks.
Very sad that men like Andy Stanley pastor and lead so many people astray. The Bible is God's Word! 2 Timothy 3:16…
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“Our doctrinal statement is conservative. Our approach to ministry is not.” Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley says the is too hard to defend. -ShaneC
New post: Is the Bible Foundational to Christianity? Engaging with Andy Stanley
Andy Stanley's full interview with Russell Moore is now online.
Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. – Andy Stanley
Will you be reviewing Andy Stanley sermon from Sept. 4th? Thanks
"When the people who know you the most love and respect you the most, you’ve got the balance right." -Andy Stanley
Your vision is simply an extension of Gods Vision and his timing is perfect - Andy Stanley
"Do for one what you can do for many" Andy Stanley discussed as principle of social media by Erik Fisher &
On the Dividing Line today: IUIC Hebrew Israelites think the Prophets were all speaking about…them! Then…Andy Stanley and SBC ecclesiology.
"We take the Old Testament seriously because it pointed to Jesus and Jesus valued it" - Andy Stanley
Just watched Andy Stanley's sermon on the Bible he preached a few weeks ago...Absolute car crash.
"A vision is simply a mental picture of what could be, fueled by a passion that it should be." Andy Stanley
God does not compartmentalize our lives.There are no spiritual versus nonspiritual components of your life. - Andy Stanley
Uh-Oh, our Mark Catlin love in will have to be expanded to include Stanley's Andy Holt.
Until you discover God's purpose for you—and follow through on it—there will always be a hole in your soul. Andy Stanley
"Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." Andy Stanley quoted by Eric Fisher & Michael Hyatt
The su㏄ess God grants u is not for u alone,but a mea㎱ to a much greater eternal end. There is a dⅳ㏌e potential in all u do. ~ Andy Stanley
"The Bible is not Infallible or Needed" A review about an Andy Stanley sermon.
There will be very few occasions when you are absolutely certain about anything. You will cons
so, my old college pastor is basically defending Andy Stanley & thinks it's mean to discern his errors! Funny, he's made a lot!
Embracing your inabilities is the prerequisite for experiencing Christ's abilities. Andy Stanley
Have you prayed for Andy Stanley this week? I've been tearing him down for days, but haven't taken a moment to pray for him.
It really does seem that we are near the end of this age when you have those who claim to be Evangelical leaders...
On the latest Signposts podcast, reflects on a conversation with at
An example of why pastors must study diligently. A gracious and helpful response to a recent Andy Stanley sermon...
Do people forget that Andy Stanley is a DTS guy? Don't be stupid - doesn't produce theological dimwits.
just started reading "Stealing From God" Rx by Andy are a fantastic writer! I love how you break down ideas.
"Your vision will exceed your competency. Within the context of that tension, God will go to work on you." -Andy Stanley
"Life change happens in circles, not rows.” Andy Stanley
Legit review of Andy Stanley by prof ... Check it:
Speaking of, have you seen this Andy Stanley business?
When Andy Stanley says that "Preaching verse-by-verse through books of the Bible is cheating...because that's easy." htt…
Someone should give Andy Stanley a copy of 'Christianity & Liberalism'.
Heard Andy Stanley's message about how little the Bible matters. I'll be awaiting the announcement of his affirmation of homosexuality.
On the Road to Emmaus: A Response to Andy Stanley’s Sermon “The Bible Told Me So”
Why serious disciples of Christ would listen to Andy Stanley blows my mind.
It makes me so sad to know that Charles Stanley's son, Andy Stanley, is an Apostate heretic. Teaching that the...
Remember the Waverly Hotel at Cumberland Mall with Andy Stanley & North Point Community Church about 21 years ago?
no Florida Stanley, then creed, Jim, Kevin, Pam, and Gabe. I didn't like what happened with Andy ://
It's more important to make a difference than it is to make a point. ~Andy Stanley
.Leadership Podcast kills it again. This one focused on brand and *trust* with Glen Jackson
"The problem with pride is you can see it in others in a second, and it is nearly impossible to see in the mirror." - Andy Stanley. 😳
"Stanley, if you don't like it then you can go to the back of the bus" -Michael Scott
"Greed is not a financial issue. It's a heart issue." Andy Stanley
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"When God births a burden in your heart, lean into it." | Andy Stanley. _. 💫 We're all given…
This is so powerful! Thank you Andy Stanley and North Point Community Church! Wow!
I'm giving away one free ticket to Catalyst Dallas on Thursday, August 18 with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel...
"The receptionist of our organization is the vice president of first impressions." Glen Jackson
"When you no longer fear loss, you can be more selfless and more compassionate." - Andy Stanley
"Christians always look better when we're coming to others defense rather than our own." - Andy Stanley
When you hear an opinion that you don’t share, be a student, not a critic- there’s always something you don’t know. -Andy Stanley
Whoever devotes themselves to themselves, will have nothing but themselves to show for themselves…” Andy Stanley
What does it mean for your organization to be "preeminent?" Great listen for any leader!
Leadership is Stewardship, it is temporary and you’re accountable – Andy Stanley
Your character is the internal script that will determine your response to failure, success, mistreatment, and pain. Andy Stanley
People pray in one direction but they walk in a different direction, and direction always deter
"Jesus taught that meek is the new black." - Andy Stanley
"Labels lock you in and lock opportunities out.". Andy Stanley
Thought I'd grab some stimpacks at the clinic just on case just the place was trashed! Andy and Stanley were roasting roaches as I passed.
"Your friends determine the quality and direction of your life.". - Andy Stanley
The present becomes our past that determines our future - Rev. Andy Stanley.
Success means your options multiply. Size increases complexity, and complexity can confuse vision. - Andy Stanley
Bring me the head of Accrington Stanley
(2/2) "...because I think more life change happens in a circle than sitting in a row."
"Numeric attendance goals can be dangerous. The better strategy is to tie a goal to spiritual growth."
"At North Point, we have numeric goals in only one area—our community group strategy."
"Circles are better than rows...Let's be a community of Jesus followers who are in community and creating community." - Andy Stanley
Be careful not to treat flippantly the influence God has given you."Leadership is stewardship...You will be held accountable." -Andy Stanley
I knew Andy Sidaris was the Stanley Kubrick of our time.
Andy Stanley: The drift begins within, we have to let someone in
Andy Stanley: The best defense our self-talk (ME talk) is a WE. That caught me...we need each other.
Andy Stanley: The drift always begins within... Rows dont know.. Circles are better than rows
Andy Stanley: In every area of life, we are swimming upstream. It is worth it. . Circles are better than rows
Andy Stanley is talking about the importance of pouring into others as others pour into you and how that should...
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Currently Watching:. Circles are better than rows, A special Message by Andy Stanley .
Andy Stanley said, "Follow the leader who is the clearest about the future should look like."
I love that I can go to "church" WHEREVER and WHENEVER I want. Andy Stanley's teachings are…
Andy Stanley "Somebody is always at my church ready to reinforce what I am teaching at home." So grateful for
What did Andy Stanley, Kenneth Copeland,, Joel Osteen& others say yesterday about black's murdered on America's streets by police?
Not to be forgotten Gordon bottle it Brown who closed Redcar steel, ruined our pension in 2010 No help there
Will you join Andy Stanley, Brian Houston, Jen Hatmaker, and more at Catalyst Atlanta 2016?:
"Character is about being conformed to His image, not conforming Him to ours." -Andy Stanley 🙏🏼
Spending time with Andy Stanley this morning. Easily one of my favourite speakers. I've le…
Andy McDonald went undrafted. If you can't recall if it's spelled Mc or Mac, check on the Stanley Cup
The grace given to us at salvation did not provide us with an escape from our responsibility to others - Andy Stanley
"Wisdom is the ability to see things from the broadest context possible." - Andy Stanley
"I've simply decided to launch people rather than lose them." - Andy Stanley
"Guilt says I owe you. Anger says you owe me. Jealousy says God owes me. Greed says I owe me." -- Andy Stanley
Every time I rewatch The Office I love a character even more and hate a character even more. This time I love Stanley, and hate Andy
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"You can lead without character, but you won't be a leader worth following." -Andy Stanley
We are not mistakes in need of correction. We are sinners in need of a Savior. -Andy Stanley
My past will remind me, but it won't define me ~ Andy Stanley @ Jogja Bay Pirate…
Spiritual maturity is measured in terms of persevering faith, not perfect behavior. Andy Stanley
prediction: Laine will have 100 NHL goals will before Logan Stanley plays a game
Cheveldayoff says they needed another left shot D in the organization. Size also a factor in drafting Stanley at 18.
"What can Ottawa fans expect from a taller Joe Thornton?". "A lot of the same. No Stanley Cups"
Unconditional generosity continues to be our best entry point for showing people the unconditional love of Christ. Andy Stanley
"If you want to get and keep great leaders, there needs to be a system in place where people can have a voice." -Andy Stanley
It's much easier to educate a doer than it is to activate a thinker - Andy Stanley
"Only those leaders who act boldly in times of crisis and change are willingly followed."~Andy Stanley .
It is submission to the known will of God that paves the way to discovery of the unknown will of God.” (Andy Stanley)
"You make peace with the past by admitting to your peace of the past." -Andy Stanley
Great podcast on the importance of bold leadership, alignment & collab.👂to both parts!
How an intern became one of Morgan Stanley's most powerful execs
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Charles Stanley, Andy Stanley, & T.D. Jakes are my top 3 that touches me or gets me to think.
UPDATE: Morgan Stanley denies reports that it would move 2,000 investment banking staff from London
17.He sees the wrong but he is going to show you mercy like Dr. Stanley showed his son, Pastor Andy.
8. She told him how young Andy Stanley was skipping church and that he needs to set a better example.
3.He has a son, Andy Stanley, who pastors Northpoint Community Church, Atlanta. He is a fantastic minister of the gospel.
"Learn everything you can from everybody you can." Andy Stanley
"STRESS is more often related to what you are doing, not how much you are doing.” -Andy Stanley
I'm reading ask it by Andy Stanley and the late great planet earth by Hal Lindsey . two good books!! Bb
Authored by Andy Xie, the former Morgan Stanley chief Asia-Pacific economist, originally posted Op-Ed at The...
Come join us tomorrow as we listen to the last message of the series How to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley!...
"The value of a life is always determined by how much of it is given away."- Andy Stanley
The issue is: how do you engage the audience? And one of the things I ...
Not sure who to support in the Stanley Cup Final. May have to go with the ???
What people pray for will tell you more than anything else whether the...
"leaders provide a mental picture of a preferred future and then ask people to follow them there." - Andy Stanley
"Leaders have been given the assignment to take people places they've never been before." - Andy Stanley
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