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Andy Sixx

Black Veil Brides is an American heavy metal band based out of Hollywood, California.

Andy Biersack Andy Black Black Veil Brides Ronnie Radke Oli Sykes Dahvie Vanity Andy Beirsack

Bestest birthday wishes to you’ve been a very important person in my 2017 as my family can prove. Move o…
Can you please ban logposting from 4chan? I'm tired of seeing Andy Sixx's face on twenty threads on /b/ at once.
Hey, curious to know why I got a warning for using the ban function against people spamming. Mods like Andy Sixx and Spidey?
Blinks. “I don’t know this Andy sixx creature.. but I’ve had that happen to me before.”
When you realize Andy Sixx has a girlfriend
Get yourself someone who loves you as much as my 14 year old self loved Andy Sixx
Love stuff like this, just persuade me to tie a plastic bag over my head, now just keep it on 😋 x
ever since I got ride if my emo hair at the end of 2014 ,, multiple people have told me I looked like Andy sixx or…
Why is there nothing going on at 8 in the morning? This is lame. My daughters asleep and I can't do the andy sixx m…
yo fothermuckers, the video I'm working on for is gonna be pushed to next week. it's special though I prom…
Be who you want to be and don't care about what others think- Andy Sixx ( Black Veil Brides)
I thought I buried you and covered the tracks. You'll have to take this with your cold dead hands.
I hate myself bc I used to love Oli Sykes, and Andy Sixx
Do you think people use your emo pics to catfish like the new Andy Sixx
Hey so I drew Andy Sixx😄 it took 4 hours. The hair isn't exactly how I want it, but I'm not gonna fix it.…
So I drew Andy Sixx last night and I'm thinking about posting it later. It's really cewl.
I was re watching the Sims and i was blessed with this video 💕
Felix likes to ingore my messages so I ended up making a new sassy friend.
Someone's putting these anti-cop warning signs all over Minneapolis after police killing scandal
I just freaked myself out because my headphone cord just brushed against my face! Has this ever happened to you
Charcoal portraits of Devin Oliver from I See Stars and Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides.
You know that time you fan girl over black veil bride's but then you remember you are never going to date Andy sixx 😄
I am literally still so obsessed with Andy sixx. Pshttt everyone told me it was just a 7th grade phase
About to go for good imersa's photo
A girl just said on my Instagram she's worried I may run for American president in 2020 while also telling me to use my bra…
you know you are an og scene kid when you remember andy from Black Veil Brides as Andy Sixx
Some old Andy sixx make up...I know he is now Andy Black so don't bug me
today i'm gonna cry because Andy Sixx is already married 👰🏼💔
I had a dream I did Andy sixx's makeup and I'm not even mad
Anyone else remembers when was Andy Sixx? I feel old. and really not listened to music past the 2nd album...
I love the fact that Mikey and Gerard Way are working with Andy Sixx. Sml for these guys.
Breast Cancer Awareness
New single from you and the new Sixx:A.M. Album is out now!Man,this'll be a good weekend!Thanks,Andy!
Getting a shoutout from own in his latest vlog!Btw that was Andy from BVB, not Nikki Sixx ;).
Listen to a few seconds of the song Gerard Way and Andy Black wrote together.
I got super bored earlier and decided to do Andy Sixx makeup it's not that good but ah well 😊☺
So excited for the upcoming albums by Sixx:A.M. and Andy Black 😍
oh man when he went by Andy sixx I was IN LOVE trust me I was like 😍
me either.where did our little Andy Sixx go?
i've 'known' Andy Biersack since he was Andy Sixx, the fact that he's married brings so much joy and nostalgia to my heart
We can meet in the middle. Bodies and souls collide. Dance in the moonlight. When all the stars align. For you and I, for you…
Oh, if you need me. I'll be tying a rope to the tree. Where our love used to be.
📷 andy-sixx-black-biersack: So. I really wanted this part as a gif. So I made it a gif.
Almost forget how good looking Andy Sixx is lol
Make sure you find time to smile atleast once every day. Be thankful for what you have and work hard for what you want t…
I never knew that. I thought he actually went by Andy Sixx for a while
To be fair, Andy Sixx was just a myspace user name, Andy Biersack is his real name and Andy Black is his solo…
In case you haven't heard what we're doing this summer...
Andy Sixx from BvB is that really u??? :o xD ❤️❤️
Can we appreciate how adorable Andy Sixx, i mean, Andy Black, i mean, Andy Biersack is in this picture
person: Andy Biersack and Any Sixx are ugly.. Andy Black on the other hand is pretty hot!. me:*thinks* what f is wrong with my generation?!?!
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when andy sixx and scout taylor compton were the IT couple
Hey Andy I drew Andy Sixx and hope you like it! 😆
*** Andy sixx is no longer Andy sixx but Andy Black omggg I haven't been kept up with the Rock scene
first he was Andy Sixx, then he was Andy Biersack and now hes he keeps evolving...
And Andy has a new song out and his album and Sixx:A.M.'s album can be preordered but I still don't have money.
New Sixx:A.M. Song and Andy Black is coming to Atlanta and I don't have money
Andy may go through all these changes and phases, but he'll always be my Andy Sixx.
Be who you want to be and Don't Care what other people think- Andy Sixx
Why does Andy Black keep changing his name? Andy Sixx, Andy Beirsack, Andy Black, is his name even really Andy ?
I told my brother "I'm just sad all the time" and then almost cried bc I saw a magazine cover w Andy Sixx on it
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starting a cover band called "Andy Sixx and the Emo Uglies" & all we do is cover BVB's oldest songs from the Sex and Hollywood EP
No wonder your @ says ughbvb You're too fake to even appreciate Andy Sixx and the Emo Uglies !!! 😪😩
if u keep up all this Andy sixx talk I'm going to subconsciously pull bvb down from my icloud and I don't need that right now
Our 'Hungover' jumpers are now available for pre-order! . We can drink to that🍸.
Can't wait to meet you all on our upcoming North American tour. Upgrade to VIP here:
Be kind and be thoughtful. Say good morning to a stranger. Hold doors open for people. No more room in this world for ne…
remebr tht intense argument abt if it was andy sixx or andy six lmao lMoaoaoa
LAST WEEKEND to pick up Andy Black's issue in shops. This issue already sold out in AP's on-line store. https…
hey andy sixx im a really big fan of you you are awesome keep up the great music that you write I love ur music
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wow my eyeliner wasn't lying when it said waterproof i look like Andy Sixx😅
We saw an Indiana vanity plate tonight that said "SIXX" and wouldn't take a pic of it for you! 🖕🏼🤘🏼
Over $53,000 raised to support LGBT Youth. Here's a "Thank You" video from Juliet and Andy. via…
It's OK. It pokes fun at Andy and BVB, but, clearly establishes that the comedian did very little research…
Ugh do you like even know who Andy Sixx is?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
but he is no longer Andy Sixx. but nevertheless I love him because he exists...because he saved my life.
that feeling you get when your mum thinks that Johnny Guilbert is Andy Sixx...
hot Andy Biersack | Andy Biersack/Sixx as... Jeff The Killer by xXKyraRosalesXx
dont cut it short you've gotta beat society man you've gotta let it grow and do something awesome like Andy sixx when his was long
Dude! Check out The lead singer acts like "Andy Sixx"
Read how Andy's juggling BVB and Andy Black in our latest magazine:
Andy SIXX. Andy Biersack. Andy Black. *** it Andy stop changing your name you ***
I love having friends who listen to BVB and love Andy Sixx/ Andy Black/ Andy Biersack. 💕💕
My niece dressed as formerly known as Andy sixx from Black Veil Brides she loves them so much.
There's a Chiefs fan out there right now who thinks Andy Reid will figure this out. I want to sit him down & tell him how the…
Bad clock management. Ugly two-minute drive. Settling for FGs. Losing to Pats. It's almost like we've seen Andy Reid coach th…
How road have you done since people called you andy sixx and now you're Andy Black...over time your fans have grown up and I'm
Got the new in the mail and LOVED the feature on Orders yours here: http…
I used to think Andy Sixx was hot. That's gr8😂
Andy for me is synonymous with "fight for what you want" these pictures say it all, his dream came true ♥☺-Andy sixx
Friend is excited because Andy Sixx's father voted on her Wretched and Divine tattoo. You go girl!
*** !?!?! Okay so the caption on this picture was who's hotter- Dahvie Vanity or Andy Sixx/ Biersack? *** !
Andy's aesthetic in this photo is life. On an unrelated note, it's Andy SIX NOT Andy SIXX. Two…
Bands are my life and I love posting Andy sixx's advice just always be yourself even if u r emo scene be yourself
Loads of photos from the last 2 months over here... ☔️
Thanks again feels good to be among the albums of the year
Hello! I have just made a new tattoo. still under the impression of the concert in Minsk. Thank you! https…
LMFAO this is so accurate but @ 14. I thought Andy sixx was my dude and I feel really disgusted in myself
Can we take a minute to see how much alike Guy from insta looks like andy sixx (he has a deep voice too 😍)
First he was Andy Beirsack, then Andy Six, then Andy Sixx, and now he's Andy Black
shots for Andy will be on the cover of the new on February 2016!
AP is pretty much like only about Andy Biersack/ Andy Black/ Andy Sixx anymore and I'm ouT.
Lightning Thunderstein. Andy sixx. Andy Biersack. Andy Black. stay tuned because this list is gonna go on i guarantee it
It's blasphemy, but the words don't make sense no more….
On the left is Andy Sixx, and on the right is Dahvie Vanity. They look nothing alike.
MCR & Eminem* and yes I remember but that was a dark time in my life. I thought Andy Sixx was my savior. give me a break
Motley Crue's "Wild Side" from '87...Bassist Nikki Sixx turns 57 2day:
Ladies and gentlemen this right here is Andy Biersack, Andy Sixx, The Prophet, Andy Black.
Andy Sixx to me was what Justin Bieber is to Taylor
Jasmyn is drooling over Andy Sixx lol
My main man mickypickles with a word from his sponsors
My bro put on eyeliner ran into my room an screamed so I asked him "wat are you doing?" "IM ANDY SIXX MKHGVF" an I just sat there like ***
ehm v.v this is what I mean when I say you look like Andy sixx when he first started off?? 😓😍❤
Looking good in the cry blood hoodie. New albums tight aswell
You know onw of my wishes from deep down in my heart is to see as Andy sixx again i never got to meet him when he was Andy sixx
You look like a mini Andy Sixx in this picture :)
We still know how to rock same outfits in style
Andy Biersack's voice makes me feel good.
the first fanfiction I ever wrote was Andy sixx/oc on quizilla
remember when I was 13 and drew a terrible portrait of andy sixx
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like where are these ppl. I supported ur Andy sixx addiction n u wanna act fresh and ditch me???
like Austin Mahone too †Andy. ? if you do follow he really helped me, His album is free in his bio
.lands their first No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart
OMG 😭😭 I need to find a pic of me dressed like Andy Sixx
Glasgow, are you ready for tomorrow's show? We are so excited to be back! ☔️. 📷 -
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'haiii I'm Nancy, I'm emo/scene and I luv Black Veil Brides, Andy sixx is sexy af xD' is better
Listen to "I Won't Give In" on 'Top Of The Rock' playlist here:
with your 1000 bracelets and my Andy Sixx era-esque eyeliner/jacket with the sleeves rolled up
Remember Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides? Well, this is him now.
the aleatório animê rp forums Andy Biersack (Sixx): this is the funniest picture of Andy! (Ashley is the…
📷 andy-sixx-black-biersack: || Compilation of Andy Biersack Smoking. || I’m so hot for him smoking. ||
You rock 😎😎😎😎 I love Andy Sixx so so much e is amazing and sexy ❤❤
oh. I understand. I change mine every time I like someone new. I use to fake JayyVon Monroe. Then I changed to Andy Sixx
Blasting Black Veil Brides while wearing a bvb shirt and having Andy sixx make up on. Life is good
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Münster was such a great time last night. Thank you! . 🎥 -
Tonight's show in Tilburg will be going ahead as planned ☔️
A message to our fans in the UK and Ireland:
Happy 29 years, I love you so much baby...
Status: I love Andy Sixx so much he's my hero . Mood: In Love 😍
johnnieguilbert Love how you look like a young Andy Sixx 😍♥
Yes we literally did the Andy Sixx makeup.
Lots of great BVB Merch including a black bride veil for a Black Veil Bride :) Always…
Axl rose is from near me too, george Clooney. Andy sixx from BVB
if we can get through this, we can get through anything lol 😹💘 te quiero mucho, Andy Sixx 😽😽😽
here is my FULL cover of DOOMED by ☔️☔️ i hope you like it!
This is it UK, tickets are flying out. I know it's late but I don't think these tickets will be here…
Signing albums in Kingston and Birmingham tomorrow. Who's coming down?
What songs are you excited to hear this tour?
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Gonna download a bunch of photos since I deleted most of my Andy sixx ones and I need to ice my back brb
Stand up for what you believe in. Even if that means standing alone. - Andy Sixx
Few copies left of the new album - That's the spirit limited edition. 7" also available
I have finally achieved emo level Andy Sixx
You ready for the with Get tickets for a show near you here:
'Stand Up And Scream' - 6 yrs ago today. Thanks for all your support Can't wait to show you what's next.
💓 I know this has been said over and over but if you can't love Andy Sixx you sur... (Vine by
Guys I found my old old old phone Nd the password was sixx as in Andy sixx I hate myself
Dear Andy Sixx : YoungAndySixx, Wanna get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? U better check my bi0. Thanks
IN THE NEW ISSUE: are risking their future on new singer
A few signed copies of That's The Spirit left here -
Lets do this! Please support us & get everyone you know to buy a copy!
She's strictly Chris Brown and Andy Sixx 😐 But Chris is fine
Chelsea. 16. Bi. Heavy metal. I love blood on the dance floor and Black Veil Brides. Andy sixx 4evr. Scene is my lyf.
Dogs. Too cool to ever look at the camera.
I could've of sworn my niece just said “Andy Sixx!!”
Make this your mission today US friends
.acoustic version of Drown from Live Lounge session is so ACE. So we're playing it now http…
If you want to hear a replay of one of the Maida Vale tracks that they recorded for then hit me …
Who's picked up one of these this weekend?
We suggest everyone grabs a copy of new record immediately 👌🏼. http:/…
Manchester Signing was awesome see you soon Sheffield! Free hugs to anyone who gets the vinyl & the cd
Put this on, if you love it like we do pick yourself up a copy this week & keep heavy music in the charts
signed BMTH albums now available at
I remember being at Warped 2010 going to the BVB set and yelling that Andy Sixx killed my cat and we were just trying to disturb everyone
Idk anything about him besides he looks like a wannabe Andy Biersack back when he was Andy Sixx & he's affiliated with MDG
If you feel like you've hit rock bottom just keep smiling and keep climbing. Nowhere to go but up ;)
Can't argue with this. No matter what taste your music is, this cd is undeniable. Forget what we used…
What you doing today? Racing to the shops & getting a copy of that's the spirit before anyone else…
Andy Sixx didn't get any hate so why is Andy Black... They're literally the same person ffs
I love how selena is the only one w/her real last name... im only Dylan/Bri Sixx just bc Andy Sixx...
Bring me the horizon secret London show.
and the BVB fans who still call Andy Biersack "Andy Sixx"
Mitch and Dave compared my looks to Andy Sixx. Goodbye world.
when Mikey Way, Brendon Urie, Andy Sixx and Oli Sykes were the loves of your life and no one else was allowed to crush on them
our thoughts and feelings are with you and the boys Andy, Rip Tom 💕
That is very sad, Andy. Tom was a vital an integral part of the BVB team in the early days of the band. RIP To…
Andy sixx friendship to see you again today2015
I liked a video from HOW TO: ANDY SIXX MAKEUP!!
Andy Sixx is literally the HOTTEST guy ever!!! Botdf is the best band ever!! I love brokencyde xDDD
I want a boyfriend that looks like Andy sixx
all my rock star images my life style everyone I ever knew of my old life style rock star insaneity way to much abuse help Andy sixx
'omg I'm not emo I'm SCENE fs :3 rawr//Andy sixx forever//We are the xxFallenAngelsxx//
Omg saw someone who looked like Andy sixx today !
Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides is so attractive xD
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Andy Sixx is my husband. I want him to have my babies xD
I'm thirteen I ship kellic Black Veil Brides saved my life and Andy sixx can have my babies
Only real 90s kids will remember Andy sixx, not Andy Biersack
Black Veil Brides saved my life and Andy Sixx is so hot omg XD
On an unrelated note, you look quite Andy Sixx in that pic 😏👌
Exactly, or worse : "I'm a huge BVB Fan, Andy Sixx is so sexy" SHUT UP.
'I love andy sixx' . You mean Andy Biersack?. 'No who's that?'
Hi my name is Joykiller I like mcr andy sixx and being individual, skinny jeans for life haters are my motivators *flips fridge*
Just watching Bryan Starz or also known as byran Starz according to Andy Biersack (sixx) and laughing so hard because of cc 😂
What is the meaning of the pentagram Andy Sixx waers
Gostei de um vídeo do Black Veil Brides Andy Sixx talks to Eric Blair about Love,Peace and Suicide
My brother thinks Andy sixx is on drugs. He's not tho
I'm so tired of AP magazine glorifying Ronnie Radke, Sleeping With Sirens, PTV, and Andy Sixx every single month is it still 2010? Jfc
Philly. Grab your tickets to see us at TLA on Sunday, 3/29 before the it sells out. . Tix at
I once had a dream about hugging like andy sixx andy and he gave good hugs so
Andy sixx is not human. No one can be that perfect.
Watertown NY you rocked tonight! Next we head up north to start the Canadian leg of Photo: Lizzy Davis
I still love the Andy Sixx screams oops
Andrew is cool though. But It bothers me when people call him Andy sixx
I liked a video from Black Veil Brides - BlankTV Interview with Andy Sixx (2010) - UMG
Who ever made cry shame on u idc I love Andy sixx and Andy Biersack they r so wonderful they r the same person he is still Andy
andy sixx - the morticians daughter: I love you more than i can ever scream...♥
I get to see bvb soon can't wait gosh I love Andy sixx
yall can have him I want Ronnie Radke or like Andy Sixx or an emo guy 😏 that's buff
I added a video to a playlist how to look like the old andy sixx
i drew andy sixx for the first time but it doesnt look like you. I'M ashamed to show it
Well She wants her Andy Sixx Poster. That's the only way
1000s of have gone out to you from Andy and Juliet over the years now 25%OFF on the LOVE page!. h…
why is Andy Sixx trying to start beef with a goddess, SMH
Please stop asking me how I am today!
The BVB won't stop on my Shuffle XD. No seriously I still want my Andy Sixx Poster Back
I've just watched the official video of goodbye agony and I can't believe that Andy Sixx is alive again☺☺
This is the sweetest thing ever. Andy is so kind. I can't describe how much I love him.
Andy and Ashley for . New photoshoot coming soon.
"andy sixx will HAVE to accept my friend request now"
“Nikki sixx needs to hav Chris motionless on sixx sense!!” YESS! He had Andy so why not Chris!
Andy sixx and Danny worsnop have the same age...
Idc if he's Andy sixx or biersack... he's a hunk imfgv
“DONT EXPOSE ME” I'm not the only one with a secret love for Andy sixx
I don't care who you are, Andy Sixx is beautiful. No arguments
I meant to say made me think of andy Ik it was andy sixx
if the double x in sixx made me think is Andy am I emo
Why do I dream when I know Im going to get hurt?
Who's dreaming of a Black Veil Brides Xmas?? Check out the new Kerrang! featuring Andy on the cover!
Andy's hair is luscious. He is delicious
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Hey. Uhh anyone wanna buy a guitar? It has Andy Sixx signature on it. And. I kinda don't want it.. Sooo message me lol..
I want to see Andy Sixx so bad,biggest dream I have right now.
This happened last night in Orlando. Put a HUGE smile on my face. Andy, backstage, w/ his Grandpa & Grandma Biersack. h…
Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.
I hate that feeling when you have a crush and you know that they will never like you back and whenever you...
It's amazing how much Andy Sixx's voice has changed from Knives and Pens to the new BVB album.
Photo: calum-daddyaf: b3-bright: Welcome to the Secret Santa!  What is it? It is a program where you will...
I added a video to a playlist Andy Sixx gets attacked!
Andy Sixx tribute, because it was fun while it lasted, but they've grown up😄
I got 4 cats, I named them femme crow Juliet and andy sixx I'm kinda obsessed with Black Veil Brides
It isn't true. You know except for the whole "Andy Sixx" thing. But overall the band is its own.
Photo: When one of my favorite people on the internet cries in a video it breaks me.  Literately I was fine...
Huw didn't know who Andy Sixx and Oli Sykes are
💕I fell in love with you, . I don't know how, . I don't know why. I just did.💕
You know that moment where you're just so upset and then something hits you and you're heart just drops bc you're not goo…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"Hey guys I'm bryan stars and today I'm interviewing andy sixx of Black Veil Brides; andy, were you surprised to wake up next to me today?"
I stg I dont have an obsession with Andy Sixx😂
I swear Andy Sixx has the eyes of Jesus
Just posted a picture of Andy on ig. And someone commented on it. Saying . "Andy sixx". No
I know, right? Look at this pic of Andy from last summer's Warped Tour. *** Nikki Sixx wannabe! ;) http…
when you're texting someone & it says they're typing for a full minute and you're like WHAT ARE YOU TYPING WHAT DID I DO W…
I should also add this is my 30 year old scene cousin who posts pictures of Andy sixx on my wall
I loved Andy Sixx.but Andy Biersack is someone I not only love, but also respect and admire.
do you have Andy Sixx on there tho I did THE SHAME
I liked a video from ANDY SIXX TOAST
The only thing that makes me happy, right now. you don't know how much i love you. http:…
I cannot handle Andy in the Knives and Pens video 😍😍😍.
Nothing's better then an Andy Biersack batman... UNLESS ITS AN Andy Biersack PIKACHU
and another photo of me! Not taken by me, still pretty handsome! Andy and crow so cute! http:…
Andy with a Batman umbrella on stage ^^
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Andy Sixx I miss you but I think you are more mature and help more people as Andy Biersack but we all…
Somehow Andy Biersack looks better now than when he was andy sixx
Andy will always be my inspiration...xox .
Someone come see Black Veil Brides with me because I am a fallen angel and andy sixx is my one true saviour
just found the first pic of Andy and I from 07. Its crazy how much has changed in 7 years! http…
Still so awesome to see Andy on the magazine rack when I am buying the groceries! Don't forget to vote!
“I should not be holding this”—Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack hands APMA directly to fan - Alternative Press:
Getting my Andy Sixx costume together for halloween!
I love Andy Biersack, but I miss the Andy Sixx side of him. But idk its just my opinion.
dude everyone knows Andy Sixx is the hottest guy ever, not to mention the best musician to walk the earth!
Hi Andy! If you see this...I want to tell you that your true fans don´t care if you are Andy Sixx or Andy Biersack .WE LOVE YOU! :)
Today's my last day to actually dress emo before school starts, so I'm gonna go full out Andy sixx lol
A little mix of Andy and a bit of Ash😍 comment requests! ^-^
*blushes* Oh /god/, not my Andy Sixx phase, where did you find that?
yes. I hate when people call him andy sixx then get made when I correct them.
Have I told you about the time I did my makeup like Andy sixx
I think that's why people have been saying I've been acting different, is because I've been holding myself back... A lot
Andy sixx... well i like the number six xD.
We're making Andy Sixx vampire prince stories up.
asked me if Andy Sixx was on my phone case and I was too shocked to answer. just letting you know it was Ronnie Radke lol
You're not allowed to like Andy "Black" if you didn't like make up face screaming Andy Sixx. Bye.
I seriously miss Scout Taylor Compton and Andy Sixx dating. They were so perfect together and seemed so in love
//his disclaimer I almost died. Did you see his Andy Sixx and Andy Biersack is hot videos?
People who still prefer Emo Andy 'Sixx' over Andy nowadays probably haven't seen his newer instagram pictures.
Not gonna lie Andy sixx is pretty attractive when he's not wearing guy liner
Andy Biersack on the red carpet of the APMAS
It's awesome Andy might be growing his hair out again but he looks great long hair or not ^^ htt…
Lul even after changing his stage name from "Andy Sixx" to "Andy Black" (since he was copying Nikki Sixx) he's s...
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