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Andy Sixx

Black Veil Brides is an American heavy metal band based out of Hollywood, California.

Andy Biersack Nikki Sixx Black Veil Brides Ronnie Radke Kellin Quinn Dahvie Vanity Juliet Simms Oliver Sykes Ashley Purdy Oli Sykes Jake Pitts Vic Fuentes Mitch Lucker Jayy Von Monroe Christian Coma Jacky Vincent Synyster Gates

CLICK HERE!! Black Veil Brides / Andy Sixx makeup tutorial! Ideal for the emo/scene kids out there! This look is very easy, and hopefully easy to follow to...
Would you rather have a hug from Andy Sixx or Kellin Quinn. Like=Andy Comment=Kellin . . ~*Te Amo*~
The fact that I think Andy Sixx and Synyster Gates are incredibly attractive. (even though I'm totally straight.)
English class, my friend held up her white out and said "the perfect advertisement for this would be Andy Sixx saying 'For when youre thirsty.'" Hehe. I love my friends... ~E
Wow! I just won this for free, BlackVeilBrides Andy Sixx
Another Andy Sixx result, surprise surprise, with my humor I thought it would be CC, not.
Ahh the soothing sound of Andy Sixx's voice. :)
If ur fan of Andy Sixx, plz Follow me :)
Okay so I just did Andy Biersack ( Andy Sixx or lead singer of BVB) inspired make up and I am like in love with it should I wear it to the dance Friday or wait till like Halloween to show it off?
Does any one know andy sixx phone number
Andy Sixx or whatever the *** he goes by now looks so different. More feminine in a way. It's odd remembering I used to like him
Anyone who is selfharming and you love andy sixx please watch this it helps
Andy sixx sent me a friend request not too shabby
If her cover photo is a collage of Ronnie Radke and andy sixx's face ; shes too young for you bro
Remember when you all thought his name was Andy Sixx
It's Andy Six. With one X. It never was 'Sixx'. And he prefers Biersack.
When some one calls Andy Sixx. : 😐 Are you an *** : is the question I ask them. Oy fans will get it .
[ Hair ] Open Question : How do I get my hair like Andy Sixx in this picture?
Photoset: bvb-army-blog: andy sixx or Andy Biersack same guy to me my hero
If Andy Sixx said that breathing wasn't cool. 99.9% Of girls would be dead.
When my hair grows out i'm cutting it like andy sixx and dying it black
If andy sixx from bvb ever follows me I will scream my head of and faint
they were the first celebs.I.could think of. Personally, Ronnie Radke.and Andy Biersack (Sixx) would be my top 2 choices XD
Andy sixx if u see this is for u my batman:D
Andy sixx loves u all so he's giving u a roes :D
So I'm a big Black Veil Brides fan, and when Andy was known as Andy Sixx I texted my friend: "I love *** sex" FML.
Just bought black lipstick hope a look dyno and no like andy sixx
Andy sixx is always killing in style.
Man...wish I could sing like Andy Sixx and scream like Oli Sykes.
Andy Sixx has a better singing voice than all of One Direction.
Omg i think andy sixx phones me yesterday and i missed his call , i dk what ro do i realy what ro speak to him
Honnestly, I hate a most part of the BVB fans. Don't freak out, let me explain. Almost the half of the BVB fans are girls that only like Black Veil Brides for Andy, because he's sexy, hot, etc. They only see one member, and even for stupid reason like the physic. They don't even really listen to the music, they only like them because the signer is Andy Sixx, omg so sexy ( because they don't even know that he's called Andy Biersack for a long time now). Black Veil Brides is not a one man band, it's not Andy Biersack's band. There's other members, and they are great musicians. I'm a bvb fan since the begining, and what's important for me is the *** music. So, when I here fans only loving them or mostly because of Andy, it *** me off. Black Veil Brides is a awesome band, with 5 awesome member, not only 1 man!! -Shadow
Life goals: get tag-teamed by Juliet Simms and Andy Sixx
i prefer Andy Biersack much much more than Andy Sixx,if ya know what i mean :) Love you
WHAT A HORRIBLE DAY Brandon and Lily broke up Jayy Von Monroe STILL has a mustache Dahvie Vanity STILL has a beard Andy Sixx dosent have his old hair back OH MY GOD I HATE EVERYTHING!
Why do girls worship transsexuals like Dahvie Vanity and Andy Sixx? Is it because they're all secret ***
But I need more celebrity's to draw so, should I draw Jack Barakat, Andy Sixx, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jaime Preciado, or anyone else?
My mom thought Andy Sixx was Nikki Sixx son
I liked a video Tommy Joe Ratliff and Andy Sixx vid 001
Cant forget Jeremy Thirteenth, Craig Mabbit, or Andy Sixx out of the taking home group ;p
I'd never make fun of another fellow fan. ... Unless they only know Knives and pens and still call Andy, "Andy Sixx" lol
Andy Sixx as Lightning Thunderstein XD i wish they still made videos.
People want Andy sixx back, you never left you just grew up. You saved me and i wont get to repay you but i will stand up for you!!
I like his music, at first I was iffy about it, but now they are one of my favorite bands. Andy has a great voice.
I still call Andy B Andy Sixx to annoy Fangirls
'I support Andy Biersack not Andy Sixx!' i don't care about his looks i care about his music and lyrics. ~THE END~
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"Your mail carrier they work hard...insect there full of goo and wings" - Andy Sixx/Biersack
Be who you want to be and don't care about what others think. - Andy Sixx
andy sixx - the morticians daughter: via If some one sang this to me I would ask them to marry me XD
Here's a band name. "Brandon wants to look like Andy sixx so he can't be in the band". OFFICIAL.
I support Andy Biersack not Andy Sixx! this was sent to me,they wanted me to post this I agree tho.
Why can't guys at my school look like Andy Sixx? πŸ˜’
I can see why my best friend's been man crushing on Andy Sixx. That man got beautiful!! 😍
Andy sixx can you be my school teacher?
Andy Sixx is hot tbh i dont listen to bvb at all i really should though
"Rock n' Roll is about having a good time, so no matter where you are right now blast some music and forget about lifes problem.". -Andy Sixx
Andy sixx is so attractive without makeup 😱😍
Yo I did my warpaint. omfg. it's lopsided,. backwards. BUT HEY I TRIED TO LOOK LIKE ANDY SIXX.
"omg the vlogs by Andy Sixx are amazing xD ROFL" burns self alive
Andy Sixx is lowkey extremely attractive without make up like help me
I got over that whole scene phase 7 years ago, but there are still some scene guys that could get it. Andy Sixx is one of them.
I liked a video Andy Sixx Stickam singing
Mine is Madi but I like to be called Andy Sixx.. Andy for short
Andy is a cool person with great talent he is so cool and hot :-)
i might be late but why did they change (Andy Sixx)
it was actually Andy sixx at one point but the we stitch these wounds album it was his stage name before
I was also thinking about a way I can incorporate when Andy USSR to be Andy Sixx. with a sugar sugar idk
are there more like Andy Sixx Or something like that?
I brought up BMTH to my friend and shes like "i like Andy Sixx tho."
What image do you have as your desktop background? β€” ANDY SIXX πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
My hobbies include listening to blood on the dance floor and teasing my hair. I apply eyeliner 3 times a day and Andy Sixx is my idol.
Stand up for what u believe in even if that means ur standing alone . ~andy sixx~
Someone trying to look like Andy Sixx. NAILED IT!
Andy sixx got lost say finding screamo
andy sixx and Ronnie Radke are working together. It'll be amazing
some like year 9 just went past me and was like 'I can see Andy sixx teleporting in with his knives and pens'
I would like one of them shirts that Andy Sixx got from byronstaz the one that says 'all my hate goes to my ***
I liked a video andy sixx hair and make up how to : part 1
I liked a video My Hair and Andy Sixx Makeup
In this picture you look like andy sixx :O β€” loool that's noot mee xDD
I liked a video how to look like the old andy sixx
Idk if I'm going as Peter Pan for Halloween or Andy sixx...
I want to make my girlfriends dream come true her dream is to see me face to face and to hug Andy sixx that her bigest dream
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? β€” andy sixx, or harry styles!
yeah, me with my Andy Sixx hot topic shirt and my men's sweat pants and moccasins that I still own a paid of today.
"With knives and pens we made our plight, woaaah!" - Andy Sixx (i do NOT cut i just like this saying)
This is the Andy Sixx, or Andrew Biersack, that I love and miss. ❀
Is it just me or Andy Sixx is a really really hot guy with make up?
So I don't like BVB but I think Andy Sixx is the cutest thing ever without the makeup 😍😍
Saying if I cut my hair like Andy Sixx?
Some of these comments. Like seriously, get a mother trucking dictionary and read the whole thing then get your astronaut back to English class
Here's the story guys, and get it straight now. I don't wanna hear *** about how "oh, Andy stole Nikki Sixx's name" anymore. He changed his name back to Biersack, so you can just stop. Ok? Also, claiming you hate their music just because of the singers old name? Wow. I call BS.
Andy Sixx is hot please don't judge me
Photo: alicehammett: Andy Sixx one more time!
Taylor thinks Andy Sixx is hot oh my god
be who you want to be & don't care about what other's think. - Andy Sixx
"I will await dear, A patient of eternity my crush. A universal still, No rust. No dust will ever grow on this frame.". -Andy Sixx
Andy Sixx's voice will forever be sexy af.
I liked a video Black Veil Brides Andy Sixx talks to Eric Blair about Love,Peace and Suicide
The day when I said Andy Sixx looks like that guy Andy Biersack.. And said he was the same person..
Can he become Andy Sixx again because those were the days, you feel
In a few days I'll have the fabulous cut of Andy Sixx. lml
Your so awesome. We both like the same kinda music. Kellin Quinn or Andy Sixx... β€” Kellin Quinn, lol
Andy Sixx blood on my hand. Gross but I'm so happy he held my hand 😍
I have actually xD wasn't there something like "sing with andy sixx or shoot yourself in the foot" :P
(i typed in 'genderbent andy sixx' cus you say i look like him and Ambermccrackin came up and she's like a Scene kid.)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
okey then you are not the real andy sixx T-T
Ronnie Radke or Andy Sixx? (Both is accepted :D) β€” Omfg Ronnie :o. and Andy Biersack :p
Why did you dicide to make a screamo band? ps your really hot Andy Sixx
I still love, but love the "Andy Sixx" before I still like your music, but I would like to see Andy before T.T
have fun at warped and if you see Andy Sixx please get his autograph for me or Kellin Quinn or Devin Oliver or anybody else plz πŸ™
Hate those bios that are like: 'sixteen, andy sixx, Oli Sykes, botdf, i cut, what of it? emo emo emo! I have depression…
Andy Sixx and Kellin Quinn are my idols β™‘
Andy sixx meets Kellin Quinn... My life is now complete
Who is hotter Jayy Von Monroe or andy sixx/ biersack
Juliet Simms and Andy Sixx are a couple. When did allow this to happen
Which celebrity would you like to meet? β€” Andy sixx
i dont know why people still say Andy Sixx. he said he doesnt like to be called that anymore. Andy Biersack lol
i think it would he better to meet like Vic Fuentes or Kellin Quinn! ohhh that would be sooo cool!! or maybe ven Andy Sixx!! SQUEEE!
Non hp related. Andy Sixx. Never has a man looked hotter in makeup XD Ohmyrowling. Sparkly-Luna the Counselling Admin xx
my favorite idols are Kurt Cobain, Billie Joe, Mike, Max Green, Andy Sixx and ashley
Picture this: Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Jeremy McKinnon, Austin Carlile, and Andy Sixx did a song together in honor of Mitch Lucker... How much would you pay for it? -BODODO
what vanity? No it's Dahvie Vanity from blood on the dance floor lol an my pic is Andy Sixx of BVB
b the Andy Sixx to my Juliet Simms xP
Who do you guys reckon is the hottest guy ever? I'm thinking Nikki Sixx, Dj Ashba, Andy Sixx or Vic Fuentes. I just can't figure it out.
Another perfect couple; Andy Sixx with Juliet Simms. Like they both love cats!
Wait.Juliet Simms and Andy Sixx are dating??!! Since when? 😳
Me and Amirah's convo Me: do you still have imaginary friends Amirah: *** YEAH!!! Me: Dafuq? What are their names? Amirah: Andy Sixx, Jake Pitts, Christian Coma, Ashley Purdy, Jinxx Furguson :D Me: *** they from Black Veil Brides Amirah: I KNOW!! Me: Ima call the rehab *dials phone* Amirah: They tried to make me go to rehab I said NO NO NO! *in mah Amy Winehouse voice* Me: Amir and BVB will be there Amirah: *packs things* okay have them be at my play in 20! I'll be waiting!!
Congrats, your girlfriend idolizes Dahvie Vanity and looks like Andy Sixx with ***
This is how much we hate them and their music. We cut out Andy Sixx's face from the shirt and used it to wipe off Donald's blood, razor'd it up like the emo ...
"A song by Brendon Urie, Kellin Quinn, Ronnie Radke and Andy Sixx" I need a moment to analyze how beautiful this would be.
So according to Arynn Hall, AutumnBuscus Gravley and Elijah Blevins im the lovechild of Andy Sixx and Dahvie Vanity
I hate when people think Andy Sixx is SO orgional when he stold our wonderful Nikki Sixx's stage name.
chickypoo250: *Sees picture of Andy Sixx and Juliet Simms* FriendΒ : β€œPfft, he’s obviously only dating her...
Excuse me, Andy Sixx, but Nikki Sixx wants his name back. GO BACK TO PLANET FAGGOTRON WITH YOUR WHINEY MUSIC AND HAIRY ANAL SEX.
Remember that one time someone asked if Andy Sixx was Nikki Sixx's son I do.
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What the *** Andy Sixx and Juliet Simms?!! I didn't know that! I have no idea! Omfg I am such an awful fan huhuhuhu
RIP Andy Sixx, lead pianist of BOTDF... You will not be missed. -Ellen, the Psychotic Girlfriend
I think i have an obsession with Andy Sixx and Jayy Von Monroe
ok soo i need u guys to educate me cuz im kinda lost with bvb history xD Soo.. why do some people call Andy Biersack, Andy Sixx and why do ppl hate it when u call him Andy Sixx o.O i personally prefer biersack but.. ~ kellinsapple
I think Vic Fuentes, Beau Bokan, Andy Sixx, Dahvie Vanity and Matty Mullins are very unattractive.
If I see someone with the last name 'Sixx' I really should stop assuming they still call Andy Biersack by Andy Sixx, and assume its for Nikki Sixx. I've yelled at a couple people for that. It wasn't a good thing. :/
So like, back when everyone called him Andy Sixx, did he get that from Nikki Sixx or..? xoxo Pansy
searching "Andy Sixx" online while he's on tour, and teasing him with these photos
Oliver Sykes from bring me the horizon or Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides? I'm going with Oli Sykes.
5 likes for useless information about me. Ex I'd take back; None. e_e Last relationship; A person. Favorite color; Uh. Purple.. NO BLUE. Yes. Blue. I think. .-. Eye color; Blueish Gray. Height; Five feet. I'm short. :c How are you feeling right now; Lonely, bored, stuff like that. Favorite animal; Ohgoduh. Either llamas, turtles, giraffes, cats, or huskies. ._. Zodiac sign; Taurus~ Crush; Dahvie Vanity, Andy Sixx and Kellin Quinn. (They are all from bands, for those who are like "wat") Favorite book; Either I Am Number Four or The Maze Runner. Favorite movie; House of 1000 Corpses. β™₯ Last time you cried; I dunno. A while ago? o_e
I wonder how many people don't realize that I changed my last name on this site to Sixx because Nikki Sixx is one of my idols and I really don't care that much about Andy Sixx tbh
Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Skarsgard ARE so better looking than Sanny Worsnop, Andy Sixx and Christopher Drew
Imma dress like Andy Sixx and have my hair like Davey Havok
If I ever get a chance my dream would be to hug Christian Coma, Jinxx, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Andy Sixx. And I'd hug Christian last because I'd never let go XD
Next person who asks me if Andy Sixx and Nikki Sixx are related, Is getting slapped. With a hardcover book.
5 likes for... full name: Brandon Eddie Otero age: 16 turning 17 next month fav color (s): Black, Red, White, and purple favorite band (s): Too much to count lol bestfriend: Allie, Jonathan Roxas Batista, Ralf Quiles, Jessica Hires dream job: Rockstar how many people do i love: i have no clue, too much to count lol am i crazy: Deffinitly what do i do for fun: Sing, Listen to music, Play video games whos my celebrity crush (s): Ariana Grande! what are my hobbies: Band practice, Singing, Parkour, Writing poetry am i single: NOPE! Taken by Jessica Hires am i the only child:Nope what school do i go to: Acceleration Academy what state was i born in: Bronx, New York whos my inspriation: Andy Sixx, Freddie Mercury, Edgar Allen Poe, Mitch Lucker, favorite songs: TOO MANY SONGS!
So my bbm display picture was me and Jayy Von Monroe and my friend popped up going 'You me Andy Sixx?' Now there is 2 things wrong there.
A shoutout from Andy Sixx, Take Action Tour concert, possibly Warped Tour and Mayhem Fest. This year is starting to sound good.
So I heard that Andy Sixx finally became a man and fought a dude?
I swear to God, I am going to kill the next person to say "Andy Sixx" 1) It was never "Sixx" in the first place. It Was always either "Six" or "6" 2) He doesn't even go by that anymore! He now goes by his given last name, Biersack. Get your facts right before you go around saying "OMG I LOVE Black Veil Brides ANDY SIXX IS SO HAWT"
Q.Do u know who Andy Sixx,Ashley Purdy,Jake Pitts,Jinxx and CC are??? A. I think. Are they from BVB? -cathy
If you could choose one celebrity to be the father of your child who would it be?... β€” Oliver Sykes or Andy Sixx
Andy Sixx , Andrew , Synyster Gates , Oliver Sykes . Imysdm :'( where are all of you ??
they're 5 guys named Jinxx,Andy Sixx, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, i forgot the other.. ( Happy New Year )
If you think Andy's the only member of Black Veil Brides or call him Andy Sixx you might as well unlike this page right now. -- Meow:3
This seems kind of unfair, but. Danny Worsnop vs. Andy Sixx?? GO! ~ RC
If you find Andy Sixx or Ronnie Radke attractive, come here so I can bash you in the skull with a chair.
When Andy was Andy Sixx, when Danny Warsnop was to-die-for hot, when Ronnie was in ETF... Life made sense.
I said " Nothing is better than Metallica! " then came Ronnie Radke, Andy Sixx, and Mitch Lucker :3
Craig Owens and Vic Fuentes as my lock screen and Andy Sixx as my home screen. 😍
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Guise Seriously Its Andy Biersack not Andy Six or Andy Sixx. It was NEVER Sixx. It was Six. And now it is Biersack. ~BlackRose
The world ends in just a few days and I never got to meet Andy Sixx or Ashley Purdy.
What do you think the music video to "Coffin" was supposed to mean? Personally, I think they were at Andy Sixx's funeral, morning his death. And when that mourner took Sixx's BvB pendant, he/she was trying to take Sixx's place, but the church stopped that from happening; Basically stating that no one can ever take his place. When Andy Biersack closed the coffin, I believe he was saying that Sixx is dead, and Biersack is born. ~Menace
When my friend says I should go for the Andy Sixx look next year; Me: "it may have escaped your notice, but; I'm a female." Friend: "you know for a fact you pull off both the male and female look!" Me: "are you trying to tell me I'd make a great transvestite?" Friend: "OH MY GOD! I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT! YOU SO WOULD!" My face: -.-" ~ Harry Severus Snape
Want to hear a story much like the one of Andy Biersack? Good. There was once a 6 year old boy... he asked his dad; "Daddy, how did you get so good at guitar?" His father replied with a knowing smile; "I learned from my Daddy... and I've been practicing since /I/ was 6... How about we get you a guitar?" The boy jumped for joy. He played bass guitar for a while before he realized... In middle school, the band program didn't involve strings. Disheartened, he asked the witchy director if he could play with the percussionists. She replied with a snappy no. Well, how about trumpet? Another no... so he was stuck with clarinet. At first, he LOATHED the little instrument... but within a week, he had fallen in love, naming it "Claude-inet". Now, this young boy was last chair for a while... until his biggest musical inspiration... his father... died. The boy tried to commit suicide 37 times... until he heard of a boy much like him... Andy Sixx? (Now know as Andy Biersack of course) So the boy threw himself into his ...
Can't explain how much it annoys me when people call him Andy Sixx, IT NEVER WAS SIXX AND IT NEVER WILL BE SIXX, it's "six" or Biersack
Who do you look up to? Mine: Chris Drew, Andy Sixx, Ronnie Radke, Cameron -from AllStar Weekend, Jayy von, and Dahvie Vanity. C: Yours?
Hey loves, Rivers here, just checkin in, I wuv u allz, I been debating with a friend bout who is better Ronnie Radke or Andy Sixx and who was better again Oli Sykes or Mitch Lucker (RIP) what do you all think??? Rawr ~Rivers
Some person: I love Andy Sixx so muc.. Me: Andy Biersack * ~SHADE
The days when Andy Biersack was known as Andy Sixx.
-10 likes for- Full name? Miranda * Johnson Relationship status? Single Favorite guy friend? My stuffed deer, Bambi,(; Favorite girl friend? DelanieBear Favorite place to go? Outside. Age? A number between 10 & 16? Birthday; Yesterday. November 23. Favorite color? Uh. I don't know. Black. Favorite song; I don't know, Perfect weapon (BVB) Beautiful Remains (BVB) Scream (Avenged Sevenfold) Something I'm afraid of? Your face. Eye color? Blue, green, && gray Someone I miss? Myself. Hobby? I don't know. Drawing? Last person I texted? What's it say? Emily -" If we went to that Black Veil Brides concert you know we would never be able to go to another one because Andy Sixx would file a restraining order against us..." Favorite cousin? Azalee. She's weird. Favorite show? Bubble Guppies, jk tv is bad for your soul. Someone I wanna meet? Andy Sixx (Andrew Biersack) from BVB.(:
Gerard Way is hotter than Andy Sixx, Ronnie Radke, Kellin Quinn, Oliver Sykes, Justin Bieber, every member of One Direction, and Channing Tatum. It's okay to be butthurt.
Youtube *** for making the quality bad ;/ ...I think I might be addicted to Black Veil Brides and Andy Biersack, or as many know him originally, Andy Sixx.
Dahvie Vanity, Andy Sixx and Oli Sykes .. I'd totally go straight for those guys...
Andy Biersack (sixx) waz so amaizing wish he never left why do the cute ones leave first its not fair R.I.P. Andy Sixx
Just saw a girl on Instagram that looked like Andy Sixx. I don't want to live on this earth anymore~
Abbys eating paper.she must think she's Andy sixx
i dont think anyone is as gorgeous as Andy Sixx
"And she calls Andy 'Andy Sixx' sToP"oh ew no pls dont that is not his name
If you call Andy Biersack, Andy Sixx, no I can't even why would you just no please leave
The day Andy Sixx dies is the day I die to
I convinced Here into dumping Andy Sixx so he would love me instead.
Maybe i shall keep my hair like Oliver Sykes or Andy Sixx or Mitch Lucker RIP.
laughing so hard bc I'm imagining Andy Sixx as president hardcore dancing against Blood On the Dancefloor..I physically can't stop laughing
Why do Aaron Johnson, Ash Stymest and Andy Sixx all remind me of each other?
Someday someone is going to walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.
Smile. It irritates those who wish to destroy you.
Never trust someone who feels the need to tell you their "different from the rest."
I really want to grab a little kid by the shoulders, and shout "I'M YOU! FROM THE FUTURE!" in their face
You always want what you can't have. Then once you get it, you don't want it anymore.
You don't even deserve to be on my mind, but for some reason you're all i can think about.
Next time i'm gonna fall for someone who will make me feel that loving them is the greatest decision I ever made, not just another mistake
Sometimes it's so stupid to be so hopeful. Because sometimes even hope can let you down.
As soon as I see someone else getting close to you, I get jealous.
It would be nice if Andy sixx was santa. I woul wait all night for him to come... and i would make him cookies and milk :D
Bahhh why does Kyle sound like Andy Sixx..?!
Why do I keep having dreams about andy sixx.
Thank you and i am waiting the mail :')
Just sat there watching a 14 minute slideshow of Andy Sixx's pictures. It was the best 14 minutes of my life.
I'm gonna meet Andy Sixx one day.. πŸ˜β€πŸ‘
My bvb shirt with andy sixx's face on it >> ouff.
I luv u sis :) just thought I say :) sis, I dreamt that I went to school looking like Andy sixx with a bottle of vodka in +
no no no no , Andy Biersack , most of you may know him as "Andy Sixx" . Nikki Sixx is not his father, brother , etc. how retarted can you be?
I have no respect for Andy Sixx nor Ronnie Radke.
Harry Styles, Kendall Schmidt, Cody Simpson, Oliver Sykes, Andy Sixx (when it was sixx), Nathan Sykes,and I can't think of anymore right now
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The female versions of Andy Sixx and Dahive Vanity!(: daniellepelfrey
1: 6 of the songs you listen to most? Don't wanna be like you, kiss me kill me, god bless you, damage, Prom night, raised by wolves 2: If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? Andy Sixx 3: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17. "just punch and get alot of reaction shots" 4: What do you think about most? People 5: What does your latest text message from someone else say? i dont text 6: Do you sleep with or without clothes on? it depends 7: What's your strangest talent? i can pick things up with my feet 8: Girls... (finish the sentence); Boys... (finish the sentence) Girls are bi***es, Guys understand 9: Ever had a poem or song written about you? yes 10: When is the last time you played the air guitar? 3 years ago 11: Do you have any strange phobias? I am scared of dieing alone 12: Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? no 13: What's your religion? Wiccan 14: If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? having fun 15: Do you prefer to be behind the camera o ...
And also if I see another "Andy Sixx" on my timeline I'll kill you I don't even listen to them and I know it's Andy Biersack
Black Veil Brides is an AMAZINGLY AWESOME band!! Andy Sixx has an amazing voice, Christian Coma has mad skills when it comes to drums, Jake Pitts is an awesome guitarist, Ashley Purdy is one of the best bassists in the whole entire world, and Jinxx is an amazing guitarist as well. They come out with a new album soon!! ^.^ They also go on tour real soon!! XD Anyone want to take me?? Lol
andyqueersack: Chug if they still refer to Andy Biersack as Andy Sixx.Β  If you’re still alive you can listen...
When you are your bffl fight over famous hott singers, like Andy Sixx, Ronnie Radke, and Dahvie Vanity. :) Fun times.
Jeremy Thirteenth, Ronnie Radke, Jacky Vincent, Claps for caroline lead singer, Evan Lester and Andy Sixx :))) I would date any of them!
can't forget Jacky Vincent or Andy Sixx tho can we??xxx
kaela do u have snaek bites when r u gettign ur andy sixx tatto lolz xD
Wow i look like Andy Sixx for some odd reason
The fallen Andy. I named him after Andy Sixx ;3 if I get another betta, I am naming him Niall after ;D
Andy Sixx is so hot without make up
Lol first danny, then andy sixx, next kellin is cutting his hair... watch it will happen.
Hate Black Veil Brides so so much but i do have to admit Andy Sixx actually use to be really hot. Minus the makeup/everything
If the person says 'Andy sixx' kidding. Yes yes it is fun. If talking is seriously weird.
Just remember how hott Andy Sixx is. πŸ’œ
any other songs to recommend other like Andy sixx and Asking Alexandra?
If i saw Andy Sixx in person i would die from his sexiness.
andy sixx from bvb has stolen my heart and i intend to let him keep it forever :D
Black Veil Brides have been a band for a while the guitars and drums aren't bad in almost each song but Andy Sixx voice is horrible
Andy sixx is still attractive to me omg
In the end all we have is our hearts.and our minds. This is the reason we sing this is the reason we cry this is why we live-andy sixx
You're so adorable! :D I thought your icon was a famous guy for a sec xD and you remind me of andy sixx 0.o idk why? lol
Almost 2013 and people still say Andy sixx
- Black Veil Brides - BlankTV Interview with Andy Sixx (2010) Like this video? Come see hundreds more at! - the Net's biggest home for metal, death, grind, thrash, rapcore, heavy and hard rock music videos! If
Do u get tht feeling when u love someone so much u cant get enough if them? Yeah I have tht for about three ppl rite this order 1 being the mist important 1-Andrew 2-Ronnie Radke 3-Andy Sixx Nd also cuz she is the bestest Ana
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? β€” Andy Sixx
Today in HMV some kids was fangirling over "Andy Sixx". Oh, how I laughed. Cretins.
Does he even go by Andy Sixx anymore? Lol
Had the weirdest dream about BVB and meeting andy sixx...I don't even like them!
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was Andy Sixx. He changed it into Andy Biersack.
I don't see why people hate on Black Veil Brides and also andy sixx for.
So apparently I look like Andy Sixx. huh. don't see it.
ok so Im trying to figure out what my 6&7 yr old will be fo halloween. And its a toss up... They cant make up their minds. Its either Dhavie and Jayy from BOTDF or Andy Sixx and Jinx from Black Veil Brides. Which do you think they should be?
i want to go trick-or-treating with my aunt booty. Im thinking about being a girl andy sixx...oh yea. I'm going to
Apparently I can pull it off as Andy Sixx for next wed
Some of u are going to dress up for holloween.i am shoot im trying to live young..jus going to paint my face.andy sixx style
She has "Andy Sixx" written on her notebook and spelled it "Black Vail Brides" Vail? VAIL? SIXX?! It's Biersack and Veil!!!
I know it seems like m 1D, but i LOVE BVB I've been part of the army since 2009 no Andy Sixx. Andy Biersack :D
// When Andy Sixx just talks my body gets weak.
People see the BVB:"Andy Sixx" Me see the BVB:"Andy, Jinxx, Jake, Ashley, CC, Jake"
Black Veil Brides on in Manchester I Feb! Not really a fan but I just need to see Andy Sixx in person!
So a few years back a friend of mine asked me to truly think of what I wanted for my 22nd birthday and the only thing that came to mind for a long time is a simple hello from the Andy Sixx, CC, Jinxx, Ashley and Jake from Black Veil Brides, I don't care I LOVE them all and always will XD thank you Ronnie for the introduction to BVB and their awesomeness!
Andy sixx(Black Veil Brides) is twenty years old. Interesting. lol
Andy Sixx _ Mollie redmond nd me love this guy too bits heavy singer and Oli Sykes_ Bethaneey Chantelle Charlie Brooks would marry himm :),,,xoxo
In Camden and saw an Andy Sixx lookalike! What a *** XD
This one is of cause an old video i took at a BVB concert! i used to LOVE 'em sooo much
When people know who Andy Sixx is but not Nikki Sixx t-_-t
You know what I dislike most about bands and singers? When they steal others creativity and claim it as their own. Lady Gaga steals Kerli's whole theme and look and gets credit for it. Niki Minaj came out shortly after Gaga, so now we have a a black girl and a white girl that are "Strange". BOTDF completely changed their look and now resemble BVB (Jayy looks like a Andy Sixx poser). BVB looked like a Kiss rip off, with a slight Marilyn manson touch to it as well. I can go on, and on. The only band I have respect for out of the ones listed now is BVB, simply because they did bring back something that was being slowly forgotten by our generation and with that; the other bands took advantage of the look BVB perfected and made their own then completely spammed it to the point that it is no longer unique and different but old and boring. We need more originality. We need more creativity in our generation, it is sad to see that the Scene and Emo kids are taking and turning everything into a stereo type accesso ...
Listening to Black Veil Brides and writing. Andy Sixx understands my problems pretty well. :-)
i think Amy Lee and Andy Sixx should get together
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I literally have the best, Best friends. Yeah, I remembered the dates I first talked to you guys. c: I remember How i met you all, & Our first conversations as well. That's not something I can just forget. c: (-Jasmine, December 3rd, 2009 At lunch & About Andy Sixx :3 -Derrian, April 14th 2012, About how Beautiful that poorly edited photo of You & That cat-monkey-alien thing was c; -Nolan, May 28th 2012, About how Cute & Squishy your "virgin face" is. xD -Jake, I've known you for SO long, but we got close December 14th 2011. :p ) I've known some of you's longer than others, & I may not know most of you's in person, But I will meet you guys someday, ok. c: (Jasmine, This doesn't get you out of hanging out with me. Sometimes i feel like you live 85764857 miles away -.-) I love you all so much, & I really hope i never lose any of you's. I know I'm not always the "Best" friend, & I know I tend to be annoying, Like a lot. I know we've all had our ups and downs, & I'm glad we've gotten through them :3 (Nolan, W ...
"Who are you supposed to be today?" Andy Sixx baybee. Idgaf if people judge me really. Don't like it then thats your own *** fault.
For holloween ima du the andy sixx stiches :3
My life is changing cause I have never acted this way I don't have my pics of Andy sixx on my wall anymore and I don't even won't my emo pics on my wall I don't talk to my guy friends anymore idk what's going on with me.. But it's all good as long as I have my baby in my life
Jayy Von Manroe is beyond way more attractive than Andy Sixx ^_^
Those of you who think the way I got Sixx in the name is because of Andy Sixx, you're wrong. It's from Nikki Sixx, he was in the bands Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M.
Remember when Juliet Simms almost won The Voice but then Andy Sixx casted a spell on her?
I hate when people say Andy Sixx is better than Nikki Sixx -_-
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Black tutu, black knee high socks with bows on them, Black Veil Brides shirt, and andy sixx stitch and some make up design ohh yeah xD
Am I the only one who finds Andy sixx really attractive or..?
Let's face it, Andy Sixx is good looking (^u^)
As soon as people find out that I like both BVB and BOTDF they like hate me. Oh okay I didnt know I was a fangirl who loves Andy Sixx.
I like how people think bvb fans type "lyk dis xD :3 hehehe omg Andy Sixx!! XDD they're so m3tal!!" I'm a fan & I don't type like that. Tawt
I am your hate, you are my love, I am your lust, you are my love drug, the one that cures me.-Andy Sixx
I'm not gonna lie, Andy Sixx looks pretty attractive with short hair.
i love andy sixx from BVB he is not only talented but really frking HOTT!
I wouldn't even leave Blayke if Andy Sixx instantly fell in love with me. ;b
I remember when i used to be in love with andy sixx X)
Oh wow your icon is Andy Sixx, you must be a hardcore goth
really? "OH MY GOD! ANDY SIXX IS SO HAWT! CHRIS MOTIONLESS IN UGLY AS *** " like I'm a hater or fangirl. I know how to TBC
Why did I stop listening to Black Veil Brides, andy sixx u r gorgeous x
M.Shadows, The Rev (I can't Belive it, eat it, eat it, eat it), Andy Sixx.
Im gonna look like this fr halloween. All the makeup n everything gonna look just like Andy Sixx β™₯πŸ˜πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ
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So next time I wake up and my hair looks like the old andy sixx's hair I'm just gona' hairspray it that way! Lol
Check out Andy Sixx Black Veil Brides by ~booters on
Last season Juliet had Andy Sixx on TV and Cassadee now has Rian Dawson. THIS IS JUST SO WEIRD.
Andy goes by, "Andy Biersack" now. It used to be "Six" or "6", because 6 was the number on his hockey jersey. It was NEVER "Sixx".
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