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Andy Sixx

Black Veil Brides is an American heavy metal band based out of Hollywood, California.

Andy Biersack Black Veil Brides Andy Black Ronnie Radke Nikki Sixx Eric Blair

our thoughts and feelings are with you and the boys Andy, Rip Tom 💕
That is very sad, Andy. Tom was a vital an integral part of the BVB team in the early days of the band. RIP To…
Andy sixx friendship to see you again today2015
I liked a video from HOW TO: ANDY SIXX MAKEUP!!
Andy Sixx is literally the HOTTEST guy ever!!! Botdf is the best band ever!! I love brokencyde xDDD
I want a boyfriend that looks like Andy sixx
all my rock star images my life style everyone I ever knew of my old life style rock star insaneity way to much abuse help Andy sixx
'omg I'm not emo I'm SCENE fs :3 rawr//Andy sixx forever//We are the xxFallenAngelsxx//
Omg saw someone who looked like Andy sixx today !
Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides is so attractive xD
Andy Sixx is my husband. I want him to have my babies xD
I'm thirteen I ship kellic Black Veil Brides saved my life and Andy sixx can have my babies
Only real 90s kids will remember Andy sixx, not Andy Biersack
Black Veil Brides saved my life and Andy Sixx is so hot omg XD
On an unrelated note, you look quite Andy Sixx in that pic 😏👌
Exactly, or worse : "I'm a huge BVB Fan, Andy Sixx is so sexy" SHUT UP.
'I love andy sixx' . You mean Andy Biersack?. 'No who's that?'
Hi my name is Joykiller I like mcr andy sixx and being individual, skinny jeans for life haters are my motivators *flips fridge*
Just watching Bryan Starz or also known as byran Starz according to Andy Biersack (sixx) and laughing so hard because of cc 😂
What is the meaning of the pentagram Andy Sixx waers
Gostei de um vídeo do Black Veil Brides Andy Sixx talks to Eric Blair about Love,Peace and Suicide
My brother thinks Andy sixx is on drugs. He's not tho
I'm so tired of AP magazine glorifying Ronnie Radke, Sleeping With Sirens, PTV, and Andy Sixx every single month is it still 2010? Jfc
Philly. Grab your tickets to see us at TLA on Sunday, 3/29 before the it sells out. . Tix at
I once had a dream about hugging like andy sixx andy and he gave good hugs so
Andy sixx is not human. No one can be that perfect.
Watertown NY you rocked tonight! Next we head up north to start the Canadian leg of Photo: Lizzy Davis
I still love the Andy Sixx screams oops
Andrew is cool though. But It bothers me when people call him Andy sixx
I liked a video from Black Veil Brides - BlankTV Interview with Andy Sixx (2010) - UMG
Who ever made cry shame on u idc I love Andy sixx and Andy Biersack they r so wonderful they r the same person he is still Andy
andy sixx - the morticians daughter: I love you more than i can ever scream...♥
I get to see bvb soon can't wait gosh I love Andy sixx
yall can have him I want Ronnie Radke or like Andy Sixx or an emo guy 😏 that's buff
I added a video to a playlist how to look like the old andy sixx
i drew andy sixx for the first time but it doesnt look like you. I'M ashamed to show it
Well She wants her Andy Sixx Poster. That's the only way
1000s of have gone out to you from Andy and Juliet over the years now 25%OFF on the LOVE page!. h…
why is Andy Sixx trying to start beef with a goddess, SMH
Please stop asking me how I am today!
The BVB won't stop on my Shuffle XD. No seriously I still want my Andy Sixx Poster Back
I've just watched the official video of goodbye agony and I can't believe that Andy Sixx is alive again☺☺
This is the sweetest thing ever. Andy is so kind. I can't describe how much I love him.
Andy and Ashley for . New photoshoot coming soon.
"andy sixx will HAVE to accept my friend request now"
Nikki Sixx needs to hav Chris motionless on sixx sense!!” YESS! He had Andy so why not Chris!
Andy sixx and Danny worsnop have the same age...
Idc if he's Andy sixx or biersack... he's a hunk imfgv
“DONT EXPOSE ME” I'm not the only one with a secret love for Andy sixx
I don't care who you are, Andy Sixx is beautiful. No arguments
I meant to say made me think of andy Ik it was andy sixx
if the double x in sixx made me think is Andy am I emo
Why do I dream when I know Im going to get hurt?
Who's dreaming of a Black Veil Brides Xmas?? Check out the new Kerrang! featuring Andy on the cover!
Andy's hair is luscious. He is delicious
Hey. Uhh anyone wanna buy a guitar? It has Andy Sixx signature on it. And. I kinda don't want it.. Sooo message me lol..
I want to see Andy Sixx so bad,biggest dream I have right now.
This happened last night in Orlando. Put a HUGE smile on my face. Andy, backstage, w/ his Grandpa & Grandma Biersack. h…
Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.
I hate that feeling when you have a crush and you know that they will never like you back and whenever you...
It's amazing how much Andy Sixx's voice has changed from Knives and Pens to the new BVB album.
Photo: calum-daddyaf: b3-bright: Welcome to the Secret Santa!  What is it? It is a program where you will...
I added a video to a playlist Andy Sixx gets attacked!
Andy Sixx tribute, because it was fun while it lasted, but they've grown up😄
I got 4 cats, I named them femme crow Juliet and andy sixx I'm kinda obsessed with Black Veil Brides
It isn't true. You know except for the whole "Andy Sixx" thing. But overall the band is its own.
Photo: When one of my favorite people on the internet cries in a video it breaks me.  Literately I was fine...
Huw didn't know who Andy Sixx and Oli Sykes are
💕I fell in love with you, . I don't know how, . I don't know why. I just did.💕
You know that moment where you're just so upset and then something hits you and you're heart just drops bc you're not goo…
"Hey guys I'm bryan stars and today I'm interviewing andy sixx of Black Veil Brides; andy, were you surprised to wake up next to me today?"
I stg I dont have an obsession with Andy Sixx😂
I swear Andy Sixx has the eyes of Jesus
Just posted a picture of Andy on ig. And someone commented on it. Saying . "Andy sixx". No
I know, right? Look at this pic of Andy from last summer's Warped Tour. *** Nikki Sixx wannabe! ;) http…
when you're texting someone & it says they're typing for a full minute and you're like WHAT ARE YOU TYPING WHAT DID I DO W…
I should also add this is my 30 year old scene cousin who posts pictures of Andy sixx on my wall
I loved Andy Sixx.but Andy Biersack is someone I not only love, but also respect and admire.
do you have Andy Sixx on there tho I did THE SHAME
I liked a video from ANDY SIXX TOAST
The only thing that makes me happy, right now. you don't know how much i love you. http:…
I cannot handle Andy in the Knives and Pens video 😍😍😍.
Nothing's better then an Andy Biersack batman... UNLESS ITS AN Andy Biersack PIKACHU
and another photo of me! Not taken by me, still pretty handsome! Andy and crow so cute! http:…
Andy with a Batman umbrella on stage ^^
Andy Sixx I miss you but I think you are more mature and help more people as Andy Biersack but we all…
Somehow Andy Biersack looks better now than when he was andy sixx
Andy will always be my inspiration...xox .
Someone come see Black Veil Brides with me because I am a fallen angel and andy sixx is my one true saviour
just found the first pic of Andy and I from 07. Its crazy how much has changed in 7 years! http…
Still so awesome to see Andy on the magazine rack when I am buying the groceries! Don't forget to vote!
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“I should not be holding this”—Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack hands APMA directly to fan - Alternative Press:
Getting my Andy Sixx costume together for halloween!
I love Andy Biersack, but I miss the Andy Sixx side of him. But idk its just my opinion.
dude everyone knows Andy Sixx is the hottest guy ever, not to mention the best musician to walk the earth!
Hi Andy! If you see this...I want to tell you that your true fans don´t care if you are Andy Sixx or Andy Biersack .WE LOVE YOU! :)
Today's my last day to actually dress emo before school starts, so I'm gonna go full out Andy sixx lol
A little mix of Andy and a bit of Ash😍 comment requests! ^-^
*blushes* Oh /god/, not my Andy Sixx phase, where did you find that?
yes. I hate when people call him andy sixx then get made when I correct them.
Have I told you about the time I did my makeup like Andy sixx
I think that's why people have been saying I've been acting different, is because I've been holding myself back... A lot
Andy sixx... well i like the number six xD.
We're making Andy Sixx vampire prince stories up.
asked me if Andy Sixx was on my phone case and I was too shocked to answer. just letting you know it was Ronnie Radke lol
You're not allowed to like Andy "Black" if you didn't like make up face screaming Andy Sixx. Bye.
I seriously miss Scout Taylor Compton and Andy Sixx dating. They were so perfect together and seemed so in love
//his disclaimer I almost died. Did you see his Andy Sixx and Andy Biersack is hot videos?
People who still prefer Emo Andy 'Sixx' over Andy nowadays probably haven't seen his newer instagram pictures.
Not gonna lie Andy sixx is pretty attractive when he's not wearing guy liner
Andy Biersack on the red carpet of the APMAS
It's awesome Andy might be growing his hair out again but he looks great long hair or not ^^ htt…
Lul even after changing his stage name from "Andy Sixx" to "Andy Black" (since he was copying Nikki Sixx) he's s...
it's so freakin' perfect and stuff :3 now that I think of it, Andy Sixx is kinda like JTK...
Mornin it's but also I'm about to head off to be on Sunday brunch then off to summer in the city! 😎
Evette is going to scratch me and I like turtles
met you back in February for the ATL concert. Please follow me I've been with you since the beginning!
Imagine going on omegle vid because you were bored and meeting Andy Sixx. You end up talking and exchanging numbers http:…
Fetus Andy Sixx photos make me happy,
So cute... Okay goodnight to us Andy my dear. time to sleep. goodnight errbody..
andy sixx is my GOD :3 but im an atheist xD
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Andy is terribly cute trying to be a turtle ninja ❤🐢
I really like this picture of Andy Biersack...idk 💕😍😍💕
Andy: ' what a lovely ceiling. Better get a pic of me staring at it and looking all serious' 😂 http:/…
to be fair I don't think you want to know.. As himself he's hot, as Andy Sixx he's a disappointment
*Smiles and nods* You're amazing, I'm glad that I talked to you!
*looks at you and smiles* I'm happy you let me be you master/boyfriend
*Squeaks and scrunches my nose cutely, letting you and giggles happily*
*Pecks yours back and smiles* Is not agreeing with you, disobeying you? *Giggles*
*Smiles and licks my lips after you do* Nahhh
*Bites my lip and looks up at my arms then at you, blushing more*
*Gasps and tilts my head moaning loudly, blushing brightly*
I need a boyfriend thats the mix from: Andy Biersack/Sixx, Augustus Waters and Joe Jonas in Camp Rock
but Andy sixx is so0o0o0o hawt amg bvb armee :3 :3 rawr is I luv u in dinosaur
someone please tell me why they 'miss.' Andy sixx? He's the same *** person. He's a great person. 'Gothic' 'punk' or not hes great
NEW BAND MERCH! Plus a batman case that reminded me of Andy http…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Getting real tired of girls telling me I don't belong at metal shows because I don't dress like Andy Sixx.
I had a dream Andy Biersack came to my science class with 3 old men for no reason, and took me and out
I just heard about what Andy did, and I shrieked like a little girl, you gave birth to a legend. I salute you all~ Rock on \m/
mate we are cut from the same cloth I was the same kid, didn't mean to offend. it was a joke based on fact- you ha…
no, as long as you don't insult Andy Biersack/Andy Sixx or anyone in the band, we're friends XD
I hate bleaching my hair because I have to itch my head nonstop
//Idk I was singing it normally and then my inner Andy sixx came out and I started screaming the lyrics XD
Andy Biersack I guess? He used to be Andy sixx I think but that's literally the extent of my bob knowledge
at warped some girl behind me was talking about bvb and called him andy sixx and I almost turned around and smacked her
I feel u girl with scene andy sixx makeup
this girl doesnt know who MCR *** and she tagged me in a picture of andy when he was andy sixx omfg can u not.
" the heart I cut out and gave to Andy Sixx! :3"
Have a meetup when you come to Atlanta!!! Me and want to see you again!!
*** no were meeting him together! Its been 5 months since i hugged him
You know you have no life when you start watching Andy "Sixx" interviews featured in NBC s Science of Love
Andy should join in the group. Like with Oliver, Austin, Vic, Kellin, etc
I really want snake bites but my mom says I'm not old enough! urghhh
I feel like more people know about Andy Sixx than Nikki Sixx. Thats the problem.
Foto: quietpossom: Band blog Folow me for more Andy sixx pics
nice! I was andy sixx last halloweenn scared the shirt out of the kids up my road :p
People say Andy wasn't called Andy Sixx but yet there... — Andy Biersack's stage name was Andy Sixx for a few ye...
I hate bvb but Andy sixx looks right like I can't deny dis
Andy birsack ,black ,or my fav sixx
Andy on stage with the misfits at the apmas! It was so cool!
Ever felt like your life is pointless because you don't own the most badass backpack of all time?. Well no more!.
because they felt andy ripped of Nikki Sixx when he used to call him self andy sixx plus they didn't like their music
Totally just broadcasted on Peep it here:
Got some love and hate here for you; Andy style. http…
Do you ever think of something funny and you start laughing out loud and everyone around you looks at you like you're on…
NEW VIDEO: "Tanya Burned My Face Off": (RT or else I'll burn your face off. THIS IS YOUR WARNING.)
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Just watching enjoy a pickle at DisneyLand xD
Who loves andy sixx ? Im listening to. by andy sixx he is awesome man
BVB: Black Veil Brides. An amazing rock band who's vocalist is Andy Sixx.
I just figured to stay away from him, last night I saw a commercial and saw him fangirling over andy sixx so I figured this was my chance
andy. I love you ♥ (fan) (Andy Black. Andy sixx. Black Veil Brides)
Sigo a 666 personas, soy re jarcor from jel andy sixx black slipknot xdxd
Andy and Sam found that man dead in a trunk of a car..:/.
I just signed up to be an Ambassador for After Romeo's Juliets. Learn more and become one yourself here -
13 year old me is still in love with Andy Sixx because that was the best phase he had in my opinion oops
Do I have a right to be mad at my sis for making fun of Andy Sixx?
Andy's interview in the new issue of
My idols are special just like andy, he is "special"
Love how he said this in the intervieuw this is just.. Andy you know :) I love him http:/…
I liked a video from Andy Sixx Throws A Water Bottle at Justin Biebers Head!
Looked up Emo Boys in Google Image:. Finds pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong, Andy Biersack, Adam Lambert and Nikki Sixx. Me: Dies Out Laughing
This girl saw me and said "I like your style keep it that way" im looking like I can be Andy Sixx gf 😂 totally rocked out
ANDY SIXX idk if you like him though
I really miss Andy Sixx but I still love Bvb.Where is the old days ? Come back please,for real Bvb armies.
That guy who looks like Andy Sixx.. Maaan.
So yesterday I was sitting there watching videos with my sixteen year old son and he was showing me his favorite band -"Black Veil Brides". All of a sudden my jaw dropped and I'm like "bulls**t! THAT'S MOTLEY CRUE !" but nope. Anyway, I show him some classic crue and HIS jaw drops. Then he tells me the singer, or someone in the band is named Andy Sixx and it all starts to make sense. So...its more of a tribute than just shamelessly ripping off. I played old Crue videos for him for a few hours. He definitely tripped out. It was a bonding thing. But seriously. Have you guys seen this band?
Andy, you're perfect just like your self.
Imagine Andy looking at yu like this ..😆❤
OMG ANDY IS BATMAN!! It would be so awesome if he saw this. |
I'm grateful for being emo bc screamo music like Aerosmith and 53 cent help me get over my bad moods shouts out to Andy si…
My heart beats for Andy I Love you ♥♥♥♥
because there I go to london and go to a Black Veil Brides concert there *-* Andy Biersack
What most people don't understand is that is the Nikki Sixx to Andy's Vince Neil, except in…
Dios se me caen bastamente las bragas con Andy Sixx en In the End
ah reyt. Still. He looks like that Andy Sixx fella.
Not ashamed to say that I miss the ninth-grade me and my Andy Sixx/Black Veil Brides obsession
I just finished broadcasting live on It was awesome! Check it out:
That young rookie Andy's trying to train just isn't cutting it..the guy shot was doing some electrical work under the table..:/.
I like how you draw eyes, look at the picture of Andy Sixx/Andy Biersack/Andy Black that I did, I could show you how to do it
Because I love how Andy is wearing a shirt😻
Andy habit of smoking cigarettes and biting his nails 😆❤
I still think Andy Sixx is extremely attractive. I don't care.
I came to Barnes and Noble specifically looking for the Patrick Stump AP magazine. And they only have Oli and Andy Sixx. Ummm no
Andy Biersack for the Alternative Press magazine in commemoration to the AP Music Awards 2014 http:…
I WANNA TREND SO BAD on can someone make that happen??
I know, I can not draw Andy sixx or Ashley purdy from Black Veil Brides.
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So just watched us and called me and beautiful... O-M-F-G
"Four for Andy Sixx and none for Kellin Quinn, bye."
if you like these bands . BOTDF. BOTDF. KELLIN QUINN. BOTDF. BOTDF. BOTDF. BOTDF. ANDY SIXX. BOTDF. BOTDF. BOTDF. follow me and eve…
A huge thanks to & for picking Andy Black as one of the best music videos of 2014 so far
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I am very confused over this Andy Black stuff like it took me forever to stop saying Sixx, so Biersack will be stuck for a while... Brains
I guess I'm andy sixx now, knives and pens forever x
Captura del vídeo de la entrevista a Andy / Screenshot of the video of Andy's interview
Andy Sixx saved many lives and, yes, we miss him. But what people don't realize is that Andy Black is just the start of whole new beginning.
Andy sixx is my Halloween costume, a little more work and I can do the make up right.
"Which Black Veil Brides Member would you date?" ME: Andrew Dennis Biersack 'Sixx' Yay. I got Andy.
Anyone else like Andy Biersack better than Andy Sixx? ? He's just *** Attractive 😍
lisa marie winter and andy sixx kaulitz are one and the same person. she is not satisfied with her own life. that's why she tried to destroy the other. she wails behind her christin, claiming the foreign people, in which I fall, would christin. it's a lie. I have nothing to do with this christin. that's the truth.
he's amazing :D you seen the video "bad girls club"? Andy Sixx is in it aswell :p
Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, always be Batman. (C)Andy Sixx
i just saw a picture of (current) andy sixx (do ppl still call him that) and the old drummer Sandra and i almost died
I was scene in the days where Andy Biersack was Andy Sixx
what would you do with andy sixx if you could spend a... — Andy Biersack? . Uhmm I would go to a concert and go b...
the cook at Remedy was wearing an Andy Sixx bullet belt 😂😳
my friend is going to make me look like Andy Sixx
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If he gets all 3, and also Dahvie and Andy Sixx. He'll transform into a douchtrash god
I believe, that we all fall down sometimes. . -Andy Sixx, Lost It All
Andy sixx and Andy Biersack . it is perfect
Is it bad that I prefere old andy?? I know he's matured but God he was so sexy when he went by the name Andy sixx:3 *dies*
us (the BVB army) are thinking of you on this what must be a very difficult day, we love you Andy
I really like what he is doing, it's mad that he sounds like this when you think about the Andy Sixx days!
u have so many names u were once called Andy sixx the prophet a sexy lady deer we know u are Batman & now Andy …
Plans for the week: -Portraits: - Andy Sixx - Percy Jackson - Tobias Eaton - at least 3 pictures for the Hobbit - not sure if this week but definetly soon - Thranduil - Galadriel - Gimli - Elrond - Legolas - Bilbo Remember the portrait campaign. I'll draw ANY character you want :) I have a lot more characters I want to draw but since there are so many and some not LotR/ Hobbit related I don't tell you now. You'll see them soon enough ^^
Seeing Andy sixx pictures make me cry bc fETUS
I love the fact that Andy Biersack has like two other names . Andy Sixx. Andy Black
Here have Andy's have now permission to kiss your phone/computer screens!Oh yeah also I'm back!!
*Kisses you back and smiles against your lips*
you probably would've gotten "Andy sixx" on your neck or something. Those were the dark ages
Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides looks like he's gotten into some hard drugs. His face looks hollow 😳😳 or am I just imagining things?
I'm laughing so hard, I found a picture of Andy Biersack and I (He was Andy Sixx/Six at the time) from Black Veil Brides from 2010. CRYING.
*Holds you up and kisses you back just as rough*
You are born to live, destined to die. Ultimately you cannot change the ending, but the story itself, is entirely yours.
first like! and you didn't come to warped tour Alaska 😔😭
How can a STRAIGHT girl find Andy Sixx attractive, it makes no sense. He looks like a girl.
Fun Fact:-::/::---: Andy Sixx (Biersack) the name 'sixx' is because his name is Andrew and the name Andrew has six letters
No. Simply because Andy is Andy. Whether it's Andy Sixx or Andy Black. He's still the same person even if he changed his appearance.
hey I just watched your video of andy sixx/beirsack toast and he has a new project called Andy Black check it out
So Andy had 3 names huh. First was Andy Sixx. Then Andy Biersack was Born and Now Andy Black now.
😆going to see falling in reverse June 11th warped tour!!!
Wait is Andy's hair actually like this???
Those who dont like Andy sixx or his band dont comment nd everyone else who does enjoy
Woahhh andy sixx made special appearance in "bad girls club" ♡♥ more sexiness
800% done with this guy, he just went Andy sixx is my god. Lmao
Why can't I just marry Andy Sixx and we have 2 beautiful children who grow up listening to the bands that we listened to growing up. 😭😭
Hey Guys. Might want to ask something. Which of these two are way more awesome? a) Andy Sixx of Black Veil Brides b) Justin Bieber I want to know your answers. Put them in.
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I remember when I had the biggest crush on Andy Sixx when I went through my emo stage lul
lmaao remember when I was obsessed with Andy sixx and you drew this for me in 7th grade when I was moving?
and i showed her gerard, frank, Patrick, Tom hiddleston and Andy sixx and she didnt like ANY OF THEM
so proud of all of you! Stop growing up so fast, okay? Some days I miss Andy Sixx, then I remember that he just grew up❤️
I hate it people say "we want andy sixx back!". No we dont we like him as he is. Yes we loved him as andy sixx but we love him as much now!
Andy Sixx cause he was adorable then and still is
No we don't we love him now and wouldn't change him for the world Yes I loved him as Andy Sixx but I love him just the same now
OMG just gone fan girl when I realised the day love the Andy Black song biersack sixx black still love ya all the same :D
People that still call Andy Biersack Andy Sixx are the worst kinds of people
Andy Sixx, Andy Biersack, Andy Black. Whatever he goes by, I'll always formally know him as Mr.Triestoohard.
"They Don't Need To Understand" by is so beautiful and I cried when andy sixx was in the background ❤❤
There's a guy cosplaying as Andy sixx
Andy sixx, Andrew biersack, Andy Black that man has a lot of names :/
Did you hear amazing song.I have no words i was speechless.It was just that great. Amazing!i loved Andy sixx in the back
Mother of God Andy you can't do this to me 😍
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Andy Biersack has unveiled details of a brand new solo project, and he’s told Kerrang! http…
“Dedicated to and his project. Andy, thank u for everything u share
Follow us to support the AMAZING Andy Black Project!
Ok, so this just happened: Andy Sixx- Andy Biersack- Andy Black
You look like a mixture of Andy Sixx and Marilyn Manson and it's not a good look
Can someone tell me what the difference between Andy Sixx and Andy Biersack?
I love this page, but there are some people who really annoy me. People who ask 'Miley Cyrus or Andy Sixx.' etc. For one, you're on a Black Veil Brides group, who do you expect? And secondly, it's Andy Biersack. I understand if you haven't known them for very long, but please, do your research! Plus, this page is not dedicated to your selfies, but to BVB. Just sayin'.
Hey guys, be sure check out my latest single with A Dance With Medusa feat Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides. Called: I Bleed Apathy
“As we grow up we realize that even the person who was supposed to never let you down probably will. You will probably have your heart broken more than once and it gets harder every time.You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when your's was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love, so take many pictures, laugh to much and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness you'll never get back.” - Andy Sixx-
“Rock and roll is about having a good time, so no matter where you are right now blast some music and forget about life's problems.” -Andy Sixx (Black Veil Brides)-
I pray that I was all wrong about that player. -Andy Biersack
I wish i could meet Andy sixx cause some of his songs made me reliez alote of stuff
Andy sixx by far looks much better without the long hair and black eyes
hey do you guys prefer BVB in all the Warpaint or normal?. I prefer Normal. people always say Andy Sixx was hotter...
I've decided I'll be cutting my hair like Andy sixx. And that will be it.
My drawing of andy sixx. I know I know. It's not verry good but just bier with it. "Pun intended"
okay, no more 'Andy Sixx' after this lol
Download Black Veil Brides wallpapers to your cell phone from Zedge - andy sixx Black Veil Brides
"I guess when I find a guy that's a cross between andy sixx & Ronnie Radke then I know I have found my man lol". kinda same.
I'm 21, and I still have a crush on Andy Sixx from That's like.. healthy... right?
for Matt Smith. And. Fav for Andy Sixx)). ((I like them both))
Why did I date a guy that looks like Andy sixx...
nah it's gonna b bvb with their latest hit. 12 year old creamin and Andy Sixx screamin.
Whether you call him Andy sixx, Andy Biersack or even the prophet. He is still my hero!
Andy Biersack!!! formally known as ANDY SIXX!!! from the band Black Veil Brides!!! has designed a t-shirt that says 'DIE POSERS DIE' on it
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