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Andy Reid

Andrew Walter Andy Reid (born March 19, 1958) is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL, a post he has held since 1999. Since 2001, he has also been the team's executive vice president of football operations.

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the moment Andy Reid think about signing Tony I'm buying me a Denver jersey and I'm crossing over to the dark side lol
how's he been in the league for so long built like Andy Reid?
Who will be this Decade's 2000s Eagles?: Don't go outside of Andy Reid, it's the Chiefs
I want to have faith in my Chiefs but I'm thinking like an Andy Reid and brah...we getting leftovers.
Here’s what Andy Reid said about Romo last year via
Unless the planet is Andy Reid, a planet.
just how Andy Reid didn't care that McNabb came to us
let's not mention his offensive scheme in Andy Reid😉
Do not fool yourself, no way Andy Reid owns any pants that has buttons. Any tie he has is just a rolled up lobster bib.
Hey, Jimmy G if you want another Super Bowl ring that you "earned" calling Andy Reid. Love to see…
rush Limbaugh made and andy reid joke on his show today. "If they don't know how to pass they should call andy reid"
The Bucs should cut Jameis immediately. He needs a strong coach and locker room to begin his rehabilitation. Andy Reid is that coach.
Russell, If you want a Super Bowl ring next year, call Andy Reid!!!
and somehow Andy Reid hasn't noticed it
Now that the trade deadline is here, the thunder trading a first for grant, feels like Andy Reid using his timeouts in the third quarter
I didn't say KC was smart, but Andy Reid likes Alex Smith, fits his mold, manage game, don't make big
7 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking Up at Meetings andymolinsky
Since Andy Reid has been a Chief, Kansas City (extended family included) been eating, as it were.
football is won on the lines, Andy Reid understood this, at least early in his tenure here. You keep drafting OL and DL no matter what
I was talking about Andy Reid, but jury's out on Pederson vs Chip. Doug got franchise QB but no improvement.
-Andy Reid on the first meeting with players.
I would like to see a new play caller for sure. Andy Reid draw up the plays and someone else decide when to call them
Thank you Andy, have a lovely day too 😊💖🌹☀
I've actually thought kc with andy reid might be the 1 place where manziel could work.
If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. -- Andy Rooney. AllEyes OnNadine.
And Andy Reid looked like he might have swallowed a planet...
Since when did Andy Reid teach at PVI?
I feel like Andy Reid probably loves Patrick Mahomes. A lot of young Donovan McNabb to him in my opinion.
Thanks Andy is very windy going to have a DVD day with bex. You stay safe
Thanks Andy staying in today not going out the weather is terrible hopefully it gets better I've got 3 long shifts ahead off me 😉
Thank you for always sharing my affection for all things wraith Andy! 💖👻
Hamilton Collection
That was the most Andy Reid way to lose a game I've ever seen.
Andy ~ have a fabulous day sweetheart. Here's hoping your skies are sunny ☀️ and your heart is happy 🤗💖
Andy Reid known for giving players chances...T.O., Vick, Peters, Hill...I hope Doug has this same sentiment
Goal is overturned. Goaltender interference. Dave Hakstol better at the challenge than Andy Reid and Doug Pederson.
“You’ll see a relentless worker...someone who will bring energy.". Andy Reid, John Dorsey on Chris Ballard:
Matt Ryan went to the Andy Reid school of clock management, with guest lectures by Les Miles. the
Sources: Andy Reid handling the watch for the Pats in the second half.
is this Andy Reid calling these plays?
Led by Andy Reid & coaching staff, the AFC wins 20-13. . Alex Smith, Travis Kelce involved in the only two T…
Geno,Tony and Alex what a training camp for Andy Reid!
Steve Mariucci just told a story of how he first met Andy Reid when they were both in their underwear when a fire alarm…
"Andy Reid is on the right track with that team. The are going to be a contender every single year." . ~
You guys remember when Scott Pioli sat in on the Andy Reid interview? Lololol
Andy Reid laughed at how poorly Scott Drew managed his time outs in that game.
How first phone call with Andy Reid helped shape his career with the
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I want to live in a world where neither Alex Smith nor Andy Reid get blamed, because the win the Super Bowl.
Great session on Today's show with Alex Smith, Andy Reid, Dontari Poe and more!.
Just re-watched, you're totally right. That late timeout appears to be Smith based on Andy Reid's reaction.
Chiefs will stick with Andy Reid and Alex Smith -
The might roll with the Alex Smith/Andy Reid combo in 2017. Get ready for it:
Andy Reid: I still think Chiefs can win with Alex Smith
Mike McCarthy's record in NFC Championship games: 1-3. Andy Reid's record in NFC Championship games: 1-4.
I mean, that's some Andy Reid level clock management from Mike Tomlin. What purpose does it serve to go into the locker room w/3 TOs left?
John Dorsey an Andy Reid please give Nick Foles key to the offense Mike him the starter QB please
Mike Tomlin doing his best Andy Reid impression
The officials just functionally took a timeout. Who is running this crew? Andy Reid? His assistant Mike McCarthy?
Antonio Brown should just be excited Mike Tomlin gives post-game speeches. Andy Reid hits up concessions for half-priced nachos.
"(Mike) McCarthy is turning into Andy Reid" -
hot take for our rings or nothing generation: Andy Reid is better than Mike McCarthy. His arrogance amazes me
Mike McCarthy with his best Andy Reid impression right now.
Mike McCarthy is the second coming of Andy Reid
Andy Reid wants to make sure Falcons don't get the ball back this half. His only goal.
Mike McCarthy . Andy Reid . Chip Kelly. They all have to be friends.
Greg, up to the majority of Andy Reid fans that say no wrong, especially the media, he's here for ever. Berman and…
What happened to Mike Tomlin getting out X & O'd by the "Great" Andy Reid ?...When is that supposed to happen? I'll wait.
so is that more about Alex Smith and his abilities (or lack.of), or Andy Reid and his coaching (or lack of)?
It gets even worse for Andy Reid. All the local BBQ restaurants have already closed.
one time in 2006 i was in the Eagles locker room after the players left and i saw Andy Reid eating a football with a fork a…
no, just trying to be funny. Andy Reid and playoff chokes are like white on rice
i like Andy Reid too smh sorry it had to be him
Andy Reid is the Butch Jones of the NFL-just slightly better than average.
That's an Andy Reid classic. Does everything right to build a really dangerous team, then just enough to undermine its chances to win close.
I dunno, odds of either Andy Reid or Jerry Jones winning a Super Bowl in my lifetime seem pretty slim. Snakebit in playoffs
Andy Reid man. You give up 6 FG's, 18 points, AB 0 catches 2nd half, at home, bye week, you still end up with no timeouts in the 4th Q. 😂
Night night KC. Andy Reid chokes in the playoffs? No way
"Now it's all a matter of the clock." - Al Michaels heading into break perfectly sums up Andy Reid's coaching career.
Andy Reid is really holding a Red Robin menu...
If this game becomes about Andy Reid and Alex Smith, it becomes about what the Chiefs aren't doing. They have to stay aggressive with Kelce.
Where the *** is Kelce!!! where are you?? Andy Reid did you forget KC Chiefs havr the best tight end in the entire league! F- n ***
Andy Reid, for all the crap he takes, has been there five times.
There's not a better time to read about Andy Reid's journey than now. He has changed KC. His story as a longform ➡️ ht…
Andy Reid after a bye is 16-2. Steelers have played crap opponents past 8 weeks. Chiefs are healthy(Justin Houston)
“Everybody that was banged up is good to go now." ~ Andy Reid talks injuries to and . ➡️
you're clueless on football - Greg Hardy wasn't a Raven. Andy Reid went to a Super Bowl and lost.
consists of Freddie Mitchell, Dallas Cowboys and Andy Reid talk. 3 topics avid listeners don't care to listen to. ✌
Terrell Owens tonight: "Andy Reid was the best coach I ever played for."
What do Mike Holmgren, Brian Billick and Andy Reid have in common? All got started in coaching under LaVell Edwards.
Yes we are joined by Andy Reid and George Boateng as they watch some…
I was hoping Mike McCarthy was going to be available lol. A guy like him or Andy Reid would have been nice.
poor clock management was an issue. i'm sure in yr 18 of being a head coach, however, Andy Reid has figured that out.
I think he’s improved over the last couple years. Still hate his clock management though, but he hasn’t reached Andy Reid level
Unless a Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy type coach became available the GM hiring is more crucial in my opinion.
8 NFL head coaches hired in 2013. Only two remaining are Andy Reid and Bruce Arians. Clark Hunt got the pick and the timin…
As a reminder, Andy Reid is a combined 19-2 (regular season and postseason) after a bye week.
Since Clark Hunt hired Andy Reid, Chip Kelly has been hired and fired twice.
Tough one, maybe Marvin Lewis or Andy Reid. If not them, then Mike McCarthy
Andy Reid was emotional today about the passing of his former coach LaVell Edwards. Told some great stories. Laughing t…
Andy Reid gets emotional when talking about coach LaVell Edwards, who got Reid into coaching. ➡️
On Friday, coach Andy Reid spoke about the passing of his mentor, former BYU coach LaVell Edwards. READ: https…
I was fortunate enough to speak w/ former BYU coach LaVell Edwards for the Andy Reid feature. They were still close: ht…
Andy Reid and John Harbaugh should be in the 'Very Good' category, as should Bruce Arians. Lewis is just 'good'.
Andy Reid is 42-21 since leaving the Eagles. The Eagles are 33-30 since Reid left.
"Bloated Tebow Pass.". That's what Andy Reid said the Dontari Poe touchdown pass play is called.
This is disrespectful. Andy Reid just RKO'd the entire Broncos Org.
Yes Chris Collinsworth, Andy Reid got off to a "slow start" in Kansas City. He only won his first nine games.
Andy Reid is a successful version of John Fox.
Considering Tyreek Hill's past he's a red-flag-player but if Andy Reid was able to right the ship with Mike Vick he can maintain with Hill.
We can only pray that Doug Pederson can scout players even half as good as Andy Reid does.
yeah. Doug Pederson *** not even fit for a HC. Only why we got him was because of Lurie loves Andy Reid. so we got 2.0
those are my thoughts exactly! Doug Pederson is only here because Lurie can't escape Andy Reid's shadow he can't coach
does Andy Reid look like a liquor store owner who always refers to the guy he's working w…
Andy Reid played not to lose and lost us this game! Step in Clark Hunt! Can't make fans set through 3 hours of 1 degree weather for this!!
Andy Reid didn't depend on Stevan Ridley with no acl to get a team to the playoffs in the final game of the season
NFL Coach of the Year rankings: Andy Reid, Jason Garrett lead
so could Andy Reid... some head coaches just WIN GAMES unlike some of the others
I'll see your Jeff Fisher and raise you an Andy Reid.
it's almost like Doug Peterson was the offensive coordinator under Andy Reid or something!
would have been without Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid.
Andy Reid is fired up about the Chiefs moving into first place:
BREAKING: Chiefs coach Andy Reid says LB Derrick Johnson has ruptured his Achilles' tendon.
I can't express in words without sounding totally inappropriate how much I hate Travis Kelce, Alex Smith, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs
who was the guy trashing Andy Reid on the pod? Top five coach for 2 decades and certainly better than Kelly and Pederson.
More Brad Childress please! Andy Reid play calling insanely bad at this stage!
Everytime I watch Andy Reid manage a game, I start to think Pete Carrol is good..until I see him again.
The excuse-note KC HC Andy Reid sent to Chiefs' Kingdom for tonight's big game vs. Raiders.
Travis Kelce's volume has been there the last few weeks (which Andy Reid will surely ruin soon), but he's the same…
Not to mention the last 6 of 7 games under Andy Reid. Getting close to owning the Raiders again, like with Marty.
Should've never fired Marty. Should have never hired Norv or McCoy. Should have hired Andy Reid. And the list goes on
I found it interesting that Travis Kelce likened today’s game to Andy Reid going back to Philadelphia in 2013.
Andy Reid just clinched his FOURTH CONSECUTIVE winning season with the Last time was Marty Schottenheimer from 1990-1997 with 8.
All seriousness- Andy Reid is the NFLs best HC not named Bill Belichick. Nice get Clark Hunt.
An Andy Reid who gambles on 4th down and features Travis Kelce is a dangerous Andy Reid
Andy Reid on how to stop Julio Jones: "You hope he misses the bus."
. I hear a lot of people saying this guy is like Andy Reid. You better hope he's like Andy Reid because I see rich kotite
did you not live through the Andy Reid era, David?
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Doug was honoring Andy Reid on Eagles hall of fame night, duh
"This game shows you the strength of the AFC West.". ~ Andy Reid.
Andy Reid punted and played for a tie vs. Cincy in '08, and it got the Eagles to the playoffs and two postseason wins.
Andy Reid in overtime: sometimes he beats a Hall-of-Fame QB in the playoffs, sometimes he ties the 1-8 Bengals. Enj…
That would've been the leading footage on the highlight reel for Andy Reid's induction into the Time Management Hall of Fame
and clock management. Andy Reid always thinks you can wait to make a move. Too bad he doesn't have the right qb
I like Andy Reid, he’s the best coach KC has had since Marty or Vermeil. But he drives me nuts with timeouts & play calls.
Is it me or does Andy Reid look lost?
Jesus, when did Andy Reid turn into Marty schottenheimer?
A coaching panel of Andy Reid, Jay Gruden and Marty Morniwheg doesn't see any issues with it.
it boggles my mind that you dont see HOWIE ROSEMAN as the thorn even to Andy Reid uwanna win? Rid him
PHOTO: Dirk Koetter, Andy Reid sharing the sideline as assistants at Missouri
Looking for vintage Dirk Koetter/Andy Reid photos from their days together, this from Missouri and Columbia Daily T…
Dirk Koetter and Andy Reid have coached against each other twice before: Falcons beat Eagles 30-17 in 2012; Eagles beat Jags 28-3 in 2010.
Andy Reid is fat, Perry Ellis is old yes yes I know I know
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Andy Reid took over a 2-14 Chiefs team in 2013 and has since gone 38-19. Say what you want about Andy, but that's impre…
Enjoyed this from Andy Reid on LB Thomas Davis: "I wish that joker was breaking down. Holy Toledo, he can play. He is all…
Andy Reid really praised Bradley after the game. Sutton retires, he bring Bradley in to coach D??
Today will be the first Eagles-Giants game without either Andy Reid or Tom Coughlin on the sidelines since 1998.
George Brett isn't from KC. Neither is Hosmer, Salvy, Ned, or Andy Reid. Should I go on?
Andy Reid confirmed Nick Foles is starting Sunday against the Jaguars at Arrowhead Stadium.
Andy Reid says Alex Smith is in the "return to play protocol". Nick Foles will start this week at QB.
Another reason I love Spencer Ware is this gem from re: RB1 usage in Andy Reid offenses.
Andy Reid didn't give Donovan McNabb a WR1 until what, year 5? let's hope Doug E. Fresh and Howie Arr don't wait that long for Wentz
Sean Peyton is worse at challenges than Andy Reid
Chiefs’ Andy Reid says Saints combo of Sean Payton, Drew Brees will go down as one of the best
Six Things We Learned on the Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show with Andy Reid and Anthony Sherman: Mitch Holthus held his…
Andy Reid isn't ready to give Jamaal Charles full workload: Jamaal Charles scored his first touchdown of the ...
Andy Reid still doesn't believe that Charles is ready for a Full workload. Spencer Ware a must start vs
Jamaal Charles and Andy Reid can bicker about how healthy JC is, but truth is Spencer Ware is very
. That's rich. Andy Reid is always questionable with clock management. And Alex Smith will always be a questionable QB. 😏
i agree. Although calling plays isnt unusual for HC. Gary Kubiak, Sean Payton, Bruce Arians, Andy Reid and others do it
Andy Reid and Rex Ryan would be too scared to try and ice a kicker.
Is a Bruce Boudreau to Andy Reid comparison fair? Gets teams to the playoffs, always eating, then lays a dump in the playoffs.
Andy Reid playing this press conference like a politician. Taking blame but not exactly answering questions with any detail.
Andy Reid: "My responsibility is that I have my football team ready to play. I didn't do that. I take full responsi…
Busy day. Minutes from Andy Reid press conference.
To be delivered to Andy Reid, KC, Missouri, Tracking No. 43-14
Andy Reid gets cut off at Arthur Bryant's regularly
An 18-play drive for no points is the most Andy Reid thing ever.
He's played with Andy Reid and Jeremy Maclin before. He's far better than smith
2nd and 2 lose 5 yards. That's an Andy Reid special.
Mark Dantonio a student of the Andy Reid school of clock management.
An upgrade for RB Jamaal Charles: Coach Andy Reid says at his press conference he’s questionable for Sunday.
We're also part of the Doughnut Club. ~Mark Mangino, Charlie Weis, Brady Hoke, and Andy Reid
"Lester is doing a great job managIng the clock.". --Andy Reid
Andy Reid controls two minutes better than Lester Holt.
retired numbers cont - 86 Buck Buchanan. HC is Andy Reid hes is 33-18 with 1-2 Playoff record.
Dave thot the head coach was still Andy Reid.
You can tell Andy Reid is calling the plays those are stupid *** plays against this defense on the goal line
I remember when he was who I wanted to replace Andy Reid, over Chip Kelly and Bruce Arians.
Parker Ehinger and Jah Reid did not practice today. Andy Reid says they most likely will be out Sunday.
"I know he is chomping at the bit and wants to play, which I love about him." . - Andy Reid on
You know what didn't get a lot of talk today? Andy Reid essentially told us that Demarcus Robinson made the team.
Andy Reid: "He got better every day, lot of talent. He had to learn and he has done that" on DeMarcus Robinson
Bears coach John Fox is fourth among active NFL coaches with 125 wins in his 15 years, trailing Bill Belichick, Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid.
"When you have a chess master like Andy Reid, you try to give him as many pieces as you can.". ~ John Dorsey on stage w/
Of course! I'm like a mix of Andy Reid and Marv Levy. Get to the title game and crap the bed.
Andy Reid drafted Dee Ford instead of Derek Carr because he already had Alex Smith...are now paying for it w/Ford bust.
After seeing Brett Favre inducted into HOF, Andy Reid makes case for Mike Holmgren. ➡️
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Andy Reid thinks Mike Holmgren should be the next coach inducted into the htt…
Andy Reid, Wes Morgan, Michael Dawson, jermain jenas... want any more???
Hunt says he's very satisfied with the jobs John Dorsey and Andy Reid are doing and hopes they're around for a long time.
Andy Reid: "Nick [Foles] knows this is Alex's team. Alex knows this is Alex's team."
Andy Reid sure does like signing former eagles players, how long until he asks Clark Hunt to change our name and colors?
Nick Foles has agreed to terms to join the Chiefs, source says. Reunion with Andy Reid.
Andy Reid, who played QB at Oregon, now trying to recruit former Oregon QB Nick Foles.
Albert Wilson missed practice but Andy Reid says he's getting better.
.on the need for speed in an Andy Reid offense, or the Doug Pederson version.
Andy Reid impersonator takes over the press conference at Chiefs’ training camp…until the REAL Andy walks in WATCH
Jason Peters: "Im happy to have the Andy Reid era back, and thats Doug."
Andy Reid's clone hijacks the Chiefs' press conference, only to be interrupted by the real head coach. WATCH:
Fake Andy Reid delivers a press conference as the real Andy Reid is right beside him. LOL
Andy Reid says Fisher's new deal is a tribute of the hard work he's put in & says "We are excited for him."
Andy Reid would do anything for anybody! Bit of respect rob ya knobber!
Just commented on The ballad of Andy Reid, one of the most naturally gifted Irish footballers of h -
.head coach Andy Reid is at today to throw out the first pitch!
Kansas City head coach Andy Reid in a rap video? Mega-Philly sports fan makes his pitch. https:/…
when Philly loves a coach in Buddy Ryan who didn't win a *** playoff game more than Andy Reid, this city didn't appreciated Reid
Pete Carroll and John Harbaugh are right up there. Andy Reid is not on that tier I think.
Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles might not be cleared for training camp according to HC Andy Reid.
Chiefs' Andy Reid: RB Jamaal Charles may not be healthy for start of camp.
Andy Reid said Steve Nelson has earned the nickel spot right now. Also noted Phillip Gaines on the outside w/ Marcus Pe…
Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Steven Nelson came out as the first nickel CB, Phillip Gaines will get first shot at CB opposi…
"Good things are happening for him.". WATCH Andy Reid discuss the development of
Chiefs coach Andy Reid offered some insight on Jamaal Charles' rebab work on the hill, said it was a "brutal workout."
coach Andy Reid said Jamaal Charles ran on a hill near the Chiefs' practice field Wed., which is a way of getting his legs back.
Chase Daniel says 2016 Eagles are “light years ahead” of Chiefs in first year under Andy Reid:
. When is Andy Reid finally going to admit that his team will never go anywhere with Alex Smith as QB?
. Alex is just jealous that the Niners had to change to a better QB to actually get to that SB. How long before Andy Reid learns?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Killer quiz question on this week. Shirt numbers - if I subtract Andy Reid from Danny Fox, what number am I left with?
Lol u banking on KC with Alex Smith and Andy Reid to do anything substantial? Lmao
Andy Reid might need to scout Steven Adams. Longer completion on that pass than most of what Alex Smith has thrown the last few years.
Andy Reid Looking to Conquer Indy Circuit-‘Hoodoo’: British Supersport Championship leader Andy Reid is all s...
What we learned from Andy Reid following day one of rookie minicamp.
I was just thinking about your traditional Andy Reid / Chip Kelly era shenanigans
I always enjoyed the Chip Kelly answers after 14 years of Andy Reid.
Andy Reid's son tasked with coaching up Chiefs first pick Chris Jones - Arrowhead Pride (blog)
Andy Reid's son will be coaching Chiefs first round pick DT Chris Jones
Really interesting piece on Andy Reid from back in the day .
JMcG - Andy Reid has had 4 ops & still isn't right. He is still in pain.
Let Nkemdiche fall to KC. Andy Reid the strong personality gawd
Your obligatory two helmets set up on the table for postdraft pressers with Andy Reid and John Dorsey.
Nottingham Forest have much to focus on, long before they hit the beach, says Andy Reid – Nottingham Post
28. Chiefs-Will Fuller, WR, Golden Domers. Fuller beat the clock @ the combine. Andy Reid has never beaten the clock. Great match.
could understand Andy Reid taking em.Sakho, not so much!
So happy to have Baby Walrus aka Andy Reid’s karate kid runnin’ the show in Philly.
Here's some research on where Andy Reid has drafted quarterbacks
Celebrities at Wrigley: Andy Reid and the star of The Revenant.
So for the entire Andy Reid / John Dorsey area, the Chiefs haven't picked any prospects below the PST.
have much to focus on before they hit the beach, warns Reid:
Here is the City: Andy Reid comments on his Nottingham Forest future
Jeffrey Lurie is trying to re create the Andy Reid era. Tell me I'm not the only one that sees this !
Andy Reid would be proud of that nothingburger of an answer.
Andy Reid comments on his Nottingham Forest future (Here Is The City)
We gave the fans something to cheer about on Saturday & we’re hopeful we can do the same with the home fans. Andy Reid
Want to see a video clip of Andy Reid's pre-match press conf? Head here (and like it):
"is good at giving me schedules. They're not good at giving me streetcars." Good line by Andy Byford.
My team chiefin blunts, bigger than Andy Reid
as an Eagles fan I would trade to KC for Andy Reid. I miss playoffs.
not quite, plenty of people hate Trump because they follow politics and pay attention to what he says, and they disagree.
Watch: British Supersport rider reveals how he got started
Watch Andy Reid talk about his future - it's here
Looking for a repeat performance: The Reds will bring their home campaign to a close... via
even a Canadian might be an upgrade for the I want andy Reid back
Donovan McNabb doesn't like the Eagles' trade to get a..
Andy Reid speaks to Forest Player HD ahead of clash with Wolves at The City Ground.
Andy Reid says must pick up where they left off when they host Wolves on Saturday.
Today embarks the day we either become Andy Reid's Eagles/KC Chiefs or modern day Cleveland Browns, both dismantled blueballed and ring less
He seems like an Andy Reid type of guy. Dorsey does like guys with potential. I wouldn't rule it out tbh.
Conspiracy Theory: Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson helping out friend/mentor Andy Reid.
KC Chiefs, because it's my team and Andy Reid loves BYU players!
Bat. Chief Phillip Reid getting an after fire report from Capt. Andy Reid.
I understand where you're coming from with that point but 920 Andy Reid as head of your freaking team
not a fan but I agree with this. Should Andy Reid join him, too?
This may end up being worse but I trust a Andy Reid type over a one hit wonder genius from college personally
There is a great story behind this picture. . Hear it from Andy Reid
If Andy Reid is about to retire may I be the first to thank him for his service to Been a great player for us twi…
Andy Reid >/= Marvin Lewis as far as playoff coaches?
If Lynch drops to 28, I don't see how the can pass on him. Fits Andy Reid's scheme perfectly. 2 to 3 years to learn under Alex
Andy Reid knows if he'll keep playing but says "it'd be wrong and selfish to talk about what I'm going to do."
Andy Reid reveals how he got started in motorcycling .
Andy Reid is an old school coach. He knows what really wins. Not quarterback, not cornerbacks, not pass rushers. The trenches.
Andy Reid is a *** of a coach. I like Gase a ton but don't trust Tannenbaum at all.
If there's one coach I trust to develop a quarterback regardless of whom were selected its Andy Reid.
>> What are Chiefs GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid doing this week?
Andy Reid is not an awful coach, however it was probably time for him to go.
"Donovan McNabb was an awful quarterback" . "Andy Reid was an awful coach". If you said either of these you're and ***
GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid will meet today & go over the draft board in preparations for Thursday night.
I have to correct you Andy Reid was not here when we drafted Matt Barkley that was Chip Kelly
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Andy Reid wanted Matt Barkley?? He was drafted Chip Kelly's first year.
I have high hopes for him. I'm sensing the Andy Reid era happening again. New coach with a QB to develop
and Andy Reid wasn't even an head coach when he got hired by us b. How about the Ravens coach? Exactly calm down
and Andy Reid was gm when they got Asante Samuel.
BREAKING: Chiefs have fired Head coach Andy Reid (via
I just realized the Eagles lowkey miss Andy Reid and want him back, the coach they hired worked under Andy Reid since he started coaching.
Hired a coach that's been under Andy Reid so long that he's the reincarnation without a RB to operate in the west coast offense.
FWIW, drafted Donovan McNabb 2nd overall in Andy Reid's first year as coach. Doug Pederson started at QB that season.
Is Doug Pederson just reading an Andy Reid step by step "How To Coach Guide" like he's putting together Ikea furniture?
The layers of this trade. Pederson was the QB in 99 when coach Andy Reid drafts his hand picked QB at 2. Now Doug does the same
When Vinny Curry was drafted in 2012 he played as a 4-3 DE under Andy Reid.
Could you not have gotten a picture of Roy on his own. You could hardly class Liam Miller or Andy Reid as being greats
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