Andy Kaufman & Donald Trump

Andy Kaufman (January 17, 1949 – May 16, 1984) was an American entertainer, actor and performance artist. Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. 5.0/5

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Andy Kaufman is alive. How do I know? There's no way Donald Trump isn't one of his characters. Tony Clifton 2.0 if you will.
Right? I keep waiting for Andy Kaufman to pull off his Donald Trump mask.
Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby remove the mask from Donald Trump, caught in their fish net trap, to reveal Andy Kaufman underneath.
Never occurred to me before now, but Donald Trump essentially ran the same campaign that Andy Kaufman did in Memphis in 1982.
Andy Kaufman faked his death and he is now... Donald Trump! Yes people, there is no reason to worry. It's all a big joke!
Still holding out that Donald Trump will be revealed Jan. 20 as the most elaborate comedy sketch ever perfo…
It's just Andy Kaufman reprising his "Tony Clifton" character. There's no such person as "Donald Trump."
Looks like Andy Kaufman and a Donald Trump suit?
For the first time, now it all makes sense: Andy Kaufman is Donald Trump.
I'm starting to get convinced Andy Kaufman is still alive and in character as "Donald Trump."
What if Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman's brilliant final act?
What are the odds that candidate 'Donald Trump' will rip off a mask and it's Andy Kaufman??
I've come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is actually Andy Kaufman's ultimate hoax.
Every day, I'm more and more convinced that Andy Kaufman didn't die, he just created a persona called "Donald Trump" https:…
I feel like today sadly made Donald Trump president. Callin it now so we're all less shocked to find out Trump is Andy Kaufman and also Prez
Legit Question: Did anyone ever hear of Donald Trump before Andy Kaufman passed away?
It'd be cool if Donald Trump is actually Andy Kaufman. Facial prosthetics have come a long way since Tony Clifton.
...maybe this means that Donald Trump is secretly Andy Kaufman.
Andy Kaufman is alive and has been playing Donald Trump for the last year
Turns out Donald Trump is actually Andy Kaufman in disguise. One big cruel joke that we can all laugh at.
Spoiler Alert: Andy Kaufman faked his death and has been living and performing as a character named "Donald Trump"
What are the chances that Andy Kaufman has been Donald Trump for the last 25 years?
Starting to think Andy Kaufman is still alive and Donald Trump is simply his latest character.
I woke up this morning thinking the Republicans and Donald Trump were a weird Andy Kaufman stunt.
I swear to god Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman just pranking the *** out of us.
Donald Trump is the world's greatest left wing troll and I am almost convinced he is Andy Kaufman. This is Tony Clifton 2.0.
Andy Kaufman pulls off his Donald Trump disguise. . "The survivors of the upcoming apocalypse are going to find my joke so funny!"
Keep an eye out tomorrow for another installment on of my theory about Donald Trump and Andy Kaufman.
I like to think of Donald Trump as another one of Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton-esque characters.
I can't figure out if it's Ambrose Bierce or Andy Kaufman living inside Donald Trump's skin and pulling the jaw strings.
What if it turned out that Donald Trump is just an Andy Kaufman character?
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Andy Kaufman can stop being Donald Trump, please.
Andy Kaufman faking his own death to become "Donald Trump" is maybe the best gag in history.
And right after Donald Trump swears the oath of Presidential office, he rips off his mask to reveal it was ANDY KAUFMAN THE WHOLE TIME
The real Donald Trump died decades ago and now it's just Andy Kaufman pulling the greatest prank ever.
I keep waiting for Donald Trump to remove his mask and reveal that he's actually been Andy Kaufman the entire time.
If we all find out the real Donald Trump died years ago and was replaced with a post-plastic-surgery Andy Kaufman, I won't be surprised.
No one has ever seen Donald Trump and Andy Kaufman at the same time. Just putting it out there.
Donald Trump is pulling an Andy Kaufman, right?
Okay Andy Kaufman, you can stop with the Donald Trump character now.
Just a reminder that Donald Trump is a serious Presidential candidate the way Andy Kaufman was a serious professional wrestler.
Donald Trump is proof that Andy Kaufman never died
If Andy Kaufman had lived,he'd be abt the same age as Donald Trump. Did anyone ever see them in the same room at the same time? Just sayin,
I can't wait until Donald Trump wins the presidency and reveals he's actually been Andy Kaufman this entire time
A large part of me really hopes that Donald Trump is actually Andy Kaufman.
the only hope Donald Trump gives me is that perhaps he's Andy Kaufman's greatest prank ever
Is it true that Donald Trump is being played by a still-alive Andy Kaufman? That's what I heard.
How do feel about the theory that Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman messing with us?
A lot of people are going to feel pretty stupid when "Donald Trump" is revealed to be Andy Kaufman.
Donald Trump is my least favourite Andy Kaufman character.
 Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on the possibility of Tim Tebow joining the promotion. This hypothetical debate began after the New York Jets announced they will release Tebow. With the former Heisman Trophy winner out of work, could he play a future role in the WWE?   Although Ross only spends a paragraph in his blog on Tim Tebow in the WWE and admits he's only "jesting," the possibility is not as far-fetched as it might seem.   For decades, promotions such as the WWE, WCW, and TNA have involved athletes in various storylines. In the 1970s, Muhammad Ali fought Gorilla Monsoon. In WCW, Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman squared off in a pay-per-view match. And TNA has utilized the services of Brandon Jacobs and A.J. Pierzynski.   Even non-athletes, such as David Arquette and Andy Kaufman, have taken part in pro wrestling angles. The WWE actually has a celebrity wing of its Hall Of Fame, which includes Drew Carey, Donald Trump, Pete Rose, and Bob Uecker.   While Tim Tebow is often criticize ...
Andy Kaufman is to Tony Clifton what Gary Busey is to Donald Trump.
One day we will be shocked to learn that Donald Trump was just a long-assed con perpetrated by Andy Kaufman.
Guys, take it easy: Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman in his greatest role of all time. Just enjoy it.
MT "I think 'Donald Trump' is Andy Kaufman’s greatest character." Explains postmodern "real" in
Donald Trump is Andy Kaufman. Do people not know that?
We're all gonna feel like dumbasses when it turns out that Donald Trump was one elaborate Andy Kaufman character.
some day Donald Trump will pull his mask off and it will be Andy Kaufman
Donald Trump just reached the Andy Kaufman level of comedy this year. He's the real version of Stephen Colbert, but he doesn't know it.
Donald Trump is just a long lost Andy Kaufman as Lex Luthor SNL skit that Bob Zmuda has kept going as a tribute.
Eureka! I've discovered the secret behind the public jokes. Donald Trump is really Andy Kaufman in disguise.
at some point the rubber suit we have mistaken for Donald Trump will macabrely unzip and Andy Kaufman will leap out.
One of these days Donald Trump is going to rip off his mask and reveal he's really Andy Kaufman. Or maybe the Red Skull.
David Letterman has an on air feud with Donald Trump. It reminds me of Andy Kaufman ... Is it comedy or is it real ??
Can't wait to see all your faces when Donald Trump reveals himself as Andy Kaufman.
what would have been fun to see, tag team with Barack Obama & Donald Trump vs Andy Kaufman & Jerry Lawler
- Donald Trump is Andy Kaufman messing with us.
There’s Donald Trump doing his impression of a racist Andy Kaufman.
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