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Andy Karl

Andy Karl is an American actor and singer, best known for performing in musical theatre. He has appeared on Broadway in the original productions of Legally Blonde and 9 to 5, as well as appearing in Wicked and Jersey Boys.

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Ask Me Another with special guest Andy Karl at The Bell House
Groundhog Day on Broadway is really terrific --amazing staging, some lovely songs, & a fantastic performance by Andy Karl.
Who is that emerging from his burrow?! Groundhog Day's 1st act is incredible! Great staging, great pace, Andy Karl slaying.
Gil and George said at Easter Bonnet yesterday that Julie Taymor was Andy Karl's new movement coach.
you're such a rockstar. Rest up & speedy recovery. We're all rooting for you! Signed a girl whose been a fan since Altar Boyz 🙏🏻
What a night at the theatre—Andy Karl, the terrific lead in "Groundhog Day," injured his leg in the 2nd act and came bac…
Andy Karl comes a cropper on Broadway
From one Grandmaster Chad to another, Get better soon ! 🙌🏻
you are a real trooper. I just read what happened. I hope your leg gets better quickly.
Everything you know about Andy Karl is wrong.
saw you tonight and hope you are OK soon. What an "On with the show" moment! I won't soon forget it.
Check out these clips from starring
So glad Andy is ok!! Was at the show Wed night and he was absolutely amazing. I really e…
fans got a bit of a scare Friday night as lead injured himself during a song.
Sending many good vibes to the unbelievable who was injured during Groundhog Day tonight & finished performance w…
Unfortunately did injure himself this evening... we don't know what and/or extent of injuries. I will keep y…
Wishing sunny skies and a speedy recovery to fearless leading man, .
Sending lots of love and well wishes to tonight 💜
Seeing reports that hurt himself on stage tonight. I know I speak for everyone at Comet in wishing him a fast &…
I was at when was injured. Here's what we saw.
Thank god! Go get some sleep, it is the best medicine. Love to you both
If you don't love Andy Karl, I don't even want to know you.
Tonight injured himself during a performance in the 2nd act; he's in good spirits and thanks the fans for t…
I am too overwhelmed w/gratitude to make any sense, so I will simply say THANKS TO YOU ALL for the love, light & kindness is ok🙏🏻
From ... and please let ME add... I am deeply humbled by the intense outpouring of…
Thinking of you both, hope is okay. Sending my love and prayers x
Best Actor in a Musical... . Andy Karl!!! Shocked but VERY happy. Groundhog Day was FANTASTIC!
A little bit in love with Andy Karl.
The only part that would make this 400th episode better is if were in it.
" the benefit of humanity, arranged that the reign of stupidity will destroy itself..." - Karl Leonhard Reinhold
Saw the debut final dress rehearsal in London. Everyone is in for a real treat!
love all the guys Ice T, Richard Belzer, Peter Scanavino, Raul Esparza my guilty pleasure, I miss Andy Karl and Adam Beach
Re: Dr. Bates… we dont have info on his participation so we recommend details here
Looks like is waving through a the recording studio! https:…
andy karl is so talented!! he deserves all the good in this world and I hope more people start appreciating him
for real though, when will orfeh and andy karl make a live at 54 below album, I need it (or any album with both of them)
Groundhog Day” seems guaranteed to turn Andy Karl into the musical star he deserves to be http…
Walked by the August Wilson. Weird to see a Groundhog Day marquee up instead of Jersey Boys. Sadly, there were no pictures of Andy Karl.
OMG, we have had & Barrett Doss singing Groundhog Day on repeat for days! .
Man united better watch out, Andy King is coming on
Why will be a musical for fans new and old. Andy Karl Groundhog Day Musical Playbill >>...
Wow! I approve of Andy Karl. Perfect voice. Perfect choice. I adore this song
but I've already done this yesterday and the day before that?
Get a sneak peek of with and Barrett Doss
this contest is discrimation to the locationally challenged ( I.e the West Coast) 😁
Darnit!!... sure you couldn't do this on the 9th??? I'm missing this by 1 darn week!!! :grumbles:
Who wants to come to the first preview? .
um excuse me I wasn't prepared for Mike Dodds to die and now my weekend is ruined 😭😩😪 
Andy Karl to Star in 'Groundhog Day' on Broadway - Hollywood Reporter
Andy Karl and the Stars of Groundhog Day Perform Songs From the New Musical
Who Knew? co-star in appeared in the final scene of .
I feel so invested in this show, I want it to succeed sooo much! 😍
Happy Get ready to meet the cast of
Watch & the cast of perform songs from the show:
Six more weeks of winter? More like six more weeks till starts previews!
I saw Andy Karl in legally blonde the musical !!
This promposal was the full package. 📦💇🏼
Will we learn anything about Sgt. Dodds' past or his mother? ;)
Aussies find Hillary "charming and normal." There's no Karl Rove there. ~ Hamish and Andy interview Hillary Clinton
So proud of all of SVU Amazing episode ❤️
AND! didn't leave a mess like most customers do 😂 as a sals associate, it's my job to but it was appreciated. Thanks 😁👍🏼
You were all amazing. Knocked it not only out of the park, but completely out of orbit.
I rather enjoyed Dodds being in charge
thanks, Peter you rock. You're a gifted guy. Take care of the gift and it will take care of you.
He was one of the greats,nice to look back on,same as when we played Juventus with Rossi,Boniek etc,you don't get to very often.
Okay you have me sold on Mike Dodds (. A definite keeper. 👍❤
Sweet! I'd love a meet and greet with SVU Cast. I'm catching up on old shows to make sure I've watched them all LOL
I hope SVU fulfilled its religious quota for the year b/c I developed a lisp from hissing too much. 😈
Awesome SVU last night with my friend who ALSO played Luke in Altar Boyz here in Orlando! Small world!
And we're all relieved to have Benson back!
I met one of my favorite law and order actors, help me meet you, too please!
I am glad to see him to stand up to Daddy Dodds.
you were awesome last night. You stole the show Carisi
I'm only as good as the squad and you guys set the bar high!
wait, I just mike o'keefe...FRED FROM ROSEANNE??
thanks Michael! You were amazing every take. Must have been hard to edit with so many options. A real honor
thanks amigo! You were awesome last night. Running the squad like a boss!
In 8 DAYS is back with an all new ep!. . . https…
thanks Andy! Peter is s great scene partner & the writers, Jean, and the crew were on it.
Snowing this morning... Sunny by afternoon.. Me and my man filming SVU in the park.
I'm still throwing massive shade at Daddy Dodds.
I wasn't sure about Dodds filling in 4 Liv, but I'm glad he still consulted her on what was going on,
Getting caught up on and I'm finally at the first episode with yay!
So so blessed. Thank you all so much!
Crap. Just when I got that song out of my head.
BRAVO once again to the best cast!!! You guys just keep bringing it each week
with repostapp. Thanks for watching!
do you think and sound alike?! I feel like Langan is throwing his voice in the squad room.
Thank you for doing this episode. It all needed to be said.
I feel like my years of watching was rewarded when they cast Andy Karl. Still cry over how brilliant he was as Rocky on Bway
looks so much like Their physical features are so alike!
"They made Chris look like Harry Potter" lol nice one, Dodds
It's nice seeing on TV Usually I see him on Broadway singing.
15 minutes in and I already can't wait till next week and the next and the next
My parents fight over which one of them loves Andy Karl more
8 minutes to showtime. Wednesday is our favorite day of the week. We never miss
With talent like and should do a musical episode. just sayin.
Watch Karl Lagerfeld act in this 1973 Andy Warhol movie:
It's become it's own reality show. Andy Cohen will have them on 'Watch What Happens Live'. Karl Rove can tend the bar.
Ben Simmons, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Towns, a big 3 that could do work for 10+ years
So after last weeks episode, I think has as nice a butt if not nicer than Thoughts on this
Dream SR replacement cast:. Norbert Leo Butz as Nick, Andy Karl as Shakespeare, SJB as Bea, me as Portia, and John Cariani never leaving ever
You're still so little, but you're so loved!
Tuesday and we got a house full. Karl, Gaynor, Andy, Josh & Sam are in today. Why all the staff well I will put...
Remembering Fr. Pat last Saturday. Resting in peace good sir. With Karl Shiels & Andy Cummins. X
I wish you the same Joan! Later tonight Voting Party for the !
Catching up on SVU. Love how caring Dodds is. Great performance!
Having just read a bit of Karl Jung’s philosophy which is very much connected to the infinite one – the point one… https:…
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, a…
Thought you might appreciate this? "Build a startup the Karl Pilkington way"
"Build a Startup the Karl Pilkington Way! " by on
Fans sing Le Marseillaise in evacuation from Paris stadium (via Karl Olive, Mayor of Poissy) https…
If this is it for HC George Karl in SAC, this isn't why he left A do over in order despite all the budget cuts there?
BKN/SAC is over...111-109 get the win. DeMarcus Cousins w/40 & 13 rebs. HC George Karl on borrowed time?
Now that is on Law and Order will finally do a musical episode?
hey Peter hi how are you I think you very good actor
we go to Andy now live with Karl Hess
PeterScanavino: Carisi and Dodds, rock and roll! Andy_Karl Tonight's an
Looking very dapper and official in your bullet proof vest.
just praying that I don't have to feel bad for until officially ends.
new favorite Into The Fall by Karl Spackler on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
the episode before it's long break looks good I'm also excited about the conclusion to one of my favorite episodes.
Andy + pick + trade exception, SAC is a mess & need him out of there, or they will fire Karl
does this mean u have worn a REAL one?
Why Karl-Anthony Towns Will Make the Timberwolves Championship Contenders: Over the past few...
. Fist time in a fake bullet proof vest.  
watching Wednesday's episode now and you're killing it. I like you, new guy!
Fist time in a fake bullet proof vest.  
I hope Andy Karl doesn't wash out on this case
The emotion in your expressions...very, very well done. Kudos! Time 2 move you 2 regular cast.
that was one intense episode. Thanks for all the feels guys. I'll be thinking of this tomorrow for sure.
Andy Furillo: Kings, George Karl face problems, but not as bad as Brooklyn’s
🚓🚓🚓News about the episode last night, was awesome! too much thriller!
Olivia would have in a relationship with Sergeant Dodds? 🙊☝
Omg , omg ... and these looks kill me ... New couple in the area, will be? Already I love ❤❤❤
It's just a matter of time ... I'm rooting for this couple ! and in 😍❤❤
LOVED that musical. So glad I got to see you in it. You killed it.
January 2014: That time I got a black eye at rehearsal.
Benson gives Dodds tough advice tonight. He makes his bones as an SVU Detective.
Pretty sure my boyfriend thought i was crazy when I shouted Andy Karl and Christopher Sieber's names during opening credits of this
My ballet teacher looks like a combination of Gavin Creel and Andy Karl. It's pretty nice.
The cast of Ira Sachs' new also includes Alfred Molina, David Krumholtz, Yolonda Ross, Andy Karl and Talia Balsam.
Remember last year when Ramin Karimloo was obsessed with Andy Karl
So much Andy Karl and Kristen Chenoweth for birthday @ American Airlines Theater
Opening night 2nite of Thanks 4 the inspiration!
to celebrate World Theater Day we bought tickets to see u AGAIN On the 20th Century in June!
Saw my lovely lady, and tonight in with Bravo!
Andy,don't forget us self employed who aren't working regularly,we get forgotten sometimes.
You can preorder cast album now here!perfect cast 🚂
Just pre-ordered the On The Twentieth Century cast album!! Can't wait to hear it!! :D :D
Lamb Chop brought Andy Karl and me together. Not the kind that's roasted, grilled, or served with mint. I'm talking about the iconic sock
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
we'll say zayns going round schools now he's got free time and walk Andy in dressed as him
.I you a question! Where does Bruce Granit's 'stache fall in this ranking?
Chita Rivera,Andy Karl,Jessie Mueller,Will Chase,Betsy Wolfe was there ever a better cast?
Photo: jesanchez92: and in a hilarious for 😁 Please like and...
from G.O 1st musical Gwanghwamun sonata n long version video
Not many seats left 4 2nights hurry&get them here!jump aboard with
is winding down. Can't wait to see &
I hear the yummy Andy Karl is extra hilarious in I gotta see him! :) Please click the link & RT! ht…
please send an email to tsageThanks! -Karen
Go behind the scenes of the Opening Night of with & more!
I feel like Alex Trebek needs to be on there with the other mustaches. Other than that, pretty spot on.
The awesome wrote a HILARIOUS notable mustache round-up for
ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY's ranks his 11 fave pop culture mustaches of all time!
Jessie Mueller and Andy Karl in another musical together I'M FINE
Congrats to CCBC Theatre alum Andy Karl who was nominated for a Tony Award today for his role as "Rocky" on Broadway!
[DailyBuzz] Andy Karl and his wife Orfeh throw their punches at the 2014 Tony Awards on Sunday evening (June 8)...
New Shirtless Pic: Rocky's Andy Karl is the 'Eye of the Tiger' at
Steve Lutvak and Celina Carvajal (aka LENA HALL) -- congratulations on your well-deserved TONY AWARDS! Andy rock. So proud to have shared my NYC life with you and your tremendous talent. Most especially, your friendship. Bless!
Jeeze, what did Andy Karl do to Jessie Mueller?! Whatever it was she looks ANGRY about it!
Made it home in time to watch the Live Red Carpet to the Tonys with Andy Karl & Orfeh, Jonathan Groff, Judith Light, Fran Drescher, Neil Patrick Harris etc... Now I'm getting a little excited to see Hugh Jackman host again ;-)
Anika Noni Rose, Andy Karl, and All the Way Will Be Honored at the Broadway Beacon Awards - Theater News - Jun 4, 2014
VIDEO: Andy Karl & ROCKY Cast Perform 'Keep on Standing' on 'Letterman' (Broadway world)
Congrats to my friend Andy Karl on his Tony nomination for Best Leading Actor in a Musical as Rocky Balboa in "Rocky."
What an amazing night on the red carpet with Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, James Caan, Andy Karl, Barry Sonnenfeld and more!
Rocky on Broadway stars Andy Karl and Margo Seibert help Us Weekly recap the week's hottest stories, including Naya Rivera and Lea Michele's Glee feud, Katy Perry's new man, and the latest on Juan Pablo and Nikki.
Dear John Lloyd young can you bring your friends with you drew gehling and Andy Karl Matt Bogart and David archuleta and Jake chessum and jeffrey sutphen he has a tv show figure it out are you in Orlando Florida I work at quest south you can meet Kevin he is the staff at quest south and I know you are single and I am too. I have my mp3 player and I love your songs sherry baby and big girls dont cry and walk like a man and can't take my eye's off of you and who loves you and candy girl and bye bye baby and my eye's adored you my name is Rachel Leigh jespersen and I like giving gentle hugs and I am the most beautiful of all and friendly too are you in the Bob Carr theater with your friends drew gehling and Andy Karl and Matt Bogart?
Philly.comOn Broadway, Andy Karl has the Stallone role and Margo Seibert stands in for Talia Shire as love interest Adrian. Travel Deals. $112 & up — Philadelphia Hotels on Sale, up to 75% Off
Our friend and one of the finest actors EVER to grace our stage The Media Theatre, Mr. Andy Karl, opened ROCKY: THE MUSICAL tonight on Broadway as Rocky Balboa. Rex Reed reviewed the show and said: "Andy Karl is the biggest thing since Hugh Jackman, and as Rocky Balboa...he is very much the center of Rocky. He sings with power and persuasion--and surprisingly in tune. He dances in and out of the ring with complex precision. He looks like a movie star. He's virile, he's in command of the stage, he's a one-man hormone explosion. He has charisma, a camera-ready physique from the cover of Today's Health, and the kind of body language that leaves the audience transfixed from beginning to end. If Rocky ever ends, watch out for more big things from this guy. He is merely SENSATIONAL." Andy, we knew this 12 years ago. CONGRATS
The Italian Stallion Enters the Broadway Ring! Happy Opening Night to Andy Karl & the Cast of Rocky: ...
Remember when Allison Janney and Andy Karl were in the same show on Broadway.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
For Orfeh and Andy Karl, it was love at first sight — on the set of Saturday Night Fever — a whirlwind romance, and then happily ever after. In this newest video addition to TheaterMania's Broadway First Dates series, the musically (and aesthetically) gifted couple shares the details of not only the...
Sutton Foster, Andy Karl, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Marc Kudisch, Christopher Sieber, Jason Michael Snow, Ann Harada, Ciara Renee, Douglas Sills, Barbara Walsh, George Salazar, and Allison Case were some of the talented Broadway stars who participated in 45-minute staged readings at NAMT's 25th Annual Festival of New Musicals last Thursday and Friday. We were thrilled to host the event here at New World Stages!
Looking forward to seeing Todd Alan Johnson at NAMT today! Oh, yeah...a couple other schmucks in that cast: Andy Karl & Sutton Foster.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate that Jessie Mueller and Andy Karl will both be headlining shows this season.
A huge thank you to so many of you special people who supported me in Italy and for all my amazing friends who helped me get there, Scott Hercs Gym Horton Trevor Chrouch Karl Borowiec Mauro Salvalaggio Marco Salvalaggio Massimo Giocarolli Emily Tiengo Biagio Filizola my Wabba Europe Hercules Olympia friends and never ever forgetting my beautiful bodybuilding fiancee' who always manages to keep my head on my shoulders and my wheels firmly grounded, I love you baby Dxx
soz Andy la, me, homez, barney, and Karl were up all night on the duff beer, love you.
Poor Karl Lagerfeld decided to marry his cat. I wonder how does he prove the cat agrees with?
My favorite guys in the whole world... Well, excluding Andy Karl. spblaze94 ❤
My wife has been moved out of ICU for now but remains in the hospital for further tests to determine the source of the blood clots and reduce the ones in her lungs. She will continue to need two blood thinner shots a day which fortunately me daughter can administer and she will be on oxygen for now, thanks for the power of prayer especially all of my friends.
Tune-in to 8p ET on SIRIUSXM 72 for the charming Andy Karl from Best Revival of a Musical Nominee The Mystery of Edwin Drood!
Andy tanned while we were out in the sun and I burned😑 he got the better genes in that department.
What a nice birthday surprise on 31-05-2013: OMD perform "Kissing the Machine", a cooperation of Andy, Paul and Karl.
Karl Pilkington looks like a balding Stan Wawrinka
Hey Karl. You'll find our contact details at Is there anything I can help with? Andy
Nuggets coach Karl drawing interest from Clips
Ok, arrange the admins in order of faggotness: Pope Andy, Steve, Karl, Sloth Expert, Rob, Jebus and Hux -Steve
Sources: George Karl's status in air, is "unsettled" by Ujiri's departure
I actually didn't know who he was. Keoghs love mugging a career
"There'll come a time when our little finger will disappear. I've watched it. It does nothin'. It never helps out" Karl Pilkington
I thoroughly agree with you what Andy Millman says whilst in the big brother house couldn't agree more. Nice Karl cameo too.
Also cornering Konrad are Karl Roache and head coach Andy Ryan from
Check out my other Soundcloud! Deep House/House & Bass (BK Squared²): Leeds based Dj, producer and sound eng...
Andrew's landlord called him "Andy", "Farrell', & "Karl" within 15 minutes of being at their house. I'm honestly peeing my pants shes so old
I'll have you know Mr Bates Andy and I finished up yesterday, not so for Ankur
"Now Liverpool, if...IF Luis Suarez leaves...don't spend all the money on Andy Carroll again."ya heard?
"I watch a lot of insects, an' stuff. And you never see them wastin' time. They're always doin' something." Karl Pilkington
dreaming about That's a hellish nightmare.Back off the cheese before bed time. Read about Karl Marx wrapped in a red flag
"I knew him... he was very nice but not funny at all." Karl Lagerfeld no aprecia lo comparen con Andy Warhol.
Ma Nyaniba guys from will be witnesses to me spending time writing music on ma old *** piano in the hostel lo Cc
good luck to Andy Dawson. Forever a tiger.
good much to Andy Dawson. You will always be a tiger.
You can always have Andy Carroll back
Karl Pilkington said you never see a Chinese homeless man so I think you will be alright.
" Newton got loads of praise for coming up with gravity when all he was doing was chillin' out under a tree. "
Karl Lagerfeld is kind of over the Andy Warhol comparisons, and more in today's Morning Tea!:
Andy & Hannah's Wedding Day Photography at Nostell Priory, Yorkshire - For more information contact Karl at...
We're excited! Westerly Michigan peeps - you GOTTA come hear Andy Young (with Al on guitar) play Gypsy swing and Irish traditional music on hammered dulcimer. Endorsement from Al's dad, Karl: "Boy, i tell ya', he really plays the heck outta that thing!" Andi will join them on a couple of jazz standards.
I get this question so let me just let you know. Everyone ask me why don't I want to be a stylist or have I styled before. I tried it out for a little while but its not me. I am a true gemini and a loaner. Meaning some days I can be very shady at times and I can admit it truthfull. On some days I don't like to be bothered by people or even talk so therefore with that reason amongst others I do not want to be a stylist
Oh yes, I forgot, I enjoyed the evening with the kids at busy bees and was glad pastor Karl helped pick a good camp for Clayton and Andi. Thank you, Karl Kroger
- Matthew Morrison, Christian Borle, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Andy Karl, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford and More Honor Jerry Mitchell - Tony-winning director-choreographer Jerry Mitchell, who was recently nominated for the 2013 Tony Awards for Best Choreography and Best Direction of Kin...
Here are my please don't forgets for tomorrow: Jenn Colella, Doug Hodge, Carrie *** John Bolton, Andy Karl, Yvonne Strahovski
CONGRATS to Andy Karl (Media's Theater's Jekyll/Hyde) for his Drama Desk nomination for his role in Mystery of Edwin Drood.
ONE WEEK left to vote Vote for the talent of Drood. Stephanie J Block, Will Chase, Andy Karl & Jessie Mueller
Vote for Stephanie J Block and the cast of Drood, Will Chase, Andy Karl & Jessie Mueller They are our winners!
Ramin Karimloo, Aaron Tveit, Andy Karl, Christian Borle, Jonathan Groff, Adam Pascal, Ryan Steele... there are too many to list.
Two stars from Roundabout Theatre Company on tonight's Broadway Names 8 ET (Sun 12p, Thu 9p ET) - the chameleon Andy Karl goes from Sri Lankan suave in The Mystery of Edwin Drood & then does a 180 to return to Jersey Boys! After that it's a Broadway debut for Maggie Grace (TV's LOST) in Picnic. Get to know them both!
Breaking Broadway News: The Mystery of Edwin Drood extends to March 10, the superb Andy Karl and Betsy Wolfe exit show, the superb Andrew Samonsky and Erin Davie replace them.
Last time I checked, Jessie Mueller and Andy Karl were actually playing Janet Conover & Victor Grinstead in DROOD.
The cast and crew of Roundabout Theatre Company's The Mystery of Edwin Drood show off their grooves and moves in this music video directed by Andy Karl.
Andrew Samonsky will join THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (B'way) replacing Andy Karl who will return to Jersey Boys (B'way)
Andy Karl is headed back to Jersey Boys. As previously announced, Karl will depart The Mystery of Edwin Drood, in which ...
Roundabout Theatre's Company's The Mystery of Edwin Drood, at Broadway's Studio 54, will welcome Andrew Samonsky to the troupe on Feb. 12. He'll play Neville Landless, a role created in this revival by Andy Karl, who will play his final performance on Feb. 10.
I refuse to let Andy Karl leave "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" before I get to see him in the show. Who wants to come with me on Friday, February 8th? =]
Andy Karl from DROOD shares his New Year's resolutions and his "Broadway Highlight" of 2012: "The biggest highlight was being voted as a lover with Chita Rivera in Drood. Seducing the legend of Broadway with her legs wrapped around me? One can only pause and say ‘highlight.’” Thanks Andy!
THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD’s Andy Karl resolves to have better skin in 2013:
Us too!!! RT“Had a blast at and Andy Karl had me in stitches during their ad libs as the lovers.”
Ok so kinda disappointed in the Rockettes I think bc it wasn't what I expected... It was ok but probably won't see it again... The mystery of Edwin Drood was phenomenal with Will Chase, Andy Karl, Stephanie J Block and of course Chita Rivera!!!
You mean to say if I see The Mystery of Edwin Drood in NYC, I will see SJB, Will Chase, Andy Karl, Jessie Mueller and Chita Rivera?! I'm in.
Jeremy Kushnier, most recently seen as James the Lesser in the Tony-nominated revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, will succeed Andy Karl in the role of Tommy DeVito in Broadway's Jersey Boys, producers of the Tony-winning musical announced July 17.
I tried this and I got Andy Karl, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. But then I scrolled down and found this: full name is DesaMARIE ANTONETTE. *chills*
WICKED The Musical alumni Stephanie J. Block & Andy Karl cast in the revival of DROOD!...
I'm not going to lie to you. The best part of this Drood casting announcement is Andy Karl
Andy Karl says hi to theater neighbor Paul Nolan, whose show JC Superstar is running x the street from Jersey Boys.
This was filmed during the very last performance of Altar Boyz at New World Stages Off-Broadway on January 10, 2010. It features the closing cast of Michael Kadin Craig, Travis Nesbitt, Mauricio Perez, Lee Markham, and Ravi Roth. They were joined by many of the former boyz for a perfect send-off. David Josefsberg, Kevin Kern, Ryan Duncan, Cheyenne Jackson, Andy Karl, Tyler Maynard, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Mitch Dean, James Royce Edwards, Jim Daly, Eric Schneider, Landon Beard, Carlos Encinias, Joey Haro, Neil Haskell, Austin Lesch, Ryan J. Ratliff, Jesse JP Johnson, Tommaso Antico, Jay Garcia, Tim Dolan, Andrew Call, Clyde Alves and Corey Boardman This video was not recorded illegally, i was given permission, but i still didn't get too obvious because i didn't want to distract the cast/audience with my bright light camera :D
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