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Andy Griffith

Andy Samuel Griffith (born June 1, 1926) is an American actor, director, producer, Grammy Award-winning Southern-gospel singer, and writer.

Andy Griffith Show Andy Taylor Barney Fife Morgan Freeman Mount Airy Don Knotts Andy Griffith Museum Elia Kazan Andy Dalton Marilyn Monroe Patricia Neal Opie Taylor Ernest T Bass Gomer Pyle North Carolina Aunt Bea

Old ford club return to every year. Any one see Andy Griffith ?
Most unrealistic cop show of the 70's. Awful for letting writer biases through. Made Andy Griffith look like The Shield
To understand today's politics, watch "A Face in the Crowd" with Andy Griffith
What they don't know is that I used to watch the Andy Griffith Show every night on channel 30
Watching the Andy Griffith Show in a room full of white people with these 24" braids in my head. I've never felt more black πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you can add Mount Airy to your list, home of Andy Griffith
I love Andy Griffith, but not that much
Andy Griffith Show, the COLORIZED Christmas special will be available come October for gift giving!
welp i have DVR'd all the black&white episodes of the Andy Griffith Show
Grab a soda pop and your fishing pole and sit back, relax and enjoy the 'TOP 10 SECRETS about THE ANDY GRIFFITH...
Watching reruns of Andy Griffith and Gunsmoke out weigh the news!!
I added a video to a playlist The Andy Griffith Show S02E30 Cousin Virgil
And my X* name Rogers born on Charleston road and Jim neighbors Andy Griffith?? Our neighbors cops relatives ?or firemen??
Switched the Channel to Andy Griffith on TVLAND. Someone with some SENSE!
I'll watch Andy Griffith , but not the ones with Ernest T. Bass
I miss shows like Hazel, Andy Griffith, my 3 sons etc...
When we all lived in the fantasy world of Ozzie & Harriet, The Andy Griffith Show and Norman Rockwell paintings.
This lady's outfit and haircut are straight outta Andy Griffith.
An old photo of my daddy and his twin brother George. My daddy reminds of Andy Griffith…
When we went to Mayberry Jake confessed that he'd never seen The Andy Griffith Show and my jaw dropped. I'm watching it now while he sleeps
I looked up Andy Griffith after catching an episode where Gomer has a heart to heart with Otis concerning his drinking problem.
Just wait for the gritty reboot next year. Andy Griffith is part of a massive underground drug and graffiti ring.
Proof that Don Knotts & the Andy Griffith Show were racist, anti-Semitic fascists!
Lonesome Rhodes had wild mood swings. He'd be very happy, he'd be very said, he'd be very ...
same here, the merrythons on there were awesome esp when it was the classic tv Christmas episodes like Good Times,Andy Griffith
Chief David Brown suggests "Andy Griffith" patrol in black neighborhoods. To protests- "...put in an application." -
Free on Used but in like new condition: "The Andy Griffith Show The Complete S. Get it here -
Wag get all his insults from Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith reruns
With all the gloom and doom of the past week, I'm on a prescription on 1960's Andy Griffith Show to work to,..
Mornin' ladies, my goodness don't you look happy. Must be cuttin' somebody up pretty good.
PSA: all eight seasons of The Andy Griffith Show are on Netflix, so don't even bother contacting me. 😊
Since I found The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix that's all I've been watching and now it's already 2am πŸ˜‚
Andy Griffith Show reboot but Andy & gang as kids growing up in seedy underbelly of Mayberry & this time Gomer Pyle grows up 2b evil kingpin
Judge Judy, Andy Griffith, and all the PBS cooking shows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
more an episode of Andy Griffith Show
I believe many problems could be solved with this world if The Andy Griffith Show was required viewing.
GOP convention relocated to Mayberry, chaired by Andy Griffith
Why would I contact my coaches? They do their jobs, & I watch reruns of the Andy Griffith Show. Win, win. http…
WOW, i now have Dean Martin, Amy Grant, Andy Griffith, Adam Dunn & Bruce Willis as fans.
A3 Robert Young from Father Knows Best comes to mind, and Andy Griffith, Ozzie Nelson, Fred MacMurray, TV
Only my grandma can watch the Andy Griffith Show everyday for 20 yrs and still laugh at it
It really doesnt get any more classy or clean than the Andy Griffith Show
I love old people because I have yet to meet one who doesn't watch the Andy Griffith Show and that realization makes me laugh a lil
I love the Andy Griffith Show, it's hella funny
I'm watching the Andy Griffith Show and Barney thinks this woman shouldn't be able to beat Andy at a contest.
Took the dog to the vet and they're playing the Andy Griffith Show in the waiting room.
watching Andy Griffith Show on Netflix grew up watching it still brings joy.😊 God bless-
The entire nation should take time 2 watch the Elia Kazan masterpiece, A Face in the Crowd, w/ Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal.
Next up, watch Elia Kazan's "A Face in the Crowd" and never see Andy Griffith the same way again
I've figured out the 4th person of 8 I would like to have a meal with. 1. Jesus Christ. 2. Ronald Reagan. 3. John Krasinski. 4. Andy Griffith
Yes. And all young kids need to watch at least one Hogans Heroes episode, followed by Get Smart then Andy Griffith
Going to the race shops, Andy Griffith Museum, NASCAR HoF, Braves game, and Myrtle Beach for a day.
The largest collection of Andy Griffith memorabilia is right in his hometown of
Andy Griffith outside of the Andy Griffith Museum in Mount Airy, NC... more info
June 1st is a weird day for birthdays. 3 of my family members. Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith born 1926. The great Morgan Freeman as well.
you also share it with Brigham Young, Andy Griffith and Morgan Freeman too!
Awesome. He shares his B-Day with Morgan Freeman, Andy Griffith and a bunch of others. Best I got is Chuck Connors. sigh
Join us in wishing the late Andy Griffith a Happy Birthday! Cake today at the Andy Griffith Museum today at 12:30
Cleavon Little, Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman: Apparently it is everyone's birthday today.
Let's hear it for all of us who have June 1, me, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Andy Griffith...
I refuse to acknowledge the existence of any Andy Griffith episodes after Barney left.
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Otis from Andy Griffith best drunk on TV although said foster brooks never drank a complete act pretty impressive
Give me Andy Griffith based on Barney Fife and Ernest T Bass alone.
Aunt Bea was from West Virginia, not Mayberry? I am not as up on my Andy Griffith lore as I thought.
You might recognize me from my previous role, the quirky forensic investigator on the Andy Griffith Show.
I played a killer twice. Once on 'Matlock,' on Andy Griffith's show, I got ...
it's Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show.
Andy Griffith was very anti-gun, so he never carried one on the show.
Marshall Applewhite was a combination of Andy Griffith and Mr. Rogers. So comforting and soothing to the...
is like Lonesome Rhodes, a drifter played by Andy Griffith in the 1957 movie "A Face in the Crowd" and doesn't even watch tv as much unless she's watching Food Network or shows like Touched by an Angel, Andy Griffith&shows...
FACT: Frances Bavier, who played Aunt Bee on "Andy Griffith," didn't get along with Andy Griffith.
This bird loves to whistle the Andy Griffith Show theme song. 😐
Why am I watching a documentary about the Andy Griffith Show
Mr. Tako looks like a Japanese Floyd Lawson from Andy Griffith.
My parents probably think I'm watching Andy Griffith πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they're on scrubs whistling the theme πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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The Andy Griffith Show in color is the best thing since sliced bread.
you've edited Andy Griffith episodes so much that some of the best parts have been left out.
Things currently airing on more TVs at this bar than the NBA playoffs: Wheel of Fortune, The Andy Griffith Show, NCAA bowling.
What is it with you guys and Reba on the weekends? Saturday is the perfect time for an Andy Griffith marathon.
Maybe it's how the main cast can best be described as: Gohan/Hermione, Deadpool, Andy Griffith, Willie (Temple of Doom but funny),
Amazing Grace my all time favourite gospel tune eventhough ke sena yone but soon i'll have it
Remember how Barney referred to Earnest T on The Andy Griffith Show ?
It just dawned on me that my hubs name is Andy and my dog is Barney, I'm living the modern day Andy Griffith Show. OMG.
Got the Andy Griffith Show on in the barber shop
I think mr john the janitor may have been on the Andy Griffith Show as the choir director - uncanny messymandella
You should see the "Make Room for Daddy" episode where they got the idea for The Andy Griffith Show.
We should all talk about Andy Griffith now for my book.
Logged in on Austin's Netflix&the only thing he's watched is man vs food, Andy Griffith Show & tiny homes. What?
I wish the world was more like Mayberry & the people were more like Andy Griffith
I met the man that met Andy Griffith
Little Giant Ladders
may claim the butchering of "The Andy Griffith Show" is due to "external parties", but the chop job is simply unconscionable.
OMG I'm watching the Andy Griffith Show to go to sleep during my sleep study.
Kasich talking like Andy Griffith as the detectives discover his hidden cache of children's shoes.
This Andy Griffith marathon is not in HD.
They have the Andy Griffith Show on netflix!? Man i used to watch that show all the time with my dad!
Watching The Andy Griffith Show on Netflix because TV nowadays isn't worth my time. .
Fascinating piece about Fire, Andy Griffith and more
Parents are watching the Andy Griffith Show "This is what we watched when we were kids & it's all we care to watch anymore". I feel that tho
PERFECT, thx With one swipe, Andy Griffith goes from sheriff to justice of the peace
In this interview with we discuss Andy Griffith, stage fright, working with Marc Maron & more. Enjoy!
Little bit of pipe smoking on the good ol Andy Griffith Show !
(( I'd better go to bed after watching Andy Griffith Show ( only thing on) good night!
I found it helps to put on the Andy Griffith Show for relief
Still watch reruns of Bonanza, Andy Griffith, Jackie Gleeson & I remember with a smile the Red Skelton show!. Thanks
Walked in to psych to hear the Andy Griffith Show theme song playing in a mostly empty room..
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I was watching the Andy Griffith Show lolz
Anyone else ever wish life was as simple as it was in the Andy Griffith Show? I was born in the wrong generation
One of my life goals is to whistle the entire Andy Griffith Show theme song.
hmmm...Barney Fife on Andy Griffith comes to mind
My son, "When did the Andy Griffith Show start?" I said, "early 1960's" son, I thought it started in 1990's"...Well then
Nothing like a little Andy Griffith Show to make bed rest a little more bearable
if they remake the Andy Griffith Show anytime soon...
that dress looks like one of Aunt Bea's from the Andy Griffith Show
My grandparents probably just fainted in ecstasy when mentioned Andy Griffith during the game.
Chris.Ever think about spinning off your role as the FBI agent from park&rec n2 a sit com?It could b the next Andy Griffith
All night Andy Griffith party at my house tonight. It's a Matlock-in! . Bring a pie.
.. "A Face in the Crowd is a 1957 film starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, directed by Elia Kazan."
Wanna see diversity in a school? Fort Mill has an Andy Griffith club and Zombie Tag club.y
Whoever is in charge of programming at channel 11 needs a stern talking to. Andy Griffith episodes in color. Give me a break!
I just found out that the hold music for our local Sheriff's office is the Andy Griffith theme song. OH. MY. GOD. I wish I were joking...
Just had a 5 minute conversation with an old lady I delivered pizza to about whether the Andy Griffith Show was better than I love Lucy
hey now don't forget about River Phoenix, Andy Griffith, and Colonel Potter
It's sick... & they want more blue lives matters on the streets to hunt you. Robocops not Andy Griffith.. It's all a scam it's sick
Who was the little guy who held his sandwich up high to Andy Griffith's face in the Mayberry RFD show? Was that Oliver Stone?
Probably saw the funniest play tonight with Ben being Barney Fyfe in the Andy Griffith Show!
Josh Whedon's grandfather is John Whedon who wrote the Andy Griffith Show I just napped through.
I love the Andy Griffith Show. I was in Mateo when he died. Great human
Heroin. Heroin. Opiod sounds like a humorous comment made by Opie on the Andy Griffith Show.
Otis was the town drunk in Andy Griffith Show. Did you dog drink?
Now it's the opening of Andy Griffith Show.
Sometimes I wake up wondering if the actress who played Bee on the Andy Griffith Show ever received a good wholesome rim job in her life.
need to get the Andy Griffith Show where Barney kept dragging up the Floyd punched Foley 20 years earlier into the manning thing
Figure he was at Wal-Mart in TV section. Andy Griffith was on. He heard Deputy Fife.
Look she was a nice enough foil to Austin Powers and Single Ladies's great mashed with Andy Griffith but... c'mon.
Is it just me or does Frank Fritz on American Pickers look like Otis Campbell on Andy Griffith?
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I never got into Matlock, either. It was hard for young me to accept Andy Griffith as old & not as Andy Taylor.
I love the Andy Griffith Show. We had the chance to meet Betty Lynn a.k.a Thelma Lou.
Nothing like an Andy Griffith episode with The Darlings and Ernest T. Bass to unwind after a week of cipherin'!
I cried for Don Knotts. I cried for Andy Griffith. I will weep for *** Van ***
I bought my dad a book about Andy Griffith and Don Knotts.. he screamed with joy πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Still appalled at putting out a show that glorifies the devil. Really? as a "good" guy. Gonna go watch Andy Griffith.
you watching the Andy Griffith Show now too?
Burning nightlight watching the Andy Griffith Show.
If everything was like the Andy Griffith Show life would be 110% better
I'm hooked on the Andy Griffith Show now. Great.
NO. Best show ever, ahead of Cheers and Andy Griffith.
I'm more of a Justified and Andy Griffith Show man myself. But I still haven't seen deadwood. Need to correct that
This reminds me of Andy Griffith Show where Otis would go and lock himself upπŸ˜„
Am I watching the Andy Griffith Show right now? You are *** right I am!
You just can't make this stuff up. Reminds of a sitcom. Something out of Andy Griffith Show.
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So mom won a contest on WDBJ7 where the winner gets all seasons of the Andy Griffith Show...
Is ready to write in to ABC to ask for Charo and Andy Griffith to become regulars on the Donny and Marie Show.
Hello MR Trump my name is Austin Payne I am from my airy North Carolina hometown of Andy Griffith
Kasich reminds me of the Ernest T Bass character on the Andy Griffith Show. Kasich looks like he's hopped up on energy drinks.
look like Sheriff Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show??
Last night two hillbillies broke in and pointed their shotguns at Andy Griffith, the sheriff. He took it in good humour.
Many remember him as the sheriff of Mayberry but what many of you may not know is that Andy Griffith (cont)
Franklin criticizes Taylor Sheriff Jeff Watson, saying they were in Bible study together & she expected him to be more like Andy Griffith.
Richmond newspaper states that Justin Fuente met with VT AD during the season. Can't play the role of Andy Griffith if …
What does Andy Griffith, Barney Fife, and the Apostle Paul have in common?
You shouldn"t trust any group of people whose majority do not like the Andy Griffith Show.
Mount Airy, NC ... the hometown inspiration for Andy Griffith's Mayberry and the classic Andy Griffi
Barney made the Andy Griffith Show, he's hilarious
watching Andy Griffith Show with you As the guest .
The Andy Griffith Show came out in 1960. This year, I will be the same age Andy Griffith was when he started the show.
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has never heard of the Andy Griffith Show
Watching the Andy Griffith Show with my dad
Important question: Opie named from Andy Griffith Show or SOA?
when are they going to change the theme song to the Andy Griffith Show?
Ive never watched the Andy Griffith Show! LOL
Spent the evening listening to a Christmas cantata rehearsal, hanging out w/ a cute boy, eating pizza & watching Andy Griffith. Good times:)
I guess this is a replica of Wally's service station from the Andy Griffith Show. Taken in Mount Airy, aka Mayberry
I'm really watching the Andy Griffith Show
Andy Griffith would be proud of surry county legal drugs right here in Mayberry yep proud
Lock it up, all of East Hollywood, Jazzy, Andy Griffith
Except for Johnny who has turned into Otis from the Andy Griffith Show
A lesson on surveillance & privacy from...Andy Griffith. From this week's show:
it has to be opie. Like Opie Taylor from Andy Griffith
.reports 107 closed due to old dynamite. On another note, the goat from Andy Griffith is still on the run. 🐐πŸ’₯☠
Andy Griffith or nothing! Though better Fife than Gomer Pyle or Ernest T. Bass
Oh, that's okay. Just white students having a good time. Andy Griffith will come out and politely ask them to settle
The Andy Griffith Show. "The backbone of our show was love, and I think that, more than anything else, made it...
I sincerely try to watch a Netflix movie, yet often find myself giving up and watching Andy Griffith episodes!
"Where's that from, 'jerkin' off to Andy Griffith'?". "Uh, nowhere? Is it just...a thing you did?"
Mayne. We went from watching unsalted saltine Andy Griffith Show to interracial *** secks on HTGAWM. Only took 20 years. What a time.
Just realized now that the Andy Griffith Show is on Netflix, in other words I have been wasting my time 😩
Andy Griffith on the cover of TV Week Magazine from 1964.
On my shirt, there's kid who's name is Opie. He's from The Andy Griffith Show played by the great
Andy Griffith will always be one of my favorites!!
One of the most beloved shows on TV!
Andy Dalton reminds me of a young Andy Griffith.
The fact that the "opening theme" and "closing theme" for The Andy Griffith Show is the same song in different keys drives my OCD crazy.
Two of the best Andy Griffith Show episodes. Barney Fife is the best character.
keep up the great Andy Griffith Show quotes
RARE! Andy Griffith actually SINGS the WORDS to the TV Show Theme Song.
I had no idea the theme song even HAD words! WOW! This is AWESOME!
This lost scene from The Andy Griffith Show Pilot aired originally but was missing from all the DVD collections.
Don't mind me, I am just weeping at the Christmas episode of Andy Griffith on the 4th floor of Briggs
Andy Dalton looks like a ginger Andy Griffith.
Many say this is the most touching moment in the Andy Griffith Andy and Barney sing 'Church in the...
This place is one big episode of Andy Griffith
The Andy Griffith Show is always a good choice!!
Oh my. Watching Make Room for Daddy and it is the one that had Andy Griffith on it. This was the show that led to...
Has anyone besides me, ever noticed how Andy Dalton resembles the late, Andy Griffith?
I'm the Matlock of doing this in that no one has been willing to keep a conversation going with me since Andy Griffith died
Ben Carson is to Hiphop what Andy Griffith was to Hiphop
the only matlock I know is Andy Griffith
It should be a rule that you have to watch Andy Griffith in every class.
Watching Andy Griffith in class gives me hope that college isn't as horrible as I think πŸ˜‚
Lost my remote stuck watching The Andy Griffith Show. I feel like I'm at jrs house.
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Original pilot for the Andy Griffith Show.
I have introduced TJ to the Andy Griffith Show and now we stays up till the wee hours of the morning watching it when he has to be up at 6..
Sometimes I like to sit around and praise "The Andy Griffith Show" because doing so annoys all the to right people. https:/…
I think this is the best Andy Griffith performance ever.
The time we had Andy squared. Two Andys are better than one. Andy Griffith was in NC, but didn't attend.
on Mill City Radio: Go Tell It On The Mountain by Andy Griffith to at
Long gone are the days of Andy Griffith and the police officer the knows and talks to his citizens as humans.
I love the Dillards! Man this is good. Some of my first bluegrass exposure was them on Andy Griffith
Nice, my first thought was Andy Griffith.
Andy Griffith at home, 1962. At his summer home on Roanoke Island, N.C. Bob Sandberg
Columbus day was probably made up by those 2 old ladies who operated a still inside their flower shop on the Andy Griffith Show.
Read an excerpt from "Andy and Don," a book about Andy Griffith and Don Knotts' friendship.
Shaq. Shatner. Andy Griffith. Russell Crowe. Kevin Bacon. The list goes on...and on...and on. πŸ˜£πŸ”«
Wouldn't mind kicking back with the Andy Griffith Show and a glass of sweet tea
Nothing more American than watching the Andy Griffith Show with your grandparents
Are you friends with Arlene Golanka from Andy Griffith and Mayberry RFD show?She should come to Mayberry Days sometime.God bless
I'm not a big fan of Howard on the Andy Griffith Show.
Press conference should be an apology from the coach followed by a rerun of Andy Griffith instead of the Butch Jones show.
If you find yourself quoting or trying to explain the Andy Griffith Show to anyone at anytime. You can not be considered young anymore.
I love the Andy Griffith Show oh man
Michael and I drove an hour to the Mayberry Cafe (an Andy Griffith themed diner) and I've never seen him more happy
MeTv has a lot of the old shows. I can see Petticoat Junction, Andy Griffith, Perry Mason and a lot more.
So I realized I didn't grow up watching Martin because I was watching Mary Tyler Moore, Laverne & Shirley and Andy Griffith 😁
September 16, The Dean Martin Show and Frasier debuted and Andy Griffith signed off.
Andy Griffith is a reminder that sports at the end of the day are just sports; nothing more than a game. Nothing more humbling.
am I making up there was a rumor that aunt bee from Andy Griffith was ***
Andy Griffith died this morning at his home in Dare County, North Carolina. The beloved actor was 86. Read more:
A Face In The Crowd starring Andy Griffith (for I think obvious reasons!)
The Andy Griffith Show on netflix is da bess
Andy Griffith said your fingers were the fastest hed ever seen, God i loved that video
Name a main or recurring character on 'The Andy Griffith Show' who is married??!?
The black and white Andy Griffith episodes were so much better than the colored.
watching the Andy Griffith Show- th/e one with the pickles. I miss Mayberry
Gilligan's island is on ,not the others. Andy Griffith, Quincy, Colombo, Cheers are
Someone make a techno version of the Andy Griffith theme, right now!
Now Playing: Andy Griffith - We're Marching to Zion/When the Saints Go Marching In Listen at
Ways to ruin your father's day: Twerk to the Andy Griffith theme song while he's trying to work
Same here. We get Mayberry R.F.D. instead of Andy Griffith at eight. Meh...
rats, we have Andy Griffith on MeTV here in Charlotte. Great movie.
Just heard Andy Griffith (on an Andy Griffith Show episode) give a summary of Romeo and Juliet. That was something.
Done watching MeTV. They just cut THE best line out of THE best episode of Andy Griffith, so they could squeeze in an extra commercial! 😣
Dear if you can't show Andy Griffith, Mayberry RFD isn't a good substitute. A test pattern would be more entertaining.
Watching Andy Griffith makes us realize how happy people were before all of this technology. Something's gone out of life since then.
Today's meme is just lame rigmarole compared to good old Andy Griffith?!!?!
Like the Andy Griffith theme song.who told you to put them jeans on..
at I'll Fly Away - A New Name Written Down In Glory by Andy Griffith -
A behind the scenes shot of director Mervyn LeRoy, Andy Griffith, Nick Adams and Myron McCormick on the NO TIME...
Whenever anyone asks me about my old Griffith Observatory t-shirt I always enjoy telling them how Andy loved cosmology and upholding the law
Great show, thought I would miss but you and did fantastic. Andy Griffith was awesome.
It's funny to me that 2 years ago I discovered "The Andy Griffith Show" and it was a comfort show... But a Church show in a Sunday angers me
Our Sunday spotlight: What it was, was football from Andy Griffith. Enjoy:
I just used Shazam to discover Waitin' On A Woman by With Andy Griffith.
Children growing up with Andy Griffith Show's values were impressed with Godly values and civilized respect for all.
Andy Griffith's episode of HAWAII FIVE-0 is a delight; solid dramatic role, but he gets to do some of his Andy Taylor schtick ("Hold it!").
There is so many classic tv shows on there. Andy Griffith Show. Emergency,magnum pi is also.they added...
When white people think of police they think of Andy Griffith. When black folks think of police they think of …
TV Story: Legendary author Andy Griffith on how to get kids to read .
I refuse to take life advice from someone who doesn't know who Andy Griffith is
The Andy Griffith Show was/is the best sitcom media has created.
First meet Rayboo, then guest on an episode of Andy Griffith. Fine day's work.
I assumed it was from an Andy Griffith glossary.
dead like Andy Griffith or dead like Reddit Foxx
And I don't mean Opie from SoA. I mean OG Opie from Andy Griffith lol. Learn how to act, Lansingburgh.
Andy Griffith is not having his best day.
I never knew he was in anything before the Andy Griffith Show as Opie.
if she believed that she would check herself into jail. Like Otis on the Andy Griffith Show
Yeppers doodles..Am home relaxing with the better half now..watching Andy Griffith
I watch the Andy Griffith Show to look out for any racial undertones I may have missed as a kid.
my goto is the Andy Griffith Show and GH -- hope new writers can help Alexis!!
Cute as a button! Loved you as Opie Taylor!. I was born in 1967, not sure when the Andy Griffith Show was made but loved it.
By If Deflategate hit Mayberry, what would Andy Griffith do?
When Drake said "Andy Griffith theme song... Etc" so & so on Best I ever had, I didn't know that was really a showπŸ’€ but we're watching it rn
I'm watching the Andy Griffith Show and eating low fat yogurt; apparently I aged 40 years over night.
I got to thinking last night since it is my fault, and being sorry won't help I'm gonna take over. - Opie Taylor. (the Andy Griffith Show)
Being sorry is not the magic word that makes everything right again. - Andy Taylor. (from the Andy Griffith Show)
this isn't...idk...Bob Saget or John Stamos or Andy Griffith. This is a spokesperson versus an entertainment icon.
In Mayberry, NC where the Andy Griffith Show was made ☺️
looks like my sexting game is a little off today. *gets upstaged by Andy Griffith reruns*
β€œFirst of the year, so yay if you're reading this πŸ˜…β€ Andy Griffith, Andy Richter, or Andy Roddick?
Too many U.S. police officers are trained by Barney Fife, and not Andy Griffith.
I liked a video Jim Nabors remembers Andy Griffith
Every time my dad talks about getting a tattoo it's "341" because that's Barney Fife's extension on Andy Griffith...
Jailhouse gossip is juicy stuff. Didn't Andy Griffith and Barney Fife teach you anything?~
You guys are watching a picture of Andy Griffith's head taped to a TV?
It sounds made up but if you're ever a young black comedian in Calhoun, Ga doing comedy, asking "what would Andy Griffith do" is clutch!
That time only exists on TV Land in old Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith reruns now. They can't let the fantasy go.
I've been watching so much Andy Griffith since Netflix took Leave It to Beaver away.
Got to tour Mount Airy, hometown of Andy Griffith and the inspiration for the city of Mayberry. Rode…
Mount Airy NC is where Andy Griffith grew up & was model for Mayberry; featured nearby Pilot Mountain & Snappy Lunch
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