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Andy Goldstein

Andrew 'Andy' Goldstein is a British TV presenter.

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I hate myself for looking but fair play. Andy Goldstein's favourite tune
Wont be able to listen to Sports Bar for ages either coz Andy Goldstein the smug rabid Manc has been determined Phil would go no matter what
I think the Friday Sports Bar is no longer. Maybe to do wit…
cancels Press Pass, one of about 3 decent shows on the station. Replacing it with the plank Andy Goldstein adds insult to injury.
Arsenal transfer news: Andy Goldstein hits out at transfer policy and Arsene Wenger
Andy Goldstein 'we now have to talk about Everton finishing 3rd or 4th'
I'm so glad u both are taking over Andy Goldstein's on a…
Leg 7 is Jon Goldstein. Jon will be playing the role of Andy Griswold in this year's race.
Andy Goldstein losing it again.arugment could he have done more ?
Can you believe one of the most annoying rags in the world talksports Andy Goldstein has never been to the Swamp, unbelievable Jeff
Looking forward to listening to Jason Cundy tonight.Andy Goldstein far less so. More often than not…
😩😩😩 Dean Saunders 😴😴😴 even Andy Goldstein can't get a laugh out if him 😞
NOW: Sports Bar Weekender. Highlights from the Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy's Sports Bar show. ➡️…
is Andy Goldstein a muppet in real life?
You better be here tomorrow I will be forced to listen to Andy Goldstein & Jason Cundy & become a football pundit ⚽
Andy Goldstein was because he said Arsenal aren't a huge club & I think they are. Anyw…
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Good show ! Why is it called the Andy Goldstein Sports Bar! Surely it's a joint effort ?
You don't have to be lonely at just ask
Andy Goldstein blocked me for pointing out how 'handsome' he isn't.…
Bitter and spiteful sums up immature Andy Goldstein.
Is there anyone more bitter than Andy Goldstein?? It's about time he was ditched for someone less bias!
Andy Goldstein has clearly got Podcast syndrome, I'm blocked, I realise I'm one of the great unwashed, but still
Here we go you lot... last night's show!. callers . Truth or Lies . Enjoy!!!.
To me people like Andy Goldstein is the type of fan that's wrong with football, souther…
Andy Goldstein reminding everyone how deluded & obnoxious Man Ure fans are,turned it off never heard so much crap 💩 in my life
stop trying to educate Andy Goldstein hes blinkered he cant except utd are mediocre
Andy Goldstein is an absolute weapon. Typical glory hunter United from the south who never goes
Andy Goldstein talks so much crap! Especially about the team he supports Man…
Listening to Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein fight it out on Talksport.
andy goldstein is a hypocrite. ''show respect for Jose''? Like Andy showed respect for Roy Hodgson when he was England manager
Actually cant listen to the Sports Bar on The utter nonsense from part time Man Utd fans and andy goldstein is a *** take
"Does it matter how poor United were?" asks Andy Goldstein. No mate, don't change a thing for the final. It'll be fine.😉
Blame Andy Goldstein on talksport, he's a total *😁
i gave my opinion to Andy Goldstein and he blocked me 🤣🤣🙈🙈
I'm blocked by Andy Goldstein, that bloke off TalkSPORT and I have absolutely no idea why. Perhaps he's best mates with Jordon…
Who is most emblematic of everything that went wrong with football? Andy Goldstein or Tim Lovejoy?
Andy Goldstein: Got to be the biggest media bell end out there  listen to yesterday's Sports Bar
Wonder if Andy Goldstein as ever been a united game.
I'm not blocked by him, but Phill Neville, Andy Goldstein & Mario Falcone I am.
When people think they're as cool as us. 🙄.
Going to turn my radio down, not because I'm going on Talksport Sports Bar but because Andy Goldstein is being peak Andy Goldstein.
Might drop out if I have to do one more awkward syllabus week ice breaker
This might be the most painful thing I've ever had to do
Andy Goldstein Simulator, avalible online via the Steam Workshop
Andy Goldstein you really need to get your mirrors back
Goldstein is talking rubbish. Man U biased. Wonder if Dele wasn't English if he'd say the same. Utter tripe coming from Andy.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
stat from Andy Goldstein dele alli has scored more goals in last 4 games than j wilshire in his career
Andy goldstein please tell who going to buy him united,city who which top team going to put 60-70 million into club moving into 60k stadium
Can't beat listening to Jason Cundy & Andy Goldstein on these pair crack me up!!
Not only does Andy Goldstein think I am Carlton Cole, he never caught on I was replying with lyrics to Mr Brightside htt…
Andy Goldstein MBE, is now trending in
Time to block Andy Goldstein. What an annoying ***
Andy Goldstein now thinks rooney has become iniesta ...only shining light he says...
if I bump into andy Goldstein I will kick him straight in the ***
with andy's new Star Wars pants im sure he'll show Mrs Goldstein who the daddy (father) is
Remember andy goldstein saying van gaal was definitely staying and then blocked anyone who laughed at him? Happy times 
tell Mary we need this for the pool
Andy goldstein can tou do a shout out to my brother Sam brewster at the start of the show please
I'll tell you who'll be crying tonight, that huge Man Utd fan Andy Goldstein off Talksport whos from London! He's a nob is th…
Jason Cundy, Mike Parry, Andy Goldstein not that any of em have an opinion worth anything
it baffles me how Adrian Durham and Andy Goldstein can be so arrogant and *** sure about their opinions while talking bs!
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Eurosport turn to Matt Smith as lead presenter in Berlin, with Colin Murray and Andy Goldstein unavailable
Andy Goldstein is the worst sports reporter ever. Absolute ***
Prof. Andy Goldstein congratulates the winner Teams of the semi finals
I hate when my friends all eat before me and then I have to decide whether I want to eat by myself or starve to death 💀
The sooner Talksport realise,like soccer am did, that Andy Goldstein is a fraud, the better.
Umm, Andy Samberg has been kind of hot for at least 5 years. He plays up the nerd schtick to cover it.
The talk here is "when did Andy Samberg become kinda hot?" LOL.
Yeah, coach Mike knows better than to text me back
On tonight with Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein 10:30-11:30pm looking forward to it. 👍🏾👍🏾
Andrew Robb on 7:30, mumblemouth shows he blows with the wind and is an ineffectual local member. Goldstein voters will remember old Andy
If you choose your heart to be your compass, you'll enjoy the road - Andy Goldstein
Andy Goldstein on the correlation of and marriage, at
Dont worry about failure, failure'd find you somehow. Doesnt mean you shouldnt aim for success - Andy Goldstein
"If you dont have any ideas, take it from someone else" - Andy Goldstein
"You either have results or you have reasons" - Andy Goldstein
Andrew Robb Politicians are clowns Andy and you're the one with the big red nose. Goldstein will never forget...
Geez Andy, you've been very quiet? Hiding in Goldstein doing stuff for your constituents maybe...or not...
well well well, time to go old Andy, you've done nothing for Goldstein and tony dumb dumb has left you hanging, GOODBYE
Apparently I've been blocked by Andy Goldstein!! I have absolutely no idea why!! could you ask him to shed some light please?
How do you stop following someone who has blocked you? Andy Goldstein is a grade A *** Bitter cockney manc (from last season)
Andrew Robb dodgy Arty has changed horses and you reckons U are different from the other guys. You're pathetic Andy Goldstein will remember
Jameis Winston as starting QB the past 3 seasons, with FSU and Buccaneers:. 0-2 vs Marcus Mariota. 26-0 vs every other QB
Andy Goldstein. I just saw it newsnow
'Murray can win Wimbledon': Former tennis greats Pat Cash and Greg Rusedski discuss Andy Murray's chances of w...
I've now discovered I've also been blocked by Andy Goldstein too. I didn't even follow that clown so I don't get how that even happened
Andy Goldstein would be a cracking host on Channel 4 Racing too! Nick Luck, James Richardson and Andy Goldstein = Television Gold.
Andy Goldstein saying not one current Premier League club would swap their manager in favour of Roy Hodgson. Finding i…
Drunk Andy is so much cooler than Sober Andy 🍻
FRENCH OPEN: Djokovic Dumps Murray out: Novak Djokovic (R): Too strong for Andy Murray in French Open semi-fin...
Andy Goldstein & David James on TalkSPORT now. About 5 brain cells between the pair of them! Talking absolute ***   10% Off
Friday night means just one thing. Bobby the Gouldfather joins Andy Goldstein! 1/2 Cont.
Jason Cundy, Alan Brazil, Adrian Durham, Andy Goldstein, would be more appropriate
Anyone got a link to Peter ebdons interveiw with Andy Goldstein earlia
You are first up Jamie, Andy Goldstein said the first two out of the draw are first on, then Ronnie moved up to third match
Not watching but guess you mean andy goldstein
good to have Clive back on but Andy Goldstein is annoying me. Coverage too 'big name' centric
INTERVIEW: Andy Goldstein is all over your TV screens this week covering the Bet...: INTERVIEW...
says the man they call when Andy Goldstein isn't available.
Here's Andy Goldstein and Willie Thorne praising Jimmy's great escape...
Mexican Handbags from Andy Goldstein on H&J "Cockney Tapas - winkles"
Blocked by Stan Collymore and Andy Goldstein, means I must be doing something right!! 😂😂😂
I swear it's impossible to leave Scheels without spending like $50 on random stuff 😩😩
listening to Andy Goldstein and the funboy last night, amazed at Spurs fan says they have no chance on Sunday, c'mon lad support your team!
talksport talk snooker . andy goldstein asks steve davis about spunking his load . Get this cretin off the radio
Just got a response from Andy Goldstein, I downloaded his and Jason Cundys cover of diamond lights, what a tune!
Dr. Goldstein's gonna teach those kids good 😏
Goldstein has blocked me pal ? Any joy in poor red Andy's voice tonight like when we lose in Europe ?
Sometimes i'm convinced that Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy are argumentative simply for entertainment's sake. Yawn.
first of a 3 part series including 'the tube with Andy Goldstein' and 'trains with '
is it true u Tim love joy and Andy Goldstein are goin to be a new uk boyband
My chums Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy are raising money for Great Ormond St. Please help out if you can.
Rodney Marsh on Chelsea could do the quadruple. Andy Goldstein reply - sounds like you had a quadruple 😂😂😂😂
Tired of all the ghetto kids at school. Like bro you live in a *** cornfield, this isn't south Chicago 😒🔫
Diamond Lights - Goldstein & Cundy - Promo Teaser: via Is there nothing this man ANDY GOLDSTEIN can't do?
Andy Dalton turns into Michael Vick for a play
You're Bobby goal is amazing on Andy Goldstein and bobby gold talk sport sports Boshaw
Crazy how one song can bring back a million memories
Tim Lovejoy and Andy Goldstein were both better and neutrality funny
go on Andy tell him where the Goldstein pound would be floating on this one. You dropped Cundy in it with Cobra
I will be on Talksport tonight, to talk about all things with Andy Goldstein and Bobby Gould. Tune in at around 11.15pm :)
Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy were absolutely right and spot on about Arsenal's issues.
Listening to Andy Goldstein on Thursday night on the radio travelling back after the San Marino game on talk sport and then Stan Collymore on Sunday night after the Estonia game infuriated me, basically slagging off the team for poor performances and not enough goals . Erm Hello...what did we all say before the World Cup ? That we had no chance of winning it and were rebuilding with a young squad for the future...and so it transpired as we did not win a game in all five of our matches including the pre tournament friendlies.. On returning home our captain Steven Gerrard then retired from the national team alongside Frank Lampard..two giants of world football ..let alone the England team..and on the back of losing John Terry and Rio Ferdinand not so long was acknowledged that the current European Qualifiers were a perfect opportunity for Roy to experiment and that the games would provide a LEARNING CURVE for our young players to gain experience and build for the correct me if I am wron . ...
Freeborn's Andy Goldstein featured speaker in upcoming webinar on online agreements:
From Kick Off with Danny Kelly to The Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein. . It's like going from Claridge's to KFC. .
EA Sports revealed the soundtrack for the game on April 1, 2014, which featured Brazilian-themed music and artists such as Tinie Tempah and Switchfoot.[4] The official song of the World Cup, "We Are One (Ole Ola)" by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, was included in the game's opening cutscene, as well as "The World Is Ours" by The X Factor USA contestant David Correy (Coca-Cola's theme song for the World Cup).[5] Additionally, the game features EA Sports Talk Radio, featuring game-related commentary by Andy Goldstein, Ian Darke and "The Men in Blazers" (Michael Davies and Roger Bennett). This feature is only available in the campaign modes. sumber:
please please Colin Murray get well soon so that clown Andy Goldstein is not presenting!
That's Andy Goldstein, folks - enough to make a man yearn for Colin Murray.
Andy Goldstein of is emerging as quite the Alan Partridge. He's just asked if he shaves his pubic hair.
Andy Goldstein: "Just sprayed some shaving foam on floor, 10 yards from the remote and told my wife not come near it till 1am"
I've been totally blocked by Andy Goldstein (talkSPORT) for questioning treatment of David Moyes.
Stuart is on air now live from Rio with Andy Goldstein discussing his most nasty 11. who would be in your 'nasty 11?'
The only ever positive thing I will say about Stuart Pearce .He kept Andy Goldstein off the radio for 5 minutes.
Hi guys great show just to add to the debate of soccer or football what does FA stand for ?
have to agree with you on the soccer debate. Didnt andy goldstein used to present SOCCER AM.
Sweet. The week has started on positive note... No on Andy Goldstein instead. Let's hope Murray has had a transfer!
They haven't killed me yet but they all freaked out when the game ended 😂
Hate that is in Japan and they just lost. Hope they don't take their anger out on you...
The 14 hour time difference is really getting to me... It's 10AM here 😴
Andy Goldstein was saying he thinks England can win the WC the other night I doubt Roy believes that
I listen to the Andy goldstein Sports Bar to stay awake!! Should try it lads
Danny Baker, Andy Goldstein and Neil Warnock. Also throw in Gary Lineker too for a sensible head.
Shame on for stealing the mystic World Cup dog from Andy Goldstein's Sports Bar on TalkSport
Wilco. Now, its probably a good idea for me to get some sleep. See you in the morning.
it's a once-in-a-lifetime. Look forward to hearing how awesome a time you guys have!!
God Bless my son Braden and & as they depart for Japan tomorrow. Truly the chance of a lifetime. Enjoy fellas.
I agree uv gotta do wat u hav to do to win andy Goldstein is talking rubbish it's up to the refs to b better at their jobs
I'm so ashamed of my middle school days...smh
I will pay 1.01 to charity if you snog andy goldstein
You & Andy Goldstein have been chewing on too many dog biscuits!.
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers held an interview with Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein in which the Reds manager wagered that he could shave their heads if Liverpool finished the season in the top 4.
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Well Adrian Durham again being a prat today and needs slapping as does that *** on talk sport!! Andy Goldstein who is trying to *** gooners off by going on about are we happy about arsenal going out at this stage for 4 years!! Saying the club is going no where! Are we happy of course we are not happy you prat!! Talking like our season is over we going to win the league and Fa cup now shut the f ** k up!!
The Broncos should be able to stop LaGarrette Blount. If anybody knows how to hit a Blount, it's the folks in Denver. Meri…
Super Bowls gonna be Broncos and 49ers. But the Bears are going to win. Somehow.
Andy Goldstein should brush his hair when out in public lol
He wants one like Adams though. I guess it's the thought that counts 😁
Oh and thanks for giving Adam the really nice shirt and giving me and Cody the stained ones! Cody's gonna fight you.
Good to see former Liverpool and Everton footballer Don Hutchison here today, watching the match with friend Andy Goldstein
Bit of celeb spotting on the TV. Andy Goldstein and Don Hutchinson in the crowd. Not exactly Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler at Wimbledon.
Who needs the A-listers you get in the crowd at the tennis when you get Don Hutchison and Damien Hirst and Andy Goldstein at the snooker?
Jimmy White drawn the short straw there I see, with Andy Goldstein sitting next to him
If you like talksport listen to the Sports Bar with andy goldstein and Jason Cundy just after 12 tonight they have someone called dave love on and they play barry white in the background and he takes the *** with a funny voice outta football league...
Will kill broadcasting as we know it? Andy Goldstein talks to at
or is bubba, name a talk sport presenter with no spine or integrity? 'Andy Goldstein ?
How does Andy Goldstein manage to get on anything half decent like talkSport, he is absolutely horrendous
Not surprised... I once wiped my *** on the Mail and the skid mark looked like Andy Goldstein.
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Thanks for the follow Andy! Who are you rooting for during this tournament?
Let's just skip to baseball season now
Andy Goldsteine losing it with ash because he keeps playing Glory Glory Man Utd on talk sport class !!!
Andy Goldstein on talk sport is so funny!
Andy Goldstein, Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Director of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie as well as E...
On my way to do TalkSport Sports Bar this evening!! No rest for the wicked!! Looking forward to seeing Andy Goldstein again!
Liverpool control Suarez’s future, Higuain ‘slowly’ on the move and confusing Kinnear As part of our build up to the new year, we reveal the most popular content on for every month of 2013. Here is the best of June… BEST OF TALKSPORT.COM: JUNE 2013 MOST VIEWED STORY: Exclusive – Brendan Rodgers: Liverpool are in complete control of Luis Suarez’s future As the summer rolled on it seemed less and less likely that Luis Suarez would remain a Liverpool player. By the middle of June, the Uruguayan was being strongly tipped with a move to Real Madrid, but Kop boss Brendan Rodgers came on talkSPORT to insist that the player’s future lay in the hands of his paymasters. Fast forward a few months and it seems he was right. See the story here: POPULAR INTERVIEW: Joe Kinnear on his Newcastle return, Alan Pardew and the Toon media Unquestionably one of the most bizarre interviews all year took place on talkSPORT’s airwaves in June, when Joe Kinnear joined Andy Goldstein and Bobby Gould to ...
*** Quinn: Joe needs to take a back seat so Pardew can get squad ready The Time has come for Joe Kinnear to let Alan Pardew get on with the job of managing Newcastle United – and stop being disrespectful to some of the region’s favourite sons like Alan Shearer. It is almost as if Joe is pressing self destruct at St James’ Park every time he opens his gob! I work down south a lot of the time and it is embarrassing for anybody connected with Newcastle United. There are a lot of football observers that can’t figure out just why Kinnear has been plucked from nowhere and awarded one of the game’s top jobs. He knew fine well that he would be asked on radio about what his plans would be at Newcastle after being appointed director of football. His Talksport rant wasn’t needed by anybody and of course the presenter Andy Goldstein was entitled to ask about Newcastle and not about his old days at Wimbledon. You can’t criticise any journalist for asking questions or trying to get a story! Now Kinnear .. ...
Thos is a really funny take and breakdown of the now infamous JK talksport interview /GG Joe Kinnear stunned Newcastle fans on Monday night with a bizarre series of claims in a radio interview. The 38-year-old stunner has been named Newcastle United director of football and NASA commander-in-chief, and after his notorious rant against journalists all those years ago, Kinnear's claims were as bold as they were incorrect. Citing a raft of incorrect stats, fees and anecdotes - though none as alarming as his one-time assertion that he was Nepal manager during the Prince Diphendra massacre even though it happened 14 years after he left - Kinnear was live on talkSPORT to chat with Andy Goldstein. What follows is the transcript of that interview, with the italicised text just straightening out a few things for you. All in the interest of fun, you understand? talkSPORT: Good evening Joe Kinnear. How are you? JK: Yeah, I'm fine. He's started well. This is probably true. TS: Ok Joe I suppose the obvious question is ...
Quote of the day. "During his conversation with Andy Goldstein and fellow former Wimbledon manager Bobby Gould, Kinnear claimed responsibility for signing Tim Krul [a goalkeeper recruited by Graeme Souness] as well as James Perch [bought by Chris Hughton], said "Derek Llambezee [Derek Llambias, Newcastle's managing director] had resigned as director of football [a position he has never held]and talked about Shola Amenobee, Yohan Kebab and Hatem Ben Afre rather than Shola Ameobi, Yohan Cabaye and Hatem Ben Arfa."
that's exactly what I thought when I asked coach if we are going to have them. They got it so pussied this year though.
back from a night out and now laying in bed with Andy Goldstein and Bobby Gould! Rockn'roll!!
Vivir en la Tierra (Living on Land), by Andy Goldstein is a traveling exhibition of 65 large…
Andy Goldstein just said on talksport that he's seen milk turn quicker than Mertesacker 😂
Andy Goldstein, Danny Kelly or Ronnie O'Sullivan to replace Irani please :D
I'm ready to see some good football!!! 🏈🏈☁
hi Andy sorry for my outburst on u in health ily ily ily
Uh, no. Buy me subway and I'll think about it.
"Little Andy Goldstein's having a birthday party. The present is empty, but by the time he finds out I'll be full and gone."
I wrote the word poop on andys truck
I'm going to slash your tires. Then we're gonna fight. 🔪
Andy you better be glad I didn't write 'suck my *** on your truck today. Dumb ***
Can't stand andy Goldstein on talksport
Andy Goldstein is to football punditry what Joseph Fritzel is to child care.
Listening to a great interview on Keys and Gray. Didn't realise that Andy Goldstein had scored 200+ goals for Chelsea..!!
listened to Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy talk to Katy Murray on the Sports Bar on the sexism was sickening
That last text was for Brooke Goldstein to cover for Andy the next time he is off
My pleasure, Andy, and you do the same!
Oh crap it's not Andy Goldstein excitement over lol
Hello Andy and thanks for following!
We must keep Simba away from the river. Courtesy:
I would say good game to us guys. But then I'd be lying
“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol
Oh Noel Gallagher is a guest with andy Goldstein again. I’m stunned….
Calling Andy's mum: QPR need your help... Read Andy Goldstein's latest blog post for now
Andy Goldstein blocked me and I didn't even know who he was until I found out he'd blocked me.
Is Andy Goldstein having a bromance with David Beckham?
Might ring talksport again after Leicester away next week like last season and wind Andy Goldstein up.
Doing the news and sport for and Andy Goldstein tonight - Bobby is in fantastic form! HAVE A GOOD ONE Bobby! :-)
Have just listened to the interview on talkSPORT from August last year with Rob Beasley. He goes mad - Andy Goldstein calls him a liar.
I know il turn off till Andy Goldstein and the Gould father ha
How predictable 2 Utd supporting presenters on agreeing with what did - Ronnie Irani & Andy Goldstein
its like saying your a better presenter than Alan brazil , Andy Goldstein , saggers, irani, keys, grey. Not actuality
Good shout. That Andy Goldstein comes close though. Nothing to do with both blocking me either.
Andy Goldstein is the Daddy, and is his wingman.. Get them on Itv's panel !!!
domain names
Andy's name is Peter Goldstein. GET IT! Goldstein is a Jewish name. Sticking to his roots.
Terrible. Your nasty brownies ruined it.
"You were just going 27 in a 25. We're gonna need to search the vehicle for drugs"
1st half hour Goldstein show last night - how not to present a phone in - listen Andy and be ashamed then apologise
Should it have been red? I'm on the show tonight, starring Andy Goldstein, from 11pm. Have your say !
Talksport host Andy Goldstein calls for ref Cuneyt Cakir to be banned for the rest of the season
Andy Goldstein is so annoying he won't day a bad word against old whiskey nose. Man Utd from Essex what a fool
Listening to Andy Goldstein hurts my ears!! Full on tw*t!!
Dermot Gallagher isn't the god of all opinions Andy Goldstein on tonight...dangerous play is dangerous play
Andy Goldstein is so upset. He's just cutting folk off what a fandan
is Goldstein a middle class Terry Christian ?
how many did Andy Goldstein play in !!!
what would have said if Suarez had left his foot that high ? Andy " doublestandards" Goldstein !!
Goldstein is having a right meltdown on Talksport... it's okay Andy.
Andy Goldstein is an absolute *** He has no idea what he's talking about
Andy Goldstein is having a paddy of Andy Jacobs proportions on talkSport, har har har
andy Goldstein just blocked me cause I asked the cockney *** wot part of Manchester he was from? Massive Man Utd fan apparently!!
Andy Goldstein is on the verge of having a mental breakdown on 'TalkSport', because of the Man Utd game.
Andy goldstein not happy on talksport... And being trolled with ease!
Andy Goldstein what a load of crap u got beat luv it ! How any times u got away with it loads luv it! Always next year mate!
Over on talk sport Andy Goldstein is losing it, embarrassing!
Andy Goldstein acting like a petulant child, now.
Listening to Andy Goldstein Sports Bar onTalk Sport. Angry inaudible Englishmen are the funniest sports fans on earth lol
It's so funny when I turn on talksport and Andy Goldstein say the most shocking decision in a football match
Love listening to andy Goldstein crying on talksport
Andy Goldstein on talksport at 10 will be fun
flash forward 2 hours. Andy Goldstein "he picked the wrong team"
-Looking forward to my studio appearance tomorrow on the "Andy Goldstein Show" produced, directed & starring
Why must we run in freezing weather for baseball?
Dave Jones on talkSPORT: He's on Andy Goldstein's Sports Bar at some point from 10pm (happens...
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Andy Goldstein is the last man I want to hear talking about football. Hasn't got a clue.
Today was a PERFECT day!! Enjoyed the day getting pedis, having lunch, honoring dad and spending time with Ashlea,Sissy and Andi. Now its time to unwind and relax!
Let's get you on The Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein!
Andy Goldstein & Jason Cundy and was on enough to put a realistic arsenal opinion across, ringing in again now cause its a joke
Does any1 actually like Andy Goldstein? Does my head in!
Andy goldstein, another of the Sky Mong squad
Andy Goldstein is just a bellend...
Sir Andy Goldstein, legend of the airwaves.
Andy Goldstein and keep your eyes peeled for further TV appearances.
1 of the Mini Hulks looks like what I imagine Andy Goldstein on steroids would look like. Only a few plp will probable get that reference :)
he's a bit like Andy Goldstein. Not as good as lovejoy and failing to bring the best of out of those around him.
Andy Goldstein trick, somewhat to late I feel
Willie Thorne and Andy Goldstein have absolutely ballsed up this shoot out draw. Between them they can't read the number 60!
What is going on with this snooker draw. Andy goldstein and willy thorne i have never seen anything like it
do you still do talksport with Andy Goldstein?
Still can't understand how Andy Goldstein keeps getting work!
Andy Goldstein doing his usual ask a question and dont wait for the answer routine
How does Andy Goldstein work for sky? He can't even speak? Like Ray Parlour and Alan Smith have had a kid and there's the result
I don't know who is a worse presenter Adrian Chiles or Andy Goldstein
all these glory supporters just going in for the good days. Where were you in the dark old days of andy goldstein?!
has Andy Goldstein changed he's mind yet about the hazard incident. Goldsteins gotta be a c--t even Durham got this one correct!
DVD of soccer am when andy goldstein hosted?
just thought I'd tell you the Andy Goldstein's link on your bio is the wrong person Jason
Did Goldstein just say that "Andy Murray has a huge semi in the morning"? Is that a fact, Andy? 😉
How the heck do you follow Andy Goldstein?
Adrian Durham bang on the money in his daily mail article today unlike the drivel spouted by Andy Goldstein last night
Andy Goldstein's the worst. Just kept saying over and over last night 'you can't kick children'. Get a grip FFS.
Andy Goldstein is following the ball boy!
congratulations on finally crossing the realm in to completely useless. Andy Goldstein should be eyeing up your job
that is what Andy Goldstein was saying on TalkSport all the time.
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tell Andy 'council worker' Goldstein to stop al this 'child assualt' nonsense. 17YO got what numpties deserve
The Sportsbar is making me so annoyed, having a Chelsea fan present it isn't really helping. Andy Goldstein is the only one speaking sense.
you should have heard sam matterface in talksport! Then andy goldstein later saying he was only about 11
Jason Cundy was just having an argument with Andy Goldstein on Talksport about it. World has gone mad!
well worth a listen on Andy Goldstein voice of reason and Jason Cundy wearing his blue shades!
You should of been hit though Andy Goldstein, I know a lot of people that would do it now
Somebody do a job on Andy Goldstein ! Sick of the gash he chats !
Andy Goldstein is a utter *** stop defending cocky little kids who think they are 'big lads' the 'big lad ' get a smack.
Jason Cundy is a disgrace to your station. Andy Goldstein is the voice of reason.
Talk Radio in general is better than T.V but some how Andy Goldstein and Adrian Durham have jobs is beyond me!!
Switching off the sportsbar tonight, thanks to Andy Goldstein's drivel !
Andy Goldstein on Talksport saying its worse than the Cantona incident! Just beggars belief.
*** off Andy Goldstein, what have you ever done in the game? You know nothing! Nearly as bad as Durham!
Hilarious discussion on Andy Goldstein being voice of reason. Funniest moment: Jason Cundy NEARLY said ball was there to be won
I know...what's Andy Goldstein doing with a fat George Michael???
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be careful or I'll send Goldstein and Jacobs round to wipe the floor with you again
"If you do the right thing all the time..sooner or later you will be doing the right thing at the right time." Andy Goldstein
could be worse he could of said Andy Goldstein!
I've decided you are the 3rd worst presenter on talk sport. Micky Quinn is 2nd and Andy Goldstein is the worst b4 u ask
buzzing tonight, got replies from Andy Goldstein and Tim Lovejoy tonight !
Will be on in 10 mins with Andy Goldstein & Michael Gray.
Andy Goldstein used to do this thing on talk sport on saturday nights where he would ask callers how they watched MOTD.
"There's this guy Andy in the freshmen class. I guess we're best friends because we do almost everything together. But he calls me ugly and slutty and he gets in these mood swings.. and he wouldn't even talk to me except to insult me. I try my best to change myself.. but I really don't know where I went wrong. I would cry myself to sleep sometimes. He's so nice to other people. But i can't afford losing him.. It's actually really pathetic."
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